MonkeyhuouseHi there00:03
MonkeyhuouseSo I was recommended to download xubuntu on my aging, nigh useless laptop, which i'm on right now.00:05
MonkeyhuouseNot quite as slow as win10 on this old EeePC, but not super smooth either. So I'm wondering what things (bells, whistles, etc) I can tweak or disable to get better performance.00:06
bazhangwhats the ram on the eeepc00:06
MonkeyhuouseGot 2GB on this baby. Should be lightning fast B)00:06
bazhangwith firefox?00:07
MonkeyhuouseUh, yeah. It came preinstalled. Just fetched the latest xubuntu00:07
MonkeyhuouseBut FF aside it's still pretty blotty and stuttery on occasion, when loading programs00:08
bazhanglightning fast and two gb probably not going to happen00:08
Monkeyhuouse('twas a joke)00:08
MonkeyhuouseBut seriously I'm just wondering what I can do to lessen the resource needs. I'm completely new to linux :x00:08
bazhangthis is strictly a support channel00:09
MonkeyhuouseI know. I'm asking a sincere question. The lightning fast thing was my only joke.00:09
bazhangtry the lubuntu yet?00:09
MonkeyhuouseNnnope. This is my first successful linux install on this device. Is there that drastic a difference between xubuntu and lubuntu?00:09
pencilandpaperMonkeyhuouse: I have a few suggestions on how you could speed things up a bit.00:10
bazhangapt install lubuntu-desktop00:10
Monkeyhuouse@pencilandpaper: Happy to hear whatever you suggest00:10
bazhangthen choose lubuntu in the login00:10
pencilandpaperYes there is Monkeyhuouse , the desktop itself.  You are better off using Xubuntu with Xfce over Lubuntu with lxde.  Xfce is simply nicer.00:10
MonkeyhuouseWell then I made the right choice c:00:11
pencilandpaperOkie dokes Monkeyhuouse .  Ok, now one thing that you can disable is compositing..and you can do that in the settings manager, window manager tweaks.  Let me know when you are there please. :)00:11
pencilandpaperI think so Monkeyhuouse . :)  I run a lighter OS as well that you can install Xfce on, but we can talk about that too if you would like in private.00:12
MonkeyhuouseI assume just unchecking the top most box under the Compositor tab, yeah? c:00:15
egstein01Hey, I'm having problems with updateing my Intel Graphics Driver00:32
bazhangegstein01, drivers from where00:33
egstein01I have a Intel Graphics card 5500, It's been having screen flickering issues00:34
bazhangyes, where from00:34
egstein01I tried to update them but it says the key isn't valid00:34
egstein01The Intel Grapics Updater00:35
MonkeyhuouseIs there a non-keyboard shortcut for exiting fullscreen?02:05
MonkeyhuouseGot stuck with 10 minutes looking around for something to click or messing with the taskbar.02:05
qualiaqqWould anyone know how to connect to a wifi device (a drone) and remain connecting to the Internet through ethernet on Xubuntu 16.04?07:34
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sergio-br2so xubuntu 16.04.2 daily has small buttons for OK and cancel now22:43
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