RAOFWhy hello, odd bug.00:04
RAOFWhy isn't disconnect() being responded to?00:05
RAOFOh, goodie. It's somehow a race?00:07
RAOFIt's a race between mir_render_surface_release and mir_connection_release.00:13
RAOFWhy do we ignore logical_width and logical_height for bufferstreams in mir_surface_spec_add_render_surface?01:27
* duflu shrugs01:27
RAOFThe reason why the tests don't *currently* deadlock in that race is because they race allocate_buffer instead.01:29
dufluRAOF: I think I'm overallocated for features this cycle. Do you want to take one of my major items off my hands?01:39
RAOFduflu: Whatta ya got?01:39
duflu(fbdev + osmesa || SimpleDRM kernel work)01:40
dufluThe first one is just a Mir driver01:40
RAOFThe second one is driving an already roughly-agreed-to patch through lkml.01:46
dufluIndeed, but it's been driving for a few years01:49
dufluNot sure how long to wait01:49
dufluPerhaps if we do nothing the feature will exist :)01:49
RAOFPatch set v5 got submitted by a drm guy in September.01:50
dufluTo me fbdev would be fun to learn driver development. And it would work on any kernel... assuming osmesa works01:50
dufluBut that's just me01:50
RAOFWhy would fbdev involve learning driver development?01:51
dufluRAOF: Mir driver development01:52
RAOFAh, right.01:52
dufluI know the basics... I was building something similar back in the early 90s before I got distracted01:53
dufluRAOF: I just figured you know all the parts. If we were to build a fallback driver to solve all the fallback problems before 17.04 you would be able to do it01:56
dufluAnd working in any VM out of the box would be awesome01:57
dufluIt's assigned to me, but before then I need to finish client-side vsync and probably now do GL-based display cloning01:58
dufluSo there's a reasonable risk I won't have all three features done before 17.0401:58
RAOFSeems reasonable.01:59
RAOFI'll see where SimpleDRM is at.01:59
RAOFBecause if it's done, that's the cheapest option :)01:59
RAOFAnd, indeed, looks like simpledrm has landed.02:05
dufluNot in Linus' tree. Which one comes before that for DRM work?02:11
RAOFIn whatever tree all the patches to drm-devel are applied to.02:12
RAOFI'm actually not sure what tree that is.02:12
dufluYou always need to know who the second in command is, per component02:14
dufluThe kernel docs say who02:14
RAOFYeah, it's drm-misc. I thought so.02:18
RAOFCan't see it in there, though.02:18
RAOFWhich is odd, because I see unrelated patches that patch simpledrm.02:20
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RAOFHey, cool! rr will now record mir_acceptance_tests!03:36
dufluAnd I thought Unix already took all the two letter names03:43
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dufluRAOF: Is it intentional or incidental that streams use SurfaceIDs and SurfaceObservers?06:04
RAOFIncidental, mostly.06:04
dufluOh I see. We started with just surface and it morphed incrementally into streams06:04
RAOFFor the former, it might have made sense to have just a single “object ID” namespace.06:05
RAOFFor the latter, SurfaceObserver basically makes sense with Streams, too. :)06:05
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applemuncy_1Greetings : )  Is this the right place to ask about mir_android_diagnostic testing and failures?17:44
greybackapplemuncy_1: yep17:58

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