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FXproanyone in here?02:29
OvenWerkssort of, questions?02:37
FXproyes kz earbuds.  any ideas on this brand?02:54
OvenWerkswhat do you expect from them? I don't use ear buds at all as I find them uncomfortable and have poor sound.02:58
OvenWerksSo anything I have to say is probably not much use.02:58
FXproknowledge zenith is the name of the company.  suppose to be premium budget headphones that out perform many others at much higher price points.02:58
cfhowlett?  ask a hardware channel?  seems a bit OT here ...02:58
FXprowhere can I ask?02:58
FXproI am looking for 2nd opinions.  I looked into it a bit.  now i wanted to follow up on irc and see what I can find out.03:01
cfhowlettand again: this is ubuntustudio support.03:02
cfhowlettI seriously doubt that music producer uses earbuds in their workflow.03:02
FXproperformers and producers do on stage and off03:03
OvenWerksakg headphones are good though03:03
FXprobut the preference is real headphones of course.03:04
FXproI like akg03:04
OvenWerksdo you mean in ear monitors then?03:04
FXprobetter than senheiser actually.  the last set of senheiser studio head phones I had fell apart some how.03:04
OvenWerksin my mind, earbuds and inear monitors are a logn ways apart, sorry.03:05
cfhowlettagreed ^^^03:05
FXproyes and I agree but I need compact for international travel.03:05
cfhowlettoff topic here.  google "earbud recommendations"03:06
cfhowlettor "travel earbuds"03:06
FXprothis last run I just did over seas, 2 pairs got lost in the mix and 2 more pairs fell apart or got destroyed so all my good earphones are gone.  I need new ones.03:06
OvenWerksYou might ask on the Linux Audio User Mailing list, but I would make sure to say you were using them as inear monitors03:07
FXprois there a channel for that or?03:07
OvenWerksIt would be off topic there too, but there are a number of people on there who do live audio work profesionally.03:07
FXproexcellent.  where do I find these people here on freenode?03:08
OvenWerksA lot of them do not do IRC at all.03:08
FXproehhh, why not.  realtime chat is the tits when you need to inquire about things like this for example.03:09
OvenWerksNo idea, personal preference I guess.03:09
FXproubuntu studio is pretty slick btw.03:09
cfhowlettor you could go to your local guitar center and ask for recommendations.  real-time, real-life and F2F03:10
FXproI would prefer to run it off a memory stick though for now.  my hard drive is all hogged up with stuff.03:10
OvenWerksI am glad you like it.03:10
FXproI have 64gb memory sticks.  I can do ubuntu studio off a memory chip live without sacrificing too much right?03:11
FXprothe other computer I was testing it on is too slow and its broken right now.03:11
OvenWerksIt depends on the RAM size to some extent and what kind of audio you are doing.03:12
FXprohow much space is required for it?03:12
FXpronot 64gb I am sure.03:12
cfhowlettrunning from ram is always slower than a HDD install.  once your start firing up ram intenseive apps, it will slow even more.03:12
OvenWerksrecording a number of tracks to "disk" may fail.03:12
FXpromore like 4gb I am guessing.  its been a while.03:12
OvenWerksbasically the whole song needs to fit in ram, so 10MB per minute, per track03:13
OvenWerks(assuming 16bit audio at 48K03:14
OvenWerksMost recording is done as 32 bit floats.03:14
OvenWerksSo double the space.03:15
FXproI would guess a discounted gaming computer with ssd and lots of ram is the best idea which I am getting that next.  probably one of those razer blade laptops next.03:17
OvenWerksin general laptops are slow.03:17
FXprowhat do you think of this one for a/v - http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-stealth03:18
FXpropretty damn slick laptops the razer people have03:18
OvenWerksIt is only two cores... kind of an i3 dressed up as an i7... (in my opinion) I would take a 4 core i5 if I could get that.03:19
OvenWerkshyperthreading and boost/Turbo are of little use for serious audio.03:20
OvenWerks(I turn them off in fact)03:21
FXproits still a slick laptop03:22
FXprovery usable for my needs.03:22
FXprothis one is quadcore - http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade03:30
FXproficken 1799 though geeez...  expensive03:30
OvenWerksThats better. I am not so sure of the video... it would be good for things that require video, but for everyday use in Linux, I would go intel which has open drivers and generally just suports Linux. nvidia is a goodsecond in that, they at least supply drivers, but closed.03:39
OvenWerksMost people stay way from AMD as having the worst Linux support03:41
cfhowlettagreed!  ^^^03:41
FXprointel still wins ever since they robbed dec and had to pay them off for it04:19
OvenWerksdec is gone...04:57
studio-user752I wonder if someone here can help me with a problem I just encountered using Ubuntu Studio. I tried to add a menu item using "Menu Editor" under settings and now Whisker Menu only shows a fraction of my available programs, like it reverted to an Ubuntu standard menu file instead of the Ubuntu Studio list. If I use the search function at the top of the menu and search "gimp" I get no results, but I can run it and get gimp.05:41
OvenWerksstudio-user752: Ya, that menu editor is bad.05:46
cfhowlettOvenWerks, looking for the whisker menu editor and don't see it ...05:46
OvenWerkscfhowlett: try accessories05:47
OvenWerksstudio-user752: in a terminal try:05:47
OvenWerksls .config/menus/05:48
OvenWerksit should be empty, but I think that is where libremenu puts it's over ride05:48
OvenWerksstudio-user752: There are no known working 100% menu editors... besides manually.05:49
OvenWerksalacart is the best one out there besides the one kde comes with, but it is kde only I think.05:51
OvenWerks(the kde one is kde only, alacart is generic-ish)05:52
studio-user752.config/menus/ contains the file: xfce-applications.menu05:54
OvenWerksstudio-user752: if you delete that, the menu should revert. You can mv it to  xfce-applications.unem to disable it.05:55
studio-user752Wow, that did the trick05:56
OvenWerks(ie rename it if you don't want to loose it)05:56
studio-user752Thanks OvenWerks!05:56
OvenWerksYa, I creaed the studio menu... I learned the hard way05:56
studio-user752Is there another way to edit the menu?05:57
OvenWerksyes... it is not easy and requires knowing how the files work.05:57
studio-user752never mind then, I'll run from a terminal when I need to05:58
OvenWerksif you look at /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/studio.menu05:59
OvenWerksit will give some hints. you can put the same kind of thing into ~/.config/menus06:00
OvenWerkswhat are you missing?06:00
OvenWerksif you are trying to start a program from the menu that isn't there, creating a desktop file for it and adding that to ~/.local/share/applications/06:01
OvenWerksshould do it.06:01
OvenWerksdepending on the categories you add it will be added to different places. (Audio or muti-media for example for audio.)06:03
OvenWerksI am going to have to run, be back tomorrow.06:03
studio-user752thanks again for the help06:04
Jinx-ITAnyone here have experience with RME hammerfall channels coming up wrong?18:21
Jinx-ITi verified in ardour and audacity that it happens.18:22
Jinx-ITanyone ever seen ardour inputs one off and only working on even channels?20:11
OvenWerksJinx-IT: I have not, but I have very few audio interfaces, mostly PCI plus one USB 1.120:18
Jinx-ITit's weird...outputs work fine.  i have an older rme hammerfall with 3 ADA8000 units connected.20:19
Jinx-ITit all worked on a version of Ubuntu Studio that was about 4 years old, but i decided i should wipe and get the latest and greatest...20:20
Jinx-ITi also fired up audacity and found that the channels are off there as well.20:20
Jinx-ITnow, when i connect channels 1-24, only the EVEN physical inputs work, but appear on the next ODD input down...so 8 goes to 7, etc.20:21
Jinx-ITi am running the x64 build...maybe i should install the x86 build20:22

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