kdy여기서 대화 나눌 수 있는건가요?02:20
SomethingssI found a bug in mate-terminal, causing all terminals to forefully exit when reproduced.02:23
SomethingssUsing i3wm, open two instances of it, position then vertically, run tmux on the bottom one and resize it using the mouse: Drag the titlebar to the top of the screen and let it go. Then all mate-terminals will forcefully close02:26
ObrienDavethat would be interesting to try to reproduce in other terminals02:27
SomethingssI tried also gnome-terminal, the result was that one glitches out the rendering02:28
ObrienDavethe mate issue would be good to report to the bugtracker02:29
ObrienDaveyou might want to do some research first for duplicates02:30
aew999is this working?03:13
Artemis3aew999, maybe.03:14
aew999hello then03:17
aew999Steam is not working i downloaded it and whenever i click to open it, it does nothing and doesnt open, anyone know how to fix this?06:06
ObrienDavepurge and reinstall06:06
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inspiralhello ppl!17:44
inspirali'd like to use RPi mostly to log into my company computer via remote desktop. is there any application in the ubuntu/ubuntu MATE ecosystem which is capable to connect to a windows PC?17:47
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nikodean1Hi, i'm just trying out Ubuntu Mate for the first time. :)18:06
nikodean1I normally use Ubuntu, but I miss the interface that MATE is using now.18:07
ecoatsHEllo room22:23
ecoatsanyone in here?22:23
ObrienDaveno ;p22:24

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