JanClogan0405: did you file bug reports?01:40
logan0405JanC: not yet, been a bit busy02:54
logan0405I am going to check if they've already been filed but I found a lot of bugs in the autohide02:55
logan0405it's pretty simple stuff so I'm just going to see if I can compile unity and fix myself.. I don't really understand the bzr thing I've only used git02:56
logan0405just wanted someone to talk to as I've never worked on this sort of thing02:59
JanCthere is a git plugin that allows git to talk to remote bzr repositories (but I'm not sure how well it works)03:02
JanCalso available from the Ubuntu package repositories03:02
logan0405do you think you could check if you also run into the bug? want to make sure I'm not just being dumb03:03
logan0405turn autohide on, reveal left side03:03
logan0405then act as if you had it on the setting 'reveal top left corner' and push your mouse to the left in the top left corner03:04
logan0405and do it a bunch then autohide breaks until you press alt tab03:04
JanCdoesn't break for me right now03:06
logan0405it did for me on multiple pcs03:06
JanCon Ubuntu 16.1003:06
logan0405unity --version ?03:06
logan0405im on 7.503:07
logan0405same. you sure? you have to do it a few times03:07
JanCit might depend on other settings too03:07
logan0405it happens on all default settings on my other pc03:07
logan0405im sure it happens. sometimes you have to do it a couple times03:07
logan0405right next to where the close button is at the highest point, push your mouse into the left side of the screen many times03:08
logan0405this won't reveal the launcher03:08
logan0405then when you try to reveal it again from the left side it doesn't work03:08
JanCyeah, tried that, but like I said it can depend on many thing03:09
logan0405you can't do it at the very top pixel03:10
logan0405you have to do it a bit under the top pixel03:10
logan0405then it breaks every time for me03:10
logan0405its tough to trigger consistently but I've had it happen quite a few times on accident, kind of annoying03:13
logan0405ill make a vid03:13
JanCwell, I've got to go, but it can still be useful to make clear what you mean in a bug report03:17
logan0405good idea03:17
logan0405made a vid for anyone who wants to see how to trigger the bug03:48
logan0405got to figure out how to compile unity and not f up my existing unity installation03:49
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om26ermzanetti: with appdrawer, will the Ubuntu Button still bring up scopes or is that supposed to change ?15:33
Saviqom26er, initially yes15:37
SaviqSuper+a to get app drawer15:38
om26erSaviq: ok, I do assume that apps scope will be removed in the shortest term, is that right ?15:45
Saviqom26er, when we have a store replacing it, yes15:45
Saviqbecause app drawer does not give you a way to install apps15:46
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