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pittibuenos días amigos!08:04
bdmurraymvo: there are many snapd uploads in the yakkety queue, which ones can I reject?08:18
ginggsmorning pitti!08:19
smoserpitti, you have a minute ?08:34
slangaseksmoser: he's scratching his head at lp apis at the moment08:42
pittismoser: sure, where are you?09:12
mvobdmurray: hi, thanks for looking at the snapd yakkety queue. please reject all of them except for 2.17.1+16.10ubuntu1 (from 2016-12-06)10:12
Laneypitti: do you know if basic_reject()ing an item puts it back in the queue in the order of rejection?10:20
* Laney is wondering about a script to move some requests to the front ...10:21
pittiLaney: did you see the bug I filed this morning? I discussed prioritization of "slow" packages like glibc or perl with infinity yesterday10:23
Laneynot yet10:23
pittibug 164794810:23
ubottubug 1647948 in britney "Better prioritization for packages with lots of tests" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164794810:23
pittiLaney: I *believe* rejecting an item doesn't fundamentally change its order in the queue10:24
pittiLaney: also, you break the transactional handling with that (reject and putting it back)10:24
pitti(but if that's a manual script that's probably not much of a concern)10:24
Laneyoh FFS offlineimap10:26
Laneyif I suspend while it's running it just hangs forever10:26
Laney-> no new emalis10:26
naccis the autopkgtest queue length expected right now? maybe that was the glibc discussion earlier?10:57
pittinacc: yep, glibc triggers three metric tons of tests (basically all of them)11:32
pittinacc: you can see the contents of the queue on /running11:32
naccpitti: yeah, i was looking at it now, thanks!11:32
LaneyFrom RabbitMQ release 2.7.0, messages are always held in the queue in publication order, even in the presence of requeueing or channel closure11:33
pittiLaney: hm, I still see some lopsiding towards i38611:33
pittianyway, lunch :)11:34
Laneypitti: a bit of skew is to be expected with random11:34
shadeslayerchrisccoulson: hey, could you please update http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox.yakkety/view/head:/debian/changelog with update to yakkety?11:37
shadeslayerseems to be lagging behind what's in the archive11:37
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shadeslayerchrisccoulson: and perhaps drop hardening-wrapper from thunderbird too like it was done for firefo12:55
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zobelwho is maintaining https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ ?13:13
Odd_Blokezobel: o/13:14
Odd_Blokezobel: In case I don't respond (I'm at a sprint ATM), bugs for it are tracked at https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+filebug :)13:16
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cyphermoxpitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~netplan-developers/netplan/+git/netplan/+merge/31268215:08
cyphermoxand https://code.launchpad.net/~netplan-developers/netplan/+git/netplan/+merge/31268315:09
xnoxinfinity, the day has come, when i need to rebuild upstart.... and it fails its tests.....15:20
xnoxlike you told me so15:20
infinityxnox: I sure did.15:20
infinityxnox: Enjoy.15:20
infinityxnox: The best part is that when you fix it, it'll be fixed on s390x too, and we can undo all the hacks and removals that I told people they shouldn't do. :P15:21
dokoand libnih?15:22
infinitynih was never a problem.15:22
xnoxtedg, what's left to port ubuntu-app-launch to systemd?15:25
xnoxand does that need upstart/systemd to launch legacy apps at all?15:25
tedgxnox: tests and code reviews15:26
tedgxnox: Yes, it launches legacy apps under systemd as well15:26
dokoinfinity: http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/rebuilds/test-rebuild-20161202-zesty.html ftbfs everywhere15:33
infinitydoko: I assume that uses a test toolchain?15:35
dokoinfinity: no, regular archive test rebuild15:36
infinitydoko: Oh, no.  Derp.  Just doesn't have the ppc build fix in that version of glibc.  Brain fart.  Ignore me.15:36
dokoand we removed the one in yakkety-proposed, because it failed to build15:36
shadeslayerchrisccoulson: oh and thunderbird doesn't seem to have a zesty branch15:37
infinitySo many new pep8 failures...15:38
dimsxnox : ping about https://bugs.launchpad.net/lazr.authentication/+bug/1609128 we had to pin some stuff in openstack as well since latest pkgs are not on pypi. Do you know who can help?16:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1609128 in lazr.authentication "PyPI metadata is wrong" [Undecided,New]16:14
dimscjwatson : perhaps you may know?16:16
xnoxdims, i do not believe i can release that on pypi. Maybe barry or cjwatson or wgrant16:24
dimsah thanks xnox . cjwatson wgrant pretty please :)16:24
xnoxtedg, where is it?16:24
xnoxtedg, i like want to upload it into zesty right now.16:25
xnoxtedg, and purge src:upstart from zesty asap16:25
xnoxtedg, or i'm pondering to kick off unity8 session off desktop images16:25
tedgxnox: It's a secret :-P16:26
tedgxnox: It doesn't drop Upstart yet, it has both and chooses systemd if available.16:26
tedgxnox: Wanted to land that first, let it settle and then remove Upstart.16:26
tedgxnox: Oh, it doesn't build on Zesty right now, need to fix the Google Mock stuff :-(16:27
* tedg waves fist at Google Mock16:27
xnoxtedg, i think you want to wave fist at cmake-extras, and thus have your own copy of google mock in tree. no?16:28
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tedgxnox: I think that cmake-extras has been updated and I just need to match. A TODO more than a problem.16:29
xnoxtedg, there are branch conflicts16:31
tedgxnox: Did you get all the branches? https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/210516:32
* tedg rebuilds that silo16:33
xnoxtedg, why do you target xenial?16:33
xnoxtedg, you should land this in zesty now, continue to iterate, and land in xenial once the kinks are ironed out.16:34
xnoxtedg, you totally should be using per-series branches here, and diverge zesty from xenial for now.16:34
tedgxnox: We're doing this work for the U8 session snap as well, that needs it. That snap is built from Xenial.16:34
xnoxtedg, time and priority wise, not so much.16:35
xnoxtedg, zesty should not have src:upstart yesterday. xenial will have upstart forever.16:35
tedgxnox: Heh, well, depends on how you look at it :-) Priority for me is the U8 snap.16:36
xnoxtedg, shall i drop u8 session from zesty-desktop-amd64.iso then?16:36
tedgAnd zesty will still have Upstart, just not on the iso.16:36
xnoxtedg, no.16:36
xnoxtedg, it will not have src:upstart16:36
tedgxnox: I'm skeptical but would love to see you accomplish that.16:37
xnox$ cat debian/upstart-xsessions16:37
xnox# xsessions listed below are run inside an Upstart user session.16:37
xnoxin zesty16:37
xnoxall other sessions moved off upstart.16:37
tedgxnox: Upstart is used by the greeters and some of the other flavors that start indicators.16:37
xnoxthere are no clicks pre-installed, and those don't make sense on desktop u8 anyway.16:37
seb128tedg, I think pitti fixed the greeter16:38
pittithe branch landed, but it's stuck on ubuntu-greeter having broken tests due to some HiDPI changes16:38
xnoxtedg, other flavours did not have upstart seeded, thus they reverted back to non-upstart session long time ago.16:38
pittirobert was looking into this16:38
tedgClicks don't have any relation to Upstart.16:38
pittitedg: ubuntu-app-launch?16:38
pitti(link of clicks to upstart)16:38
tedgThe UAL that runs systemd will run Clicks under systemd16:38
xnoxtedg, well, my point is that on u8 desktop session today, only apps ubuntu-app-launch is used is to launch legacy apps, and from my point of view, it can just exec those directly =)16:39
tedgBut I imagine that'll be the next backend to get dropped.16:39
xnoxtedg, i hope to not have src:click in zesty either.16:39
xnoxtedg, all of bileto will have to have separate branches for xesty-overlay vs zesty.16:39
* tedg giggles at xesty overlay16:40
tedgxnox: You're welcome to fight that battle, I am not.16:40
xnoxtedg, i don't need to find anything =) i will just break zesty seeds, and be done with it.16:41
slangasek"<infinity> nih was never a problem." <-- heh.16:47
dobeyxnox, tedg: i'm not sure how much work it is, but it's probably feasible to get rid of click from zesty, and also thusly get rid of click support in xenial+overlay for the unity8 snap too16:49
petn-randallHi, were would I find the packaging VCS to rng-tools? I plan on introducing rng-tools5 to Debian again, and I'd like to inherit the VCS history to retain the contributions of the Ubuntu maintainers.18:02
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tyhicks@pilot in20:39
lutostaganybody know how I would install golang-1.7 in 16.10 and get a 'go' executable?21:12
tianoneither via src:golang-defaults (ie, "golang"/"golang-go") or via PATH21:12
tianonexport PATH=/usr/lib/go-1.7/bin:$PATH21:13
lutostagtianon: perfect, thanks!21:14
chiluknacc can you sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virt-manager/+bug/1634304  ?21:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1634304 in virt-manager (Ubuntu Zesty) "Unable to complete install: 'Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:16
chilukactually can anyone sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virt-manager/+bug/1634304 for me please?21:17
loladiroI vaguely remember a discussion somewhere about the graphics drivers dynamically linking LLVM on Ubuntu. I keep seeing applications be bitten by this, so I wanted to add my strong support to undoing that and linking LLVM statically again. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find that issue. Anybody have a hunch where that would have been?21:53
tyhickschiluk: I'll have a look (I'm patch piloting right now)22:06
chilukthanks tyhicks.22:06
chiluktyhicks: what's the process when a package sources are the same accross two releases?22:07
chilukdo you just end up uploading the newest one and sync back to the older one?22:07
chiluktyhicks in this case zesty and yakkety are the same source base and both need the change.22:07
chilukI really don't want to fork the versioning for yakkety.22:08
tyhickschiluk: you'd apply the same debdiff to both except that yakkety's version would be 1:1.3.2-3ubuntu3.1 and zesty's would be 1:1.3.2-3ubuntu422:08
chiluktyhicks: see that seems strange to me.22:09
tyhickschiluk: how come?22:09
chiluktyhicks because now you have the same sources with two different versions.22:09
tyhickschiluk: but the resulting binary packages are built against different build-depends22:09
chilukso there's no way to keep the versions the same accross the two releases?22:10
tyhickschiluk: no because you want a machine upgrading from yakkety to zesty to upgrade to the zesty version that was built against zesty build-depends22:11
tyhicks(or maybe zesty enables some better compiler hardening options)22:12
chilukyeah I get your point.22:13
chilukdidn't think about the upgrades possibly being an issue with the same versioning.22:14
tyhickschiluk: mind if I adjust the versioning myself in the zesty+yakkety debdiff as I upload to zesty and yakkety?22:16
tyhicks(there's no sense in having you attach new debdiffs for that)22:16
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tyhickschiluk: your debdiffs look great but I have one question about the upstream patch22:44
tyhickschiluk: have any idea why the added comment says "default to amd64" but then it defaults to i386? https://github.com/virt-manager/virt-manager/blob/master/virtinst/urlfetcher.py#L111022:45
chilukyeah tyhicks have at the versioning change.. there's no sense in uploading a new debdiffaltogether22:45
chiluktyhicks I'm really not sure.22:46
chilukI found that peculiar as well.22:46
chilukwhat I do know though is I tested the fix on yakkety as well as xenial22:46
chilukand it fixed things in both cases.22:46
chilukthis was pretty much a straight cherry-pick22:47
tyhickschiluk: ok, I left a question in the upstream PR but will proceed with sponsoring22:47
tyhickschiluk: nice debdiffs!22:47
chiluktyhicks: since I have you in the mood https://wiki.ubuntu.com/chiluk/CoreDevApplication22:48
tyhickschiluk: I mean cmon... they aren't THAT nice22:48
tyhickschiluk: just kidding, I'm happy to leave a nice comment :)22:48
chiluktyhicks you mean endorsement22:48
chilukI'm going to try to get through the process before too long.22:49
tyhicksyou shouldn't have any problems22:50
tyhickschiluk: done (uploads sponsored) and done (coredev endorsement)!23:12
chilukthanks tyhicks.. now to find an sru sponsor.23:13

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