jayjovfw: I can't get into my ubuntu 16.04 machine past the login screen. I can access the shell using ctl + alt + f2 at the login screen just fine00:13
jayjoI've checked a lot of the typical causes, none of them seem to be the issue00:14
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vfwjayjo: What happened?00:14
jayjoI don't know - nothing changed. An update may have broken something. Can I revert back?00:15
vfwjayjo: ls -l .Xauthority00:15
vfwjayjo: df -h00:15
jayjoplenty of disk space and I own the directories00:16
vfwjayjo: So what happens at the login screen?00:17
jayjoI enter my password, the screen goes blank, and then reverts to the same login screen00:17
Blakes5Jayjo - sounds like your windows manager isn't loading. Try installing fluxbox or xfce400:19
vfwjayjo: cat .xsession-errors |nc termbin.com 999900:19
vfwjayjo: Are you on Unity?00:20
vfwjayjo: df -h |nc termbin.com 9999  #Show us the resulting URL(s).00:21
jayjovfw: http://termbin.com/4qde00:21
jayjoand http://termbin.com/feqm00:22
vfwjayjo: lsb_release -r00:23
vfwjayjo: uname -r00:24
vfwjayjo: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:25
vfwjayjo: let us know if you have errors.00:25
Blakes5jayjo - what video card do you have?00:27
jayjogeforce-gtx-660 i believe00:28
vfwjayjo: Any errors?00:29
Blakes5jayjo - I just remembered - I have a geforce 650......I had compatibility issues with nouveau the ubuntu opensource video driver.00:29
jayjovfw: no errors on the update and upgrade, but the problem persists00:30
Blakes5I ended up blacklisting it and installing the non-free drivers for my video card.00:30
jayjoThis problem is recent - I've had this system running for almost a year with the same graphics card00:30
vfwjayjo: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:30
Blakes5why are you taking him through a dist-upgrade?00:31
Blakes5I mean shit, at this point you should tell him to try a different flavor to fix his problem.00:31
bazhangBlakes5, a dist upgrade does NOT change versions00:31
chatterallah is doing00:31
bazhangno cursing here Blakes500:31
chattersuh is not doing allah is doing00:31
chattermoon is not doing allah is doing00:32
bazhangchatter, wrong channel00:32
vfwjayjo: Any errors?00:32
jayjoNo errors00:32
vfwjayjo: Any new package?00:32
jayjo0 upgrade, installed, removed or not upgraded00:33
vfwjayjo: after apt-get dist-upgrade?00:33
vfwjayjo: lspci |grep -i vga00:34
jayjo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 660] (rev a1)00:35
vfwjayjo: ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:36
jayjono such file00:36
vfwjayjo: ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf*00:36
jayjosame - no such file00:37
vfwjayjo: lsmod |& nc termbin.com 999900:37
rez_ninjahanybody want to help with an sddm problem?00:39
vfwjayjo: sudo nvidia-xconfig00:43
vfwrez_ninjah: What do you need?00:43
AristideHello ! :)00:43
jayjoit looks like it wrote a new configuration file00:43
AristideWhen I launch steam from Ubuntu, I get this error :00:43
AristidelibGL error: unable to load driver: swrast_dri.so00:43
AristidelibGL error: failed to load driver: swrast00:43
vfwjayjo: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf |nc termbin.com 999900:44
AristideI use a Nvidia Graphic card, under 64 bits OS00:44
vfwjayjo: Ok try it now, come back and let us know...00:45
NiOanybody knows a bit about cryptogrophy theory over here? the peeps at ##crypto are not responsive00:46
jayjosame - accepts the password, screen goes blank, back to login screen00:47
Blakes5noureau driver.....00:47
tomreynNiO: or maybe you were just short of patience00:47
vfwBlakes5: sudo apt-get ?????00:47
Blakes5excuse me?00:48
vfwjayjo: apt-cache search nvidia*00:48
AristideBlakes5: I use nvidia's driver downloaded on nvidia website00:48
AristideWithout this drivers, I get other problems : Example : Minecraft freezing at startup00:48
Aristide(Not only minecraft, but full computer lol)00:49
Blakes5Aristide I couldn't get it to compile but I didn't need to go that far. All I know is with noureau driver my windows session would crash and reload every 5 minutes after login00:49
Aristidenoureau ?00:49
Aristidenouveau * ?00:49
Blakes5so I did everything I could to get rid of noureau and installed the non-free ubuntu nvidia drivers.00:49
infected_Running MATE 1.12.1 on an ASUS laptop.  Sometimes after I resume the system from sleep/standby, the wifi won't work.  Have to reboot to fix.  Happens probably 10% of the time.  Going into network properties and disabling/enabling networking doesn't help.  Anyone else see this?00:50
Blakes5nouvear....yeah sorry.00:50
Blakes5It's been like over a year since I did that.00:50
AristideBut actually steam don't want to work :/00:50
Blakes5I'm not a details person....leave me alone!!!!!!!!! :)00:50
vfw!nomodeset | jayjo00:51
ubottujayjo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:51
Blakes5I can point you in a general direction and give you a hard push....00:51
rez_ninjahvfw: sorry, spaced out00:51
vfwjayjo: I'll ask you again; What happend to get you into this condition?00:51
rez_ninjahvfw: it doesn't like my trying to specify -listen tcp in the sddm.conf file00:52
rez_ninjah(this is kubuntu 16.10)00:52
* Blakes5 machinates about how in linux nothing needs to 'happen' to get anyone in this position.....00:52
vfwjayjo: Was it after update? or did you install some new package? Or_______________?00:52
jayjoThe only thing I can think of is a restart after installing an update.00:53
jayjoI have been on 16.04 for a while now with no problems00:53
Bashing-omAristide: What card ' lspci -k|grep -iEA5 'vga|3d' ' and what modules are installed ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?00:54
vfwjayjo: So how did you get to 14.04?00:54
jayjoI'm not - I'm on 16.0400:54
AristideBashing-om: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218M [GeForce 315M] (rev a2)00:55
vfwjayjo: lsb_release -r00:55
AristideAnd : nvidia-375, nvidia-opencl-icd-375, nvidia-prime and nvidia-settings00:55
AristideIn 375.20-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1, 375.20-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1, 0.8.2, 375.20-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1 versions00:55
vfwjayjo: Did you just upgrade from 14.04?00:56
jayjoOver a month ago00:57
vfwjayjo: sudo apt-get remove nvidia*00:57
Bashing-omAristide: K .. and that older card takes an old driver . what driver ( module ) is installed ?00:58
AristideBashing-om: How I can check that ?00:58
vfwjayjo: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:59
vfwjayjo: ls /etc/X11/xorg*  Tell us what you have there now?00:59
Bashing-omAristide: You say that the 375 driver is installed . See : http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html and confirm that you want the 340 version driver for your card .00:59
rez_ninjahvfw: think you can multi-task and lend a hand with my sddm question? damn config file won't take "-listen tcp"01:00
jayjoI beleive that did it01:00
vfwjayjo: Ok.01:00
jayjoI'm going to reboot again and see01:01
jayjoThere were some peculiarities...01:01
vfwjayjo: ok, reboot and see01:01
rez_ninjahanyone else any good with sddm?01:01
rez_ninjahor X...01:01
AristideGeForce 315 0x0A2201:01
vfwrez_ninjah: cat /etc/sddm.conf |nc termbin.com 9999  #Let's have a look.01:02
AristideSorry, GeForce 315M 0x0A7A01:02
rez_ninjahtried upper and lowercase x11, tried listen/tcp with and without quotes01:03
rez_ninjahtried "ServerArgs" b/c I saw that on a webpage.01:03
rez_ninjahXorg always starts with -nolisten tcp01:03
Bashing-omAristide: I see that as taking the 340 version driver. not the 375 . pastebin ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ' so I see the complete output and then sure of the correct driver .01:04
vfwrez_ninjah: What is it you are trying to do?01:04
Aristidehttp://pastebin.com/ZpCD9mSK Bashing-om01:04
rez_ninjahturn on tcp connections for X11 so I can do xterms and such between the two machines under my desk... without using ssh forwarding01:05
rez_ninjahxterms would be phase 1. phase 2 would be x2x01:05
rez_ninjah(if possible)01:05
Aristiderc  nvidia-375                                      375.20-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1                            amd64        NVIDIA binary driver - version 375.2001:05
lionrougehi !01:06
lionrougecan i view the full list of ubuntu tablet apps?01:06
lionrougecan't find it anywhere01:06
obZenHi anyone know much about syslog-ng and redis?01:07
obZenI'm trying to make a connection, but I'm lost at the command parameters01:07
highwaychilevfw: Hi again. The various error messages followed by some diagnostics:  http://oi66.tinypic.com/23kwz1v.jpg Nothing can be installed01:07
rez_ninjahobZen: I know a smidge of redis, I can give it a shot.01:08
obZenSo here's an example of my syslog: http://pastebin.com/Hx5vW4VA01:08
obZenAnd here's my syslog-ng.conf: http://pastebin.com/2VQFBNmK01:08
obZenThe part in question is destination d_redis{ ... };01:09
obZenI'm trying to send those Barnyard2 logs to syslog-ng, and then to Redis01:09
vfwrez_ninjah: Why not just use x11vnc?01:09
Bashing-omAristide: Yep ya want the 340 version driver . With the OEM driver install there is a UN-install script . Are you familiar ? as we want that driver gone, and install the 340 driver from our software repository . As to running with steam .. I do not know that the card can handle steam :(01:09
obZenI have the syslogs being created, now how do I send those to Redis?01:09
obZenThe command() parameter is what confuses me01:09
vfwrez_ninjah: And tightvnc for client.01:09
rez_ninjahvfw: b/c they're both kubuntu01:09
AristideBashing-om: Ok, I remove all 375 packages, and install 340 instead ?01:10
rez_ninjahvfw: both are connected to monitors on my desk01:10
rez_ninjahso I want to seamlessly mouse between them01:10
rez_ninjahobZen: and you're not sure what to put in the "help" and "what" parts?01:11
Bashing-omAristide: Remove the 375 - need assusyance here to make sure ? - and to install the driver ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' if you are on 14.04 + 'buntu .01:11
Aristide16.04 Bashing-om01:12
AristideBashing-om: If needed, I use BTRFS, i can make a snapshot now, try lot of thing, and rollback if needed :01:12
vfwhighwaychile: Your 6G partition sda6 is full.01:13
Bashing-omAristide: :) . Aristide Code: ./Nvidiawhatever.run --uninstall (must be cd'd to the directory/location) .01:13
obZenrez_ninjah yes!01:13
AristideBashing-om: Yes I have again the setup script01:13
AristideSo, I try tomorrow01:13
AristideThank's for your help :D01:13
obZenSee this: https://www.balabit.com/documents/syslog-ng-ose-latest-guides/en/syslog-ng-ose-guide-admin/html/reference-destination-redis.html01:14
obZen("<redis-command>", "<first-command-parameter>", "<second-command-parameter>", "<third-command-parameter>")01:14
rez_ninjahvfw: even if I didn't want to do that, I ought to be able to run x clients between two local machines without vnc or ssh. I'd prefer something a bit quicker network-wise than both of those.01:14
rez_ninjahobZen: how do you want things stuck in redis?01:14
vfwhighwaychile: sudo fdisk -l01:14
rez_ninjahthe one example I've googled so far stuck logstash entries into a redis list.01:14
obZenBecause my research professor told me so ._.01:14
rez_ninjahexample: rpush logkey <"another line of text in that log">01:14
vfwhighwaychile: sudo fdisk -l |& nc termbin.com 999901:14
unicornjediso I installed ubuntu with lvm and I am wondering how do I create a new partition so I can install another linux OS on that new partiton?01:15
vfwrez_ninjah: Not sure I understand your situation.  Can you elaborate?01:15
rez_ninjahvfw: and a little more stateless. I don't want to leave ssh open  in a terminal or elsewhere just for a few x connections.01:15
rez_ninjahvfw: X11vnc would probably work, but can that run as a local Xserver?01:16
rez_ninjahvfw: I can try x11vnc, but I'd also prefer not to abandon a possible avenue of success without taking it as far as I can go. having a program say "yo ucan change settings in the config file" and then not actually work, that's kinda bullshit.01:17
rez_ninjahpardon my language.01:17
rez_ninjahbut it should work.01:17
vfwhighwaychile: sudo fdisk -l |& nc termbin.com 9999  #Show us resulting URL so we can give you more specific advise.01:17
rez_ninjahvfw: plus, I still don't know if I want/need the latency of sending the mouse/kb events through the vnc protocol01:18
rez_ninjahI don't really need compression01:18
highwaychilevfw: http://termbin.com/iew801:18
vfwrez_ninjah: Please explain your situation.  What is hooked up to what?  Physically....01:19
rez_ninjahvfw: 2 machines, 2 monitors each. 1 video card per machine.01:19
rez_ninjahvfw: kubuntu 16.10 running on both machines01:19
obZenrez_ninjah would i be better sending to logstash then redis?01:19
rez_ninjahobZen: I can't answer that, I don't know anything about logstash01:20
rez_ninjahobZen: what do you want to do with the logs you're sending to redis?01:20
obZenTake the barnyard2 events and eventually send them to D301:20
obZenbut that for one of my lab partners01:20
rez_ninjahare they getting split up or otherwise sorted before going into redis? do they need to be stored as lists, or as individual events?01:20
obZenIndividual events01:21
obZenAt the moment, I just to populate it with my syslog events to show that I did stuff01:21
rez_ninjahhmm... so the challenge there then is, what key will you give each event in redis? b/c redis is kind of a KV server01:21
highwaychilevfw: Could I edit sda6 from Windows?01:22
rez_ninjahvfw: I'd like to be able to pop up x windows from one machine onto the other, and vice versa01:22
obZenSo in this pastebin, what kind of keys would I see?01:22
obZenI'm confused with what is a key01:22
vfwhighwaychile: No.01:22
rez_ninjahobZen: what's the most important part of each event? and is that most important part of each event, unique to that event?01:23
highwaychilevfw: Well, I cannot install GParted (like the Abiword example)01:23
obZenBasically, those two IP addresses at the moment01:23
rez_ninjahI see a hostname, a timestamp, random text, ip addresses, traffic type(icmp)01:23
obZenThose are pings. myip -> otherip is how it generally goes01:23
rez_ninjahright, but what matters in D3?01:23
rez_ninjahhow will all this info be used?01:23
vfwrez_ninjah: x11vnc & tightvncserver01:23
obZenNo idea. We're gonna have to debate that.01:23
vfw!info x11nvc | rez_ninjah01:24
ubotturez_ninjah: Package x11nvc does not exist in yakkety01:24
obZenRight now, I'm just trying to put anything into the redis server because I need to show that this works at all01:24
vfw!info x11vnc | rez_ninjah01:24
ubotturez_ninjah: x11vnc (source: x11vnc): VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-1.2build1 (yakkety), package size 915 kB, installed size 2195 kB01:24
rez_ninjahubottu: hmm, so I can't do what vfw is suggesting, it sounds like.01:24
vfw!info tightvncserver | rez_ninjah01:24
ubotturez_ninjah: tightvncserver (source: tightvnc): virtual network computing server software. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.10-0ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 623 kB, installed size 1687 kB01:24
vfwhighwaychile: use gparted-LiveCD01:25
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rez_ninjahoh, my bad. didn't know that was a bot01:25
rez_ninjahvfw: I'll give it a try. hopefully it's not a pain to set up as the default Xserver01:25
vfwhighwaychile: You have a 1TB hard drive.  You have allocated only a little over 25G for Linux.01:25
rez_ninjahobZen: so let me try again. redis can store a few different types of data: a string, a list, a hash, or a set.01:26
rez_ninjaha string is singular. that would be 1 event01:26
vfwrez_ninjah: You can set x11vnc to auto-start01:26
rez_ninjahvfw: and run it as my local X11 server?01:26
vfwrez_ninjah: No. VNC01:27
rez_ninjahvfw: you're missing my point, I think.01:27
vfwrez_ninjah: VNC from one PC to the other.01:27
rez_ninjahI want an X11 server that will display on a monitor. that is step 0.01:27
vfwrez_ninjah: I may be.  Please explain.01:27
rez_ninjahit must display on a monitor.01:27
rez_ninjahI want to be able to connect to that display01:27
rez_ninjahthat's step 1.01:27
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highwaychilevfw: I must've underestimated space. Anyway, that makes a lot more sense now. I really appreciate the help. Gotta go, but is there a way I could follow up with you?01:28
rez_ninjahobZen: lists, sets, hashes, those would be collections of events.01:28
highwaychileThanks thus far though01:28
obZenIt would have to be a collection of events01:28
rez_ninjahvfw: picture 2 monitors, side by side. pretend they're on one computer.01:28
rez_ninjahyour mouse scrolls smoothly between them.01:28
rez_ninjahnow picture two monitors side by side, on two computers. you're mouse still scrolls smoothly between them.01:29
rez_ninjahthat's the end goal of what I'm trying to accomplish.01:29
rez_ninjahbut to do it I either need a vnc connection between the two machines, or an x11 connection between the two machines01:29
rez_ninjahso if it's simpler to look at vnc, we can look at that. but the first thing the config must do is display on that monitor01:29
rez_ninjahobZen: so do you want your events stored individually, or in groups?01:30
obZenfor now01:30
rez_ninjahok, so then what is common for all events in one group?01:30
vfwhighwaychile: trryhend@gmail.com01:31
obZena list?01:31
rez_ninjahvfw: am I being too confusing? we can talk about simpler goals first if that helps01:31
rez_ninjahthe simplest goal I was initially hoping for was running an X11 server that could accept connections from network clients, so that another machine on the local network could display on that X11 server.01:31
highwaychilevfw: Great, will email you once I try GParted within the next day01:32
vfwhighwaychile: Ok01:33
rez_ninjahI'm a little concerned whether x11vnc supports all of the X11 protocol stuff (and whatever optional stuff Xorg uses these days) that Xorg does01:33
highwaychilevfw: Thank you :)01:33
rez_ninjahvfw: after just trying it, it looks like x11vnc will do what I need. thank you for repeating that enough for me to hear it.01:35
vfw rez_ninjah NP01:35
ubuntu597I dual booted ubuntu over fedora01:38
ubuntu597I can't seem to mount the fedora partition when in ubuntu01:38
ubuntu597any help?01:38
rez_ninjahobZen: sorry, I mean, what about the groups is specific/unique/important to that particular group?01:38
obZenAbout what's in the syslog?01:39
obZenThe destination IP, sender IP, and event type01:39
obZenmaybe the hostname, but not right now01:39
rez_ninjahso do you want to group them by the destination ip, sender ip, event type, or some mashup of the 3?01:41
obZenevent type01:41
rez_ninjahso in that example, what is the event type?01:41
rez_ninjah(the pastebin example)01:41
obZenGeneric ICMP event01:41
rez_ninjahit's your data, I can't answer that :-)01:42
rez_ninjahso let's say it's ICMP01:43
obZenThat's the event01:43
rez_ninjahan example syslog-ng entry then would be command("RPUSH", "ICMP", "<log entry>")01:43
rez_ninjahbut substitute ICMP and <log entry> for whatever sorts of environment variables/macros that syslog NG exposes01:44
rez_ninjahb/c then you can do something like "RPUSH" "#{TRAFFICTYPE}" "#{FULLENTRY}" and you'll automatically have syslog-ng sort your events into lists based on their data type01:44
rez_ninjahassuming RPUSH is the right command, which I'd have to double check01:44
rez_ninjahobZen: does that make sense, what I said about the environment variables/macro stuff?01:45
obZen<log entry> as in /var/syslog?01:45
obZenA little bit01:45
rez_ninjahno, <log entry> is each individual line of text.01:45
rez_ninjahsyslog may be able to parse that into the various fields within the line, and then you could sort ICMP events into one list, TCP events into another list, etc.01:46
rez_ninjahthat way your data in redis would be lists, where the keys would be the traffic types, and when you said "give me the list for key ICMP", redis would give you all of your ICMP log entries01:46
obZenhmm OK01:48
obZenIn my syslog-ng.conf what would i need to change?01:49
obZenI assume that I'd have multiple command() parameters within redis?01:49
rez_ninjahnope, just one, actually01:49
rez_ninjahthat's the power of it01:49
rez_ninjahbut, unfortunately, I don't know enough about syslog-ng to help you out with that.01:49
obZenBut great help thanks!01:50
rez_ninjahmaybe you would need more entries, I don't know.01:50
obZenWhen if I actually get this working01:50
rez_ninjahit looks like syslog does the filtering separate from the destination, which is kind of what you have specified now01:51
obZenI assume I can get this checked from redis-cli?01:51
rez_ninjahshould be able to.01:51
rez_ninjahyou could do a GET ICMP and it would blast you with all your ICMP enries.01:51
obZenlike redis-cli --scan and redis-cli --bigkeys ?01:51
rez_ninjahor GET "ICMP" maybe01:51
obZenWould you happen to know if  command("RPUSH", "ICMP", "<log entry>")); would work?01:53
rez_ninjahhowever barnyard2 is pushing your data into syslog-ng, you may be able to specify filter rules in syslog-ng to separate the different event types. then you'd use a different destination for each event type(rpush <event type>), and have entries that match 1 filter to 1 destination, another filter to a different destination. the only difference in the destinations would be the list key they're being stored under within01:53
rez_ninjahthe first two parts will work fine. but you have to figure out how to get your log line into it in place of the "<log entry>" part.01:54
rez_ninjah(should work fine... should) :)01:54
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needhelpanyone able to help me02:03
vfwneedhelp: With _________________?02:04
needhelpOkay so i tried installing xfce on the default ubuntu distro and it broke unity now i can use either and when i boot it just says kernel panic something02:05
needhelpdo i need to reinstall02:05
vfwneedhelp: sudo apt-get update02:05
vfwneedhelp: Tell is if you have errors?02:05
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rez_ninjahwell that was a bit abrupt :_02:10
vfwrez_ninjah: You mean needhelp?02:11
ubuntu-matehello zsnes is not avaliable on ubuntu ?02:11
ubuntu-matewhere is it ?02:11
ubuntu-matezsnes ?02:11
gomiapt install zsnes02:12
vfw!info zsnes | ubuntu-mate02:13
ubottuubuntu-mate: zsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-8build2 (yakkety), package size 667 kB, installed size 4021 kB (Only available for any-i386)02:13
vfwubuntu-mate: lsb_release -r02:14
RNeville!info zsnes02:15
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-8build2 (yakkety), package size 667 kB, installed size 4021 kB (Only available for any-i386)02:15
ubuntu-mateso is available for i386 only what about 64 bits ? is not ubuntu multilib?02:18
Jordan_Uubuntu-mate: Ubuntu is multilib, which is why you can install 32 bit packages like zsnes on a 64 bit Ubuntu installation.02:20
ubuntu-mateim doing apt-get install zsnes02:21
vfwubuntu-mate: sudo apt install zsnes02:21
ubuntu-mateand nothing02:21
vfwubuntu-mate: What does it say?02:21
Jordan_U!pastebin | ubuntu-mate02:22
ubottuubuntu-mate: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:22
vfwubuntu-mate: sudo apt install zsnes |& nc termbin.com 999902:22
vfwubuntu-mate: lsb_release -a |& nc termbin.com 999902:23
Jordan_Uubuntu-mate: Are you running from a LiveUSB? (Which would likely not have the universe repository enabled)?02:23
DaisyLeeDoes anyone know if there is an Ubuntu hardware channel?02:24
vfwDaisyLee: Prolly not.  What do you need to know?02:24
DaisyLeeI was just gonna see if anyone knew anything about how well the System76 Lemur works02:24
puchogenzoany tips for a newbie with irssi02:28
ubuntu508how can i convert daily iso images to normal?http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xenial/daily-live/20161127/02:29
gomipuchogenzo: read the man pages, their online documentation has a lot to get started.02:29
Jordan_Uubuntu508: What do you mean by "convert" and what do you mean by "normal"? If you want the standard released images, simply download those.02:31
vfwubuntu508: You just download the one you want.02:31
puchogenzothanks gomi02:32
vfwpedrovian: https://irssi.org/documentation/02:33
vfwpedrovian: try /exit  #If you want to exit irssi and quit.02:35
ubuntu508because daily iso has this issue https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/cant-change-developer-options-settings/713202:37
Jordan_Uubuntu508: Why do you want to use the daily iso at all?02:38
ubuntu508its up to date02:39
Jordan_Uubuntu508: It is recomended to install from the released images. Please do so.02:39
rdhlol up to date also = possible bugs02:44
vfwpossible smossible02:46
kk4ewtJordan_U,  someone has to test it02:47
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raparkhurstI am having some xorg issues with nvidia on ubuntu 16.0403:10
raparkhursthi Blakes503:11
raparkhurstI have three monitors, two rotated and a third in the middle.  I use nvidia's config to set them up and save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf but when I reboot it doesn't look like it reads that at all and sets up one of the side monitors as the main display03:11
raparkhurstI was wondering if there was another recommended way to do it or if i'm saving the files in the wrong place?03:14
Jordan_Uraparkhurst: Please pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log .03:15
Blakes5afaik xorg.conf has been deprecated.03:16
raparkhurstBlake5:  what's the proper way I should do it then?03:17
raparkhurstJordan_U:  will do03:17
ZombieIs there a way I can submit for a Patch to be imported into the repos?03:23
Zombielibgpod has a Segfaulting issue a patch exists for.03:24
ZombieIts a bad one.03:24
ZombieIt will crash Amarok.03:24
Jordan_UBlakes5: /etc/X11/xorg.conf has not been deprecated. It does not exist by default as it is no longer needed for most cases, but it is still honored if it does exists, and is still used commonly (for example, for configuring proprietary drivers).03:24
Jordan_U!bug | Zombie03:25
ubottuZombie: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:25
Jordan_UZombie: Presumably an upstream bug report exists with the patch. I would recommend linkin that bug report to the one that you create (after checking that an Ubuntu bug report for this doesn't already exist).03:26
ZombieIt does.03:26
raparkhurstJordan_U:  http://pastebin.com/9h00HzEt03:27
raparkhurstand http://pastebin.com/5W7McQuW03:27
raparkhurst2nd is xorg.conf as nvidia saved it03:27
magictzHello Guyz ?03:32
Jordan_UZombie: If the bug report already exists then please link to it and where you found the patch.03:32
cfhowlettask your ubuntu question home03:35
magictzI want to install openss7 in ubuntu 16.1003:38
magictzbut i cant hehehe03:38
Jordan_Umagictz: OpenSSL is installed by default.03:39
magictzNot OpenSSL03:40
Jordan_Umagictz: OpenSS7 seems to have their own repositories, but from a quick look it doesn't seem like a well maintained project. Maybe there is a reason it's not in Ubuntu's default repositories.03:44
Jordan_Umagictz: The latest news is from 2014: http://www.openss7.org/whatsnew.html03:44
correctis there a plugin to better view images in file?03:47
Jordan_Umagictz: Maybe http://www.asterisk.org/ , which supports SS7 and is active and has a good reputation, would be a better option for you.03:48
magictzI m sorry for my bad english hehehe03:50
magictzthank you03:50
uxfimagictz; your english is good03:53
delihow active is this?03:53
deliI mean #ubuntu03:53
Blue111824 people can't be wrong.03:54
stan_man_canJust spun up a new 16.04 VPS and can't apt update, 0% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8001::17)]03:55
angrycoastHello, I just tried to back up my home folder when I didn't have enough space so the backup failed will this corrupt any of the files in the deja dup folder where I stored it?03:59
OerHeksstan_man_can, check their docs? VPS servers are heavily tweaked04:02
cfhowlettangrycoast, it won't bother any files it not touched during the backup but you can't trust the files of the failed process04:02
stan_man_canOerHeks, Just set precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100 in /etc/gai.conf and it appeared to work04:03
OerHeksstan_man_can,  good, so not really an ubuntu issue04:03
stan_man_canNot sure why IPV6 wouldn't work?04:03
stan_man_canfrom what I read all that does is give IPV4 precedence over IPV604:04
BazookaToothso now i can assume you checked #re, #python, etc.04:07
Zombiehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgpod/+bug/730385 Does this look like the appropriate bug to update?04:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730385 in libgpod (Ubuntu) "iphone-set-info crashed with SIGSEGV in plist_get_string_val()" [Medium,Triaged]04:10
BazookaToothspent 5 minutes with it after a tutorial. re and python are the only chans i can think of that would care about it.04:12
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backbox is anyone using backbox ?04:14
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.04:16
OerHeksZombie, strange that this old 2011 bug is still valid, your comment is not complete, it misses ubuntu version and such04:16
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backbox im sorry, is it still like that? i mean my bug ??04:23
OerHeksdid i wrote that, backbox ?04:25
OerHeks!pm | backbox i cannot help you, you are in the wrong channel04:27
ubottubackbox i cannot help you, you are in the wrong channel: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.04:27
OerHeksi hate pm's04:27
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Yaaic_DemoIt is possible track mobail or smartphone ??04:47
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cfhowlettYaaic_Demo, android or apple?04:48
uxfihow is everyone04:49
uxfianyone here good at analyzing photos?04:49
OerHeksYaaic_Demo, there is Prey, anti theft tracking software, but not really an ubuntu issue, join #android for that04:49
cfhowlettuxfi, that's a photo, that's a painting, that's a drawing?04:50
uxfinot at all04:50
uxfimore like a photo of a thing i want to re touch04:50
cfhowlettso not analyzing but editing then04:50
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OerHeksdarktable, gimp ..04:51
cfhowlett!ask | linux_04:57
ubottulinux_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:57
vfwlinux_: With _______________?04:57
vfwAs with any other OS, it's the second key from the left on the 4th row from the bottom. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)05:01
Random832vfw, isn't that 2?05:02
cfhowlettactually, depends entirely on the keyboard ...05:02
vfwRandom832: No, that's the 5th row.05:03
Random832you go to the bottom then go up 1 2 3 405:03
vfwMy keyboard is the only one that counts!05:03
Random832the bottom and the 1st from the bottom are logically two different things05:04
vfwBottom is closest to my belly.05:04
vfwAnd my belly is the only belly that counts!05:05
Random832and then up 1 2 3 4 to the row with numbers on it05:05
Random832and then right 1 2 for, well, 1 and then 205:05
vfwYou got it05:05
vfwYou got it, but my keyboard is not your keyboard, and your keyboard is not my keyboard.05:11
Random832yes but the difference isn't between our keyboards, it's between how we count05:12
Random832zero-based vs one-based05:12
vfwReal numbers start with 105:23
eatingthenightIs their an easy way to trace all processes that a process spawns. saw when running a binary that has multiple system() calls in it?05:24
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
eatingthenight`strace -feprocess cmd` worked for me05:31
fungmenany one here ?05:37
vskI am try install ubntu 16.04 lts from cd. The boot gets stucks at a screen showing " isolinux 6.03 2015xxxx ETCD" how can i fix this05:53
cfhowlettvsk, sounds like a either a bad .iso download or a bad USB.  md5sum both to verify05:54
cfhowlett!md5sum | vsk05:54
ubottuvsk: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM05:54
cfhowlettverify the .iso you downloaded first05:54
vskI will do that05:54
vskHow can i chek it ???05:54
cfhowlett??  did you not see the link I sent you?05:55
vskOhh sryy05:55
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zerguthowto update certain package?06:22
zerguti mean terminal command06:22
jrwris there a command to upload the underlaying filesystem for unionfs-fuse06:24
jrwrlike if the file list changes under unionfs-fuse06:24
OerHeksapt-get install --only-upgrade <packagename>06:25
zergutOerHeks: it says i dont have libreoffice but i have06:26
OerHekszergut, what makes you think you can manually update libreoffice? regular updates should take care of that06:28
zergutOerHeks: im on version 4.3.X06:31
zergutnow it's 5.1.X06:32
zergutOerHeks: so, i think i can update06:32
OerHeksOn xenial it is 5.1 indeed, older LTS got 4.x06:33
zergutubuntu version is 14.0406:33
OerHeksoke,. upgrade to 16.04 lts, and you will have 5.x06:33
zerguti would like to update just libreoffice06:34
zergutis it possible?06:34
OerHekszergut, maybe with a PPA, carefull, use at your own risc https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/ppa06:35
zergutOerHeks: okay, thank you06:36
zergutwhat are possible risks?06:36
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ANTIpsychiatrypsychiatry is  is IS IS fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!    psychiatry IS a FAKE SCIENCE !!!!!!!! THIS IS psychiatry! Dont take any pills from this FAKE science!!!! Dont trust also, in police&secret service !!!!!07:00
OerHeks!ops | ANTIpsychiatry  is back07:00
ubottuANTIpsychiatry  is back: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu07:00
FlannelANTIpsychiatry: take it elsewhere, thanks.07:01
ANTIpsychiatryWhere u fro..07:01
ANTIpsychiatrypsychiatry is  is IS IS fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!    psychiatry IS a FAKE SCIENCE !!!!!!!! THIS IS psychiatry! Dont take any pills from this FAKE science!!!! Dont trust also, in police&secret service07:04
zergutOerHeks: cant install from PPA, what i could be?07:21
Mavawhoa, what on earth, one of my sw is complaining about libpng12.so.0 in yakkety. what is the package that I need ?07:23
zergutit says trying to install from unreliable sources07:23
xanguazergut: read the instructions about how to add a PPA repository please07:29
qualiaqqI was hoping someone might know how to connect to a wifi device (a drone) and remain connecting to the Internet through ethernet?07:31
zergutxangua: is it better to use terminal or gui?07:40
magictzI want to ask how to resolve this08:02
magictzPlease disable the KVM kernel extension, recompile your kernel and reboot (VERR_SVM_IN_USE)08:02
magictzi use GNS3 for VirtualBox And Qemu08:02
magictzBut if i start VirtualBox and Qemu Both , i got that message08:02
cfhowlettmagictz, ask #vbox08:04
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magictzwhat ?08:04
cfhowlettgo to the #vbox channel.  ask there.08:04
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ice9how to add luks support in the initrd?08:06
ice9for unlocking encrypted drive at boot time08:06
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ron__I looking for install "php-mssql" on ubuntu 16.04 LTS but I don't find information08:26
sla3kron__: try this: https://blog.thesysadmins.co.uk/ubuntu-server-connect-to-mssql-via-php.html08:34
ron__sla3k, I have always  sqlsrv_connect don't found08:36
WeiJunLidoes /linux_image/wheezy.img mean anything for you guys?08:37
uxfiWeiJunLi: Dejuan wheezy08:38
WeiJunLiuxfi: It is on an example.cfg of a project, can I delete that I'm running on Ubuntu08:44
root4cant open videos and mp3s08:45
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bazhangmozart1893, no caps09:22
bazhangmozart1893, what is ens3309:22
slimaHi, I have problem with preseed partition tables, there is my recipt: http://pastebin.com/iRdeUdLe But I like to have /boot 256-512MB, / 8GB, /backup minimum 1GB and 2GB of swap, but insted of that I got: /backup 1GB and 2.5TB swap, any hint?09:23
mozart1893bazhang: thats the name of the interface i saw when issued the """ifconfig""" command09:24
rskumarmy ubuntu freezes if i resume from suspend. Where should i look for errors or hint on what is failing?09:25
ikevincheck dmesg09:25
ikevinif often caused by graphic driver09:25
xanguarskumar: freezes or black screen?09:26
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rskumarxangua: black screen. Once it flickered and then black screen09:27
xanguarskumar: what Ubuntu release and desktop?09:28
rskumarxangua: 16.05 on dell 7559 laptop. It has intel as well as Nvidia 96009:28
rskumar16.04.1 .. xangua09:28
xanguarskumar: is this on xfce or lxde?09:29
rskumarxangua: main ubuntu lts, as it comes with gnome and unity09:31
rskumarmozart1893: what is ens33 ??09:31
mozart1893<rskumar> thats the name of the network interface when i issued the ifconfig command09:32
paloema123hi, anyone available for a short newbie help linux in general?09:34
rskumarxangua: how can i find whats going wrong when resuming?09:35
ducassepaloema123: ask your ubuntu question09:39
lambertuSomeone need help?09:39
kiwiBasheris this the IRnC (Internet Relay  no-Chat)09:41
kiwiBashergot a link to compiling the kernel?09:42
flinghow to unset this? -> dbus set to manually installed.09:43
ducasse!kernel | kiwiBasher09:43
ubottukiwiBasher: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)09:43
ducassefling: 'sudo apt-mark auto dbus'09:44
saintromualdis there any program that keeps a history of launched programs, where you can easily open them up again with a click or something like that. I just installed Launchy and that is the closest I could find, another one I found is appgrid (smaller software center)09:44
rskumarwhenever I say I have a problem with Ubuntu on Dell 7559, people run away rather than responding how to fix or what to do next. :) and I am totally nowhere09:47
lambertuwhats your problem?09:47
rskumarI rejected HP model and bought Dell 7559 because it was listed in Ubuntu certified laptops .. was it a mistake09:47
paloema123lambertu, I have a autostart running on putty startup and trying to delete this09:47
rskumarlambertu: resume does not work with ubuntu 16.04 on dell 755909:48
ducasserskumar: many dell laptops need a dell ppa, don't know about yours.09:48
lambertupaloema123, Have you checked startup programs?09:48
flingducasse: thanks!09:48
lamberturskumar, have you tried installing the drivers?09:48
flingducasse: and how to list manually installed?09:48
paloema123lambertu, I googled a few pages and tried my luck, but I didn't find it09:49
ducassefling: apt-mark showmanual09:49
paloema123its always starting when loggin in into putty09:49
rskumarlambertu: yes, i tried nvidia, even from graphics ppa, and then updated from intel graphical driver update utility.. tried kernel 4.809:49
flingducasse: great!09:49
flingI could script the things now09:49
lamberturskumar, do you have allocated swap space?09:49
=== andrzeju is now known as andrzejku
rskumarlambertu: yes.. it was auto parition09:50
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lambertupaloema123, i will get back to you in a few mins09:51
lamberturskumar, tried mesa drivers?09:51
rskumarlambertu: means prime-switch intel ??09:51
lamberturskumar, http://askubuntu.com/questions/768959/ubuntu-16-04-nvidia-drivers-for-geforce-gtx-960m?09:53
kiwiBasherthanks for the kernel info09:53
lamberturskumar, i know that this is your video drivers issue, we just need to find which one works for you ;D09:54
Bray90820Is there an amazon echo alternative for ubuntu?09:54
flingducasse: how do I see apt-get history?09:55
ducassefling: look under /var/log/apt09:55
lambertupaloema123, so remind me, have you checked your startup programs in dash and you are sure there is no putty entry in there?09:56
rskumarlambertu: i dont even want Nvidia.. if intel works, it would be ok, since i want to use it for development.. but nothing works. Well let me read that SO question/answer09:56
paloema123lambertu, I have only access via putty to it. a friend of mine installed the system for an ambilight. not using it via gui else09:56
lamberturskumar, https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23665-How-to-update-Open-Source-graphic-driver-in-Ubuntu try these for intel, one of them will work :)09:58
lambertupaloema123, i am lost, what are you trying to achieve, you have like a remote vps and you want to remove putty from startup applications?09:59
paloema123nope, I have a script running on putty start (after login) and trying to remove this script from autostart on putty login09:59
lambertuand the script was made by your friend and you can't find it right?10:00
ducassepaloema123: is that set up in putty or on the remote host?10:00
lambertuI guess he doesn't know ;D10:00
paloema123ducasse, lambertu: I fiddled around with this and cannot remember how i activated it. it was all within putty10:00
paloema123yep ;-)10:00
ducassepaloema123: on windows?10:01
lambertuThrough console, or putty gui itself?10:01
paloema123yes, loggin in into putty via windows system10:01
lambertuthen it must be in cronjob list10:01
ducassepaloema123: then this is a windows/putty question, try ##windows10:01
paloema123but the base system is linux, isnt it?10:02
_28_riahello, after firefox got upgraded to V50, my videos on youtube started jurking. Not right away. They play fine in the beginning, but it takes one computer load spike, like, for example, switch a window or make a bookmark, or something else, that spikes the processor quickly, the video starts jerking and nothing, even reloading page doesn't restore the video back to normal, until I close FF and reo10:02
lambertuWhich distro are you using?10:02
_28_riapen it again.10:02
lamberturskumar, Worked?10:02
paloema123brb. phone10:02
ducassepaloema123: base system of what?10:02
_28_riaIt looks like, it's playing and every half a second it flashes several frames of the video from the time of spike.10:03
_28_riaI tried to tweak opengl, graphics settings, compiz, no settings seem to make any difference. And I've rebooted several times already.10:03
lambertu_28_ria, is it fresh install? Have you updated your video drivers? Have you java installed? Is video acceleration enabled?10:04
_28_rialambertu: I have a standard opensource nVidia drivers since the ubuntu 16.04 removed the proprietary drivers. Java is installed. Video acceleration is enabled, I think, but I don't know how to check, except, that I think Unity wouldn't work without acceleration.10:06
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_28_rialambertu: my system is set to get updated daily10:06
lambertu_28_ria, I mean firefox itself, how about other broswers, are they fine?10:06
paloema123lambertu, how do i check distro?10:07
ducassepaloema123: you asked if base system was linux, base system of what?10:07
lambertupaloema123, cat /etc/*-release10:07
paloema123btw: crontab -e showing me no active scripts in there10:08
_28_rialambertu: I didn't check chromium, since I prefer firefox. It would be daunting to me to use chromium, but I can check. I would prefer to fix the FF. It started doing couple of days ago, since FF got updated to V5010:08
_28_riapaloema123: lsb_release -a10:09
RosieHi, I'm a noob to Linux, what is the difference between Root and Sudo? (this is for IT work)10:09
paloema123ups, I am wrong here: Raspbian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie)...sorry10:09
ducasse!sudo | Rosie10:09
ubottuRosie: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:09
paloema123thought it was ubuntu running10:10
lambertu_28_ria, yeh, but by knowing if other browsers work fine, we will know where to start10:10
_28_rialambertu: I am checking10:10
rskumarlambertu: still reading those references10:10
ducassepaloema123: try #debian, but if this was set up in putty it isn't a linux question10:10
[1]paloema123ups, disconnect10:11
lambertupaloema123,  sudo nano ~/.config/upstart/10:11
azzaHello, I have two interfaces on a PC, ethernet and wifi. I'd like to use wifi for internet and ethernet for a printer10:12
azzaas soon as i plug the ethernet cable, internet doesn't work10:12
[1]paloema123lambertu, no text in this file10:12
azzais there a simple way to use wifi interface for internet by default?10:12
lambertupaloema123, sudo nano /etc/init/10:14
lambertupaloema123, sudo nano /etc/init.d/ as well10:14
[1]paloema123lambertu, it tells me its a directory10:15
ducasse[1]paloema123: if this program is autostarted by putty, check your putty settings. if not, check your shell startup files.10:17
lambertu[1]paloema123, sudo nano /var/log/boot.log10:18
[1]paloema123lambertu, empty file...10:18
[1]paloema123ducasse, how do i check shell start files?10:18
ducasse[1]paloema123: try ~/.bashrc for example10:19
ducasse[1]paloema123: but if putty is starting this that won't help10:19
[1]paloema123lambertu, there is no boot.log in this folder. checked via winscp too10:19
[1]paloema123ducasse, i made no special settings in the putty app. only via putty console10:21
ducasse[1]paloema123: ok, then i would think it is the shell startup.10:21
[1]paloema123Nov 28 09:08:26 raspberrypi sudo:       pi : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/home/pi ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/python /home/pi/dash.py10:22
[1]paloema123thats in auth.log10:23
[1]paloema123this should be the command10:23
[1]paloema123but how to remove10:23
gm_ok sory10:23
ducasse[1]paloema123: 'chsh /bin/bash pi'10:24
johnhuo[m]new man10:24
[1]paloema123Usage: chsh [options] [LOGIN]10:25
[1]paloema123  -h, --help                    display this help message and exit10:25
[1]paloema123  -R, --root CHROOT_DIR         directory to chroot into10:25
[1]paloema123  -s, --shell SHELL             new login shell for the user account10:25
tomreyn!pastebin | [1]paloema12310:26
ubottu[1]paloema123: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:26
ducasse[1]paloema123: 'chsh -s /bin/bash pi'10:26
ducasse[1]paloema123: now try logging in and see if it starts10:26
[1]paloema123still that python file running10:27
ducasse[1]paloema123: ok, in that case, try #debian. we only support ubuntu systems and can't spend too much time on this.10:27
[1]paloema123thanks again!10:28
ducasse[1]paloema123: read through ~/.bashrc though.10:28
[1]paloema123ducasse, do not know how10:30
ducasse[1]paloema123: try 'nano ~/.bashrc' and look for that python entry. if you find it, put a # at the start of the line and save.10:31
OerHekshe's got help in #debian now10:33
_28_rialambertu: no chromium doesn't do it10:33
[1]paloema123thanks all again...they sent me to #raspbian ;-)10:33
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tbpjoin #fusiondirectory10:55
megaminxwinhi, im having a lot of trouble setting up a network printer10:55
=== zippy is now known as Guest13672
megaminxwinive managed to get it to connect, i think10:55
megaminxwinbut when i try to scan it never seems to do anything10:56
megaminxwinits a canon pixma mg356010:56
megaminxwinim using ubuntu 16.0410:56
=== meles1 is now known as meles
ducassemegaminxwin: setting up printing and scanning are two different things on linux, you might need a special driver to get networked scanning11:01
megaminxwinducasse: ive installed the canon driver for network scanning11:01
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
OerHeksIs the user member of the group scanner ? sudo adduser <username> scanner11:05
megaminxwini wasnt, but that didnt work11:07
boxrick1I am having a huge amount of issue with Ubuntu bonding not working properly. I have the bond / vlan and ifenslave packages installed. Have used modprobe bonding / 8021q and the following rather simple config: https://gist.github.com/boxrick/a5c235008734c09ef8bf46fb9b2fb5ba11:22
boxrick1Can anyone see if I have done anything particurly wrong?11:22
boxrick1This is Ubuntu Xenial.11:22
boxrick1All looks pretty straightwards to me and should be working, yet restarting the box or simply networking it just sits and hangs without getting connectivity11:23
=== Milad_ is now known as Guest98161
MadPsylooks ok to me11:24
MadPsywhat does the stuff in /proc/net/bonding say?11:25
=== thor is now known as Guest34676
boxrick1https://gist.github.com/boxrick/fcabefb5fcbd0dd0cccf6a4435efe16b <-- This is after some manual proding to take down the interfaces and bring them back up11:26
boxrick1I wonder if this is an ordering or delay type thing, since I can get it working if I manually take it all down and bring it back up11:27
MadPsythat's quite possible11:27
MadPsyif ifdown/ifup works then it's v unlikely a configuration error per se11:28
PuteamSaNuFiutbp, whats fusiondirectory?11:28
MadPsyafaik you can put delays in, not sure how mind you11:28
necrophcodrWe have a problem where all users perform DNS lookups ONLY to on our servers, but root performs them correctly using the servers specified in /etc/resolv.conf11:29
boxrick1  bond-downdelay 200  bond-updelay 200 seems to be how, also I wonder if it is an ordering thing.11:29
necrophcodrWhat can prevent _all_ users from using /etc/resolv.conf, or override it?11:29
tbpPuteamSaNuFiu: https://www.fusiondirectory.org/11:29
boxrick1If I was to manually bring up a bond, what order does it need to be ( bond or interfaces first ? )11:29
MadPsydoubt it's ordering, I've never had problems with ordering anyway11:29
MadPsytry and see :)11:30
boxrick1I think that delay may have helped11:31
necrophcodri think i know what caused the problems, probably permissions it seems11:31
MadPsynecrophcodr, file permissions on /etc/resolv.conf? Bear in mind that there's also /etc/resolvconf/ too11:31
PuteamSaNuFiuhow can i start from console on screen keyboard?11:33
PuteamSaNuFiui use ubuntu 16.1011:33
OerHeksPuteamSaNuFiu, move your mouse to the dash: onb<tab> + enter11:34
OerHeksdon't start gtk gui programs from terminal, basicly11:35
=== dodge29 is now known as dodge_29
PuteamSaNuFiuOerHeks, thanks11:37
yocs0000how do you remove a .desktop file from he database? To create it you use desktop-file-install ....11:50
OerHeksyocs0000, in  /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/ >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles11:52
TusharIn some  cases my keybord some keys are not working any idea what is going wrong12:01
TusharI am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS12:01
necrophcodrMadPsy: Thanks, but I guess the real issue was that /etc/resolv.conf was a file, when it should've been a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf12:03
yocs0000OerHeks: thank you, I meant is there a command like desktop-file-install to remove rather than install ....12:03
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=== ER_nesto is now known as Chinesium
yocs0000nother quick question: anyone who knows how to change the installtion folder for a an app?12:25
cerberegreetings, I got a flickering screen issue with my projector > avr > ubuntu. If I have tv>avr>ubuntu then there is no flikering, reading the doc of my projector it can happen if quote: "When interlaced signals are connected, flicker may occur on the projected image." I remark that when I'm plugged on the TV, xrandr returns that I'm at 1080p resolution, but when I switch to the projector it selects 1080i. If with the projector I xrandr to12:28
cerbere1080p i got a blue screen. My avr is on Through mode, is 1080p capabl, the projector as well, how can I use it with a 1080p resolution please ?12:28
cerbereI removed .config/monitor.xml that gnome sets up, I tried a .xprofile with xrandr --output VIRTUAL1 --off --output DP2 --off --output DP1 --off --output HDMI2 --primary --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal --output HDMI1 --off --output VGA1 --off12:30
cerberethat .xprofile once hit show an error message and it reverts to the "automatic" 1080i resolution12:30
yocs0000how do you change the installation folder for a package?12:38
kaffohas anyone else had issues installing 16.04 LTS server? i get install failure at select and install software reporting that pkgsel fails to install12:41
kaffoeverything else seems to go fine up till then12:41
kaffoalso tried removing all the default install for the packages12:41
kaffoand it still errors out12:41
SachiruQuery: Single-disk laptop, intended use case is dev work (LXD, web stacks, ruby, etc.)12:45
SachiruWorth using ZFS on, or not?12:45
Sachiru(Yes, I have the resources for it, 16GB of RAM does that for you)12:45
GamebaseHello guys12:50
flingSachiru: I'm using zfs on libreboot x200 with 8G ram and it works just fine12:50
flingSachiru: snapshots are giving me the ability to rollback to the known good state in case of something gone wrong :P12:50
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
SachiruAre the nice ZFS features for LXD (snapshot, etc) working well on it?12:50
flingSachiru: compression gives a huge performance boost12:50
SachiruSo, worth it for ZFS then.12:50
=== zippy is now known as Guest46662
SachiruCompression and ARC, I assume.12:51
GamebaseNice Laptop Sachiru!12:51
GamebaseI´m running an HP zBook 14 G2 with BTRFS12:51
flingSachiru: I'm using zfs on luks btw.12:51
flingSachiru: /boot is a zfs too12:52
Gamebaseow, boot to. Noice12:52
flingSachiru: only grub is in cbfs which is not encrypted. Everything else is safe :P12:52
Gamebasei´m running the boot with ext2 and LUKS with btrfs12:52
Sachirufling: Planning to boot UEFI, so I'd put everything except the ESP on ZFS12:52
SachiruNo need for encryption so ZFS straight on the disk it is.12:53
yocs0000how do you change the installation folder for a package?12:53
Sachiruyocs0000, why would you want to change the Folder?12:53
flingSachiru: malicious hardware will steal/alter your files! But zfs will detect because of checksumming12:53
SachiruUnlike Windoze, Linux has a very good reason for putting stuff where it is.12:53
Gamebaseyocs0000: http://askubuntu.com/questions/236094/change-choose-install-path-for-a-deb12:54
yocs0000Sachiru: not exactly the answer but .... I need to move some stuff (R) to opt12:54
Sachirufling, Yeah, I know that single-disk ZFS cannot autorecover12:54
flingSachiru: there are exploits for ssd modifying /etc/shadow to allow a remote attacker to login :P12:54
flingSachiru: zfs will prevent this but anyway it is better to encrypt.12:54
Gamebasefling: witch exploid?12:54
SachiruDon't really care, most of the dev work I do isn't that critical12:54
SachiruAll I really need is that sweet, sweet, LXD snapshot12:55
flingSachiru: I've not tried zfs on ubuntu btw, gentoo here.12:55
Gamebasesachiru: that sweet sweet lxc snapshot. Me to man!12:55
flingBut I have trisquel in lxcontainer :P12:55
PaulePanterHi. Who is to contact, when using Ubuntu 16.04 on a Dell system, and the Ubuntu is shipped by Dell.12:55
SachiruThe ability to revert configuration changes that borked the container is priceless.12:56
xanguaTo contact for what?12:56
PaulePanterThe user experience is not so good. Is Canonical maintaining that?12:56
SachiruEspecially if you spent the last hour configuring it the way you need, only to mistype and go "rm -rf *" in a critical directory12:56
GamebasePaulePanter: you should contact your reseller.12:56
flingSachiru: try using zfs-auto-snapshot12:56
Gamebasefling: good suggestion12:57
flingSachiru: I'm also using a lot of lxcontainers with zfs dedup. Almost no space overhead.12:57
SachiruWithout snapshots, huge problem. With snapshot? zfs rollback critical_Dataset/pool@hahahafsckyou12:57
henrik_Sometimes the Ubuntu Software center refuses to show icons for the programs. Why is that?12:57
Gamebasehenrik: slow network connection maybe...12:58
henrik_Thanks for a reply!12:58
Gamebasehenrik_: personally use apt-get or aptitude insteat of software center12:59
henrik_What does aptitude do?12:59
PaulePanterGamebase: Dell shipped that system.13:00
PaulePanterGamebase: And the package archive URL also has dell.canonical.com in it.13:00
GamebasePaulePanter: so you bought it from the Dell Website? or from another retailer?13:01
PaulePanterGamebase: Dell Web site.13:01
=== albert is now known as Guest71845
Gamebasehenrik_: the same as apt-get but in another way13:02
Sachiruhenrik_, Basically a more powerful command line version of Software Center13:02
SachiruI personally prefer apt-fast13:02
SachiruIf you really need a GUI, Synaptic.13:02
henrik_Ok! And you get aptitude by doing "apt-get aptitude"?13:02
henrik_I have heard about synaptics13:02
henrik_I am kind of old/new to Ubuntu and Linux13:02
henrik_Have used it before but I really want to dive deeper into it13:03
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PaulePanterAfter two or three days, Dell did a crappy job with Ubuntu. There are way too many bugs, putting GNU/Linux in a bad light. :(13:06
PaulePanterI also heard that from a friend where his father has a Dell system shipped with Ubuntu.13:06
ekahi, what's the ScriptedHost folder on my home?13:10
Gamebaseeka: first, the runningfolder of the script and as fallback your homefolder13:12
ekaGamebase: sorry, you lost me there... what? what script?13:13
GamebasePaulePanter: then you need to contact dell customer support.13:13
Gamebaseeka: you said scriptedhost folder, what do you mean by that?13:13
ArgentWarriorPaulePanther: Why not just reinstall vanilla Ubuntu and maybe build a custom kernel for it? Better experience, less bugs13:14
ekaGamebase: I wanted to know what it is, who uses it, who created it ...13:14
=== tarkus is now known as tarkus[away]
GamebaseArgentWarrior: good option, but Dell is still responsible for good software.13:14
ArgentWarriorI'm on a Dell V131. A couple of xorg.conf tweaks, a dark GTK theme and an initrd-less kernel built with "-march=native" later, Ubuntu is godlike13:15
PaulePanterGamebase: Understood. Thank you.13:16
Gamebaseeka: you mean you have an folder in your home directory ¨Scriptedhost¨?13:16
ekaGamebase: named ScripteHost... yes13:16
GamebasePaulePanter: No problem! Good Luck!13:16
Gamebaseeka: Sorry no clue... Quick googling also no suggestions...13:17
Gamebaseeka: what is the content of that folder (ls -la)?13:17
ekaGamebase: yeah... but it says MS... and I'm running this app AzureStorageExlorer.... so maybe it's that13:18
henrik_How do I install Java 6 on Ubuntu?13:18
henrik_I tried sudo apt-get install default-jre13:18
Gamebaseeka: found something of an module for visualstudio ¨Microsoft.VisualStudio.ScriptedHost¨13:19
Gamebaseeka: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/9f392114-0ffb-4ea1-9144-5f6f7fbfca79/missing-diagnosticshubpackage-vs2015?forum=vssetup13:19
=== PuteamSaNuFiu is now known as Rezz_
ekaGamebase: yeah, same that's why I think it will be that13:19
ekaGamebase: https://dpaste.de/zscP13:20
ekaand both of those files are 0bytes :P13:20
Gamebaseeka: that damn Microsoft with it´s habit of making things unclear....13:21
Gamebaseeka: ;)13:21
ekaGamebase: and putting things everywhere13:21
Gamebaseeka: the most annoying of all!13:21
ekaGamebase: mmm but still... there is a StorageExplorer dir inside .config... dumbfounded13:22
Gamebaseeka: the logic is real...13:22
Gamebaseeka: with this one and all that came before from Microsoft...13:23
BluesKajHiyas all13:27
roryUsually when I "gpg -d" a file, I get a graphical popup asking for my password (could be key passphrase, could be agent passphrase, not sure)13:28
roryI'm currently SSHd into my laptop, how can I enter this password on the terminal?13:28
Gamebaserory: checked for an extra parameter where you can enter the password?13:29
rorynever mind, sshing with x forwarding disabled, does the job.13:29
Gamebaserory: haha, nice one!13:29
zambai'm having problems removing a package.. the pre or post script is failing13:33
zambaand it thus don't want to uninstall the package13:33
avenger_qi hate having such a small cock13:33
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu13:33
zambawhere can i locate the scripts that are run?13:34
chilversccan I disable the "Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors" warning on start up?13:35
popeychilversc: i tend to find that error goes away if I start from scratch with a brand new ~/.config/monitors.xml file13:37
popeyback that up, move it out the way and re-configure your monitor13:38
chilverscpopey: this is running in VMWare Workstation, so that sets the resolution to match the window13:38
popeyI don't think it matters.13:39
popeyworth a try13:39
popeyput it back if it doesnt work13:39
Gamebase_chilversc: thats why it gives that error. It practicly changes the monitor in the mind of linux13:39
nickarI just took two drives out of intel RAID and I'm finding some strange behaviour from ubuntu 16.04. They're both internal drives with SATA connections but the first shows up as a normal internal drive whilst the second can be ejected like removable storage. Can anyone help me shed some light on why they're being treated differently and what I can do to change the second one to be like the first?13:39
chilverscright, hence why the warning is pointless and annoing and thus I want to disable it13:40
chilverscthe monitor is never going to match13:40
Gamebasechilversc: have you installed the VMware workstation guest addons?13:41
=== thor is now known as Guest49149
chilverscyup, so the resoulution is changed to match the window size13:42
Gamebasechilversc: Then it will be starting from scratch like popey: said13:43
chilverscI know, that's why I don't want the warning, since it's spurious13:45
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Tachyon_hello. I run ubuntu from usb to resize one of my partition and in process someone who needed to do something on windows just canceled the operation and restarted the computer and.. grub rescue14:04
Tachyon_what can I do ?14:04
Tachyon_I get unknow filesystem error14:05
geirhamight be very hard to recover from that14:07
vfwI use http://gparted.org/livecd.php14:10
furysoftware update installed NVidia drivers on my system and i can't log in. i had to sudo apt-get remove nvidia-* to get it to work again14:15
furyi guess i don't "need" the nvidia drivers since i didn't have them before and it was working?14:15
furyit also forced me to turn off secure boot14:16
tomreynfury: softwar eupdate won't install proproetary drivers on your system all by itself, unless you opted in to using them.14:18
tomreynby default those aren't used.14:18
furyhmm. i guess dell opted me in automatically14:18
tomreynthat's possible if you had ubuntu preinstalled by them14:19
GamebaseTachyon_: you can try to dd the drive to an image and try to fix it, but you can most likely write of that partition table.14:19
tomreyni would strongly advise against using vendor pre-installed operating systems14:20
Gamebasetomreyn: it´s better than Windows pre-installed. But still fresh vanilla Ubuntu is the best solution14:20
Gamebasefury: you can check in your software center and opt-out of propriotary drivers.14:21
furyyes, thinking i'll throw 16.04 on there instead. they put 14.04 on it and it was missing a bunch of the stuff i need for my build14:21
furyyeah, found that in the software & updates preferences pane, additional drivers says i'm not using any proprietary drivers now :D14:22
furynot sure what i'm missing14:22
furythe desktop rendering is still smooth14:22
Gamebasefury: you can do an search on installed packages14:22
CopherNeuehello, just installed xubuntu and making [[or trying]] to make a startup script14:22
CopherNeue<- has no idea what he's doing14:22
Gamebasefury: I run Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS Vanilla on my HP zBook 14 G2. A great difference from Debian Gnome14:23
furyonly problem is i spent about a day compiling software last week, would suck to have to repeat that after wiping and installing 16.0414:23
GamebaseCopherNeue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/814/how-to-run-scripts-on-start-up14:23
furyas long as i leave it alone it works now14:23
CopherNeueGamebase, that's actually the page I'm on rn, haha :P14:24
furybut i wonder if there's some way to throw up a red warning flag for people installing those nvidia drivers, cause uh, i'm guessing i'm not the first person to run into that14:24
Gamebasefury: ow, that sucks. Maybe do an search on packages and remove any nvidia packages that you don´t like14:24
Gamebasefury: But backup first!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!14:24
furyyeah i apt-get removed nvidia-*14:24
tomreynfury: if you have a separate /home partition you can just reinstall the system but keep your files and (assumign they're stored below /home) your compiled software as well14:24
Gamebasefury: learn from my mistakes!14:24
GamebaseCopherNeue: haha good luck. Don try to reinvend the wheel :P14:25
furyit's ok, this machine is fresh out the box last week, i don't have anything on there that it wouldn't take but 5 minutes of prep work to recreate (it's the hours long software recompile that i'd hate to do)14:25
destini_hey there14:26
Gamebasedestini_: hey!14:26
CopherNeueGamebase, thanks :D Though I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong: http://i.imgur.com/U4vM8KB.png14:26
tomreynfury: may i ask what you compiled or why?14:26
furytomreyn: a few flavors of Automotive Grade Linux, because i needed some fresh images for a few of the build targets14:27
furythis machine was specially built to be a massive compiling powerhouse, 20 cores and an NVM.e SSD14:27
furyeach build took about 40-50 minutes, and i did 3 of them14:28
furyone for each of 3 different boards i'm working with14:28
furysure beats the 3 hours that each build took on the old machine :P14:29
tomreynfury: interesting, i never heard of it before.14:29
furyyes, it's a neat project, bunch of automotive guys getting together and making a platform from which all automotive suppliers can build their Linux based systems14:29
tomreynfury: indeed you'd probably want to rebuild if you'll upgrade to 16.0414:29
furyi suppose i midaswhale, i am on 16.04 on all the other linux boxes i'm using14:30
furyrather have a common distro version14:30
bozsikarmandHi! I have purchased corsair strafe keyboard and I have experienced that Ubuntu 16.04 is not properly handling it.14:30
bozsikarmandI mean it works fine in grub, then it is greatly working at login but when I am in, it stops working. How can I fix it?14:30
bozsikarmandSince keyboard is not working inside system I don`t know how any further investigation be possible.14:30
CopherNeueI have like 20 Ubuntu related tabs open. I hope that's a normal thing14:30
GamebaseCopherNeue: Sure, me 30-40 (quick count)14:32
tomreynfury: makes sense to me.14:32
Gamebasefury: interesting, very interesting!14:32
CopherNeueheh, its mostly all tutorials and guides however14:32
=== blackhole is now known as Guest74428
GamebaseCopherNeue: quick solution: you can create an bashfile and call it with the .conf startupscript14:33
zerguthow to reload GUI without killing apps??14:34
CopherNeuea bashfile? i'd probably need to learn syntax for bash for a bit14:34
tomreynbozsikarmand: congratulations, you bought a device which is not properly vendor supported on linux.14:35
mar77izergut: you can't do that easily on a regular system. as the gui is implemented as a client-server thing, guess what happens if the server is gone (yes, the clients exit)14:35
tomreynbozsikarmand: you can try this https://github.com/ccMSC/ckb14:36
zergutso, may be i dont need to reload it14:36
mar77izergut: some desktops provie you with the possibility to store a session when you log out, so that the same windows/programs are loaded when you get back14:36
zergutmar77i: i have some strage issure internal interface elements in program dont respond but i can do some operations with window14:36
zergutdont respond on mouse clicks o.O14:38
Gamebasezergut: maybe update your video driver???14:38
mar77ithat doesn't mean much to me though, because whatever looks "internal" to you is just another piece of software somewhere else. do you mean window decorations? maybe you can just restart whatever is responsible for those (probably no longer metacity, no idea)14:38
GamebaseCopherNeue: No, just an file with one command per line. And make it exacutable. Then call it with the .conf file14:39
CopherNeueahh, ok. Thanks! :D14:39
GamebaseCopherNeue: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_02_01.html14:39
GamebaseCopherNeue: only the first images says enough hopefully ;)14:39
GamebaseCopherNeue: Good luck!14:40
CopherNeuethanks again :) Worst case scenario, I'm gonna have to keep putting in the command every system restart14:40
CopherNeueseems simple enough though14:40
PopziOr make it a bootup command ;p14:41
VisitorerI have a question about Ubuntu TV. The website says that it integrates with your Cable or Satellite service. How exactly does it do that?14:46
VisitorerWhat would a physical setup to do this look like?14:46
codfectionwhat command line dictionary app is good14:47
codfectionfor linux14:47
codfectionor even GUI14:47
saml[drm:intel_dp_link_training_clock_recovery [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* too many voltage retries, give up     what is this14:47
samlexternal monitor keeps blinking. laptop monitor is fine14:47
greglVisitorer, I could be wrong, but I  don't think Ubuntu TV ever got off the ground...14:49
VisitorerThat would be a shame.14:52
for{}layered products are usually crap14:52
vfwNot everything needs to be on TV.  It's on my computer, that's enough.14:53
ikoniaVisitorer: the TV project is basically publicly mothballed14:53
=== Dr-008 is now known as Dr-007
ikoniaI don't believe there is much going on behind the curtain either at this time (that doesn't mean it won't pickup again)14:53
scalperis anyone able to tell me what populair tool is being used on ubuntu to make with your mouse small area's on the screen to put them to the clipboard to paste them as being screenshots?14:55
scalperin windows i used snappy at my work or onenote for that14:55
ikoniascrot ?14:55
VisitorerIt's a shame. I was looking into smart TVs today and none of them seemed to have an OS that would really fit my moms' needs. Ubuntu TV seemed like it would do the trick and be cheaper too.14:56
ikoniaI think the alt+printscreen will also grab the higlighted area14:56
=== rc|3 is now known as alquimimenes
ikoniawhy would it be cheaper ?14:56
VisitorerAlright, thanks for the info.14:56
ikoniathere was no cost ever advertised14:56
VisitorerBecause I'd use an old computer14:56
VisitorerAnd buy a dumb TV14:56
vfwVisitorer: I use MythTV14:56
VisitorerRather than a more expensive smart TV14:56
=== alquimimenes is now known as alquimines
scalperikonia: could be but how woud you highlight a part of your screen with that14:57
VisitorerNot really what I need. I need something that does Youtube and has a browser.14:57
vfwVisitorer: I don't need a smart TV, I have MythTV.14:57
alquiminesirc ubuntu spanish14:58
vfwVisitorer: Mine has a browser and can view youtube videos14:58
scalpershift-print will do it automatically so you can make the area, thanks anyways pall14:58
ikoniascalper: just left click on the desktop and drag the mouse15:00
vfwAnd my Mother-in-law also uses a MythTV frontend that connects to mine.  I record the programs she likes to watch.15:01
VisitorerI don't have a tuner and don't want to invest in one so I guess it's not gonna work.15:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:06
vfwVisitorer: Here is the remote control we use:  https://img.utdstc.com/screen/android/thumb/mythmote.jpg15:06
VisitorerOkay but I don't have a tuner and don't want to invest in one so that's useless.15:06
VisitorerI also don't have a cellphone to spare for a remote15:06
vfwOkeydokey.  But MythTV ROCKS!15:07
BluesKajI just use kodi, but I'm in the boonies without access to many OTA signals15:08
=== for{} is now known as Tranquilizer
vfwBluesKaj: I do too.  (Kodi on a Raspberry PI.)15:12
vfwBluesKaj: But I have OTA 50 miles from here so I have a TV antenna on a tower.15:13
vfwBluesKaj: So I have Kodi on one input and MythTV on another.15:14
BluesKajvfw, yeah I also have it on a rpi3 with raspbiabn and the trinty desktop15:14
vfwBluesKaj: Yea, I use raspbian with the default desktop, (dont' even know the name of the DE), but I have Kodi set to auto-start.15:17
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zergutmar77i: no, i dont have response from any window on user15:52
zergutmar77i: tried to relogin, guest account works fine, but my still same15:53
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bunjeehow do I find out what version of linux I have? Kubuntu now.......16:04
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iparhanhello eveyone16:05
Bashing-ombunjee: ' lsb_release -a ' . will do that for the version .16:05
skinuxWhat is the right command to verify that Ubuntu is using my SWAP partition??16:06
tdringhey all16:06
bunjeeBashing-om..........thank you....16:06
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tdringso I have only ever used windows based OS but here a lot about linux based oses16:06
Bashing-omskinux: ' swapon --summary '  .16:07
ash_workz(after `sudo apt full-upgrade`) "If Secure Boot remains enabled on your system, your system may still boot but any hardware that requires third-party drivers to work correctly may not  be usable." -- should I be concerned?16:07
tdringwhy is ubuntu better then say windows 716:07
iparhanHow i can controll all files in windwos by linux system16:07
iparhantdring   , because its be safer than win7]16:07
cfhowletttdring, because you can download it for free, make a bootable usb in minutes, boot it and see for yourself --- as opposed to asking random queries of complete strangers who have no idea what or how you use your computer.16:08
cfhowlettiparhan, "control all windows file" ..what?16:09
skinuxAre the sizes in results from swapon --summary in bytes, or kilobytes?16:09
tdringcfhowlett: fair enough16:09
iparhani mean  use samba  or ant server16:09
tdringhow big of a usb drive would I need16:09
cfhowlett!samba | iparhan,16:09
ubottuiparhan,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html16:10
cfhowletttdring, 8 gb16:10
cfhowlett!usb | tdring16:10
ubottutdring: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:10
cfhowletthappy2help!  tdring16:11
iparhancfhowlett , can u send that web address ?16:11
ash_workzI mean, should I be investigating what 3rd party drivers are currently installed?16:12
cfhowlettiparhan, what web address would that be?16:12
ash_workzI can't imagine this message is particularly significant if everything currently works on my machine16:12
ash_workz(however, my machine *does* act quirky sometimes)16:13
iparhanabout that share files between windows and linux  ?16:13
cfhowlettcfhowlett, what web address do you mean?16:13
cfhowlett!samba | iparhan16:13
ubottuiparhan: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html16:13
ash_workz(for example, if left shut for an extended period of time, sometimes opening it back up wont render any text)16:13
ash_workz(which is particularly annoying when messages pop-up and their blank)16:13
* linux_user says Hello all! I booted up ubuntu and noticed that a few scripts failed but I the screen scrolled before I could read which one (one I noticed was OpenIPMI) how can go back post bootup and see what scripts failed on bootup???16:15
iparhanubottu  Do you have a easily tutotiol about it ?16:15
ubottuiparhan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:15
linux_userubottu bootup scripts16:16
ash_workzlinux_user: can't you `ps aux | egrep '(pipe delimited list of scripts that should be running)'` ?16:16
zergutwhat could be possible reason in inability to install from PPA?16:16
zergutsomething with public key16:16
linux_userno, because there are so many that start up I don't know them all16:16
linux_userubuntu has no log showing what scripts failed on bootup? how gay that is!16:17
wedgiezergut: have you imported the key?16:17
ash_workzlinux_user: I wouldn't jump to that conclusion based on what I said ;)16:17
zergutwedgie: i think im not, if it need some specific actions16:17
wedgielinux_user: i'd start by looking through dmesg16:17
linux_userwhy would you recommend ps aux if you knew there was a log? that is a rather purposefully circuitous answer.16:18
linux_userI did, dmesg does not that16:18
linux_userdmesg shows ZERO about what scripts ran, just hardware info basically16:18
wedgiezergut: there should be instructions on whatever page told you how to add the ppa. involves the command apt-key add16:19
ash_workzlinux_user: maybe try grepping syslog for words you saw during boot around the time of the fails16:20
wedgielinux_user: /var/log/messages? kern.log? boot.log?16:21
linux_userash_workz, if I could have read anything other than seeing [FAILED], I'd not need the log16:21
linux_userlet me see what I can find there16:21
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linux_userwedgie: boot.log seems to have the entirety of the output I think! I am reviewing it now16:23
wicopewicope> Hi please i need create a Modeline. Which program i can use? http://pastebin.com/Cy014LyL16:26
ash_workz(after `sudo apt full-upgrade`) "If Secure Boot remains enabled on your system, your system may still boot but any hardware that requires third-party drivers to work correctly may not  be usable." -- should I be concerned?16:26
ash_workzI can't imagine this message is particularly significant if everything currently works on my machine16:26
linux_userwhat failed? some stupid braille display driver thing!?!16:27
ash_workzmeaning, I haven't added new hardware or anything16:27
linux_userplus an OpenIPMI driver16:27
vfwwicope: What video driver are you using?16:27
wicopevfw, NOUVEAU16:27
vfwwicope: What GPU do you have?16:27
vfwwicope: nvidia-xconfig16:28
vfwwicope: sudo nvidia-xconfig16:28
wicopevfw, http://pastebin.com/HRN2pZp716:28
wicopevfw, free software please16:29
vfwwicope: sudo apt remove nvidia*16:31
vfwwicope: rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:32
WeiJunLiif my CPU doesn't support hardware virtualization (kvm) there's something I can do to still use kvm extensions?16:32
wicopevfw, i have NOUVEAU no nvidia16:32
skinuxSince I have a SWAP partition (it's not all used), memory shouldn't be slowing down my laptop, right?16:32
vfwwicope: What is your goal?16:32
skinuxI mean, the fact that I only have 12G of hard disk space left..16:33
wicopevfw, i don't have /etc/X11/xorg.conf i can create a Modeline. Which program i can use? http://pastebin.com/Cy014LyL16:33
vfwwicope: What problem are you trying to solve?16:33
Bashing-omskinux: "free" might be usefull here .16:33
linux_userwedgie: thank you for your suggestions! /var/log/boot.log had the information I needed!16:33
linux_userwedgie: I was then able to update my ansible scripts to disable the brltty service and remove the package as well, so it shan't be an issue in the forthcoming future.16:34
jon5000hello I am hoping someone can help:  Installed 16.04 on a yoga 13 laptop.  Touchscreen is not being recognized.  Previous installs on this computer recognized it and it worked beautifully.  When i typed xinput, the touchscreen was listed as ELAN.  Now with this installation it does not show up in the list at all16:34
skinuxI have 172 RAM free and 1656 SWAP16:34
Bashing-omskinux: If you want a comment on " free " .. please pastebin the result . So we see all .16:36
wicopevfw, the problem is have any tools for create a Modeline. I know gtf and cvt but the window is moved to the right a little16:36
vfwwicope: Maybe you need to look at monitor settings?16:37
ducassewicope: if a modeline causes the screen to be non-centered etc, you need to correct that with monitor controls16:37
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vfwwicope: Is the size right for your monitor?  (It should auto-detect.)16:39
wicopeducasse, yes is my problem and is better that centered the monitor automatically, no a hand: with monitor controls...16:40
vfwwicope: What is your native language?16:42
wicopereturn later. thanks vfw and ducasse.16:42
vfwwicope: Ok16:42
wicopevfw, not English16:42
zergutwedgie: yeah, i guess i solved the problem, thank you16:43
kankushtgood afternoon16:55
kankushtgood afternoon16:57
ubuntu-mateguys, I'm talking to you on a live ubuntu MATE usb. I need some help with clean installing the iso. I somehow messed up the partitions and the install fails everytime. When I turn the computer on without live usb, it does nothing but blink. I turn on live usb and it gives a bunch of messages, one, "error: dev sda sector 2050". Please help, newbie with linux here. I did try to manually set the partitions correctly, but that16:58
ubuntu-matefailed too.16:58
kankushtdoes anyone know how to solve this error? Xlib: extension GLX missing on display :0.016:59
ubuntu-mateWhen I went to manually set the partions at install, the two partitions look like they weren't set, I mean, they didn't say swap or extension 4 whatever they're supposed to say.16:59
streetwitchkserv identify bluepill16:59
streetwitchignore that16:59
iparhanhey guys17:00
kankushtdoes anyone know how to solve this error? Xlib: extension GLX missing on display :0.017:00
iparhanits worked17:00
streetwitchHow do I change my password on freenode?17:01
akikubuntu-mate: what do you mean? your partitioning changes don't stick?17:02
_ramoki've some issues with dependency on an ubuntu 16.04 server. http://pastebin.com/zKEAhJQQ   i'm trying to run apt-get -f install as suggested by the system, but this also doesn't work17:02
streetwitchI got it now than ks17:02
_ramokany idea, what i should do to fix that issue?17:03
kankushtdoes anyone know how to solve this error? Xlib: extension GLX missing on display :0.017:03
ducasse!patience | kankusht17:03
ubottukankusht: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:03
jon5000can anyone help me get my touchscreen working on a lenovo yoga 13 with ubuntu?17:04
kankushtsorry guys17:04
Bashing-om_ramok: Pastebin ' apt-cache policy python python-minimal ' PPA holding the versions ?17:05
hook-nose_rhinohow do i Ubuntu?17:06
_ramokBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/jAdNP7Xc17:07
linux_userI am interested to make an install ISO of ubuntu gnome that is inclusive of openssh-server on it installed by default, anyone have any ideas on doing this??17:07
hook-nose_rhinowelcome digbychicken17:07
ubuntu-mateakik, it just says it fails. Also, I went back to the beginning and just tried the normal install of the whole partition choice and it won't install either. It just won't install. Like there is a reading writing error or something.17:08
kankushtubuntu is awesome17:08
ubuntu-mateand it takes forever to go through the install but fails at end.17:09
akikubuntu-mate: well maybe your storage device is really failing. try running for example badblocks on the device from the live session17:09
ubuntu-matenewbie here, so how do i do that?17:09
_ramokBashing-om: any other info  you need? i don't get the PPA question, i've used the standard packages from ubuntu17:10
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flingubuntu-mate: to run a short online test `smartctl -t short /dev/sda`17:10
flingubuntu-mate: to run a long online test `smartctl -t long /dev/sda`17:11
kankushtI think you need to boot from the CD or usb (where you have the iso) and select try ubuntu17:11
akikubuntu-mate: you can install new applications into the live session. just run sudo apt-get install e2fsprogs. the errors thou should be visible in dmesg output17:11
flingubuntu-mate: to check the results `smartctl --all /dev/sda | less`17:11
kankushtthat is the live session, then open a terminal17:11
kankushtand run the command17:12
Bashing-om_ramok: Looks good so far . now ' apt-cache policy  python2.7  python2.7-minimal' ?17:12
hn_rhinohello everyone! How does I Ubuntu?17:12
mar77izergut: you said the guest account works fine? looks like something about your config breaks things.17:13
_ramokBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/RTgDYpN017:14
mar77ihn_rhino: on foot, and if on foot doesn't work you'll have to try by hand.17:14
nacchn_rhino: that is not a sensible question. Ubuntu is not a verb. Do you mean how do you intall Ubuntu on your system? Or how to try it out?17:14
zergutmar77i: could be i just killed all apps17:14
zergut_ramok: i didnt know you are using ubuntu ;)17:14
mar77iurgh. reminds me: I don't.17:14
mar77icya :)17:15
nacc_ramok: Bashing-om: very confusing output, as 2.7.11-1 is not published in xenial, afaict. Did you make sure to run `apt update` first?17:15
Bashing-om_ramok: A PPA is not a factor gere . what results ' sudo apt intall python2.7-minimal ' .17:15
nacc_ramok: Bashing-om: nm, was looking at the wrong package!17:15
Bashing-omnacc: Good catch ! ..17:16
hn_rhinonacc:  Sorry, this is my first time here.  I didn't expect anyone to actually answer me, although I greatly appreciate that you did.  I won't be doing anymore trolling.17:16
nacchn_rhino: appreciated :)17:16
_ramokBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/AYvvn99v17:17
naccBashing-om: it feels like maybe there is simply some local configuration having been done.17:17
nacc_ramok: did you create/install any local python2 packages?17:17
_ramoknacc:  not that i can remember17:17
Bashing-om!info python2.7-minimal xenial17:17
ubottupython2.7-minimal (source: python2.7): Minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.1 (xenial), package size 1327 kB, installed size 3865 kB17:17
_ramokhm, what to do now?17:18
naccBashing-om: probably worth figuing out what created '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages' then17:18
Bashing-omnacc: Think that is in the tranlation to english .. the source "looks" good when moused over .17:19
_ramoknacc:  Bashing-om http://pastebin.com/93vkfjL617:19
nacc_ramok: ah i see ... can you run `dpkg-query -S /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages` (I think that's the right command)17:20
ubuntu-mateguys, somehow I got cut off. Maybe they thought I said something wrong. So, fling, the first suggestion you told me to put in the terminal failed because I didn't have permission. Your last suggestion I put in the terminal says that I already have the newest version.17:20
_ramokdpkg-query -S /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages17:21
_ramokmesos: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages17:21
nacc_ramok: but it looks like, if i had to guess, you installed the mesos python stuff (possibly manually), which broke dpkg/apt's assumptions about the python layout17:21
nacc_ramok: yes, that package is buggy...17:21
nacc_ramok: i guess ... in that it created a directory in /usr/lib/python2.7 and that should be a symlink to /usr/local (as the earlier translation indicated)17:22
naccBashing-om: --^ does that seem reasonable?17:22
nacc_ramok: where did you get mesos from? (`apt-cache policy mesos`) although i expect it's going to just say dpkg :/17:22
Bashing-omnacc: Yeah . not the 1st time a lost symlink has caused an issue .17:23
naccBashing-om: yep17:23
_ramoknacc:  echo "deb http://repos.mesosphere.com/${DISTRO} ${CODENAME} main" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mesosphere.list17:23
nacc_ramok: presuming 3rd party package ... remove the ppa/external source and/or remove the mesos package17:23
nacc_ramok: that is *basically* a PPA  :)17:23
linux_userI am interested to make an install ISO of ubuntu gnome that is inclusive of openssh-server on it installed by default, anyone have any ideas on doing this??17:24
nacc_ramok: when we say PPA here, we often mean "any 3rd party sources"17:24
_ramoknacc: that's in the mesos list: deb http://repos.mesosphere.com/ubuntu xenial main17:24
_ramokah okay17:24
_ramokso it's mesos which is buggy?17:24
_ramokthe mesos packages17:24
_ramokrespectively deps?17:24
nacc_ramok: yes, they break system python, it seems17:24
nacclinux_user: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization ?17:24
_ramokand how to get it fixed? removing the entry, run apt-get update ?17:25
linux_userramok: https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/17:25
linux_userthank nacc I'll review it!17:25
nacc_ramok: you could just purge mesos and see if it works for now17:25
_ramokehm, it's on a production setting... :)17:25
stan_man_canRight now I have this at the top of my /etc/network/before.rules https://gist.github.com/bkilshaw/14d1e0c1bbcc3a4e3d982277953a90e817:26
nacc_ramok: and then, maybe, before installing mesos again, do: `sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages`17:26
stan_man_canHow can I also forward port 443?17:26
nacc_ramok: you should talk to mesos then :)17:26
_ramokthanks nacc17:26
nacc_ramok: not meant sarcastically, just that if you need mesos and you need ubuntu to work, their package is broken and not much ubuntu can do about it17:27
_ramokthanks for the clarification17:27
nacc_ramok: you might be able to manually fix it up, but it's error-prone -- like mv the mesos package contents to /usr/local/lib and then make the symlink as above17:27
subhoHello. I am trying to install a usb wifi adapter. I have been provided the download link and have downloaded the driver package which is of the form .tar.bz217:28
subhoHowever it does not contain any config file17:28
ubuntu-mateguys I somehow keep getting cut off. Can you help me?17:29
subhoand i am not certain how to install this driver17:29
akikubuntu-mate: check the dmesg command to see if it shows errors about your storage device17:29
* zardoz_gnoobot says hi17:30
akikubuntu-mate: you can use badblocks and its write mode to test all sectors of your hard disk. it'll take a long time but then you'll know17:30
subhoI can provide the download link, can anyone see the driver package and tell me how to install it??17:30
akikubuntu-mate: smartctl was the other tool17:30
subhothis is the link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hifqv9zkhfu2cw0/DPO_MT7601U_LinuxSTA_3.0.0.4_20130913.tar.bz2?dl=017:31
akik19:10 < fling> ubuntu-mate: to run a short online test `smartctl -t short /dev/sda`17:31
akik19:11 < fling> ubuntu-mate: to run a long online test `smartctl -t long /dev/sda`17:31
ubuntu-mateyes smartctl didn't give me permission17:31
akikubuntu-mate: you need to prepend the command with sudo17:31
flingubuntu-mate: `sudo su` first17:31
flingubuntu-mate: then run your smartctl17:32
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
akiki.e. sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sda17:32
subhoThe model of the usb wifi adapter is : http://www.ebay.in/itm/600-Mbps-RT5370-USB-WiFi-Adapter-Wireless-WiFi-Dongle-With-External-Antenna-WiFi-/331863400698?17:33
subhoCan anyone help me out to install this usb driver17:33
ubuntu-mateit's telling me to wait 2 minutes.17:35
vfwsubho: iwconfig |& nc termbin.com 9999  #Let's have a look.17:38
subhovfw: didn't get you there17:39
vfwsubho: iwconfig17:39
vfwsubho: iwconfig |& nc termbin.com 999917:40
vfwsubho: Send resulting URL17:40
vfwLet's see the output of iwconfig17:40
subhoThat's the url : http://termbin.com/0pnc17:41
vfwsubho: Looks like it is working.  See if you can connect.17:42
subhoI actually need the adapter for creating a hotspot17:43
ubuntu-mateWell, I wated for the smart test and it didn't do anything.17:43
ubuntu-mateI did the dmesg command. It says I/O error, dev sda, sector 2050. among other errors in red.17:44
subhoBut on creating a new wifi network from the network manager it says : (32) Ad-Hoc mode is not supported by this device.17:44
stan_man_canAnyone know how I can forward port 443 to a different port?17:44
vfwsubho: Do you know if it has an AP mode?17:44
subhoYes it has.17:44
subhoI have tried it on windows17:44
vfwsubho: man iwconfig17:45
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akikubuntu-mate: i/o errors are never good :(17:46
subhovfw: What to do after opening the manual?17:46
vfwsubho: You could write a script to get it into AP mode and use iptables rule to share internet and maybe even set up a dhcp server for it.17:47
subhovfw : Any tutorial online for it??17:48
ubuntu-matedid I loose you guys?17:48
ducasseubuntu-mate: that disk seems to be failing, i would replace asap17:48
ubuntu-mateDo you mean my hard disk on my computer?17:49
vfwsubho: I'll look ....17:50
vfwstan_man_can: Incoming ?17:51
vfwstan_man_can: For a server on your LAN?17:51
vfwsubho: Are you doing this for just one connection?17:52
vfwsubho: And what are you sharing?17:52
stan_man_canvfw, public server17:52
vfwstan_man_can: What port do you want to redirect to?17:53
subhovfw: I am sharing my pc's ethernet connection to be used in my phone17:53
stan_man_canvfw: 323317:53
stan_man_canvfw right now I have this working to redirect port 80: https://gist.github.com/bkilshaw/14d1e0c1bbcc3a4e3d982277953a90e817:53
stan_man_canthat's at the top of my /etc/ufw/before.rules17:54
subhovfw: Since I don't have any wireless card installed I have to make do with a usb adapter17:54
vfwsubho: Maybe:  http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/09/3-ways-create-wifi-hotspot-ubuntu/17:58
SnowtredWhen I am using the APT library to install a new plugin, what is the proper way to search for that plugin's name for "apt-get"?  Right now I just have to google "apt-get (plugin name)", but that doesn't seem like the right way.  Anyway to search for a plugin on terminal by its common name?17:58
ubuntu-mateSo, no fix for me? The server on my end keeps going off and then on.17:59
stan_man_canvfw, and that works great for port 80, but I tried to manipulte it a bit to get 443 working too but no dice17:59
stan_man_canTried copying that -A line and switching the port numbers and no luck, also tried duplicate the whole block and no luck either18:00
subhovfw : Will try it. Thanks mate18:01
vfwstan_man_can: Are you going to do this on the server itself?  Or the router it is connected to?18:01
stan_man_canvfw, on the server itself18:01
stan_man_canvfw it's on a VPS18:01
stan_man_canon a host18:01
stan_man_can(digital ocean)18:01
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vfwstan_man_can: Maybe:18:05
vfwiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 433 -j REDIRECT --to-port 318:06
vfwiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 433 -j REDIRECT --to-port 318:06
vfwiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 433 -j REDIRECT --to-port 318:06
glitchddsynapse, hello18:06
cerealguyhi guise18:06
vfwiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 433 -j REDIRECT --to-port 323318:06
stan_man_canthere you go18:07
glitchdcerealguy, hello18:07
cerealguyis it possible to upgrade from 16.04.1 LTS to 16.10 using an .iso that i downloaded?  or do i have to do a reinstall?  i booted to the .iso but the option to upgrade was grayed out18:07
vfwI dono, try it and see...18:07
vfwstan_man_can: If eth0 is the actual interface it's coming through18:08
stan_man_canvfw it is thanks18:08
vfwcerealguy: Do you have a particular reason for moving away from the LTS version you have now?18:08
dsynapsehi glitchd18:09
cerealguyvfw: well.  and please don't think i'm being flippant.  but literally i'm totally bored at work and have nothing else to do18:09
vfwcerealguy:  Yea, ok.  Well, let me ask you this;  Is your /home/ on a separate partition?18:10
cerealguyno,  :(  i didn't separate them out and am not using LVM  :(18:10
cerealguyi'm just wondering if you can use a full .iso to upgrade rather than d/l all the files18:11
vfwcerealguy: Does the last line of /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades say "Prompt=lts" ?18:12
cerealguynegative, it says Prompt=normal18:12
ducassecerealguy: no, you can't upgrade from an iso image18:13
cerealguyah ok18:13
cerealguywelp  :)18:13
cerealguythank you, ducasse18:13
cerealguyand vfw18:13
ducassecerealguy: np18:13
vfwcerealguy: If you have access to the internet, you can just do it online; sudo do-release-upgrade18:17
cerealguyyeah.  i got a really slow connx and it is so ridic18:18
Dr-007good day everyone. i'm using dnsmasq with hostapd to create an access point from my ubuntu server. when i connect with my windows 10 laptop i get an IP from dnsmasq but when i connect with my android smartphone i dont get 118:29
Dr-007anyone familair with this? perhabs i should use another IEEE modus?18:29
Dr-007ah, when i turn of 'doth' which enables: ieee80211h and ieee80211d it works for my android aswell18:34
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ayjay_tso hey #ubuntu. i installed an ubuntu live usb with unetbootin and 4gb of ext3, with a ton dedicated to persistant storage (i'm making a custom live usb), but when i boot from it, the grub menu gives me the host machines OSes :-(18:47
ayjay_ti realize its not *totally* ubuntu related but i followed an ubuntu guide so i figured someone in here might have some knowledge18:47
p_dHey all, I have dual boot linux mint and win 7.How do I freshly install ubuntu 16.04LTS and remove linux mint 18 completely? Please explain in newbie friendly terms..thanks18:49
ayjay_they p_d, are you comfortable with your partition table?18:51
OerHeksp_d, like you installed mint, how hard was that?18:51
ayjay_toooh burn18:52
* ayjay_t dabs18:52
p_dI just followed instructions provided in the blog(idk the url now)18:52
p_dIt wasnt that much hard as I simply followed the steps which are clearly mentioned18:53
ayjay_twell, if you could paste your partition table, as well as the output of "mount" i can be more confident in your first steps18:53
OerHeksp_d, just start the installer, you get an option to choose18:53
ayjay_tOerHeks: is it a fact18:53
brunch875it should be about clicking next next next and choosing "wipe mint and install ubuntu alongside windows"18:53
ayjay_trealllly wow18:53
ayjay_tthey give you an option to wreck another OS on the install menu these days?18:54
p_dWill it overwrite Mint? are you sure?18:54
brunch875if it says it will, it will18:54
p_dIs it as simple as next next?18:54
brunch875if there's no such an option, then unlucky18:54
brunch875but try to see first18:54
brunch875I'd expect it to appear18:54
ayjay_tgood point18:54
ayjay_toh this is so weird, i'm looking in the grub config for the mounted usb and its listing live cd options18:55
ayjay_tbut when i chose "boot from usb" from my bios menu it gave me my host options18:55
ayjay_twhat in tarnation18:55
ayjay_tbrb lets try it again18:55
p_dOkay..one more question! ..I have ubuntu 16.04 LTS iso file.. what do I need to do next? like creating a bootable drive? am I correct?18:56
brunch875p_d there are easy instructions on the ubuntu website18:56
brunch875let me grab them for you...18:56
p_dsure thanks18:56
OerHekslike you did on mint ..18:56
ayjay_tsooo weirrdd lets go to #grub18:57
ayjay_twhats windows18:58
brunch875I pasted two links: one for windows and another for ubuntu18:59
p_dWell should I 'verify the download' as suggested in the site?19:02
brunch875I never do19:02
brunch875but you should19:02
p_dHow long will it take and how hard it is?19:02
siosieri ran an software, initially it asked for a wizard beginner box , where it gives me options19:03
siosierhow do i get it as new? i want to undo my application as newly installed , instead?19:03
siosieri selected the first option ,and now it no longer gives me the box? so19:03
siosierhow do i get it as new? i want to undo my application as newly installed , instead?19:03
brunch875siosier: that really depends on the software19:03
ayjay_tdo you want to uninstall it?19:03
siosierhow do i get it back? then, i just want to refresh my install?19:03
OerHekssiosier, what 'an software' ?19:03
brunch875p_d: there's no actual need to verify19:03
ayjay_tits someone who speaks english as a second language, OerHeks19:04
ayjay_ti'm assuming but hey19:04
siosiertiemu , its a calculator emulator of Texas instruments19:04
* ayjay_t throws table19:04
ayjay_toh i thought u meant that was your architecture19:04
ayjay_ti was like wow they're putting ubuntus on everything these days19:04
siosierit gave me a option for selecting a rom image, but i didnt take that option, i want to run the wizard back?19:05
ayjay_tmaybe google `tiemu reconfigure` `tiemu configure wizard` and if you can't find it, `sudo apt remove --purge tiemu && sudo apt install tiemu`19:05
ayjay_toh wait is ubuntu using a new package manager these days19:06
brunch875apt instead of apt-get19:06
brunch875oh, you mentioned apt anyway19:06
ayjay_tyeah that i knew19:06
ayjay_ti thought canonical was trying to come out with the one package manager to rule them all, is that apt?19:07
brunch875you mean snapcraft?19:07
siosierayjay_t: so config file stores the options that i fed into it?19:07
ayjay_tsosier: deleting that file *might* prompt the wizard19:07
ayjay_tsosier: that would be a *sane* reaction but i can't guarentee thats how it works19:07
siosierwhere is my input stored actualy, i mean its behaviour is as if its old, so now do i undo it without deleteing the pkg19:07
naccsiosier: that depends entirely on the package19:08
ayjay_tsiosier: `man tiemu`19:08
siosierdeleting which file? i dont want to reinstall over and over as there are 4 options19:09
ayjay_tsioser: deleting the config file where it stored your values19:09
OerHekssiosier, most likely look for the  ~/.config folder19:09
ayjay_tand thats a guess, btw19:09
ayjay_ti'm still not sure it would work19:10
siosieryes i have it, so how do i regenerate that file, is there a way for any package ,i mean *any* to set it to its default settings19:11
siosieras if just installed19:11
brunch875purging and reinstalling should do the trick19:11
ayjay_tyeah thats really the only surefire way, i think19:12
brunch875but that's normally overkill19:12
brunch875you can format ubuntu too19:12
brunch875now then...19:12
ayjay_tyeah you should19:12
ayjay_ti recomend it19:12
ayjay_ti think isn't tiemu a *really* tiny package, probably? I mean wouldn't purging and reinstalling it make a lot of sense?19:13
ayjay_twe're not talking about blender19:13
brunch875if you just want to get it done, purge and reinstall19:13
siosierdeleting the config worked actually, thought it would crash like gpg19:14
siosierwhen we delete gpg's config its crashed,and doesnt boot19:14
ayjay_t+1 for siosier19:14
brunch875ayjay_t: About snaps, I can't wait until they're the main method, but debian packages aren't going anywhere19:14
ayjay_tbrunch875: i haven't looked into it, actually, I mean what's so good about it?19:15
siosierformat ubuntu ? means reinstall ubuntu?19:15
brunch875ayjay_t: remember when you were a kid and tried to copy and paste a game in windows to get it to work?19:15
brunch875I mean the folder containing the game19:15
brunch875that's what's so fancy about snaps19:16
brunch875and the sandboxing stuff19:16
ayjay_thahaha yeah i did that19:16
ayjay_tlol so c:/program files without registry issues then19:17
ayjay_ti'll keep an open mind to it19:17
goethwispererso I'd like to use an ssd for my system files and have my home directory on an hdd19:20
knittelbonjour le monde, revenue :)19:21
goethwispererhow do I implement full disk encryption on both drives?19:21
ayjay_thaha goethwisperer... wow19:21
knittelquestion: i know its pure senseless but is it possible to have 4 versions of linux on 1 hdd, without probs?19:21
knittelHDD = 1tb so that doesnt matter19:21
ayjay_tknittel: yes19:21
knitteli like to experiment :)19:22
ayjay_tknittel: no i mean, yes its senseless19:22
goethwispererayjay_t: is it a stupid question?19:22
vfwknittel: Should not be a problem.19:22
ayjay_tbut also yes, its possible19:22
ayjay_tno goethwisperer i'm in aw of your ambition19:22
knitteland hello ayjay19:22
goethwispererhaha why?19:22
ayjay_t;-) knittel19:22
vfwknittel: Some will even use same swap and/or same /home/19:22
knitteli dont know goeth19:22
ayjay_thoethwisperer, i mean, you will have the most secure hard drives of anyone i've ever met19:22
knitteli've experimented a lot but not with linux, always with windows19:23
ayjay_tknittel how badly do you want to experiment?19:23
nicomachusknittel: use VMs.19:23
knitteli had vista and w7 and ubuntu on 1 system  but 2 hdd's19:23
ayjay_tlike do you want to go through the linux-ringer19:23
goethwispererayjay_t: hm, I just thought it's the logical step19:23
vfwknittel: Experiment away... :)19:23
goethwispererif you're using full disk encryption already19:23
goethwispererbut want to add use a ssd for boot19:23
ayjay_tgoethwisperer: i think that you will experience very slow IO even if you have hardware accelerated encruption19:23
vfwknittel: And Ubuntu is a good one to start with.19:23
vfwknittel: ... fairly easy to install ...19:24
knitteli saw that the vm's are wi ndows based?i like the idea of vm to, but is there for linux?19:24
knittelin this case ubuntu19:24
nicomachusknittel: if you really want to play around a lot -- break things, re-install, break again, switch to seomthing else -- I HIGHLY suggest VMs.19:24
knitteli dont have windows at all anymore :)19:24
nicomachusand yes, VMs work fine on Linux.19:24
nicomachusvirtualbox or VMware19:25
nicomachuswhatever you choose.19:25
nicomachus!VM | knittel19:25
ubottuknittel: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications19:25
knitteli did not succeed in install virtualbox19:25
knittelhad tried that under u -mate19:25
nicomachuswhat was the error?19:25
knittelbut didnt work out19:25
vfwnicomachus: knittel I don't know, dual boot isn't bad either...19:25
nicomachusvfw: knittel said 4 or more installations though. Most disks only allow for 4 partitions.19:26
knitteli not remember exactly, but it was locked somewhere, i had no right to access19:26
vfwnicomachus: Not true.  You can have extended, logical partitions.19:26
knitteldualboot is easy :)19:26
nicomachus!Virtualbox | knittel19:26
ubottuknittel: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:26
knitteli talk about 4 :)19:26
Dr-007good day everyone. i'm using dnsmasq with hostapd to create an access point from my ubuntu server. when i connect with my windows 10 laptop i get an IP from dnsmasq but when i connect with my android smartphone i dont get 1. when i restart i can connect with my android for a little while. seems like this ticket had exactly the same issue as me: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/16623 hostapd is19:26
Dr-007saying this: deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE) and i never see DHCP (dnsmasq) try to give me an IP. (my android is waiting enlessly)19:26
knitteli like to try mint to19:26
knitteland knoppix i like also19:27
knitteli dont care indeed , like to play around :)19:27
vfwknittel: Here is one of mine:  http://termbin.com/zeqq19:27
knitteltx vfw19:27
p_dbrunch875, u there?19:27
ayjay_tknittel why don't you check out #lfs19:27
p_dhey it didnt show anything like remove Mint and install ubuntu :(19:28
knitteltx, 'cos i'm new i dont know the existence of them19:28
knittelnow yes19:28
brunch875p_d: Now that's unfortunate... Which options did you see?19:28
p_dI have captured photos! Can you please view it?19:28
brunch875yes, I will19:29
ayjay_tknittel linuxfromscratch.org19:29
ayjay_tknittel it is *very* tedious19:29
Bashing-omknittel: verry doable; My current multi-boot : http://termbin.com/anoo . You will learn a lot about grub !19:29
p_djust a sec19:29
knitteltx, i wrote it down19:29
knittelbut talk for real with playing you learning :)19:30
knittelbefore i had a lot of computers handy, now just one, so need to be more careful19:30
vfwknittel: If I were you, I'd use Ubuntu rather than mint.  Ubuntu or Xubuntu or Lubuntu or Kbuntu, not mint.19:30
knitteli like ubuntu for use, thats not the prob19:31
knittelubuntu is not so difficult it looks to me19:31
vfwknittel: see my pm19:31
knittelthumb up for it19:31
knitteli see, i go to read19:31
knittelsaw it, well i dive first in the grub19:32
knittelthats not to difficult for starters19:32
vfwknittel: You can come back here druing the install process if you have problems/questions, we can probably help.19:33
Bashing-omknittel: The easy way to manage grub on bare metal installs nulti-booting : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaintenanceFreeCustomGrub2Screen .19:34
p_dbrunch875, after selecting region and one other question(umm i guess it was to download updates while installing) this was the third step - http://imgur.com/a/wXDfx19:35
brunch875hmmmph, I have never used the 'something else' myself, so I cannot really guide  through it19:36
brunch875but I have manually deleted with the disks tool whichever partitions aren't windows19:37
p_dohh ohkay19:37
brunch875it's relatively easy to do19:37
brunch875but you want to be careful19:37
knittelwell good evening and smell evrybody later19:41
knittelevery OS neds his own swap?19:42
knittelor 1 swap partition is enough?19:43
brunch875that's a good question19:43
knitteli have a swap of 2gig and memoire vivre 2gb19:43
funksterlooking to have two wireless nic, wlan1 allows me to connect and view a local running webserver on pi. wlan0 will be connected to the internet, but supplied infor such as network name and password via wlan1 connect to web app. Q: how should i setup wlan1?19:43
akikknittel: one swap partition is fine19:44
knittelkk, will try19:44
knittelanyway  its the 2nd, so no risk at all19:44
akikknittel: although i don't know what you meant by "every OS"19:45
knittel"operating system"19:45
naccakik: i believe knittel is going to install 4 OSes on the same system, on different partitions19:45
knittelvista w7 ubuntu on 1 hdd :)19:45
akikknittel: the linux swap partition can be used by any linux installation you have19:45
Bashing-omknittel: See my paste where I show my multi-boot and shate the one swap partition among all of the installs . But be aware, doing this one can not hibernate !19:45
knittelomething like that19:45
knitteli'm checking Bash19:46
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yocs0000hi guys I am getting "vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device" anyone else with the same problem?19:59
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Guest33601hi i need an application to hack facebook account20:03
nicomachusGuest33601: nope, not here.20:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu20:05
p_dAny good tutorial to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS in dual boot with win7?20:08
Bashing-om!dualboot | p_d20:08
ubottup_d: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot20:08
Guest33601i need an application to hack facebook account plzzz20:09
popeyGuest33601: not here20:09
p_dpopey, well is it possible :/ other than phishing?20:09
nicomachus!guidelines | Guest3360120:10
ubottuGuest33601: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:10
popeyGuest33601: it's offtopic20:10
nicomachusand unethical20:10
nicomachusand illegal20:10
Guest33601my facebook account has been hacked and i need get it back20:11
bekksGuest33601: Contact facebook, not us.20:11
bekksHmm, too late. :)20:11
p_dSo I have completely empty drive of 109 GB and I want to install ubuntu 16.04 what's the suggestable amount to allocate for Ubuntu so in future I dont have any problem regarding space?20:16
popeyreally depends what you do with it20:16
popeyabsolute minimum for a usable system with a little space for small amount of data, 20GB IMO20:16
popeymore if you need it obviously :)20:17
p_dHmm.. I've recently started programming so I will be doing those programming sruff and all20:17
Bashing-omp_d: A 50 Gig install should provide ya some elbow room . By the time this is tight you will know what you want .20:19
ash_workz`ls /boot/init*`: /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-42-generic   /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-45-generic   /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-47-generic --  should I delete 42? `uname -r`: 4.4.0-47-generic20:20
p_dokay ..say if in case I want to increase the space in future will it be possible?20:20
Guest26661hi all20:20
* ash_workz thinks about deleteing 4220:21
popeyp_d: It is possible to resize partitions, yes20:21
p_dokat thanks guys20:22
ash_workzp_d: though, that's not necessarily easy20:22
ash_workz(so I've heard)20:22
Bashing-omp_d: Well . By that time you will have a better understanding of what you expect from the system . and Know how and what to partition for . Is what I do think .20:22
sumithdoes somebody can help me with ubuntu20:29
sumithhow do i rollback the upgrades20:30
sumithin ubuntu20:30
tomreynyou don't20:30
tomreyn(you can downgrade packages but it's not supported)20:30
sumithdo i can reinsatll linux20:30
sumithlike we do REPAIR in windows20:31
tomreynyou can reinstall the linux kernel20:31
sumithhow do i do that20:31
tomreynand you can reinstall the ubuntu linux distribution, too20:31
sumithwhat is a kernal20:31
popeysumith: what exactly is the issue you want to fix?20:31
Bashing-omsumith: There is no Un-do button . If it is "that" messed up - then RE-install is the 'buntu way . ( it is 'buntu and always fixable - given the time and effort ) .20:31
sumithsee my issue is, i am having a CUBLINUX distribution of linux20:32
popeysumith: that's not ubuntu20:33
sumithtoday morning i upgraded with do-upgrade command in the terminal20:33
nicomachusNoImNotNineVolt: "'buntu'" covers all the bases. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc20:33
popeysumith: we only support ubuntu here.20:33
sumithafter that my xface things are not going well20:33
sumithmy login screen is like windows 9820:33
NoImNotNineVoltthere are conflicting statements being made.20:33
sumithall other things are normal.20:33
popeysumith: you'll need to find help in the cublinux community I'm afraid20:33
NoImNotNineVoltif only ubuntu is supported, why are we talking about "'buntu"?20:33
popeysumith: we don't support that here20:33
nicomachus!flavors | NoImNotNineVolt20:33
ubottuNoImNotNineVolt: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE20:33
NoImNotNineVoltso then it's not accurate that only ubuntu is supported here?20:34
Ben64those are all ubuntu20:34
popeyNoImNotNineVolt: ubuntu is short hand for "ubuntu flavours"20:34
nicomachusNoImNotNineVolt: ubuntu and supported flavors.20:34
sumithso iam having another doubt too..20:34
NoImNotNineVoltnicomachus: that's a bit of a circular definition.20:34
sumithlike we upgrade from windows 7 to windows 820:34
NoImNotNineVolt"only those flavors which are supported are supported."20:35
popeyNoImNotNineVolt: read what ubottu said, and take your arguments elsewhere please20:35
sumithis there and option to upgrade or update or change from cublinux to ubuntu from the terminal20:35
Ben64sumith: no20:35
popeysumith: no20:35
yocs0000hi everybody I get the "vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device" any clue about how to solve it?20:36
Ben64yocs0000: you get that.... where? when? doing what?20:36
NoImNotNineVoltpopey: i've completed reading what ubottu said contradicting several of the claims made here, and it's not clear which argument you're referring to.20:38
NoImNotNineVoltbut thanks.20:38
popeyNoImNotNineVolt: arguing about what's supported and what isnt20:38
gimmicklessHas there been a recent rash of startup errors after an update rolled out a couple weeks ago? Finally getting around to fixing mine.20:38
tgm4883NoImNotNineVolt: it would seem clear that the list of supported distros is what ubottu list, which also happens to be the list of Official flavors20:38
yocs0000Ben64: in dmesg .... doing nothing, it is a well known bug, it should have been fixed like a million years ago, but it is back .... anyone who got a pach to solve it?20:38
NoImNotNineVolti don't recall making such an argument, but i apologize for creating that impression.20:38
fake3e4scomo descargo apps en ubuntu20:38
popeyNoImNotNineVolt: the flavours are built using software from the "ubuntu archive", and are supported, others are not20:38
fake3e4subuntu mate20:38
popeyfake3e4s: we see you, hello20:39
tgm4883NoImNotNineVolt: I'd be happy to discuss this in #ubuntu-discuss (since I don't see the circular logic) as it's off topic here20:39
fake3e4shola me podrian decir como descargar apps20:40
fake3e4sen ubuntu mate20:40
popeytgm4883: i think NoImNotNineVolt too umbridge that I said only ubuntu was supported here. I don't think it's clear to NoImNotNineVolt what ubuntu vs !ubuntu is20:40
ioriayocs0000,  what's you r kernel ?20:40
popeyfake3e4s: english only here, sorry.20:40
yocs0000ioria: 4.8.0-27-generic20:41
NoImNotNineVoltit's clear that one is the name of a linux distribution and the other is a trigger for an irc bot.20:41
fake3e4swhere to download apps from ubuntu20:41
ioriayocs0000,  using bumblebee ?20:41
popeyNoImNotNineVolt: it's more than the name of a distro, but as I said, lets take this elsewhere, we prefer to support people than chatter here20:42
yocs0000ioria: nope .... standard recmmended nvidia driver20:42
ioriayocs0000,  so, prime ?20:42
BluesKaj!es | fake3e4s20:42
ubottufake3e4s: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:42
siosieri use gpick, want to feed the color code,and see the respective color? how do i do it20:43
ioriayocs0000,  optimus system, i mean ?20:44
yocs0000ioria: nope, standard nvidia recmmended driver20:45
ioriayocs0000,  can you paste   sudo lshw -C Video ?20:45
ayjay_tmy persistent live-usb tribulations are not going so well20:48
yocs0000http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550218/ ioria20:48
ayjay_tunetbooting boofs the boot but that fixer programer works. figuring out how to *use* the persistent part of the storage though, that semes to be the issue20:48
yocs0000ioria: classic nvidia 840m with fall back onto intel video20:49
ioriayocs0000,  yes, it's an optimus system ... dual cards (intel/nvidia)20:49
ioriayocs0000,  because nvida not working20:49
yocs0000ioria: not really .... nvidia is working really well. It is the usual crap: because the kernel only recognises VGAcontroller and this is marked as 3D controller20:50
ioriayocs0000,  yeah20:50
yocs0000ioria: the problem is really with the kernel (again!)20:51
yocs0000ioria: brb20:51
ioriayocs0000,  dmesg | grep vgaarb20:52
gimmicklessHow do I find out where a startup went awry?  Currently booting with onboard video card, and the startup fails in between splash screen and login screen.  Unable to switch to terminal (ALT+F2).20:53
HelpGuysI uninstalled Ubuntu, if i need to use grub boot fix one per month it is too much :(20:53
yocs0000ioria: well, it gives you the message I gave you before20:54
yocs0000ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550254/20:54
vfwgimmickless: Is it locked up?20:55
ioriayocs0000,  btw, what's the 'real issue' you got ? apart dmesg  ... can you switch to intel ?20:55
vfwgimmickless: No access any tty's?20:55
vfwgimmickless: Alt-F6 Alt-F5  etc. etc. ???20:55
siosieri use gpick, want to feed the color code,and see the respective color? how do i do it20:56
siosierayjay_t: ?20:56
yocs0000ioria: yes, very useful .... discrete card, and use a low performance intel because at every release they reintroduce the bug grrrrrrrrrrr!20:56
ioriayocs0000,  can you paste    dpkg -l | grep nvidia*  ?20:58
vfwHelpGuys: Are you trying to say that you've had to re-install grub?20:58
vfwHelpGuys: ... more than once?20:58
yocs0000ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550272/21:00
yocs0000ioria: thanks a lot, dinner time!21:00
ioriayocs0000,  ok21:00
yocs0000ioria: unbelievable though .... :( .... have a good night!!!!21:01
ioriayocs0000,  you can try the nvidia ppa21:01
yocs0000ioria: thank you!21:01
ioriayocs0000,  ok21:01
Dr-007guys, i've got dnsmasq installed to hand out IPs on my wireless interface. i'm not getting a IP. when tailing syslog i dont see dnsmasq make an attempt21:03
Dr-007in combination with hostapd. hostapd eventually gives up: hostapd: wlx00803f180060: STA ac:36:13:0c:62:f7 IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE)21:04
Dr-007because dnsmasq never steps in21:05
Dr-007am i forgetting anything?21:05
vfwDr-007: Did you tell dnsmasq to use the correct interface?21:06
vfwDr-007: Use nmap to see if it's there.21:06
Dr-007files: /etc/network/interfaces.d/wireless http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550290/   &&  /etc/dnsmasq.d/wireless http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550292/  &&   /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550295/21:07
Dr-007vfw, yes i believe so21:07
vfwDr-007: cat  /etc/dnsmasq.conf |nc termbin.com 9999  #Let's look at what you have21:09
vfwDr-007: And you've restarted it after config changes?21:10
Dr-007vfw, yeah ofcourse21:10
vfwsudo systemctl restart dnsmasq21:10
Dr-007ill paste cat  /etc/dnsmasq.conf in a sec21:10
Dr-007the second paste of mine is included via dnsmasq21:10
Dr-007verified via ps ax | grep dnsmasq. i can see that the folder gets scanned /etc/dnsmasq.d/*21:11
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Dr-007there is no /etc/dnsmasq.conf but there is a dnsmasq.conf.dpkg-dist21:12
Dr-007 912 ?        S      0:00 /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -x /var/run/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.pid -u dnsmasq -r /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf -7 /etc/dnsmasq.d,.dpkg-dist,.dpkg-old,.dpkg-new --local-service --trust-anchor=.,19036,8,2,49AAC11D7B6F6446702E54A1607371607A1A41855200FD2CE1CDDE32F24E8FB521:12
Dr-007ut it is running21:12
vfwDr-007: cat  /etc/dnsmasq.conf |nc termbin.com 999921:12
vfwDr-007: Dont' paste here.21:13
Dr-007that file does not exist ^^21:13
computersevenhello nigga21:13
vfwDr-007: Well, you have work to do.21:13
Dr-007i'm not pasting21:13
computersevenwho are you21:13
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nicomachuscomputerseven: do you have an ubuntu support question?21:13
Dr-007vfw, dont you agree that my configs get pikked up?21:13
Dr-007since /etc/dnsmasq.d is getting scanned21:14
Dr-007i pasted my configs /etc/network/interfaces.d/wireless http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550290/   &&  /etc/dnsmasq.d/wireless http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550292/  &&   /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550295/21:14
computersevenwho are you5977221:14
vfwDr-007: Use termbin21:14
computersevenwhat is your name Guest59772?21:14
ikoniacomputerseven: hi there, you're in #ubuntu IRC channel, a channel for ubuntu technical support only21:15
ikoniacomputerseven: it's not really a "chat" channel, try the ##chat channel if you just want to talk please.21:15
Dr-007vfw, what does it matter where i paste?21:15
Dr-007vfw, please dont reply if you're not going to reply to my issue21:15
vfwDr-007: It doesn't21:15
Southern_Gentlemikonia, i am suspecting its a bot21:16
Raj_Ramlochanwho's "it" my nigga?21:16
ikoniaSouthern_Gentlem: I'm having that same "wonder" myself21:16
Southern_Gentlemikonia, same for computerseven21:17
ikoniaSouthern_Gentlem: thats actually who I was talking about21:17
ikoniaahh I see21:17
piinghi@ll, openSSL is still the standart in the ubuntu-server (whats about libreSSL)??21:23
vfwDr-007: iwconfig |& nc termbin.com 999921:23
popeypiing: what about it?21:24
acresearchpeople anyone knows an alternative to openconnect? it is extreamly slow i cannot even ssh21:24
gimmicklessvfw: I tried F1 through F6, all no good.21:25
vfwgimmickless: What do you have on the screen?21:26
popeypiing: libressl isn't in debian, so chances if it being in ubuntu are slim,21:26
vfwgimmickless: Ctrl-Alt-F6  Ctrl-Alt-F5  etc. etc. Right?21:27
piingthe idea of libreSLL was to clean up openSSL .... after heartbleed.21:28
WeiJunLican I delete the logs in /var/log/ ?21:33
WeiJunLithere are some big files there21:33
gimmicklessvfw, I thought it was just Alt+F#. Aw heck. Will try again in about 10 minutes.21:34
BusFactor1WeiJunLi: yes, as long as you don't need them21:37
popeypiing: i know what it is, that doesn't mean we just switch immediately. There's a process. Feel free to help.21:41
ikoniapopey: I guess I'll cancel all my pull requests to you then,21:45
Dr-007vfw, http://termbin.com/vgyh21:46
gebruikerduring the ubuntu mini install there is a question asked about installing security updates, what package does automatically install security updates? ( not search for the unattended option in that package <from memory>)21:50
naccgebruiker: unattend-upgrades ?21:50
naccgebruiker: *unattended-upgrades21:51
gebruikernacc: found it @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates21:52
gebruikerheading off to bed21:54
Bashing-omgebruiker: That adds a bit more overhead to a mininmal install .. right sure you are not so busy that you can not manage the updates yourself ?21:54
ducassegebruiker: you might want to edit /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades to get it to also auto-install regular updates, for instance. there are some other interesting options there too.21:55
vfwDr-007: dhcp-range=,
vfwDr-007: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^22:07
jarlathDo held back packages (due to unmet dependencies) need to be reported as bugs? I can't update kdenlive because qml-module-qtquick-control has a dependency version newer than what's in the repo (their PPA).22:08
naccjarlath: PPAs are only supported by the PPA owner(s)22:08
jarlathThanks nacc, I'll contact them.22:10
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db[Lappy]Hey ppl22:13
db[Lappy]anyone can suggest a lite weight IRC client pls?22:13
db[Lappy]I'll be using it over lubuntu/xrdp connection22:13
db[Lappy]how light weight is it?22:13
m0tzterminal based22:13
db[Lappy]and does it support znc?22:14
db[Lappy]oh greayt22:14
m0tzI don't know22:14
m0tznp, best of luck22:14
db[Lappy]do you got any more recommendations?22:15
db[Lappy]hows weechat?22:15
m0tzI haven't used it22:15
db[Lappy]oh ok22:15
m0tzI just tried it on my new mac machine and was very confused22:15
m0tzI am still learning this os22:15
Pooty[?DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 0]22:15
m0tzwee chat looks pretty solid though22:16
Pooty[?DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 0]22:16
db[Lappy]ah ok22:16
db[Lappy]i'll figure it out, thanx22:16
x0gHeya, anyone has experiance with installing VMware-Horizon-Client on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit?22:16
vfwDr-007: Try something like:  dhcp-range=,
MWMI am trying to sort a directory with hundreds of directories into subdirectories.  SUbdirectories are to be alphabetical ie all directireis starting with a should move to the "A" directory22:21
incognito-dgI want to partition a disk to run ubuntu. I will need to run virtual machines in this partition. Do I have to use the partition that the vm is run from for storage, or can I use the same separate data partition that I use for all other partitions on this machine for storage?22:22
MWMI cant seem to get the command correct.  I tried "sudo mv path/to/directory/"A*" /path/to/target/A but Im getting nowhere22:22
incognito-dgThe answer to my question will determine how big I will need to make the partition.22:22
vfwMWM: leave off the quotes.22:23
MWMyou can place VMs wherever you want as long as you point to the correct path when you make the VM22:23
vfwMWM: mv /some/dir/and/files/a* /path/to/target/A22:24
MWMvfw: will it make a difference if the target folder is inside the source?  Im throwing an error about moving a directory into itself22:25
Dr-007vfw, oh sorry22:25
Dr-007i was screwing around trying to find something else22:26
incognito-dgSorry, I may not have communicated my question well. My question is about where I can store data when I'm using an OS in a VM. So I know I can place VMs wherever I want, but what I need to know is can I store data in a partition that is different from the partition I am running the VM in.22:26
vfwMWM: As long as you use the full path, it should work.  It's hard to use hypothetical names here.22:26
incognito-dgI'll give an example:22:27
MWMvfw: I see the problem... Im trying to move all directories that start with A into a directory Ive named "A" ... hence the error.  thanks :D22:27
Dr-007vfw, you are right that ureadahead[374]: ureadahead:/etc/dnsmasq.conf: No such file or directory     ... so it tries to read that config. but weirdly it gets started anyway. i can see that later in my syslog. my network gets assigned to the device. but it said that there was no device (or something like that, a little while ago)  so i disabled dnsmasq && hostapd on boot and started them manually22:28
Dr-007after boot. but still no success.22:28
Dr-007now i created the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file22:28
Dr-007anyway, ill read your comments now and try that22:28
vfwDr-007: Yes, like I said before, you need /etc/dnsmasq.conf22:29
vfwproperly written22:29
Dr-007yeah but like i said before it gets started anyway ;)22:29
Dr-007and my configs are inside /etc/dnsmasq.d/*22:29
incognito-dgIf I have a VM on partition B and I run apache web server in it, can I save the document root data on partition D. That way I can run a different VM in partition C and still access the same document root. Thanks.22:29
Dr-007so i didnt mind /etc/dnsmasq.conf was missing22:30
Dr-007but yeah i just created it, and no change22:30
Dr-007im going to try your suggestion now and leave of the lease time in my dhcp range22:30
vfwDr-007: And you should probably set your netmask to
MWMicognito-dg:  Im not an expert but what I would do in that situation is set up a directory to be shared between the VMs (during the VM setup in Settings) but I am sure you have thought of that as well.  Good Luck :D22:31
incognito-dgMwM: Well thanks for taking the time...22:32
vfwDr-007:  To test it, use your favorite DNS lookup tool pointed at localhost: dig av.com @localhost  or nslookup av.com localhost22:33
incognito-dgI'm also wondering why is it that Ubuntu can't seem to tell me what chipset is on my motherboard. Windows was able to tell me, but not ubuntu. I tried dmidecode, lshw and lscpi with no luck. Is there a way for ubuntu to spit out my chipset?22:34
Jordan_Uincognito-dg: What is your end goal?22:42
Dr-007vfw, no netmask needs to stay on
Dr-007the ip range covers multiple subnets22:43
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gimmicklessChecked on the CTRL-ALT-F# thing. Turns out that doesn't work either.22:49
gimmicklessAfter hitting the intro splash screen, it cuts to black with a non-blinking cursor object in the upper left-hand corner.22:50
Bashing-om!nomodeset | gimmickless In that ^ case try :22:52
ubottugimmickless In that ^ case try :: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:52
unicornjediyo anyone wanna help me with systemd analyze blame? My boot time is 1 minute and I am wondering which services are okay to stop or get rid of22:55
Jordan_Uunicornjedi: Please also pastebin the output of "systemd-analyze critical-chain".23:04
frostythesnowmanhi, does anyone know if it's possible to match my regular terminal's exact environment when scripts get triggered by crontab?23:15
frostythesnowmani'm currently running into a mismatch problem where my cron scripts have an entirely different env23:15
dave0x6dIs there a Ubuntu package for automatically copying a EFI kernel stub?23:17
Jordan_Udave0x6d: Copying it where?23:17
dave0x6dJordan_U: uh, to the EFI partition?23:17
dave0x6dnot sure where else you'd want to put it :p23:17
naccfrostythesnowman: use an absolute path to a script which runs a shell as if it were a login shell (maybe?) for the appropriate user?23:18
Jordan_Udave0x6d: I expect that most people who boot via UEFI stub mount their ESP to /boot/ (though that is not a configuration I would recommend).23:18
naccfrostythesnowman: i'm guessing what you're really seeing is a different PATH set for the cronjob23:18
dave0x6dJordan_U: oh, will reinstalling the kernel add a boot entry too?23:19
frostythesnowmannacc: i see.  how would i write a script that runs a login shell and then runs a python script?23:21
frostythesnowmannacc: startup.sh < "sudo -iu mainuser < '/usr/bin/python2.7 myscript.py'" ?23:22
naccfrostythesnowman: that's not exactly how shell redirection works23:22
dave0x6dJordan_U: I don't see any docs about how Ubuntu handles "installing" the kernel's EFI stub.23:23
naccfrostythesnowman: you're running a python script?23:23
naccfrostythesnowman: maybe specify more clearly what you are seeing that's different in the environment?23:23
Jordan_Udave0x6d: If you're referring to making an entry with efibootmgr for it (which doesn't involve copying), then I don't think there is one. If you want something automatic then stick to grub.23:24
unicornjediJordan_U:  are you still helping me23:26
Jordan_Uunicornjedi: nmbd.service probably shouldn't be taking that long. I would look at "systemctl status nmdb" to see if the last logged messages give a hint as to why.23:27
Jordan_Uunicornjedi: Basically look at the logs for any of the services in red.23:28
unicornjediwhich logs23:30
dave0x6dJordan_U: hmm, there's no static "vmlinuz-linux" file in /boot. Can't make a symlink on FAT32 either.23:31
nacc!who | unicornjedi23:31
ubottuunicornjedi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)23:31
unicornjediJordan_U: which logs?23:32
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rvinkovichello guys, i have problem with mariadb server on 16.04 =( i cant figure how to allow remote login23:37
dave0x6drvinkovic: remote logins over what?23:38
dave0x6dtelnet? :p23:38
rvinkovici was following openstack guide for ubuntu 16.0423:38
rvinkovici cant connect to database using mysql client23:38
unicornjedinever mind Jordan_U23:38
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rvinkovici have problem with pupulating database with keystone, after 2-3 hours i figured that i cant connect to mysql remotely because mysql is lisening on but not on how it sould23:40
rvinkovicon server mysql -u keystone -p is working but mysql -h -u keystone -p is not23:40
naccrvinkovic: you may want to ask on #ubuntu-server23:41
naccrvinkovic: did you restart mysql after changing the configuration?23:41
rvinkovicyes i did, i restarted service and server several times,23:41
tgm4883rvinkovic: is mariadb listening on more than localhost?23:41
naccrvinkovic: also, just to be sure, is that the actual IP of your host?23:42
rvinkovici look'd into every conf file in /etc/mysql and only on /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf was bind-address and changed that to
naccrvinkovic: why aren't you following the guide exactly?23:43
rvinkovicand following the guide i created that 99-openstack.cnf and there is set bind-addres to
naccrvinkovic: it didn't say change 50-server.cnf23:43
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naccrvinkovic: can you pastebin `ip addr` output?23:44
rvinkovicin first i did but i didnt work so i was looking is there another bind-address that maybe overrides that one23:44
tgm4883rvinkovic: please pastebin that command23:44
jayjoI had some problems getting through the login screen yesterday which was due to my graphics card driver interfering after the 16.04 update. Now it says my filesystem has no free space and I can't load most applications. I can however start a terminal and connect to irc (for example). I can't start chrome. Any idea of how to go from here?23:47
naccjayjo: pastebin the output from `df -h`?23:47
skaaganyone here has experience with this display chip: Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller23:47
skaagI'm trying to figure out how to setup the fastest driver under Xorg in Ubuntu 16.0423:48
rvinkovictgm4883: http://pastebin.com/NXkfid3q23:48
skaaglshw -C video shows this: configuration: driver=gma500 latency=023:48
jayjowhat the way to pastebin direct from terminal? I can't access a browser currently. I do notice right off the bat that it does in fact now say 100% of /dev/sda2 is being used, when yesterday it was at less than 50%23:48
jayjotermbin.com ?23:49
tgm4883rvinkovic: none of that is 'ip addr'23:49
tomreynjayjo: termbin work, or !pastebinit23:49
nacc!pastebinit | jayjo23:49
ubottujayjo: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:49
tomreynjayjo: so, yes, you have a full file system at / 142G in use.23:51
naccjayjo: you can use `du -h --max-depth=1` from / to determine what is using up space in /. I'm guessing but maybe a log file?23:51
rvinkovictgm4883: http://pastebin.com/sqBF9rRH23:51
jayjohow do i order du by size?23:52
tgm4883rvinkovic: what about, 'grep -R bind-address /etc/mysql'23:52
tgm4883jayjo: pipe it to sort23:52
tgm4883jayjo: something like 'du | sort -n -r | head'23:52
jayjonot enough space on device to even write with sort23:53
rvinkovicsudo grep -R bind-address /etc/mysql/23:53
rvinkovic/etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/99-openstack.conf:bind-address =
jayjoand can't tab out either23:53
tgm4883jayjo: I'd take a quick look in /var/log and see if there was something old you can delete23:53
jayjobash can't finish out directories23:53
rvinkovicsry it is .11 on the last one, missclick copy23:54
tgm4883rvinkovic: odd, I'd want to see startup logs for mariadb then23:54
tgm4883hopefully that would shed some light23:55
jayjoboth kern.log.1 and syslog.1 are roughly 35708272640 in size23:55
jayjois .1 more recent or older than the file without the appended number23:55
rvinkovictgm4883: /var/log/mysql/error.log?23:55
tgm4883jayjo: not generally a good thing, but I'd delete those23:55
jayjoothers are zipped to syslog.2.gz23:56
tgm4883rvinkovic: well, that would be the error log, not the startup log. I think you're looking for something else23:56
tgm4883jayjo: I doubt you can gzip those currently23:56
jayjoOK that did it23:57
jayjoUnsure of why they got so bloated23:57
jayjowhen I am sure that yesterday the drive was at 50%23:57
tgm4883jayjo: well, that's why now that you have space you take a look at both syslog and kern23:57
linux_user_I tried to do a do-release-upgrade on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 and it failed, any ideas?23:57
rvinkovictgm4883: i dont think i know where it is, i only have error.log in /var/log/mysql23:58
tgm4883rvinkovic: probably kept in journald somewhere23:59

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