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user|67338After downloading 16.10 can I boot and install or do i need additional software?00:25
user|67338from a usb tha is00:25
kuSuSEanyone using konversation? is it safe to open random files from http in kate directly? like I pasted this line and I clicked to make sure it was correctly sent and it opens in kate (text editor) I expected it would open in web browser https://gitlab.com/715/threadstalk/raw/1871c6f1dca5d6125385a94ed611f9805258fb4d/src/ThreadsTalk/Program.java00:30
valoriekuSuSE: it will likely show up as random garbage, but kate is just text, so....00:33
kuSuSEno, it shows up perfectly00:33
kuSuSEjust wasn't what I expected :P00:34
sintrewell two days of banging my head against a wall finally figured out why UEFI  wouldn't doa  susccesful install03:28
sintreoops fogot to change parition table to GPT03:29
sintrethought installer would do it for me , original did to duel boot ubuntu boot single install failed to even using entire disc03:29
sintrenow new problem lol03:29
sintreinstalled the 01.org  intel package driver updater03:30
sintrebut  afterwards , went to go and use command sudo apt-get update command03:31
sintreand it starts but then stops after it says intel packages cannot be verified03:31
sintreso 3 seconds in it just stops because it cannot verify the itel packages instead of continuing on , is there anyway to force it to continue03:32
sintreusing lts 16.04 btw03:32
valoriewhy is an install trying to use something not in the archive?03:33
valorieI've never seen that before03:33
sintrei downloaded the program03:34
valoriewhat program?03:34
sintreand it supposedly updates newest cluster of intell packages03:34
valoriewith very rare exceptions, only stuff from the archive should be installed03:34
valorieyou are on your own there03:35
valoriewe do not support third-party stuff03:35
valorieWHO IT’S FOR03:36
valorieThis project is application and system developers working on mobile devices03:36
valoriefrom the page you linked03:36
valorieI don't care03:37
valorieno support for stuff out of archive03:37
sintrei asked for some help or ideas03:38
valorieomg, where is my memory for triggers03:38
sintrenot for you to just say NO support , why did you even say anything?03:38
sintreif you just wanted to talk to me that way03:38
valoriemy apologies03:39
valoriepeople get into trouble with third-party stuff03:39
valoriewhich is why we warn against it03:39
sintrewell i'm not in trouble , but having an issue lol , trying to see if a way around it03:40
sintrecoming from intel , in cahoots with linux community thought would be ok03:41
valorieok, can you say why you wanted this third-party package?03:41
sintrevideo worsk just fine03:41
sintremaybe give me a gui , to access video setting features or something similar to the nvida drivers i have on this computer03:42
sintreusing nvidia x-server driver for this old onboard geforce mobile gpu in this lappy03:42
valoriethis might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/777303/installing-intel-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-16-04?rq=103:42
sintregives me a lil gui to seee features03:42
sintrethought maybe itel package might do the same , but it doesn't03:43
sintreno stops me from updating because packages cannot be verified lol03:43
valoriein general, nothing extra need be done -- intel works out of the box03:43
valorieright, because they are not in the archive03:43
valoriewhich means they are not tested, verified and packaged by ubuntu engineers03:44
valorieyou might get more luck in #ubuntu, since it is a larger channel03:45
sintrewell no clue how to "untilstall the packages put in by intel update tools , so i can use the update command03:46
valoriegood question03:46
sintrebut system still clean so just an extra 20 mins of babysitting , would like to find a way around it stopping upgrade just because of these03:46
valorieI have no clue either03:46
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BluesKaj-pihiyas all13:30
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BluesKajHi all17:19
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ogamiHello, I have a problem, Running Kubuntu 16.04, suddenly i got a "unknown uid xxxx: who are you?" i restarted thinking it would solve the problem but now i get stuck after clicking log in on the login manager (sddm) and ctrl alt F1 allows me to log in but every time i do sudo i have the message error again" i get it that the uid is not in etc/passw18:29
ogamid but how to i fix it?18:29
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* genii sips19:58
NCIXOkay, I need help fluishing the DNS on kubuntu20:24
NCIXSo it stops leaking my ISP data with this fucking VPN20:24
NCIXSorry for language but this Distro is proving to be a pain lol20:25
NCIXoff hand ayone know /etc/init replacment for kubuntu if anyone knows?21:06
ahoneybunnot I21:07
NCIXcommunity here is useless21:12
rattking/etc/init replacment? would that be systemd21:28
rattkings/would that/that would/21:30
petersaintssorry for asking... but just out of curiosity, I've noticed that KDE Plasma 5.8 has been available on the Kubuntu Staging PPA for quite some time now. Are there any issues stopping it from moving to the regular PPA?21:32
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SmurphyThey are testing the upgrade from what I heard.21:58
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[Relic]dd still standard for zeroing a disk?23:59

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