ubottuBluesKaj called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:36
Picifyi: /wc takes arguments for a start window # and an end window #15:28
Unit193Pici: Yep, but seems to lag when you do that for ~800 windows.19:38
ikoniayou got hit with the peado spam ?20:02
Unit193OFTC was seemingly hit harder.20:03
ikoniareally ?20:05
Unit193I say that as I was hit harder there with 800+ PMs, status window filled with DCC and CTCP crap.  I didn't get hit that hard here.20:08
ikoniasomeone clearly upset someone20:09
valorieikonia: thanks for removing all those (old?) bans in #kubuntu22:10
valorielast time ubottu asked me to review bans, the request got lost in the whatever22:10
lenswipeeikonia, why did you ban me on #ubuntu?22:46
hggdhchalcedony: please /part this channel if you are done here. This is a no-idling channel23:13

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