bazhangtell me the portable app cmd line plz00:27
wxlit has been brought to the attention of the lococouncil that #ubuntu-eg's topic needs to be updated. admittedly, this is the sign of a larger problem, but any chance we can remove the mention of a specific ubutnu release version?06:11
daxI note that #ubuntu-eg has one human on the access list, who was active < 2d ago and was in the channel at that time06:14
daxthis is an IRCC thing not a me thing, but just throwing that out there in passing06:14
wxlsure sure06:14
wxlIRCC better to go to -admin?06:14
wxlbest way to reach IRCC? don't tell me not on IRC XD06:15
elky#ubuntu-admin doesn't exist.06:16
daxi usually find that throwing something across the room helps06:16
daxoh hi IRCC person06:16
* wxl meant admins06:16
* wxl sighs06:16
dax#ubuntu-irc-council. or here (especially since elky seems to be active). or #ubuntu-ops-team.06:17
daxor #ubuntu-irc06:17
elkymore to the point actually it does exist but is empty06:17
wxlah that's what i mean06:17
wxlelky: shall i move this convo somewhere else?06:17
elkyand #ubuntu-admins doesn't exist at all ?06:17
daxi think the tone here is "confused" and not the "annoyed" that you seem to be interpreting it as06:18
wxlyes yes06:18
wxli'm sleepy, forgive me06:18
elkyso am i06:18
daxoh, and just for completeness, if you meant canonical-sysadmins or whatever it's called, they are entirely unrelated :306:18
elkywhat is the full name of the channel you were trying to get me to go to with -admin?06:19
wxlno where06:19
wxli meant #ubuntu-ops-team06:19
bazhangaltering the sudoers without visudo12:00
bazhang<freelancerbob> EriC^^:  root@kali:/# groups tradmin tradmin12:07
bazhangis that a kali install12:07
dax12:00 <+bazhang> altering the sudoers without visudo16:14
* dax cries16:14
* genii slides the tissues over16:33
=== littlebunnyfufu is now known as SonikkuAmerica
bazhang<iresf> i think i have to go to the  fedora23:38
bazhangthe new 'back to windows'23:38
bazhangis this a need the newest glibc type deal23:42
bazhang'it will fix my wifi'23:42
bazhangbut here it's some android emulator23:43
* dax stabs ChanServ23:43
ikoniapeople just give totally unacceptable help23:46
ikonianot in the mood, good night23:46
bazhangxenial for trusty23:47
bazhangthats gonna leave a mark!23:47
bazhanginstalled fglrx on it23:56
bazhangthis just got ten times worse23:56

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