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blindskyHow do I configure KDE to show mnemonics permanently?10:03
soeedo you have any question related to kubuntu?12:33
BluesKajHowdy folks13:30
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konradosHere: https://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi/en I can read about "KRunner configuration" ( "KRunner offers you Akonadi Resource Configuration", or "KRunner's configuration page, disable the Nepomuk" ) - what is this KRunner and how can I open its configuration?17:27
NewUserHello all! I had a question about 4k monitors, I can only really find threads from 2014. I want to install Kubuntu, but, I don't know how well it will work with my GTX1080 and my 4k monitor. Are there any changes I need to make?17:28
BluesKaj!krunner |konrados17:29
BluesKaj!info krunner17:29
ubottuPackage krunner does not exist in yakkety17:29
BluesKajkonrados, krunner is the same as the run command alt+F217:30
BluesKajor right click on the desktop choose Run Command17:30
ahoneybunsome info needs updating but a good place to start17:32
ahoneybunNewUser: about that 4K17:32
ahoneybunI'm not sure if 1080 has been added yet but: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:32
konradosThanks, BluesKaj & ahoneybun  but how is it related to  https://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi/en ? And this ""KRunner offers you Akonadi Resource Configuration"? When I do alt+F2 - and click the icon on the left I can't see anything but "search plugins" I can turn on and off.17:36
NewUserThank you, @ahoneybun17:36
NewUserForgive my lack of knowledge here, but what is Krunner? It looks to me like it's for easy commands?17:36
ahoneybunNewUser: krunner can open applciations, switch to currently open applications, do basic math17:37
ahoneybunrun commands, open files17:37
ahoneybunit's super useful17:37
ahoneybunkonrados: not to be honest17:38
ahoneybun*not sure17:38
NewUserOh, was Krunner not intended for me? lol17:38
konradosNo it wasn't :)17:38
ahoneybunNewUser: it's intended for everyone17:38
NewUserAh, I thought your "about that 4K" was in reference to Krunner17:39
NewUserMy bad17:39
konradosThanks ahoneybun, I'll dig around.17:39
ahoneybunno just needed to look up that PPA17:39
NewUserYeh, sorry about that! I'm tired. Thank you for your link though, I'm looking now17:39
NewUserOh, I've just seen this: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/104284/en-us17:41
NewUserSurely that'll work?17:41
ahoneybun367 is in that ppa17:42
ahoneybunjust added the ppa17:42
ahoneybunsudo apt update17:42
ahoneybunsudo apt install nvidia-36717:42
NewUserSuper star, thank you17:43
ahoneybunno problem, as a nvidia user myself I find that ppa to be execellent17:44
NewUserI've tried Linux on a 4k screen before and couldn't get it working. The driver was installed but the scaling was AWFUL and if I fixed one scaling issue, something else would break lol17:44
ahoneybunNewUser: KDE's Display settings has a "Scale Display" option on the both for that17:45
ahoneybunmight have to reboot to get the full change17:45
NewUserI had a trade-off between reading my code in my IDE or  having MASSIVE icons everywhere :p17:45
NewUserAh, brilliant17:45
ahoneybunI've never had to use it tbh though17:45
NewUserYeah that's why I want to try Kubuntu17:45
ahoneybunstill on 1080p here17:45
NewUserI just want to comfortably move away from Windows! There's nothing I use on Windows currently that I can't use on Linux or that a VM wouldn't solve!17:46
ahoneybunNewUser: lovely17:47
BluesKajNewUser, is this a larger monitor, over 32"?17:47
NewUserMy only issue is the screen, which I've had issues with before :p17:47
NewUserBluesKaj, it's 29"17:47
BluesKajyou may want to check the dpi options as well17:47
ahoneybunoh right for fonts17:48
ahoneybunin Font settings there is a force dpi font option17:48
NewUserOh, wait, 28". It's a AOC 28, 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor, 3840x216017:48
ahoneybunthat just sounds awesome17:49
NewUserAh, right. I've noted that as well!17:49
ahoneybunI'd love to get away from 2 monitors17:49
NewUserWould it also work with 2 screens, do you reckon?17:49
NewUserWell...I have 2 of them lol17:49
* BluesKaj uses a panasonic 42" plasma tv as a monitor17:50
NewUserI'm a developer, I tend to use one for code/terminals, etc and the other one for browsers/viewing changes17:50
ahoneybunNewUser: I use 2 montors with no issues17:50
NewUserDo you use Linux, too?17:50
ahoneybunbut I have 16.10 with a few extra ppas for Plasma 5.8.317:51
ahoneybunNewUser: I use Kubuntu17:51
BluesKaj10ft/3m away from it using wirelss KB and mouse17:51
NewUserAwesome, thank you ahoneybun. I'm installing tomorrow when I'm back at the office, so i'll be sure to let you know!17:51
ahoneybunNewUser: awesomesauce17:51
BluesKajyup Kubuntu 16.1017:51
NewUserSo, I'm still in the process of looking at the Kubuntu features. apart from that it looks great, what are the other benefits?17:52
NewUserAwesome, BluesKaj, and scaling is fine?17:52
BluesKajNewUser, yes , it's almost prefect17:52
ahoneybunNewUser: since we use Ubuntu as a base any ppa will work, just because of which ones you add17:52
BluesKajperfect even17:53
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IrcsomeBot1<ortni> Hey! Wutz up guyz?22:06
HailwoodI'd say the sky, but it's raining. So that's really what's down...22:11
GolarmoI installed Steam and the initial startup update ran smoothly. But then when I tried to start steam in earnest, it only appeared on the task manager for a few seconds before disappearing (could not "click it up"). When ran in the terminal, I get libGL errors such as "driver pointer missing" and "failed/unable to load driver i965_dri.so".  Also "gre22:19
Golarmop: symbol lookup error: grep: undefined symbol: pcre_jit_stack_alloc". I have tried multiple solutions found online, but nothing seems to bite. I did not accept the installation of programs "some of which are proprietary" at OS installation.22:19
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.22:23
valoriemight be some help at the above channel Golarmo22:23
GolarmoThank you!22:23
valoriebest of luck!22:23
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