daftykinsnah it's all the same junk really00:00
diddledanif a pixie is wasted, god gets quite irate00:00
zmoylan-pii'd second daftykins apple avoidance... they seem to be making strange decisions these days00:01
diddledanzmoylan-pi: headphone jacks are overrated00:01
diddledanas are the F* keys00:01
daftykinsheh i saw rumours today that Samsung may remove headphone jacks on the next gen, too00:01
diddledannobody uses F* keys00:01
daftykinsi do00:01
daftykinsall the time!00:02
zmoylan-pii'm sure i can insert my nokia headset in latest iphone with sufficent effort...00:02
daftykinsonly with 5 adapters ;)00:02
diddledandaftykins: then get your apps to program the magic bar instead :-p00:02
zmoylan-piyeah, new high end samsung will be jackless...00:02
zmoylan-pidongle all the way00:02
daftykinsdiddledan: ah most people are receiving those with super glitchy graphics so no need :>00:02
diddledanyeah and poor battery fwig00:02
daftykinsthat's the one00:02
daftykinsnot to mention the bank balance dent for buying premum last years parts00:03
daftykinsoops not prior to the invention of mothers, premium!00:03
m0nkey_I don't use the jack, I use bluetooth, like I have done for the last 6 years00:04
diddledanI prefer Bert to Jack00:04
daftykinseww wireless technologies.00:04
zmoylan-pii like memory cards as been able to eject a card and transfer stuff comes in so handy00:04
m0nkey_So, cast your votes. G5, iThing or ZPlay. Go!00:05
diddledandaftykins: I'm gonna buy those overpriced ear dongles that apple are gonna hawk soon :-p00:05
daftykinsi vote Motorola00:05
diddledanI vote sheep00:05
daftykinsdiddledan: what's wrong with you!?00:05
daftykinsthey last like 3-5 hours or some jazz :P00:05
diddledan2 hours each!00:06
diddledanstereo is passe00:06
daftykinsstereo isn't even about channel count from what i understand (:00:06
m0nkey_Gotta admit, I'm leaning the Baa device00:06
daftykinsreviewers say it's not baaa-aaaad00:07
daftykins9 out of 10 sheperds agree00:07
daftykinsok i best sleep, my pun work here is done00:10
zmoylan-pii got a cheap set of sony bt headphone in argos new catalog clearout.  10hours battery.00:16
zmoylan-pibut still a pain in the bum when the batteries ran flat one time... thankfully i carry backup wired headset in my bag00:20
m0nkey_Duck.. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/17319900:41
m0nkey_"The Petitions Committee has decided not to schedule a debate on this petition. When it decides which petitions should be debated, the Committee looks at whether the subject has recently been debated by the House of Commons."00:41
diddledan"and underwent unprecedented scrutiny" <-- they don't tell you that they ignored the response from that scrutiny which was 99% "WTF CHUCK?!"01:21
m0nkey_Software Defined Radio.. it's awsome02:57
m0nkey_Listening to morse code on 5595.4kHz upper side band02:58
diddledanare you decoding it03:02
* ball wants to try WSPR on SDR03:07
m0nkey_I got the letters O S S and number 703:33
m0nkey_My Morse code is rusty as hell03:33
ball_._. __._05:04
ball73 and good night.05:07
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knightwisehey mapps08:05
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Wednesday, and happy International Civil Aviation Day! 😃 ✈09:52
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:54
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQn8pab8Vc and just remember you bought this one on yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGnuMxFnc1k09:56
JamesTaitdavmor2, not https://youtu.be/vLBKOcUbHR0 ?10:08
knightwiseTried out Teamviewer on my raspberry pi yesterday.10:15
knightwiseWorked like a breeze10:15
davmor2JamesTait: no I was thinking of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw10:27
davmor2JamesTait: but I thought you'd like that too much :)10:28
davmor2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG0ZXD89Bq0  enjoy everyone11:44
SuperMattI'm enjoying this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azBX_0QjLRM11:49
davmor2SuperMatt: you have an odd sense of enjoyment11:55
SuperMattI was worried that the political silly season would end after May was made PM, but it really does keep going on11:56
davmor2SuperMatt: I'm sorry you think there is an end to the political silly season hahahahahaha12:23
SuperEngineerdon't panoc folks, no ghost "me" today.  phone now set up so it's "normal" me [as if there actually such a thing as a "normal" me!]12:36
ballhello directhex14:04
ballDoes Ubuntu include USB 3.0 support?14:06
davmor2ball: yes14:07
ballThanks davmor214:07
arsenwhere does update-rc.d look for possible service candidates (vs 'service <name> <command>') ?15:09
BigRedSarsen: /etc/init.d historically...17:07
BigRedSI've not kept up with post-sysV inits though17:07
diddledanyou should use systemctl enable/disable instead now17:07
arsenon jessie/sid?17:10
diddledanerr. /me checks the channel name17:10
diddledanI have no idea what is included in whichever debian17:11
arsensorry, was buntu not deb, just has the debian_version file17:57
arsentwas 14.04.17:58
knightwiseYeey :)19:25
* knightwise got an old second hand 19 inch 5/4 monitor to hook up to my pi19:26
* knightwise happy19:26
ballknightwise: composite video input?19:27
knightwisehdmi to dvi19:28
ballOh nice. I use those too.19:30
daftykinsthat's pretty ghetto :)19:33
balldaftykins: What is?19:34
zmoylan-piyou're like those poor apple folk having to resort to dongles to use good headphones... :-P19:35
ballNothing wrong with an HDMI -> DVD-D cable.19:35
ballNo more loss there than an HDMI -> HDMI cable.19:36
daftykinsi was getting at the 19" old display :>19:36
daftykinsand yes, both speak TMDS19:36
ballAh, ok.19:36
daftykinsstill got a 19" here mind, my first ever LCD19:36
daftykinsjust sits by the server nowadays with rare usage due to RDP19:37
knightwiseI am playing around with teamviewer to remote control the pi too20:07
knightwisebut its somewhat sootihing to have a "little" screen to work on20:08
ballMy boss was talking about teamviewer. He was hoping to use it with a Raspberry Pi, I think.20:18
daftykinsi predict more DDoS attacks from unpatched Pis running amok!20:25
ballI've powered down my Pi.  I should try it again one day with Linux but it didn't work very well with NetBSD.20:29
ballI mean, it worked, but can't play video.20:29
daftykinsperhaps they're too much of sticklers for some closed broadcom code that makes things work, perhaps?20:29
ball...and was too slow to browse the Web.20:29
daftykinsactually that got all open sauced i thought20:29
balldaftykins: Under which license though?20:30
daftykinsnot a clue20:30
ballThat could be an obstacle, too.20:30
daftykinscrikey this thai curry is hot :D20:30
* ball goes back to pricing Travan tapes.20:32
daftykinshmm those look weird20:33
foobarryhow can i encourage my wifi card to use 5ghz?20:34
daftykinsi always name the 5GHz networks $name-5G so there's no hopping issues20:35
daftykinsthen you can have it as a higher priority network20:35
foobarrydo most mobile hpones support 5g too?20:39
foobarryman i've got bad lag tonight20:39
daftykinsfor a couple of years now20:39
daftykinsthe Nexus 4 from 2012 does20:39
foobarryah, my moto g doesnt :(20:40
foobarryi got a new talktalk router :|20:41
davmor2foobarry: hit and miss anything flagship tends to support 5g any thing other than flagship and it's anyones guess :)20:41
foobarrymy laptop does support it but doesn't seem to have connected at 5ghz20:41
foobarryis hopping a bad thing?20:41
daftykinswell it's obviously sub optimal if it's going to keep switching band based on signal levels20:42
daftykinsmuch easier to just give separate names20:42
ballfoobarry: My work phone does. My home phone doesn't.20:47
daftykinsrare proof of Ken Bruce and Lynn Bowles being human - for any Radio 2 fans :) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyqfuWIXUAAkITf.jpg:large20:49
daftykinsgotta love that banter20:49
diddledan"it's just bants mate"20:54
daftykinsthat mainlanderese? :)21:00
foobarryhmm, 5G ssid not showing up on my laptop21:03
foobarryiwlist wlan0 freq shows the 5ghz  freqs21:04
daftykinsreduce the channel number21:04
daftykinssomething in the low 40s should be fine21:04
foobarryah, its working.21:05
foobarryvery laggy21:05
foobarryping times are massive21:06
foobarryonly a few yds from the router21:06
daftykinsmight still prefer other channels, depends21:07
diddledanwe're still in the EU, metres, please21:07
foobarrybit rate is allegedly higher21:08
foobarrybut i can't see what i'm typing21:08
daftykinsmy understanding was that Linux tends to do badly with 5GHz lappy radios21:09
daftykinsno idea if that's changed21:12
foobarryrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 166.585/694.905/1173.308/308.287 ms, pipe 221:12
foobarryrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 34.803/117.296/268.935/75.339 ms21:12
foobarryquite a difference21:12
daftykinsis that just between having both bands as one SSID vs. separating them?21:13
foobarryflipping between 2 iffernt SSIDs21:14
foobarryfirmware on the router a bit out od date as i only got it today21:14
foobarrymaybe it will get update overnight21:14
foobarry2.4 ghz seems to get more errors though21:15
foobarry5gz more discards21:15
foobarrycould be thislaptop21:15
foobarryoh i'm wrong, this is latest firmware21:16
foobarryoh wow...disabling power saving in powertop has a distinct effect21:20
daftykinsah yeah, standard thing - what's the adapter?21:20
foobarry04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 [Rainbow Peak] (rev 34)21:21
daftykinsoh intel, you used to be the Linux wifi reference cards :(21:21
foobarrycould be the fix. no lag on 5ghz now21:22
daftykinshope this results in a conviction \o/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3747459521:23
foobarrysee if u can see the moment i disable power save21:23
daftykinsheh wow that really was bad21:23
daftykinsperhaps you still have some neighbourhood networks on 5GHz overlapping? i get 2ms on mine21:24
diddledanfoobarry: around 1054ms you turned it off powersave21:24
diddledanprobably just before21:24
diddledansequence 5-621:25
foobarryafter the 108ms. suddenly plummets to 19ms21:25
foobarryi was pinging google dns rather than my router21:26
foobarryi should do my router21:26
zmoylan-pi*bzzzzz* things said by single geeks... :-P21:26
foobarryman, i've had this problem for so long21:27
foobarryirc always been laggy from home21:27
foobarrywebsites seem ok21:27
daftykinsoh yeah i didn't even pay attention to the target XD21:28
daftykinshow you folks put up with such crap from your home setups i don't know :)21:28
foobarry2.4ghz seems to get lower minimums but more unstable21:29
daftykinsi can imagine wanting to avoid it after a long day... but daym21:29
foobarrybecause i'm at work on a 10GB connection most of the day21:29
foobarryi've been ill for 4 days and off work21:29
foobarryonlt well enough to look at a tv today though21:29
daftykinsinstall wifi analyser on an android phone and see how the channels you're using fit with the neighbourhood on each band21:29
foobarryi did that, but the problem is maainly this prower saving on the card21:30
zmoylan-pii got a collection of hammers and take it to any misbehaving hardware... you'd be suprised how well hardware behaves when they see what happened to the toaster... :-P21:30
daftykinspoor toaster :(21:38
daftykinsis it Talky Toaster?21:38
m0nkey_Would you like some toast?21:39
zmoylan-pithat'll teach it to hurt holly!21:40
daftykinshow about a muffin?21:41
m0nkey_Would you like a cheese and ham Breville?21:42
zmoylan-pii suppose a bap is out of the question...21:42
m0nkey_Sorry, but no. I've bun out.21:43
zmoylan-pipity, we were on a roll21:44
m0nkey_A toast!21:44
diddledanI knead more21:44
daftykinsbready or not21:44
zmoylan-pithose would only be half baked21:44
m0nkey_We shouldn't waffle on like this21:45
daftykinsmy puns haven't risen yet21:46
daftykinsdiddledan: hah at first i wondered why it was just a fuzzed out iPhone home screen21:46
daftykinsrubbish way to convey info21:46
m0nkey_You shouldn't flower the truth21:47
m0nkey_And yeast of all, toast!21:47
diddledanok, I've had enough, just shut your cake hole!21:47
m0nkey_Sorry, no bun intended.21:48
diddledancinnamon gonna sin21:48
zmoylan-pithat's using your loaf21:49
m0nkey_I'll try not to sugar coat the truth21:49
diddledantime I put you on ice(d bun)21:49
daftykinsdonut stop (sorry, 'murica spelling)21:50
foobarryoh, the power saving keeps enabling itself21:50
foobarrymore work required, but first bedtime21:50
m0nkey_It's currenty impossible.21:50
diddledanI'm burnt21:52
m0nkey_Sorry, but I'm unable to rise to the occasion. I'm baked.21:54
daftykinsCanada for you ;)22:06
daftykinshttp://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=299446 :( this is sad, i knew this guy in #kodi22:26
ballOne day I'll make it to Canada.22:28
m0nkey_I did. 7 years ago.22:29
m0nkey_I just never left22:31
zmoylan-pithey left him in the centre and he's still walking towards civilisation... :-P22:36
daftykinsheaded dueeeeee sooooouth... that's the way he's goooin ~22:37
daftykinswho remembers that series? ;)22:37
zmoylan-piit was a great show22:37
zmoylan-pithough i preferred northern exposure22:37
daftykinsnot familiar with that one22:40
zmoylan-pia ny doctor gets his medical school bills paid for if he does a few years service in alaska... hi jinx ensue when he can't escape his service in middle of nowhere22:40
zmoylan-picult following, very popular in its time22:41
diddledandaftykins: I loved that show22:50
diddledanray veccio was the cop, but I can't think of the RCMP guy22:51
daftykinscrikey i don't know where in my memory i pulled that one from, i should get some episodes22:51
daftykinsand the car model he loved so22:51
diddledanI remembered "Diefenbaker" as the wolf but didn't remember the dan bit22:52
ballI liked Northern Exposure!22:52
daftykinsnah i added that to involve you, sir :P22:53
diddledanso Donald Trump is TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year"22:55
daftykins^ Ugh.22:55
ballVile wretch that he is.22:55
diddledansomething I said?22:56
diddledanor did the Trump Protection Detail get him?22:56
zmoylan-pinow that's a job that will see some overtime timesheets turned in...23:02
daftykinsthe walls have ears23:02
daftykins<_< >_>23:02
zmoylan-piand every laptop, phone, tablet, smart tv...23:02
diddledanunless it's got a Picasso hanging on it, in which case the wall cut it's own ears off23:03
zmoylan-pithankfully i'm a ninja who sneaks up on cats for practice... :-P23:03
diddledanzmoylan-pi: with a cucumber?23:03
zmoylan-pino, that would be cruel.  i give them a gentle head rub and annoy them that they didn't notice me approaching23:04
daftykinsi must be some form of ninja, one clients house is huge so when i am going to and fro i often give others heart attacks23:06
daftykinsi've joked about needing a cow bell23:06
zmoylan-pibe festive and a set of rudolph antlers with bells on and a red blinky nose...23:07
diddledanlaunch at 23:53 UTC: https://youtu.be/C7RD-u2g6Wg23:26
daftykinsaww but that's bed time23:27
zmoylan-pinot if you're trying to sleep within a mile or two of that launch it isn't...23:28
diddledansonic, BOOM!23:29
daftykinsgerd dern neighbours23:30
diddledanoh those guys, they're always at it in the bedroom23:30
zmoylan-pibut in a moment of pure syncronisation the washing machine gives off no vibrations whatsoever as it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the building...23:31
diddledansomething about orbital insertion with their long stick23:31
diddledansince when have I been anything but?23:33
daftykinsi'll get back to you on that23:34
diddledanin other news, butts23:34
diddledanwill this giant pokey thing explode?23:35
diddledanI vote yes.23:35
daftykinsguaranteed, but whether in a controlled fashion or not is perhaps the deciding angle ;D23:35
zmoylan-pino they remembered to set explodeontakeoff=false in it's ini file...23:36
diddledanthat sounds like a kerbal thing23:36
daftykinsso glad chat is disabled23:48
daftykinsguess Jeb is sitting this one out23:50
daftykins(did they just say the shrimp are running?)23:51
zmoylan-pilight blue touch paper and retire...23:53
daftykinsthe way that flame crept up was scary :P23:53
daftykinsthat almost sounded like 'voice of Patrick Moore'23:54
daftykinsbut i'm sure he's busy playing the xylaphone23:54
zmoylan-pithe announcer is called patrick moore23:55
zmoylan-piaccident with a cloning machine probably23:56
zmoylan-piyou know what christmas parties are like with copiers...23:56

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