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mjolnir40kHello, I'm trying to do some things with ifupdown and VLANs and bridging for KVM04:31
mjolnir40kI suspect I'm running afoul of biosdevname, since the vlan scripts kind of assume interface names will be eth.*04:32
mjolnir40kWhat I want to do is create vlan tags on individual interfaces, and then create bridges on top of the VLANs04:32
mjolnir40k(bonding is not necessary in my case)04:32
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rbasakpowersj: I replied to bug 1623721.09:13
ubottubug 1623721 in htop (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/htop:11:strcmp:check_match:do_lookup_x:_dl_lookup_symbol_x:elf_machine_rel" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162372109:13
powersjrbasak: thank you09:50
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mozart1893does anyone have a solution to this situation: I created a virtual network interface on a UBUNTU 16.04 AWS instance and it keeps going off after every restart of the server11:45
mozart1893does anyone have a solution to this situation: I created a virtual network interface on a UBUNTU 16.04 AWS instance and it keeps going off after every restart of the server12:11
tsimonq2!ask | mozart189312:25
ubottumozart1893: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:25
lordievadermozart1893: Is it configured?12:27
lordievaderWithout any details it could be anything.12:27
mozart1893it is configured12:28
mozart1893but anytime i restart the instance, the configuration disappears12:28
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jcastroachiang: I am actively arguing the point to make the vagrant boxes useful for vagrant users13:16
jcastroachiang: it's one of those "but we want all cloud images to be the same" vs. what people expect from vagrant boxes.13:17
jcastroalso painfully aware that hashi is unrecommending our images13:18
jcastroachiang: iirc the cloud images team maintaines the image, so I think you're looking for gaughen if you want to submit patches/fixes13:20
coreycbzul, ddellav: i've uploaded the liberty point releases to liberty-staging13:40
zulcoreycb: cool...13:40
coreycbzul, how's mod_wsgi?13:40
zulcoreycb: slow...i had to fix ceilometer yesterday so i could test stuff13:40
zulcoreycb: daemon wasnt running because one of the python-dependencies had litterally nothing in the deb13:41
coreycbzul, ok. if you're using the charms and then reinstalling from the new package, watch out for haproxy listening on the same port.13:41
coreycbzul, are you working on heat and cinder?13:42
zulyeah heat today13:42
coreycbzul, ok.  i pushed aodh, ceilometer and nova.  i think i'll get the charm updates up for review next and just mark them workflow-1 until we release b2.13:43
zulcoreycb: awesome13:44
zulcoreycb/jamespage: im just in the middle of backporting libvirt to xenial as well13:44
coreycbEmilienM, jamespag` : we should have all the api's moved to mod_wsgi + apache2 for the b2 release of ocata.13:45
EmilienMcoreycb: good news. My second problem was that nova-api package was not idempotent when also deploying nova-placement-api13:48
EmilienMI haven't details but I saw that in puppet CI13:48
EmilienMhave you tried to deploy both packages in same time and do it again? does it work?13:49
coreycbEmilienM, so just to be clear, to recreate the idempotent issue, would i have to install nova-api and nova-placement-api, then uninstall, and install them again?13:49
EmilienMcoreycb: no. Do something like: 1) install nova-api 2) install nova-placement-api 3) run apt-get install nova-api again and see if it works fine13:52
EmilienMcoreycb: maybe it's something with my setup but it was not idempotency13:52
Ussatjust gonna post this once, if anyone is interested:  https://www.humblebundle.com/books/unix-book-bundle13:52
coreycbEmilienM, ok i'll take a look13:52
EmilienMcoreycb: thanks!13:53
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coreycbEmilienM, ok the package assumes they are mutually exclusive, so i'll fix that to enable nova-api and nova-placement-api to both be installed at the same time14:11
EmilienMcoreycb: nice! so my bug was valid (/me dancing)14:12
EmilienMthx for fixing it!14:12
coreycbEmilienM, :)14:14
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zuljamespag`/coreycb:libvirt updated in the CA14:27
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coreycbEmilienM, ok so looking more, the mutual exclusive bit might be valid.  basically if you install nova-api then all other nova api packages are mutually exclusive (ie. metadata api, placement api) because the apis are read from enabled_apis in nova.conf.14:40
coreycbEmilienM, however if you install nova-compute-os-api (vs nova-api) then you can also install nova-metadata-api and nova-placement-api14:40
EmilienMcoreycb: not placement api14:42
EmilienMplacement api has nothing to do with enabled_apis14:42
EmilienMplacement api is just a simple wsgi app to run in Apache and some config to do in nova.conf ([placement] section)14:42
coreycbEmilienM, ok maybe.  let me double check on that in #openstack-nova before I remove it.14:43
EmilienMcoreycb: I already checked :D14:44
EmilienMcoreycb: it has been one week I'm working on that14:44
EmilienMand we successfuly deployed it on centos714:44
coreycbEmilienM, ok got a link to the discussion?14:44
EmilienMjust a vhost to create and run the wsgi app :)14:44
EmilienMI have better14:44
EmilienMCI job deploys it, a sec14:45
EmilienM(we don't deploy on ubuntu yet because of the issues I showed you)14:45
EmilienMcoreycb: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/406301/14:45
EmilienMcoreycb: http://logs.openstack.org/01/406301/4/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-4-scenario001-tempest-centos-7/f1bb688/logs/14:45
EmilienMthat's logs14:45
EmilienMyou can look nova logs and also nova config if you like14:45
coreycbEmilienM, yeah just seems like it should be valid to specify on enabled_apis based on the upstream code:  https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/cmd/api.py#L5914:49
EmilienMcoreycb: cdent, the author of Placement API told me no14:49
EmilienMenabled_apis is only for compute & metadata API14:50
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hiteshcan anyone helpme to install usb formatter found in linux mint in ubuntu15:03
ddellavcoreycb are you working on any CI failures?15:44
coreycbddellav, not at the moment15:44
ddellavcoreycb ok, we have a ton of red so I'm gonna crank through some15:45
coreycbddellav, sure. let me know if you have an merge proposals.15:45
ddellavcoreycb will do15:45
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coreycbEmilienM, ok I pushed that update so nova-api and nova-placement-api will be able to be installed together in b215:53
coreycbzul, sahara is better now for liberty-staging15:53
zulcoreycb: ack15:54
SipriusPThello guys15:58
SipriusPTI have a smart host working in a MacosX 10.9.5 with Server App 3 (who uses postfix mail_version = 2.9.4), and i have notice that i am just able to redirect mail inside of my smart host (Outlook, Mail app and roundcubemail installed in this server), for example i am just able to send mails from user1@domainX.pt to user2@domainX.pt where i have a redirection to user1@domianY.pt,15:59
SipriusPT if i try to send mail from user1@domainY.pt to user1@domainX.pt who is redirecting mail to user2@domainY.pt, i will get this message at mail.log:15:59
SipriusPTDec  6 14:37:12 remote.domainX.pt postfix/smtp[28504]: 0B8BD259F57: to=<user2@domainY.pt>, orig_to=<user1@remote.domainX.pt>, relay=mail.domainX.pt[]:25, delay=0.1, delays=0/0.01/0.07/0.02, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host mail.domainX.pt[] said: 550-Verification failed for <Xserver@remote.domainX.pt> 550-No Such User Here 550 Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command))15:59
SipriusPTFrom what it seems instead of using orig_to=<user1@domainX.pt> i am getting orig_to=<user1@remote.domainX.pt>, and my remote mail server will give that response. I am just using domainX.pt instead of remote.domainX.pt that i am not using at all. My mail server remote.domainX.pt is connected to my remote mail server mail.domainX.pt.15:59
SipriusPTAnyone knows how can i solve this?15:59
EmilienMcoreycb: you rocks!16:07
zulcoreycb: hey i just noticed that the openstack-ubuntu-testing ppa doesnt have the debhelper fix16:18
coreycbzul, i don't think it needs it, does it?16:20
coreycbzul, or wait... backport_package should have put it in there16:20
coreycbjamespage, beisner: hi, these are ready to promote if you can please: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23594026/16:21
coreycbzul, ok it's there: https://launchpad.net/~openstack-ubuntu-testing/+archive/ubuntu/ocata16:21
zulcoreycb: ok16:22
jamespagecoreycb, doing now16:22
ddellavcoreycb seems like most if not all of the xenial ocata ci failures are deb helper issues16:22
coreycbddellav, ok i'll take a look16:23
coreycbzul, hmm yeah so dh-autoreconf failed to build in openstack-ubuntu-testing...16:23
jamespagecoreycb, done16:24
coreycbjamespage, thanks16:25
jamespageddellav, coreycb, zul: ocata testing PPA appears to lack debhelper 10?16:30
zuljamespage: we were just discussing that ^^^16:30
coreycbjamespage, i just deleted it because dh-autoreconf needs to build successfully before debhelper can be backported16:30
jamespagecoreycb, okies16:31
* jamespage leaves experts todo their jobs :-)16:31
coreycbjamespage, lol16:31
zuljamespage: just call me carol16:31
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SipriusPThello guys17:34
SipriusPTanyone here with postfix experience?17:35
coreycbbeisner, hey could you please promote cinder 1:2015.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 and python-glanceclient 1:0.15.0-0ubuntu1~cloud1 to kilo-proposed?17:40
beisnerhi coreycb - ^ done17:42
coreycbbeisner, thx17:43
beisneryw coreycb17:43
coreycbzul, is bug 1642274 ready to be verfied?17:45
ubottubug 1642274 in nova-lxd (Ubuntu Zesty) "[SRU] newton nova-lxd 14.0.1 point release " [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164227417:45
zulcoreycb: not yet17:54
zulcoreycb: there is another point release coming so im waiting for that18:06
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achiangjcastro: thanks re: vagrant boxes18:28
achiangjcastro: fwiw, we are staying on 14.04 for now, because ubuntu/trusty64 *is* setup properly to be used with vagrant out of the box18:29
achiangjcastro: where does the cloud images team hang out?18:29
rbasakachiang: right here, mostly.18:48
coreycbzul, ddellav: debhelper is fixed up18:52
zulcoreycb: sweet...18:52
achiangrbasak: looking for the appropriate forum to chat about the ubuntu/xenial64 vagrant image. seems like there is resistance to changing the default user name to 'vagrant' (from 'ubuntu')19:05
rbasakachiang: on IRC this is the right channel. Or https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-cloud for a mailing list.19:08
rbasakachiang: it's a trade-off between making the Vagrant image look the same as other Ubuntu cloud images (for transfer from testing to deployment) vs. consistency with other non-Ubuntu vagrant images.19:09
rbasakThere's no single answer but we can only really do one. No sense in flip-flopping between the two, IMHO.19:09
rbasakPlease do present your arguments (the mailing list is probably best) but keep in mind that they may already have been heard.19:09
achiangi can go search archives19:10
rbasakI'm not sure there's a previous thread at all on this, only IRC discussion (here or #ubuntu-devel, I don't remember which). But please do start a thread to create an archive trail.19:10
rbasakirclogs.ubuntu.com if you want to search.19:11
achiangnot much on the mailman archive (i just checked)19:12
ddellavcoreycb awesome19:32
ddellavcoreycb zul i need an update on python-hacking for barbican ci, plz review lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/python-hacking20:19
zulddellav: done20:21
ddellavzul ty20:22
coreycbddellav, i think barbican just needed pep8 in BD's20:23
ddellavcoreycb oh when i tried to build it it complained about hacking20:23
ddellavsaid it needed 1220:23
coreycbzul, actually hold off on 1220:24
coreycbzul, ddellav https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/stable/newton/global-requirements.txt#L38420:25
zulcoreycb: yeah 13 is actually needed20:25
coreycbzul, no20:25
coreycbzul, oh wait20:25
zulcoreycb: 12 was broken last time i checked20:25
* ddellav is confused20:25
coreycbzul, go ahead, i was looking at stable/newton.  12 is better than 13.20:25
ddellavit built ok in xenial and zesty20:25
zulcoreycb:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407126/120:26
zulcoreycb: doh..20:26
zulcoreycb: never mind20:26
Pinkamena_DEvery 3 seconds os so I get a bunch of 'FAILED su for someuser by root' in auth.log22:44
Pinkamena_Dany idea what is causing all this spamming?22:45
Pinkamena_Dthe reason is that the accounts were deleted, but I dont know why a deleted account is trying to be accessed every 3 seconds22:46
sypherPinkamena_D: Could be trying to start a service, could be a cronjob.22:46
Pinkamena_Ddo you know of an efficient way to search for it?22:48
sarnoldis the pid the same each time or different each time?22:49
sarnoldif the pid changes each time, then look to see if it has a 'steady' parent; the execsnoop tool here is the easiest way I can think of to find that https://github.com/brendangregg/perf-tools/blob/master/examples/execsnoop_example.txt22:50

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