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mamarleytseliot: The bisect is complete.  The commit that causes the issue with 304 and 340 is fa5386459f06dc3b9181d4c954f980b127d1a32f (https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=fa5386459f06dc3b9181d4c954f980b127d1a32f).  I am currently looking to see if I might be able to fix the driver myself.12:16
mamarleytseliot: I tried adding DRIVER_KMS_LEGACY_CONTEXT to .driver_features in 304 and it didn't work (I still get the same "Driver 'nvidia' is already registered, aborting..." loop as before.)12:35
mamarleyI don't know of anything else to try.12:35
tseliotmamarley: looking12:47
tseliotmamarley: I'll take some time today to investigate that12:58
tseliotmamarley: good work on the bisection, BTW :)12:58
mamarleytseliot: Thank my computer's processor, it did the the work! :)13:14
Sarvatthmm looks like libxcb needs a merge since xcb-proto got synced and broke the build13:45
mamarleytseliot: I fixed the blasted thing!  It actually needs "DRIVER_LEGACY", not "DRIVER_KMS_LEGACY_CONTEXT".16:09
tseliotmamarley: I thought you had tested that16:35
tseliotmamarley: ok, let me patch the driver, test and upload16:35
* tseliot building16:45
tseliotmamarley: it works fine. You're going to get credit in the changelog ;)17:07
mamarleyThanks! :)17:07
tseliotthanks to you ;)17:08
tseliotmamarley: was there a bug report for that?17:09
mamarleytseliot: A bug report against the NVIDIA driver?17:09
tseliotmamarley: or against the kernel17:10
mamarleyI don't think it is a bug in the kernel, it looks like a purposeful change.17:10
tseliotI won't mention anything else in the kernel then17:11
mamarleyFor the NVIDIA driver, somebody was complaining about it in the forum, but no-one from NVIDIA ever acknowledged it.  Later I will post a reply on that thread with the cause of the problem.  Hopefully this will save them a bit of effort.17:12
tseliotyes, that's a good idea17:12
mamarleyKernel bisecting is annoying, especially when your test box starts panicking on every other reboot.17:13
tseliotmamarley: are you available to test the 304 driver for me?17:36
tseliotit should work, but still17:37
mamarleytseliot: I already tested it. :)17:37
tseliotmamarley: ok, that's good enough for me17:38
ricotzmamarley, nice! :)17:59
tseliotmamarley: uploaded18:00
tseliotI'm going on holiday. I'll be back in January18:00
mamarleyHave a good time!18:00
tseliotyou too ;)18:00

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