mappsnoone awake at this lovely hour05:42
mappsraining here again05:42
dwatkinsI was awake, I just didn't get out of bed.09:48
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:15
daftykinsthat looks like a channel name, why share it here? are you trying to join it?16:27
fancoolerI'm sorry. Yes, I'm trying to join to this channel.16:29
daftykins"/join #blah" then16:30
fancoolerThank you, mate!16:30
diddledannote, we take no reponsibility for the content of the #blah channel16:51
diddledanI hate that on websites when you click a link where they moan "we cannot be held liable for content of third-party sites. proceeding with this action is at your own risk."16:52
diddledane.g. a site that I worked on inisisted on this:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2wKQuoOA/maalox16:54
diddledanthat's on a different platform to the one I worked on though - I did it with Drupal, but it seems they've moved it elsewhere now16:56
AzelphurHey folks, got a machine running Ubuntu 15.10, upgraded to a 4k TV, it boots, and decides to put itself into 4k mode, which doesn't work (It's a xeon so it doesn't support 4k) does anyone have any idea how to make it stick to 1080p?17:16
daftykinsEOL release so run something supported first17:17
* penguin42 is surprised it puts itself into 4k mode if it doesn't support it; pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:17
daftykinsor was that a typo...17:18
Azelphurgood point17:18
daftykinswhat was that quirk that happened with that same CPU a bit ago? oh it was HDMI audio wasn't it?17:19
Azelphurdaftykins, yup17:20
Azelphursame machine :)17:20
daftykinsmmm i remember someone buy a xeon over a desktop chip for a price saving, wonder if it had the same quirks17:25
Azelphurdaftykins, who knows, this is a dell server so obviously not really intended for my use case17:26
daftykinshow'd you end up using it for so then? XD17:27
Azelphurdaftykins, I didn't, it's my parents machine17:32
Azelphurdaftykins, I told them to buy it as a media backend to be used with frontends17:32
Azelphurmy dad cheaped out and decided to use it as both frontend and backend17:32
daftykinsblech folk and chasing the past of live TV17:33
penguin42I think this might depend on which Xeon it is; there's big variations - most of the Xeons dont have onboard graphics17:33
Azelphurdaftykins, ok on 16.04 same issue now what :P17:49
daftykinslog as penguin42 asked17:52
daftykinsgotta see what X is up to17:52
Azelphurdaftykins / penguin42 http://paste.ubuntu.com/23579226/17:54
AzelphurX runs just fine, if I ssh in and use xrandr to change the resolution to 1080p it comes up straight away.17:54
AzelphurI think it's just some issue related to Xeon integrated graphics + 4k, but I don't want 4k anyway17:54
penguin42that's all?17:55
Azelphurthat's all17:55
Azelphurthat's cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit17:55
penguin42bit minimal - I'd expected to see EDID and modes for the display17:56
AzelphurI can give you xrandr if you like17:56
penguin42you can add an xrandr command in a dot file that would probably force it17:57
Azelphurpenguin42, I tried adding it to ~/.xinitrc but no life17:57
penguin42Azelphur: Try .xsession ?17:59
penguin42Azelphur: see man Xsession17:59
daftykinsAzelphur: yeah but that's not running fine, that's autodetecting wrong and being unusable surely :P18:00
Azelphurpenguin42, no luck there either, I think it's not even running it18:00
AzelphurI stuck xrandr > /home/user/xrandr.txt and xrandr --output HDMI2 --mode 1920x108018:01
Azelphurxrandr.txt isn't created (running it manually works fine)18:01
daftykinsbtw you don't have to cat logs to pastebinit :) just "pastebinit x"18:01
* penguin42 makes some food back shortly18:01
Azelphurdaftykins, fun18:02
Azelphurso any ideas?18:05
daftykinsyeah use a xorg.conf to force 1920x1080 at boot18:07
daftykinshang on...18:07
Azelphurhow do I generate an xorg conf again>18:07
daftykinsis 16.04 really using kernel 4.418:07
daftykins!info linux-image-generic xenial18:08
lubotu3`linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB18:08
daftykinsok, just my memory18:08
daftykinsand i don't know18:08
daftykinsyou seem to have two non-standard boot params, nomdmonddf nomdmonisw18:09
Azelphurthat's weird, I don't remember doing that18:10
Azelphuralso, apparently sudo X -configure is supposed to generate a config file, but that doesn't work18:10
daftykinswouldn't hurt to boot a 16.04.1 live session and see how it behaves, unless you're doing all this remotely18:11
Azelphurnah I'm in front of it18:12
Azelphurgonna try xorg.conf first18:12
Azelphurdaftykins, created /etc/X11/xorg.conf with http://paste.ubuntu.com/23579328/ still running at 4k :(18:16
diddledanare you sure that modeline is right?18:21
AzelphurI generated it with cvt18:22
penguin42Azelphur: Does it mention your configured monitor in the Xorg.0.log now?18:26
Azelphurpenguin42, think so? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23579377/18:26
Azelphuroh wait, it says VGA1, that's not right18:26
Azelphurit's on HDMI218:27
penguin42ah now that's got the full EDID which is what I was expecting18:27
Azelphurthat's good18:28
AzelphurI think the reason I get a black screen at 4k is because it's a xeon and doesn't have the vram for it18:29
Azelphurbut, I want 1080p anyway18:29
Azelphurwell that's fun, I've now got it to the point where it says it's doing 1080p but has actually added a new line to xrandr output, and get no signal18:32
penguin42Azelphur: In your Device section I think try adding an Option "Monitor-HDMI2" "Configured monitor"18:35
* penguin42 worries when he's going to have to do this to Wayland - got no clue what to poke18:36
Azelphurpenguin42, [     4.297] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI2 using monitor section Configured Monitor18:38
Azelphurbut still running at 4k18:38
penguin42Option "PreferredMode" "1920x1080" ?18:40
AzelphurSuccess: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23579452/18:40
Azelphurpenguin42 / daftykins  thanks folks :)18:41
penguin42excellent - save it somewhere and dont touch it or ask why it works :-)18:41
penguin42Azelphur: You might be able to get 4k @ 30Hz out of it18:41
Azelphurpenguin42, yea you can18:42
daftykinsthat always ends up looking terrible from what i've seen18:45
m0nkey_Anyone using ZFS on Ubuntu, is it stable?18:52
AzelphurHey folks, I got display problem #2, different computer (laptop actually) and a 55" TV I've had for a while, the manual claims that it does 1080p @ 120hz ( http://imgur.com/a/8s2Z4 my model is the far right one ) xrandr only offers 60hz. Any suggestions?22:58
daftykinsyeah you're SOL22:59
Azelphurdaftykins, why? :<23:00
zmoylan-pii like to think of dec 25 as the birthday of one of the greatest... isaac newtown, the invention of the catflap alone has saved millions of hours of human endeavour from standing holding a door open while a cat tries to make up their mind...23:50

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