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ScottKHow do I arrange for launchpad not to send my email when my packages are synced from Debian into Ubuntu?  I'm no longer involved in Ubuntu development and don't want to get them.06:36
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thopiekarHey, are there any plans to add translation imports from Git? Currently only import from Bzr is supported afaik..11:31
codygarveranyone else experiencing failures without logs? https://code.launchpad.net/~elementary-os/+recipe/pantheon-agent-polkit-loki13:55
wgrantcodygarver: I think one of our build clouds might be having a bit of trouble. Let me see.13:59
wgrantcodygarver: I've taken the offending cloud out of rotation until we get it sorted out. If you retry the builds they should work fine, but let me know if anything else looks awry.14:08
codygarverlooks like it worked, thanks14:18
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acheronukfailed to build. no log https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdecoration/4:5.8.4-0ubuntu1/+build/1153339017:18
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thopiekaracheronuk: Whenever I see it I think it is an faultly builder. Isn't it possible to rerun the build?19:39
thopiekarTo the rest here: Are there any plans to support import of po and pot translations from Git repositories.19:40
thopiekarI maybe already asked it today on another computer.. in that case sorry for that..19:40
acheronukthopiekar: probably. I don't have the required permissions on that package though19:40
acheronukor the other similar failures I've seen19:41
thopiekarAh, ok. The uploader/group should have the permissions. Try to contact the owner of this package..19:41
thopiekaracheronuk: ^19:41
acheronukthopiekar: I have. just pointing out to the LP team that things are failing like that19:42
thopiekaracheronuk: I personally build a lot of packages on launchpad using build recipes and sometimes this happens due to maintainance on the builders or something like that. So rerunning these builds after e.g. an hours often works.19:42
thopiekaracheronuk: Oh, ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding..19:43
cholcombei'm using the new git import feature and trying to mirror a github repo.  Anyone know how long it takes to import?  Is it immediate?20:55
cholcombei pointed LP at the https://github.com/<my_name>/<repo>.git url.  It seems to either have not worked or there's a delay i don't know about20:56
cholcombecmars, ^^ have you tried this before?21:04
cholcombecmars, haha nvm.  it just took like 10 mins21:05
cjwatsonthopiekar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1473712 - that's one of the remaining missing bits of support relative to bzr, and as such I'd like to fill the gap, but it's not currently scheduled21:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1473712 in Launchpad itself "Import translations from & export them to git repos" [High,Triaged]21:49
cjwatsonthopiekar: I don't think it's very hard, just needs a bit of time to sort out all the plumbing21:50
cjwatsoncholcombe: Yeah, just takes a little while depending on the import queue, but for an initial import it's usually pretty quick.  You don't need the .git suffix for git->git imports, BTW, unlike git->bzr (it's only needed in the latter case because GitHub does User-Agent sniffing, and for git->git imports the user-agent is git itself so that's not a problem)21:51
cholcombecjwatson, interesting.  thanks for that info :)21:52
mwhudsoncjwatson: https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/+archive/ubuntu/scratch/+recipebuild/1276153 <- uploading for a few minutes now, seems a bit unusual?22:05
mwhudsoncjwatson: (only if you're around, i'll take it to proper channels if not :-p)22:06
mwhudsonand as soon as i complain, it completes of course22:06
cjwatsonYeah, that's usually just that process-build-uploads has a bit of a backlog.  Not uncommon when for example a test rebuild is in progress.22:10
mwhudsonoh right22:18
cmarscholcombe, never done it that way. I've always just added the LP repo as a new remote and pushed branches to it from the CLI22:26
cholcombecmars, it seemed to work.  Just took awhile22:26
thopiekargreat, thank you cjwatson for your feedback. I'll subscribe to this issue report to stay up to date. Thanks again22:38

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