cactusdudeis ubuntu touch alive?02:24
duflucactusdude: Yes, but most of the developers are focusing on the desktop side for a while02:27
cactusdudewhy is that? no love for mobile?02:27
dufluIt's all the same code though, for touch and desktop.02:27
dufluBecause we are a small number of developers really. We have mobile released but not yet the new desktop released02:28
dufluGet everything out there, and iterate02:28
dufluMobile continues to improve at the same time, as desktop gets touch features02:29
dufluAlso OTA-14 for Ubuntu Touch is due this month still... I think02:30
dufluDon't quote me on that. The OTA-14 page shows mid-November as the date still02:30
dufluBut I spoke to the person in charge of releasing OTA-14 yesterday. It's certainly coming02:32
cactusdudeThat is cool. Hopefully you/they can get the word out there and recruit more developers!02:36
dobeycactusdude: if you want more ubuntu phones, tell your telco and/or phone manufacturer03:04
dobeywe don't make the hardware over here, just the software. porting to new devices also is a lot of work. it's not trivial, because every phone is different.03:05
dobeybut yes, we all want to see more devices with ubuntu on them03:06
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HendriXXXDoes anyone have statistics, how many active UT- users there are?05:01
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=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | https://store.bq.com/en/ubuntu-edition-aquaris-m10 | http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet | OTA-14 phased updates in progress
Acou_Bassphased updates in progress? woo! \o/11:15
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Maik_Is it possible to install Ubuntu touch on a Tablett hat currently runs windows 10 home x32?12:07
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Maik_Is it possible to install Ubuntu touch on a Tablett that currently runs windows 10 home x32?12:27
OerHeksMaik_, if there is a port for it, yes. ( but i doubt you have the BQ m10 ) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:28
Maik_OerHeks, thanks, i ll try the desktop version of Ubuntu then, may that ll work.12:37
OerHeksMaik_, carefull, if that tablet got 32 bit UEFI, you need to do some stuff to make uefi work12:38
matv1hi guys I am getting an update for the uWriter app by costales that fails on a DBusError. it looks like the version try tries to install is the same as the one already installed: 0.2212:42
matv1has anyone else seen this happen?12:43
matv1is there some corrupt cashing that I can cler maybe?12:43
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matv1on the other hand, I am getting this same error on both my devices. So that sounds like the download itself is corrupt..12:46
Maik_Anyway, thanks for the help OerHeks, bye12:54
NeoTheThird[m]There's currently no free A-GPS location service for Ubuntu Touch. Anyone here, who has experience with Mozilla Location Service? https://www.bountysource.com/issues/39808752-support-for-mozilla-location-service-a-gps13:32
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brunch875guys I want to reinstall utouch but I can't find the krillin recovery. If anyone has a link laying around...15:54
pmcg1brunch875, on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:55
brunch875ooh thanks!15:55
Mister_Qbrunch875 https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool15:59
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brunch875Android sailfish... nice... I feel really tempted to try those16:01
brunch875Also, I wanted to mention that yesterday I fixed some scope loading issues by deleting ~/.cache, which in turn also deleted the libertine containers... Going to wipe now and see if it unlocks magical superpowers16:05
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matv1hi all, earlier today I reported this issue to uWriter app but Costales believes its a system issue. Not his app. Could someone assist me in digging a little deeper?16:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1646758 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1648070 Can't update or install apps" [Critical,In progress]16:43
brunch875on a related note, I just reflashed rc-proposed and I can't seem to be able to install my old apps16:44
matv1oh irc tells me now that its a duplicate of another bug16:45
Mister_Qbrunch875 known bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/164675816:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1646758 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "Can't update or install apps" [Critical,In progress]16:45
* matv1 reads up on the dupe16:45
brunch875ouch, perhaps it wasn't the ideal moment to reflash16:45
brunch875I depend on the authenticator app16:45
matv1ah it seems a fix is already in the next proposed. All good then16:53
matv1thanks pmcg1 :) will any manual cleanup be required of already failed updates or will all that sort itself out?16:56
pmcg1matv1, good question, I hope the latter, Elleo could tell us16:57
Elleopmcg1, matv1: all updates should start working correctly after it lands, even ones that had previously failed17:02
pmcg1right answer!17:02
matv1Elleo Great thank you17:03
Elleono problem :)17:03
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HendriXXX_Can I change app scope (home screen) wallpaper. Where are wallpapers located?18:25
dobeyHendriXXX_: no, you cannot. changing the background only affects the lock screen (and background in the open windows overview in later versions)18:35
HendriXXX_Ok. Thanks!18:37
JanCare the OTA-14 download-servers overloaded or something?18:52
dobeyit is staged rollout18:52
dobeyN devices get it first, then another random N, and so on, until all devices get it18:53
JanCfor some reason the download doesn't start for me18:53
dobeyyou see the update and it's just not downloading?18:53
JanCyeah, when I press the download button it doesn't start; trying to figure out where the problem is18:55
dobeyok, not sure why that would be18:57
JanCinternet seems to work fine in the browser, so not a local network/wifi issue I think19:00
JanCI guess I'll try later again19:00
dobeyyeah, i'd say wait a little while, and if it's still being a problem, send a mail to the list19:04
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luxpirhey - I can't access my Update settings... is there a lock file for that too?20:24
luxpir(had similar problem with Dekko and messages before)20:24
luxpiranyone in tonight?20:30
dobeywhat device? what do you mean exactly by "can't access" there?20:31
WizardGedhey ota-6 is stuck partially downloaded is there a way to delete/reset the software updates app20:45
luxpirdobey: aquaris e4.5 (sorry, exact model name escapes me... or is that it)20:51
luxpirdobey: I click into settings, then click Updates and no window appears and the settings window closes20:52
luxpirsimilar to when dekko wouldn't open, I could go into .config/[dekkodir] and delete the lock file20:53
luxpirbut I can't find one for the updates20:53
dobeyluxpir: do you have a file in /var/crash for ubuntu-system-settings ?20:58
WizardGedfixed mine20:58
WizardGeddeleted my username-hasrun and myusername-has-run-and-location in .config and it reet it suprisingly20:59
luxpirnot for system settings, dobey21:05
luxpirfor usr_bin_webapp-container21:05
luxpirit's for imgur when I look in the file21:07
luxpirWizardGed: both of those are empty files in my system21:08
dobeyluxpir: that's odd indeed. not sure. kenvandine, jgdx ^^ either of you can help if you're around?21:10
WizardGedluxpir i know if you delete both though it will cause the first time install screen to appear and the last screen in it updates to the newest ota21:10
* kenvandine reads21:11
kenvandineluxpir, pastebin the log file, ~/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings.log21:12
luxpir(apologies for delay)21:50
luxpirWizardGed: cool, that might be a fallback if I've missed kenvandine - thx for conjuring them, dobey21:51
luxpirany idea what the thumbnailer service is? there's a lockfile for it in cache22:01
luxpirWizardGed: Gah, deleting those both didn't update22:11
pmcg1luxpir, thumbnailer service does just that, makes thumbnails from images for the apps like camera, gallery, music, ...22:11
luxpirpmcg1: thanks - just can't quite find why my updates page isn't opening in sys settings22:12
pmcg1oh hmm22:12
luxpirpmcg1: it's messed up22:14
pmcg1yeah not sure why kenvandine ^22:14
luxpirI can't start the update via the terminal in any way can I?22:15
pmcg1luxpir, you can22:17
pmcg1using system-image-cli22:17
pmcg1luxpir, are you going from the main panel, could try accessing it from the about page, although no idea that would work22:18
luxpirabout pg not opening either... will check sys img cli22:19
dobeyluxpir: tried rebooting?22:31
luxpirdid a restart...22:31
luxpirmaybe could pwr off22:31
luxpiri did some chroot binding stuff a few weeks back w/out fully understanding what i was doing. could that be it?22:37
dobeypossibly, though i couldn't say what you would have done that might have caused it22:40
tylneshHello! I've found a bug in the Music player. After I play a few songs (2-5), my bluetooth connection becomes flaky and keeps dropping, until I reboot the phone. I noticed this behaviour with a bluetooth headset and my Pebble.22:46
tylneshQuestion is, should I run ubuntu-bug on the music app or bluetooth manager?22:48
Gmiskehave any body install ubuntu on robin pgone23:12
Acou_Bassdoes anyone else still have problems with the nearby aggregator scope? nothing at all seems to be able to get a location fix in the scope... happened on both ota-13 and the new 14 update23:53

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