LangjanMorning Kilos howzit04:46
Kiloshi Langjan 04:50
Kilosok ty and you?04:51
LangjanOK thks just burned the midnight oil then got lost04:51
Kiloswhat do you need to know with kde04:52
Kilostook me a while to get used to it, but once you are familiar with it it works better04:52
LangjanFor starters this thing says proprietary drivers might be required to enable additional features04:53
Kilosyes then just tick it04:53
Kilosand it will look for drivers for graphics cards etc04:53
Langjanrefresh driver list? or just ok04:53
Kilosif you have nvidia graphics card then install nvidia-current04:54
LangjanHave no idea what graphics04:55
Kilosusing the propriety ones you sometimes need to do a reinstall after kernel upgrades04:55
Kilosit will tell you04:55
Kilosoh maybe you should have done the refresh thing04:55
Kilosthen it looks for drivers04:55
Langjanmake up your mind, I dont have one here04:56
Kilosclick the launcher and type in drivers04:56
LangjanI wanted to make a short cut to her documents then it tells me to enter file name and path  04:57
Kilosthen tick additional drivers04:57
Langjanok one thing at a time 04:57
Langjanwhwres the launcher 04:57
Kilosthey blue K bottom left04:57
Kiloseverything is found from there04:58
Kiloswhen you got time explore all it can do04:58
Langjannothing there about additional drivers04:58
Kilostype in additional then04:59
Kilosmine shows it04:59
Langjantype in where05:00
Kiloswhen you tick the blue k type05:00
Kilosit goes in at the top of the window05:00
Langjanno place to type05:01
Langjanor search05:01
Langjanim having a nightmare05:02
Kilosnee man05:03
Kiloswhen you tick the blue K bottom left it opens a small window05:03
Kilosat the top is a line where you can type in05:04
Kilosmaybe you need to tick it to focus05:04
Langjanit opens a menu but no type box05:04
Langjanalso it says new version available must I upgrade?05:05
Kilosdoesnt it say search at the top05:05
Langjanit says help05:05
Langjanat top and at bottom 05:06
Kiloscan you type in there05:06
Langjanso obviously if you use kde you need lots of help05:06
Kilosno man05:06
Kiloshave you updated/upgraded05:06
Langjanonly updates installed05:07
Langjan no upgrade05:07
Langjanno place to type there either05:07
Kilosopen a terminal05:07
Kilosdo you see a terminal/konsole in that launcher05:08
Langjanrun command05:08
Kilostype in sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade05:08
Langjanterminal disappears when I enter05:10
Langjanit does not look like a terminal05:12
Langjanjust a little box05:12
Kiloswhich kde have you installed05:12
Kilosopen another terminal05:13
Langjanit gives E: The update command takes no arguments05:13
Kilostry just sudo apt update05:14
Langjandoes not do anything05:15
Kiloswat maak jy daar oom05:15
Langjanprobeer 'n kak installasie doen05:16
Kilosyou type in update and it does nothing?05:16
Langjanyes cursor just goes to next line05:16
Kilosare you connected to the internet05:16
Kilostype in ping
Langjan sudo apt-get update same result05:16
Kilosdont use apt-get any more05:17
Kilossudo apt update05:18
Kilosthen sudo apt upgrade05:18
Langjanyes I know just tried it in case 05:18
Langjanping same result05:18
Kilosreboot it05:18
Kilossudo reboot05:18
Langjansame result no result05:19
Langjanshall I reboot and try start again?05:19
Kilosdid you reboot after the install?05:20
Kilosweird that terminal not working05:20
LangjanYes I did, ok at least that works05:20
Langjandeveloping an allergy05:21
Kilosthen open terminal and type in sudo touch /forcefsck05:21
Kilosthats weird man, mine just work everytime05:21
Kilosfirst time i hear of a konsole not working05:22
Kiloskde call a terminal konsole05:22
Langjanok done05:22
Kilosyou done the fsck05:22
Kilosthen reboot05:23
Langjanja man05:23
Kilosit will do a file system check on booting05:23
Langjanok it worked05:23
Kilosok then open konsole05:23
Langjanquick Q on the side05:24
Kilostype in sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt upgrade'05:24
Kilossudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade05:24
Langjanher docs were 16 GB but when loaded it only shows 1205:24
Kilosdocs from where05:25
Langjanbacked up from win xp05:25
Kilosdo you have the original folder05:25
Langjanterminal running on update upgrade05:25
Kilosok so 16g on xp05:25
Kilosand 12g on ubuntu05:26
Langjanits still on ext hard driibe and backed up on my machine05:26
Langjanit shows 16 GB on my machine05:26
Kilosdoes it show 12g on your machine05:26
Kilosfirst get everything upgraded etc then worry about docs05:27
Kilosas long as you have the whole 16g on your machine thats good05:27
Langjanok doing uatoremove05:27
Kilosno wait man05:28
Kilosthat auto remove you can do anytime05:28
Kilosanyway 05:28
Langjanterminal said do autoremove05:28
Langjananyway its done update and upgrade05:29
Kilosok and now konsole works?05:29
Kilosok now see if you start launcher can you type in additional drivers in the little top window05:30
Langjanit says system update available and new version also available05:32
Langjanin notifications05:32
Kilosleave the new version 05:32
Langjanmy allergy is aggravating05:33
Kilosbut update if it wants to05:33
Langjanif I go to update it wants to upgrade05:34
Kilosupgrade to the new version or just upgrade 14.0405:35
Kiloslook what it wants to upgrade05:35
Kiloswe should just install teamviewer and i can do it for you05:36
Langjanthat notification has disappreared05:36
Kilosah 05:37
Kilosthats because is just saw you upgraded05:37
Langjanmaybe 05:37
Kiloshow much space have you on drive05:38
Langjanits smaal, 40 GB about 50% used05:38
Kilosok do the autoremove05:38
Kilosthat will save a bit05:39
Kilosgimme a few mins please05:39
Langjanalready done autoremove05:39
Kilosright what next'05:42
LangjanI want to put a short cut to her documents on the desktop 05:42
Kilosdo you see the small window desktop05:43
Langjansmall window desktop?05:43
LangjanI see the icon, right click gives options05:43
Langjanthen create new05:44
Kilosyes on the whole screen you should see a smallish window top left05:44
Langjanthen variuous link options05:44
Langjansmall window top right says desktop05:45
Kilosanyway that window gets removed too easy imo05:45
Kilosyou see the whole blue screen05:46
Kilosit should show a 3 inch by 3 inch window as desktop on the top left corner05:46
Langjanthat little window gives shortcut settings etc05:47
Langjanits top right corner05:47
Kilosyou can right click create new folder05:47
Kiloscall it docs05:47
Kilos3 by 3 ?05:47
Langjanrun command 05:48
Kilosthen its gone hiding already05:48
Langjanadd widgets05:48
Langjanadd panel05:48
Langjanactivities 05:48
Langjanthose are the options 05:48
Langjanand lock widgets05:48
Kilosill try get you a screenshot when i change drives05:49
Langjanlock screen '05:49
Kilosi think you did a bad install there05:49
Kilosnee man nie daai goed nie05:49
Langjanwel daars niks links bo nie05:49
Kilosshould be a small window about 1/3 the size of the screen05:50
Langjanniks nie05:50
Kilosanyway if you fiddle in it and tick wrong stuff it goes into hiding05:51
Kilosgo to launcher05:51
Kilosthen hover over computer05:51
Kilosthen tick home05:51
Kilosin home you will see options05:52
Kilosone is desktop05:52
Kilostick that05:52
Langjanno computer in menu05:52
Kiloslemme do screenshot05:53
Langjannow I have search term via three colored dots next to K05:53
Kilosfavourites, applications, computer , recently used and leave05:54
Kilosdo you see that05:54
Kiloswhat have you done05:54
Langjanonly favorites05:54
Langjanfoloowed advice to use kde05:54
Kiloswat maak die oom05:55
Kilosya but you doing it with bad feelings man05:55
Langjanno then I would not have done it05:55
Kilosthat isnt a good install so far05:55
Kilosopen terminal and type in sudo apt install aptitude05:56
LangjanI will have to leave you shortly05:56
Kilosok ill be here on and off all day05:56
Kilosthen type in sudo aptitude reinstall kubuntu-desktop05:57
Langjanhow do you open a terminal in this damn thing?05:57
Kiloswhen you tick the launcher do you see the search block at the top05:57
Langjanrun command gives that silly little box again05:57
Kilosand konsole is there too05:57
Kiloswhen you get back give me a shout and we try sort it05:58
Kilosi would install from scratch'05:58
Kilosare you using whole drive for kde05:59
Kilosor running alongside05:59
Langjanaptitude installling05:59
Langjanwhole drive05:59
Langjannow it gives new version of kubuntu option again06:00
Kilosi have no idea how it can be 50% used then06:00
Kilosi have 14.04 on an 8g stick06:01
Kilosyes it nags with that till you turn it off06:01
Langjanwell 40 GB drive with 16 GB docs leaves about 20GB free almost 50%06:01
Kilosoh the docs there already?06:01
Kilosnever put the cart before the horses man06:02
Langjan but shows up as 20 GB strange06:02
Kilosyou like getting everyone into the car before you put the wheels on06:02
Langjanwell the thing was installed06:02
Langjandidnt know kde comes in drips and drabs06:03
Kilosno man06:03
Kilosjy kan bly wees jy so ver06:03
Langjanmet my allergie ja06:04
Kilosyou actually need to play on a working kde and get used to it then you will see how lekker it is06:04
Kilosand you always have hassles when installing06:05
Langjanso is upgrade not an option to try? 06:05
Kilosnot the one to 16.04 no06:05
Kiloswhat are the pc specs06:05
LangjanI dont have such hassles installing ubuntu 06:05
Kilosif its fast you can install 16.0406:06
Kilosyes you did you just got used to it now and forgot your hassles06:06
LangjanI upgraded ram from 512 to 1 GB06:06
Kilosalways try have over 2g ram06:06
Kilosotherwise things are slow06:07
Langjanja man thats all I had06:07
Kilosi have 4g and would like 8g06:07
Langjanits not running slow06:07
Kilosgood then its quite a fast pc06:07
LangjanGood little Fujitsu06:07
LangjanAmilo pro06:08
Kiloshave you done aptitude reinstall kubuntu-desktop06:08
Langjanno it seems to be stuck on processing triggers for libc-bin 06:08
Kilosthats where more ram works06:09
Kilosthings happen quicker06:09
Langjandont have time will let it run then contact you later today06:10
Kilosgo well06:10
Langjanyou too thkas Kilos 06:11
Kilosyw sir06:11
Langjanok changed my schedule, will contact you when it has done running 06:12
LangjanCan aptitude take that long to install?06:33
Kilosno its something not happy there06:34
Kilosbut the desktop reinstall is lots06:34
Kilosbasically the whole system06:35
Kilosas long as it doesnt show error messages you just leave it to run06:35
Kilosbut im sure that was a bad install from scratch06:35
Kilosmaybe some bad sectors in the drive06:36
LangjanAptitude is 11 MB06:36
Kilosaptitude installs in seconds on a good drive06:36
LangjanI have not got to desktop yet06:36
Langjanonly aptitude06:36
Kilosyou should put the drive in your pc then use disks to format it then clean install06:37
Kilosi mean once formatted then put it back and clean install06:37
Langjanwill the lappie drive fit? standard coupling? 06:37
Kilosis it sata06:38
Kilosif its an idea drive you will need an adapter06:38
Kilosbut you can do it from your cd as well06:39
Kiloshave you got 14.04 on stick or dvd06:39
Langjanboot on ubuntu cd in lappie?06:39
Kilosyes boot from dvd06:39
Kilosthen run disks06:39
Kilosdisk utility, i forget what its called06:40
Kilosuse a unity disk06:40
Kiloseven and earlier release 06:40
Langjanok lets do that but give me a while 06:40
Kilos10.10 or something06:40
Kilosno rush06:40
Langjancan do 12.04 or 10.0406:40
Kilosyou can even check for bad blocks from the dvd i think06:41
Langjantermnal died again06:45
Kilosboot from dvd06:45
Langjanwill run thro your instructions and keep in touch06:46
Langjangive me a while 06:46
pavlushkaahoy ZA!07:04
LangjanFormat to ntfs?07:04
Kilosno man07:04
Langjanahoy pavlushka 07:04
Kiloshi pavlushka '07:05
pavlushkaHello Langjan & Kilos  :)07:05
Langjansee what blitsbokke did to nz and fiji07:05
pavlushkaand morning every one.07:05
Kilosno i have no tv here by ian07:05
pavlushkaKilos: then go to neighbor's house07:06
Langjannz 40-0, fiji in final 26-1407:06
Langjangreen and gold monsters07:06
Langjanrevenge for 15-man fiasco07:07
LangjanI think my dvd's are not good, none will boot, only 10.04 which does not seem to have disks available. Will try to burn new iso07:33
Kilosuse 10.0407:33
Kilosand gparted07:33
Kilosdelete every thing and make new drive 07:34
Langjanis it called disk utility?07:34
Kilosext4 and you can name it i think07:34
Kilosdisk utility is good too07:34
Langjanits a sata disk07:35
Kilosthats ok07:35
Kilosgparted will fix it if no disk utility07:35
Langjanok now its New Volume 39GB ext4, is that it? Now fresh install07:37
LangjanGoing for Ubuntu 14.0407:38
Kilosnew volume is a stupid name for a drive07:38
Kilosi name them according to size07:38
Kiloslike 40g07:38
LangjanWhats in a name07:38
Kiloswhen you do paths one day to find something you will see07:38
Kilosshort clear name07:39
Kiloseasier to track07:39
Kilosno spaces or funny characters07:39
LangjanIt refers to a required firmware update07:44
Kilosinstall from scratch07:44
LangjanI saw the same error in kde install but it passed on before I could get all the details 07:44
Kilosfirmware for where07:45
Kilosthe motherboard07:45
Langjanwill have to restert and get back to that message07:45
Langjancan nthe screen be frozen on that message?07:48
Kilosmaybe with pause button07:48
Kilosi have no idea07:48
Langjandid not pause, all I got was error dev sr0 sector 107900 and then where was a weblink that I could not get07:50
Kilosok try the install07:51
Kiloswe can look for bad blocks later07:51
Kilosthe bad blocks command marks them so they arent used07:51
Kilossame as scandisk in old windows and chkdsk in later ones07:52
Langjanthen funny install screen with three horizontal bars, black top and bottom and red in the middle, same screen showed with kde install and disappeared afterwards, I thought it was as it should be but also shows on Ubuntu install07:52
Kilosbut we will first check if there are bad blocks07:52
Kilosdont forget all linux is more sensitive to faulty or weak drives than windows is07:53
Kilostell the tannie to save for an ssd07:53
LangjanCursor shows inside a 20 x 20 mm red block that moves around with it 07:53
Langjanwindow does not respond to click07:54
Langjanok ts going now07:54
LangjanShe did not even want to spend R300 on 2GB RAM07:55
LangjanI had two 512 modules that I donated07:56
Kilosgood man07:57
Kilosstore up blessings in heaven not here07:57
Langjanwhat about the firmware warning?07:58
Kiloslets see if it works first07:59
Kiloscould be a fujitso mb upgrade07:59
Kilosthats major work07:59
Langjanerror copying files, clean dvd, drive, burn at lower speed or check hard disk age 07:59
Kilosclean it07:59
Kiloswipe from centre outwards08:00
Kiloswith soft damp cloth08:00
Langjanok installer crashed, will do and keep in touch  08:01
Kilosok good luck08:04
Kilosi think that drive not in good nick08:05
LangjanI think you think right for a change, lmga!08:07
LangjanSee my mail re paypal, does not recognise tara's id08:08
Kilosoh my08:09
Kilossee pm08:10
LangjanThe link looks like this, I googled the part I could get down: https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/brcm8021108:12
Kiloslemme see08:14
Langjaninstall screen is not clear tells me things are not kosher08:20
Kilostry this08:21
Kilosuse gparted again08:21
Kilosmake a 5g partition and dont use it then make a partition for the rest of the drive and install there08:22
Langjanmust I abort install? It's done about 70%08:22
Kilosor install xp on 5g08:22
Kiloswell see how far it goes first08:22
Kilosdont abort08:23
Kilosit will tell you if it cant complete08:23
Kilosthe first 5g is where most damage occurs08:24
Kilosboot sectors and so on08:24
Kilosi have used widows to use that part of the drive and installed alongside08:24
Kilosoh no08:24
Kilosnot alongside08:25
Kilosin the left over part of drive08:25
Kilosbut i think then you must make partitions for / which is root and /swap and /home08:25
LangjanSeems to be installing 08:28
Langjanconfiguring now08:28
Kilosthank you very much oom Langjan 08:40
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:40
pavlushkaHello Kilos :)08:40
pavlushkaI am almost done with the keyboard layout conf :)08:40
pavlushkajust 1 key short08:41
Kiloswell done pavlushka 08:45
LangjanOK Kilos I have to go for a while, will be in touch08:45
pavlushkaKilos: thanks :)08:45
Kilosok ty Langjan 08:45
Kilosill be here08:45
pavlushkabtw, how to set pm off, someone is spamming me in private09:20
pavlushkawith diff nick09:21
paddatrapperpavlushka: /block *.<ident> ?09:24
Kiloshi there frog boots09:32
paddatrapperHey oom Kilos. Hoe gaan dit? 09:36
Kilosok dankie en jy seun?09:37
paddatrapperGoed. All quiet this side this morning09:41
LangjanKilos, it has installed with message "Firmware not found: b43/ucodes.fw" and some more that I could not get. Chat later10:20
KilosLangjan https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224394510:23
Kilosi go lie down for a while10:23
LangjanYou there Kilos ?13:09
Kilosjust mailed you13:10
LangjanHave a good rest?13:10
Kiloshow far did your installation get13:10
LangjanNot feeling well or pain or missing your ladies or combination?13:10
Kilosall of the above13:11
Kilosjust feel a bit weak for some reason13:11
Kilosmaybe its the heat13:11
LangjanRunning nicely on ubuntu 14.04 with gnome desktp, diska shows no bad sectors13:11
Kilosrun that command in the mail13:11
Langjanit is pretty hot13:11
Kilosit will check properly13:12
Kiloswe 39°c here atm 13:12
Langjanlet me check13:12
Kilosjust the first command will show the state of the drive13:13
Kilosif no bad sectors then no further worries13:13
Langjan35 in the shade but with ceiling insulation we close windows and curtains mid-morning then inside keeps cool13:13
Kilosyeah that could help13:14
Kilosthey got wonderful coolers in melbourne13:14
Kiloswater coolers13:14
Kilosbig square thing on roof13:14
Kiloscools whole house to where i shiver13:14
Langjaninvalid last block13:17
Kilosthen run the next command and it will mark it13:18
Langjanmy cuz reckons Steve Biko is your best bet13:18
Kilosis that here13:19
LangjanPretoria, old H F Verwoerd13:19
LangjanI think there is an error in your badblocks command?13:20
LangjanAussies are well-organized13:23
Langjanblanke toesig13:23
Kilosi had a friend pass in that hospital13:26
Kilosservice and care sucked13:26
Kiloskalafong is good13:27
Kiloshad my hernia done there13:27
Kilosbut far from rustenburg13:27
Langjan# sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda1 > /tmp/bad-blocks.txt13:30
Kilosthat should tell you if there are any13:30
Kiloslook in tmp folder and read13:31
Langjanservice and care sucks in all hospitals, even private ones13:31
Langjanfew exceptions13:31
Kiloskalafong was great when i went midyear about13:31
Langjanit looks like its checking 13:32
Kilosand the hernia op was well done with no comebacks13:32
Langjanyes I remember you had good experience there well then you gotta go for it13:32
Langjanwhere is kalafong13:32
Kilosproffesors do the serious work while interns watch13:32
Kilossouth of pretoria along church street13:33
Kilosbut thats also too far from here13:33
Kilosian says he hears good stuff about swartruggens hospital13:33
Langjanok I see it, its closest to you where you live?13:33
Kilosbusy enquiring more13:33
Langjanso whats the prob?13:34
Kiloswhat prob?13:34
Langjanyou looking for advice about where to go13:34
Kilosoh ye i was hoping to find a good one in rustenburg area13:35
Kilostime away from work costs ian money13:35
Kilosand adds to workload later13:35
Langjanswartruggens is not too far from there but seems like Rustenburg is not to be recommended, pity Jak is no longer there. 13:36
Kilosyes swartruggens is 40 ks13:36
LangjanThey appointed a nurse that he trained as super above him, then he upped and left13:37
Kilosthats whe way things are done13:37
Langjanthat machine is still checking, says (read only) test - is it a long process?13:38
Kilosit checks the whole drive13:39
Kilossector by sector13:39
Langjan38 million sectors so I suppose it will take its time13:39
Kilostry it on a 1tb drive13:39
Langjaneish...I can imagine13:40
Kilosbut then you know where you stand13:41
Kilosit always happens that your most critical system functions always land in bad areas13:42
Kilosive had those invalid sector probs before and only way to get rid of it was to zero the whole drive13:44
* pavlushka just added the layout and its working. yay.13:52
Kiloscool beans pavlushka 13:53
pavlushkaহা হা হা13:53
Kilosno one here understands gibberish13:54
pavlushkatranslation "ha ha ha"13:54
Langjanzero errors13:58
Kilosdrive wasnt properly cleaned for the kde installation14:02
LangjanThks a span Kilos 14:45
Kilosfor what lan14:48
magespawngood evenng all15:43
Kiloshi magespawn 15:44
magespawnhey Kilos15:44
magespawnhey Kilos you back home?16:06
Kilosyes magespawn staying by ian in rustenburg16:10
Kiloslekker beautiful farm but crappie internet16:10
magespawnah yes, you can rarely have both16:15
Kiloshaha paddatrapper the ddg function works well17:34
paddatrapperKilos: awesome :) 17:41
Kilosim using the bot pavlushka has running by them17:42
Kilosor testing it that is17:42
magespawnKilos: is that part of the new ibid project?18:04
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:04
magespawngood night all20:56
kulelu88howzit okes? hows your sunday evenings?21:02

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