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EvilAngelanyone get 16.04/10 to install on an x3850m2?07:02
wolflarsondoes anyone know of a netboot server you can access over the internet that pulls in 16.04?07:21
wolflarsonfor VPSs that dont have updated images ?07:21
hades007I need help with systemd-resolved and unbound07:41
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EvilAngelYou need some good trap music, not systemd08:26
EvilAngelwell fsck, still no go booting this beesh08:28
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mozart189can anyone help with the configuration of virtual IP on a UBUNTU 16.04 server23:05
tewardmozart189: what do you mean 'virtual IP'?23:06
mozart189i need a secondary IP address configured on my network interface...23:07
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Pinkamena_Dmy ssh server wont start. I get message "failed with result 'exit-code'" in $ /etc/init.d/ssh/status. Where can I find where the actual error is?23:21
qman__sudo tail /var/log/syslog23:24
Pinkamena_Dok, so this leads to  problem rpcbind.service is not running - "cannot add dependency job, ignoring: unit rpcbind.service failed to load: Invalid argument.23:28

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