anonanhi everyone. i'm trying to install xenial in UEFI boot mode, with / and /boot on a common ZFS zpool on top of luks. I can get grub2 to unlock the luks container via password prompt, but from there, the initrd image does not seem to try to unlock the luks container again00:21
anonani've tried asking in #ubuntu, and there noone could help me. i suspect that my desired setup is far from common, and that maybe there's a bug keeping me from progressing (there have been a few already i had to work around)00:22
anonanthat's why i figured that maybe it would be appropriate to ask here. i'm willing to put work into it, but i'm lost right now.00:22
anonanit seems that, no matter what i try, i can't get update-initramfs to include cryptsetup in the initrd00:22
anonanif that's more appropriate, i'd also be happy to post this to a mailing list, if you could point me to the one that would be most appropriate00:26
tsimonq2anonan: Hello! :)00:35
tsimonq2Let's see if ubottu can make this easy... :)00:35
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com00:35
tsimonq2Bah, stupid bot.00:35
tsimonq2anonan: Here you are: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users00:36
tsimonq2anonan: This isn't the right channel for this question, and they might be able to help you better there. I would also CC the ubuntu-server list. :)00:36
anonantsimonq2: thanks for the recommendation! why would you CC ubuntu-server, specifically? i'm trying to set this up on a laptop, though i guess it doesn't matter much?00:38
tsimonq2anonan: Because the server people have set up wacky little things like this, they'll have the expertise to help you if the ubuntu-users people can't. :)00:39
anonantsimonq2: i see. i don't post on mailing lists often, is it considered okay if i post to both at the same time?00:39
anonan(somewhat implied by the CC, but wanted to make sure)00:40
tsimonq2anonan: Well, scratch that, put both as "To:"00:40
tsimonq2anonan: Id say that in this case, yes. :)00:40
anonanthank you very much, i'll post there!00:43
mitya57Can some archive team member please process bug 1646867 and decruft gnome-panel, to help it migrate?08:17
ubottubug 1646867 in command-runner-applet (Ubuntu) "Please remove command-runner-applet from Zesty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164686708:17
mitya57(cjwatson, maybe you? ^^)08:17
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Laneydoko: nice, -Wl,--compress-debug-sections made a ppc64el build work as well13:37
* tsimonq2 looks around for patch pilot16:03
tsimonq2!info sddm zesty16:04
ubottusddm (source: sddm): modern display manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.0-1ubuntu5 (zesty), package size 271 kB, installed size 1201 kB16:04
tsimonq2!info sddm yakkety16:04
ubottusddm (source: sddm): modern display manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.0-1ubuntu5 (yakkety), package size 271 kB, installed size 1201 kB16:04
tsimonq2!info sddm xenial16:04
ubottusddm (source: sddm): modern display manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.0-1ubuntu5 (xenial), package size 271 kB, installed size 1201 kB16:04
tsimonq2I've prepared an SDDM with several fixes, it just needs to be uploaded to Zesty, Yakkety, AND Xenial. For the latter two, I'd like to start the SRU procedure, but the former can go right into Zesty.16:05
* tsimonq2 throws https://launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/+archive/ubuntu/sddm-fixes/+packages at whoever wants to upload it.16:05
tsimonq2Just got an email about it, and that made me remember that I totally forgot!16:06
tsimonq2I also have bug 1647130 and bug 1647128 that need to be looked at. ;)16:07
ubottubug 1647130 in multistrap (Ubuntu) "Merge 2.2.4 from Debian Sid" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164713016:07
ubottubug 1647128 in fprint-demo (Ubuntu) "Merge 20080303git-6 from Debian" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164712816:07
tsimonq2Many thanks to whoever helps me out! :)16:08
* tsimonq2 goes AFK for 9 hours, work calls16:08
dbbhi all - what process at Canonical decides which python updates are shipped in "required" system updates16:45
dbbI have a project in Python 2.7x and I do NOT want the environment destabilized with daily security things16:45
dbbe.g. pip changes today16:45
mitya57Laney, in at-spi2-core 2.22.0-4 a crash was fixed, can we sync it, or do you prefer to keep reverting that patch?18:28
Laneymitya57: Not sure, what do you think?18:37
LaneyIt's probably not actively breaking things any more since it got changed18:37
Laneythe overall approach seemed dodgy to me though18:37
mitya57Laney, I know nothing about that patch, just noted that a crash was fixed, looked at the changelog and found you :)18:38
Laneythat function is supposed to be called from some signal handler, so if it's not then there's probably a problem there and forcefully calling it early works around that18:38
* Laney shrugs, don't know18:38
Laneyyou can sync it if you want18:38
mitya57OK, let's keep it as is for now then18:38
Laneymitya57: don't really care that much if the new patch doesn't break stuff though18:39
* Laney isn't in the business of picking up new stuff to maintain :)18:39
Laneyso go for it18:39
mitya57Let's sync it only when we really need it, i.e. if other bugs are fixed18:40
Laneymitya57: oh right, the crash that was fixed was in the same patch that I disabled18:41
Laneyin fact it is the reason I disabled it :)18:42
mitya57in fact it is the reason why I asked you about it :)18:42
LaneyI thought you meant that there was some other crash fix and you were asking me if that one is still important18:43
mitya57tsimonq2, you may want to check your sddm changes with yofel who has some commits in Git on top of the current upload.18:57
mitya57I will not sponsor it because I am not sure why yofel removed upstream_autologin_fallback.diff without any changelog message for that.18:58
mitya57tsimonq2, also, please avoid the unnecessary "rebasing" of the patches, it is just useless noise in the diff18:58
mitya57tsimonq2, FWIW Ubuntu Git branch is https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-std/sddm.git/?h=kubuntu_unstable19:01
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rlaagerpitti: I've just noticed that ntpd in Ubuntu associates with a LOT of NTP servers by default, at least initially, or at least sometimes. (Run `ntpq -p`.) I've seen as high as 17 in limited testing in the last hour. This seems to trace back to the existence of 5 pool lines in ntp.conf, which was introduced by Technical Board decision and LP #104525, which you were involved in. Was this effect intentional?21:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 104525 in ntp (Ubuntu) "default ntp.conf should use pool.ntp.org servers" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10452521:51
dbbQ. A Technical Board decision is involved with how python 2.7 maintenance is executed for Ubuntu 16.04 ?   where might I look for that ?22:11
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cjwatsondbb: that seems unlikely; you're probably looking for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates23:44
dbbcjwatson: ah looking23:58

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