tom-macbookBashing-om, Just trying to do me best. Should I run it again with pastebinit?00:00
Jordan_Uclarkk: ls -l /usr/local/bin/testing-logoff-script200:00
clarkkJordan_U: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root users 118 Dec  3 23:28 /usr/local/bin/testing-logoff-script200:01
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I would expect it to still be on the terminal .. try and copy and paste direct to pastebinit ?00:01
Jordan_Uclarkk: Also, I assume that you checked in /root/test-logoff-script.log .00:01
clarkkJordan_U: yes, it's not there00:01
tom-macbookBashing-om, It is, how would I do that?00:01
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yeah, I do know you are doing all your best . I too am trying to get through this. And we will .. just time and effort .00:02
Jordan_Uclarkk: Actually, try "date >> /tmp/test_log.txt" in case lightdm runs as its own user that doesn't have a home directory.00:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:02
clarkkJordan_U: I tried that first, but I think it gets cleared out on reboot.00:03
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Point your browser to " http://paste.ubuntu.com " /// copy and paste there .00:03
Jordan_Uclarkk: Why are you rebooting rather than just logging out?00:03
clarkkJordan_U: I need it to run regardless. OK, I can change it and test the logout00:04
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575473/00:05
Jordan_Uclarkk: Also, please make sure that you're using lightdm as a login manager and not gdm/xdm/etc.00:05
clarkkJordan_U: actually, according to http://askubuntu.com/a/134534, it takes only effect after lightdm is restarted. You can either reboot or login to a console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and run sudo restart lightdm00:05
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clarkkJordan_U: I'm going to test it again. brb00:06
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Bashing-omtom-macbook: Unexpected somewaht .. but not too shabby . let's get a new look . show now ' df -h ; dpkg -l | grep linux ' . Where I do expect we deal with the linux-image-extra components .00:09
clarkkJordan_U: ugh, it won't accept sudo restart lightdm. It returns something like, connection to upstart refused :/00:09
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575483/00:09
tom-macbookBashing-om, That's pretty good!00:10
clarkkJordan_U: how do I determine whether I'm using lightdm?00:10
Jordan_Uclarkk: sudo systemctl restart lightdm00:10
Jordan_Uclarkk: systemctl status lightdm00:10
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ' df -h ' ? we making headway now ?00:11
howarththe ubuntu virtualbox package seems to be really broken00:12
howarthwhereas the oracle virtualbox-5.1 works perfectly00:12
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575492/00:12
howarththe ubuntu ones are at 5.1.6 and behave extremely sluggishly and never produce a usable installation of Windows 1000:12
howarthwhereas the oracles ones install Windows 10 extremely fast and produce a usable copy00:12
clarkkJordan_U: it says, active (running)00:12
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes, I think so!00:12
Jordan_Uclarkk: Then that's what you're using at the moment.00:13
clarkkJordan_U: ok, testing it. brb00:13
Jordan_U!bug | howarth00:14
ubottuhowarth: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:14
howarthperhaps it will clear up when ubuntu upgrades00:16
howarthoracle's virtualbox-5.1 is at 5.1.10 whereas ubuntu's is a 5.1.600:17
Bashing-omyomYeah we making headway ..There are many things I do not understand the why of .. in this case why we still have a status of "pH" when we remove the images . Let's now poke at it once more ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-72-generic ' , See if it can be removed .00:17
howarthrather puzzled why ubuntu is bothering with the duplication00:17
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ^^00:17
howarthconsidering upstream at oracle seems to support the exact same thing for all the ubuntu releases00:17
Jordan_Uhowarth: Do you have a support question?00:17
tom-macbookBashing-om, Got it!00:18
tom-macbookBashing-om, It completed without error00:18
tom-macbookBashing-om, Scratch that, it completed00:19
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Wow .. great ! again try as ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.04.0-34-generic ' .00:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575519/00:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll run that next00:20
clarkkJordan_U: it doesn't work. Also, running that systemctl restart causes errors in lightdm and and appport00:21
blackflowhowarth: Linux native virtualization with KVM is superb. You should try that instead.00:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, "dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-extra-4.04.0-34-generic which isn't installed"00:22
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Looks good BUT !! What in the world have you for a boot loader ? I have not seen " Testing for an existing GRUB menu.lst file ... found: /boot/grub/menu.lst " ---- in Years .00:22
tom-macbookBashing-om, If I knew, I would tell you XD :D00:23
Jordan_Utom-macbook: Is this a BIOS based or UEFI based installation?00:24
tom-macbookJordan_U, Bashing-om, Well, I suppose I should give you some background on the system.00:24
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Typo on my part again, should be as  ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-34-generic ' .. that silly lottle '0' on the wring place .00:24
blackflowhowarth: btw, the Virtualbox in Ubuntu _is_ the upstream one. Unless you're thinking about open source vs closed source version? Well Ubuntu cannot distribute the closed source one. But anyway, VB is obsolete nowadays, KVM is more than capable.00:24
tom-macbookJordan_U, Bashing-om, My goal for it is so I can pop the 500gb laptop harddrive into any computer (not 32bit) and then have it as my system.00:25
tom-macbookJordan_U, Bashing-om, Some are Bios, others are UEFI.00:25
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll run that now00:26
tom-macbookJordan_U, Bashing-om I have alot of OS-less Towers and Laptops that I don't have Harddrives for or want to bother installing anything on, so I figured why not have one drive for all of them?00:27
kk4ewttom-macbook,  that really isnt very practical different machines == different hardware that may or maynot  work00:28
kk4ewttom-macbook,  your best bet would be live iso on a usb00:28
tom-macbookkk4ewt, es, I realize this. I also use it for personal things however.00:29
tom-macbookBashing-om, It finished without any errors.00:29
tom-macbookkk4ewt, It's good to tinker with.00:31
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Figuring out the boot loader once more may be a ral trip .. I do not even remember how to deal with /boot/grub/menu.lst . Was such a long time ago . But for now next ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-38-generic ' .00:31
Jordan_Utom-macbook: sudo apt install grub-pc grub-efi-amd64-signed00:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1314587 in unity (Ubuntu) "Windows slow/stall/freeze when minimizing/restoring/etc in Unity 7 (14.04 and 14.10)" [Critical,Triaged]00:32
howarthlooks like the same issue for the prior OS releases00:32
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll run that!00:32
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes, and the bootloader works in all the places I need, we can save that for another time ;)00:33
tom-macbookJordan_U, So what is that and how does it work?00:33
tom-macbookBashing-om, That one also completed without error! :D00:35
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Bashing-omJordan_U: tom-macbook We still have " iU  linux-generic  " so let us not install anything new yet . And before updating/upgrading/installing we want to disable proposed and backport repos !00:36
tom-macbookBashing-om, I can do that right now!00:37
tom-macbookBashing-om, Proposed and Backports are unchecked00:38
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-42-generic ' .00:38
tom-macbookBashing-om, It's done00:41
DatboiI'm new to IRC00:41
tom-macbookDatboi, Welcome!00:42
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-43-generic ' . Should be the last -extra . next we try and batch purge the related headers .00:43
tom-macbookDatboi, You can ask a question relating to ubuntu or find other channels. You can also adress someone in the chat by beginning their name and pressing tab00:43
DatboiThanks for the information00:43
dikiaapOh boi00:45
Bashing-omtom-macbook: run now ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-4.4.0-{34,38,42,43}-generic ' .00:45
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright. It just finished00:46
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll make a pastebinit00:46
Bashing-omtom-macbook: O got ahead of us (!) // see my XX:46 entry .00:47
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575597/00:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, What do you mean?00:48
nahtnamIf I install `ruby-dev`00:49
nahtnamwill that install ruby and gem?00:49
nahtnambecause I did that in my ci, and it says gem: command not found00:50
clarkkJordan_U: do you have any more suggestions, please?00:50
Bashing-omtom-macbook: As to the " /lib/modules/ we best look, and get ready to get dirty . I do not know the why here either . but we can recover.  pastebin ' ls -al /lib/modules/ ' and let's see what we have to do .00:52
Jordan_Uclarkk: What errors do you see?00:53
Ou42linux mint user here, but I think I'm Ok here...00:53
Ou42installed to usb drive on a win8 laptop. told it to put grub on the keydrive and it appeared to not listen, oh but it did. it's MS/Win/UEFI issue. I installed and ran a boot-repair and it added items to boot menu on the keydrive, but I need them apparently on the hdd. any help?00:53
Jordan_U!mint | Ou4200:53
ubottuOu42: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:53
DrNapsteranyone using 4k with ubuntu mate? how do you make it usable?00:53
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575612/00:53
Ou42it's a grub issue, s'ok? an ubuntu boot-repair thing almost worked.00:53
Ou42i have a link to the pastebin00:54
Jordan_UOu42: #grub for grub issues, ##linux for help with any distro. This channel is for Ubuntu support only.00:54
KOLANICHhi all again. I've managed to install grub and boot from lvm. But I have a few issues. I'm not sure if grub-install is the last stage of installation. I have "install kubuntu permanently" item in the menu. When I was installing packages it asked cdrom though it was in the drive. And I have some weird hdd disks (which are not my hdd) in partition manager and it says they are unwriteable.00:54
Ou42i told it to install grub on the keydive and it did... but EFI did something and i have to reboot each time i trun on the pc to get it to the grub menu on the keydrive. how can i get grub2 efi menu on the hdd?00:54
KOLANICHShould I reinstall it again?00:55
Ou42Jordan_U: gotcha00:56
clarkkJordan_U: it brings up the dialog that says "report a problem"00:57
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Well, package manager was not lyeing to us ... show also ' ls -al /usr/src/ ' and we get dirty .00:59
tom-macbookBashing-om, Okay, can do. What is the problem here?00:59
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575628/01:00
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I had expected that the files in /lib/modules that the package manager would have automagically dealt with . I do not know the why the PM did not .01:01
DrNapsterwhat is the best way to get 4k looking good? any suggestions?01:02
Sean_McGDrNapster: make sure VAAPI and/or VDPAU work on your machine01:02
Sean_McGDrNapster: and more realistically, have a recent nVidia card and their proprietary binary blob driver01:03
tom-macbookBashing-om, I see01:03
DrNapsteri have proprietary nvidia for my 1070 everything is just unusably small the scaling is awful01:04
BetaTDsomeone have good examples of cpu benchmark code?01:05
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Humm,... I must have messed up somewhere on removing the headers . let's see what now results ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-4.4.0-{34,38,42,43} ' .01:05
BetaTDor some default problems to do bench on linux machines01:05
tom-macbookBashing-om, If you did, no worries. This is a great learning experience for us all01:06
tom-macbookBashing-om, It completed, doesn't say anything about errors01:07
Bashing-omtom-macbook: gimme a bit to gather my thoughts .. think we may want to try in re-install "iU  linux-image-generic " stuff .. think'n .01:08
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright :)01:08
Sean_McGDrNapster: ah OK then... check that VDPAU and VAAPI work then01:09
Sean_McGDrNapster: I have a 1070 as well :)01:09
DrNapsterim not sure what you mean by vdpau and vaapi01:10
Sean_McGDrNapster: Google is a thing :)01:10
DrNapsteryeah im working on the google now lol01:10
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Still thin'nnnn // I got a honey-do to take care of .. be back in a bit - maybe 15 minites ?01:11
DrNapsteroh also i should mention im using ubuntu mate01:11
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alrighty! I'll work on this macbook in the meantime.01:11
tom-macbookJordan_U, So, what is that apt-get command you sent?01:15
Sean_McGDrNapster: some hints: open up a Terminal window and check the results of 'vainfo' and 'vdpauinfo'01:17
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chalcednyis there a thing like system restore in ubuntu?01:22
clarkkJordan_U: are you still around?01:22
chalcednywhatever happened to my husband's hard drive is bad bad01:22
bazhangrestore from backups chalcedny01:23
ObrienDavechalcedny, not like what you're thinking for windows01:23
chalcednyObrienDave, its a cool feature in windows01:24
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ObrienDaveyes, i know. i started with Win2 ;P01:24
chalcednyi never used to mess with windows01:24
Jordan_Utom-macbook: It looks like you currently have grub legacy installed. The command I gave will install packages for grub2 for both BIOS and UEFI. (Either of which will only result in a system that is bootable if you otherwise have the appropriate partitions like a BIOS Boot Parittion and an EFI System Partition mounted to /boot/efi/ (those are two separate partitions)).01:25
chalcednyputting his back together i don't know how to do.01:26
tomreynchalcedny: what's up with this hard drive?01:26
tom-macbookJordan_U, Is there any way to have both?01:26
Jordan_Utom-macbook: Yes. You just need to have the things I mentioned setup.01:26
tom-macbookJordan_U, Awesome!!! You just gave me the answer i've been after for months01:27
chalcednytomreyn, he woke up yesterday after it crashed. it says the drive is full, but it shouldnt be. we got it to boot to one of his 3 users, but its 14.04, not 16.04 like it should be, and it had no internet connection (wired)01:27
nubcakehow can i get mysql-server to accept connections from my lan?01:27
chalcednywe managed to get it to see the web01:27
nubcakelsof -Pni :3306 is: mysqld  1332 mysql   27u  IPv4  17320      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)01:28
chalcednyit has no ssh and repositories are basic for trusty only01:28
Jordan_Utom-macbook: If you want to be able to move the drive from one computer to another you'll also need to run "sudo grub-install --removeable --target=x86_64-efi".01:28
tomreynchalcedny: oh i missed the backlog on this. alright. reinstalling is probably the easiest.01:28
tomreynalso i'm afraid i got to go for some 40 miniutes...01:29
chalcednytomreyn, hes sleeping, enjoy but if you can help id sure be grateful :)01:29
tomreynchalcedny: look into why it seems that the drive is full first, use 'df' and 'du' on a terminal01:30
chalcednyah ok01:30
tom-macbookJordan_U, Amazing, Thank you so much!01:31
tomreynor Baobab as a graphical tool01:31
chalcednycan we fix repositories and get ssh back?01:31
tom-macbookJordan_U, After I figure out this issue with my headers and kernals, I'll be sure to do that!01:31
chalcednyits a lot easier for me to work from my system01:32
tom-macbookJordan_U, Would I run that grub update every time i switch computers?01:32
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FrozenlockHello folks. Any ideas if Chromium 55 will be packaged soon for Ubuntu 16? I've been struggling with this bug https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=631171 since I upraded 14 -> 16 and it's driving me mad. :-(01:44
ObrienDavei have Chrome 5501:45
FrozenlockBut not Chromium, right?01:46
ObrienDaveummm, mo01:47
kostkon!info chromium-browser xenial01:50
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 53.0.2785.143-0ubuntu0. (xenial), package size 60333 kB, installed size 230375 kB01:50
marapor7buffer 4101:51
scragglezWhere does ubuntu save the path for current backgrounds? I've been modifying .config/gnome-control-center/backgrounds/last-edited.xml but it doesn't seem to actually be changing anything01:52
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I am back ,, you still here ? Do we continue ?01:52
ObrienDaveif you really need chromium 55 there is a PPA but that would be unsupported here01:53
GeoCan I plug a SATA internal HD into an E-SATA port? Is there any pro/con to using that port over the standard sata port?01:53
ObrienDavegeo, with an Esata to sata adapter, yes. Esata can do 5Gbps iirc01:54
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yep!01:54
ObrienDaveFrozenlock, if you really need chromium 55 there is a PPA but that would be unsupported here01:55
tom-macbookBashing-om, Let's finish this01:55
kostkonscragglez, control center is probably hardcoded to look in /usr/share/backgrounds01:55
GeoObrienDave: ok, they're physically different plugs then?01:55
ObrienDavegeo, yes they are01:55
Geocool, thanks01:55
scragglezkostkon: ah, thanks01:56
tom-macbookBashing-om, What do you have in mind?01:58
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Let's try and stay clean . run next ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image{,-extra}-4.4.0-{46,52}-generic linux-headers-4.4.0-{46,52}{,-generic} ' . We will return to the /lib/modules/ and perhaps /usr/src/ if and when we have too .01:58
tom-macbookBashing-om, KO01:59
FrozenlockObrienDave: Might be worth a look. Could you give me the link?02:00
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I can accept that the removal of -52 will have errors . if so .. lemme know !02:00
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575784/02:02
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yuk - semi so yuk - Did I forget to pull the 3.16 headers ? .. let's get a new status from ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' and see where we now stand .02:07
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575808/02:09
Geoamd this is maybe just a little off topic, so please feel free to redirect me- but i'm transitioning my ubuntu drives to a new computer. I have 4 drives in a raid 5 for large storage, and 2 drives mirrored for OS/home dirs. I'll need to add a sata pcie card to accomodate them all, should the OS drives be on the motherboard sata ports, or the pcie sata ports?02:10
tomreynGeo: it probably doesn't matter unless you've got a mix of 3 / 6 gbps controllers or drives. also, usually (but not necessarily) a separate controller will have more cache, which may be another criteria that might matter.02:13
Geotomreyn, thanks! more cache is better, I assume?02:13
tomreynfaster reads, unless it also does write caching, but then it should have a battery which it probably doesn't have unless you pay extra.02:14
ObrienDaveyes, unless you like bashing spinning rust drives ;P02:14
GeoObrienDave, which configuration would you recommend?02:15
Wotachi, i tried to install more fonts but the PPAs didn't really work, now one of them altered fontconfig and updating or installing software doesn't work02:15
Wotacit suggests that i do "apt-get -f install" but it can't do that02:15
ObrienDaveso, you want to use unsupported PPAs, and then ask for help fixing it?02:16
Wotacno, i want to revert it so i won't be using it after all02:16
ObrienDavethat entails fixing what you did02:17
Wotacit's saying this: "libfontconfig1 : Depends: fontconfig-config (= 2.12.1-0-0ubuntu3-bohoomil-ultimate-ppa20160423) but 2.11.94-0ubuntu2 is installed"02:17
tomreynGeo: unless you are willing to review and compare the mainboard controller and separate controllers' specifications (and the BIOS is able to boot from either) it doesn't matter at all.02:17
ObrienDaveGeo, I'm not much of a RAID person02:18
Geoyeah, i hear you... i guess the real question is, is the pcie bus itself a bottleneck02:18
tom-macbookBashing-om, /boot has 193mb free space02:19
GeoI'd want the performance on the OS disks02:19
tomreynGeo: not if it's PCIe 3.0 (6 Gbps)02:19
tomreynGeo: IF you'll review the specifications and there are differences which suggest one of the controllers will be faster, then decide what's more important to you: slightly shorter OS boot time and application start time, or slightly faster access to stored data?02:20
Geook, thanks again02:20
SomethingssDo I get Mate (terminal) support?02:21
SomethingssI mean here in this channel, or is it an another one?02:21
ObrienDaveSomethingss, you can ask in #ubuntu-mate for Mate specific things. here for Ubuntu core issues02:22
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Huh ? as much as we have removed ?? and setting at only 193mb free space .. where are you seeing this from ?? last "df" I saw we were looking good . If we are for real at such a meager free space sure puts the brakes on the next recommnedation !02:22
tomreynGeo: you should rather use RAID6 than RAID5, though, it is  much better.02:23
tom-macbookBashing-om, This is according to the File Systems tab of the System Monitor. May or may not be up to speed with the system itself02:23
x4mdeutsche hier?02:23
tomreyn!de | x4m02:24
ubottux4m: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!02:24
tom-macbookx4m, Entschuldigung!02:24
Bashing-omtom-macbook: : Let's check again ' df -h ' . as that is real time .02:24
tom-macbookBashing-om, 185mb free. 58% used.02:25
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I hit that big red button again my accident and lost the last df. paste again ' df -h ' and let me see what you see .02:27
tom-macbookBashing-om, You got it :)02:27
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Look'n ( I got so many open tabs on browsers getting to be a pain to keep up :) ))02:28
tom-macbookBashing-om, I know how that feels. My macbook actually locked up earlier because of that!02:29
Wotachow can i change my fontconfig back to stock, i don't seem to have synaptic02:30
Bashing-omtom-macbook: OK ;; we got " 185M " free .. We can work with that . Sorta torn on a best procedure . but let's see how smart the package manager is . Run ' sudo apt install linux-generic/xenial ' . See what happens .02:31
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright, let's see what happens!02:31
tom-macbookBashing-om, Says somethings will be downgraded and removed and 156 will be freed. Looks good to me02:32
jnewtif i try to start transmission, it does not start, i get a "starting transmission" in the bottom bar, and then it just goes away.  how can i track down the issue here?02:33
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Smart little sucker that it is ! //.letter rip !02:33
uxfihii chalcedony :)02:35
tom-macbookBashing-om, It finished with no errors! :D02:35
jnewthave newest version (2.84-3ubuntu3), running on 16.04.1 LTS02:35
ObrienDavejnewt, install deluge. you'll like it better02:36
jnewtObrienDave, maybe, but I want to work through troubleshooting this first as opposed to just giving up.02:37
glitchdjnewt, theres no reason to troubleshoot transmission...just use deluge02:40
ObrienDavejnewt, easiet to uninstall transmission and reinstall02:41
glitchdjnewt, even if u figure out what is wrong with it, its still not that great of a problem. upgrade to deluge.02:41
glitchdjnewt, *not that great of a program02:41
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Give krytarik a big THANK YOU for that last .. He has been most active looking over our shoulders .02:42
glitchdstop squinting.02:42
tom-macbookkrytarik, well well, it'd seem there is a soul watching out for me XD02:42
ObrienDavesoul??? ;P02:42
tom-macbookkrytarik, Thanks a bunch mate. I really owe you and Bashing-om a big one02:42
krytariktom-macbook: Well, it's quite a bit of fun for us too. :P02:43
tom-macbookkrytarik, I can definitely appreciate that. Maybe I'll make it up and stick around in my free time, to see if I can help with anything I know!02:43
krytarikThat'd be great, yep!02:44
tom-macbookkrytarik, I've definitely got a load of free time, too!02:44
tom-macbookThis kind of reminds me of that Aardvark thing Google had for a while. I used to be on that thing for a long time.02:45
Bashing-omtom-macbook: OK. Now let's take a new look and see where we stand . show anew ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules ; ls -al /boot ; dpkg -l | grep linux- ' . we getting ready for the finaleeeee (??) .02:45
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tom-macbookhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23575918/ ; ; ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575921/02:47
Sean_McGI haven't had any issues with Tranmission, been using it for years02:47
tom-macbookhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23575925/ ; ; ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/23575927/02:48
jnewtmine works now.  for some reason, i have to run iptables --flush everytime I boot this VM for anything internet related (down to ping) to work.  not sure why02:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, ^^^02:48
FareI'm trying to make my ubuntu partition bootable. How do I configure the initramfs to know about cryptsetup, etc.02:48
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Not as clean as I had hoped .. lemme do some more look'n .02:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alrighty!02:51
kastiusmoin wobel02:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'm actually looking at throwing lubuntu onto an old macbook air 1,1 in the meantime.02:51
ObrienDavejnewt, such details would have been helpful to know at the beginning02:51
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic xenial02:52
kastiusgibt es hier auch deutsche?02:52
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB02:52
mojtabaHello, I have an extra 16 GB SSD drvie on my computer. Is it possible to install fresh ubuntu on it and point the home directory to my current home directory? (I mean can I share my home directory between different OSes?)02:52
Sean_McGmojtaba: don't see why not02:52
Sean_McG16 GB seems small for an SSD though02:53
tom-macbookmojtaba, Keep in mind that this doesn't include your personal files and programs02:53
mojtabatom-macbook: What do you mean by personal files?02:53
mojtabaSean_McG: It was on it.02:53
tom-macbookmojtaba, Documents, Pictures, Music etc that you keep with that OS02:54
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I know nothing about Mac(s) .., Animosity from the old Amiga days - and thus far I have managed to avoid Macs .02:54
Sean_McGAmiga was such an amazing machine for it's time02:54
mojtabatom-macbook: I thought those are on my home directory02:54
tom-macbookBashing-om, I can hardly blame you. I am not pleased with apple as of late.02:54
tom-macbookmojtaba, Yes, they are.02:56
Bashing-omtom-macbook: A gentle poke again ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-72-generic ' . Does what ?02:56
mojtabatom-macbook: So why I don't have access to them? I am going to point to the same home directory02:57
tom-macbookBashing-om, It completed without error02:57
tom-macbookmojtaba, Ah, if there is a way to do that, then yes. Sorry, I may have misunderstood the original question.02:58
mojtabatom-macbook: that's fine.02:58
jnewtObrienDave, sure, I forgot about that issue.  as soon as I remembered it, the question changes to why do i always have to flush iptables?02:58
Bashing-omtom-macbook: thin'nnnnn .02:59
jnewtor maybe Why does transmission not start (as opposed to just not download) when there is something up with iptables?03:00
mojtabaThe last question, should I create every partition on the SSD, except the home directory?03:01
mojtabaHow should I point to the home directory that I currently have?03:01
mojtabaHow much should be the size of each one? (considering the capacity of the SSD is 16GB)03:02
Sean_McGyou can just add the old drive to /etc/fstab and mount it directly to /home03:02
Sean_McG(unless you feel comfortable configuring automount)03:02
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Next is my own slow way ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-73-generic ' . Seems we are doing good here .03:03
tom-macbookBashing-om, I agree03:03
tom-macbookBashing-om, That went through quite well.03:03
tom-macbookAll done.03:03
Sean_McGoh wait no, if that drive has a whole OS, you might need to mount it elsewhere and potentially symlink /home/<your_user>03:03
mojtabaSean_McG: Yes that drive has the whole OS.03:04
mojtabaSean_McG: is there anyway of making this automatic?03:04
mojtabaOr I have to mount it each time?03:05
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Great .. next ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-4.4.0-52-generic ' . Cause -52 is not yet prime time in the repo !03:05
SomethingssSean_McG: Wouldn't symlinking to /home be enough?03:05
Sean_McGyes, you can tell mounts in /etc/fstab to be automatic03:05
Sean_McGSomethingss: yes03:05
Somethingssmojtaba: You could create a folder /myolddrive, automount it and a symlink should pick it up03:05
mojtabaSomethingss: thanks03:06
mojtabaSean_McG: thanks03:06
ObrienDavejnewt, i don't know, but since you're using a VM ask in their group03:06
tom-macbookBashing-om, Oop, it complained about that one. Dependency problems on 52-generic03:06
tom-macbookBashing-om, ^^03:07
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yep, got my horse before the cart - thought that was gone .. ok try as ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-52-generic ' first .03:10
Sean_McGmojtaba: actually it would be more correct to say that entries in /etc/fstab are automatic by default, and have to be set as 'noauto' when you don't want them to mount automatically03:11
tom-macbookBashing-om, That one finished well. Should I run the command you sent before again?03:12
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yep .. should complete now .03:13
tom-macbookBashing-om, THERE WE GO.03:14
=== abhishek__ is now known as masterofdomain
MassVIAnyone use retroarch on here?03:18
Bashing-omtom-macbook: A bot more to come ..but s l o w l y getting there . ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-73-generic ' .03:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright, let's do it03:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, That's done03:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, Actually, there is some interesting stuff here. One sec.03:22
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Go for a quick smoke while I wait .03:23
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576035/03:23
tom-macbookBashing-om, Oh, yes, by all means, do.03:23
rthorntonno smoking allowed03:24
chacewhatwhatHey everyone.03:25
tom-macbookIt'd seem some symbolic links are dead. Glad that was dealt with.03:25
chacewhatwhatI was trying to install LXDE but i think i accidentally installed lubuntu, now ubuntu boots showing the lubuntu logo but stays in the unity DE. (super) no longer opens the menu thing, and windows have weird button layouts. Any advice?03:27
wedgiechacewhatwhat: does the login screen (where you enter your password) have a selector to choose which DE to use?03:30
wedgiewhen i installed MATE that is what i had to do.03:31
chacewhatwhatYes, and the other option besides ubuntu default is plasma03:31
chacewhatwhatwhen i log into plasma, its just a black screen, i have to ctrl-alt-del to log out03:31
Bashing-omtom-macbook: "The link /initrd.img is a damaged link " here is of some concern .. Last night that symlink was not established ! Package manager now says it is .. something changed ,, and I should have checked that the symlinks did not point to anything we were to UN-install .. too late now !03:32
chacewhatwhatoh, and dpkg keeps returning error 1, i need to do a fresh install03:33
nedbatI had both 4.4.0-31 and 4.4.0-51 kernels installed.  I tried to uninstall -31, and had a few error messages I didn't understand: https://gist.github.com/nedbat/b392e699d44923dee1e55d1238fc6f51  Did I do something wrong?03:34
tom-macbookBashing-om, Perhaps, but there is a chance that it will fix itself, like it did with .52?03:34
Sean_McGnedbat: not 100% certain, but I think they can be safely ignored, especially the one concerning the kernel headers for -31 not being found03:35
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Well .. perhpas before you reboot - inaugerate what Jordan_U advised and get grub-2 installed , that will fix the symlinks . // look'n now to see where we are kernel wise .03:35
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes, I was going to, just not sure when I should. I wrote down what he said so I should have it all together when I need it.03:36
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Looks like it will not be long . still look'n at the next step ..03:37
tom-macbookBashing-om, Awesome!03:37
nedbatSean_McG: yeah, things seem ok, but that's a lot of friction.03:39
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Lost track of where we are . show me anew ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ; please .03:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576074/03:40
=== CompuDesktop is now known as Compu
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Are we looking good or what ! .. ok ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-4.4.0-52-generic ; sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-4.4.0-52 ' .03:43
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yeah! Those went through like a charm.03:44
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tom-macbookWhat just happened?!?03:46
Sean_McGgo go gadget freenode03:46
puffinzouch, my groin\03:46
puffinzlooks like matrix.org and riot dropped03:46
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Now we should be all set for clean up .. but let is look before we leap . show a new ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules ; ls -al /boot/ ; dpkg -l | grep linux- ' .03:46
tom-macbookAutomated kick the AFK-ers?03:46
tom-macbookBashing-om, Can do!03:47
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576087/03:47
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Looks like a bad link between the servers for our IRC .03:47
=== anon is now known as Guest47314
Fremananything to do with the erotic novel messages?03:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576090/03:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576093/03:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576095/03:49
tom-macbookBashing-om, How's it looking?03:49
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Good, but not clean enough ... while on my mind .. the nVidia367 driver - how did you install it ? - meantime I am considering what to do with the stragglers in /lib/modules .. and the old initrd.img files .03:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, I installed it through the additional drivers panel. My main desktop runs happily with a GTX 750.03:54
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
=== system is now known as Guest53351
=== mundus2018 is now known as mundus2018_
Bashing-omtom-macbook: On the Nvidia driver .. good . system will take care of it . And we get just a bit dirty . Run ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/4.4.0-{34,38,42,43}* ' .03:59
tom-macbookBashing-om, This'll be fun then!04:00
Bashing-omtom-macbook: The next maybe even funner :)04:00
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright, that's in.04:02
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
plasmoduckdoes the biometric finger scanner on laptops work out of the box with ubuntu in most cases or do I need to install some software?04:03
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
tom-macbookplasmoduck, There is every chance it'd be in the additional drivers section.04:05
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Iffy here as to if we get the desired result, but run ' sudo rm /boot/*-4.4.0-{30,34,38,42,43}-generic ' . And one to go !04:06
dansthey guys, what do you think of running ubuntu touch on x86 tablet?04:07
danstI see there are preinstalled system images for that http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/04:07
danstbut there should be something done with bootloader probably04:07
danstwill extracting those onto ext4 partition and doing grub-install for this disk do the trick?04:08
tom-macbookdanst, Give them a few, someonw who knows will answer.04:09
FareUh, how do I convince initramfs to include cryptsetup?04:09
johnzornhow can I check if my last set of updates went well? Is there a command that will show if the system is in a consistent state?04:09
Bashing-omjohnzorn: Check ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' a return of all 0's .. you are good to go .04:11
johnzornThey return 0's. My problem is when I do dpkg --list there are alot of rc and un packages. I upgraded my kernel and rebooted twice and when I try to install virtualbox it still thinks I'm on the old kernel. uname -a shows the new kernel.04:15
danstwhat's the error message you get from virtualbox04:16
danstmaybe it wants your kernel sources04:16
danstto install some modules04:16
tom-macbookBashing-om, what are these little commands doing?04:17
ObrienDaveupdate is for current repo info04:18
ObrienDaveupgrade is for installed packages04:18
=== lolmac is now known as Guest5648
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Well .. looking at kernels that no longer exist and I hope then removing the initrd.img files that do exist that should not be in existence  - that is my hope here .04:19
tom-macbookBashing-om, I see. That is good. Let me run the command that checks space.04:19
johnzorndanst, when I check the logs it is building against the old kernel 3.16 I'm on 4.8 now I removed everything from 3.16 so I don't know where it's getting this from04:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576234/04:20
Bashing-omtom-macbook: :) .. knock'n em out John .. we got " 278M " of free space now .. and I hope soon to wrap this up .04:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, I have a feeling it won't be long.04:22
tom-macbookBashing-om, Afterwords,could you explain to me how to prevent this from happening again?04:23
=== sparklyballs_2 is now known as Sparklyballs
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Already have . house cleaning , say monthly ? ( I run real tight and I clean on 2nd new kernel install)04:24
tom-macbookBashing-om, i see04:27
tom-macbookBashing-om, I need to clean up my MacBook then.04:29
Bashing-omtom-macbook: The one with the 15.10 install .. do not bother as it is no longer supported !04:32
tom-macbookBashing-om, I can upgrade it (If that is a wise thing to do)04:32
tom-macbookBashing-om, I just want to clean up a bit before I do. It's offered to give me the update.04:33
kang0(477) #ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services04:33
kang0Isn't it strange?04:33
HelloWorld[m]1Was geht up?tom-macbook04:33
tom-macbookHelloWorld[m]1, Hallo04:34
kang0Off topic is more restricted than Main channel?04:34
kang0Who has 2 hours time to spare?04:34
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yeah ,, in that case of an on-line release upgrade . will be a great thing to do .04:34
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll do it overnight then.04:34
=== kang0 is now known as Neuchatel
Bashing-omtom-macbook: House cleaning : ' sudo apt-get autoclean # only removes files that cannot be downloaded anymore (obsolete) ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ' . In addition no proprietary drivers installled and screen saver tirned off .. and best if all PPAs reverted to default repo packaging ( update manager "should" take care of that .. but ... ) .04:38
Bashing-omtom-macbook: On our kernel issue . we ready to look at the last one ?04:39
tom-macbookBashing-om, And if I have run those on my macbook at the kernals and headers are still there....? Then what?04:39
lenswipeewhat main path are you suppose to install programs to so that all users can access it/use it?04:39
=== slack1 is now known as sl4ck
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yep! Let's get this finished so I can upgrade it04:40
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Well .. if the system is in a consistent state and the package manager is happy hapy happy .. there will be no issue . after 'autoremove there should only be 2 kernels in the install left .04:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, Apparently all of my linux systems have a dist-upgrade04:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright! Hopefully that is how it will happen.04:41
Bashing-omtom-macbook: "dist-upgrade" upgrades installed packages .. has nothing direct to do with a release upgrade to the next version release . Different command to effect the release-upgrade .04:42
tom-macbookBashing-om, Ah.04:42
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'm still a bit fuzzy on them all.04:42
Bashing-omtom-macbook: It is amazing to me what I do not understand  - one of the reasons I do what we do here - . learning linux is a life time process .04:43
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes, I can tell. And it is definitely path to success04:44
tom-macbookBashing-om, It'll get you far in the long run.04:45
uxfihi tom-macbook04:46
tom-macbookuxfi, Hello04:46
Bashing-omtom-macbook:  If that last completed with no issues , now run ' sudo rm /boot/*-3.16.0-71-generic ' . And we take a final look at ALL .04:47
Bashing-omtom-macbook: NO!!!!!!!04:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, Sounds g04:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, Oh?04:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, I haven't put it in yet04:48
Bashing-omtom-macbook: 71 is opur booting kernel .. I gor my wires crossed .04:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, No worries. It's all looking the same to me too XD04:48
Bashing-omtom-macbook: run ' sudo rm /boot/*-3.16.0-77-generic ' . It is the -77 .img we want gone gone .04:49
musclekingmuscle worship come worship me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnXiNrpNHRA04:50
musclekinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zEmU_mcc6I Muscle worship-master is back04:50
tom-macbookBashing-om, He's gone.04:50
uxfimuscleking;  work out?04:50
lenswipeehi, i have a stand alone program that i have to manually install. google tells me to drop it in /user/bin so that all users can access it. any thoughts?04:51
InstallingUbuntuCan anyone give me a hand installing Ubuntu 16.10 on an old machine?04:51
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, I probably can to an extent04:52
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, What machine?04:52
Bashing-omtom-macbook: OK .. final check we hope . ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules/ ; ls -al /boot/ dpkg -l } grep linux ' . If now all agree we have the "system heal thy self " .04:52
musclekinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-HOputmGEU Muscle worship youbg bodybuilding god04:52
InstallingUbuntuAn old custom built Win7 garbage tower04:53
InstallingUbuntuI got it a few years back04:53
musclekingjust collecting more pay fags04:53
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Do you want it with or without Windows?04:53
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576318/04:53
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576319/04:54
FlazHello to all04:54
InstallingUbuntuI'm getting rid of Windows, and I know the install process to an extent, but when I try to boot from a USB I get stuck on the splash screen04:54
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576322/04:54
tom-macbookBashing-om, Those were a bit out of order, sorry04:54
InstallingUbuntuI can get to the selection screen for install or try but after I select one A: it gets stuck at the splash screen or B: it goes to black screen04:55
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, That could be a variety of reasons.04:56
Bashing-omtom-macbook: good si far perfect .. and /boot/ ?04:56
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576325/04:56
Bashing-om!nomodeset | InstallingUbuntu Have you tried ?04:57
ubottuInstallingUbuntu Have you tried ?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:57
InstallingUbuntuTried it, it gave me a corrupted looking screen04:57
InstallingUbuntuLike Tv static but colored and slanted04:57
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Kind of red lines?04:57
FlazI've a big problem with package, i have tryed all, "make clean" and all commands to fix, but i've yed many damaged packets04:58
Flazso I can not install or fix almost anything04:58
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Do they morph around and glitch with the cursor?04:58
InstallingUbuntuno, it just freezes up at that point04:58
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Do you have a graphics card?04:58
InstallingUbuntunot sure04:59
InstallingUbuntulet me check04:59
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Like Nvidia or similar04:59
InstallingUbuntuprobably not04:59
InstallingUbuntuIt's basically scrap04:59
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, I see...04:59
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Now with a bit of unknown how grub will re-act ; run ' sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg --configure -a ' .05:00
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, Is it the correct architecture?05:00
InstallingUbuntuyep, 32 bit05:00
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes sir! Let's get it knocked ot05:00
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, colored and slanted is indicative of a syncing issue05:00
InstallingUbuntuWhat should I do?05:01
tom-macbookBashing-om, apt-getf install returned with all 0's except for 1 not upgraded.05:01
tom-macbookBashing-om, let's see what dpkg does05:02
ObrienDavevideo sync, you might have to see if there's a setting to use your display resolution and/or refresh rate05:02
chovy_anyone have an asus zenbook?05:02
tom-macbookBashing-om, dpkg configure did nothing. Or if it did, it returned straight to prompt.05:02
InstallingUbuntuMy monitor is an old Gateway FPD153005:03
InstallingUbuntuWhat should my next step be?05:04
InstallingUbuntuShould I try a different monitor, or is it my graphics?05:05
Bashing-omtom-macbook: A return to prompt is a great thing ! ..ok .. now for grub . what now is set for booting ? show ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' .05:05
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, I do not know about syncing issues, but it wouldn't hurt to try a different monitor.05:05
ObrienDaveit is 1024x768 it should work. see if the screen menu has sync settings05:05
InstallingUbuntuNo sync settings in the menu05:06
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576335/05:06
lenswipeewhat's the difference between usr/local and usr/locale?05:06
ObrienDaveor, when installing and you get to that part, the display menu might have an 'auto' setting05:06
InstallingUbuntuthere's an Auto/set button05:06
ObrienDavetry that05:07
tom-macbooklenswipee, Locale usually has something to do with region05:07
InstallingUbuntu1 min05:07
lenswipeetom-macbook, where do i manually install programs to? /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin?05:08
InstallingUbuntuJust hit Try w/o installing...05:08
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Great again ! .. I can live with that - if the system honots grub2 at this point . your call .. reboot now and see .. or take Jordan_U's advise and do the grub2 install prior to rebooting ??05:08
Ben64lenswipee: ~/bin05:08
InstallingUbuntutakes a few seconds to do anything05:08
tom-macbooklenswipee, I wouldn't know the answer to that one, sorry :/05:08
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Honors*05:08
lenswipeeBen64, what ~ mean05:08
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, https://panam.gateway.com/s/Manuals/Desktops/8508866/05:09
Jordan_Ulenswipee: What are you trying to install?05:09
Ben64lenswipee: your home directory05:09
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll take Jordan_U's advice and try that out.05:09
lenswipeeBen64, i want all users to access program05:09
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I feel that is the better course .05:09
lenswipeeJordan_U, a program that doesn't have a package manager05:09
InstallingUbuntuOk I see ubuntu 16.1005:09
Ben64lenswipee: then install stuff the correct way, using apt05:09
tom-macbookBashing-om, I agree05:09
InstallingUbuntuand that is my monitor ObrienDave05:10
tom-macbookBashing-om, Should I also run the "sudo grub-install --removeable –target=x86_64-efi"?05:10
lenswipeeBen64, it came as a tar file05:10
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, yes, sent you a link for the manual05:10
Ben64lenswipee: then i suggest you delete it and find a better way of getting the software05:10
lenswipeeBen64, Unfortunately the company who made it done it this way05:11
InstallingUbuntuNow its showing the Windows 7 shutting down screen (which was the last thing on the monitor before rebooting) but the image is all staticy05:11
InstallingUbuntuvery strange05:11
lenswipeeBen64, no better way. it's from company site.05:11
InstallingUbuntugoing to try the auto/set05:11
InstallingUbuntuaaaaaaaand it did nothing05:11
tom-macbookBashing-om, ALRIGHT....Configuring grub-pc. I feel i need to be careful here.05:12
ObrienDavestaticy, try checking cable connections05:12
Ben64lenswipee: then i'd put it in /opt/<software>05:12
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Got me .. I was not paying full attention to that detail . as I thought you understood Jordan_U's directive .05:12
InstallingUbuntucable connections are fine05:12
InstallingUbuntuthats the 1st thing I tried05:12
lenswipeeBen64, opt meaning?05:12
ObrienDaveonboard graphics?05:12
ObrienDaveor video card05:13
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave I dont think it has either05:13
tom-macbookBashing-om, What about grub install devices? Which one do I want?05:13
Ben64lenswipee: historically option i think05:13
Bashing-omtom-macbook: show me ' sudo fdisk -lu ' so we see what is .05:13
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave I can go back to Win7 and check the specs05:13
lenswipeeBen64, what's wrong with /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin?05:14
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, yea, if it a card, check to see if the card came loose05:14
Ben64lenswipee: those directories are used by the system, could cause conflicts05:14
tom-macbookBashing-om, ^^05:14
lenswipeeBen64, http://askubuntu.com/questions/65728/where-to-install-software-and-executables-for-all-users05:15
lenswipeeBen64, link says /usr/bin or usr/local/bin05:16
Ben64lenswipee: then do whatever you want05:16
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Your 1st hard drive is the ubuntu install and you want grub installed to 'sda'  / Unless a dire need exist always install to the MBR ( sector 0) . for the boot code .. that is 'sda' .05:16
tom-macbookBashing-om, Got it. Thank you.05:17
tom-macbookBashing-om, That has completed. now for the EFI version I guess05:17
tom-macbookAnd now that is done.05:18
Bashing-omtom-macbook: EFI is not in my bag of tricks ( yet) .05:18
tom-macbookBashing-om, It completed without error and is at the prompt, so I'll go along with it.05:18
tom-macbookBashing-om, One more command and I'll reboot.05:19
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ' sudo update-grub ' . says all Okee Dokeee ?05:19
tom-macbookBashing-om, The specific command being "sudo grub-install --removeable –target=x86_64-efi"05:19
=== mundus2018_ is now known as mundus2018
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Uh huh ,, and for checking make sure ' sudo update-grub ' has a positive result .05:20
SynfulAckanyone have experience with burning ESXi with dd?05:20
tom-macbookBashing-om, Alright, wish me luck!05:21
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave still here?05:21
tom-macbookFinal stretch....05:21
InstallingUbuntuI have msinfo32 up05:21
ObrienDaveok, what video?05:21
Bashing-omtom-macbook: No luck to it .. good system administration pays back triple .05:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, Jordan_U grub-install: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for –target=x86_64-efi.  Check your device.map.05:22
InstallingUbuntuNothing under summary05:22
InstallingUbuntuThere's no video or graphics card05:22
ObrienDavethere MUST be. computer model number?05:23
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Here I must bow to Jordan_U .. "I no nothing " about EFI booting .05:23
InstallingUbuntuunder System Model05:24
InstallingUbuntuagain, its custom05:24
Sean_McGhmmm, sleeptime05:24
InstallingUbuntuI bought it ~4 years ago05:24
tom-macbookBashing-om, Maybe I will just run simple grub-install and do that other one later.05:24
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I no nothing ! .. but we need some-one here to make sure boot code is installed !05:25
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, https://www.cnet.com/products/asrock-p4i65gv-motherboard-micro-atx-socket-478-i865gv/specs/05:25
InstallingUbuntuIntel® Extreme Graphics 2 seems to be built onto it05:25
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll run only grub-install and try that05:25
InstallingUbuntuyeah I have that page up05:25
tom-macbookBash Install device isn't specified....05:26
Bashing-omEriC^^: Ya got time to delve into a mess with tom-macbook ??05:26
tom-macbookBashing-om, Actually, I understand Jordan_U 's instructions. It is only one grub at a time unless they are on different partitions. So let's stick with grub-pc05:27
FlazI've a big problem with packets, i have tryed all, "make clean" and all commands to fix, but i've yed many damaged packets so I can not install or fix almost anything. Ubuntu 14.0405:27
ObrienDaveok, which ubuntu are you trying to install?05:27
InstallingUbuntuDesktop 16.10 32bit05:27
Bashing-omtom-macbook: My concern is being able to boot this system in the event of failure . we are going to assume that sda2 is the boot partition for this EFI install .05:29
tom-macbookBashing-om, There is no EFI partition in /boot05:30
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
tom-macbookBashing-om, /boot/grub I should say05:30
scragglezIs anyone familar with creating upstart jobs?05:31
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, you might have to go to a much older version, and do the upgrade to 16.10 from there05:31
InstallingUbuntuWhat version?05:31
ObrienDaveoldest LTS is 12.0405:32
ObrienDavethat's good for 6 more months05:32
InstallingUbuntubut isn't that a later version?05:32
ObrienDaveno, it's year,month05:32
ObrienDave12.04 is april 201205:32
Bashing-omtom-macbook: " 993280   485M 83 Linux " says this is not a EFI install !05:33
InstallingUbuntuhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ ?05:33
tom-macbookBashing-om, So how should we proceed?05:33
InstallingUbuntuShould I install that on my USB with Rufus?05:34
John[Lisbeth]rufus is a fine tool05:34
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, yes, get the 386 version. can you do torrents?05:35
InstallingUbuntuI just downloaded it05:35
Bashing-omtom-macbook: With your desure to also be able to boot this drive in a EFI environment .. I can not advise on a means to install grub to make that doable .05:35
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, which OS are you using now?05:35
InstallingUbuntuI'm on a separate computer, Win1005:35
InstallingUbuntuThe junk pc is Win7 Ultamate05:36
tom-macbookBashing-om, Completly understandable. It can always be done later as well. Let's continue on the course we were headed and wrap this up! :)05:36
InstallingUbuntuThe junk one is the one I'm installing on05:36
ObrienDaveok, not familiar with rufus but any program that can properly install to USB would work. personally, i've had better luck burning DVD05:37
InstallingUbuntuWell I'm installing it on the USB05:37
ObrienDavek, can you do torrents?05:38
InstallingUbuntuI've gotten used to it, this is like my 8th try05:38
InstallingUbuntuI just downloaded the iso straight up05:38
InstallingUbuntuthey still host it05:38
ObrienDaveyes, it's still a supported version05:38
InstallingUbuntu32-bit PC (i386) desktop CD05:39
ObrienDaveLTS is good for 5 years05:39
InstallingUbuntuok, going to try to boot to the usb05:39
tom-macbookBashing-om, How can i have grub run in the way it did before?05:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, Can I purge it and reinstall?05:40
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, even number years ending in 04 are Long Term Support versions. 12.04 14.04 16.04 etc05:42
InstallingUbuntuGot it05:42
Bashing-omtom-macbook: we can install grub2 . but as to how to get it back to "what it was" I just do not have that recall of how grub legacy worked .05:42
InstallingUbuntuI just hit "Try w/o installing"05:42
InstallingUbuntutaking a minute to do anything05:42
ObrienDaveoh yes, been there :)05:42
EriC^^Bashing-om: tom-macbook how can i help?05:42
tom-macbookAh, perfect timing05:43
uxfiEriC^^;  hi sir!05:43
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, brb 10 min break :)05:43
EriC^^hi uxfi05:43
InstallingUbuntuwish me luck05:43
InstallingUbuntuNew problem05:44
lenswipee14.04 LTS is bad. 16.04 much improved.05:44
ObrienDavecool, do the install and then you will have to upgrade to 14.04 then 16.04. not sure if you can skip straight to 16.0405:44
InstallingUbuntudoesnt seem to recognize my wireless card05:45
ObrienDaveok, what?05:45
InstallingUbuntuWireless tab shows no networks05:45
ObrienDavego hardwire for now05:45
tom-macbookBashing-om, Would you explain to EriC^^ ? You know what you're doing more than I do XD05:45
Bashing-omEriC^^: I thought this was a EFI grub thing .. turns out this drive only has a seperate /boot. We are to install grub2 - replacing grub-legacy  .05:45
Drone`(help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin. You may also want to use the 'list' command to list all available plugins and commands.05:45
xX0x431Xx`elky: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin. You may also want to use the 'list' command to list all available plugins and commands.05:45
ubottu(help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.05:45
InstallingUbuntuthe problem with that is05:45
lenswipeeInstallingUbuntu, best to fresh install straight into 16.0405:45
InstallingUbuntulenswipee cant05:45
InstallingUbuntuold computer05:45
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave I don't have an ethernet cord long enough05:46
InstallingUbuntuMy router is set up near the celing and its connected to too many things for me to move it05:47
ObrienDaveLOL ok, see if you can use one from another device05:47
InstallingUbuntuone what?05:47
InstallingUbuntuthey're all too short to reach the ground05:48
InstallingUbuntuI do, however, have a wireless dongle05:48
ObrienDaveok, only thing left is to try the 14.04 version05:48
InstallingUbuntuwhich I have no Idea if it works w/ linux05:48
ObrienDaveif the system recognizes it, it would work05:48
Bashing-omtom-macbook: what have you got on sda4 ?05:49
tom-macbookBashing-om, SDA4, let me check05:49
EriC^^Bashing-om: tom-macbook what's the problem exactly?05:49
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, the 'try it' part has very limited wireless support. you might just have to install and see05:50
lenswipeeInstallingUbuntu, why not?05:50
InstallingUbuntuI have a Belkin F9L1101v2 and the system doesn't seem to recognize it05:50
ObrienDaveok, i need that break. 5 min05:50
InstallingUbuntuoh wait05:51
InstallingUbuntunow I see it05:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, SDA4 is kind of a little bridge partition. It is so I can move things back ad forth on systems that don't talk to eachother. A flashdrive esque sort of thing.05:51
Bashing-omEriC^^: Me personallky to tell the truth here 0 I do not know the specific problem . tom-macbook had explained it to Jordan_U , and Jordan_U gave the solution . I was not paying full attention to that .05:51
tom-macbookEriC^^, Bashing-om would be able to explain my situation a bit better, I do not know the lingo, but I can try.05:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ I can send the things Jordan_U posted. I wrote them donw05:52
EriC^^tom-macbook: try to explain the problem05:52
EriC^^what are you trying to do?05:52
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576526/05:54
tom-macbookEriC^^, In the long run, I've had this linux OS on a laptop harddrive for me to take around with me and use on various systems for personal or other purposes. Also for tinkering.05:54
tom-macbookEriC^^, I have alot of towers and laptops and one harddrive, so I switch around alot.05:55
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, cool05:55
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok05:55
EriC^^tom-macbook: so it's not to be used with a mac right?05:55
Bashing-omEriC^^: fdisk -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576526/ for tom-macbook .05:55
InstallingUbuntuLooks like it sees my router05:55
tom-macbookEriC^^, No.05:55
tom-macbookEriC^^, If it could be, that would be cool, but that is not my priority.05:56
InstallingUbuntuYep, it has internet05:56
ObrienDaveok! go for the install05:56
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999905:56
InstallingUbuntuAfter the install, do you recommend I upgrade or stay w/ this version?05:56
tom-macbookEriC^^, Can do.05:57
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, when it's done, do ALL of the updates first and then we'll get you to 16.04 at least05:57
tom-macbookEriC^^, http://termbin.com/lxxl05:57
InstallingUbuntuShould I check download updates while installing?05:57
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ I'm afraid to reboot to fix Bashing-om 's and I's little adventure if grub won't work05:57
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, you can05:58
InstallingUbuntuand 3rd party software?05:58
EriC^^tom-macbook: you don't have a live usb at hand?05:58
ObrienDaveyes, that's for mpeg and MP4 stuff05:58
tom-macbookEriC^^, Yes05:58
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, it will take 20 minutes or so05:59
InstallingUbuntuReplace Windows 7 with Ubuntu05:59
InstallingUbuntuI already copied what I want to save so...05:59
InstallingUbuntuget er done I guess05:59
Bashing-omEriC^^: tom-macbook I need that grub is able to boot the 4.4.0-51 kernel . as is from the grub-legacy was booting 3.16 kernel  .06:00
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, you need a fat32 partition for efi to work06:00
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, if you want to keep W7 you must go the dual boot route06:00
EriC^^tom-macbook: you could delete the swap partition and make it 300mb less or so and create a fat32 with that06:00
InstallingUbuntuNah, I have enough Windows computers. I want a 100% dedicated linux box06:00
Bashing-omEriC^^: the drive is "Disklabel type: dos" . Is that not a problem in that we want GPT ?06:01
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alright. I'll do that now, but is it safe to turn the system off without fixing grub? Also, the computer that the system is on right now is Bios.06:01
EriC^^tom-macbook: or you could use the /boot partition, and make /boot a part of "/"06:01
ObrienDavek, i'll be here and EriC^^ is very good at what we're trying to do :)06:01
EriC^^so you still have an adequately sized swap for hibernation stuff06:01
tom-macbookEriC^^, Whatever you think would be best.06:01
EriC^^tom-macbook: i think turning the /boot would be better06:02
lenswipeehow to remove admin locks in file say in /usr/foo.txt?06:02
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alright, So i'll power down the computer and boot into my linux recovery environment?06:02
EriC^^Bashing-om: no, it'll still work with msdos06:02
Ben64lenswipee: you're going to need to be more specific06:03
InstallingUbuntuAlmost finished copying files looks to be about 80% :)06:03
Bashing-omEriC^^: K. I sit back and watch a master at work :)06:03
EriC^^tom-macbook: no you can do it from the actual session06:03
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave Also, I want to thank you for your help06:03
tom-macbookBashing-om, I owe you alot. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?06:03
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, you till have to do the update part, that's next iirc06:03
lenswipeeBen64, i have a file that has a lock icon on it that i want removed for another user to access06:04
Ben64lenswipee: what file06:04
tom-macbookEriC^^, Please enlighten me, I ddon't want to miss anything06:04
ZeekHugeHi ! I have 14.04 on my laptop(thinkpad T430) and using it with Dell screen through VGA port . I usually keep a lot of applications opened in al the 4 workspaces . But sometimes, when I resume the computer, the lightdm crashes, that is the login window appears for a second, and then everything starts back like I its a new login. And when i log in, the system shows an internal error related to ubuntu-geoip-provider.06:04
ZeekHugecan you please help06:04
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, type sudo cp -a /boot /boot.backup06:04
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, no problem, we've all been there :)06:04
ZeekHugeI don want it to crash06:04
tom-macbookEriC^^, Done06:04
ZeekHugethough its not very frequent ... but still 3 out of 10 times06:04
lenswipeeBen64, foo.txt in /usr/foo.txt06:05
EriC^^tom-macbook: sudo umount /boot06:05
InstallingUbuntuI'll be back in a few mins06:05
Ben64lenswipee: what's the output of "ls -ld /usr/foo.txt"06:05
tom-macbookEriC^^, I'm doing all of this from SSH btw06:05
EriC^^tom-macbook: np06:05
tom-macbookEriC^^, I still have access to the gui and terminal on the actual computer.06:06
EriC^^ok, cool06:06
tom-macbookEriC^^, Done06:06
ZeekHugealso ... I have observed that the system is not 'super stable' with an external display. Is that because of different resolutions of the two screens ?06:06
EriC^^tom-macbook: sudo mkfs.fat /dev/sda206:06
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alright, that finished06:07
EriC^^tom-macbook: sudo blkid /dev/sda206:07
EriC^^tom-macbook: get the uuid and type sudo nano /etc/fstab06:08
EriC^^tom-macbook: comment out the line that has /boot in it, and make a new line that says UUID=04B0-166A /boot/efi       vfat    umask=0077      0       106:08
EriC^^replace your uuid from blkid ^06:09
InstallingUbuntulooks like its Configuing things06:09
tom-macbookEriC^^, Nano reports "/etc/fstab is being edited by root with VIM 704 PID 64606:09
EriC^^tom-macbook: np06:09
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, good, just let it cook until it reboots06:10
ObrienDave*reboots into the desktop06:10
ZeekHugeanyone ?06:10
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave I also have a couple of questions06:10
InstallingUbuntuCan I make this be both a Linux desktop and a home media server?06:11
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alright, that is in. Just to clarify, the line with boot goes UUID=balh blah /boot ext 4 etc?06:11
tom-macbookEriC^^, I comment that one out and replace with the one you sent?06:11
InstallingUbuntuAnd can I make it so I can remotely access the desktop06:12
Bashing-omtom-macbook: " I owe you alot. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?" as you said - just hang in here and help others .06:12
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, not 100% sure what package would do that but I don't see why not.06:12
tom-macbookBashing-om, You got it my friend.06:12
ObrienDavefor both06:12
InstallingUbuntuIt's probably as simple as following a few tutorials06:12
EriC^^tom-macbook: yeah, replacing your uuid with mine06:12
PickledEggsInstallingUbuntu: remotely access your Ubuntu desktop?06:13
tom-macbookALright, got it06:13
EriC^^tom-macbook: the one you got from sudo blkid /dev/sda206:13
PickledEggsInstallingUbuntu: you'll want a VNC server/client06:13
PickledEggsthere are tons out there06:13
EriC^^tom-macbook: i mean replacing my uuid with yours :)06:13
InstallingUbuntuPickledEggs Can it go Windows>Ubuntu?06:13
PickledEggsI like TigerVNC as a Windows client but there are others06:13
PickledEggsIf you'll be accessing it from outside your home network you'll want to find a guide on securing it06:14
tom-macbookEriC^^, Save and quit?06:14
PickledEggsI usually SSH into my Ubuntu box and then VNC to localhost06:14
InstallingUbuntuNah, just in-home06:14
ObrienDaveremote access basically involves emulating mouse and keyboard and copying your display output06:14
ZeekHugeInstallingUbuntu: also, if you can just work on terminal, tmate can be usefull.06:14
InstallingUbuntuStill a linux newbie, so terminal scares me06:14
ObrienDaveit will until you get used to it06:15
InstallingUbuntuI know ;P06:15
EriC^^tom-macbook: yes06:15
InstallingUbuntubut for convenience I just want to be able to vnc from my main pc06:15
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alright, that is all done. What next?06:16
InstallingUbuntuInstallation complete! Restarting06:16
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, as you can see, there a LOT of helpful and knowledgeable people here :)06:17
InstallingUbuntuooooh yes06:17
EriC^^tom-macbook: type sudo rm -r /boot/*06:17
InstallingUbuntuI might actually install an Irc client on this box06:17
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, the best part is if someone steers you wrong, someone else will catch it and correct it very quickly06:18
tom-macbookEriC^^, "No such file or directory"06:18
PickledEggsI use Smuxi for Ubuntu GUI IRC and Irssi for terminal IRC06:18
InstallingUbuntuumm I seem to be stuck at a splash screen06:18
EriC^^tom-macbook: try ls -l /boot anything there?06:18
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, just wait, 1st install is slow06:19
InstallingUbuntuI hope06:19
tom-macbookEriC^^, Nope, empty06:19
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, type sudo mount -a06:19
InstallingUbuntuthe white dots aren't blinking anymore06:19
EriC^^InstallingUbuntu: try pressing esc06:19
tom-macbookEriC^^, "mount point /boot/efi does not exist"06:19
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, i prefer to install updates until the desktop shows06:19
InstallingUbuntunothing happens06:19
EriC^^tom-macbook: oh, right06:20
ObrienDaveupdates AFTER desktop shows06:20
ObrienDavegive a few minutes06:20
InstallingUbuntuStill stuck...06:20
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, type sudo cp -a /boot.backup /boot06:20
EriC^^tom-macbook: then sudo mkdir /boot/efi and try sudo mount -a again06:21
EriC^^tom-macbook: 1 sec06:21
tom-macbookEriC^^, They all went through fine!06:21
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok np, i think the cp command wasn't right, it's ok though06:22
EriC^^tom-macbook: try sudo rm -r /boot/boot.backup06:22
tom-macbookEriC^^, Alrighty!06:22
EriC^^then sudo rsync -av /boot.backup/ /boot06:22
EriC^^(the trailing "/" in /boot.backup/ is important)06:22
tom-macbookEriC^^, It all went through fine! :D06:23
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok :D06:23
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, still stuck?06:23
EriC^^tom-macbook: dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 999906:23
ObrienDaveany network activity you can see?06:24
tom-macbookEriC^^, http://termbin.com/cyqs06:24
InstallingUbuntuThe box is frozen, I cant see a thing06:24
InstallingUbuntuI could scan my network w/ my phone though06:24
ZeekHugectrl+alt+F2 ?06:25
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, first try "grub-install --recheck /dev/sda"06:25
tom-macbookEriC^^, Copy that!06:25
ZeekHugeInstallingUbuntu: ^06:25
InstallingUbuntuIt's disconnected from the network06:25
InstallingUbuntushould I do Ctrl+alt+f2?06:25
tom-macbookEriC^^, I forgot sudo XD06:26
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, not sure what that does06:26
ZeekHugethat would open the terminal.06:26
InstallingUbuntuIt does nothing06:26
tom-macbookEriC^^, Finished, no error reported06:27
InstallingUbuntuShould I power off, power on?06:27
ObrienDavek. let's go ahead and power down. hold power key for 5 to 10 seconds if needed and reboot. you should get the GRUB screen06:27
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, try grub-install --target x86_64-efi --removable06:28
ObrienDavenot sure on a pure Linux system06:28
ZeekHugeInstallingUbuntu: was it stuck on the Ubuntu screen or was it just a full black screen ?06:28
tom-macbookEriC^^, finished without error! :D06:29
EriC^^tom-macbook: cool, update-grub06:29
InstallingUbunturebooted, got some kind of message06:29
InstallingUbuntuNo Caching mode page found06:29
tom-macbookEriC^^, Bashing-om And it is done!06:29
InstallingUbuntuAssuming drive cache; write through06:30
InstallingUbuntuIt lists that 3 times06:30
InstallingUbuntuand nothing else is happening06:30
Bashing-omWjen EriC^^ says all done .. then verify what is set to boot ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' .06:30
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, if you ever put the hdd on a uefi pc, the efi files are in efi/boot/bootx64.efi right now (it's the default hardcoded path for uefi files, usually ubuntu installs in efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi)06:30
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, ok, i think we have a bad install06:30
EriC^^tom-macbook: if the pc doesn't boot the hdd, then you can sometimes press a button when it first boots and choose the efi partition or browse for the efi file yourself06:31
tom-macbookEriC^^, Understood! Thank you so much! I've been stuck on that issue for months on end.06:31
tom-macbookEriC^^, I see, got it. :D06:31
EriC^^tom-macbook: one more thing, i think adding an efi file for the default windows path would be helpful in case it also looks for that06:31
InstallingUbuntuit did give me a short thing at the beginning, F2 to go to bios06:31
tom-macbookEriC^^, How would I do that?06:31
EriC^^sudo mkdir -p /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot06:31
InstallingUbuntuso did it not overwrite everything?06:31
Bashing-omtom-macbook: When  EriC^^ says all done .. then verify what is set to boot ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' .06:32
EriC^^then sudo cp -a /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi06:32
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576629/06:32
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, yes, it cleared out the drive 1st thing06:32
tom-macbookEriC^^, Do I include "then"?06:32
InstallingUbuntuAh, I think I got sometihng06:32
EriC^^tom-macbook: nope06:32
InstallingUbuntuI set the boot order to floppy drive first06:32
tom-macbookEriC^^, Got it, let see what happens06:33
InstallingUbuntuJust restarted and went to boot select06:33
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I do not feel good about that ! EriC^^ see ??06:33
InstallingUbuntuselected my HD06:33
InstallingUbuntuNow I think i have grub06:33
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, ok, waiting06:33
EriC^^Bashing-om: what do you mean?06:33
EriC^^about what?06:33
InstallingUbuntuI selected Ubuntu and now I'm waiting for something to happen06:33
ObrienDaveok, let it cook06:34
Bashing-omEriC^^: set to boot " /vmlinuz.old -> boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-51-generic " as old ???06:34
InstallingUbuntunothing yet...06:34
EriC^^!info linux-generic xenial06:35
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB06:35
ObrienDave1st boot is slow. give it time06:35
InstallingUbuntugot it06:35
EriC^^Bashing-om: maybe it's the only kernel he has or something?06:36
EriC^^tom-macbook: what does ls -l /vmlinuz show?06:36
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ I can check06:36
Bashing-omEriC^^: tom-macbook O had hoped for something similar "  /vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-103-generic " but the 4.4.0=51 kernel of-course .06:37
tom-macbookEriC^^, Cannot acces vmlinuz: no such file or directory06:37
InstallingUbuntuStill nothing06:37
EriC^^tom-macbook: which ubuntu version is this?06:37
tom-macbookShould be 16.10?06:37
Bashing-omEriC^^: naw .. we also left the -49 and the booting 3.16.0-71 kernel .06:38
EriC^^Bashing-om: why 3.16?06:38
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, ok, try installing from USB again, this time install 3rd party software only06:39
Bashing-omEriC^^: Long story .. 3 days hard work to get to this point .. full boot partition no head room .. and with utopic thrown into the mess .06:39
ObrienDavewe'll do the updates AFTER the system boots06:39
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ It's been a great learning experience though06:40
InstallingUbuntugot it06:40
EriC^^Bashing-om: it won't boot with the xenial kernel?06:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ I've enjoyed it06:40
EriC^^tom-macbook: that's great :)06:40
ObrienDave5 min break06:40
InstallingUbuntuShould I go try w/o installing>install or just straight install?06:41
Bashing-omEriC^^: Unknown .. was in grub set to boot xenial kernel .. but STILL booted 3.16.0-71 .06:41
EriC^^tom-macbook: meddling with pc's is pretty fun at times06:42
tom-macbookOh, EriC^^ , cp: could not creat the regular file, no such file or directory06:42
tom-macbookEriC^^, Agreed06:42
EriC^^tom-macbook: aha, try ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999906:42
EriC^^Bashing-om: nice, it's always nice to have a plot twist somewhere06:43
tom-macbookEriC^^, http://termbin.com/f0v306:43
EriC^^tom-macbook: type sudo mkdir -p /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot06:44
Bashing-omEriC^^: Let me tell ya ! // this has been a dilly that has been " interesting" to several of us . More than a few have had my backside on this one .06:45
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ This has actually been the most fun I've had in weeks. I don't know what I'll do after it XD06:46
tom-macbookEriC^^, It finished :)06:46
Nikitaw99found out i was banned from #emacs06:46
Nikitaw99nobody even told me *why*06:47
EriC^^try sudo cp -a /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi06:47
Nikitaw99i am suddenly experiencing hatred towards emacs now...06:47
tom-macbookEriC^^, That completed.06:47
=== Nikitaw99 is now known as [80R3D0M]
EriC^^tom-macbook: ok, try dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999906:48
Bashing-omtom-macbook: That is an easy one to answer .. ya break it again .. and learn what it takes to fix !  .. How else do you think we know what we know .. break it and fix it . Afer all it is linux . ya break it and get to keep the pieces to put it back together .06:48
InstallingUbuntuWell booting to the USB and going to direct install gives me another frozen splash screen, going to try AGAIN06:48
tom-macbookBashing-om, And that is so brilliant. It may be a hassle sometimes, but it is so worth it!06:48
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, go for the live desktop first, install from there06:49
=== krc4267_ is now known as krc4267
InstallingUbuntuLive>install got it06:49
tom-macbookEriC^^, http://termbin.com/1f9q06:49
ObrienDaveyou might also think about buying a cheap video card if 16.04 won't support the onboard chip06:50
EriC^^tom-macbook: that looks about right06:50
Bashing-omtom-macbook: 3rd time I broke mine where I could not fix it .. I got a brain storm - dual boot ! I now multi-boot .06:50
EriC^^tom-macbook: Bashing-om reboot time?06:50
tom-macbookEriC^^, Wonderful!06:51
tom-macbookEriC^^, Bashing-om If you guys say so!06:51
tom-macbookBashing-om, Would you like one more check?06:51
EriC^^you could manually create the links if you want, Bashing-om what do you think?06:51
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I alwaus want to know what grub has set for the booting kernel !06:52
InstallingUbuntuok, live desktop is up06:52
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, it does have an AGP slot for video. might have a hard time finding one in todays environment06:52
InstallingUbuntusetting up wifi and going to install06:52
EriC^^tom-macbook: type grep -E "DEFAULT|menuentry" /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/default/grub | nc termbin.com 999906:52
tom-macbookBashing-om, I think this is the right one? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576682/06:53
tom-macbookEriC^^, v06:53
tom-macbookEriC^^, http://termbin.com/adpe06:54
tom-macbookSorry XD06:54
Bashing-omEriC^^: If you are comfortable booting this system from grub . It will be interesting to see what does result as is - in re-booting .06:54
InstallingUbuntuWell, I clicked desktop environments by accident and it seems to have frozen the whole desktop06:54
MannyLNJHello. When I log in to my 16.04 system I get a message that there was an internal error the details show it's in /usr/sbin/cron how do I get help resolving the problem06:54
EriC^^Bashing-om: yeah06:55
tom-macbookEriC^^, Bashing-om Should I be traditional and do sudo reboot?06:55
EriC^^tom-macbook: i'd say reboot it, if it doesn't boot, hold shift to get grub and boot an older kernel from advanced menu06:55
EriC^^tom-macbook: do you have another means of getting online in case it doesn't pan out?06:55
tom-macbookEriC^^, Bashing-om Got it. Let's do it!06:56
Bashing-omtom-macbook: I would be better satisfied ' sudo update-grub ' and look ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' that there are set 2 sets of symlinks ( that we can set manually !) .06:56
tom-macbookEriC^^, I'm on an old macbook right now using irc and ssh to get to this computer.06:56
EriC^^tom-macbook: oh ok, cool06:56
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'm fine with doing that, one sec06:56
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576691/06:57
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ update grub completed without a hitch06:58
Bashing-omtom-macbook: A lot I have to learn . On to the learning curve . reboot and let's see what happens and what then we have to do - is what I think .06:58
=== zylum- is now known as zylum
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, http://asrock.com/MB/Intel/P4i65G/index.us.asp06:59
tom-macbookBashing-om, Okay! Let's hope it doesn't burst into falmes ! :P06:59
InstallingUbuntuObrienDave yep thats the one07:00
tom-macbookway to ruin a joke07:00
Bashing-omtom-macbook: well at least you will not be stranded with no access to IRC .07:00
InstallingUbuntuShould I update the bios or try installing the drivers?07:01
InstallingUbuntueither way I don't think I can07:01
InstallingUbuntuunless the bios can be done by usb07:02
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yeah! I've also got my RasPi XD07:02
ObrienDaveno, BIOS requires floppy07:02
tom-macbookBashing-om, EriC^^ Welp! It rebooted and is sitting at the login screen! Shall I reconnect to SSH?07:02
InstallingUbuntuSo what should I do07:03
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, i would do some research and see if you can find a video card that works in the AGP slot07:04
ObrienDavefor BIOS, if it works, don't try to fix it ;P07:04
tom-macbookBashing-om, And even better, uname -r reports "4.4.0-51-generic"!07:04
InstallingUbuntuI don't really want to get a video card :P07:05
InstallingUbuntuIs it a lost cause?07:05
InstallingUbuntuOr do you think there's a more compatible distro?07:05
ObrienDavenot really, just yet. we have not given up yet ;P07:05
Bashing-omtom-macbook: we do good work ! thank EriC^^ gaciously . so we set the sumlinks ? what shows now ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' ?07:06
InstallingUbuntuwell, I can no longer "Try without installing"07:06
InstallingUbuntuStays on the splash screen07:06
InstallingUbuntushould I redo the usb?07:06
InstallingUbuntuthere's an option to write as DD07:07
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, did you install and overwrite the existing OS?07:07
tom-macbookBashing-om, It's invited me to "do-release-upgrade" to 16.1007:07
InstallingUbuntuYeah, I did07:07
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576713/07:07
ObrienDavethe USB should be ok. try a full install from the USB07:08
InstallingUbuntutried it07:08
InstallingUbuntugets stuck every time07:08
Bashing-omtom-macbook: That is an "option" choose wisely grasshopper . 16.10 is only supported for 9 months .07:08
tom-macbookBashing-om, Well, i'd be more comfortable staying with that than I am staying on 15.whatever that my macbook is on07:09
ObrienDavetom-macbook, 16.04 is LTS 5 year support07:09
tom-macbookObrienDave, So I'll probably bump up to that very soon07:10
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, you can try the DD option. but I have never done it that way07:10
InstallingUbuntuDoes anyone know if it would work?07:11
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Let's set the symlinks properly . show ' ls -al /boot ' to make the work a bit surer and easier .07:11
=== [80R3D0M] is now known as Nikitaw99
InstallingUbuntuUsing Rufus to install an iso to a USB as DD07:11
tom-macbookBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23576726/07:12
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, i've had unetbootin work before. it's available for windows07:13
InstallingUbuntuyeah, if this doesn't work I'll use that07:13
Nikitaw99how do i dualboot with windows and ubuntu?07:13
Nikitaw99i currently use windows 707:14
Nikitaw99and it would be lovely to have ubuntu07:14
ObrienDaveinstall to a separate partition, GRUB would allow you to select between the two07:14
=== royalaxeVFY is now known as royalaxe
InstallingUbuntuisolinux.bin missing or corrupt07:15
crypticnetworkhey whats up guys, need help figuring out why when i use the "Sudo apt-get update" command it relays back that it couldn't connect and that it couldnt download or files were missing. When the command is entered it does not connect to the repositories.07:15
ObrienDavecrypticnetwork, could be a repo problem, try a different repo07:15
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Do ' sudo rm /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-49-generic /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-51-generic /vmlinuz ' .07:16
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, is USB fairly new?07:16
crypticnetworkhow do i try a different repo? which file do i edit and what should be within the file for repos links07:16
InstallingUbuntu128GB PNY07:17
tom-macbookBashing-om, They all passed07:17
ObrienDavecrypticnetwork, you select a different mirror site for the repos07:17
ObrienDavecrypticnetwork, i don't remember where you select it in Ubuntu. my Xubuntu is slightly different07:18
VystyHi! I'm installing Ubuntu 16.04 into a new computer and I want to dual-boot with the Windows 10 I already have on it. Can anyone help walk me through the installation process so I make sure I install everything correctly?07:19
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, why isolinux got corrupted makes no sense07:19
InstallingUbuntuI have no clue07:19
ObrienDavedo you still have the original ISO?07:20
=== Arrow is now known as Guest567
InstallingUbuntuI pulled up Ubuntu 12.04 in UNetbootin and I'm downloading from scratch07:20
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Next set : Do ' sudo ln -s  /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-49-generic /initrd.img.old ; sudo ln -s  /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-51-generic /initrd.img ' .07:20
InstallingUbuntuAnd yes, I have the origional Iso07:20
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, k, use that to make a new USB07:21
PickledEggsVysty: Have you already installed Windows?07:21
InstallingUbuntuIs it strange if the file is 12.04.5?07:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, First one says that the file already exists07:21
VystyPickledEggs: Yes, the computer came installed with Windows 10.07:21
ObrienDaveeither one will work. no. 12.04.05 is called a point release07:21
tom-macbookBashing-om, Second one passed07:21
VystyPickledEggs: I'm at the point where I need to choose my partition space.07:22
PickledEggsVysty: do you already have an Ubuntu partition created?07:22
InstallingUbuntuIf needed, Rufus has Syslinux ready to install07:22
Bashing-omtom-macbook: true .. need to delete that old one 1st /.// doooohhh // same as we did for /vmlinuz !07:23
InstallingUbuntuWhat exactly is Syslinux?07:23
VystyPickledEggs: Nope, I'm at the spot where I need to create those partitions.07:23
InstallingUbuntuIt also has FreeDOS and ReactOS07:23
ObrienDaveSystem Linus. sort of an archive of the core system07:23
tom-macbookBashing-om, I don't follow, what do you mean?07:23
VystyPickledEggs: "This computer currently has Windows Boot MAnager on it. What would you like to do?" And I'm given the choices of "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager", "Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu", and "Something Else".07:24
InstallingUbuntuIf this doesn't work, should I try lubuntu insteald?07:24
VystyPickledEggs: Obviously I don't want the 2nd one, but I'm not sure about the other two.07:24
PickledEggsyou want the first one07:24
PickledEggsUbuntu plays nice with Windows07:24
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, basically all *buntus share the same core system. the different flavors have to do with desktop environment and the default installed packages07:24
Bashing-omtom-macbook: ' sudo rm /initrd.img.old ; sudo ln -s  /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-49-generic /initrd.img.old '.07:24
PickledEggswhich is why I asked if you had it installed already, if you go the other direction Windows will wrestle the boot control away from Grub making it harder to boot into Ubuntu07:25
VystyPickledEggs: I thought so. Now when I choose partitions, I have one for "Ubuntu" and one for "Files" (/dev/sda3). Is the "Files" the Windows partition?07:25
tom-macbookBashing-om, That worked :)07:25
=== afro is now known as asleepfru
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Check ! ' sudo update-grub ' once more .07:27
PickledEggsVysty: I'm not certain. I usually make my Ubuntu partition in windows before I start the installation process. I'm hesitant to give you advice without being able to see it, I'd hate for you to lose your windows partition. I07:28
tom-macbookBashing-om, It'd seem that grub-timeout is no longer supported. Oh well.07:28
tom-macbookBashing-om, that finished though07:28
PickledEggsI'm sure someone else will be more qualified than me, I haven't done a Windows/Ubuntu install in quite some time07:28
SynfulAckIs there a north american time server that can be used which will auto determine which server to use?07:28
SynfulAcklike ntp.org or sumin?07:28
VystyPickledEggs: I appreciate it.07:29
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Just an advisory .. we can do what is suggestd and make it go away .07:29
ObrienDaveVysty, look at the format info. windows will be FATx or NTFS. Linus partition should be ext407:29
tom-macbookBashing-om, Yes?07:30
ObrienDave*Linux. grrrr, getting tired ;P07:30
ImUs3rtftp -gl i1  <— what it means?07:30
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Well .. time once more to test .. re-boot and let's see the effect for real . Then if all is hunky dory remove that old 3.16 kernel !07:30
tom-macbookAlright, I'll send the reboot signal07:30
ImUs3rit means that i will take i1 from
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, any progress?07:31
InstallingUbuntu30% done downloading the iso07:31
tom-macbookBashing-om, It rebooted, I'm back at prompt :)07:32
InstallingUbuntuIt only took ~5 mins on google chrome, idk why UNetbootin is making it so much slower07:32
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, are you making a live usb?07:32
glitchdthere is way to make it much faster instead of using unetbootin07:33
glitchdunless you are making a usb with persistence07:33
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, no, you can use unetbootin to use the ISO file you already have07:33
glitchdbut when i make a usb, its done in about 5-6 minutes, if even that long07:34
Bashing-omtom-macbook: And you know that all is stable on the 4.4.0-51 kernel ??/ such that we can remove the known good 3.16 kernel ?? ..,or wait and see for sure ??07:34
glitchdmy way uses dd07:34
=== kevin is now known as Guest94756
InstallingUbuntuYeah, but I'm not sure if the iso I have is messed up, so I'm trying to eliminate all the possibilities of faliure07:34
tom-macbookBashing-om, You know, I'll take your word for it. You definitely know them better than I do!07:34
ObrienDavecan you do torrents?07:35
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, well using dd will make an exact copy of the iso onto the usb07:35
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Nope . Need to KNOW that the booted kernel is stable on that particular hardware before removing the last known good kernel .07:35
MannyLNJNot sure where to ask. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with KVM I want a virtual system to have an IP on the local network so I can access it from the outside. How do I do this?07:35
InstallingUbuntuI tried DD with Rufus and that gave me an error when I tried to boot to it07:35
tom-macbookBashing-om, So what is the next step?07:36
InstallingUbuntuisolinux.bin missing or corrupt07:36
InstallingUbuntuthat was the error07:36
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, dd is a commandline utility, i have never used rufus, so i cant comment on that.07:36
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, can you d/l using torrents?07:36
tempest1Any distros where you shouldn't dd their installation iso's?07:36
InstallingUbuntunot really, Windows 10 hates torrenting software07:36
tom-macbookInstallingUbuntu, ObrienDave If you have an android, you could even do it from there07:37
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, dd bs=4m if=/location_of_iso of /dev/sdb?07:37
InstallingUbuntuglitchd what?07:37
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Use and test the -61 and -49 kernels . once sarisfied .. then remove the 3,16 kernel . next now if ya want is to edit /etc/default/grub and make that advisory go away iffen ya want .07:37
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, that's the DD command :)07:38
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, that would be the command and you would just fill in the infomation of the location you want it saved in and which sdb you usb is07:38
tom-macbookBashing-om, Nah, I'm alright with the advisory hanging around. I can hide it if I need.07:38
InstallingUbuntuI'm not on a linux machine currently07:38
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, oh well thats to bad, nevermind my comments then07:38
tom-macbookBashing-om, But is that it? Not one more grand command? :P07:39
InstallingUbuntuthanks anyway07:39
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, np07:39
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, if this ISO keeps failing, install bittorrent on w10 and we'll try it that way07:39
InstallingUbuntubittorrent won't work on windows 1007:39
glitchdwhere did he get the iso from?07:40
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, lol yes it will07:40
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Then use what there is .. all looks great to me ! once sure that -51 and -49 are stable . remove the old 3.16 kernel .07:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, Can do!07:40
InstallingUbuntuI tried it earlier and all it did was freeze up...07:40
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, what program?07:40
tom-macbookBashing-om, I'll put it through it's paces, try it on a UEFI computer tomorrow, etc.07:40
VystyAnyone done a Windows/Ubuntu dual-boot install recently? I'm doing one right now on a new computer and I want to make sure I do it correctly.07:41
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, bittorrent is not a program..07:41
tom-macbookBashing-om, I just got to say, thank you so much for your time and patience. I'll be sure to stick around here when I can to help out!07:41
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, what program were you using to download torrents with?07:41
InstallingUbuntuI downloaded the bittorrent client07:41
tom-macbookBashing-om, Pass along my thanks to Eric as well!07:41
Bashing-omtom-macbook: remember ' df -h ' is your friend .. look at it sometimes . do not allow a partition to exceed 90 % capacity .. linux gets cranky then !07:42
glitchdgoogle for deluge07:42
glitchddownload that07:42
tom-macbookBashing-om, Copy that! And when it begins to look a bit chubby, just run sudo apt-get autoremove/clean?07:42
InstallingUbuntuwhich one?07:43
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.3.13-win32-py2.7-0.exe07:43
lenswipeehow to chmod and permissions in usr/local/bin/bee07:43
VystyI'm installing Ubuntu right now on a computer with Windows  and I want to dual-boot them. I'm at the part where I select my partitions now and I'm not sure what I'm looking at. I have an "Ubuntu" partition (/dev/sda4) and a "Files" partition (/dev/sda3). Is this "Files" partition my current Windows 10?07:43
ObrienDaveVysty, look at the format info. windows will be FATx or NTFS. Linus partition should be ext407:44
glitchdVysty, what kind of filesystem does it say the partition with the files is ?07:44
VystyObrienDave: Yup, the "Files" is NTFS and Ubuntu is ext4.07:44
glitchdObrienDave, beat me to it..07:44
ObrienDavei'm old and slow ;P07:44
glitchdlol nah07:45
InstallingUbuntuglitchd I have deluge now, where do I torrent the 12.04 iso?07:45
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, is deluge done downloading yet?07:45
VystySo the NTFS is the Windows 10 here?07:45
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, ill get you a link 1 second07:45
tom-macbookAgain, thank you all!!!07:45
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, btw why are u looking for 12.04?07:46
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, ubuntu is up to 16.04 now07:46
InstallingUbuntuIts the only compatible version with my hardware07:46
InstallingUbuntuno video card07:46
ObrienDaveglitchd, it won't support his ancient video07:46
glitchdalrighty then07:46
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-12.04.5-alternate-i386.iso.torrent07:46
InstallingUbuntuold video card*07:46
Bashing-omtom-macbook: Yeah .. and if still "chunky" take action to slim whatever it is ( say /home or maybe /var ) to as less as you can make it . - full partitions can will and do crash the system . Ask me, it is not nice when that happens !07:46
ObrienDaveoops, wait07:47
ObrienDavegrrrrr, frozen. back in a few07:47
=== mundus2018 is now known as mundus2018_
glitchdObrienDave, dangit, beat me again lol07:48
InstallingUbuntudownloading, ETA 2mins07:48
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, seriously tho, bittorrent.com? lol07:48
glitchdis that even a real site?07:49
InstallingUbuntuIt even says bittorrent.com on the ubuntu website07:49
glitchdoh wow..07:49
glitchddid not know that07:49
lenswipeehow to chmod and permissions in usr/local/bin/bee07:49
glitchdbeen using deluge for as long as i can remember07:49
henry__I have an e-mail server which hangs up at random times. Nothing in logs, but I observed that it doesn't hang up if e-mail server is not running on this machine. Any suggestions?07:49
InstallingUbuntuthey're all basically the same client, just some have ads and some dont07:50
glitchdlenswipee, what are you trying to change permissions of?07:50
InstallingUbuntuI think deluge is different though07:50
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, deluge has always been the best as far as im concerned07:50
lenswipeeglitchd, a program07:50
glitchdlenswipee, ...obviously07:50
InstallingUbuntuok, I have the iso07:51
lenswipeeglitchd, you asked...07:51
InstallingUbuntushould I use rufus or unetbootin07:51
glitchdlenswipee, sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/bee07:51
ObrienDavei like unetbootin07:51
glitchdlenswipee, yes i did..07:51
glitchdInstallingUbuntu,  you should use dd07:51
lenswipeeglitchd, whats a for?07:51
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, dd bs=4m if=/location_of_iso of /dev/sdb?07:52
InstallingUbuntuglitchd how do I use DD in deluge on windows?07:52
ObrienDaveglitchd, he's NOT on Linux07:52
glitchdoh gawd, im sorry i forgot07:52
InstallingUbuntudd in unetbootin*07:52
glitchdmy bad folks07:52
lenswipeeglitchd, whats a in a+x07:52
glitchdno dd is a linux utility07:52
InstallingUbuntuI could do dd on rufus07:53
InstallingUbuntuits an option07:53
InstallingUbuntuotherwise it just installs normally07:53
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, fire up unetbootin, click disk image near the bottom, locate ISO and burn to USB07:53
InstallingUbuntualready up07:53
InstallingUbuntuwll do07:53
InstallingUbuntuman, how long have we been at this?07:54
InstallingUbuntu3 hours?07:54
ObrienDaveyou don't need the persistance part07:54
ObrienDavei lost track ;P07:54
InstallingUbuntuyeah I skipped persistance07:54
glitchdlenswipee, i dont remember off hand, but its what i use when making something executable07:54
henry__do you reboot your servers every x months?07:55
glitchdlenswipee, it means add, a+x means add executable bit07:56
glitchdlenswipee, i believe..07:56
Ben64glitchd: nope07:56
glitchdBen64, i just realize youre right, i just read what it actually means07:56
Ben64it's near the beginning of "man chmod"  :)07:56
hudsonHello guys, really having a bad day07:57
glitchdmeans all users07:57
glitchdlenswipee, means all users07:57
glitchdhudson, sry to hear that..07:58
hudsonI had ubuntu installed on my MacBook Pro, It has been stolen recently, will I be able to track it if the person connected it to online services?07:59
InstallingUbuntuUsb ready, going to try booting to it07:59
glitchdhudson, no idea, sry..07:59
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, gl07:59
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, good luck!07:59
InstallingUbuntuI got a screen that says UNetbootin and some options08:00
InstallingUbuntuInstall Ubuntu?08:00
glitchdif youre trying to install ubuntu08:00
InstallingUbuntuThere's Install and Install Ubuntu08:01
InstallingUbuntuwhich one do I pcik?08:01
hudsonThanks glitchd , guess am gonna have to try harder08:01
InstallingUbuntuthere's a blinking underscore at the bottom left08:02
glitchdhudson, good luck!08:02
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, just wait08:02
InstallingUbuntunow we're at choose a language08:02
glitchdthen choose08:02
ObrienDavethat's a plus08:02
VystyI just installed Ubuntu 16.04 to dualboot with my Windows 10. I restarted the computer after installation and the computer boots with Win 10 without asking me what I want to boot with. Can anyone help me figure out where I messed up?08:03
InstallingUbuntu"You can try to have your keyboard layout detected by pressing a series of keys..."08:03
ObrienDaveno, select US keyboard08:03
VystyOne side effect I'm noticing, though, is my Windows 10 has slowed down A LOT.08:03
Jordan_Uhudson: If they navigate to gmail.com then you can see what ip addresses have logged into your account recently, but that's a long shot (and you may instead want to revoke your laptop's access to your gmail, which would prevent this trick from helping you but would also keep them out of your sensitive email).08:04
theyesmanVysty, installing ubuntu will have no performance hit on windows. none at all.08:04
ObrienDaveVysty, windows can NOT access the ext4 partition08:04
InstallingUbuntutoo late08:04
InstallingUbuntuwent through the setup08:04
henry__ObrienDave: aren't there tools which make it possible?08:04
InstallingUbuntuchose Intel:US08:04
ObrienDaveas long as it works InstallingUbuntu08:04
theyesmanit will not even touch your windows system. they are completely independent of each other.08:04
VystyObrienDave: So how do I access Ubuntu?08:05
VystyObrienDave: Whenever I have done this before, I've been able to select which operating system I want at Startup.08:05
ObrienDavehenry__, i've heard of one utility, but don't remember its name08:05
theyesmanVysty, sounds like you haven't installed grub.08:05
hudsonThanks Jordan_U , I don't think they will be able to login to my Ubuntu, had a pretty good password08:05
Vystytheyesman: Well... can I fix that?08:06
hudsonIs there a probability of ever finding it Jordan_U ?08:06
InstallingUbuntuThere was a problem reading data from the CD-ROM. Please make sure it is in the drive. If retrying does not work, you should check the integrity of your CD-ROM. Failed to copy file from CD-ROM. Retry?08:06
ObrienDavedon't think it will work though08:06
henry__ObrienDave: it shouldn't be too much of a problem in any case. extX are open standards, so if one wants to, then should be able to access this filesystem from anything. But I understand that you aren't speaking from security point of view?08:06
theyesmanprobably have to boot back into live system and run a grub install on the hdd.08:06
InstallingUbuntukeeps sending me to the error08:06
Vystytheyesman: How do I do that?08:06
InstallingUbuntuI'll try "no"08:07
glitchdhenry__, ObrienDave https://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2read/08:07
InstallingUbuntuInstallation step failed08:07
InstallingUbuntuhow lovely08:07
Jordan_Uhudson: Unless you had something like dynamic DNS or a system specifically designed for recovering your machine installed prior to it being stolen there's nothing in Ubuntu that I can think of that would help in this situation.08:07
InstallingUbuntuI ran into this problem trying to dual boot my laptop08:07
=== cloud_ is now known as cloud
Jordan_Uhudson: Call the police.08:07
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, try your rufus way again. this is crazy08:07
InstallingUbuntuthe only way to fix it is to use DD08:07
glitchdinstalling i think u download dd for windows, but im not positive08:08
InstallingUbunturufus has an option for it08:09
glitchdi think im wrong about that..08:09
glitchdtry that or get unetbootin08:09
InstallingUbuntuI just did unetbootin08:09
InstallingUbuntudidnt work08:09
ObrienDavethat's what he just used08:09
glitchdoh sry, i must not of been here to read that part08:10
VystyJust installed Ubuntu 16.04 to dualboot with Windows and I appear to be having a problem with GRUB. Windows is starting automatically without asking me which OS I want to boot. Can anyone help me get GRUB working properly/08:10
InstallingUbuntuisolinux.bin is missing or corrupt08:11
ObrienDaveo   m   g08:11
* hpeng 08:12
ObrienDavei'm beginning to suspect your USB is borked08:12
ObrienDavegive it a format, and try using rufus. we had better luck that way08:12
InstallingUbuntuI mean how many times can you format it08:12
InstallingUbuntuI've done this like 30 times08:13
glitchdupon thousands08:13
glitchdits flash memory08:13
glitchdi meant to be used that way08:13
ObrienDaveit will eventually go bad, but not in this decade ;P08:13
glitchdwhat format are you formatting it to?08:13
InstallingUbuntuI dont have any other USB's to spare, though I don't think that's the problem08:14
InstallingUbuntuI could boot from my laptop just fine08:14
InstallingUbuntuits the old hardware08:14
lenswipeewhat does the a in a+x do?08:14
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, it can be too large. best to use a FAT32 formet08:14
InstallingUbuntuis 128GB too large?08:14
Ben64lenswipee: what glitchd told you 18 minutes ago08:15
glitchdlenswipee, makes a file executable08:15
ObrienDaveyes, fat32 won't go that large.08:15
ducasselenswipee: see top of 'man chmod'08:15
lenswipeeBen64, actually he said he didn't remener08:15
InstallingUbuntuso NTFS, UDF, and exFat are my only other options08:16
lenswipeeBen64, and it's the x part that makes it executable08:16
Ben64lenswipee: Dec 03 2016 23:57:54 <glitchd>lenswipee, means all users08:16
InstallingUbuntuwhich one should I try08:16
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, you'll have to use a disk utility to create a partition on that USB that will suport fat3208:16
ObrienDave32GB or smaller08:16
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, right click computer and select manage, then disk management, the delete the partiiton, make a small 1 gb partition, then try rufus again.08:17
ObrienDave4GB minimum08:17
ObrienDavejust to be safe08:17
glitchdnot a bad idea08:17
ObrienDaveit only needs to be slightly larger than the ISO08:17
InstallingUbuntuIts asking me to format C:/ to continue and there's only a yes box so I guess I'll click that08:17
glitchdi suggested 1gb in the intrest of speed08:17
FinalXFAT32 can be 128GB and technically more, but Win2K can only format until 32GB and the real maximum safe size is 128GB08:17
FinalXwould highly recommend against it, though08:18
glitchdlol format c will delete everything in windows.08:18
InstallingUbuntui was joking08:18
ObrienDaveNO NOT C:/08:18
glitchdFinalX, theres a small utility you can download to format larger partition to fat3208:18
glitchdObrienDave, lmao08:18
ObrienDavetoo tired for that ;P08:19
glitchd<ObrienDave> gawd08:19
lenswipeewhat does the a in a+x do?08:19
glitchd lololol08:19
glitchdlenswipee, how many times do we have to tell you??08:19
lenswipeeglitchd, once is enough08:19
ObrienDavelenswipee is now an official troll. NO FEEDING TROLLS08:19
VystyNext one! I got my GRUB to work, and now when I restart my computer I'm greeted with a "Secure Boot Violation", which reads "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup". I can select [OK] and load Ubuntu normally. Can anyone tell me what this is?08:19
glitchdlenswipee, scroll up and read it the other 2 times i have answered that question.08:19
InstallingUbuntuok I have disk management open and my USB selected08:20
lenswipeeglitchd, no answer yet08:20
ObrienDavedelete the partition, make a fat32 partition of 4GB08:20
glitchdDec 03 2016 23:57:54 <glitchd> lenswipee, means all users08:20
glitchdlenswipee, Dec 03 2016 23:57:54 <glitchd> lenswipee, means all users08:20
ObrienDavelenswipee is now an official troll. NO FEEDING TROLLS08:20
glitchdyep pretty much08:21
InstallingUbuntuFormatting first08:21
glitchdlenswipee, thats the last answer you get from me.08:21
lenswipeeglitchd, what you mean it means all users. there is only one user here.08:21
glitchdlenswipee, adding you to the ignore list. buhbye then.08:21
ducasselenswipee: read the man page08:21
lenswipeeducasse, man page is hard to understand08:22
VystyDid anyone see my last question?08:22
VystyOr were you guys too busy feeding trolls? :D08:22
InstallingUbuntuThere's no option to delete the partition on my USB08:22
glitchdVysty, its because of secure boot08:22
InstallingUbuntuonly to format it as NTFS or exFAT08:22
lenswipeeducasse, you know it's true08:22
ObrienDaveyou can try NTFS08:22
Vystyglitchd: What is secure boot?08:23
FinalXglitchd: like I said, it _can_ be bigger, just not _safely_08:23
glitchdFinalX, right on08:23
InstallingUbuntuIts been NTFS this whole time08:23
InstallingUbuntuI think08:23
glitchdVysty, its microsofts attempt to stop the use of ubuntu on their machines.08:23
InstallingUbuntumaybe not08:23
glitchdVysty, *linux08:23
Vystyglitchd: Haha, go figure. Any way to disable it?08:23
ObrienDavei'm sure fat32 is best for burning ISO08:23
glitchdVysty, i dont think windows will work with it disabled08:24
InstallingUbuntuAny way to partition the USB?08:24
ducasseVysty: it's an uefi thing, look for a bios option to 'trust' the ubuntu bootloader08:24
Vystyglitchd: Or at least have it allow Ubuntu to pass without harassment?08:24
ObrienDaveyes, through disk management08:24
glitchdVysty, but im pretty sure there is a way to install a secureboot safe bootloader for linux08:24
Vystyducasse: Gotcha.08:24
ducasseVysty: you can switch it off, also08:25
glitchdVysty, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:25
Vystyducasse: Do you know how to do that?08:25
ducasseVysty: depends on your bios08:26
glitchdVysty, its in the bios08:26
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, just don't format C:/ you'll give me a heart attack ;P08:26
glitchdObrienDave, im in tears..08:26
glitchdObrienDave, lol08:26
VystyAlrighty then... which F-key options the BIOS again...08:26
InstallingUbuntuAlready did that when I overwrote the garbage box08:26
glitchdVysty, read your screen when booting, it will tell you what to press to reach the bios08:26
InstallingUbuntu"Install Ubuntu"="Uninstall Windows"08:26
andy_____join andy08:27
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, if you format c, yes.08:27
glitchdjoin andy in what?08:27
andy_____i wrong08:27
andy_____it's in another computer08:27
glitchdwhat is?08:27
ObrienDaveproceed IRC commands with /08:27
andy_____forget please08:27
ObrienDaveas in /join08:28
andy_____what are u doing in this time man?08:28
ObrienDaveignoring you ;P08:29
andy_____so sad08:29
ducasse!ot | andy_____08:29
ubottuandy_____: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:29
glitchdbyebye andy_____08:29
VystySweet! I'm in the BIOS.08:30
glitchdVysty, awesome08:30
VystySo I just disable Secure Boot?08:30
ducasseVysty: either that, or trust the ubuntu bootloader08:31
glitchdVysty, if you want to boot linux, yes. but you will not be able to boot windows until you re-enable it08:31
Apachezwhere in compizconfig do I set the settings for how marking things on the desktop is performed? Like if the rectangle should have a solid color or a dotted line?08:31
ducasseglitchd: sure he will08:31
Vystyducasse: Mreh? Which one is it?08:31
glitchdVysty, or yes if u see the option to trust the linux bootloader, then do that.08:31
VystyI'll still be able to boot whatever I want from GRUB, right?08:31
ducasseVysty: yes08:31
glitchdducasse, when i disabled secureboot on my other laptop to boot linux, i would not let me boot windows until i re-enable it08:32
glitchdducasse, thats the only reason i said that.08:32
ducasseglitchd: sounds strange, it should not matter08:32
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, how we doing?08:32
InstallingUbuntutrying again08:33
VystyYup, I can choose to boot either one.08:33
glitchdducasse, isnt it like one of the core new features of windows 10?08:33
InstallingUbuntuRufus in iso mode08:33
VystyI'm dual-booted! Woo!08:33
ObrienDaveok, whatever works :)08:33
InstallingUbuntudo you think an even earlier version would work better?08:33
ducasseglitchd: not that i use windows, but secure boot is supposed to be optional (yet)08:33
glitchdducasse, i agree, but i can only comment from my experience.08:34
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, meh, could be but an older version would not let you upgrade08:34
=== JimD is now known as Rob_C
ObrienDaveypu, at end-of-life, poof, no more support, no more upgrades08:35
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, do you have a install cd by chance?08:35
ObrienDavejust the ISO08:35
InstallingUbuntuand no, I don't have a cd burner08:35
ducasseglitchd: well, it clearly worked for him so let's drop the windows talk :)08:35
glitchdjust checking08:35
InstallingUbuntujust the iso08:35
glitchdducasse, much agreed=)08:36
ObrienDavewindows is verboten ;p08:36
VystyOkay, next weird one. Installing some software on my fresh Ubuntu OS, and I'm getting this when I try to install anything: "E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?08:37
VystyWhat other process would be using it?08:37
glitchdVysty, you cant have both the software center and synaptic open at the same time08:37
ObrienDaveyou have a package manager open, ubuntu store, synaptic, etc08:37
glitchdVysty, and you cant install anything from command line with either of those open08:37
glitchdonly 1 at a time08:38
VystyNone of those are open. I literally just booted Ubuntu and opened the terminl.08:38
ycareneAnyone getting random chats?08:38
ObrienDaveycarene, yes, been happening all night08:38
InstallingUbuntuYou have been disconnected from the server08:39
VystyAh man the whole system is glitching out on me.08:39
glitchdVysty, open terminal, type " ps -A | grep soft "08:39
VystyHold on. Rebooting.08:39
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, what server?08:39
glitchdVysty, does it list the software center?08:39
InstallingUbuntuI was trying to make a joke :P08:39
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, ...08:40
ObrienDavegawd. i'm too tired for that ;P08:40
InstallingUbuntuI think its working08:40
InstallingUbuntuI got past the cd rom part08:40
ObrienDaveglitchd will get a laugh out of it though ;P08:40
VystyWTF? Am I getting the Ubuntu blue screen of death or something here?08:41
InstallingUbuntuConfiguring network hardware08:41
glitchdyou were right about that ObrienDave08:41
InstallingUbuntuwe might just be in business08:41
glitchdVysty, there is no such thing..08:41
VystyI'm staring at it.08:41
InstallingUbuntuNetwork autoconfiguration failed08:41
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, just wait08:41
ObrienDaveok, let it cook!08:42
InstallingUbuntuno, i have to do something08:42
InstallingUbuntuit stopped08:42
LodizHi, anyone successfully installed xorg server 1.19 on ubuntu 16.04 ??08:42
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, just wait!08:42
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, did you get USB formatted to fat32?08:42
InstallingUbuntuI think its working now08:43
VystyYup. Ubuntu blue screen of death.08:43
glitchdyou dont listen InstallingUbuntu08:43
VystyMy wife is going to kill me.08:43
InstallingUbuntumy boi08:43
ObrienDavei know that's the problem.08:43
InstallingUbuntuThis is the only time I've gotten this far08:43
ducasseVysty: what happened?08:43
Vystyducasse: After I log into Ubuntu, the screen goes blue and I can do nothing.08:44
ObrienDaveyou have to find something to get a fat32 partition on that USB or buy a smaller one.08:44
lapideviridiHey, I have some trouble removing the application rescuetime from my Ubuntu Mate. Neither apt-get remove nor dpkg -r finds the name of the package. I'm a bit bummed, since I have no idea of what to do when that fails me08:44
glitchdthere is a windows program to do it08:44
InstallingUbuntuNetwork is probably not using DHCP Protocol08:44
glitchdfat32gui i think its called08:44
Vystyducasse: Restarted and tried it again. Got the blue screen again.08:44
InstallingUbuntuis the only option08:44
ducasseVysty: log in on a console and look for errors in ~/.xsession-errors08:45
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, just do it08:45
InstallingUbuntuDo not configure network at this time08:45
Vystyducasse: How do I log onto a console?08:45
ducasseVysty: ctrl+alt+f108:45
ObrienDaveVysty, there is no such thing as a Linux BSOD08:45
lapideviridiI believe I downloaded a .deb file from their homepage and installed that08:45
VystyObrienDave: I'm staring at it.08:46
glitchdVysty, its not a bsod08:46
glitchdsounds like a graphics drive problem or something like that08:46
ObrienDavescreenshot or it does not exist ;p08:46
glitchdObrienDave, +108:46
InstallingUbuntuYour installation medium is on /dev/sdb1. You will not be able to create, delete, or resize partitions on this disk, but you may be able to install to existing partitions there.08:47
glitchdVysty, go to console and type " sudo killall lightdm08:47
glitchdVysty, go to console and type " sudo killall lightdm "08:48
Vystyducasse: How do I look for errors in that?08:48
ducasseVysty: go to the end08:48
VystyObrienDave: I'm busy trying to fix that damn problem.08:48
InstallingUbuntuGuided- (many options)08:48
Vystyducasse: How do I open it?08:48
InstallingUbuntu"Use entire disk"?08:48
Vystyducasse: I've got no experience using consoles. :/08:48
glitchdVysty, dmesg tail08:48
l9InstallingUbuntu: yes08:48
ObrienDaveguided, yes08:48
ducasseVysty: try 'cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 9999' and post the url08:49
InstallingUbuntuWrite changes?08:49
ObrienDaveInstallingUbuntu, sorry, but I need to get to bed08:49
glitchdgn ObrienDave08:49
l9wuuhu one gotta love spam botnets they are so much fun :D08:49
InstallingUbuntuGood night, thanks for all the help08:49
ObrienDavebest of luck08:49
InstallingUbuntuI'll see if I can get on tomorrow and tell you how it went08:49
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, i can try to help you if you would like08:50
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, thanks yes, or thanks no?08:50
InstallingUbuntuIts unpacking right now, so nothing to do08:50
InstallingUbuntu"Installing the base system"08:50
Vystyducasse: Did you see my link?08:50
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, ok, are you still making the usb or are you installing on the hard drive now?08:51
InstallingUbuntuinstalling on the hard drive08:51
InstallingUbuntuWe got it to boot to live a few hours ago, and I installed from there08:51
InstallingUbuntuwhen I rebooted, however, all I got was a black screen08:52
InstallingUbuntuso for the past 3 hrs we tried to get it to work again08:52
=== nchambers is now known as God
ducasseVysty: yes. i'm not sure how to fix this, i don't use unity.08:52
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, mmk08:52
bluekinghave anyone got 50+ PM's on this irc server ?08:53
glitchdVysty, unity es no bueno08:53
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
glitchdblueking, nope08:53
VystySo... question back out to everyone else: I appear to be getting a blue screen of death with Unity--it's spawning itself over and over again until it kills itself. Can anyone help me through this?08:53
bluekinghow to stop PM ?08:53
bluekingignore doesn't budge it08:54
glitchdVysty, sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback08:54
glitchdVysty, or sudo apt-get install gnome-panel08:54
Vystyglitchd: I would like to use Unity if I can.08:54
kLOsblueking: /umode +r08:54
kLOsblueking: /umode +R08:55
bluekingthis /mode +R ?08:55
bluekingumode unknown command08:55
glitchdVysty, after you install those we can boot in and try to reinstlal unity08:56
kLOsok then maybe mode08:56
VystyWhat's the difference between Gnome2 and 3?08:56
glitchddifferent versions08:56
glitchdgnome 3 is newer08:56
kLOsInstallingUbuntu: sure it's not a ahrdware issue?08:56
l9theres is a pm spam bot net on the loose /mode nick +R too only registered user too pm you08:57
ducasseVysty: it could also be a driver issue that causes this, which gpu do you have?08:57
InstallingUbuntuwho knows08:57
VystyDon't know. How do I find out?08:57
InstallingUbuntuIt almost worked last time08:57
InstallingUbuntuseems to almost be working08:57
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, any erros now?08:58
InstallingUbuntunot yet08:58
glitchdVysty, lspci | grep vga08:58
ducasseVysty: 'lspci', see what VGA compatible controller says08:58
glitchdVysty, lspci | grep VGA08:58
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
VystyIntel Corp Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core PRocessor08:59
glitchdVysty, was there another one under that one?08:59
VystyMy audio device.08:59
glitchdVysty, pm me the entire output of lspci09:00
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=== HughMungus is now known as rany
VystyCan't. I'm on my laptop while I figure this crap out on my desktop.09:00
glitchdVysty, thats fine09:00
VystyI can termbin it if you remind me how to use the command.09:00
glitchdlol i dont know how to use it09:00
=== God is now known as nchambers
glitchdjust right click my name and open dialog window and paste the output to me09:01
VystyI can't paste the output.09:02
MonkeyDust<command> | nc termbin.com 9999   # netcat09:02
Netek /j ##nginx09:02
VystyIt's on a different computer.09:02
kLOsls -la | nc termbin.com 999909:02
VystyMonkeyDust: Thank you.09:02
Vystyglitchd: http://termbin.com/ua2109:02
kLOsdidnt know termbin. thats awesome09:02
glitchdVysty, oh you were very right about the video card09:03
VystyInstalling Gnome-Shell... do I want gdm3 or lightdm as my display manager?09:04
glitchdsry i didnt comprehend you were on a sperate laptop09:04
VystyWhat's the difference?09:04
glitchdnot really sure, but i use lightdm, its like the default i think09:04
VystyI selected it.09:05
Vystylightdm, that is09:05
MonkeyDustVysty  FYI http://askubuntu.com/questions/58528/whats-the-difference-between-gdm-and-lightdm#5854909:06
VystyMonkeyDust: Thankya sir.09:06
VystyHow do I exit a console?09:07
MonkeyDustVysty  ctrl-d09:07
glitchdMonkeyDust, thx!09:07
=== tnb is now known as Guest9436
VystyMonkeyDust: How do I go back to the login screen from a console?09:07
glitchdkillall lightdm09:08
ducasseVysty: ctrl+alt+f709:09
glitchdwhy did i say killall lightdm...09:10
MonkeyDustor ctrl-alt arrow left, if you're in TTY109:10
VystyWoa. This new Gnome is weird as hell.09:10
glitchdMonkeyDust, i just tried that, it did not work..09:10
MonkeyDustalt-arrow left, rather09:11
glitchdMonkeyDust, that did work=)09:11
glitchdMonkeyDust, didnt knwo that one, thx09:11
VystyAny way to get older versions of Gnome up and working?09:11
glitchdVysty, why?09:12
VystyWondering if I'm going to get used to this new Gnome.09:12
glitchdi think to get used to it you have to use it for more than 15 minutes..09:12
MonkeyDustyes, getting used to something is a matter of time09:13
karelynalguien habla español?09:14
=== aatish910_ is now known as aatish910
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:15
ducasseVysty: you could try mate, it's essentially gnome 2. although i'm sure someone here will know how to fix unity.09:21
InstallingUbuntuInstall GRUB bootloader on a hard disk09:26
glitchdholy god..09:26
InstallingUbuntuFinishing the installation09:27
InstallingUbuntuInstallation complete09:27
l9now the really hard part comes09:28
l9installing software09:28
InstallingUbuntuholy mother of god please work09:28
chovy_how would i install ubuntu on a laptop with no ports?09:29
InstallingUbuntublack screen...09:29
l9InstallingUbuntu: then you did something wrong start over09:29
l9chovy_: ??? what do you mean09:29
InstallingUbuntugod please let my suffering end09:29
l9InstallingUbuntu: if you cant handle a simple install of Ubuntu please consider this can you actually use Ubuntu?09:30
l9and installing it should be a breeze09:31
chovy_no need to be rude09:31
InstallingUbuntuhave you been here the past 3 hours?09:31
InstallingUbuntuThe hardware is old09:31
InstallingUbuntuthe graphics are nonexistant09:31
InstallingUbuntunewer versions of ubuntu are just not compatible09:31
InstallingUbuntuits the most complicated trial-and-error process possible09:31
InstallingUbuntuI boot up and it goes to grub09:33
InstallingUbuntubut it seems like its frozen09:33
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=== test is now known as Guest29922
glitchdjust keep waiting09:35
glitchdchovy_, who was rude to you?09:35
InstallingUbuntuI can't boot into Ubuntu w/o hitting enter09:36
InstallingUbuntuand its not responding to the keyboard09:36
InstallingUbuntuI already tried switching ports09:36
InstallingUbuntuIts at the grub select screen09:36
glitchddid u select the correct keyboard layout?09:36
glitchdare u sure?09:37
InstallingUbuntuit was working before09:37
glitchdthen completely power down the pc and try again09:37
InstallingUbuntuwhat do09:37
InstallingUbuntudid that09:37
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: is this a desktop?09:38
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: make sure 'legacy support for usb' is enabled in the bios09:38
jackit worked09:38
InstallingUbuntujust enabled it09:39
InstallingUbuntuit worked09:39
InstallingUbuntuyou glorious person09:39
InstallingUbuntuthank you09:39
InstallingUbuntuim so frigging tired09:39
glitchdi bet09:40
glitchdyouve had quite the "nixventure" today09:40
InstallingUbuntuNot sure if its loading09:40
glitchdi hope it works out well when your wife gets it back09:40
InstallingUbuntuat this point if I dont get a desktop I'm done09:41
InstallingUbuntuand guess what09:41
InstallingUbuntuscreens still black09:41
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:41
InstallingUbuntulets try09:41
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InstallingUbuntuim at grub09:42
glitchdit relatively to edit grub and add nomodeset09:42
glitchdpress e09:42
funWhich apps to see movies from phone09:42
InstallingUbuntustuff is here09:42
InstallingUbuntusetparams 'Ubuntu, with Linux'...09:43
glitchdpress e on the line that boots your os09:43
InstallingUbuntuI did09:43
InstallingUbuntunow theres code09:43
InstallingUbuntuor sometihn09:43
glitchdnow find GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=09:44
InstallingUbuntuI dont see it09:44
ducassethe line starts with the word linux09:44
InstallingUbuntulinux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32generic root=UUID= ...09:46
InstallingUbuntuthere's no GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=09:46
InstallingUbuntuwhat do09:47
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: ignore the GRUB... stuff, just add the word nomodeset to the end of that line09:47
InstallingUbuntuthe end looks like: quiet splash $vt_handoff nomodset09:48
InstallingUbuntuI added nomodset09:49
InstallingUbuntuF10 to boot?09:49
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: ok, then press f10 to boot09:49
akikyou're missing one e09:49
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, nomodeset09:49
glitchdnot nomodset09:49
InstallingUbuntugot it09:49
InstallingUbuntuhit f1009:50
glitchdand pray.09:50
JoniiHey, if I have window hidden somehow, is there a trick to make it visible again?09:50
InstallingUbuntuI got a splash screen09:50
InstallingUbuntuUbuntu 12.0409:50
JoniiLike, Unity launcher shows window exists, but clicking launcher icon does nothing. It's outside my both screens09:50
MonkeyDustJonii  alt-tab, or alt-esc09:50
glitchdJonii, hidden?09:50
JoniiYeah, like, it's probably outside both my screens09:51
InstallingUbuntuI think its stuck09:51
JoniiOr it's just not showing up09:51
InstallingUbuntuhow long should I wait before we guess that its frozen?09:52
JoniiI can still interact with the window but can't really see it... With terminal windows, clicking F11 maximizes it, so you can use that to get it back09:52
JoniiBut some other windows can't really figure out how to get them back to me :p09:52
glitchdJonii, cant you just close it and reopen it? it should spawn in the middle of your screen then09:53
Joniiyes. But sometimes the lost windows have unsaved stuff so I don't want to close them09:54
JoniiSo I'd want a way to get these lost windows back in case this happens when I can't afford to restart things09:54
glitchdJonii, well i know that holding alt and clicking on the window lets you drag it, maybe that could help09:55
glitchdJonii, or maybe set a shortcut to cascade the windows09:56
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, anything yet?..09:56
Joniithat sounds something that could help09:56
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: no response yet?09:57
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: what was on screen?09:58
InstallingUbuntutried restarting and adding nomodeset before the $09:58
InstallingUbuntuUbuntu 12.04 splash screen09:58
InstallingUbuntukind of like right now09:58
InstallingUbuntubefore and now09:58
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: you can try removing 'quiet splash' when you add nomodeset, that will give you boot messages so you can see what happens09:59
glitchdno, i mean you put nomodeset before the $ sign?09:59
InstallingUbuntubefore it was after $vt_handoff09:59
InstallingUbuntunow I tried before09:59
InstallingUbuntuI'll try removing quiet splash10:00
ducassealso add nomodeset10:00
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu10:00
glitchdJonii, anything?10:00
JoniiIt's... Well, it's working poorly. But it's working10:01
InstallingUbuntuStarting to load fallback graphics devices [fail]10:01
glitchdwell that better than not working, i suppose10:02
InstallingUbuntueverything else shows [OK]10:02
glitchdJonii, how are windows being positioned of screen?10:02
glitchdoff screen*10:02
Joniiglitchd: not really sure10:03
glitchdJonii, did this just suddenly start to happen?10:03
JoniiI tweaked monitor settings so I had multiple windows disappear as a result of that10:03
JoniiBut it's intermittent thing that keeps happening every now and then in my experience10:04
InstallingUbuntuWhat do I do from here10:04
glitchdJonii, reset the display config then10:04
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: nothing more happened? did it stop after some message?10:04
glitchdinstalling find the drivers section and see if you can install a working driver i guess10:05
InstallingUbuntuStarting load fallback graphics devices [fail]10:05
glitchdim guessing he got to the desktop?10:05
glitchddear lord..10:05
InstallingUbuntuHow do I get to the drivers section10:05
InstallingUbuntuI cant even get to the desktop10:05
glitchdInstallingUbuntu, i said that thinking you had gotten to the desktop finally10:05
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: seriously, get some sleep. my best suggestions now will take some time.10:05
szafaget windows10:05
InstallingUbuntuszafa my longest boi ever10:06
glitchdszafa, no funny, kinda rude actually10:06
szafasry guys10:06
InstallingUbuntuI'll be back tomorrow10:06
glitchdhope you survive10:06
glitchdsay it was a glitch in an update and it borked the system=)10:07
* glitchd evil smile10:08
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mike__to whom can I speak if I can't connect to Ubuntu forums?10:13
wyseguycan someone help with desktop crashing after enabling intel-multicode driver?10:16
jattmike__: can you access this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223000410:16
jattmike__: or email ubuntu-forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com10:17
mike__jatt: yes, I just can't log in10:17
ducassemike__: there should be a contacts page on the forums10:22
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Guest86497Hi, I just installed Handrake as snap package, but can't get access to my DVD drive, anyone has the solution???10:33
pseudonymousGuest86497: No. But it sounds like a permissions problem. Oftentimes regular users can't access hardware peripherals.  Also, why dont you just install handbrake via the regular software repos ?10:34
Guest86497Because I have issue with mp4 format, can select it, only mkv10:35
bazhangGuest86497, have you asked in #snappy yet10:36
bazhang!info handbrake10:36
ubottuhandbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.5+ds1-2 (yakkety), package size 5456 kB, installed size 10520 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)10:36
pseudonymousGuest86497: I'm not an ubuntu expert, so take this as conjecture. BUT, sounds like you just haven't gotten the relevant packages for mp4 encoding installed ? Most package systems have hard requirements (which are pulled in when a package is installed) and recommended lists of packages not needed but which would enhance the experience10:37
Guest86497thx @ubottu10:37
Lodizanyone using xorg 1.19?10:48
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ikoniadoes it ship with ubuntu by default ?10:50
craiggirlWorld Defeated The Wrong Enemy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm34sj65MkA QUOTE: "Hitler went from being the devil to me, to my fucking hero, in less than a year. His speech in the beginning moves me to tears, and I now know why he was so loved."10:50
MrCucumberHEY GEEKS!10:51
ikoniaworst intro ever10:51
ikonianormal people will say "hello"10:51
MrCucumberwell *fellow* geeks10:51
MrCucumberwell im a little abnormal then!10:51
ikoniait's not a badge of honour10:51
wyseguycan someone help with desktop crashing after enabling intel-multicode driver?10:51
ikoniajust say "hello"10:51
ikoniathere is no need for anything else10:51
pseudonymousikonia: I think the whole Hitler was loved thing was a worse intro, but maybe that's just me :P10:51
ikoniapseudonymous: and they are gone10:51
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tosateHi there my launcher shows no icons anymore. The command 'unity  --reset-icons' is not working. Any suggestions?11:22
MonkeyDusttosate  is this useful http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html11:30
parapanhi all; I am running an ubuntu 16.04 LTS server edition on a machine with only 1 HDD (sda); I want to make a full back-up - image of the system and after that an easy restore; what do you recommend ?11:30
MonkeyDust!backup | parapan11:31
ubottuparapan: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:31
thushiHell all, I have Nvidia GeForce Gt 540 on my laptop, Drivers are installed... Now in the additional drivers setting, Do I need to select Nvidia as well as the default intel one?11:32
MonkeyDustparapan  if you have no extra/external drive, and your HDD is large enough, you can make a backup partition11:32
thushiOr just Nvidia is enough ?11:32
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gwozthey people11:35
tosateMonkeyDust no it's not, unfortunately.11:36
olmarithushi: well generally you can't select but one at one time... with most recent nvidias and "optimus" systems you can either install bumblebee or just install nvidia binaries and then you can choose in nvidia settings which one to use (not as robust as automatic system in windows but something)11:36
thushiolmari, I have a list of drivers installed in "Additional Drivers" for Nvidia... So , I am not sure which one to go with.11:37
thushiolmari, I have NVIDIA binary driver(version 367.57) (proprietarly,tested)11:38
thushiolmari, NVIDIA legacy binary (V 304.132) (proprietary)11:38
thushiolmari, NVIDIA binary dirver (Version 340.98) (Proprietary)11:38
thushiolmari, Using X.Org Xserver - Nouveau display driver (open source)11:39
MonkeyDustthushi  next time, use a !pastebin11:39
thushiolmari, What is the link for pastebin?11:40
thushiMonkeyDust, Sorry, Can you please give me the link for pastebin?11:40
MonkeyDustthushi  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11:40
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thushiMonkeyDust, I want to send a screen shot also, Is there anything available for that?11:40
clarkkhi Jordan_U:  are you still around?11:41
MonkeyDustthushi  imgur.com11:41
olmarithushi: usually newest and/or tested one, it just gives you options it knows to works with your hardware11:41
thushiolmari, Ok If i select Nvidia propreitary tested one, then shall i deselect the intel one?11:42
thushiolmari, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23577608/ I have pasted the list of options available in my system. Can you please look into that once?11:47
thushiolmari, I am not sure which one to select now :/11:47
Wotaci tried to install extra fonts but the PPA didn't fully work, now i have packages that are depending on something i don't have instead of ubuntu defaults, how can i change them back? apt-get -f install didn't work11:49
Wotac"libfontconfig1 : Depends: fontconfig-config (= 2.12.1-0-0ubuntu3-bohoomil-ultimate-ppa20160423) but 2.11.94-0ubuntu2 is installed"11:49
thushiolmari, Attached the screen shot also http://imgur.com/a/xFuGN11:54
thushiolmari, If i select the Proprietary,tested one i am getting a blank screen. also I am not able to switch to any other tty11:54
FManTropyxdamned PM spam12:25
bekksFManTropyx: Identify to services and run "/mode FManTropyx +R" to inhibit queries from unidentified users.12:27
FManTropyxI got PMs from about 40 random accounts12:27
nubcakeich versuche gerade ubuntu 15.04 und 16.04 in die default datei vom tftp einzutragen, allerdings scheint das beispiel nicht zur 64bit version zu passen. "kernel /ubuntu15.04-desktop-amd64/amd64/linux" existiert in der verzeichnisstruktur von ubuntu 15.04 desktop amd64 so garnicht.12:28
akik!de | nubcake12:28
ubottunubcake: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:28
nubcakeoh sorry, wrong channel.. i thought i tabbed to ubuntu-de12:29
Rohit_how to add wla012:29
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clarkkI've struggled for half a day on this. I need to run a script when a user logs out of lightdm on Ubuntu 16.04 shuts, and also when the user shuts down.  This is my attempt so far, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me, please?  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/22fcfe47249d3f53cc95cce0131645e312:32
clarkk* ignore "shuts"12:32
blackflowclarkk: obvious things first, is the script marked executable?12:34
ikoniaclarkk: what part is not working ?12:34
OerHekswild guess, use /full/path/to/testing-logoff-script212:39
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clarkkblackflow: yes it's executable12:47
clarkkikonia: it's not running on log off (or shutdown)12:47
clarkkOerHeks: ok, I'll try that. I need to log off / restart. I'll be back in 10 mins12:48
pidofanyone help me12:53
pidofhow to install ms office in ubuntu ?12:53
TheNavigatI have a problem with my Skylalke Intel graphics, identical to this http://askubuntu.com/questions/761312/ubuntu-16-04-skylake-not-able-to-shutdown-and-restart13:01
TheNavigatApparently using nVidia fixes the problem but that consumes too much battery too fast13:02
WulfI installed a kernel package manually (apt-get install ...) and now set it to automatically installed with apt-mark auto. Why does apt-get autormove not see it?13:02
TheNavigatCan anyone please help me with a fix for the Intel graphics problem, apart from just switching to nVidia?13:02
bekksWulf: are you currently using that kernel?13:03
Wulfbekks: no13:03
bekksWulf: So why dont you just uninstall it then?13:03
Wulfbekks: I want to understand why it's not working13:03
boddycan i please ask for help i would like to patch a file in linux but ican't any of the online tutorials i found13:04
bekksboddy: why file do you want to patch, and why?13:04
TheNavigatDoes anyone know what's the name of the package responsible for the Intel Graphics, for example? Maybe I can try installing the latest thing13:05
ViRuS007what is best lib for crypt ruby source code ?13:08
ikoniabest is an impossible statement13:08
ikoniaI'd suggest talking to the ruby developers and explaining your requirements to them13:08
ViRuS007thanks :)13:09
TheNavigatShould I ask again or something? :/13:11
TheNavigatOr provide more details?13:11
gwozthey guys i downloaded the latest disc image13:13
blackflowTheNavigat: there's nothing to install, the intel graphics driver is part of the kernel.13:14
gwoztand i was wondering how can i burn it to a usb13:14
MonkeyDustgwozt  of what?13:14
ikonia!install | gwozt13:14
ubottugwozt: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:14
bekksgwozt: you dont burn anything to USB, except you want to destroy your USB with fire.13:14
gwoztwell, the problem is not that actually13:14
ikoniathen what is the problem13:15
ikoniayou asked "how do I burn" then got told the answer now you say "thats not the problem"13:15
gwoztive been trying to install arch then i was screwed then i thought ok then lets install ubuntu since it is easier13:15
gwoztthen i erased the disc13:15
ikoniagwozt: why don't you tell us the actual problem13:15
TheNavigatblackflow: So xserver-xorg-video-intel is irrelevant?13:16
TheNavigatShould I try a newer kernel?13:16
ikoniawhy ?13:16
ikoniawhy are you talking about changing kernels ???13:16
TheNavigatikonia: I have a problem with my Intel Graphics13:16
ikoniaok - so focus on that13:16
ikonianot random changes13:16
TheNavigatSkylake fails to shutdown, sleep, or logout13:16
gwoztthen i started doing all these weirdass stuff to get my usb working cuz it couldn't be seen by the laptop13:17
TheNavigatAnd there's no fix whatsoever available anywhere13:17
clarkkblackflow: ikonia OerHeks - it didn't work. I've simplified the code slightly  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1a9a7d0a61409073831c7c728d04b9813:17
ikoniaTheNavigat: ok, so why would you change kernels13:17
bekksTheNavigat: I dont think thats a skylake issue.13:17
TheNavigatikonia: Because the new kernels /might/ have a fixx13:17
gwoztikonia,  just one question actually can i install ubuntu using startup disc?13:17
ikoniaTheNavigat: so may standing on your head13:17
TheNavigatbekks: What do you think, then? It seems to happen only for Skylake Graphics13:17
ikoniaTheNavigat: you don't just swap random things out, more so when it's likley to make your machine unsuported13:17
blackflowTheNavigat: that package does not contain the actual driver, but Xorg's modules for the driver13:18
TheNavigatikonia: Not really, and it's not random. Please hear me out13:18
ikoniagwozt: "startup disc" ??13:18
ikoniaTheNavigat: it is random13:18
bekksTheNavigat: So you changed graphics adapter in your some other Intel chipset, and tested it?13:18
gwozti used startup disc creator13:18
gwoztto burn the iso to usb13:18
ikoniagwozt: read the link ubottu gave you and it gives you all the options and walks them through with you13:18
TheNavigatbekks: I use the exact same OS on another computer with a different Intel Graphics version and it works13:18
TheNavigatAnd the only case where this occurs is if people use Skylake13:19
bekksTheNavigat: and a totally different chipset, etc.13:19
MonkeyDustgwozt  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation13:19
TheNavigatbekks: Well, the only common thing between me and the guy who posted the thing on Ask Ubuntu is the graphics13:19
TheNavigatI'm using a different laptop13:19
TheNavigatA different brand, in fact13:19
TheNavigatand I have the exact same problem13:19
TheNavigatThe only common thing is the Skylake Graphics13:19
clarkkI need to run a script when a user logs out of lightdm on Ubuntu 16.04, and also when the user shuts down.  This is my attempt so far, but it doesn't run. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1a9a7d0a61409073831c7c728d04b9813:20
TheNavigatikonia: Okay, hear me out, please. Doesn't the kernel contain the intel graphics drivers?13:21
TheNavigatMy thought was to basically update the drivers13:21
TheNavigatThat's all :)13:21
ikoniaTheNavigat: it contaings part of it13:21
TheNavigatWell, and then I should update xserver-xorg-video-intel, correct?13:22
ikoniaTheNavigat: the display services is made up of various things as is the power managment13:22
ikoniaTheNavigat: what component is the fault with ?13:22
TheNavigatThe graphics driver13:22
ikoniaTheNavigat: are %100 sure13:22
TheNavigatikonia: Pretty much, yes13:22
TheNavigatSwitching to nVidia fixes everything13:22
bekksTheNavigat: So you have an error message stating that?13:22
blackflowTheNavigat: the intel driver is part of the kernel, there's nothing do update/upgrade separately. There is, however, the "intel-microcode" package that might in theory fix such a bug in an updated version.13:23
ikoniaTheNavigat: how did you work that out ?13:23
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ioriaclarkk, on 14.04 i sue this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM#Adding_System_Hooks13:23
TheNavigatbekks: Unfortunately Ubuntu crashes before it gets a chance to print anything useful to the log, as far as I can understand. I might have missed something, too13:23
blackflowTheNavigat: to be precise, it doesn't "fix" anything, it just removes the cause of the problem by using different hardware :)13:23
TheNavigatblackflow: I'm confused. I have no idea what to do TBH. I just want to fix this...13:24
TheNavigatYes, this is crappy because I don't have definitive log13:24
TheNavigatI don't even know which package is causing the problem13:24
TheNavigatWhat I do know is that Ubuntu 16.04 worked before the updates, and that *some* package broke everything when I updated it13:24
TheNavigatWhich one? I have absolutely no idea13:24
ikoniaTheNavigat: so you've gone from being certain - to "don't know" in the space of 90 seconds13:24
bekksTheNavigat: So having no clue and no logs - why are you sure its the graphics driver's fault?13:24
ikoniaTheNavigat: I suggest stopping what you're doing, and working with someone who can help you debug to actually debug it to the right component13:25
ikoniarather than just swapping random things out13:25
blackflowTheNavigat: personally, I don't think there's a fix except to patiently wait until one of the updates to the kernel and/or microcode fixes it. Note that skylake is very much new. Bugs will be aplenty. I've had issues with intel even on "older" models like broadwell, on 16.04, random freezes. Using nvidia instead.13:25
TheNavigatikonia: Can you please give me a break? It's not like I'm destroying the world. I'm just asking for help13:25
ikoniaTheNavigat: and I'm advising you13:25
TheNavigatikonia: I'm aware, I'm a FOSS dev and I know what you're talking about13:26
ikoniaTheNavigat: if you want I can let you blindly get on with breaking your system13:26
ikoniaTheNavigat: nonsense13:26
TheNavigatBut it's not like I have anything to deal with13:26
ikoniaTheNavigat: if you knew what you where talking about you wouldn't be blindly swapping out packages13:26
ikoniaand getting upset when people guide you13:26
OerHeks"<TheNavigat> Apparently using nVidia fixes the problem but that consumes too much battery too fast"13:26
TheNavigatblackflow: I guess... Thanks for the help :)13:27
blackflowikonia: if you google for the log entry TheNavigat posted, you'd find out it's a problem with the intel driver13:27
OerHeksthat makes me wonder, there is a switch in your systemsettings13:27
TheNavigatOerHeks: I'm not following13:27
ikoniablackflow: I've seen a reference to it, I also see a reference to the APM for certain makes using that chipset13:27
TheNavigatikonia: I really know what you're talking about and I'm aware of how messed up this might seem to someone who's more experienced in Linux and such than I am, but I'm not hiding anything. If I could possibly obtain any logs, I would've used them13:28
ikoniaTheNavigat: I don't think you're hiding anything at all13:28
clarkkioria: that's what I'm using, isn't it?13:28
TheNavigatEither I'm not knowledgeable enough to obtain such logs, or they're hidden too well13:28
TheNavigatI built my hypothesis based on others reporting the exact same problem produced on different laptops with different chipsets and different structure13:29
TheNavigatWith the only common thing being the Skylake graphics13:29
TheNavigatSo yes, if you please, I kind of know what I13:29
TheNavigatwhat I'm doing *13:29
bekksAnd the same broken APM. :P13:29
TheNavigatAt least relative to others having the same problem13:29
TheNavigatI'm not mad but it doesn't feel nice when instead of getting actual advice one would just keep being raided with personal attacks and stuff like "You don't even know what you're doing"13:30
BluesKajHowdy folks13:30
TheNavigatThere's a hundred ways to phrase "nonsense" without being rude, you know :)13:31
OerHeksTheNavigat,  you didn't install the nvidia drivers?13:31
TheNavigatOverHeks: I did, yep13:31
TheNavigatI have nVidia settings here, that's how I switch13:31
TheNavigatAnd that's the only way it works13:31
TheNavigatOne thing though is, it worked earlier13:31
OerHeksTheNavigat, then you would have an app in systemsettings, prime?13:31
TheNavigatI just did an upgrade and everything broke13:31
TheNavigatOverHeks: ope13:31
TheNavigatNope *13:31
TheNavigatThere's the NVIDIA X Server Settings, though13:32
TheNavigatPrime isn't in System Settings, nope13:32
TheNavigatblackflow: Is there anything on Ubuntu's bug tracking platform I can follow?13:33
OerHeksTheNavigat, correct, something like this http://i.stack.imgur.com/YZRF0.png13:33
TheNavigatI forgot its name, unfortunately :(13:33
TheNavigatI'd like to be able to follow the problem and progress on it13:33
TheNavigatOverHeks: Yep, I have that :D13:33
FareHi. Can someone with a working cryptroot setup tell me what they what in /etc/initramfs-tools/ ? I can't get it to include /sbin/cryptsetup in the initramfs13:39
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vltFare: Two options. Prepend every update-initramfs command with CRYPTSETUP=y or put a valid line to /etc/crypttab.13:58
=== mollo is now known as hello
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vltFare: It used to work without that in older versions but both Ubuntu and Debian seem to need that now.13:59
=== noce is now known as nocedicocco
jeraldAnyone know if it's possible to get virtualbox working with secure boot?14:03
jeraldI'm on xubuntu btw14:03
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matiashi, I'm new :)14:23
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clarkkI need to run a script when a user logs out of lightdm on Ubuntu 16.04, and also when the user shuts down.  This is my attempt so far, but it doesn't run. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1a9a7d0a61409073831c7c728d04b98   Can anyone help, please?14:27
MonkeyDustclarkk  if you don't get an answer here, try and ask in #bash14:30
xanhi, have problem to install nvidia driver14:31
xanneed help14:31
xanmy desktop has only nvidia video card14:31
xanusing open works14:32
xanbut when i install closed doesent boot14:32
xanfreeze before start GDM14:32
avenger_qxan: my cock is so frekin hard for terminal!14:33
avenger_qxan: my cock is so frekin hard for terminal!14:33
BluesKajavenger_q, stop that14:34
avenger_qBlueskaj: why?14:34
BluesKajthis is a family chat14:35
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avenger_qevery time i run sudo-apt-get hard cock it returns an error14:35
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu14:36
tutux[m]try aptitude14:36
BluesKajor attitiude14:36
avenger_qaptitude for my penis is bad14:36
BluesKajfriggin 13 yr old minds14:36
tutux[m]aptitude -f install14:37
BluesKajthanks, DJones14:37
DJonesBluesKaj: no probs14:37
sruli1i need some help with lsof, i am trying to test what is the right command to see which process is busy with a mount, i am copying a large file to the mount, when i try to unmount i get the device busy error, but "lsof +D /path/to/mount" returns empty, what paramaters do i need in the lsof command to get the result?14:41
clarkkMonkeyDust: thanks, but why do you believe it's a bash issue?14:44
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MonkeyDustclarkk  because of this line and i assumed it's a bash syntax issue ... "#!/bin/bash"14:47
clarkkok, thanks MonkeyDust. I've posted there, but I'm hoping someone here will have some more ideas14:48
clarkkrestarting. Be back in 10 mins14:50
linux_userHow do I request that an Ubuntu package be updated in the repo?14:58
Joel12345What can I do against squeezed packets (softnet ~ 6200 events/s)15:00
zykotick9linux_user: file a wishlist bug...  check was debian unstable is using...  what package is it?15:00
OerHekslinux_user, depends what, high impact bug, or just a new feature .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#When15:00
MonkeyDustlaunchpad comes to my mind15:01
zykotick9s/check was/check what/15:01
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emrHello how can i install ubuntu server on hp proliant ml110 gen9 server?15:11
EriC^^!install | emr15:11
ubottuemr: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:11
emrEriC^^, actually i perfectly installed but its not booting15:12
MonkeyDustemr  start from the beginning, what brings you here15:12
EriC^^emr: what happens when you boot it15:12
emrthere is ilo thing on hp server15:13
MonkeyDustemr  'ilo thing'?15:13
emriLO4 which i dont familiar with also raid configuration15:14
emrhowever i dont want to use this features simply i want to install ubuntu server and15:14
emrboot it thats all15:15
MonkeyDustILO is Integrated Lights Out, is what I read here15:16
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linux_userthe package is ansible and they are adding features and fixing bugs like crazy15:25
linux_userthere are a number of bugs fixed between and
linux_useris there a faq on filling a wishlist bug?15:26
linux_userI do not run Debian I run Ubuntu so I have made no checks of Debian15:27
OerHeksansible advises their ppa http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/intro_installation.html#latest-releases-via-apt-ubuntu , xenial and yakety is @
MonkeyDustlinux_user  start here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/Wishlist15:27
OerHekseven trusty & precise .. https://launchpad.net/~ansible/+archive/ubuntu/ansible15:28
binBlobSome packages have the suffix dfsg1, what does it mean?15:29
linux_userMonkeyDust: is there some way to add my request to that page you are saying? I see no such capability to do so15:29
OerHeksDebian Free Software Guidelines15:30
binBlobOerHeks: thanks15:31
linux_userMonkeyDust: ok, logging in first15:32
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juaneteHi there... still trying to get how to know where the spam in a server is. Does anyone can help how to know or identify in the queue where the spam is coming from? Which domain? thanks15:42
Joel12345What can I do against squeezed packets (softnet ~ 6200 events/s)15:43
linux_userOerHeks: those instructions do not work! I followed what ansible website says and I got no upgrade15:44
linux_userstill with
MonkeyDust!info ansible15:45
ubottuansible (source: ansible): Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system. In component universe, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 1216 kB, installed size 8940 kB15:45
linux_user$ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common15:45
linux_user$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible15:45
linux_user$ sudo apt-get update15:45
linux_user$ sudo apt-get install ansible15:45
linux_usergot the same version I have now15:45
DanielStroeterHey guys, I want to shrink a LVM2 partition. I managed to shrink the logical volumes. Now i have a gap between two logical volumes. I want to move the physical extends to the end of the partition, in order to shrink the partition with gparted15:46
linux_userOh, that is for 16.10!15:46
DanielStroeterDo you guys know how to move the free segments to the end of the partition?15:46
linux_userI am running 16.0415:46
linux_userI will work on doing the upgrade to 16.10 then15:47
linux_userI have 16.10 in a VM, let me see what version I have on there15:47
OerHeksxenial is also on
linux_userI was hoping to get the latest ansible via apt-get on 16.0415:48
SchrodingersScat!latest | linux_user15:49
ubottulinux_user: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:49
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linux_userSchrodingersScat: Thanks...I forgot 16.04 is lts and if I go to 16.10 I'll have newer packages, will do that this week. I was meaning too anyway15:50
RedBone1908 but no one is alive15:50
linux_user2.1.1.0 is on 16.10, you are right!15:51
ekeshhow can i join an irc channel ?15:51
SchrodingersScatekesh: /join #nameofchannel15:51
SchrodingersScatRedBone: +-.515:52
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skinuxIf I purge Apache and then reinstall it, will it have out-of-box settings too?15:59
Netekskinux thats the idea, it removes all aspect of Apache from the machine including configuration files15:59
DanielStroeterNevermind, i id the trick with pvmove and moved the oartition next to the other. Thereby the free pe emerged at the end.16:05
DanielStroeterHave a nice day!16:05
Howserhow do you get to group chat?16:12
ViciousLooRollbest cheap 2-in-1 laptop for ubuntu?16:13
misha1Hello. Im using lubuntu on a netbook with a few keys broken. How can I remap three keys without using xmodmap16:14
af1welcome Shentino16:14
af1dont know misha16:14
OerHeksmisha1, xmodmap would be the tool to do that16:15
OerHeksso i wonder, why not xmodmap?16:15
skinuxWow. I just purged and reinstalled Apache, it's still redirecting too many times16:15
MAmineHello, Is there a way to use KDE's "input method" instead of the default ubuntu's because it works correctly. the ubuntu's turns off the numlock each time I switch the layout (its a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/1247668 )16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1247668 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "NumLock turned off on layout switch" [High,Confirmed]16:18
misha1OerHeks: there has been a bug that causes Xorg run at 100% CPU and make the system unresponsive for 5 minutes if there is a .Xmodmap file is present or a xmodmap loaded.16:19
misha1tried it already16:20
OerHeksso you have 'few keys broken' .. what bugreport exactly?16:24
InstallingUbuntuHey, I was on yesterday trying to fix my Ubuntu installation. Can anyone help?16:25
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juanetedoes anydoy knows how to close all instances running for port 25?16:27
juaneteIt looks like the server is sending spam16:27
juaneteI've close it and with16:27
juanetewatch 'netstat -na | grep :25'16:27
juaneteStill having problems16:27
vltjuanete: You could DROP any connection to a port 25 with iptables. Then have a look at what is left ;-)16:30
juanetevlt: thnks!16:33
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dbbhi all - what process at Canonical decides which python updates are shipped in "required" system updates16:41
dbbI have a project in Python 2.7x and I do NOT want the environment destabilized with daily security things16:41
dbbI will write a letter on paper to that effect too16:42
juaneteDoes this means that the server is used spamming? https://i.imgur.com/q3iWrGy.png16:42
BluesKajdbb, ask in #ubuntu-dev, you'll probly get a quicker answer there16:42
BluesKajdbb, sorry #ubuntu-devel16:43
juanetethis mail fight is hard...16:43
wiggmpkDoes anyone have a solution for Facebook Messenger via Empathy? I have tried adding the haze extension here https://openrepos.net/content/nodevel/facebook-messenger-account without success16:43
juaneteI'm readung hours and hours though internet regarding the spam and I can't find how to know where the spam is getting through inside the domains in the server...16:44
ioriajuanete, maybe this helps http://serverfault.com/questions/23385/huge-amount-of-time-wait-connections-says-netstat16:46
juaneteioria: checking... thnks16:47
Joel12345What can I do against squeezed packets (softnet ~ 6200 events/s)16:48
juaneteioria: the easy question is. In the image I've sent (thnks for taking a look) the IP addresses and then the :25 is the port, correct?16:49
juaneteI mean, all of those instances are 25 port?16:49
juanetehow could this be if I have it close?16:49
ioriayou close 25, when you kill postfix or others16:49
juanetehow is the better way for sending info from forms in wordpress or prestashop using postfix or others? Alll of them uses 25 port?16:50
ioriapostfix will use 25 or the the 465 or 587 (i guess)16:51
ioriajuanete, 465  is the 'ssl version' = secure  of 2516:52
warscarI'm new to linux16:52
warscarwhat we use xchat for?16:53
InstallingUbuntuirc chat16:53
szafaits irc program xD16:53
warscarirc meaning16:53
szafainternet relay chat16:53
warscaroh okay16:53
Biscuit-Internet relay chat16:54
warscarso, we chat about tech here16:54
Biscuit-What you're on right now16:54
warscaror like, about linux16:54
Biscuit-The are many channels16:54
warscarwell, backbox16:54
Biscuit-There's a Linux channel too16:54
Joel12345What can I do against squeezed packets (softnet ~ 6200 events/s)16:54
Biscuit-You could look it up and join it :)16:54
warscarso right now im on ubuntu server16:55
juaneteioria: I think I have to stop it and open it again when I'm ready.16:55
juaneteAny easy way to stop postfix temporaly?16:55
warscarsee you guys. Thanks. <316:56
ioriajuanete,  sudo service postfix stop16:59
InstallingUbuntuI finally got Ubuntu installed on my old machine, but whenever I try to boot up, I get a black screen. I set the boot option to nomodeset and removed quiet splash, now I'm getting this: "Starting to load fallback graphics devices [fail]"17:01
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, what ubuntu ?17:02
InstallingUbuntuthe only one we found compatible with my old machine17:03
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, which is ?17:03
InstallingUbuntuUbuntu 12.0417:03
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, which is your machine ?17:04
InstallingUbuntuAn old custom pc I bought years ago17:04
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, ok, cpu,ram video card ?17:04
InstallingUbuntunot sure what cpu, 2gb ram, had the page for my video card open a while ago, let me look17:05
juaneteioria: thnks a lot17:05
ioriajuanete,  no prob17:06
InstallingUbuntuASRock P4I65GV - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket 478 - i865GV17:06
InstallingUbuntuGraphics: Intel Extreme Graphics 217:06
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ioriano, sorry17:07
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, pentium 4 ?17:07
juaneteioria: Having lot's of SMTP instance. https://i.imgur.com/cBVXnAY.png17:07
ioriajuanete,  have you stopped your smtp ?17:08
InstallingUbuntuback in 1 min17:08
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, i'd use lubuntu, for starter17:09
juaneteioria: I guess so...17:10
juaneteLet me check how to be sure I did17:10
ioriajuanete,  maybe it's ot postfix, but exim, or another17:10
abhishekI am new to ubuntu. Why does ubuntu have much older kernel than the current one?17:10
ducasse!latest | abhishek17:11
ubottuabhishek: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:11
MonkeyDust!newest | abhishek here's why17:11
ubottuabhishek here's why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:11
MonkeyDustducasse  was faster17:11
juaneteLook /var/log# telnet localhost 25 Trying Trying ::1... telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused17:12
ioriajuanete,  sudo lsof -i :2517:12
Guest60872gentleman, i'm upgrading from django 1.5 to 1.6, willing to finaly upgrade with everything tested to 1.10. the first problem i'v encountered was with the manager.py itself. to solve that i'v copied the template manager.py from the django folder. didn't worked the first try, it didn't found settings.py, so i'v changed os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "{{ project_name }}.settings") to os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "settings")17:12
Guest60872and it started! but it doesn't find my projects modules. all my structure is like import "projectrootfolder"."module"."models, for example. it doesn't find thanks to the first "projectfolder" is not found17:12
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Apachezwhere in compizconfig do I set the settings for how marking things on the desktop is performed? Like if the rectangle should have a solid color or a dotted line?17:13
DebianTUXis there a standard way to solve this problem? or will i need to change every import from my application to remove the root project folder import?17:13
DebianTUXops, sorry, wrong channel17:13
abhishekwhen you backport a kernel. One backports all commits right? Not just the security ones.17:13
juaneteioria: Look!!! https://i.imgur.com/LC3rIk8.png17:13
ioriajuanete,  stop exim, then17:14
InstallingUbuntuI'm back17:15
InstallingUbuntuioria someone told me if ubuntu won't work neither will lubunti17:16
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  i don't agree17:16
juaneteioria: weird it looks like exim isn't in my sytem... therefore... why I have that messages in the trace you told me?17:17
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ioriaInstallingUbuntu, but why 12.04 ? pentium 4 intel graphics and 2 giga are good for 14.04 or even 16.10 ?17:17
InstallingUbuntuioria I tried 16.10 but I would always get a black screen or frozen splash screen17:18
InstallingUbuntuI've made some progress with 12.0417:18
ioriajuanete,  exim is running  , i guess, otherwise the output of the cmd whould have been blank17:19
EriC^^InstallingUbuntu: did you try nomodeset?17:19
InstallingUbuntuI'm on it right now17:19
EriC^^wait you get a screen with the live usb?17:19
EriC^^"try ubuntu"17:19
InstallingUbuntuI already installed Ubuntu17:19
InstallingUbuntufrom live usb17:19
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  are you in  console  ?17:19
EriC^^yeah i mean it works in the live one right?17:19
InstallingUbuntuioria I can get to the recovery console17:20
EriC^^InstallingUbuntu: install the drivers it was using in the live usb, i think that'd work17:20
EriC^^InstallingUbuntu: which vga?17:20
EriC^^lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA17:20
InstallingUbuntuIntel Extreme Graphics 217:20
InstallingUbuntu1 sec17:20
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InstallingUbuntuStarting to load fallback graphics devices [fail] <this is the error I get after I removed quiet splash, by the way17:21
ioriaon recovery, you'll get false positives :þ17:22
InstallingUbuntuthat's not from recovery17:22
InstallingUbuntuI edited the grep launch options17:22
InstallingUbunturemoved quiet splash, added nomodeset17:22
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  grub, you mean17:23
juaneteioria: I really appreciatte your help it's time to investigate with those details. EVenthough I didn't install exim and exim isn't in the system, and no exim logs either in /var/log, so it's really weird. Will investigate why I'm having such a SMTP 25 port running with TIME_WAIT.17:23
InstallingUbuntugrub, sorry17:23
juaneteioria: Thank you17:23
ioriajuanete,  ok17:23
InstallingUbuntuok, I have recovery shell open17:23
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  post the output of the command EriC^^ posted17:24
InstallingUbuntuJust did it17:24
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  the full output17:25
InstallingUbuntuVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)17:25
InstallingUbuntuSubsystem:ASRock Incorperation device 257217:26
InstallingUbuntuKernel modules: intelfb, i91517:26
InstallingUbuntuthats it17:26
InstallingUbuntuback in 1 min17:26
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  are you sure you're using nomodeset ?17:26
us12354hi guys, how can i mount encrypted hd, thanks, i-m in live with ubuntu 16.0417:29
InstallingUbuntuI'm back17:29
InstallingUbuntuyes, I'm using nomodeset17:29
InstallingUbuntu100% sure17:30
InstallingUbuntuIf I don't use nomodeset and just try to boot regularly I get a black screen17:31
vltus12354: If it’s LUKS encrypted you should be able to just plug it in and your system will ask you for the passphrase and then mount it. Without a desktop environment you use `cryptsetup luksOpen` to open and then mount to mount it.17:31
ducasseus12354: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63594/mount-encrypted-volumes-from-command-line#6359817:31
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ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  bynow, are you on Recovery, or logged in via console ?17:32
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, try to boot again and login via console (ctrl+alt+fX)17:33
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, F1 (or F2)17:34
olmariwith LUKS might need to install, was it, cryptsetup if it is not installed, but generally like vlt said... if it is true- or veracrypt, then you need to install mentioned program... generally same for any obscure crypting program17:34
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olmarino idea about windows encrypted stuff in linux17:34
InstallingUbuntuI rebooted, I'm at the grub screen. Pressing ctrl+alt+f1/2 does nothing17:35
InstallingUbuntuShould I go to recovery and try it?17:35
xanhi, i have problem with nvidia driver and GDM. need help17:36
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, not at the grub screen, let it run .... wait a bit, then open a console17:36
InstallingUbuntuIf I choose just to start ubuntu 12.04 (not recovery) It won't respond to any keystrokes17:37
xandesktop pc with only geforce 750TI, with pervious version of ubuntu works perfectly. but with 16.10 when i install nvidia driver GDM doesent start. if i use XDM work fine17:37
xanneed help pls17:37
misha1OerHeks: yes, a few physical keys are broken, like the uestion mark. Do you have any useful information for me17:38
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, ok, so in grub, edit the kernel boot line and  add   ' text ' (without quote) after nomodeset17:38
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, so, you'll have a 'text boot'17:38
InstallingUbuntuso, > nomodeset text17:38
xanhelp me17:39
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, F10 then17:39
puffinzxan, have you tried uninstalling gdm and reinstalling it?17:40
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, you should end up in console17:40
xanpuffinz i try to reformat17:40
puffinzxan, no need to do a full install17:40
xanreinstall it should works?17:40
InstallingUbuntuioria It seems to be stuck17:41
puffinzjust "sudo apt-get remove gdm" "sudo apt-get install gdm"17:41
xanpuffinz i already reformat to do a try17:41
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, wait a bit ....17:41
misha1Hello. Im using lubuntu on a netbook with a few physical keys broken. How can I remap three keys in lubuntu17:41
xantry reinstall gdm now17:41
InstallingUbuntufsck from util-linux 2.20.117:41
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, what you had on that pc before ?17:42
InstallingUbuntuWindows 7 Ultimate17:42
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InstallingUbuntuOverwrote it when I installed Ubuntu17:42
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, the hd is ok ?17:42
InstallingUbuntuI'm pretty sure, yeah17:43
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, still stuck ?17:43
clarkkspent another day on this lightdm "run script on log out" problem. See my code  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1a9a7d0a61409073831c7c728d04b98   It seems that the script is run with id=root, but with the USER and HOME variables set to the current user. When it creates files, the files are owned by id. Is there any way to properly change the user to the current user. Even using sudo -Hnu myuser /usr/local/bin/testing-logoff-script2, the log 17:43
InstallingUbuntuit got as far as last time, but without the "Starting to load fallback graphics devices [fail]"17:44
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  try to   ctrl+alt+f217:44
InstallingUbuntunothing happens17:44
ducassemisha1: if you can't use xmodmap you will have to use xkbcomp.17:44
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  have you tried resume from the Recovery menu ?17:45
InstallingUbuntuyes, it gives me a different problem17:45
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  which is ?17:46
InstallingUbuntustuck on * Starting CUPS printing/spooling server     [OK]17:47
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  if it's a fresh install, and you can't open a console , i'd say 'bad media or bad iso'17:47
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  how did you do the usb ?17:48
ducasseInstallingUbuntu: it failed to write properly the first time around, didn't it?17:48
InstallingUbuntuI started with rufus, after that didn't work I went to UNetbootin, and after that didn't work I went back to rufus17:48
InstallingUbuntuYeah, so I installed it from scratch17:48
InstallingUbuntu2 different usbs and a new iso17:49
InstallingUbuntufirst iso downloaded from ubuntus servers17:49
InstallingUbuntu2nd iso from ubuntu torrent17:49
xanpuffinz done but not works17:49
xanpuffinz lightDM and xdm works. gdm not17:49
InstallingUbuntuI think the install is good, its just my graphics17:49
InstallingUbuntuor something along the lines17:50
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, it's intel, right ?17:50
InstallingUbuntuwhat part?17:50
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, the graphics17:50
xanlightDM and xdm works. GDM not17:51
InstallingUbuntuVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)17:51
InstallingUbuntuthis is from the command earlier^17:52
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, grep "model"  /proc/cpuinfo17:52
howarthFiled https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/164718417:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647184 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu should install mach_kernel and System directory in boot/EFI like Fedora 24 and fallback.efi for EFI-32" [Undecided,New]17:52
howarthUbuntu really needs to add those two Fedora 24 installer features17:53
howarthI was shocked to find that Fedora 24 could install a bootable installation of x86_64 Fedora on a EFI-32 MacBook Pro 2,117:53
InstallingUbuntuIntel Pentium 4 CPU 3.0Ghz17:53
howarthThey are using the trick described in http://askubuntu.com/questions/563401/efi-boot-ubuntu-14-04-on-a-mac-without-refind automatically in anaconda17:54
xanpuffinz any idea?17:54
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, you can boot to recovery, enable networking, and try to update-upgrade-dist-upgrade17:54
howarthThe EFI-32 business I am guessing is due to their use of a failback.efi file but I am certain17:55
ioriaInstallingUbuntu, yes,   but for me, i'd download lubuntu 14.0417:55
howarthThat in particular would be useful to non-Mac users as many PC owners may be stuck with EFI-32 firmware as well17:55
InstallingUbuntuIt gets stuck on modem-manager17:56
eelstrebori've been trying to install 16.04.1 on a 1TB HDD but it keeps telling me i have a lagacy system on the drive and tells me i need to force the uefi install even though i wiped the drive before starting17:56
InstallingUbuntuthere's a list of stuff17:56
InstallingUbuntustill stuck...17:57
eelstrebornot to mention that the install locks up when i click on continue17:57
InstallingUbuntuis there any way I can set up the network and do this from the recovery command line?17:57
anddamhello, I just installed a 16.10 and then package samba, upon trying to enable the service I get17:57
anddamupdate-rc.d: error: samba Default-Start contains no runlevels, aborting.17:57
anddamin fact I can see that     lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   9 set 18 12:26 /lib/systemd/system/samba.service -> /dev/null    and that seems a bit odd17:58
anddamany hint about that?17:58
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  you can't enable networking ?17:58
InstallingUbuntuIt gets stuck17:59
InstallingUbuntuI have to go through the command line17:59
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  cabled connection ?17:59
InstallingUbuntuDon't have cables where I am currently18:00
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  a laptop ?18:00
InstallingUbuntuits a desktop18:00
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  yes, with wpasupplicant,  and ifconfig you can set up it manually ... but it's a pain18:01
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haricotHi, after much research, I am still unable run a a custom script of mine. Really, it is a file that simply runs a few commands. I have tried multiple areas of my system: init.d, rc.local, and  crontab. None of these methods have worked for me. And of course, I can run my script manually, and it works fine. It also works under startup applications in gnome, but I do not mainly use gnome, I use i3. I really appreciate any help given.18:07
ducasseharicot: what exactly does it do?18:08
haricotducasse: what does my script do?18:09
ducasseharicot: yes18:09
zykotick9haricot: exec_always in .i3/config perhaps?18:09
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haricotzykotick9: I was thinking of trying that too, but haven't. Im fighting with my OCD aboutgetting it to work in /etc/init.d18:10
ducasseharicot: or ~/.xsessionrc, so it runs independent of environment.18:10
haricotducasse: the script maps ctrl to my space bar18:10
InstallingUbuntuIs there a way I could connect my tower to my laptop with an ethernet cord and piggyback off the wifi?18:10
ducasseharicot: with setxkbmap?18:10
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haricotducasse: no, xmodmap and xcape18:10
InstallingUbuntuAnd no. the ethernet cord is not long enough to reach the router18:11
ducasseharicot: then it will need access to an x server, so put it in ~/.xsessionrc. an init script will not work.18:11
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  maybe easier, boot the livecd, and chroot18:12
haricotducasse: thanks, ill give it a go. Why does it need an x server?18:12
haricotducasse: because i3 is used?18:12
ducasseharicot: because of the 'x' in 'xmodmap'. it's an x tool.18:13
haricotducasse: thanks for that.18:13
ducasseharicot: np.18:13
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  yes, you mount your root partition, mount the critical fs, chroot and upgrade your installed system from there...18:15
InstallingUbuntugrub doesn't seem to recognize the usb18:16
ioriaInstallingUbuntu,  bios recognizes the usb, not grub ...18:17
InstallingUbuntuI'm taking a break, I'll be back in a bit18:17
InstallingUbuntui know, bios doesnt either18:17
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slavanapHello. I get these error messages when copying disk to iso with brasero. What does they mean? Am I have a bad CD or this is driver issue? http://hastebin.com/xocuqaboqa.sql18:27
ducasseslavanap: looks like bad disk or bad drive18:29
ducasseslavanap: i'd guess disc if others work fine.18:29
slavanapducasse, well I don't know if other would work. Brasero stuck on 99% when copying. Will try others soon.18:30
slavanapducasse, now trying `sudo dd if=/dev/sr0 of=Disk.iso status=progress` if that make any difference...18:32
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ikoniaor /win 418:33
ikoniaoops, sorry18:33
slavanapducasse, dd finished well..... brasero bug?18:33
ocean_hello guys18:34
ducasseslavanap: hard to say18:34
JamesTcI have a ssl question, but #openssl seems rather quiet, so i was wondering if it would be okay to ask it here ?18:34
ikoniaJamesTc: probably not18:35
ikoniaJamesTc: if it's something to do with openssl #openssl is the right place, if it's to do with ubuntus SSL build, here is fine18:35
slavanapI wonder how AudioCD is mounted. dd if=/dev/sr0 returns error.18:36
zykotick9slavanap: audio cds aren't mounted18:36
slavanapzykotick9, how to dd them then?18:37
zykotick9slavanap: ? not something i've tried to do...18:37
slavanapzykotick9, looks like copying .wav files is the only option18:38
slavanap*from AudioCD18:38
MonkeyDustslavanap  havent followed... you can also copy audio files from cd, with the 'jack' command18:39
ducasseslavanap: you don't mount something you intend to read/write with dd18:39
MonkeyDustslavanap  jack -k lets you keep the files in .wav format18:39
slavanapducasse, whatever, AudioCD can't be read via /dev/sr0 not /dev/cdrom18:39
JamesTcikonia: Its properly more of a generic ssl question to be honest.      If i generate a ssl csr file on ubuntu, register it online as a wildcard certificate with "lets say" rapidssl.  Will i be able to use this certificate with both my ubuntu servers, windows iis servers and so on?    (rapidssl has a few guides on how to generate for diferent services like apache/ iis mac server and so on.    I would hate to end up spending 800ish usd o18:40
JamesTcbeing broken18:40
ikoniaJamesTc: "yes" but for the record thats nothing to do with this channel, as you rightly suggested18:40
slavanapMonkeyDust, trying jack -k now. Will report if it's similar just copying files via File Manager.18:41
JamesTcikonia:   Thanks for helping out despite my request falling short of the channels topic.    It will put my heart at ease.18:41
ibispii want to download ubuntu for my desktop computer, which version should i download? What's ubuntu kylin?18:48
EriC^^ibispi: 16.0418:49
MonkeyDustibispi  kylin is ubuntu for chinese customers18:49
EriC^^ibispi: ubuntu kylin is a chinese version18:49
evhTapJust download the latest LTS18:49
evhTapI believe it's 16.0418:49
ibispithat's the latest version for ubuntu "long term support"18:50
evhTapThat means that all apps released in the next five years will support it18:50
evhTap5 years later, they'll release the next LTS18:51
xan_IThi guys i have problem with nvidia driver and GDM18:51
tgm4883evhTap: uh, not all apps released in the next 5 years will support 16.0418:51
slavanapMonkeyDust, well `jack -k` doesn't add any comments to file, while copying through file manager adds `gvfs-cdda using libcdio 0.83 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu` as a comment to .wav file.18:51
slavanapMonkeyDust, Thanks for info about jack18:52
ioriaslavanap, you need to rip and convert songs ?18:52
slavanapioria, rip. I've already did that 2 ways :D18:53
tgm4883evhTap: yea, I'm not even sure where you got that information18:53
slavanapioria, jack -k or copying via filemanader.18:53
evhTapWow I may have gotten false information18:53
evhTapThanks for correcting me18:53
ioriaslavanap, i use sound-juicer and set preferences to mp318:53
evhTapAnd sorry to the newbie for misleading him18:53
tgm4883evhTap: in fact, that's actually one of the biggest knocks, that it doesn't get updated apps for lots of things18:54
slavanapioria, fyi, jack -k additionally converts to .ogg18:54
ioriaslavanap, sound-juicer  too18:54
ibispii should still download that version, right?18:54
tgm4883ibispi: yes you should18:54
ibispithx guys18:55
HelloWorld123I have a user folder that is syncronized in /home/user and /export/user ... what topic should I be asking about to find out why that /export mirror exists and if its safe to delete it, etc.18:55
slavanapioria, yeah. They both (soundjuicer & jack) uses same lib CD Cdparanoia18:55
ioriayep, but it's slow :(18:55
slavanapioria, File Manager uses libcdio to copy as .wav files.18:56
ioriaslavanap, .wav are huge !18:56
xan_ITlightDM and XDM works but GDM not with nvdia driver. help me pls18:56
slavanapioria, I prefer lossless. wav -> flac. And things done.18:57
ioriaslavanap, yeah18:57
slavanapioria, :D18:57
claude_Salut toutes et tous18:57
zykotick9slavanap: <sidenote> if you have a lot of cds to rip, i'd suggest "abcde" it's a command line ripper/encoder, but YMMV.  good luck.18:58
slavanapzykotick9, thanks for the info. I don't have that much CDs. :)19:00
HelloWorld123I have a user folder that is syncronized in /home/user and /export/user ... what topic should I be asking about to find out why that /export mirror exists and if its safe to delete it, etc.19:01
yenclgj5nlwHi all! I had a kubuntu 16.04 which installation had failed at installing grub (may be middle of process). I had installed grub manually and rebooted into system. Surprizingly it worked, but som issues are. From the visible ones I can mention installer in the menu. Then I upgraded the packages, rebooted and tried release upgrade to 16.10 using do-release-upgrade -m desktop, it said that storage consumption will be increased by ~10019:07
yenclgj5nlw…ad failed: there were lots of errors in process including python scripts crashes because of type casting errors and hanged on some openssl package. So I killed it manually (first depkg, second yakkety). Then I tried again but it said it is already upgraded. Then I tried apt update and apt upgrade. It said about lots of conflicts. Then I messed a bit with aptitude and forcely installed a package it adviced me to upgrade (iputils-19:07
yenclgj5nlw…t occupied storage will be increased by ~700 mib. During its installation it installed lot of packages including icons, fonts ,kernel, etc and even several times writed grub into mbr.  Then I apt upgrade -f, it said that occupied storage will be increased by ~700 mib again. Should I done right? Or what should I do to correct?19:07
yenclgj5nlw*Have I done right?19:08
[twisti]i have a problem with a remote server not coming back up. i suspect it might be checking the HDDs for damage - its responding to pings, but not to ssh. is HDD checking something that happens between those two phases ?19:09
ice9with nvidia FXAA enabled, i still get too much aliasing in the game, any idea?19:10
ikoniathats normally the first thing it does, check the file system19:10
[twisti]before bringing up the network interface ?19:10
ikoniaif it's on the network the file system checks have passed19:10
[twisti]then i wonder wtf its doing, i hate not being able to see19:10
ikoniadon't swear please, there is no need19:10
[twisti]if i boot into a rescue disc, is there any way to check whats going wrong with the boot ?19:10
ikonia[twisti]: view the logs19:11
ikoniadon't know how you'll use the rescue disk though as it won't be on the network19:11
Jordan_Uyenclgj5nlw: Sounds like it might be best to just install 16.10 from scratch.19:11
[twisti]im not really a linux guy, which logs would contain relevant information ?19:11
ikonia[twisti]: the syslog would be a start19:11
[twisti]our provider (hetzner) has a remote control interface that allows booting a system off a rescue disc, with the hdds mounted19:12
[twisti]so unless the boot issues are hardware related, that should work19:12
[twisti]its running LTS 12, so i wouldnt be totally opposed to just not fixing it in lieu of a new 16.10 LTS19:13
ikonia16.10 is not lts19:13
[twisti]oh, weird19:14
ikonianot really19:14
yenclgj5nlwJordanU, I can't: my bios doesn't see my flash drive if there is syslinux (or what ubuntu uses) on it. I tried kexec, but either I do wrong or it is unkexecable.19:14
[twisti]i thought the odd year releases always made it to LTS19:14
ikonia16.04 is19:14
[twisti]ah, my bad, i thought you were saying there was no 2016 LTS19:14
[twisti]you were objecting to the .1019:15
ducasse[twisti]: lts releases are made every two years19:15
yenclgj5nlwOne more question. I need gpu OpenCL and I have AMD pre-GCN videocard. How can I get it?19:16
mango_I've installed ubuntu-desktop on Ubuntu Server 14.04 but I don't see a GUI, am I missing a step?19:16
ioriamango_, sudo service lightdm start (or restart)19:17
mango_unrecognised servoce19:17
ioriamango_,  dpkg -l | grep lightdm19:18
slavanapikonia, quick question related to LTSes. If I develop an app and it works in 16.04 LTS, is it guaranteed that it work in any 16.*/17.* before next LTS releases?19:18
slavanap*before next LTS release19:19
mango_@ioria - I'm installing now19:19
ioriamango_,  weird19:19
mango_@ioria - is lightdm meant to be available by default?19:19
ioriamango_,  a sec, please19:20
slavanapmango_, in Ubuntu - yes.19:20
ioriamango_,  yep19:20
mango_ioria: this is a large package, still going19:20
slavanapin Ubuntu Desktop19:20
ioriamango_,  something wrong19:20
mango_nothing wrong, installing on a VM, taking a while to install lightdm19:21
ioriamango_,  let's see19:21
mango_ioria: ok the GUI is setup19:23
mango_but the password is not recognised19:23
ioriamango_,  ls -al ~/.Xauthority19:23
mango_the guest account doesn't log me in either19:23
CSGSJayHi guys, some scary news https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/5ggl7c/the_intel_management_engine_me_theres_a_separate/19:23
ioriamango_,  ls -al ~/.Xauthority    and cat ~/.xsession-errors19:24
mango_ioria: can't seem to get to a command line prompt19:24
ioriamango_,   ctrl+alt+f119:25
yenclgj5nlwCSGSJay, good morning.19:25
CSGSJayyenclgj5nlw: Good morning lad19:26
mango_ioria: no such file .X..19:26
mango_ioria: wait19:27
yenclgj5nlwCSGSJay, though it is in  Russian, but must read. Use gtranslate https://xakep.ru/2011/12/26/58104/19:27
mango_ioria: no .Xauthority file19:29
slavanapCSGSJay, that's why Intel invented microcode patches that nobody can review or audit either.19:29
ioriamango_,  cat ~/.xsession-errors   ?19:30
yoshimitsuhi, i deleted /usr/share/mime/mime.cache19:30
yoshimitsuis that bad?19:30
yoshimitsudo i need it? can it regenerate itself?19:31
tgm4883yoshimitsu: why? You shouldn't be manually managing files outside of your home directory19:31
yoshimitsuwell clamav complaimed about it19:32
tgm4883ah, the use of AV strikes again19:32
yoshimitsutgm4883: can i regenerate it somewhow?19:33
szafatronwhat is the best video editor available on ubuntu?19:33
zykotick9szafatron: what is the best colour available in crayons?19:33
mango_ioria: I'm just going to suck it up for now19:33
EriC^^szafatron: openshot is ok19:33
mango_ioria: start being hardcore with the cmd line19:33
EriC^^zykotick9: rainbow obviously19:33
tgm4883yoshimitsu: do you have gnome-commander-data installed?19:34
mango_ioria: thanks for your efforts Time isn't on my side.19:34
ioriamango_, sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop19:34
ioriamango_, ha, ok19:34
[twisti]i have managed to boot into my recovery, and before i do anything else, i would like to rerun grub - i deleted some old boot images the other day and i figure maybe i made a typo and deleted something i didnt mean to. can someone point me to the right direction of rerunning grub now that i have /boot mounted to /mnt/a ? ive never before ran grub manually and dont want it to mess up because of19:34
[twisti]the changed paths19:34
yoshimitsutgm4883: installing nw19:34
zykotick9EriC^^: "rainbow" isn't even in colour, it's made up of a number of colours.  ;)19:34
tgm4883yoshimitsu: did you not already have it installed?19:35
EriC^^zykotick9: no. way. :p19:35
yoshimitsutgm4883: no19:35
yoshimitsuinstalled now19:35
tgm4883yoshimitsu: hmm, interesting19:35
tgm4883yoshimitsu: which version of ubuntu is this?19:35
yoshimitsuanyway to get it back?19:36
yoshimitsuor make a new one?19:36
EriC^^[twisti]: i suggest to chroot and reinstall the grub packages19:36
yoshimitsumimme.cache that is19:36
ducasseyoshimitsu: try update-mime-database19:37
mango_ioria: ha - thanks19:37
ioriamango_,  no prob19:37
tgm4883yoshimitsu: yea that's the command19:37
tgm4883yoshimitsu: you dont need that other package installed, I asked if you already had it installed, not to install it19:38
yoshimitsutgm4883: it hasn't regenerated mime.cache19:39
yoshimitsui did update-mime-database19:40
yoshimitsuwait i didn't do the proper thing19:40
ducasseyoshimitsu: try 'update-mime-database /usr/share/mime', according to the manpage19:41
yoshimitsuty, very much, later19:42
chaene_hi. I have a strange problem when displaying images that I took with my canon power shot digital camera. Many programs (gwenview, firefox, chrome, gimp) display the colors wrong slightly too bright not colorful enough, however other programs (digikam, geeqie) display them correctly. I tried to google already but had no luck yet.19:47
bekkschaene_: Which file format do you use?19:47
Jordan_Uchaene_: It's probably that some apps support color profiles while others do not.19:47
chaene_one thing which I  noticed when opening them with geeqie is that they are briefly displayed with the wrong colors and then they change.  so I assume that it is some color profile issue.19:48
ElinKattungeGet out of here!19:48
chaene_bekks: this are JPEGS generated by a canon powershot compact camera.19:48
sahidoes everything in /etc/init run on startup or is there a config that sets which ones run?19:49
Chazb123[m]That's gonna be mine someday19:49
Chazb123[m]https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/sIobxMZkAPrKrwCoTZMCZMnS - ima_425c665.jpeg (1545KB)19:49
ElinKattungesahi: systemctl disable <server>19:49
chaene_Jordan_U: I have a similar hunch but I have a hard time to believe that for example gimp would not support this19:49
sahiElinKattunge: systemctl: command not found19:49
Chazb123[m]Do push notifications work on this19:50
Jordan_UChazb123[m]: This channel is for Ubuntu support only.19:50
Chazb123[m]I'll leave19:50
insidiousAnyone know the reason i can't detect my wifi driver on fresh install "Dell Latitude E6230"19:50
ElinKattungesahi: Try update-rc.init19:50
ElinKattungeI meant... update-rc.d19:50
tgm4883sahi: what version of Ubuntu19:51
bekkschaene_: jpegs do not contain any valuable metadata information like raw images. So its basically up to the applications used in how to display the jpeg image data.19:51
[twisti]i have an existing linux system on a partition, and i would like to install a fresh ubuntu to the pc, but i would prefer keeping the old files intact, that way i wont have to upload all the various backups. is it possible/sensible to just sort of move the entire hdds contents to /oldlinux and install the new one, or will that lead to problems ? im not planning on using the old one, i just want19:51
[twisti]the files around for easier restoration19:51
ElinKattungeI thought all modern versions of Ubuntu used systemd...19:51
sahihow can I tell if I'm using systemd or not?19:51
chaene_bekks, Jordon_U: I also checked with exiftool there is no embedded color profile but it is specified in the exif that it is sRGB19:51
tgm4883ElinKattunge: nope19:51
ElinKattungesahi: Report to me uname -a19:51
ElinKattungeAlso check LSB info19:52
rorysahi: if you dont have systemctl you're not using systemd. what version of ubuntu (check "cat /etc/issue.net")19:52
tgm4883sahi: do 'lsb_release -r'19:52
tgm4883uh, too many cooks19:52
glitchdso i think i just deleted the partition that had grub on it, how can i verify if grub is still working without rebooting?19:52
sahiI think systemctl broke because I have startup errors19:52
insidiousAnyone know the reason i can't detect my wifi driver on fresh install "Dell Latitude E6230"19:52
bekkschaene_: exif data is irrelevant for jpeg images. exif data is just stored in the jpeg header, but it isnt used for displaying images.19:52
sahi"systemd-udevd[2259]: failed to execute '/bin/systemctl' '/bin/systemctl stop --no-block nvidia-persistenced': No such file or directory"19:52
roryoh what19:53
rorysahi: can you tell us what ubuntu version you have installed?19:53
ElinKattungerory: /etc/issue.net is not the way to check which distro one is running19:53
ElinKattungeI myself take use of issue,net heavily on my servers19:53
tgm4883sahi: do 'lsb_release -r'19:53
rorywhatever just tell us the version lol19:53
insidiousI just need s simple soultion to my problem. lol19:54
ElinKattungeGetting wifi to work is never a simple solution...19:54
reisioinsidious: what's the device?19:54
bekksinsidious: Which wifi chipset are you using?19:54
reisioElinKattunge: sure it is19:54
reisiobekks: I win I win19:54
insidiousAnyone know the reason i can't detect my wifi driver on fresh install "Dell Latitude E6230"19:54
bekksreisio: :D19:54
clarkklightdm runs the session-cleanup-script with root id, but with USER AND HOME set as the current user. I've tried to set it to   session-cleanup-script=sudo -Hnu "$USER" /path/to/myscript, but it still runs as user. Can anyone explain why, and a possible workaround?  Thanks19:55
ElinKattungereisio: For me, and you, maybe!19:55
ElinKattungeBut it is not hard to run into problems with a specific NIC19:55
reisioElinKattunge: it's almost always simple, it's just that the rare occasions it isn't suck a lot19:55
insidiousDo i need to update19:55
insidiousafter install19:55
insidiousfor it get wifi working?19:55
bekksinsidious: You need to answer our questions.19:55
marshallneed a hand recovering an encrypted directory on an old partition using ecryptfs.19:55
ElinKattungeNo, just install the firmware19:56
roryinsidious: Are you able to connect with a cable, and open the Drivers tab of the update program?19:56
ElinKattungethen check dmesg | grep <module>19:56
bekksinsidious: Two people already asked you which chipset you are using.19:56
ElinKattungeYou can get the loaded module from lspci, or if it's a USB adaptor then from lsusb19:56
reisiomarshall: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/ecryptfs.html19:56
Jordan_Umarshall: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html19:56
ElinKattungeDon't forget to specify verbose flags19:56
insidiousits hard to read with the scroll here sorry19:56
marshallI've been through many of the steps before, but the computer was rebooted before I could extract the files I needed, and I lost the location of the file we created with ecryptfs19:56
reisioinsidious: sudo lspci | grep -i net19:57
insidiousim not on the os yet19:57
marshallThanks, guys. I'll bookmark those links and check them out. Cheers!19:57
insidiousIts broadcom19:57
reisioinsidious: get on the OS, then we can do something19:58
ElinKattungeinsidious: If it's an modern Intel chipset then lspci/lsusb | grep e100019:58
insidiousi just didnt didnt want to install it19:58
insidiousif i couldnt get wifi on it19:58
insidiousbut ill install and hardwire and then come back it will be easier prob to help me19:58
ducasseinsidious: you don't need to install, just boot the live image20:00
ElinKattungereisio: lspci | grep -i net seems like a better solution :)20:01
reisioElinKattunge: better solution than what?20:01
ElinKattungeThe one I provided20:01
ElinKattungeto insidious20:01
clarkklightdm runs the session-cleanup-script with an id of root, but with USER and HOME vars set as the current user. I've tried to set it to  session-cleanup-script=sudo -Hnu "$USER" /path/to/myscript, but it still runs as root. Can anyone explain why, and a possible workaround?  Thanks20:03
reisioclarkk: explain what you're trying to accomplish first20:04
ElinKattungeclarkk: Have you tried su -c "<command>" <user>20:04
ElinKattungeThat might help you20:04
clarkkreisio: this is my code so far   https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1a9a7d0a61409073831c7c728d04b98 (before it was changed to the sudo command)20:05
ElinKattungeclarkk: You using a multiseat setup of sorts?20:06
reisioElinKattunge: oh :)20:06
clarkkElinKattunge: yes, I've tried it with su -c20:06
reisioclarkk: that doesn't tell me what you're trying to accomplish20:06
clarkkElinKattunge: no, I'm not using multiseat20:06
ElinKattungeclarkk: Usually if a script requires another user other than root, su is used20:07
ElinKattungenot sudo20:07
clarkkreisio: I nee the file it creates to be owned by the current user20:07
ElinKattungePlus, the root user can use su without being prompted for password.20:07
reisioclarkk: that doesn't tell me what you're trying to accomplish overall20:07
glitchdducasse, how can i verify grub is still working without rebooting?20:08
ElinKattungeclarkk: chown <user>:<group> <file>20:08
clarkkreisio: this simple script does not work as I need it to. If I could get it to work, I'd be much farther forward20:08
ElinKattungeAlso, please specify manpage20:08
reisioclarkk: that doesn't tell me what you're trying to accomplish overall20:08
glitchdreisio, , how can i verify grub is still working without rebooting?20:09
clarkkreisio: I just want to get this to work. This is what I want overall20:09
ioriaclarkk, what does the script do  ?20:09
ElinKattungeglitchd: You are writing grub files yourself, that's bad!20:09
reisioclarkk: nice talking with you20:09
glitchdElinKattunge, lol no im not20:09
clarkkioria: it just echos a string to a log file20:09
reisioglitchd: what is it you're afraid has changed?20:10
ioriaclarkk, ok, and what's the problem ?20:10
zykotick9glitchd: fyi, to see what grub setting you are currently booted with "cat /proc/cmdline"20:10
clarkkioria: I need it to be created and owned by the current user, not a privilaged user20:10
EriC^^clarkk: basically you want every time you log in to log that you logged in?20:10
glitchdreisio, i had another linux distro installed on a seperate hard drive and i just formatted that hard drive, and i think that grub was installed on there, so im trying to verify that its still installed and working before i reboot.20:11
ikoniaif you have deleted a partition that contained grub why are you checking it's "still working" surely it will be broken as you've just deleted it20:11
reisioglitchd: oh okay20:11
zykotick9glitchd: ahhh20:11
clarkkEriC^^: no, I want every time I log out to log a string20:11
ioriaclarkk,  the log file it's owned by who ?20:11
reisioglitchd: you can just go through this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows20:11
clarkkioria: it gets created and owned by root, rather than the current user20:11
ElinKattungeglitchd: dpkg -l | grep grub20:11
zykotick9glitchd: reinstall grub from the one you WANT to be working!20:11
zykotick9glitchd: whatever grub you installed most recently will be in the MBR20:12
glitchdi tried boot-repair, but it never gets past searching partitions20:12
ikoniadon't use that20:12
reisiogrub is unfortunately a fairly complex system with lots of separate configs and installations that all have to be correctly configured against one another20:12
ikoniamanually apply grub from the distro you want to the mbr20:12
reisioso just go through the steps20:12
EriC^^clarkk: what's the overall functionality behind it? the meaning?20:12
glitchdikonia, alrighty then20:12
ioriaclarkk,  in the script you call to write to the log , add chown  $USER:$USER20:12
reisioglitchd: yes, use the link I gave you20:12
EriC^^maybe there's another way somebody knows how to get it done20:12
glitchdreisio, mmk thank you20:13
clarkkElinKattunge: ioria, so what you are saying is that this is expected behaviour?  Can you explain why su -c doesn't work in this case?20:13
EriC^^clarkk: must be the way it parses the string20:14
ElinKattungeYou are wanting to re-own the file after another user has created the log, I suggest you use chown20:14
EriC^^clarkk: try dropping the privileges in the script itself20:14
ElinKattungeAllow the user to do it's business, and finish it off with chown20:14
clarkkElinKattunge: yes, and thank you for that solution. I will try it, but why is it working this way?20:14
ioriaclarkk,  lightdm is managed by root20:15
ElinKattungeor you could use chmod if you would really still like the current user to own the script, chmod allows you to change the perms ever soo slightly20:15
ioriaclarkk,  not by the user20:15
clarkkioria: yes, but why can't root successfully use su?20:15
ElinKattungeclarkk: lightdm is run as root20:15
ioriaclarkk,  no need to use su20:15
ElinKattungeSo that is what you wanted to do...20:15
EriC^^clarkk: must be the way it parses the string20:15
ElinKattungeTo be honest, whatever it is your are doing, it sounds hackish20:16
clarkkok, thanks for your help. I'll use chown20:17
ElinKattungeclarkk: Why are you relying on lightdm to record a log?20:17
ElinKattungein such manner?20:17
ikoniaseems the worst possible "logging" tool20:17
ElinKattungeWhy not rely on a more sane choice such as a login cli tool?20:17
ElinKattungelastlog already does the job20:17
ElinKattungeand you can use who and lastlog commands to get an output of whose logged into your system, whether they are active and when they last logged in.20:18
clarkkI need to umount some encfs filesystems, and log the output to confirm they were unmounted (to the same log file as was used when they were mounted by the user)20:18
ikonialog what output ?20:19
EriC^^clarkk: i dont think you can unmount them with root if the user mounted them20:19
ikoniasort of defaults the object of userspace,20:19
ikoniayou can technically do it, but you'd have to go inside that users session20:19
clarkk"unmounted /path/to/encfs/fs1"20:19
clarkkEriC^^: correct, kind of20:19
reisioyou're not the guy who was asking about ecryptfs?20:20
reisiofusermount -u should work20:21
ElinKattungeclarkk: NEVER chown any files which are shipped with the lightdm package!!!20:21
ElinKattungeOnly the files, you've created!20:21
ikoniareisio: don't you have to be "that" user for that to work ?20:21
EriC^^yeah i stand corrected20:21
reisiofusermount -u mnt/path && pass || fail20:21
ElinKattungeYou are at risk of breaking lightdm20:21
clarkkElinKattunge: I wasn't thinking of doing that20:21
ikoniaclarkk: this sounds like a bad solution to a problem to be honest20:21
reisioikonia: by default, for sure20:21
ikoniaclarkk: what is the actual key thing you're trying to achieve  (remove all the fluff from the solution)20:22
ElinKattungeclarkk: In all honestly, you should just grep the lastlog on regular intervals20:22
ElinKattungeYou could have crontab generate custom logs for you20:22
EriC^^clarkk: is it a security measure?20:22
ElinKattungeBut I wouldn't recommend using lightdm to log a users activity20:22
EriC^^what if the screen just locks, does the encfs stay mounted?20:23
clarkkEriC^^: logging out of the filesystems when the user logs off?  Yes20:23
clarkkEriC^^: it stays mounted when the screen locks20:23
ioriaclarkk, so you umount the encrypt fs manually ?20:23
EriC^^maybe some inactivity timer20:24
clarkkioria: I'm trying to automate umounting the filesystem when the user logs off or shuts down20:24
ikoniaclarkk: wouldn't that automatically happen with autofs20:24
ElinKattungeThat sounds redudant...20:24
ioriaclarkk, i think already happens20:24
clarkkno, they stay mounted20:24
ikoniawhen the session closes it will close the usermounts20:24
ikoniaclarkk: how are they being mounted exactly20:25
ElinKattungeWhen a system is powered down properly, the filesystems are safely umounted20:25
ikoniamaybe thats the problem20:25
ioriaclarkk,  are you sure20:25
ElinKattungeioria, ikonia, Hi hi again! :)20:26
EriC^^when the pc shuts down they're gone i'd think20:26
ElinKattungeioria, ikonia, I quit my day job to work for Ubuntu support (just kiddin)20:27
EriC^^or else they'd get corrupted20:27
ikoniaif it's a userspace mount and the session ends (user logs out) that mount will be removed20:27
ioriaElinKattunge, that's good20:27
ikoniahence why I'm interested in how they are being mounted20:27
reisiothere aren't really rules, only defaults20:27
ElinKattungeioria: Thing is... it gotta be bullshit cause I don't even work!20:28
clarkkthey are mounted using   encfs -S "$src-mnt-point" "$dst-mnt-point" <<< "$password"20:28
ikoniaElinKattunge: please don't swear20:28
ioriaElinKattunge,  from removable devices ?20:28
ikoniaclarkk: so that user is manually mounting them in their own userspace session20:28
EriC^^the password is in cleartext?20:28
ikoniaclarkk: so when the session shutsdown that should be removed20:28
ioriaclarkk,   from removable devices ?20:29
clarkkikonia: correct, well, they are mounted automatically using ubuntu's startup apps20:29
ElinKattungeclarkk: Use proper password handling next time20:29
clarkkikonia: yes20:29
ikoniaclarkk: ok - but they are still userspace20:29
ElinKattungethat's hilarious20:29
reisioit's not hilarious, it's just non-ideal20:29
EriC^^it's pretty hilarious20:29
ElinKattungeTo me, I am laughing right now20:29
ioriaclarkk,   from Startup apps ?20:29
reisionah, you still get encrypted files20:29
clarkkyes, ioria20:30
EriC^^i'm imagining a huge vault that's secured with a girl diary's lock or something20:30
EriC^^same idea20:30
ioriaclarkk,   not sure it's a good idea20:30
reisiowell, most encryption is that way, even if your passwords aren't in plain text20:30
clarkkEriC^^: yeah, just like your ssh private keys20:30
ElinKattungereisio: You get your encrypted files already, but what about the eavesdropper who cracked your WPA2 security20:30
RNevilleI have a non booting HD in my computer , AMD Quad Core, Ubuntu 14.04, and it shows up using a long numerical designation , and not as hd1 or hd220:30
EriC^^clarkk: i password protect them20:30
reisioElinKattunge: if you're susceptible to eavesdroppers (and everyone is), then you're always susceptible to being cracked20:31
RNevilleI also get error messages saying, drive is not mounted20:31
ioriaclarkk,   you may mount from cli, or in fstab20:31
reisioElinKattunge: do you make it easier for them, yes20:31
ikoniaclarkk: it looks like you can deal with this just via pam20:31
ElinKattungereisio: Yes, everyone is, but I atleast take precaution and put a security practice first20:31
ikoniaclarkk: looks like you're approaching it from the wrong view point20:31
ikoniaclarkk: just found an example of it20:31
ikoniaclarkk: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/EncFS20:31
EriC^^clarkk: how does it actually help, in case of theft they can still get the files20:31
ikoniaclarkk: note the warning "Warning: Note that automatic unmount will process even when there is another session. eg.: logout on VC can unmount encfs mounted by GDM session that is still active"20:31
RNevilleI think this non booting drive is causing problems using Lightworks (NLE), any help appreciated20:32
ikoniaclarkk: that sounds like exactly what you want20:32
reisiosecurity is always about compromising valuable time vs minimal returns :p20:32
Gallomimiai myself can't seem to get my grub to unlock the FDE i have without going into recovery mode.20:32
ElinKattungereisio: Not when you work with business infrastructure like I do and it is crucial that no data what so ever gets leaked!20:32
reisiothe jump from a session password login to actually having an encrypted FS is an enormous gain, but almost every additional level of security after that is minimal20:32
clarkkElinKattunge: the files stored on the encfs are themselves encrypted, by proprietry encryption20:32
reisiostill, if you have time :D20:32
EriC^^Gallomimia: did you add the proper line to /etc/default/grub?20:33
Gallomimiaehm. probably not.20:33
EriC^^the one with =y20:33
ElinKattungeclarkk: But you scripted your password in clear text20:33
reisioclarkk: sounds redundant20:33
Gallomimiait worked before i updated something something20:33
ElinKattungeIt doesn't matter if your data is encrypted, your password is not.20:33
EriC^^weakest link kind of stuff20:34
EriC^^if the pc gets stolen, somebody could bypass your login easily and all your files would be there unencrypted20:34
Gallomimiai think they made some kind of movie about why proprietary encryption doens't work that well20:34
Gallomimiasomething to do with a crypto called "enigma"20:35
ElinKattungeEriC^^: Agreed, which is what I was tryna explain to him but he doesn't listen20:35
EriC^^clarkk: i think ioria was hinting at something nice20:35
clarkkit doesn't matter. You don't know what I'm protecting it from!20:35
EriC^^removable drive that has a script and password maybe20:35
EriC^^you plug it in, files get decrypted20:36
ikoniaclarkk: I'd try to approach this via pam20:36
ikoniaclarkk: I think you'll get better results from that, and an easier logging approach too for confirmation20:36
clarkkI'm not trying to protect it from someone who steals my pc20:36
reisiothere are only two things encryption protects from, and only one of those things is it affective against :p20:36
reisiobut it's worth doing for that one20:36
EriC^^clarkk: it's hard to imagine how it would be useful20:37
ElinKattungeEat drops20:37
ElinKattungeyou got encrypted files20:38
TomyWorka while ago a nice person named nacc wanted to help me get my dell integrated bluetooth (usb id 413c:8143) working with ubuntu 14.04 (linux-lts-xenial kernel). it boiled down to the kernel module "btusb" not recognizing the device due to it not being listed in some array in the source code20:38
ElinKattungebut you neglect to use common sense when handling your passwds20:38
reisioTomyWork: neat20:38
clarkkI'm feeling that you're pretty judgemental, ElinKattunge.   Sigh, I suppose I'll explain...20:39
ElinKattungewhich automatically breaks the encryption20:39
ikoniaclarkk: please don't20:39
ikoniaclarkk: you have your answers20:39
ElinKattungeI am tryna tell you that what you are doing is completely unsafe20:39
ElinKattungeIt is up to you what you do20:39
reisioclarkk: a single layer of encryption, virtually regardless of how you provide your password, will protect against the stolen PC scenario20:40
clarkkElinKattunge: I am well aware of the risks here20:40
ElinKattungeI don't even care what you do, but I was just tryna tell you of the risk20:40
TomyWorknacc made a patch, but it failed to build on launchpad multiple times, and i kinda lost contact. i have since managed to build it myself, booted into the kernel, modprobe'd btusb, but "bt-adapter -l" is still not listing it20:40
clarkkElinKattunge: but you don't know what I'm trying to do, but you've already ridiculed me for it20:40
ElinKattungeBut, you see? I don't just simply know who understands what around here20:40
reisiopeople who are actually interested in your data won't be defeated, so really the basest level of encryption will make almost everyone else not bother trying to defeat it20:40
TomyWorkwhat else can i try to trigger device discovery or get some logs or something like that?20:40
reisiomoreover, people who actually want your data would be smarter to take it without letting you know they have :p20:40
clarkkreisio: well said, and I completely20:41
TomyWorkdmesg isnt very verbose. it just says "[  491.496718] usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb" when i load the module20:41
EriC^^reisio: unless he's very unlucky and the guy knows linux, does a init=/bin/bash and changes his login pass and then he has all the files20:41
reisioanybody with the access to steal your computer also doesn't need to defeat your encryption, only your authentication20:41
EriC^^that's what though? how many people actually use linux20:41
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reisioEriC^^: that is always something that can happen, with any type of encryption20:41
reisiophysical access is everything20:42
EriC^^reisio: not if he's decrypting it on login20:42
clarkkI'm using 1Password and storing it on a encfs filesystem on dropbox. Encfs already is very vulnerable on dropbox, due to the fact that dropbox has version history. 1Password already has its own encryption. I am just using encfs just to make it more of a pain in the ass if someone wants my passwords20:42
reisioif you have access to where someone authenticates, you have everything20:42
reisioEriC^^: yes, always20:42
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EriC^^reisio: if he manually enters the pass then they wouldnt get the data in cleartext if they login20:42
EriC^^if they login, then the data is there20:43
TomyWorkhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1382490 that's the bug report and this is the fix nacc created: https://launchpad.net/~nacc/+archive/ubuntu/lp138249020:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1382490 in linux (Ubuntu) "Broadcom Bluetooth [413c:8143] does not work at all" [Medium,Confirmed]20:43
EriC^^if they use a live usb then it's a matter of noticing that he automounts it20:43
reisioencryption protecting data on an FS that has been taken works almost all the time; encryption protecting data on an FS an attacker has physical access to, that the user will ever return to, _can_ always be defeated20:43
EriC^^and then using the cleartext password to decrypt it20:43
EriC^^reisio: yeah that's true20:44
reisioEriC^^: anyway, you're describing someone who simultaneously knows encryption is defeatable and cares about clarkk's data, which will never be the case :p20:44
reisioHPW: heyo20:44
clarkkEriC^^: again, I'm not trying to protect my files against someone with physical access to my machine20:44
EriC^^reisio: sure it will, i find a laptop, i'm an a*** i take it to my friend who uses kali linux like a kool hax0r, he recently learned how to get into init=/bin/bash , and he has all the data now20:45
reisioEriC^^: no :) I'll tell you why20:46
reisioit's not that storing a password in plaintext isn't stupid, it is of course20:46
reisioit's because people with half a brain who know how to defeat authentication systems don't waste time stealing laptops :p20:47
EriC^^reisio: well yeah that is usually the case20:47
reisioeven if they wanted the data, it would be silly to steal the laptop & let everyone know you might have it20:47
billy__geaks conversation !20:47
EriC^^reisio: though if you think about it, there are the teenagers20:47
reisio99% of the time what encryption protects you against is: 1) the rare drug addict who tries looking at your files for 30 seconds before he sells your computer for $5's worht of drugs, and 2) government officials, who frequently are disallowed to legally defeat your authentication, instead having to rely on judicial coercion to get you to give up your password20:48
reisioand those are both worth using encryption over, for sure :)20:49
reisiobut the returns of security layers added on top of that are going to be quite rare20:49
ElinKattungeEncryption is redundant in this case20:50
EriC^^yeah, i still think it's pretty stupid20:50
ElinKattungeThe only good reason for encryption is to prevent others from decyphering it20:50
EriC^^cause it's basically just the login, exactly^20:51
ioriaclarkk, headache , right ? :þ20:51
ElinKattungeWith a plain text password, it violates the purpose of encryption20:51
reisiothinking doesn't really factor into it, plain text passes are stupid :)20:51
reisiobut lots of timesavers are stupid20:51
reisioyou get out what you put in20:51
EriC^^it really isn't doing much, if they can login, then they have his data, if they can't then they don't, in which case it didnt matter to use encryption anyways20:51
TomyWork"instead having to rely on judicial coercion to get you to give up your password" - which, afaik, is illegal under us case law20:52
ElinKattungeIf you are gonna encrypt your data, then you also need to encrypt your credentials otherwise you've just transmitted them in pure crystal visibility20:52
TomyWorkor at least it was a few years ago20:52
EriC^^it helps a little, still if the data matters, then do it right20:52
EriC^^otherwise then dont encrypt at all20:52
clarkkit is just some protection from someone who gets into my dropbox account, so they can't just brute force my main 1password password. It's a deterrent, nothing more20:53
clarkkElinKattunge: you apparently don't understand how encfs works, if you think the credentials are transmitted anywhere20:55
TomyWorkclarkk so you're using an encrypting file system on top of dropbox?20:56
clarkkTomyWork: yes20:57
EriC^^why dont you use keepass ?20:57
EriC^^if that's what you meant20:57
TomyWorkclarkk and does it retransmit files in their entirety if you change the first bit?20:57
EriC^^i feel like i'm pretty off on this one, haha20:57
TomyWorkor worse, even?20:57
clarkkTomyWork: I don't think keepass supported all my platforms when I was looking for a pw solution20:59
TomyWorkclarkk, EriC^^ mentioned keepass20:59
clarkkTomyWork: I'd have to look in to it, but at this point I don't have the time, and I'm happy with 1password21:00
EriC^^/unalias EriC^^21:00
EriC^^TomyWork: should be fine now :D21:01
clarkkTomyWork: ok, but how is that relevant?21:01
TomyWorkclarkk i was saying EriC^^ mentioned keepass, not me21:01
TomyWorkyou were highlighting the wrong person21:02
clarkkok, apologies, EriC^^. Thanks for pointing that out :)21:02
wyseguyinstalled intel-microcode and rebooted, it started to crash the DE and says its currently runningin fallback mode. Anyone have any ideas?21:02
EriC^^clarkk: no worries :)21:02
VystyOn Ubuntu 16.04 with the newest Gnome Shell, how do I adjust my number of Workspaces?21:02
TomyWorkclarkk, but since we are on the topic, keepass supports multi-factor authentication, for example with a key file and a password.21:03
TomyWorkso basically you can dump the kdbx into your dropbox and backup the key file locally21:03
clarkksounds good21:04
TomyWorkyour family cant get into it cause you still have the password21:04
TomyWorkdropbox cant bruteforce it cause they dont have your key file21:04
TomyWorkand bruteforcing a strong key, good luck :)21:05
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reisiohttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/EncFS#Mount_at_login_using_pam_encfs anyway21:05
RNevillewhat is command to open a graphics program having root privlege: gksudo ?21:05
EriC^^RNeville: yeah21:06
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TomyWorkVysty having never seen that shell, have you tried right-clicking the workspace switcher? that's how it used to work on kde21:06
TomyWorkcant give you any advice beyond that21:06
clarkkTomyWork: sounds very good. Does keypass store any other information, like notes and the like?21:06
TomyWorkclarkk comments, urls, even files21:06
clarkkI'll have to give it a go, when I have more time21:07
TomyWorkbut please dont backup your key file inside the database21:07
reisioif you're going to be authenticating normally anyway (DM login), then just use the arch wiki approach I linked21:08
andy_____who here whatch mr robot?21:08
RNevillethx EriC^^21:08
clarkkor send my password for it to ElinKattunge by email? (just preempting what ElinKattunge may warn me against) ;)21:08
EriC^^RNeville: np21:08
TomyWorkclarkk as long as you dont also send him the key file :D21:08
clarkkhehe, ok, I'll try not to do that :D21:09
reisioandy_____: everyone21:09
TomyWorkandy_____ try #ubuntu-social21:09
reisioit has the best unrealistic "hacking" available21:09
TomyWork(i think that was the name)21:09
TomyWorkit was #ubuntu-offtopic21:10
TomyWorkandy_____ try #ubuntu-offtopic. That's the channel for stuff not related to ubuntu21:10
TomyWorksee ya21:11
ElinKattungebazhang: :)21:11
ElinKattungeTomyWork: I will be sure to have many offtopic chats before the day I die!!!21:12
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superguestI want to verify some information I got here about the Ubuntu software package versioning scheme.21:21
superguestTake GCC 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.2, for example.21:21
superguest<nacc> superguest: 0ubuntu indicates the corresponding upstream has not been release by Debian21:22
superguestyet, "<nacc> (The last) 1 indicates it's the first such ubuntu patch to the debian release"21:23
superguestoops.  I take a different example I came across21:23
superguestlol right when I need to find the right example to illustrate my question, I can't find it.21:26
superguestalright, I'll just ask it21:26
superguestis it safe to say when we have  "0ubuntuX"21:26
superguestthat 'X' will not be 1?21:27
Jordan_Usuperguest: No.21:29
superguestagain, I am basing that from "<nacc> superguest: 0ubuntu indicates the corresponding upstream has not been release by Debian"21:29
superguestand "<nacc> (The last) 1 indicates it's the first such ubuntu patch to the debian release"21:29
clarkkthank you for finding that page, ikonia. I tried the cryptkeeper system tray applet. It seems to work well, although I'm not sure where it stores the passwords. Thanks also to reisio, EriC^^, and ElinKattunge. Much appreciated21:29
superguestHi Jordan_U! (I think we've met in #grub).  Yea.. just want to familiarize myself with the package versioning scheme.21:32
lapionAs soon as I enable ipv4 in a networkmanager profile at next reboot a new default profile is created with ipv4 disabled..21:38
lapion only way to enable ipv4 is to select a manually configured profile and activate t.21:38
lurklordIs there a guide on how to blacklist radeon so I can use the amdgpu driver? Help please.21:51
ObrienDavether should be some kind of control panel to select which program you want to run on either GPU21:52
reisiolurklord: yes there is21:52
lurklordreisio: I would like to see it.21:52
reisiolurklord: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/4rs95z/disabling_the_radeon_driver_and_using_amdgpu/21:54
vaindilI'm running a process as www-data with supervisor and am trying to lock down a file to only www-data. The process is in fact running as www-data, I verified that. The process keeps getting access denied, however. Permissions on the file and directory are www-data:root 400. What could be wrong?21:54
lurklordreisio: thanks21:55
vaindilI'm an idiot, apparently I needed it to be 700 and not 400. -_- Sorry.21:59
DexterFsetting up an intel baytrail box for a medi center. video acceleration does work (libva based) but has some tearing and scaling artifacts. intel devs suggest config thing since an older sandy brdige in comparison is fine. question: there's quite a list of libva packages and I wonder which of those might be better.21:59
DexterFI ran a standard install, but there's 8 diffeent libva-driver-abi-0.xy , then libva-drm1, -egl1, glx-1, tpi1 and whatnot22:00
DexterFegl seems to be for ES GL rather, so android and other embedded, but should I prefer glx or drm over libva-x11?22:03
kidkidThere is couple of problems after installing ubuntu22:05
kidkidIs it right place? Who can I talk with?22:05
kidkidThere is couple of problems after installing ubuntu. With who can I talk with?22:06
ObrienDavekidkid, just ask22:06
kidkidObrienDave: are you  supporter?22:06
ObrienDavemost everyone here is in one way or another22:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:07
kidkid1. How to add windows to grub? 2. my fn+f5 is not working. (flight mode)22:07
ObrienDavekidkid, in terminal, sudo update-grub22:08
ObrienDavethat should detect windows and add it to the GRUB menu22:09
FareDoes anyone understand cryptsetup + lvm?22:10
FareI can't manage to tell ubuntu how to boot into my existing setup22:11
reisioI doubt anyone does22:11
kidkidhow do i display window when pressing num lock, all fn keys22:13
kidkidhow do i fix function/fn keys?22:13
kidkidwhat i am asking is not usual?22:16
ObrienDavekidkid, you're fine. probably no body has an answer for you22:20
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:20
kidkidi think i have problem with my left touchpad22:20
kidkidbut this is not problem22:21
kidkidI like when I reducing the volume sound but when you switch to flight mode you don't know if it really works on windows when i do fn+f5 key i see window and it changed to flight mode. also fn+f9 should open settings I believe.22:22
kidkidfn+f11 is on screen keyboard.22:22
kidkidI would like to know if I can help to fix this problem...22:23
ninjapoldHey, could someone point me in the right direction on Block Device management in Ubuntu 16.04 (presumably there's a SystemD way of handling connecting new block devices)22:28
ninjapoldI'm having issues attaching Amazon EBS block devices to my Ubuntu 16.04 instance and I want to understand how disk attaching works in Ubuntu. It looks like AWS is saying it's a kernel/operating system issue rather than a VM/Xen issue.22:30
ObrienDaveif you using a VM, ask in the channel for that VM system22:31
ninjapoldIt's Amazon Web Services22:32
ninjapoldWhatever VM system they use. Some kind of Xen systen I think.22:33
puffinzCan't wait to get back on the road again22:33
ninjapoldBen64, I've read that already, nothing helpful unfortunately :(22:34
Ben64ninjapold: what do you mean, it's a step by step on how to use it22:34
reisiopuffinz: why's that22:34
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puffinza tom jones song22:34
ninjapoldBen64, yeah but it gets stuck before it attaches to the instance.22:35
tekeli-liHow to force reload of the file ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf for the current desktop session?22:35
Ben64ninjapold: then you're doing it wrong, or it's amazon's fault22:36
Bray90820Am I right that by default auto remove keeps 3 kernels?22:36
reisiotekeli-li: you can always do the mean way: stop the lxdesktop (or whatever) process/es & restart them22:36
ninjapoldBen64, not necessarily, if you read this, http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/device_naming.html, it explains how the kernel will try to rename the devices depending on how you ask Amazon/Xen to attach it.22:37
ninjapoldSo I'm just wondering if it is trying to do some renaming, fails (clashing with already mounted device or something else) and then refuses to mount the device.22:38
tekeli-lireisio, How would that be better than relogging?22:38
ninjapoldProblem is, I can't find any event in syslog, dmesg or otherwise.22:38
Ben64yep, so either you're doing it wrong, or it's amazon's fault22:38
reisiotekeli-li: well it wouldn't require relogging22:39
reisiothat can be better in many situations, and irrelevant in some22:39
tekeli-lireisio, I'll wait for my next restart. Thanks22:39
ninjapoldBen64, no reading material on how block devices are handled in 16.04?22:40
Ben64it's connected, and it works, the end22:40
ObrienDaveBray90820, current plus the last one22:40
ninjapoldBen64, well, according to the page you linked, the kernel can/will rename the block device when you attach it. Is there at least some documentation around what it will rename and what it renames it to?22:41
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Bray90820ObrienDave: Well when I ran it it didn't remove la bunch of old kernels so I had to purge them manually22:41
Ben64it chooses the next available name22:41
Ben64but it isn't being connected so again, either you're doing it wrong, or amazon is messing up22:41
ObrienDaveBray90820, depends on how old they are. if you keep them current, it will be more automatic22:42
ninjapoldBen64, you can specify the device name in AWS and it seemingly renames it to an equivalent name when it gets attached and the kernel takes over, so it's not just the next available name.22:43
CSGSJayAre any of you guys aware of this? https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/5ggl7c/the_intel_management_engine_me_theres_a_separate/22:43
reisioit has '/bitcoin/' in its path, so probably not, as I don't waste my time with such nonsense22:44
Bray90820ObrienDave: Well I was booted to 4.4.0-51 and it had kernels as far back as 4.4.0-3122:45
ninjapoldBen64, also I am not issuing the attach command manually, it's handled by Kubernetes which specifies a specific device name in the AWS API which is why it doesn't just pick the next name, it is expecting the kernel to accept the device name AWS passes to it.22:45
Ben64ninjapold: so give it a different name to test your hypothesis22:47
CSGSJayreisio: it was just posted there, but it;s pretty important22:48
reisioit's hard to imagine something being important and related to bitcoin, you're saying it's unrelated to it?22:48
CSGSJayYea it's unrelated22:49
CSGSJayIt affects all of us22:49
ObrienDaveCSGSJay, it's NOT an Ubuntu issue. move along22:50
CSGSJayIt affects any OS22:50
Bray90820ObrienDave: Is what I am experiencing normal there were like 5 or 6 different kernels from 4.4.0-31 to 4.4.0-5122:50
ObrienDaveBray90820, yes, pretty normal22:50
Bray90820Why didn't auto emove remove them?22:51
ObrienDavetoo far back in the release. iirc22:52
reisioCSGSJay: how does it affect us?22:52
ObrienDaveno feeding trolls ;P22:52
CSGSJayYOur processor is equipped with a backdoor22:52
CSGSJaythat's how it affects you :p22:52
reisioCSGSJay: backdoor to what22:53
CSGSJayThe Intel Management Engine (ME): There's a "separate chip that no one is allowed to audit or examine" in your Intel computer, "exposing every recent Intel system to the worst rootkits imaginable", with "a TCP/IP server on your network interface" that can "bypass any firewall running on your system"22:53
Bray90820ObrienDave: So it was to old for autoremove to detect them?22:53
reisiopretty sure anybody with physical access can examine whatever they please22:53
CSGSJaySame for AMD, ARM22:53
reisioCSGSJay: what do I care if a chip bypasses a firewall on my system?22:54
ObrienDaveBray90820, basically. not really sure how that works22:54
CSGSJayreisio: If you don't care about privacy it's totally fine22:54
CSGSJayMove along :p22:54
reisioCSGSJay: I care about actual threats, not merely posited ones22:54
reisioa day doesn't go by when someone doesn't yell about how they imagine something that isn't an issue is22:55
reisioI'd be genuinely interested in an explanation as to how it actually directly would affect an end user22:55
CSGSJayIf the chinese reverse engineer it, we're doomed22:55
CSGSJayit will give them remote access to our computers22:56
reisiohow would it do that?22:56
CSGSJayIf I knew i'd tell you22:56
bekksCSGSJay: So you're not concerned about HPE ILO, Dell iDRAC, IBM IMM, et al? :P22:57
bekksAnd besides that: how is it related to Ubuntu? :)22:57
CSGSJayI don't know22:57
reisiobookmarked, anyway22:58
CSGSJayyou can apparently neutralize it  http://hardenedlinux.org/firmware/2016/11/17/neutralize_ME_firmware_on_sandybridge_and_ivybridge.html22:59
ninjapoldBen64, yeah I tried adding a disk with a different name before and it works. This time I'm leaving it untouched until I get a reply from AWS. Thanks for your help.23:00
reisionot sure it's really much worse than proprietary firmware ever has been23:01
reisiowhich is not to say that proprietary firmware hasn't always been very bad :p23:02
nomicwhy won't keyboard map from x2x client -> server  with virtualbox running windows 7 .. keyboard won't work23:02
nomicdiff keys23:03
nomicf is e23:03
nomica few keys23:03
nomicrite i've got to find keyboard23:03
tom_ubun2Hello alle23:06
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tom_ubun2Can I install lxde next to xorg?23:06
tom_ubun2In the style of switching at the login screen that is...23:07
jiffeso I'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 desktop and this machine has a few lvm partitions it looks like and the installer doesn't seem to want to let me delete those23:07
jiffesuppose I can go to the live session and remove from there23:09
tom_ubun2jiffe, Gparted may give you the partition editing you want23:09
ALFA federica 14 anni23:10
tom_ubun2jiffe, I'm pretty sure it's on the live cd23:10
arrenlexI am trying to post on ubuntu forums. I went to the thread creation screen and typed up all my text, but when clicking 'preview post', it just says: You don't have permission to access /newthread.php on this server. Anyone seen this?23:11
jiffegparted won't let me delete it either :\23:15
bekksjiffe: gparted shows one of them as swap, does it?23:15
jiffeit showed 3 partitions, 2 it let me delete, the 3rd it does not23:17
bekksjiffe: gparted shows one of them as swap, does it?23:17
jiffeit did, I was able to delete that23:17
bekksSo can you create a screenshot of what you actually see now?23:18
tepuysolo inglies?23:19
hggdhtepuy: solo23:19
tepuyasi parece23:20
* Fare uses qemu mounting /dev/sda read-only to test his attempts at configure dual-booting into ubuntu23:20
tepuynadie en español23:20
kidkidsince 2010 :(23:21
jiffebekks: http://nsab.us/public/20161204_171930.jpg23:22
kidkidFare: qemu website is dead??????23:23
bekksjiffe: you need to click "deactivate".23:23
jiffeI've done that23:23
bekksjiffe: And?23:23
jiffethat was one of the first things I did23:24
jiffethat doesn't change anything23:24
bekksjiffe: So open a terminal and remove the LV, VG and PV prior continuing your install.23:24
Farekidkid: it says firewalled, to me23:25
FareI'll go Hillary and blame russian hackers23:25
jiffebekks: that doesn't seem to work either, it complains about thin provisioning and asks me to repair23:26
bekksjiffe: Can you pastebin/screenshot the exact commands you are using and the exact error messages you get?23:26
kidkidFare: can ping qemu.org and i get response from qemu.osuosl.org23:28
kidkidcurl: (7) Failed to connect to qemu.org port 80: Connection refused23:29
jiffebekks: http://nsab.us/public/screen2.png23:29
bekksjiffe: And you did what it tells you to do?23:30
Bashing-omarrenlex: Yeah, the forum has some issues . See/report here -> https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2331266 .23:30
kidkidso let me know guys if anyone can fix fn keys: I have lenovo laptop and does fn keys not work: fn+f11(keyboard logo), fn+f10(search logo), fn+f9(settings logo)23:31
jiffethin_dump is not available23:31
jiffeI'm about ready to just cat /dev/zero to /dev/sda23:31
kidkidjiffe: send it to /dev/null23:32
arrenlexBashing-om: That thread looks like it's from July?23:33
kidkidAm I the only one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upower/+bug/62925823:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629258 in upower (Ubuntu) "Battery life estimation never comes around" [Medium,Fix released]23:33
kidkidWelcome carlos23:34
Blakes5Hey everyone. I'm looking for a way to have a directory that is encrypted that I can throw stuff into and take out of without having the whole file system encrypted. I've tried encfs and I'm getting a whopping 1MB/s out of a USB drive capable of at least 20MB/s and I'm not going above 20% CPU utilization.23:34
kidkidWelcome tuxedo connection_lost23:35
Bashing-omarrenlex: Contunuing condition .. moderators and IS keep pounding away on the problems .23:36
arrenlexBashing-om: So no one has been able to post anything for six months? Or is it intermittent? (I tried 3 times)23:36
tuxedogoogle nexus 7 2nd edition23:36
tuxedocan I put ubuntu touch on it?23:37
Blakes5anyone know anything abotu encfs?23:37
Fareso... does anyone understand crypttab, cryptsetup, cryptroot, lvm?23:37
FJB-Guyany help on debugging a c file like plan optimizer with gdb?23:37
Blakes5Fare - a little bit23:37
stan_man_canAnyone know when ubuntu is going to get an up to date version of certbot/letsencrypt?23:37
ObrienDaveBlakes5, look into VersaCrypt23:38
ikoniaFJB-Guy: try #gcc and ##c++ channel23:38
bekksjiffe: Which directories did you check for thin_dump?23:38
Blakes5ObrienDave - have you used encfs?23:38
Bashing-omarrenlex: It is intermittent in "some" postings .. If ya check " find all my posts " ya may see that you have posted . - we have discovered a few work-a-rounds when we are struck .23:38
Blakes5ObrienDave - it's easy enough to use....performance is horrible though.23:39
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Blakes5ObrienDave - so Veracrypt is the successor of Truecrypt.....man that was a nice program to use.23:39
arrenlexBashing-om: I clicked 'latest posts' and it says 'vBulletin Message Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.'23:40
FareBlakes5, I have an existing cryptsetup + lvm configuration from NixOS, with a partition in my lvm reserved for Ubuntu. Ubuntu works fine in chroot, but trying to convince it to build a proper initramfs is... challenging23:42
kidkidguys.. I don't have manual grub.. see: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/yakkety/en/man8/grub.8.html but Fare No manual entry for grub23:43
kidkidsorry Fare for pinging no idea why I did that!23:43
kidkidI wanted to say that on my ubuntu I don't have that manual page. Hope it clears now!!23:44
Bashing-omarrenlex: From 'quick links' -> 'find all my post ' ?23:44
Farekidkid, I have no problem with grub, but I have trouble with initramfs23:44
Blakes5Fare - when I said a little I wasn't being humble :) Sorry. I've run into a few problems that I've had to solve but nothing like what you're running into.23:44
FareBlakes5, what is your cryptroot setup?23:44
Faredo you have a /etc/crypttab ?23:44
arrenlexBashing-om: yes23:45
ObrienDaveBlakes5, that's why I suggested it :)23:45
Blakes5Fare - I'm not booting anything from encrypted drives presently.23:46
Fareoh, ok23:46
Fareis anyone here using cryptroot?23:47
kidkidnot me sir23:47
kidkidi can google for you x) just ask23:47
Bashing-omarrenlex: Join #ubuntuforums and discuss the issue there . The forum issue is really not on topic for this channel :)23:47
* Fare goes hunting for debian documentation, in the hopes it is similar in this respect...23:47
arrenlexBashing-om: Didn't know that existed. Thanks! :)23:47
Bashing-omarrenlex: see ya there :)23:47
kidkidi could help fjb-guy23:48
kidkidWelcome chipk23:48
kidkidWelcome astarus23723:49
jayjois it possible to switch a window placement to a second monitor after the application is launched?23:58

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