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kk_hi can you secure my cell phone licenses are bugged05:09
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Anthonydoes enyne of you know how to compile android apps to ubuntu touch?13:59
Acou_BassAnthony: pretty sure you cant at the moment14:37
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nerdcoreI've tried to install Ubuntu Touch twice now on my Nexus 5 according to https://devices.ubports.com/#/hammerhead but the ubuntu-device-flash command exits with "unexpected EOF" during the download. Any way around this?17:27
nerdcorefirst time it failed at 32.5% and then later at 6.83% so I don't think it is a specific file problem17:31
nerdcoremy internet connection seems reliable otherwise17:32
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retro486nerdore: might be the ubuntu server doing something. I was able to flash my nexus 4 just fine yesterday, though haven't tried today.19:19
daf__how can i unzip a zip in ut??19:23
daf__iam alone?19:23
daf__iam alone.19:24
Acou_Bassis it true that OTA-14 is planned for tomorrow? :D (cant remember where i read it but im sure it said 5th Dec)19:29
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