Kiloshi andrewlsd 05:23
Kiloswake up sleepy heads06:30
Kiloshi pavlushka 06:31
pavlushkaHello Kilos :)06:32
pavlushkaKilos: you are where?06:32
Kilosjust had a shower, leave in 1 hour 30 mins for airport06:33
Kiloskeep well everyone06:50
Kilossee you from za in 30 to 40 hours time06:50
inetprogood mornings09:51
superflygood evening inetpro09:58
inetprohoe gaan dit superfly?10:07
superflyinetpro: kan nie klaar nie10:37
inetprosuperfly: I guess you meant, "kan nie kla nie"? = can not complain10:46
superflyyeah, that one10:47
inetprovs "kan nie klaar nie" = "can not finish"10:47
theblazehenHi all12:27
XethronMorning all12:53
XethronIf anyone is interested, I created a post on using unique database fields with soft deletes. Would love to hear your thoughts :) https://goo.gl/g6K0nK13:07
theblazehenHi Xethron. Interesting. 13:27
XethronThanks :)13:30
kulelu88hey superfly you around?17:12
nsnzerogood evening all17:55
pavlushkagood evening nsnzero18:39
nsnzerohi there pavlushka18:41
pavlushkansnzero: how is it going for you ?18:45
nsnzerowell still learning python - not satisfied with my progress18:56
smilesee you later :)19:10
superflykulelu88: I am now21:20
kulelu88aah okay, I got some answers already in the twisted channel superfly 21:21
superflykulelu88: they can probably answer you better anyways21:21
kulelu88superfly: trying to get async up and running is giving me grief21:21

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