OvenWerkskrytarik: I am not sure how to enable/disable builds... or even which ones are worth doing. I am quite good at changing code, but packaging, pr, deciding which is the best way to go are difficult. I added governor changing to -controls becasue someone else suggested it would be good :)02:52
OvenWerkskrytarik: policy wise, would it be frowned on to (as a part of our -settings package) to rename /etc/rc2.d/S05ondemand to K05ondemand?02:54
OvenWerksI guess I mean would it interfere with package updates? I know files in /etc/default/ can be changed/added/deleted ok, but not sure with this one.02:55
OvenWerksSorry I guess it is the one in rc5.d. I wuld actualy go through and do them all.02:57
OvenWerks(we are using RL5 these days)02:57
krytarikOvenWerks: "You must not include any /etc/rcn.d symbolic links in the actual archive or manually create or remove the symbolic links in maintainer scripts; you must use the update-rc.d program instead." - https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-opersys.html#s9.3.3.103:24
OvenWerkskrytarik: right. So we could have the -settings install script run the update-rc.d program instead?05:38
OvenWerkskrytarik: I was going by the README inside rc2.d which it seems is wrong.05:39
krytarikOvenWerks: I just enabled autobuilds for -controls and -default-settings for the Yakkety and Zesty series, btw.  And thanks for the detailed report on that stuff on the ML!23:00

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