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cmaloneyI love my parents17:53
cmaloneyDad called to let me know there's a "Certified Ethical Hacking" class at Oakland University17:53
cmaloneyexplained to my mom that if I was interested in hacking I'd be in jail.17:54
cmaloneyand that it's the equivalent of being a "Certified Ethical Mob Boss" for law enforcement17:54
cmaloneythe good ones are far more creative than what you'd get in a class.17:55
_stink_oh c'mon. you are interesting in hacking aren't you?21:43
_stink_you just have chosen not to.21:43
cmaloneyYeah, that's it. :)21:58
brousch__cmaloney: I feel the same way, about security in general. If I were interested in it, I would already be doing it by this point in my career23:35
jrwren10 yrs ago i'd have been curious who is teaching said class. Hopefully it was no one I knew.23:55

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