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RAOFOh, duplicity. I would prefer it if you didn't use 5GiB RSS.06:54
seb128good morning desktopers08:01
desrtmorning, seb12808:03
seb128hey desrt, how are you?08:03
desrthappy wednesday08:03
desrtsleepy :p08:03
seb128to you too!08:03
pittibuenos días amigos!08:04
desrthi pitti :)08:06
seb128hey pitti, enjoying Spain?08:06
pittiseb128: si! we had been walking through Sevilla for > 4 hours yesterday evening08:16
pittilovely city08:16
desrtbig buildings :)08:16
seb128did you go all the way to Barcelone and back?08:17
seb128the city center is not that big ;-)08:17
pittiseb128: it is if you have to solve puzzles and wander around in circles a lot :)08:48
seb128pitti, was it actual puzzles like a team game? or just walking around?09:00
pittiseb128: no, actual puzzles, a scavenger hunt09:00
willcookegood morning seb128 pitti09:01
seb128oh, nice09:01
seb128hey willcooke, how was shopping day?09:01
xnoxseb128, it was anything but nice09:01
seb128xnox, you don't like walking much? ;-)09:01
willcookeit was bearable.  We did Ikea as well.  So the full house of shopping.09:02
seb128had a nice lunch in the middle?09:02
xnoxseb128, the hints were crap, and the last task was to find 15 tiny 2cm x 2cm tokens glued to inside of window seals, under the menus and generally impossible to find and boring.09:03
willcookeYes!  We went to Waggamama09:03
Laneyguten morgen09:03
xnoxseb128, it started off as fun, and then quickly degraded into boredom.09:03
davmor2Morning all09:03
seb128willcooke, nice :-)09:06
seb128xnox, I see, at least it's not freezing in Sevilla ;-)09:06
seb128hey Laney09:06
seb128hey davmor209:06
seb128how are you today?09:06
davmor2seb128: Good thanks, you?09:08
seb128davmor2, I'm good thanks!09:09
Laneyhey seb12809:10
Laneynapped and then went to the pub quiz ;-)09:10
Laneywe got 26/3009:10
Laneywinners got 28.5 :|09:10
seb128quite some comptetition!09:11
davmor2Laney: knowledge whores that's what they were ;)09:11
Laneytattooed wikipedia under their eyelids09:12
Laneydavmor2: one question was basically "what's the name of that advertising company that plays that catchy tune before films at the cinema?"09:12
LaneyI kept going "BRADFORD AND BINGLEY... no wait that's a bank :("09:12
Laneyeventually someone remembered it09:13
seb128what was it?09:13
seb128or is it09:13
davmor2Laney: Hanna and Barbara spelt wrong but you know who I mean09:13
Laneythis thing09:13
davmor2Laney: pearl and dean that's it I knew the music, the others were the cartoon people behind the flintstones09:14
davmor2I was close :)09:14
Laneydavmor2: good effort, you can stay09:16
davmor2Laney: man now I've had to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-KDZDNnR9A09:22
Laneyah, the creepy milk tray stalker09:25
davmor2Laney: the second best Coke advert ever too and cinzano with Joan and Leonard09:28
xnoxtedg, unity-scope-click doesn't really depend on click10:26
xnoxas i don't have any clicks installed, and it shows things from debs10:26
xnoxhowever does it use ubuntu-app-launch to launch legacy apps?10:26
flexiondotorgMorning desktopers10:42
flexiondotorgSorry for the late start.10:42
flexiondotorgAnnual watch the children wear tea towels on their heads day here :-)10:43
seb128hey flexiondotorg10:48
xnoxseb128, Laney, pitti - is /usr/lib/gnome-session/run-systemd-session only run in systemd-only sessions? and sessions that have upstart, never execute that thing?10:57
pittixnox: correct10:58
pittixnox: more precisely, whatever the Exec= from the session .desktop says10:58
pitti(except that upstart completely overrides this)10:59
xnoxpitti, so i had stale UPSTART_SESSION imported into user systemd session, thus i think run-systemd-session should be cleaning that up.10:59
xnoxenvironment that is10:59
pittiah, good point10:59
FJKonghi desktop, I met a bug, after resume from suspend, when right click, it will be black area by pop up menu.11:13
FJKongoh not just right click all window and menu will be like this11:13
seb128hey FJKong11:20
FJKongseb128: hey11:21
seb128FJKong, weird, no idea what that could be, does it do every time? only in gtk applications?11:31
seb128FJKong, what ubuntu serie is that?11:32
FJKongseb128: I am using yakkety, upgrade from previous version, not every time , It will shown after some times of suspend11:39
FJKongnot only in gtk app11:39
FJKongit seems all window like this11:40
FJKongI guess this is related with display mamager things11:40
seb128could be a video driver issue11:40
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FJKongmaybe, I use nvidia video card12:10
seb128FJKong, nvidia binary drivers or nouveau?12:23
FJKongseb128: I use nvidia binary drivers12:33
seb128FJKong, try maybe with nouveau if you get the same issue12:34
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seb128k, time for some exercice17:23
seb128have a nice evening desktopers17:23
willcookel8r seb12817:23
seb128see you tomorrow17:23
seb128bye willcooke17:23
flexiondotorgNight seb12817:24
willcookenight all18:12
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