ducassemorning all07:25
ObrienDave*yawn* yes it is ;P07:27
ducasseam i the only one receiving a *ton* of spam?07:28
Bashing-omducasse: I giess .. no spam received on my end :)07:32
ducasseargh. had over 100 queries with bible-spam waiting for me when i logged on, and they're still coming in07:34
Ben64set +R on yourself07:35
ducasseaha, thanks.07:36
Ben64yeah, someones mad07:36
ducassehow are you today, Bashing-om - been busy?07:40
Bashing-omducasse: well .. busy on that one continuing poster with the kernels issues . Finally all squared away !07:43
ducassewell done! :) i've got a hundred things to do today...07:46
Bashing-omJob well done - and well deserved rest now - yall take care and we do this again - later08:31
ObrienDavegood job, only you could have pulled that one off ^508:32
BluesKajHowdy folks13:30
ducassewb BluesKaj13:32
BluesKajHi ducasse13:32
ducassehow's life in canada?13:34
ducassei'm messing with xbian, a quite fun toy13:35
BluesKajdoing ok here...had a fun jam yesterday13:38
ducassenot done much at all this weekend, going xmas shopping in a bit. i'm sure noone else has thought of that today...13:39
BluesKajdoes xbian have a default browser? , I see lot of headless apps13:42
BluesKajpretty cool OS tho,. seems quite edgy13:43
ducasseno idea about browser, it only runs kodi by default13:43
ducassei've set up mpd on it in addition, and might move weechat there.13:44
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw13:56
pauljwhi BluesKaj :)13:56
BluesKajducasse, think I might give Xbian a try, looks very interesting13:59
ducasseBluesKaj: it's nice to have a regular system with apt etc as a base, and so far it seems to work well.14:03
BluesKajgonna install it on the rpi3..I'm kind of bored withn the setup I have on it now anyway14:10
BluesKajHi EriC^^14:15
EriC^^hi BluesKaj14:15
EriC^^j #linux17:14
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