lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:09
Bashing-omo/ lotuspsychje04:11
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om hows the night been04:11
Bashing-omslowed down .. was fairly active ... lull in the storm ?04:12
lotuspsychjesitting back with a coffee first :p04:25
Bashing-om2 cups to get te cognitive juices flowing :)04:26
Bashing-omGood nite good folks - yall take care .05:21
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lotuspsychjemorning OerHeks :p06:25
OerHekshey lotus :-)06:25
ducassehi all07:28
OerHeks i get spam, therefore i exist.07:28
OerHeksheya ducasse :-D07:29
ducassegood morning OerHeks - is the botnet back?07:29
OerHeksNo clue, i used /umode +R07:30
ducassejust wondered, after your comment above :)07:30
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OerHeksBen64 to the rescue \0/10:10
Ben64i should have continued lurking10:12
* nacc too10:13
Ben64i mean really?10:14
Ben64<ultrav1olet> Ben64: there can be no exploits in /etc/apt unless you're terminally stupid10:14
Ben64where does he think packages come from?10:14
naccyep, back to ignore the channel and doing useful stuff :)10:15
Ben64yep, gotta watch agents of shield10:15
OerHeksi was going to mention dist-upgrade, but then again ..10:15
Ben64yeah me too OerHeks10:15
Ben64seemed like a classic case of "doing it wrong"10:15
Ben64hmm.. to help that rude guy or not...10:30
* Ben64 goes back to his show10:30
Ben64<ultrav1olet> I've just synced my servers' /etc/apt to the official apt configuration and apt-get upgrade still does _not_ offer to update the kernel!10:30
Ben64guess that 15 years of experience didn't include how to update10:31
Ben64aw, nacc being helpful10:32
naccBen64: but they have yet to respond to me directly :)10:33
Ben64did now, with 0/2 of the information you requested10:34
Ben641/2 now10:35
naccBen64: :)10:35
Ben64nacc: how does it work exactly in 16.04? i haven't heard about that yet10:38
Ben64aw, i should have read more10:38
naccBen64: i think they updated the wiki page now, that they've decided, let me see10:38
naccBen64: --^ more dtils10:39
Ben64yeah checking that page, seems better10:39
naccBen64: it makes the "which hwe is supported" discussion much much simpler10:40
naccas there is only one stack10:40
Ben64makes a lot of sense10:41
naccthe discussion internally has been pretty fun to read -- as there were other options bandied about that were going to be crazy and confusing still. Luckily they chose the sane route10:42
OerHeks"I might write them a letter but ...I need managment to restart services"10:54
OerHeks♫ fixing ubuntu with kali-usb ♫ do da dee12:18
OerHeksyay, ota14 http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-touch-ota-14-officially-released-with-revamped-unity-8-interface-fixes-510787.shtml12:59
BluesKaj-pihiyas all13:30
HsocietyPenetratDo someone have hacked a CMS in this room?14:39
HsocietyPenetratI need to know14:40
OerHeksyes, where the password was empty :-D14:40
OerHeksin some countries it is called hacking too.14:42
HsocietyPenetratdo someone know a hacking tool that just find the right combination, without wordlist or hash.14:43
HsocietyPenetratHow do people call a Password-Combination Finder?14:44
nacc!hacking | HsocietyPenetrat14:44
ubot5HsocietyPenetrat: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy14:44
naccerr, nm, i thought there was a faq that we don't help you do illegal things14:44
HsocietyPenetratdude, i'm a pen tester, i am doing a test in order from my boss.14:45
HsocietyPenetratthis task is find out how a program like this is called14:45
naccHsocietyPenetrat: you probably wanted #ubuntu then14:48
naccHsocietyPenetrat: this channel is not for support14:48
ducasseHsocietyPenetrat: or ##security, more likely14:48
lordievaderA penntester who doesn't know how bruteforce tools are called? Impressive.15:03
ducasselordievader: even more concerning if his boss doesn't know :)15:07
lordievaderNot if his boss is not in that business ;)15:07
ducassegood point :)15:09
OerHeksi hope he did a check on empty password15:10
ducasseor "admin"15:15
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OerHeksehm, true, i did use admin15:26
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BluesKajHi all17:04
OerHeksbrrr .. "load one simple webpage from our internal server"17:23
ducassedaftykins: this guy wants to keep using his gutsy install...17:27
OerHekssuch security breach could be facing the patriot-act in some countries :-P17:29
daftykinsextend a finger at random and set ignore, sir ;)17:29
OerHeks"who helped you?" > ducasse OerHeks nicomachus17:30
OerHeksoh boy17:30
nicomachuswhoa whoa whoa17:30
nicomachusall I did was relay info about 32 bit chromium17:30
nicomachus....and tell him that nano is the default editor17:30
OerHeksha ha ha we see each other in jail17:31
nicomachusI'm American tho. They can't get me under the Patriot Act.17:31
ducasseOerHeks: we can start an ubuntu prison gang! ;)17:37
BluesKajyou guys waorry too much  ;-)17:39
BluesKajworry even17:39
nicomachusI never waorry17:41
BluesKajwell, make fun of my typos , but you get my drift17:43
ducassei'm not really very worried about a us law, tbh.17:43
BluesKajAsange and Snowden certainly are , but they both have that missionary zeal that clouded their judgement, IMO17:46
daftykinshmm what will be our prison song?17:46
BluesKajwe're in the jailhouse now17:47
daftykinsi'd much prefer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcqtAPge_bI17:49
daftykins"we're on a mission... from Tux"17:49
ducassewe can smuggle in usb sticks with live images17:52
OerHeks256 gb stick with a weekly mirror17:53
Bashing-omHere ! Better late than never .23:57

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