teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:55
waltmanI may be building a new linux server this week. Which ubuntu do I want?15:19
waltmanDo I want desktop or server? I'm assuming it's like debian in that this is just to get me started, and then I can install whatever I want later on.15:20
iceywaltman: 16.04 Server15:21
waltmanI'm thinking I'll go stock to start off with. If I decide I hate unity (or whatever the stock desktop is these days) and want to switch to, say, xubuntu, how hard is it to switch?15:21
iceyfairly easy15:21
iceyI have 17.04 desktop installed curently on my l;aptop15:21
iceybut I'm running i315:21
waltmanwhat's i3?15:21
iceyinstalling a different desktop environment (i3, gnome3, kde, ...) just adds a menu entry to the login screen that lets you login with that option15:22
iceyi3 is a tiling window manager15:22
waltmanI've got a box that's at least 11 years old, and it's been running debian testing all this time. It's become a complete mess.15:23
waltmanOver the weekend I tried to fix a relatively minor package dependency issue and created a major problem.15:28
waltmanI've got it stable, but at this point it's not worth trying to fix it.15:28
waltmanIs ubuntu systemd now?15:29
pleia2it is15:32
waltmanThat was one of the things that apt-get wanted to install for me on Saturday :)15:40
waltmanNote to self: don't mix aptitude and apt-get.15:40
iceywaltman: ;-)15:40
waltmanAnother question -- how easy is it to upgrade to the next point release? That used to be a nightmare in red hat, and was a big reason why I was running debian-testing.15:42
iceywaltman: 2 weeks ago I took it from 16.04 (last LTS) through 17.04 (next release, coming out in April) in less than 2 hours?15:42
waltmanBut after 11 years I've got tons of package conflicts that are basically impossible to fix.15:42
waltmanThat seems like a long time. Did you run into any problems?15:43
iceymost of it was waiting on packages to download and u pdate15:43
icey17.04 is curently the daily build so lots of changes from 16.1015:43
waltmanI've been afraid to update my linode from 12.04.5 for fear of breaking things.15:44
jthanI feel like if you'd just done upgrades as time went on you wouldn't need to have any fear..15:45
jthanwhy not 12.04->14.04 before now? Unless your Linode is running something SO important you couldn't have any downtime at all15:46
waltmanI have a complicated email setup that I didn't want to break.15:47
waltmanAlso it's working fine as it is, so I didn't see much benefit in upgrading.15:48
jthanWell, I wouldn't go 12.04->17.x or whatever the latest LTS is15:49
jthanI'd go to 14.0415:49
jthanbut.. I haven't used Ubuntu in awhile. Last I recall that was the recommendation though15:50
waltmanEvery time I login it reminds me that 14.04.1 is available :)15:50
* jthan fortunately/unfortunately works in a redhat shop now 15:50
waltmanso if I did "do-release-upgrade", that's what I'd get15:50
jthanThe upgrade process seems pretty sturdy though. I doubt of all the things to break your email would be the thing to go.15:50
waltmanMy other consideration is that when I set it up 4 years ago I used a 32-bit install, and I'd really like to have it be 64 bits. But that will require more work.15:54
waltmanI think I need to spin up a new linode for that.15:54
waltmanTha was the recommendation of linode folks I talked to at some conferences.15:55
L3gacywassup?  I'm trying to offload a Dell PE 860 and a dell PE 2900 :)18:35
jthanI'm not local or I'd totally consider18:35
L3gacyThe 2900 has dual quad Xeons, 8GB, 250GB 720RPM, and a 146GB 15k :)18:36
padenRack servers?18:37
r00t^2L3gacy: i'd be interested18:37
padenL3gacy: I'm interested as well.18:37
L3gacy2900 is a tower server18:37
padenYou should totally give it to me over r00t^2.18:37
jthanL3gacy: make them fight to the death18:37
L3gacyWith Pickup, I'm asking $775 for the PE290018:38
padenhow much for the...18:38
L3gacybad keyboard!  Bad!18:38
jthanpaden: 11:36 < L3gacy> The 2900 has dual quad Xeons, 8GB, 250GB 720RPM, and a 146GB 15k :)18:38
r00t^2i was gonna say, 775 for a 2900 is a bit steep lol18:38
L3gacyDual Quad Xeons, 2.33Ghz I believe, 8GB FB DDR2 ECC, 250GB 7200, 146GB 15k18:38
L3gacyI can install Linux of choice on it18:39
r00t^2i can handle installation. aftermarket fans?18:39
r00t^2those PE stocks are loud as heck18:39
L3gacyStock, but you can mod and replace :)18:39
r00t^2gotcha. where y'at?18:39
L3gacyVineland, NJ18:40
r00t^2not bad at all18:40
L3gacydual PSUs, too18:40
L3gacy77A at 12v18:40
r00t^2yeah, i have a 2800; pretty familiar with the poweredge line18:40
L3gacyThose PSUs wont ring your bell as bad as my old Ampeg VT22 amp18:41
L3gacy650v @ 2.5A DC18:41
L3gacyI got bit working on it... thrown across the room18:41
r00t^2paden: it's all yours, i don't think i'd have room in my rack18:41
L3gacythe 860 is here, too.  4GB ECC DDR2 80GB drive Core 2 Duo18:41
padenGot pictures?18:42
L3gacynot atm18:42
L3gacysoon as I charge phone again18:42
L3gacyhttp://imgur.com/a/B7r4s  I have the sleds and spacers18:44
L3gacypaden, ok?18:52
jthanL3gacy: he sometimes gets pretty busy at work and can't answer right away. just fyi :-p Also it's okay to verbally abuse him18:53
jthanpaden: You're bad18:53
jthanpaden: at most things18:53
L3gacyI need tacos19:29
padenL3gacy: Lemme think about it?20:11
padenI might be able to swing it....Maybe.20:12
L3gacyokie :)20:18
jthanI'd jump if I were in PA20:18
padenYou can't have my server.20:19
jthanI'd race you20:19
padenI'd win.20:19
jthanVROOM VROOM20:19
padenI have the faster vehicle.20:19
jthanno you wouldn't.20:19
jthanno you don't.20:20
padenBetter gearing.20:20
padenYes I do.20:20
jthanI'd hop in the 4Runner and toast your ass20:20
L3gacyAs a matter of fact, Paden, I'll do $50 if you pick it up.  Summbeech is heavy, and I can't lift it due to diminished lung function20:24
padenAh, gotcha.20:24
padenWhat Xeons?20:26
L3gacyE series 5Ks20:26
L3gacyI can check on power up once I find a VGA cable20:26
* L3gacy loks under couch20:26
L3gacy*looks, even20:26
L3gacyOOOH!  Cheetos!20:27
waltmannom nom20:27
padenL3gacy: does it have all the disk sleds?20:28
L3gacyjgq63g1 serial20:28
L3gacylooking now20:28
L3gacy4 sleds20:28
paden4 sleds?20:28
padenThat sounds like a pretty good deal.20:29
L3gacyE5405 2.00Ghz Quad Core 12MB cache Xeons20:30
L3gacyStill has the server 2003 sticker :)20:31
padenOh, nice.20:32
L3gacy8GB tho :)20:32
L3gacyAnd my web server is being pulled offline in a week20:32
L3gacyTime to put my 860 back in service here20:32
padenThe ram isn't an issue.20:33
L3gacycool beans20:33
L3gacyI also have a 146GB 15k for it20:38
padenYeah, I saw that.20:39
padenSATA or SAS?20:39
L3gacy146 SAS, 250 SATA20:39
iceyL3gacy: what size disks can it take?20:40
L3gacy2tv each20:40
padenJust 2TB?20:41
L3gacyper slot20:41
L3gacycan  do more if you get 8087 to 7474 cables and a new SAS card20:41
L3gacy8484* not 747420:42
padenAh, ok.20:42
padenWhat's the upper limit with the cable?20:42
L3gacy10tb a sled20:42
padenAh, gotcha.20:43
L3gacybe back in a bit20:43
L3gacy# is 856 825 040420:43
L3gacyheading out for a sec20:43
L3gacyso back :)22:16

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