floridagram<ahoneybun> Got a place inside00:05
floridagram* ahoneybun kicks Keith over here00:08
floridagram<RazPi> Info as promised for pizza.00:35
floridagram3<ahoneybun> The cup fits in my cup holder lol05:09
floridagram3<govatent> I hate Windows.18:13
floridagram3<govatent> At work. Not a personal machine18:13
floridagram3<KMyers> Ouch18:14
floridagram3<govatent> Im creating a new deployment image for 190 laptops.18:15
floridagram3<KMyers> Be it ever so humble there is no place like Ubuntu GNOME.18:46
floridagram3<Abrerr> Gnome so nice :)20:51
floridagram3<Abrerr> It's my goto de20:51

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