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Guest26853Einen guten Morgen aus Germany Munich-Ich bin Neu hier,und habe getestet Ubuntu Mate. By by05:22
serialnutsHi is there a way to aligh the screens manually instead of using the Display Settings on MATE. I'm having difficulty aligning threee screens (one horizontal middle screen and two vertical on each side)08:36
serialnutsRight now it looks like this and I cannot put them in a (tie-fighter like formation) http://imgur.com/a/j6Up608:39
alkisgxrandr --output VGA-1 --right-of HDMI-1 etcetc08:43
alkisgYou can do it with xrandr commands08:43
serialnutsThanks I'll look it up and try it thanks alkisg08:47
janbananI have 2 computers that I want to connect to each other PC1 have windows 10 PC2 have Ubuntu MATE.  PC2 finds shares on PC1 but not vice versa. I guess its because samba don't have user / password set up for PC. Question is since Ubuntu mate have Caja (as the graphical windows noob I am) what do I do ? Tried installing samba and pc says all files in09:21
janbananstalled and up to date09:21
serialnutsjanbanan, are you sharing anything from the MATE computer?09:41
janbananI'm saying that I think I have to do some black voodo in some config file on the MATE computer yes09:49
janbananI have set up shared folders on both computer and the Idea was to migrate files from the windows computer to the MAte computer. So far I can read the files on the windows computer09:51
janbananclue here is that im trying to set up user / password for the windows computer for samba. And it seems samba are not installed or missing files. But when I try install samba it says its already installed10:04
janbananand yea I know my english is crap10:06
alkisgjanbanan: I think you need to install the caja-share package10:09
janbananalready did10:09
alkisgSo then there's a "Sharing options" menu10:09
alkisgAnd if you go there, do you get an error message?10:09
alkisg(I mean, caja => right click on folder => sharing options)10:11
janbananall seems fine in MATE, but I think I need set up a user with password in Samba for the windows 10 pc. Because when I try connect to the the shared folders on MATe comp I just get an error message10:12
palassoHi alkisg, I got news from yesterdays issue I had with hardware accelaration of video playback on VLC on a RPi 2. So this time I enabled OpemMAX IL and also disabled window decorations. This means when I open a video file it plays smoothly but it's full screen and without any controls from VLC. I'm wondering if you were able to get any controls (GUI) when you were using the RPi 2 like that10:12
alkisgpalasso: in general, i'm using marco --no-composite, while i think than now rpi3 defaults to compton or something10:13
alkisgtry running: marco --no-composite --replace10:13
alkisgAnd see if it works for you10:13
palassoOk I'll try it out10:14
alkisgjanbanan: can you connect to your share from ubuntu? like, from the same mate pc that the share is?10:14
alkisgok then it sounds like a windows issue indeed...10:15
alkisgjanbanan: see this topic, the reply just before the last one: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/sharing-folders-on-windows-network/2644/410:16
palassoalkisg: with no composite it will go to full-screen with no controls. with composite and disabling window decorations in VLC (it's a VLC setting in the video section) it will also do the same. With compositing and without disabling the window decorations it won't play the video, only the audio10:34
palassobtw it's a RPi 210:34
alkisgpalasso: that's all the knowledge I have on the issue; as I said, rpi2 was so lame that i ditched it and I'm using x86-based clients now... 50 times faster with the same $$10:35
palassoalkisg: when you had the rpi2 were you able to produce smooth video playback WITH controls from VLC or was it just a full-screen video playback with no controls?10:36
palassoI suspect it might not be possible to have both controls and smooth playback in Ubuntu-MATE10:36
alkisgI think it was a full screen video, and the controls worked with the keyboard as long as the vlc window (which has behind) had thefocus10:36
alkisgNot in ubuntu-mate, but in rpi :)10:36
palassoThat's exactly the case I'm at it right now10:37
alkisgIt's not a problem with the os, but with the hardware...10:37
alkisgJust throw it away10:37
palassoAnd yeah in RPi. I may return to OpenELEC since I could have smooth playback with controls10:37
palassoI won't throw it away, I can already use it for small things and it's the only ARM device I got other than android phones and tablets10:38
palassoAs a matter of fact I may buy at some point a newer RPi so that I have an AArch64 CPU10:38
alkisgWhatever you like; me, I'll keep warning users that rpi's are not good enough to be used for desktop tasks10:39
palassoYeah totally agree with you10:39
alkisgrpi3 is 30% faster than rpi2, i3 is 5000% faster than rpi210:39
palassoYeah ikr10:40
palassoAnd you get USB 3 and gigabit ethernet etc.10:40
palassoproper SATA ports with proper SSDs etc.10:40
alkisgAnd no need for gpu-based decoding10:40
alkisgI.e. special programs to play video, youtube etc10:40
alkisgYou can just use the normal code for whatever needs gpu acceleration10:40
palassoYeah what you say is true but a RPi is quite cheap and having a AArch64 CPU for experimenting on stuff is good10:41
alkisgit's no cheaper than all those amd64 tv boxes with intel atom and 2 gb ram10:41
palassoI will probably buy one when most distros start releasing 64-bit binaries10:41
alkisgThose cost like 60€, same as an rpi3 with all the other stuff that's needed10:42
palassoYeah it's no cheaper, probably it has better power consumption though10:42
alkisgI don't think so, latest intel cpus are better than arm in power consumption10:42
palassoThat being said I used the RPi2 with openELEC and I can say it can work for video playback. So it can do things10:42
alkisgSure, if you develop a whole lot of applications especially for this10:43
alkisgI could playback video in my ancient pentium 3 as well though that way10:43
alkisgOr even in my 48610:43
palassoFor the CPU power you get you probably got better power consumption but if your CPU idles all the time it's more power efficient to get an ARM CPU10:43
alkisgTrue, if you don't want a desktop then rpi might be a good choice10:43
alkisgBut desktops need cpu10:43
palassoReally? 1080p h.264 video on a Pentium 3?10:44
alkisgSure, with a gpu10:44
palassoAhhh that's the catch ;)10:44
alkisgThat's the catch with rpi too10:44
alkisgSpecial programming that offloads things to the gpu10:44
palassoYeah I replaced the openELEC with Ubuntu-MATE to be used still as a video playback machine but also have windows and additional features in the rare cases they're needed. Not for active desktop usage.10:45
alkisgI tried openelec and a few other distros before ditching rpi10:45
alkisgIt was just not worth it, any 20€ android based tv box was better10:45
palassoAnd that's why I focused on smooth video playback. Because if I can get this to work I can keep Ubuntu-MATE and then I get to have the additional programs when they're rarely needed.10:46
alkisgSo no rpi isn't good as a media player either10:46
alkisgIf you tell me that it's good for *non* desktop and *non* media player usage, I could believe you, but not for those 2 use cases10:46
palassoYeah, I even thought of it as a small NAS but having only USB 2 ports it's not good on that respect either10:46
alkisgTrying to find a use case for the rpi made my head hurt, until I decided that it wasn't a problem with me not finding a solution but with me getting an rpi in the first place :)10:47
alkisgNowadays I only use it for VNC'ing to other computers10:48
palassoBasically I bought it to have it as a device for doing multiple low-resource usage things that might be needed to be open 24/7. I was thinking a small NAS with a torrent client and maybe run nextCloud and a few other things but with light usage10:48
palassoI might replace it with a RPi 4 or something like that if it'd come with at least USB 3.0. It'd be more powerful than that and I'd be able to do those stuff I've been wanting while keep it open 24/710:49
palassoIf I won't succeed to get controls with smooth video playback next distro I'll try out will be OpenMediaVault10:51
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pedrobrandaohello guys14:44
ilkka__Hello, is there a way to lock screen with keyboard?15:35
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tgm4883Using 16.04, I've changed my background and login screen background, but the lock screen background is still using the default one. How do I change that?16:29
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eightfoldh there22:52
eightfoldwhen i connect an external monitor (with a higher resolution) and then disconnect it again, my clock etc disappears from the top panel22:53
eightfoldalso, the "spaces" disappears from the bottom panel22:54
eightfoldie. anything that is outside the lower resolution of the laptop monitor disappears22:54

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