Ben64what is the file00:00
ercx2xanyone know how I'm supposed to run a script using xdotool? I can't seem to just make a file with commands and type "xdotool filename"00:01
Ben64ercx2x: man xdotool00:01
ercx2xthat's what I'm reading00:03
ercx2xit says you can read commands from a file by doing "xdotool filename"00:04
ercx2xI simply get an unknown command if I type that in my terminal00:05
Ben64ah ok i get what you're saying now00:05
Ben64what is in your file00:06
Ben64and/or what error exactly do you get from trying xdotool filename00:07
ercx2xI made some progress. I changed the permissions on the file to 777 and simply typed ./filename00:07
ercx2xthe file has xdotool commands inside and it seems to be working00:07
logan0405hi! anyone on ubuntu 16.10 can test if a bug is reproducible for them? turn on autohide->reveal location left side. then move mouse to the left a bunch of the top left next to the close button. then panel autohide won't work anymore and you need to alt tab00:08
freechoiceanybody who has an experience use SiI 3114 RAID1 on ubuntu... can anybody help me?00:20
ercx2xcrap, can you not do loops in xdotools? I dont see the word loop anywhere in their documentation00:20
Jordan_Ufreechoice: The general recommendation is to disable FakeRAID and simply use mdraid instead. It is more protable, better supported, and likely more performant as well.00:25
freechoicethat means use softraid instead of the hardware?00:27
ercx2xnevermind my previous question i guess i can use sh files and those allow loops00:27
freechoice@Jordan_U , my raid function is not provided by the motherboard, there's a RAID card provide this function00:29
engpyNope it is not config files at /home dir. There are several files and dirs from xchat-gnome in different dirs. I used following command in terminal: find / -name xchat-gnome -type d -exec rm -rf {} \; and getting erros: Premission denied, for each file and dir.00:29
freechoiceI've installed opensuse couple of years before, but now i wanna chage that to ubuntu, and i find that SiI 3114 only provides Redhat/SuSE/United linux drivers00:31
Ben64freechoice: it's likely in the kernel and will "just work" ... try a livecd to see00:33
engpyI will restart its system and see if this is a bug or I am really confused why I cant get rid of files :)00:33
freechoice@Ben64, thanks a lot, pal00:34
engpyAs I predicted ubuntu thought these files were still there when I said find, so I couldn't remove them because they didn't exist, after restarting its system files are gone. Sory for bothering you with it.00:41
freechoice@ben64: livecd means the desktop image?00:42
Ben64freechoice: yeah00:43
leptone_does anyone know a good article the describes how to use upstart to deploy/serve a node.js app?00:43
freechoiceI wanna install a server version, maybe that the server image doesn't provide that00:43
leptone_im trying to follow this https://gist.github.com/willrstern/3510ecef59c3f76b015200:43
freechoicei'll try00:43
leptone_but im getting this error00:44
leptone_start: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.198" (uid=1000 pid=6580 comm="start node-app ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init ")00:44
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Jordan_Ufreechoice: Even as a separate card it's still FakeRAID. There is no CPU or RAM on the card performing RAID operations. All the RAID work is done on your CPU, so you might as well do it on the CPU in a better supported, portable, way (mdraid).00:49
freechoice@Jordan_U: got that , thanks a lot00:50
onlyhelp! non-root user can't upload files in sftp00:54
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leptone_before when i would run <sudo node server.js &> my node process would run in the background and wouldn't be bound to the shell00:57
leptone_for whatever reason that is no longer the case00:57
leptone_ie my app goes offline when i close the shell00:58
leptone_can anyone tell me what might be going on?00:58
leptone_or how to properly run my node process in the background so it doesn't go down when I close the shell?00:58
tekeli-li leptone_ Don't you need nohup?00:59
guardianL_nohup should work01:02
leptone_tried using nohop seemed to work01:07
leptone_found another solution which is to use a module called pm201:08
leptone_thx for the responsesn!01:08
gnuserI long time ago I used a sort of keyboard shortcut  that frozen my keyboard / terminal ... anyone remembers that?01:21
ElionHi, how can I troubleshoot my wifi card, downloads drop at 0b/s after a few sec and I loose all network capabilities for a few minutes. Some infos : https://gist.github.com/Nox-404/7645b3b7d6eadac64862fccf14551f3101:28
PickledEggsElion: does it happen on all networks?01:32
Elionyes, but only with the wifi card and only on linux01:32
TikityTikCan I make a custom shortcut on ubuntu to launch an application with Ctrl+shift+esc?01:38
PickledEggsElion: Have you looked at this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/845335/direct-firmware-load-for-iwlwifi-7265d-ucode-failed-with-error-201:39
PickledEggsTikityTik: yes, go to settings>keyboard>shortcuts01:40
PickledEggsTikityTik: make a new shortcut with the application you want to launch01:40
TikityTikPickledEggs: Well I set it to ctrl+shift+escape but it's not working01:40
TikityTikPickledEggs: does it work for you?01:40
PickledEggsTikityTik: then click Disabled and it will prompt for the key combo01:40
TikityTikPickledEggs: well i set it to ctrl+shift+esc but it still doesn't work01:41
TikityTikPickledEggs: does that combination work for you?01:42
PickledEggsTikityTik: let me try01:42
PickledEggsTikityTik: no, it doesn't seem to01:45
TikityTikPickledEggs: that's annoying, I wanted to get to get my task manager program bound to ctrl+shift+esc D:01:45
TikityTikis it a bug?01:46
PickledEggsunsure, sorry01:46
TikityTikhow can i report it as a bug?01:47
OrpheonHello, I am having trouble with a usb memory stick on 14.04. If I plug it in, it automounts fine and appears on everything including the file browser, however unmounting seems to be impossible. Unmounting from the file browser or Disks completely eliminates the device (the dev device as well), and trying to umount it manually returns no error and even a "umount has successfully unmounted sdc1" but it still shows up as mounted. Running the terminal comma01:50
Orpheonnd makes the "mounted" icon in the file browser blink, so I'm assuming it's being instantly remounted01:50
tekeli-lioh, i feel bad01:50
ElionPickledEggs: I added the missing firmware and it fixed the "Direct firmware load error code -2" error, but I still have the same problem01:50
PickledEggsTikityTik: seems to be mentioned here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/176195 and here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/15885501:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497490 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #176195 escape key bindings with or without modifiers do not work" [Wishlist,Confirmed]01:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497490 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #158855 escape key bindings with or without modifiers do not work" [Wishlist,Confirmed]01:51
TikityTikPickledEggs: Am I able to try to fix it myself and do a commit request?01:52
PickledEggsTikityTik: It's fine with me :)01:52
TikityTikPickledEggs: I never did, so I don't know how I would lol01:52
TikityTiknever did that before*01:52
PickledEggsTikityTik: seriously thought, I don't know much about how to submit upstream01:52
PickledEggssorry Elion - I'll keep reading over the logs you posted but nothing else jumps to mind at the moment01:53
ElionPickledEggs: I understand, I can't find anything about this problem anywhere... And there is almost nothing in the logs beside the "Unsupported splx structure"01:54
ElionPickledEggs: Thank you for looking into it01:55
ZiberiusI have a problem with cpu speed01:55
Ziberiuswhen executing cpufreq-info i see: "current policy: frequency should be within 1.10 GHz and 1.10 GHz."01:56
Ziberiuswhen I used to see within 1.10 GHz and 2.10 GHz01:56
Ziberiusany idea why this is?01:56
jiffecan I not use my init.d scripts with ub16.04?02:00
freechoiceubuntu can't install busybox-initramfs, any idea?02:00
PickledEggsfreechoice: you getting errors?02:00
jiffeI'm getting systemd complaints02:00
freechoiceerror code 102:01
freechoicei think maybe i choose xfs filesystem, but restarted with ext4, the same error occurs02:02
freechoicemainboard is asus p5q/core 2.4G02:02
jiffeand if I need to convert this to systemd, I need to be able to convert start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --chroot /var/coins --exec $DAEMON -- -conf=$CONF -datadir=$DATA02:03
freechoiceAsus P5Q/4G MEM/Intel Core 2.4G02:03
jiffestart-stop-daemon made things real easy, systemd just muddies everything up02:04
PickledEggsjiffe: what exactly are you getting from systemd?02:08
jiffePickledEggs: systemd is intercepting my init.d script02:09
freechoice60dmraid returned error code 102:11
Jordan_Ujiffe: Please pastebin an example command and its output that demonstrates the problem you're seeing. Please also pastebin your init scripts.02:12
jiffeso with systemd it sounds like chroot isn't necessary?02:12
freechoicei've tried many times, can anybody help me?02:13
Bashing-omjiffe: Maybe help here to convert : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers .02:13
PickledEggsfreechoice: I've been trying to research it but not coming up with anything, sorry :(02:14
freechoicemaybe this only appears on multi-byte lauguage system02:14
Jordan_Ufreechoice: 60dmraid failing suggests that you're still trying to use FakeRAID. Have you tried configuring your card for JBOD and using mdraid for the RAID1?02:16
freechoiceIt shows up when i choose Chinese language, I'll start over using english, will notice later02:16
freechoicethanks, man, will be back later02:16
nomicwelp - someone changed join status of this- to make it the same as other tech support channnels, where you cannot autojoin02:17
nomicor there is a delay02:17
nomicso I will not be helping out here02:17
PickledEggsnomic: it's always been like that. I think maybe NickServ on freenode is a little slower the past few days. My identify then join #ubuntu connect script hasn't been working right lately either02:19
PickledEggsbut it used to work fine02:19
nomicyes -- it worked fine02:19
freechoiceeverything works fine when i select english at the very first language selection02:23
Richard_CavellIs virtualising becoming a standard method of running ubuntu these days?  I want to run Ubuntu on a laptop but I'm worried about compatibility02:25
wedgieRichard_Cavell: i'm running ubuntu on my laptop fwiw02:25
PickledEggsRichard_Cavell: same02:26
PickledEggsRichard_Cavell: with no problems with compatibility at all02:26
PickledEggsRichard_Cavell: but that's not to say that there aren't advantages to running virtual environments over dual booting if you need multiple OSs02:26
wedgieRichard_Cavell: only complaint I have is that moving back and forthe from the docking station can cause issues (particularly if the machine is suspended in between)02:26
wedgierunning on a ThinkPad T440s02:27
PickledEggs:( That's not what I wanted to hear, I just got a t530 docking station in the mail yesterday that I was going to set up tonight02:27
PickledEggswhat kind of issues?02:27
Richard_CavellI'm inspired (sorry about the pun) by the Dell 15" Inspiron 5000 series02:28
Richard_CavellI want to do coding and web browsing, that's all02:28
wedgiePickledEggs: i'm working on the docking station, suspend the laptop, bring it back up *off* of the docking station, suspend it again, put it back on the docking station, and turn it back on. When it comes back up it often won't display on the external monitors02:28
Richard_CavellLoading up Facebook will be the most demanding thing I do on it02:28
wedgieseems like if i bring it up off of the docking station i have to reboot before it'll use the docking station right again. Not always, but often enough to be a problem02:29
boristheanimalhi who created ubuntu-mono it looks so nice (:02:32
PickledEggswedgie: thanks for the report - annoying but not the end of the world02:33
Jordan_Unomic: This channel will forward users to #ubuntu-unregged if there is a flood of people trying to join quickly. It's not a prevention against auto-join. If you'd like to discuss this channel's modes feel free to ask us about it in #ubuntu-ops, or discuss it in #ubuntu-offtopic. It annoys me sometimes when I get hit by it as well, but I understand the need for it.02:33
wedgiePickledEggs: yeah, pretty manageable. But for my use-case it makes suspend basically unusable.02:34
Jordan_Uboristheanimal: http://font.ubuntu.com/about/02:35
xanguaWant the guy that created the elementary icon theme?02:35
boristheanimalnah im good xangua02:35
GeoI want to install a new copy of Ubuntu on a blank 2nd HD on my existing server, then copy files from the first HD to the 2nd, power down, remove the 1st HD, then boot to the 2nd HD. Does that plan sound feasible?02:36
wedgiePickledEggs: and one thing i have found that may come in handy one day: if you ever bring it up on the docking station and it isn't displaying on the external monitors try pressing ctrl+alt+F2 (or anything besides F7) then going back to ctrl+alt+F7. Sometimes that jogs it loose for whatever reason.02:36
xanguaOh the font, not the icons  :-P02:36
Jordan_UGeo: Sounds fine to me.02:37
GeoCool- And how would I install to the 2nd HD w/o booting from install media?02:37
PickledEggsGeo: what os are you running now?02:37
Jordan_UGeo: Well, I would recommend that you do use Ubuntu's normal install media. There are other options, but it's probably not worth the hassle to use them.02:38
GeoJordan_U: and that can be done w/o booting from the cd?02:39
PickledEggsyou could just mount the iso02:39
Jordan_UGeo: Easiest way would be to boot from USB. Second easiest would be to boot the minimal installer kernel and initramfs to perform a netinstall.02:40
freechoicereally weired why shows error when select chinese...02:40
Geothe goal is not to boot from media02:40
Jordan_UGeo: Why not?02:40
Geomounting sounds right02:40
Jordan_UPickledEggs: Geo: There is no reasonable way to install Ubuntu that involves mounting the iso while booted from another distro.02:41
PickledEggscould you install it via KVM then convert the the qcow2 to a raw format?02:43
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metaljack34I just installed ubuntu 16.04, and my bluetooth adapter (Broadcom BCM2045B2) didn't work out of box. I checked additional drivers but it didn't find anything related. How can I install my bluetooth driver?02:47
GeoLooks like the way to do it is to partiation and basically manually set up most of the filesystem, then update with apt02:51
Jordan_UPickledEggs: If you wanted to use kvm then I would recommend just passing the hard drive as a "raw" drive to qemu-kvm.02:51
freechoicedoes anyone can tell me how to select use seperate home partition during installation?02:53
boristheanimalxangua: what fonts do you use? :P02:53
freechoicei can't find such an option or don't know how to turn this option on02:53
cfhowlettfreechoice, manual installation, install "something else" then set up your partitions02:54
xanguaboristheanimal: Ubuntu 🙃02:54
PickledEggsJordan_U: interesting,  I have no reason to do it, but curious if it would be possible like that. Seems like the easiest way02:54
Jordan_Ufreechoice: I believe to do that you need to use the "something else" option and set the existing volume to have the mountpoint "/home/". Be sure that the check box for "format this volume" is *not* checked.02:54
Jordan_UPickledEggs: It would indeed work, with a step or two extra required if you are installing for UEFI.02:55
freechoicethanks,man,i'll try02:55
freechoicei can't find something else button...03:05
Jordan_Ufreechoice: It's an option early on. If you already selected automatic partitioning then you may need to go back.03:07
freechoicebefore that it detect hardware and disks03:08
freechoiceafter that it's partition03:08
freechoicei can't find that in both manual and automatic03:10
cfhowlettfreechoice, see where it asked How Do You Want to Install Ubuntu?  that page.03:10
cfhowlettOR let ubuntu do all the partitioning and set up /home after you install03:10
freechoiceit show use seperate home partition when i use chinese earlier03:10
freechoicelet me try03:10
cfhowlettfreechoice, strongly suggest you try ubuntu-kylin03:10
cfhowlett!kylin | freechoice03:11
ubottufreechoice: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is an official part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin03:11
freechoicewell,there's no problem when i use english03:11
freechoicei've use linux over 10 years, and i still can't find such an option..03:11
cfhowlettyou can install in English and add Chinese support afterwards03:12
Jordan_Ufreechoice: The manual partitioning is the "something else" option.03:12
freechoiceok,let me try03:12
freechoicefinally i find that...03:22
freechoice:D,use exeprt mode, everything goes fine ...03:23
GeoJordan_U, so if I have my original HD that is/was bootable, and install via media to the 2nd HD- will grub give me the choice of which HD to boot from upon a reboot, when both those disks are present on the system?03:24
Bashing-omGeo: Yes ,, in the primary system run 'sudo update-grub ' .03:25
Geoand just to get a second opinion, although i'm sure Jordan_U is right... from what you know, Bashing-om, there's no easy or guided way to install to that 2nd disk while booted and running from the orginal primary? You need to boot from media?03:29
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Bashing-omGeo: Well, if ya can figure out how to unmount the running partition: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot . I ain't got it figured out to this time .03:36
snowkidindi have a server instance running on amazon web services. besides setting up a ftp server, is there a way for me to somehow create an alias on my computer here at home where I can directly have access to the files so I  can open them up in my IDE?03:37
snowkidindI have something similar on my home network using appledouble I just wonder how to do that over public ip03:37
Geosnowkidind: mount it as a network drive (I think?), or many IDEs allow you to use ssh/scp to access remote files as well03:39
snowkidindwebstorm. i'm looking at the ssh login now03:40
Goriansay, how would I go about running Ubuntu server in RAM, using a USB stick for storage?03:49
cfhowlett!persistence | Gorian,03:50
ubottuGorian,: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence03:50
GorianI guess. The live CD is HUGE though. Anyway I can make my own?03:51
cfhowlett!mini | Gorian03:51
ubottuGorian: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:51
Gorianalso, it boots up into a GUI which is a waste03:51
cfhowlettand of course, you'll want the ubuntu SERVER image, not the desktop03:51
Gorianbut, the Ubuntu server image doesn't have a live cd option...03:51
cfhowlettinstall to a USB03:52
Gorianwill it optimize for USB then?03:52
cfhowlettGorian, no, it will, technically, run in a USB -- but poorly as is to be expected03:52
GorianI'm thinking more something like SmartOS or Alpine. Boot up, load the OS into memory, grab configurations from USB03:53
Gorianlive cd is too bloated for that, I'm thinking to use as a hypervisor, not testing a PC03:53
Gorianneither SmartOS nor alpine have packages for OpenStack though03:54
cfhowlettGorian, sounds like the type of discussion you should launch in the server channel03:55
GorianI guess. It's usually pretty empty in there and I end up coming in here anyway when no one answers :p03:55
SachiruGorian, Have you taken a look at https://hub.docker.com/r/mikaturunen/alpine-openstack-tools/03:57
SachiruYou can see how the dockerfile builds the openstack image03:58
Goriandoesn't look like anything is there - no description and last push was never...03:59
SachiruHmm, let me check03:59
SachiruTo clarify, is this Alpine running on Openstack (as guest), or Alpine running Openstack (as host)?04:00
Gorianthe latter04:01
GorianI'm looking for a decent OS to use as a "hypervisor" if you will04:02
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GorianIf I can boot something from USB and run in RAM, I can save all my hot-swap drive slots for storage instead04:02
Gorianand later move to doing the same thing but booting from a LUN instead04:03
SachiruSmartOS would be a better fit for you with regards to that04:04
GorianSmartOS is pretty much ideal for that, but doesn't have any support for OpenStack04:04
SachiruAlpine's virtualization (VM, not containers) is still a bit fiddly. Performant, but fiddly.04:04
Gorianso, anyway to setup Ubuntu to do what I want?04:05
tekeli-liJordan_U, Thank you! "Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found. (0/0/0 errors)"  :-)04:06
mjolnir40kHello, I'm having some difficulty with KVM networking with bridges and vlans.  My issue is that the interfaces are set up but the networking service shows as failed in Xenial04:18
mjolnir40kI'm wondering what the correct method is to configure a bridge on top of a VLAN for KVM use is in Xenial04:19
mjolnir40k(the bridge may or may not have an IP itself)04:19
GeoI've always used mdadm to manage RAIDs... now I have a SATA card that supports RAID. What are the pros/cons of using the hw card versus continuing with mdadm?04:38
lotuspsychjeGeo: perhaps the ##hardware channel might enlight you on this?04:39
lotuspsychje!raid | Geo read also here04:40
ubottuGeo read also here: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:40
Geojust curious if folks here had thoughts04:40
TParisLooking for some help.  For some reason when I use the "mail" command, the system sends an email to the specified email address, but also sends a copy to 6 other email addresses automatically.  What would cause this?04:42
kingfishAnyone on?04:45
lotuspsychjekingfish: 1400 users are04:49
kingfishVery few seem to be active04:50
GeoTParis, perhaps you have aliases set up... although I can't remember where/how to check04:50
Bashing-omkingfish: You got to throw some bait out to get a rise .04:52
kingfishI have ubuntu runnning on an old laptop. It was working fine, but then it crashed. No biggie, but then I restarted it and it was using something called "Scopes" and seems to think it is a phone?04:53
kingfishWhat did I do wrong?04:53
TParisGeo: Thanks, but the server is being less than helpful so I can't check :(04:53
TParis"It's never happened before, so it must not be the server"04:53
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xanguakingfish: Ubuntu 16.10?04:57
xanguakingfish: sounds like you logged into unity 8 preview, log out and look and select unity 7 instead04:58
kingfishHow do I do that from the command line? It's too laggy to move the mouse04:59
MDTech-us_MANI have 3 SSDs of identical size05:01
MDTech-us_MANI want to install ubuntu on btrfs on all three in RAID 005:02
MDTech-us_MANhow can I do this?05:02
MDTech-us_MANas far as I understood, I need to have one drive with the /boot partition and the rest as ext405:03
MDTech-us_MANthen I have to install ubuntu there05:03
MDTech-us_MANand then convert ext4 to btrfs05:03
cfhowlett!btrfs > MDTech-us_MAN05:03
ubottuMDTech-us_MAN, please see my private message05:03
MDTech-us_MANand then add the other 2 drives05:03
cfhowlett!raid > MDTech-us_MAN05:03
MDTech-us_MANI dont want to use fakeraid or lvm05:05
MDTech-us_MANthe actual question I have is what to do about swap?05:06
MDTech-us_MANI got 32 GB of ram05:06
MDTech-us_MANand I'd prefer to be able to hibernate05:06
MDTech-us_MANshould I just create a swap file later on?05:09
kingfishDifferent question: apt-get update is stuck at 0% for [waiting for headers]. Clean doesn't fix it, and all the mirrors are correct05:10
MDTech-us_MANkingfish: how big should it be?05:10
kingfishIDK. I'd just guess and check it till it worked05:11
kushal_kumarankingfish: are you able to download the Release file from the mirror yourself? (using your browser or wget/curl, etc.)05:14
kingfishYup, no problem.05:14
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kingfishapt-get seems to be the only thing that's failing05:16
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Flazhttp://pastebin.com/rv0wc5Lj       Hello everyone, I can not understand the exact name of the package that I have to uninstall when launch apt-purge  tells me that the package does not exist. Thank you05:54
boristheanimalhow do I configure urxvt to make powerline fonts work?05:55
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | Flaz05:56
ubottuFlaz: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:56
MDTech-us_MANI created a btrfs filesystem using a live cd that spans 3 ssds06:06
MDTech-us_MANin the installer I selected it to install to one of the partitions and put the boot installer on to one of the defices06:07
MDTech-us_MANbut it said that it failed to install06:07
MDTech-us_MANit failed to install the boot loader06:08
MDTech-us_MANbut the ubuntu install was ok06:08
MDTech-us_MANso how do i manually install the raid06:09
Flaze problem is not what to do, I know I have to use ppa-purge but which packages to uninstall, relative to the pastebin06:09
MDTech-us_MAN*how do I manually install the bootloader06:09
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OerHeksFlaz, look at the ppa page https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/lubuntu-daily06:21
OerHekssudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily06:22
FlazOerHeks: problem is not to use ppa, but in this pastebin..to know the exact name of package for purge06:26
OerHeksFlaz, read again, i gave the whole command06:28
FlazOerHeks: i'm sorry, thank you..i'm going too speed :-)06:31
freechoicewhen i use xfs i can't install grub, what about jfs?06:31
OerHeksis jfs a filesystem ?06:32
freechoiceit's an IBM high performance file system06:33
freechoiceIBM's high-performance journaling filesystem. JFS is a light, fast and reliable B+tree-based filesystem with good performance in various conditions.06:33
freechoicelet me try jfs,if it can't install grub again, only ext4 could be use06:35
OerHeksfreechoice, i have no clue, just curious06:36
freechoicethere's an question, I haven't find reiserFS when i trying to partition my disk06:36
freechoicewhy ubuntu doesn't support that filesystem06:36
OerHeksfancy filesystems, heh06:36
freechoicefancy means?06:38
FlazOerHeks: One more thing, I need a command that displays in the terminal all the *ppa packages installed06:39
OerHeksFlaz, hard to do, synaptic has some nice filters to show ppa packages and origin06:39
FlazOerHeks: ok Thank06:40
OerHeksfreechoice, reiserfs is controversial, but you know that already06:41
lotuspsychje!filesystem | freechoice06:42
ubottufreechoice: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier06:42
freechoiceit has high performance when you got many tiny files.06:42
freechoicethanks, pal06:45
freechoiceinstalled success with jfs06:51
freechoicetrying to boot the system06:51
freechoicewhen installing ubuntu,it tells me grub has install successed, but when boot system, it halted07:49
freechoiceand when i use rescue system and chroot to the system, it tells me filesystem ext2 doesn't support embedding07:50
freechoicegrub-install :error: will not proceed with blocklists07:50
freechoicehow can i fix this07:50
OerHeksdon't forget to mention you use xfs/reiserfs07:50
freechoicethis time i use ext407:51
freechoiceeverything by default07:51
marrygrimhello everyone07:52
aciculafreechoice: you cant chroot into the system?07:55
freechoicei could07:55
marrygrimanyone here?  I am looking for the ubuntu irc..07:55
aciculahow can i enter a dependency for a script, trying to make sure that smbd doesnt start before libvirt does07:55
acicula*systemd script07:55
freechoicei ran grub-install /dev/md126, not the system already booted07:57
freechoicereally weired07:57
aciculahmm why are you running grub-install though, normally just installing the grub package should setup grub for you07:57
peeyushhow to duel boot ubuntu with windows (uefi )07:58
freechoicebut it tells me everything goes fine07:58
freechoicewhen i boot the system, only a cursor shows, nothing more07:58
ikevinpeeyush, you just need to install ubuntu in uefi mode07:58
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:58
freechoicei have to chroot and reinstall that,07:58
freechoicei've tried many times , till i do it myself, and i almost give up07:59
OerHeksgrub on softwareraid ??07:59
aciculaheu, how does that work07:59
peeyushikevin, i tried that. i am able to live boot, but unable to install it.08:00
ikevinpeeyush, do you have an error while installing?08:00
freechoicebut the system load seems unnormal08:02
peeyushikevin, yes i down't remember the error exactly but it i think it says the iso has errors.08:02
ikevinpeeyush, verify it with the m5d sum08:03
peeyushi redownloaded the iso , and still the error persists08:03
freechoicei haven't run anything, the system load could be 2.7508:03
peeyushok il try that08:03
freechoicethat's abs wrong08:03
aciculathere is a test media option in the cd's boot menu, or verify installation media, something to that effect08:03
OerHeksfreechoice, 'freechoice> when i boot the system, only a cursor shows,' sounds like you need nomodeset08:03
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:03
freechoicenomodset means what?08:04
hateballfreechoice: high load can be due to disk i/o also, is your HDD alright?08:04
freechoiceadd shows ok08:05
OerHeksnomodeset disables some powermanagment stuff in your GPU08:06
freechoicebut when i use rescue disk chroot and reinstall grub, it finally works...08:07
freechoicemd126_resync   that cost system load08:08
aciculamaybe disk has issues?08:11
freechoicei have run opensuse for many years on this machine08:12
freelancerbobhi need help to change password to root08:12
freelancerbobi have problem08:12
freelancerbobis not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.08:13
ikevinfreelancerbob, sudo password08:13
freelancerbobis not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.08:13
ikevinif your not in the sudoers, you need to use a live session + chroot to change the password08:13
freelancerbobikevin: i will try btw i am ubuntu newbie08:14
freelancerbobikevin: i will try live session but what i have fix and where ?08:14
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:14
ikevinboot on an ubuntu usb stick and come here again, i'll give you the commands you need08:14
freelancerbobok i have kali on usb :)08:15
freelancerboblet me try08:15
freelancerbobwill come back08:15
DK2what is better to do a quicl ful08:20
DK2quick full backup : rsync oder dd in rescue?08:21
DK2any disadvantages when doing a fullback via rsync?08:21
aciculaDK2: rsync copies and checks, dd just copies blocks.08:25
aciculaand makes a raw copy of whatever you tell it to copy08:25
aciculaso very different beasts08:25
aciculawhat are you trying to achieve exactly?08:26
DK2i need to clone a system to anothere08:26
DK2clone a system to another server i mean08:26
SwedeMikeDK2: I typically just dd one drive to another if the new drive is larger than the older one.08:27
SwedeMikeDK2: boot off of usb stick (live), dd old drive to new drive, then jsut take new drive and use it08:27
DK2ye - but rsync is faster in this case i guess?08:27
OerHeksdd is faster.08:28
SwedeMikeDK2: could be, could not be, depends. dd also brings you boot blocks and partition tables over, rsync doesn't do that.08:28
OerHeks1 sequential file or tons of small files..08:28
SwedeMikeOerHeks: but if the drive is 5% full, rsync is going to be faster.08:28
SwedeMikeso as always "depends"08:29
DK2the problem with the partition table is, i also need to migrate it from a software raid to a hw raid one08:29
OerHeksI don't agree, one does not dd to a partition like rsync, but to empty space08:30
aciculai think he meant that dd will copy over used and unused space if you tell it to copy a raw drive, rsync will just copy data08:32
DK2ya - i still think the problem factor is the software raid08:32
DK2so rsync should be better, as i need to prebuild the system08:33
aciculaDK2: how is the raid setup?08:33
aciculaDK2: rsync is the safe bet in this case08:33
TomyWorkI'm using "xrandr --output DP-0 --auto --pos 1920x0 --output eDP-1 --auto --pos 0x120 --primary" (auto being 1920x1080 on eDP-1 and 1920x1200 on DP-0) to set up my display parameters. eDP-1's background black (it should be my wallpaper with some icons on it) and it's not possible to maximize windows there by dragging them to the top of the screen. What I do notice is this line in "xrandr" output: "Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 3840 x 1200, maximum 1638408:39
TomyWorkx 16384"08:39
TomyWorkHow do i get windows maximized on eDP-1 again?08:43
freelancerbobi a,m here ikevin08:48
AppAraathi. Interestingly enough, the "at" program is not installed here (14.04). Why is that though? IIRC it's a pretty essential UNIX tool.08:48
ikevinfreelancerbob, open a terminal as root, type: mkdir ~/tmp08:49
ikevinfreelancerbob, next, mount /dev/your_hard_disk ~/tmp08:49
ikevinfreelancerbob, next, mount -o bind /dev ~/tmp/dev08:50
ikevinfreelancerbob, next, mount -t proc proc ~/tmp/proc08:50
ikevinfreelancerbob, next, chroot ~/tmp08:50
ikevinfreelancerbob, next, password08:50
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aciculaAppAraat: its not really used anymore in any system managment scripts, you can still install it if you want09:03
aciculaAppAraat: though its installed by default on my ubuntu-server?09:04
AppAraatacicula: interesting, so what is the alternative these days?09:04
aciculaAppAraat: no alternative, you can install it and use it if you want, just that im not aware of it being used as part of the system09:05
AppAraatah ok, it's just that sometimes I have to attend offline systems, but then again I can also make an image using something like remastersys.09:06
AppAraat(with all necessary packages installed in the image)09:06
aciculaAppAraat: if its not installed you can just pull in the package, its installed by default on ubuntu-server it seems09:06
AppAraatyou can't pull in a package when offline though :p09:07
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aciculathere is that09:14
freelancerbobikevin: how i found out my HDD ? mount /dev/your_hard_disk ~/tmp09:14
aciculaAppAraat: can put the debs on an image or make a custom image, but again, on my ubuntu-server it appears to be there09:15
aciculaand its pulled in by ubuntu-server09:16
hateballfreelancerbob: "sudo fdisk -l" will list disks/partitions09:16
ikevinfreelancerbob, boot your ubuntu, do and take a look at /etc/fstab to see which partition is used for / (a thing like /dev/sd?? or UUID=???)09:16
ikevinif you only have 1 disk and no dual boot, it's often /dev/sda109:17
hateballfreelancerbob: "sudo blkid" will list the UUID for partitions, if you are unsure or want to compare to /etc/fstab entries09:18
AppAraatacicula: yeah, I might based my image on that since most of the things I do is over CLI, but for sure I have to test it first.09:21
freelancerbobikevin next: chroot ~/tmp chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: Exec format err09:21
freelancerbobikevin: any idea now ?09:28
freelancerbobseems that i have different architecture chroot ~/tmp chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: Exec format err09:31
freelancerbobhateball: do you know why chroot not working and how to fix it ?09:36
samgoodyHi. My /home/ME/.local/share folder is owned by root:root and this is causing issues with npm.09:38
ikevin<freelancerbob> ikevin next: chroot ~/tmp chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: Exec format err <== it's maybe a 32b / 64b problem09:38
samgoodyIs there any reason not to set that to be owned by ME:ME?09:38
ikevinfreelancerbob, if your ubuntu is 64b, you need to use a 64b live session09:38
ikevinsamgoody, it will be owned by you:you09:38
freelancerbobikevin: oki i will to restart09:39
samgoodyikevin, are you saying that is a good or bad thing?09:39
samgoodyI would think that I should own everything in ~/.local but don't know how this came to be owned by root09:40
ikevinsamgoody, all files in user home need to be owned by user09:40
ikevinsamgoody, maybe you have used a program as root using sudo09:40
samgoodyOK< so good. Will change it, thanks. Also what should be the perms of the ~/.local/share folder - 775?09:41
ikevini have 75509:41
ikevindrwxr-xr-x 25 kevin kevin 4096 déc.   7 10:11 share/09:41
ultrav1oletDoes anyone here run Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS?09:44
ultrav1oletCan you real quick upload tar -cf /etc/apt somewhere?09:45
ultrav1oletFor some reasons my system does _not_ update the kernel and I'm mighty worried09:45
samgoodyThanks a lot.09:46
blackflowHow do I designate my own bind9 service as system resolver, in 16.10? Setting it as DNS server in the network connection, and setting the connection to DHCP (Address only) does not do it.09:48
blackflowsystemd-resolved is broken. many domains can't be resolved by it, happily resolved by bind.09:48
blackflowadding my bind server to DNS= entry of systemd/resolved.conf helps in a way, but then the "search" domain in resolv.conf is not considered09:49
_RarityIn the user $HOME directory, I have a ".local" folder, using 29G. Since this is data used by programs, how do I safely clean-up this directory?09:50
blackflowI am thoroughly sick of this so called "progress" of shitstemd breaking things that worked for decades. I gave it ample chance to prove itself, thinking all software has bugs, but this is beyond ridiculous. more things at random are broken more and more with every release.09:51
ikevinblackflow, how did you setup your network? using network-manager or /etc/network/interfaces ?09:51
blackflowikevin: network manager09:51
ikevin_Rarity, some tools like thunderbird or browser use a lot of space, clean the cache from software09:51
blackflowikevin: in 16.04 adding my DNS to the "DNS" field of the network connection worked perfectly. Not any more in 16.1009:52
ikevinblackflow, i'm not currently under ubuntu, so in network-manager gui you can specify your dns server09:52
ikevinoh !09:52
blackflowikevin: yes, and it doesn't work09:52
ikevintry using solution with /etc/network/interfaces09:52
ultrav1oletDoes anyone here run Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS? Can you real quick upload tar -cf /etc/apt somewhere?09:53
ikevindo you see your dns ip in /etc/resolve.conf ?09:53
ikevinultrav1olet, i think you can find it on internet if nobody here can't give you that09:53
_Rarityikevin: Ok, I will look into that. I assume the programs should run fine after that?09:54
blackflowikevin: no, only (systemd-resolved) is in resolv.conf. I tried even that route, as resolved.conf can specify the DNS server to query. It then DOES resolve through my Bind, but then "search" entries of resolv.conf are not working......09:54
ultrav1oletikevin: I can install Ubuntu in a VM but that's freaking inconvenient and time consuming09:55
blackflowikevin: of course if I put my own nameserver there it'll get randomly overwritten09:55
ikevin_Rarity, it depend of program09:55
ikevinblackflow, normaly, system use entry in /etc/resolv.conf09:56
ikevinyou can see what is used with dig09:56
ikevinlike in my case: dig google.com, and i can see: ;; SERVER:
blackflowikevin: I know all that. :)09:58
OerHeksultrav1olet, get the package from launchpad? really odd to ask for tar -cf /etc/apt09:58
blackflowikevin: I wouldn't be cryin' here if I didn't. that's the thing. things that normally work are now thoroughly broken in 16.10.09:58
aaranHi, I have to deploy ubuntu to a bunch of machines, around 5-10, what are my options for this other than MAAS or walking to each one with a USB stick ?09:58
ikevinblackflow, i never tryed with 16.1009:59
ikevinaaran, netinstall + pxe09:59
ikevinaaran, for bandwith saving, you can setup a small repo on your local network10:00
ubottuLandscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/10:00
ultrav1oletOerHeks: Really odd when you're stupid as fuck. /etc/apt is generated during install, you cannot extract it from apt.deb or any other package10:01
OerHeksand my ignore list growes10:01
ultrav1oletYeah, that's the mark of a stupid person. Someone shares a different point of view? He has facts against my beliefs? Let's ignore him!10:02
ikevinultrav1olet, i think kernel update are on security repo, check if you have it enabled10:03
ultrav1oletikevin: my servers still on 4.2.0-42-generic which is wrong absolutely wrong and `apt-get update; apt-get upgrade` offers zero new packages10:04
ultrav1oletmy hoster f*cked up the installation images10:04
ikevindo you use the officials repo?10:04
ultrav1oletNow I'm trying to understand what he borked in /etc/apt10:04
ultrav1oletNope, not possible in my case. Servers are 4000 miles away from me.10:05
ikevinsome hoster replace official repo by local repo to save bp10:05
ultrav1oletI'm not against saving bw10:05
ultrav1oletI'm against f*cking /etc/apt up10:05
ikevinso, maybe installing a minimal ubuntu in a vm can help you to save time10:06
ultrav1oletthat's what I'm doing right now10:06
ultrav1oletI'm just appalled that no one in this channel could help me10:06
blackflowultrav1olet: OVH?10:06
ultrav1olet300 dead souls?10:06
ultrav1oletNo one is running  Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS?10:06
_Rarityikevin: All right. Thanks for the answer :)10:06
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ikevin_Rarity, you welcom10:07
Ben64ultrav1olet: what exactly is messed up10:08
ultrav1oletmy servers don't get kernel updates at all10:08
ultrav1oletMy hoster f*cked up /etc/apt10:08
Ben64stop with the language10:08
Ben64what kernel are you on10:08
hateballultrav1olet: here is an easy way to generate a new sources.list if that's the issue https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/10:09
naccultrav1olet: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23592745/ ?10:09
hateballultrav1olet: otherwise just make sure you have lines for main and security10:10
Ben64ultrav1olet: how have you tried to get a new kernel10:10
ultrav1olethateball: already installed Ubuntu server in a VM10:10
ultrav1oleteveryone has been so helpful it was easier and faster than waiting for help10:10
SkizuI'm running ubuntu and looking to monitor some HTTP network traffic, basically want to see url and response time, anyone know of a program to do that?10:10
naccultrav1olet: what is in your /etc/apt now?10:10
ultrav1oletalso I don't quite trust some random websites on the internet10:10
ikevinultrav1olet, i think ubuntu server is not the most used, and 14.* are old, this is why you have difficulty to have help10:11
Ben64but you'd trust a random person here to give you /etc/apt?10:11
ultrav1oletBen64: diff -u would be quite telling10:11
naccikevin: FUD.10:11
ikevinSkizu, wireshark10:11
Ben64well if yours is messed up, how would you know10:11
ultrav1oletI'm not that stupid to install someone else's apt without checking10:11
Ben64how would you know what proper looks like10:12
naccultrav1olet: you've been provided it now, from the lxd ubuntu trusty image10:12
ultrav1oletMine is indeed messed up but I understand the structure of /etc/apt files10:12
ikevinnacc, ?10:12
* nacc still has no idea what 'messed up' means, and sounds like the hoster should not be used, if so10:12
Ben64yeah they could give you one that works fine, but gives you exploited packages10:12
ultrav1oletYeah, spent an hour downloading an image and installing it in a VM. So freaking amazing.10:12
hateballSkizu: do you want to run it in the background and log all your traffic, or just test certain sites?10:12
ultrav1oletBen64: there can be no exploits in /etc/apt unless you're terminally stupid10:13
naccikevin: 'ubuntu server is not most used' -- not true. '14.* are old' -- not true and doesn't matter, still supported10:13
Ben64ultrav1olet: you're ignorant10:13
Skizuhateball: Just want to run it for a certain thing, I've an application I'm building and it's one of it's requirements that handled the requests, so want to see which part of my application is lagging10:14
ultrav1oletNope, I've been administrating dozens of servers for over 15 years. Never been hacked or powned10:14
hateballSkizu: curl is not enough?10:14
ultrav1oletBut you're free to say what you want10:14
SkizuNah, it's huge :P like 2000 requests in this thing10:15
SkizuHAL apis... yay10:15
ikevinnacc, i use ubuntu server for some specific things, so, redhat or debian are most used, and since new LTS, 14.* are old10:15
enceladu5What would be the best way to log activity in linux for a machine learning algorithm?10:15
enceladu5I'd like to see if I can learn my daily morning routine on my computer10:16
hateballSkizu: What are you serving it with? Apache or nginx? They should have logs themselves10:16
hateballSkizu: Otherwise I suppose you can use something like tcpflow10:16
enceladu5I'm guessing I would have to set triggers on specific applications etc./10:16
Skizutcpflow doesn't have response time10:16
naccikevin: right, it's FUD to say your particular choices are ubuntu. 14.04.5 released only a few months ago.10:17
ikevinnacc, new release don't mean it's up to date10:18
naccikevin: it's fine. I'm saying that's not an accurate response IMO, for the support channel.10:18
naccikevin: and regardless, my first point is still valid. Just because you don't use ubuntu server does not mean it's not used.10:18
ultrav1oletUbuntu is amazing: http://askubuntu.com/questions/441619/how-to-successfully-restart-a-network-without-reboot-over-ssh10:19
ikevini use it (as desktop and on some servers)10:19
hateballSkizu: Hmmm, there's no parsing for pcaps in Wireshark then?10:19
ultrav1oletNo way to restart networking without doing some dirty tricks10:19
ultrav1oletor running ifconfig/route/ip command manually10:19
ikevinnacc, i just said to ultrav1olet that for some reasons having support for ubuntu server 14 is more diffucult than having support for 16.10 desktop10:20
naccikevin: and i'm saying to you that i think your assertion is wrong, your reasons seem inaccurate to me and are not particularly helpful. Also, there is an #ubuntu-server channel for server discussion/support. Moving on.10:21
Skizuhateball: Never used wireshark, can't see anything about it being able to report on request time10:24
inerkickHi.. Can anyone help me to install Java8.110:26
inerkickI couldn't find any details online to go for it.10:27
Queenslayeris there a gaming edition of ubuntu?10:27
mcphailQueenslayer: there isn't an official Ubuntu gaming flavour, anyway. Someone may have made one, but wouldn't be supported here10:28
inerkickJava 1.8 .. I'm sorry10:28
naccinerkick: 1.8?? java is 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 (in development), righ tnow10:29
ultrav1oletDoes apt have any settings beside /etc/apt?10:29
inerkickI was trying to install pycharm. It says I got java 1.7 and needed 1.810:29
Nitrogenguys, i can't get permanent module load on system startup. i'm using b43 driver for my wifi and added it to /etc/modules, but it has no visible effect. altho i can still manually load it with modprobe. running 16.04.1 LTS.10:29
inerkickcouldn't get how to go for it nacc10:30
naccinerkick: please pastebin the exact command used and output. Also, wht version of ubuntu?10:30
ultrav1oletI've just synced my servers' /etc/apt to the official apt configuration and apt-get upgrade still does _not_ offer to update the kernel!10:30
ultrav1oletWhat the hell?10:30
inerkickUbuntu 14.0410:30
mcphailnacc: Isn't java 1.8 == java 8? I thought they had funny versioning like that10:30
Queenslayermcphail: someone has been telling me porkies then10:31
naccultrav1olet: please provide the output of `apt update; apt-cache policy linux-image-generic (or whatever the kernel package is you're using)`10:31
naccultrav1olet: in a pastebin10:31
QueenslayerI could have sworn there wasn't one that would "support all games"10:31
Icekapadehello fellow hackers10:31
Icekapadehow dose i login as root from the gooey10:32
naccmcphail: oh i see, yes, 8.0u111 is at run time (java -showversion): 1.8.0_11110:32
inerkicknacc, i68610:32
inerkicknacc, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23592792/10:32
naccinerkick: no java8 in trusty10:32
naccmcphail: thanks for that catch :)10:33
mcphailnacc: np. I think the java world is a bit daft10:33
ultrav1oletnacc: http://pastebin.com/raw/hkKdHgaf10:33
naccmcphail: without a doubt :)10:33
inerkicklol. So I need to download that version and install?10:34
NitrogenQueenslayer, perhaps you're referring to SteamOS, but it's a hoax :) any linux will start to 'support all games' as soon as gamedev would care to support linux10:34
Icekapadepls helps me10:34
ultrav1olet`dpkg -l | grep linux-image` gives this http://pastebin.com/raw/bz9329qL10:34
naccultrav1olet: that doesn't seem to include the `apt update` output? or is truncated? Ok, so you're not using the generic kernel on that system.10:35
naccultrav1olet: right, so you've told your system to use the 14.04.4 kernel10:35
QueenslayerNitrogen: that's exactly what I thought, it's the nature of Linux to be able to configure any edition if the support is reciprocated10:35
ultrav1oletI skipped it10:35
naccultrav1olet: which is no longer supported10:35
hateballSkizu: as it logs all tcp traffic I think it should. If you run a trace and save, then you have Statistics -> HTTP10:35
ultrav1oletHow can I install a supported/maintained kernel then?10:35
hateballSkizu: cant say I've tried it myself tho, just airing ideas :)10:35
naccultrav1olet: try `apt install linux-image-generic-lts-xenial`10:36
mcphailQueenslayer: base Ubuntu is the best supported gaming distro. Valve and GOG both refer to Ubuntu10:36
naccultrav1olet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack the 14.04 section10:36
Queenslayergood to know10:36
ultrav1oletnacc: thanks, that's awesome!10:36
naccultrav1olet: your hoster is not following the recommended default packages, i assume.10:36
ultrav1oletnacc: think so10:37
naccultrav1olet: and if you run `hwe-support-status --verbose` on your system, i *think* it might have complained, but i'm not sure10:37
ultrav1oletnow that I've installed linux-image-generic-lts-xenial, how can I be sure my system will reboot into this kernel by default?10:37
naccultrav1olet: note that 16.04.x is solving this differently10:37
Queenslayermcphail: I always wondered why Ubuntu haven't made a dedicated effort for the gaming community to make a distro that could work from first installation10:37
naccultrav1olet: there, it will be a rolling hwe kernel10:37
naccultrav1olet: which you can see on that wiki page in the pictures10:38
ultrav1oletnacc: it says The following packages are no longer supported linux-image-extra-4.2.0-42-generic linux-image-generic-lts-wily linux-image-4.2.0-42-generic. Please upgrade them to a supported HWE stack or remove them if you no longer need them.10:38
naccultrav1olet: ah nice, that's the issue you are hitting :)10:38
ultrav1oletalso WARNING: Security updates for your current Hardware Enablement Stack ended on 2016-08-04:10:38
naccultrav1olet: yep, not good :)10:39
ultrav1oletnacc: what's the command to officially switch to something supported?10:39
naccultrav1olet: i think that wiki page had it, let me look10:39
naccultrav1olet: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial10:39
ultrav1oletI've already done `apt install linux-image-generic-lts-xenial` but I guess that's no enough10:39
naccultrav1olet: yeah, so that just updated the kernel image10:39
naccultrav1olet: and well, you haen't rebooted yet, so you're not yet on a supported image10:39
naccultrav1olet: i thinkyou want `grub-set-default` with the right arguments10:41
Icekapadefuck you guys10:42
Icekapadefreebsd 4 lyf10:42
Icekapadeonly lowies use ubuntu10:42
Icekapadeits for fags10:42
Icekapadecya cunts10:42
naccultrav1olet: to find the name to use, you can `grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg` after you're up to date10:43
ultrav1oletnacc: already checked that file - the new kernel is default10:45
ultrav1oletI'll now have to convince the management to reboot the affected server10:46
ultrav1oletactually there are several10:46
ultrav1oletnacc: thanks a ton!10:48
naccultrav1olet: yw10:50
naccultrav1olet: you might want to convince the mgmt (presuming you men the hoster) to fix their image, more importantly10:50
naccultrav1olet: their customers are getting an unsupported OS by default10:50
ultrav1oletnacc: that's hetzner actually, you might have heard about them ))10:50
ultrav1oletyep, and now this kernel has at least four local root vulnerabilities10:51
naccultrav1olet: right, no security fixes for that kernel, of course (but the xenial one is security supported)10:51
ultrav1oletI might write them a letter but I'm too lazy for that10:51
ultrav1oletsome other day10:52
ikevinultrav1olet, what is your hoster? ovh?10:52
bazhangikevin, please take the chit chat to the offtopic channel, thanks10:53
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morfinUbuntu still using Xorg?11:11
EriC^^morfin: yes11:11
morfinI thought they moved to Mira :(11:11
morfinor Wayland11:12
EriC^^in 16.10 you can test out unity8 which uses mir i think, it'll be in future releases i guess11:12
kbobhello, which package I need to install to start compiling?11:12
nacckbob: 'build-essential' ?11:13
OerHekskbob, build-essentials11:13
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:13
kbob, thanks11:13
OrpheonHello, I had a 4 TB hard drive with a bunch of data on it, and due to a mishap of mine accidently dd'd a ubuntu live iso on the start, and due to a second mistake accidently booted off it, which created a few extra megabytes of swap space. How likely is it that I'll be able to recover the data that wasn't overwritten through gpart or similar? And what would be the recommended way to do so?11:13
morfin16.10 hmm11:13
morfini use LTS11:13
TomyWorkhi nacc11:14
naccTomyWork: hello!11:14
TomyWorkunfortunately your patch didnt work (or i dont remember the steps to take after installing it)11:14
TomyWorki built it myself after i noticed i can just enable the deb-src entry and apt-get source it11:14
OerHeksOrpheon, testdisk is my 1st choice, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step11:15
Orpheonwhat would happen if I just overwrote the MBR with what I assume was the filesystem type? Would it just break for the first 1.5 gigabytes that are overwritten and work for the rest, or would the initial errors break everything and the result be useless?11:15
OerHeksyou would need sufficient space to write the lost data to.11:15
naccTomyWork: sorry, totally missing context11:16
naccTomyWork: i work on a lot of bugs :)11:16
TomyWorkoh, of course :D11:16
TomyWorki was the one with the dell laptop whose bluetooth didnt work11:16
EriC^^you can test it in 16.04 too but you need to install some packages, i wouldn't recommend it though11:16
TomyWorkyou sent me a patch where you added the usb device id to btusb.c11:16
OrpheonOerHeks: testdisk found nothing on its quick search, is that a sign that I'm doomed or should I bite the bullet and run the deeper search (something that I'm assuming will take ages)?11:17
EriC^^kbob: sudo apt-get install build-essential11:17
naccTomyWork: do you have a link to the patch, might help refresh my memory :)11:17
naccTomyWork: oh right, i submitted the ppa build, but i think it kept timing out?11:17
TomyWorki built it locally and installed it11:17
TomyWorkbut bt-adapter -l still showed no devices11:18
OerHeksOrpheon, yes, deep search might give some data back, no guarantee though11:18
EriC^^Orpheon: do you have a saved paste of sudo parted -l or so?11:18
EriC^^maybe somebody here asked you once to pastebin it?11:18
Orpheonof before? No11:19
naccTomyWork: looking, one sec11:19
EriC^^Orpheon: try testdisk's deeper search11:19
EriC^^it usually finds a bunch of stuff in the first minute11:19
Orpheonis there a way to skip the quicksearch?11:19
Orpheonand go straight to deepsearch?11:20
EriC^^Orpheon: yeah, press enter11:20
EriC^^also with the deeper search you can stop it with enter and use whatever it found already11:20
naccTomyWork: do you have a link or pastebin of thep atch itself?11:20
nacc*the patch11:20
TomyWorknacc uh not sure... this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23593042/11:37
TomyWorki dont know how to get the patch set in a structured way11:37
TomyWorki only have the .diff.gz that apt-get source downloaded11:38
freelancerbobikevin: hi, i am back11:56
freelancerbobikevin: now i have problem with sudoers11:56
freelancerbobikevin: how can i fix it ? add user to sudoers or something11:59
ikevinfreelancerbob, return to chroot, and type: addgroup admin <your user>12:00
freelancerbobikevin: and what about this ? sudo adduser <username> sudo12:00
ikevinaddgroup if sufficient, so, while you apply a new group, you need to disconnect and reconnect12:01
TomyWorknacc i remember you telling me a bunch of commands to try, beyond "bt-adapter -l". what else can i try to see at which point in the chain it breaks?12:02
ikevinfreelancerbob, don't use group sudo, use admin12:03
EriC^^ikevin: there isn't an admin group in ubuntu i think12:03
EriC^^there's sudo and adm for access to logs12:03
freelancerbobwhat i meaning of this ?12:04
freelancerbobroot@kali:/# getent group sudo sudo:x:27:martin,tradmin12:04
bazhangfreelancerbob, is that kali linux12:05
freelancerbobwhat is command to list user with their groups ?12:05
EriC^^freelancerbob: groups <user>12:06
bazhangfreelancerbob, is that kali linux12:06
EriC^^freelancerbob: it means martic and tradmin are in the sudo group12:06
freelancerbobEriC^^:  root@kali:/# groups tradmin tradmin : martin sudo12:07
freelancerbobI do not have user martin12:07
EriC^^freelancerbob: try grep martic /etc/passwd12:07
EriC^^(why do i keep typing martic)12:07
engpyYou have thing for Martic :)12:08
freelancerbobhow i rename user tradmin to someone else ?12:09
EriC^^freelancerbob: create a new account and copy the files, it's easier and less headachy i guess12:10
EriC^^sudo mv /home/martin /home/martin.backup12:11
freelancerbobEriC^^:  why i have there Martin ??? > root@kali:/# groups tradmin tradmin : martin sudo12:11
EriC^^then create the user and move the files back to /home/martin12:11
djovic_or use this: sudo usermod -l <newname> -d <newname> <oldname>12:11
djovic_should copy your home folder also to the new name12:12
EriC^^freelancerbob: no idea, you have a martin group maybe? try grep martin /etc/group12:12
djovic_or rather move it12:12
freelancerbobroot@kali:/#  grep martin /etc/group adm:x:4:syslog,martin cdrom:x:24:martin sudo:x:27:martin,tradmin dip:x:30:martin plugdev:x:46:martin lpadmin:x:113:martin martin:x:1000: sambashare:x:128:martin12:13
freelancerbobthis line is there12:14
zambain the process of installing ubuntu i accidentally disconnected the cd-rom12:14
zambahow can i attach it again?12:14
ablesteric i got nes name for you12:14
zambanow i just get lots of "Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-Server 16.04.1 LTS" ... messages12:14
zambacan i manually mount it?12:14
freelancerbobzamba: install it from usb :)12:14
zambafreelancerbob: i'd rather not restart the whole installation process12:15
EriC^^ablest: that doesn't make sense :P12:15
freelancerbobEriC^^: why i then getting user tradmin is not in sudoers ?12:15
freelancerbobEriC^^: let me restart PC and get from live-kali to installed ubuntu12:17
EriC^^freelancerbob: ok12:17
gaybottomI had a boyfriend named "Ubuntu" once.  he would "play the bongos" on my ass.  I was 14 he was 4412:18
rommelzamba if this happened during the install just start over12:18
naccTomyWork: sorry, i had stepped away12:28
freelancerbobEriC^^: usermod: user tradmin is currently used by process 295912:29
freelancerbobEriC^^: i can't rename user12:29
EriC^^freelancerbob: are you logged into the account?12:30
freelancerbobEriC^^: yes12:30
naccTomyWork: with that kernel, does btusb actual connect to your device (if you can, pastebin dmesg)12:30
EriC^^you have to log out and use another account to do it12:30
freelancerbobEriC^^:  that is really anoying, i do not have another account12:31
EriC^^freelancerbob: create one quickly, sudo adduser <newaccount>12:31
EriC^^then sudo adduser <newaccount> sudo12:32
freelancerboblogout.login ?12:33
TomyWorknacc hmm, what do i filter for?12:40
aliozcanguys, is there an easy way to kill all stopped jobs12:56
freelancerbobEriC^^: seems that works thanks/. now i have som pop up line when i typing: lubo@lubo-hp:~$ sudo su sudo: unable to resolve host lubo-hp12:56
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:56
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
freelancerbobwhat is diference between sudo su and sudo su - ?13:02
EriC^^freelancerbob: - gives a login shell13:02
EriC^^the consensus is that sudo -i is the better way13:03
freelancerbobEriC^^:  do not understand :)13:04
gebruikerfreelancerbob: sudo is prefered over su for various reasons, 1) better logging 2) the root password does not have to be shared 3) when using su everything is executed from root with sudo only the nessesary commands13:04
EriC^^freelancerbob: su - gives a login shell, it gives an environment like when the user logs in, people seem to agree that it's better to use sudo -i to get a root shell instead of su and su -13:05
freelancerbobgebruiker: i think i need to read some manual first :)13:05
gebruikerfreelancerbob: http://www.aplawrence.com/Basics/sudo.html is a good starting point13:06
freelancerbobgebruiker: yes i need mroe articles with unix security, some forum or good literature ?13:07
naccTomyWork: just pastebin it, if you're ok with that13:07
gebruikerfreelancerbob: wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com is a good place to start because it relates directly to the distrobution you are using. Some distrobutions might prefer things differently, however most of the time there is an broad overlap of commonnalities13:09
LondonAppDevHey guys, does anyone know how I can stop my wireless card going into power saving mode?13:25
LondonAppDevUsing Ubuntu 16.0413:26
aciculahow do you mean13:30
BluesKaj-pihiyas all13:30
aciculaLondonAppDev: what do you mean by disable powersaving?13:30
akikLondonAppDev: you can add a script into /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/pre-up.d which always sets "/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 power off"13:31
LondonAppDevHi acicula, thanks for replying. So my network is suddenly freezing, and when I look in the syslog it seems like just before it freezes it gives "limiting tx power to 20"... so I think that's why it's freezing. I put the full log details here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/857975/prevent-network-card-going-into-low-power-mode13:31
LondonAppDevSo it seems like it's trying to put it into powwer saving mode13:32
LondonAppDevthanks akik I will try that13:32
aciculayou can us iwconfig <interfacename> power off to disable power managment13:32
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
LondonAppDevThanks acicula. I am guessing that only persists until I reboot, which is why akik suggested adding to pre-up.d ?13:34
aciculaLondonAppDev: yes13:35
Popzihttps://gyazo.com/558b4584959bdb5c11063c896476e666 anyone know why my Sublimt Text ui scale is so small?13:35
aciculaPopzi: theme settings?13:35
greglWould anyone know why I keep getting redirected to ubuntu-unregged ?13:36
Popziacicula: there's nothing that seems to change the settings, it's not just the tabs that are small either13:36
flexdgregl: is your nick unregistered? :) /msg nickserv help13:36
LondonAppDevthank you acicula and akik.13:36
mrtAkdenizhey there13:36
aciculagregl: you have to be identified to the nickServ to be able to join13:36
mrtAkdenizGuys I gonna freak out13:36
mrtAkdenizI've some problems about chmod and chown13:36
flexdno need to panic13:36
greglflexd: I have been registered for years...13:37
mrtAkdenizI've php + nginx installation and i give chown www-data:www-data to application folder13:37
mrtAkdeniznow when I want to change sth from my user, it says i can not because i've no permission13:37
flexdokay, identified then? sometimes maybe you get disconnected and then you are not identified when you join, so you join #ubuntu-unregged instead13:37
mrtAkdenizstupid linux need to got it, I'm the OWNER!13:38
flexdbecause of the modes on this channel13:38
mrtAkdenizI'm fuckin owner and I can change whatever I want, but no. it says i can not13:38
aciculamrtAkdeniz: calm down13:38
flexdmrtAkdeniz: chown changes the owner.13:38
mrtAkdenizflexd, yes, owner of the folder13:38
mrtAkdenizbut owner of the computer still me13:38
mrtAkdenizand that folder on MY computer13:38
aciculamrtAkdeniz: that has no bearing on file permissions however13:39
mrtAkdenizif i change ownership to my user, application brokes13:39
flexdmrtAkdeniz: do you expect the computer to just know that? Your filesystem does not care who owns the hardware.13:39
greglflexd: Thats what i have been doing,but if i leave and return I have to re Identify..13:39
mrtAkdenizif i change it into www-data, this time i can not modify13:39
mrtAkdenizwhat's the way to has ownership on www-data and I also can edit13:39
flexdgregl: weird.. do you automatically identify? You can add that to most clients. I have it setup in weechat so it automatically identifies me13:40
mrtAkdenizbecause of anger my english broken, so good13:40
flexdmrtAkdeniz: add the www-data group to your user fore xample13:40
flexdusermod -a -G www-data <your user>13:40
flexd-a means append, -G means group, see man usermod13:40
mrtAkdenizflexd, already did, and chmod -R g+w to folter13:40
mrtAkdenizor w+g don't remember very well13:40
flexddid you login again?13:41
mrtAkdeniznah, do i need to?13:41
flexdCheck what groups you have with the 'groups' comamnd13:41
flexdnew groups are not applied once you add them13:41
mrtAkdenizon remote server, exit and connect again works?13:42
greglflexd: Yeah I have it set to auto log me in... Its just Ubuntu all the other channels i join are ok.. Weird..13:42
mrtAkdenizflexd, seems like yes it works13:42
flexdgood :)13:42
sven^hey. Are there any dynamic memory managers on ubuntu that wouldn' give a process the memory it wants even if there is free memory available and after some waiting time it would just give the process it's memory?13:57
sven^might sound a bit odd..13:58
naccsven^: "dynamic memory managers"?14:04
TomyWorknacc i'm on the stock kernel right now. i need to reboot first14:06
TomyWorkgive me 10 minutes :)14:06
naccTomyWork: np14:06
sven^nacc: hard to explain. I had a process that read in a fail and requested memory for each line. At first it crashed at 25k lines, then I ran it again and it managed 26k lines. each 30 seconds I waited (no matter if I tried running it or not) it managed to load 5k more lines.14:08
naccsven^: your process is requesting memory? so it's a program you wrote?14:14
naccsven^: what kind of 'crash'?14:15
sven^nacc: memory allocation fails. Yes, I wrote it. It's pretty simple and straightforward and well tested14:17
mcphailsven^: your program is broken. Trying to second guess the memory manager is a waste of time14:17
sven^mcphail: where? http://sprunge.us/jfBY?c14:17
naccsven^: memory allocation failure is not a crash, unless your proram is buggy14:18
naccsven^: you mean your program *fails*?14:18
naccsven^: it feels like you are putting memory pressure on your system in a tight loop, then saying why do you run out of memory?14:19
sven^nacc: the point is, the above code runs now. It failed 50 minutes ago14:19
sven^nothing has changed since then14:19
naccsven^: yes it has14:19
naccsven^: memory pressure is different14:19
naccsven^: you forced a bunch of stuff out of the cache probably by running a memory hog14:20
naccsven^: so the next time you ran, there was more memory easily accessible14:20
sven^nacc: but shouldn't the OS swap before killing a process?14:20
naccsven^: and/or, the kernel/glibcs was able to allocate more space14:20
naccsven^: it did not *kill* your process14:20
naccsven^: unless you mean your host went OOM, which is not what you said14:20
AppAraatsorry if slightly offtopic, but what regex flavor does sed use?14:20
sven^it declined memory, yeah... hmm14:20
naccsven^: yes, that's a glibc decision, afaict, right?14:21
naccsven^: the kernel did not deny you, because if it did, you would have an ooM14:21
naccAppAraat: depends on the flags you pass14:21
naccAppAraat: e.g., -r14:21
naccAppAraat: loook through `man sed` ?14:21
AppAraatoh it can support multiple. Cool.14:21
sven^nacc: I am very confused. free said there is like 2GB of free (not swapped or cached) memory. It was totally fine on 4 computers across multiple distributions. Sometimes it slowed down for swapping or stuff like that14:22
sven^nacc: I am actually trying to find out why it failed. My best guess is some kind of memory protection demon or something similar, preventing a process to aquire too much memory at once14:23
sven^and the odd point is, that I cannot reproduce the failure although nothing changed (at least not according to free and top)14:25
aciculawhat is actually failing, some malloc call?14:25
DK2ive dd a system to another drive14:26
sven^it 'failed'14:26
sven^it is not failing anymore14:26
sven^and that sucks even more14:27
DK2but the cloned system wont boot "/proc/" and "/dev" contains no files, what went wrong?14:27
aciculahow are you determining failure, is there an error code?14:27
aciculawas there an out of memory notice in the kernel log?14:27
aciculaDK2: the virtual filesystems are not mounted14:27
OlofLI suspect a package is available from two repositories. How do I validate that? ANd if it is, how do I install from a specific one14:27
DK2acicula how to mount dem actually?14:28
aciculaOlofL: the same package is available from a lot of different repositories, but in the default depository for your release there should only be one14:28
aciculaOlofL: exception being that the repository carries multiple versions of a package, such as python27 python34,etc14:28
OerHeksapt-cache showpkg <package>14:29
aciculaDK2: err mounting proc? im guessing mount -t procfs proc /proc and the same for dev and sys, but how are you booting your system if those are not mounted?14:30
DK2on a live linux14:30
OlofLhttp://hastebin.com/ahoqowukuz.sql ok I see there are two versions. How do I select the 2.4 version to install?14:30
aciculasven^: calloc doesnt just fail, it returns an error code if it doesnt succeed14:30
aciculaif the program just says failed you have to dig into the program code, but without an oom notice in the kernel log running out of memory is not the issue14:31
aciculaDK2: are you trying to chroot into your installed system or?14:32
mcphailsven^: you are asking for an exponential amount of memeory (re)allocation, which is going to fail at some point. And remember realloc() can occupy more than double the required memory footprint if the ptr has to be moved and freed. Is it surprising you are hitting allocation errors?14:32
DK2acicula : i can chroot into the system, but as i said it appears to be kind of broken because /dev/ is empty and it wont boot because of it14:33
aciculaDK2: yeah i understand, exit the chroot and issue a mount -o bind /proc /path/to/your/chroot/proc14:34
aciculaDK2: to the same for your dev and sys folders14:34
aciculathen try to chroot again14:34
DK2ill try14:34
aciculathose folders contain virtual filesystems, so unless these are mounted they are empty14:35
mcphailsven^: by my quick calcs, your routine can claim 2GB (assuming a pointer to double is 8 bytes)14:36
naccsven^: as others have said, you really should be checking *why* calloc, realloc etc. fail14:38
OerHeksOlofL, i think jut install, unless you use an other metapackage to install14:39
sven^mcphail: the errors occur at pretty early and it's the calloc that fails, not the realloc. Apart from that you are right, but it's not applicable14:40
naccOlofL: and note that installing that takes you, effectively, off ubuntu14:40
naccsven^: also, you've ensured your rlimits are high enough?14:41
sven^acicula, nacc: yeah, malloc/calloc can fail with ENOMEM. Which it did. At 40 MB when free said there were 2GB free space.14:41
sven^nacc: well, they are now.14:41
naccsven^: when it failed with 40M, were your rlimits sufficiently high?14:42
sven^nacc: and I didn't change them. So I am back at my original question: assuming the limits where not high enough before I ran it. what changed them?14:42
sven^something went wrong and some demon or automatic mechanism fixed it. I want to find out who did14:42
naccsven^: how do you know this?14:44
sven^know what?14:44
naccsven^: that the rlimit was the issue and changed?14:44
sven^I don't, that's why I said 'assuming' :)14:44
DK2acicula: how can i make the system then actually boot if the /dev/ is empty?14:45
naccsven^: i think you are making a logical leap that has no basis14:45
naccsven^: if you didn't change your rlimits manually, they didn't change14:45
naccsven^: you can have ENOMEM return at different points in the execution pattern based upon what the state of the glibc memory allocator is when you run, which also involves the state of memory on your system at the time, etc.14:46
aciculaDK2: its not, /dev is automatically mounted on boot14:47
naccsven^: if you want to investigate this, presuming no OOM, you can use: https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Allocation-Debugging.html14:47
sven^ok, that's good. Then the rlimits were high enough before and are high enough now. So what else could cause a ENOMEM error while there is enough free memory and why can't I reproduce it now even when I try to get 1000x the memory?14:47
acicula/path/to/your/root/dev is not14:47
sven^nacc: I cannot reproduce the problem.14:47
sven^I cannot debug it14:47
sven^I can't do anything to trace it down from my side (i can't reboot the machine to see if it happens again). That's why I came here to ask if there are any ubuntu specific demons that manage memory (and maybe dynamicly change rlimits or stuff like that)14:48
DK2acicula: but thats the problem /dev/ is empty14:48
roxas22What's up?14:49
aciculaDK2: then how are you booting?14:49
sven^All i can do now is hope the problem never happens again in production...14:49
roxas22What appened?14:49
DK2acicula: im accessing the system via rescue, because the it wont boot14:50
lucas-arghey guys, any good repo with themes for ubuntu?14:52
omganothernewbI am a total newb with an unmanaged server and really could use some help. I am running 16.04 have LAMP set up and can bring up apache default page and php info page via IP but not domain.name14:54
naccsven^: i don't believe you should put such a thing into production14:55
naccsven^: and no, i do not believe there is any such daemon14:56
omganothernewbwould you say more?14:56
omganothernewblike why not?14:56
naccsven^: it is trivially easy to show and prove that you can allocate different maximal amounts of memories before running out of memory from malloc, in the same program14:57
nacc!who | omganothernewb14:57
ubottuomganothernewb: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:57
ducasseomganothernewb: you need to set up a dns record pointing to your server14:57
kn330omganothernewb: please share your apache vhost configuration (the one present in sites-enabled)14:58
omganothernewbducass I did at my domain registrar14:58
omganothernewbkn330 it is whatever the default is.14:59
kn330what do you see when you try to access using your domain.name?15:00
naccomganothernewb: can you ping your domain? or ssh to it, etc.? Tht is, is it resolve-bale15:00
SchrodingersScatomganothernewb: nslookup domain.tld   #is also a handy tool to see what your domain is pointing to15:00
omganothernewbkn330 I get server not found if I use IP I get the default apache page15:00
kn330check the command given by SchrodingersScat15:01
nullbyte_ SchrodingersScat ?15:01
SchrodingersScatnullbyte_: you rang?15:01
SchrodingersScatomganothernewb: is this a local server or remote?  are you being mindful of internal/external ips?15:02
omganothernewbnslookup domain.tld timed out15:02
kn330or try this: http://digwebinterface.com/  # this basically lets you check if your domain is pointing to the correct ip address15:02
kn330omganothernewb: replace domain.tld with google.com if your domain is google.com15:03
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omganothernewbdirtypig.club@ (Default):15:05
omganothernewball I get on that link kn33015:05
SchrodingersScatsays serverfail, check with your registrar/dns provider15:06
omganothernewbI spent time with their chat support. I just dont know what to do after installing the lamp stuff.15:07
omganothernewbnamecheap support said something about zone file or whatnot...15:07
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SchrodingersScatnothing really needs to be setup on the server, as far as i know, to point the dns somewhere.15:07
kn330If you do not see the public IP of your server then your DNS setting is messed up.15:07
omganothernewbhost support said something about rDNS if that is setup would that be the problem?15:08
omganothernewbits been like 4 days LOL15:09
SchrodingersScatomganothernewb: with namecheap I go into the advanceddns for the domain management, set a TTL of 5 minutes and put whatever IP i want15:09
v-ySchrodingersScat: they have their own DNS servers, which are not reponding @ omganothernewb15:10
v-yomganothernewb: http://www.dnsinspect.com/dirtypig.club/148112329915:10
omganothernewbI went to advanced dns, pointed server ip to ns1 and ns2 then set up custom dns ns1/2domain.com15:10
v-yYou shouldn't setup dns servers if you don't know about them. WHy not use their DNS ( namecheap's ) ?15:10
ducasseomganothernewb: you are running your own dns servers?15:11
v-yomganothernewb: revert them back.15:11
v-yYes, he/she is.15:11
omganothernewbthat is what their support suggested.15:11
v-yomganothernewb: then revert them back.15:11
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ducasseomganothernewb: do it! you don't understand this well enough to do it yourself.15:11
v-yName Server: NS1.DIRTYPIG.CLUB15:11
v-yName Server: NS2.DIRTYPIG.CLUB  these two are not responding at all.15:11
SchrodingersScatyeah, sounds like you're trying too hard if you just want apache up15:12
kn330o m gawd15:12
omganothernewbSchrodingersScat, how should I set it up at namecheap then?15:13
v-yomganothernewb: login to your namecheap account, select the domain, choose BasicDNS. Then Set A records to
omganothernewbOk, thanks v-y15:13
TomyWorknacc i finally got to reboot :)15:15
TomyWorkThis is the only line containing btusb in dmesg: [    3.896722] usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb15:15
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TomyWorki added btusb to /etc/modules to make that happen, too :)15:16
naccTomyWork: can you pastebin `lspci -vvv`, `lsusb -vvv`?15:17
wwalkerI have LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in /etc/default/locale, it shows up in interactive logins, but not for system daemons (systemd, journald, etc.)  Anyone know the ubuntu magic to get LANG into things at start up?15:25
TomyWorknacc http://paste.ubuntu.com/23593819/ here's lspci -vvv and lsusb -vvv15:26
naccTomyWork: ok, so the problem remains that regardless of anything else, lsusb indicates the device's class, subclass, radio freq and protocol are incorrect15:28
naccTomyWork: you're sure you built the kernel correctly and booted to the correct one15:28
naccTomyWork: ?15:28
kingplusplusPlease how do i fix this error when installing VirtualBox Guest Addition - I have done - apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade before doing the following but the linux header still is missing after installing it - please see full description and log http://dpaste.de/RJ9W15:28
nacckingplusplus: can you pastebin the contents of /var/log/vboxadd-install.log ?15:29
TomyWorkuname tells me it's 4.4.0-49-generic and i only have one -49 kernel on my machine :)15:29
littlebithi people, I have xubuntu 16.04 lts running for a while now and this is the first time I'm experiencing this. I had my monitor in power save mode and expected to see my desktop when I either move my mouse or press a key on the keyboard. but nothing happens. pressing ctrl+alt+f1-6 gets me to the terminal. is there a way how to get my dektop back??15:29
naccTomyWork: huh?15:29
TomyWorki also earlier checked btusb.ko with a hex editor. the usb device id is in there15:29
TomyWork(in little endian, i.e. backwards :)15:29
naccTomyWork: you didn't insert a changelog entry?15:30
TomyWorknacc i wouldnt know how15:30
naccTomyWork: how did you build the kernel?15:30
TomyWorki think that may be the problem with the build, as well15:30
TomyWorkon launchpad i mean15:30
TomyWorki built it with "debuild -us -uc -b"15:31
TomyWorkand holy shit 26 GB in temporary files :D15:31
TomyWorkthat created a dozen .deb files and a bunch more .udeb files for me15:32
TomyWorki discarded the udeb files after reading that they're basically only for fresh installs and live CDs15:33
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TomyWorkand selected from the .deb files the ones where i had corresponding packages installed from other versions15:33
TomyWorkthat left me with those: linux-headers-4.4.0-49 linux-headers-4.4.0-49-generic linux-image-4.4.0-49-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-49-generic15:34
TomyWork(that's from dpkg --get-selections. the file names are decorated differently)15:34
naccTomyWork: i'm really not sure and i need to work on work-related stuff right now, did you try following (roughly) the steps at: https://github.com/gnebehay/gnebehay.com/blob/master/contents/blog/lenovo-flexpad-bluetooth-debian/index.md ?15:35
naccTomyWork: i think similar to your hw15:35
TomyWorkah, i'll try that link15:35
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TomyWorknacc ok the guide disconnects from my reality right before https://github.com/gnebehay/gnebehay.com/blob/master/contents/blog/lenovo-flexpad-bluetooth-debian/index.md#providing-the-firmware15:44
TomyWorkit does not show anything about not being able to find firmware15:44
littlebitI have xubuntu 16.04 lts running for a while now and this is the first time I'm experiencing this. I had my monitor in power save mode and expected to see my desktop when I either move my mouse or press a key on the keyboard. but nothing happens. pressing ctrl+alt+f1-6 gets me to the terminal. is there a way how to get my dektop back??15:48
IonutVan_in which ubuntu version is postgresql 9.5 default?15:57
EriC^^littlebit: is the session still running?15:58
naccIonutVan_: 9.5 is in 16.04 and on, not sure what the 'default', but that's where i'd guess15:58
naccTomyWork: right, because you have't rebuilt the driver locally yet15:58
IonutVan_nacc, thanks a lot15:58
EriC^^littlebit: do you have unsaved stuff there you need?15:58
naccTomyWork: it's a sequence of steps, the output of that section depends on doing the prior section15:59
naccTomyWork: i'm sying, delete the kernel you built with a .deb, im not convinced it's correct15:59
naccTomyWork: instead follow their process exactly15:59
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EriC^^littlebit: do you have unsaved stuff there you need?16:04
littlebitEriC^^: the session is still running16:07
TomyWorknacc well their build process for the kernel module introduces possible human error on my side. debuild does everything for me and eliminates that.16:10
naccTomyWork: except you did not insert a chagnelog entry and it's not obvious to me as an observer that you areo on the correct kernel16:12
naccTomyWork: which is human error :)16:12
TomyWorknacc well i verified that with a kernel module16:12
TomyWorknacc well i verified that with a hex editor16:12
EriC^^littlebit: try DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force off16:13
naccTomyWork: where did you verify it? in the running kernel's memory?16:13
naccTomyWork: you veified that a kernel module on your disk has the right data in it, afaict16:13
TomyWorkthe kernel module (btusb.ko) contains 3c 41 43 81 (my device is 413c:8143)16:13
TomyWorkthat's /lib/modules/4.4.0-49-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko16:14
TomyWorknacc to be extra sure that that's the file it's loading, let me insmod it by path instead of modprobing by name16:15
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ducasseEriC^^: shouldn't that be 'force on' to switch the screen back on?16:16
TomyWorkah damn, that doesnt pull in the dependencies16:16
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TomyWorkmodprobe btusb && rmmod btusb && insmod /lib/modules/4.4.0-49-generic/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko16:17
EriC^^littlebit: see what ducasse said if it doesn't work16:17
TomyWorkthere :)16:17
TomyWorksame output in dmesg when inserting the module16:17
TomyWork[ 3906.835140] usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb16:17
TomyWorkand nothing else beyond that16:18
TomyWorkmaybe some other driver is occupying the device? how can i tell?16:18
IonutVan_bullshit, ubuntu/xenial64 vagrant box is useless because is coming with "ubuntu" user and not with "vagrant" as expected16:19
TomyWorkIonutVan_ iirc, you can configure that in your Vagrantfile16:20
TomyWorkunusual, still, though16:20
IonutVan_TomyWork,  and there is a password for that "ubuntu" user which is not mentioned anywhere16:20
TomyWorkIonutVan_ config.ssh.username16:21
TomyWorkand config.ssh.password once you find it16:21
TomyWorki'm guessing it's "ubuntu"? :)16:21
TomyWorkor maybe you can access it with the well-known insecure vagrant key16:21
IonutVan_and why should every user change the username when it should come default with vagrant user16:21
TomyWorktry "vagrant ssh -- -l ubuntu" to see if it works16:22
IonutVan_is not ubuntu the password16:22
TomyWorkIonutVan_ oh you're not interested in getting it working16:22
IonutVan_I can do: vagrant ssh, but for example systemctl stop nginx is asking for password16:22
TomyWorkif you can do "vagrant ssh", you have a vagrant user16:22
TomyWork*unless* you reconfigured it in your Vagrantfile16:23
IonutVan_and I don't see any trace of password in Vagrantfile16:23
IonutVan_TomyWork, yes, there is a user, but is called ubuntu and default should be vagrant16:23
naccIonutVan_: TomyWork: there is a logical disconnect here, discussed elsewhere (I believe there is a bug on this), that there is a conflict between the default vagrant experience and the default ubuntu experience -- ubuntu's image favors ubuntu experience16:23
TomyWorkvagrant by default, uses its well-known insecure key to authenticate16:23
TomyWorkby default, vagrant uses its well-known insecure key to authenticate16:23
IonutVan_nacc, TomyWork https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/156923716:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1569237 in cloud-images "vagrant xenial box is not provided with vagrant/vagrant username and password" [Undecided,New]16:24
naccTomyWork: so i would try adding debugging to your driver at this point16:24
IonutVan_see that the others are complaining as well16:24
TomyWorkwell i cant diagnose their problems without talking to them. you're here, however16:24
TomyWorkand i know a thing or two about vagrant16:24
TomyWorkso do you want to figure this out or not?16:24
IonutVan_so, there is a user called "ubuntu" (which it seems that also it has a password attached to it) but default vagrant boxes are comming with "vagrant" user16:25
IonutVan_so, how I can find the password for that "ubuntu" user16:25
TomyWorkIonutVan_ first of all, does "vagrant ssh" work out of the box?16:25
IonutVan_TomyWork, yes16:25
TomyWorkok, two possibilities16:25
IonutVan_[17:22:38]  <IonutVan_>I can do: vagrant ssh, but for example systemctl stop nginx is asking for password16:25
TomyWork1. there's a vagrant user16:25
TomyWork2. there's a config.ssh.username line in one of the Vagrantfiles16:26
c_nickhow to get the output of robocopy in a batch jo16:26
TomyWorkeither in your current directory16:26
TomyWorkor in ~/.vagrant.d/boxes/$boxname16:26
TomyWork(or in ~/.vagrant.d itself, but that's unlikely unless you put it there)16:26
TomyWorknacc you mean like printf debugging or actual debugging? :)16:27
naccTomyWork: printk, but yeah16:28
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IonutVan_TomyWork, this means that every user of that ubuntu/xenial64 image should change all this thing16:28
TomyWorknacc uh, did you notice you put the id into a thing called "blacklist_table"? :)16:29
IonutVan_is just bullshit, instead of just creating the vagrant box ubuntu/xenial64 in proper way16:29
TomyWorknacc there's also a "btusb_table"16:29
nacc!ohmy | IonutVan_16:30
ubottuIonutVan_: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:30
TomyWorkIonutVan_ we're still in the "figuring out what's going on" phase, not the "cursing at the responsibles" phase16:30
IonutVan_ok, sorry16:31
naccTomyWork: yes, becasue more than likely you need the same change as similar devices from the vendor16:31
arlion[c]Ubuntu 14.04.4 going to 14.04.5, Across 450 boxes, I have about 20 in various states of depens hell. Taking one box as an example, this box is attempting to reconfigure and depmod a new kernel., and 4.4.0-53-generic linux-generic-lts-xenial... why this box is trying to go to xenial idk..16:31
IonutVan_so, perhaps the good idea will be to just update the vagrant box image for xenial to use proper user, as recommended16:32
arlion[c]perfoming a dpkg --configure -a attempts to recompile the initrafs but it fails due to th kernel not being configured16:32
arlion[c]any advice how to remove and reset the package installation phase.16:32
TomyWorkIonutVan_ did you take a look at the Vagrantfile in the box directory?16:32
naccarlion[c]: that's called the lts stack16:32
naccarlion[c]: err, hwe stack16:32
arlion[c]okay, so it's fine, as long as it stays on the 3.19 kernel branch16:33
naccarlion[c]: huh?16:33
naccarlion[c]: why are you using 14.04.4 or 14.04.5 if you wnat to be on 3.19?16:33
naccarlion[c]: kernel-wise, i mean16:33
naccarlion[c]: you want to stay on 14.04.0/14.04.1 kernel16:33
IonutVan_TomyWork, yes, there is just: Vagrant.configure .... and config.vm.box = "ubuntu/xenial64"16:33
IonutVan_nothing else16:33
arlion[c]this kernel says its now on 4.416:34
naccarlion[c]: actually, you can't be on 3.19 anymore and supported, iirc16:34
arlion[c]okay, i misunderstood the kernel package16:34
naccarlion[c]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:34
arlion[c]when it says linux-image-3.19.0-77, i took that as that is the kernel version16:34
naccarlion[c]: it is?16:34
naccarlion[c]: i think you're getting mixed up, as well, by the fact that pakcages can be installed and not necessarily used16:35
arlion[c]no, uname -a says that the kernel is 4.4.0-42, so unless im going back several years16:35
naccarlion[c]: but you only need 14.04.x if you need a newer kernel/hw support16:35
TomyWorkIonutVan_ can you write "getent passwd vagrant" into the shell on the box?16:35
naccarlion[c]: mabye excluding 14.04.1 :)16:35
arlion[c]Yes, I need that plus all the security updates that comes with it.16:35
IonutVan_TomyWork, in the box folder I have:16:36
IonutVan_  config.ssh.username = "ubuntu"16:36
IonutVan_  config.ssh.password = "a1cc1e2dc85075ba5b17c3fa"16:36
arlion[c]nacc: what are your thoughts?16:36
TomyWorkIonutVan_ see, there's your password :)16:36
naccarlion[c]: need what?16:36
naccarlion[c]: you said "need that" ...16:36
naccarlion[c]: what do you mean by "that"?16:36
TomyWorkIonutVan_ should really be indicated somewhere though...16:37
TomyWorkalso, that ubuntu user needs passwordless sudo in order to comply with requirements for a vagrant base box16:37
arlion[c]I need the new kernel along with staying with the the evolving LTS stream of updates until EOL of the 14.04 branch16:37
IonutVan_TomyWork, ok, and what I solved with that? my scrips are still supposing that the user is called "vagrant" as recommended, and to have /home/vagrant and not /home/ubuntu with ubuntu password16:37
TomyWorkIonutVan_ well that first of all means your scripts are bad :)16:38
naccarlion[c]: ok, so you do want to go to the latest HWE16:38
naccarlion[c]: note that you are late in updating, aswell :)16:38
TomyWorkbut of course most scripts are not written with variable users in mind16:38
naccarlion[c]: in that 14.04.4 is no longer supported :)16:38
arlion[c]Yes, I want to go to the latest HWE, I am aware that I am late.16:39
IonutVan_TomyWork, sorry to tell you, but all vagrant boxes are using "vagrant" user and only xenial is trying to change that. That's why a lot of users complain about that16:39
IonutVan_TomyWork, so, my scrips are how they should be16:39
TomyWorkIonutVan_ you could of course just create that vagrant user16:39
arlion[c]I am asking for assistance in troubleshooting the last few boxes that failed the upgrade process.16:39
TomyWorkand give it passwordless sudo16:39
IonutVan_TomyWork, and? thins will not solve the issue for the other users which use xenial box16:39
TomyWorknope, but for your self16:40
naccarlion[c]: can  you pastebin `apt install -f`16:40
TomyWorkIonutVan_ and for the others, you already have that launchpad issue, right?16:40
IonutVan_TomyWork, thanks anyway, I will just use centos/opensuse image and recommend that to my colleagues as well16:40
arlion[c]nacc: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/501098/11288651/16:41
TomyWorkyou'd need someone to set the issue to confirmed16:41
naccarlion[c]: so ... these machines were not being kept up to date?16:42
naccarlion[c]: as in, you had ancient kernels on them16:42
arlion[c]current booted kernel is 4.4.0-4216:42
naccarlion[c]: i think you might need to hard purge using dpkg16:42
naccarlion[c]: yes, i undrsetand -- but apt is trying to remove packages that are rather old16:42
arlion[c]These boxes are old, but not 14.04.1 old.16:43
arlion[c]maybe 14.04.3 ish time16:43
TomyWorkIonutVan_ i'd need to download and test that image (can't do that here) in order to give a definite opinion on the matter, but if what you're telling me is correct, about the box Vagrantfile, then that's a no-go and needs to be fixed16:44
TomyWorkso IonutVan_ one last thing: have you tried updating the box?16:45
IonutVan_TomyWork, if you don't believe what I told you, then check the above link and see that is a issue with the xenial image, the other users are complaining as well16:45
IonutVan_TomyWork, yes16:45
naccarlion[c]: so they clearly were on 14.04.4, i undrestand that16:45
TomyWorkthere have been a number of updates to the box since october16:45
naccarlion[c]: err, sorry! 14.04.316:45
naccarlion[c]: my point was you didn't have just hte last two 14.04.3 kernels on the system16:45
TomyWorkIonutVan_ it's not that i say you're lying, i just dont go without evidence when forming beliefs16:45
IonutVan_TomyWork, the last comment for that link is from a few days ago16:45
naccarlion[c]: you had at least two older ones16:45
IonutVan_and I also confirmed that16:46
arlion[c]nacc: it is possible an apt autoremove already purged those.16:46
naccarlion[c]: well no, beacuse they aren't purged, right?16:46
arlion[c]right, because apt still thinks they are there16:46
IonutVan_anyway, for me doesn't matter, I just use a different distro16:46
TomyWorkIonutVan_ any idea what the download url is for that box?16:47
IonutVan_i have to go, thanks16:47
TomyWorknot their web interface16:47
naccarlion[c]: so were those files manually deleted by someon else?16:47
arlion[c]possible, but I seriously doubt it16:48
LondonAppDevHey, my WiFi keeps freezing on my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop. If I do a continuous ping, then it will just randomly freeze (the ping won't fail or timeout, but it will just stop making pings completely). When this happens I need to disconnect and re-connect to the network. If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this that would be much appreciated. The wifi details are here: https://gist.github.com/LondonAppDev/9cb52ed8b2a6e26c00946708d8c33a3316:48
arlion[c]I'm not so concered about the root cause as working from here and correcting the box16:48
naccarlion[c]: you could try dpkg -P --force-all <pkgname> ?16:48
naccarlion[c]: given that you don't need those packages anymore, it's probably ok to force things16:49
naccarlion[c]: nt usually recommended16:49
arlion[c]which package, there are a few listed there16:49
naccarlion[c]: i mean, you could do linux-image-*3.19* or those three listed in te paste16:50
TomyWork<nacc> TomyWork: yes, becasue more than likely you need the same change as similar devices from the vendor16:50
TomyWorkthere's a "Broadcom BCM20702A0" up in "btusb_table"16:51
TomyWorkthat's my type, but a different usb id16:51
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naccTomyWork: oh i didn't realize that16:51
arlion[c]nacc "*" is an illegal character when paired with a purge16:51
naccTomyWork: ok, you coudl try adding it there16:51
naccarlion[c]: ok specify it manually for those three tht are failinng to remove16:51
arlion[c]nacc: yeah, im doing that now..16:52
TomyWorknacc will do :)16:52
naccTomyWork: sorry about that -- iw as sort of guessing on what is correc,t as i know nothing about the hardware in practice16:52
arlion[c]nacc: i need to go, ill pick this up in a bit16:53
TomyWorknacc i'll try if i can get the build process from the link going, as that seems to be much quicker16:54
TomyWorki'll build a proper package later, when i verify this is working :)16:54
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TomyWorknacc what does the "depmod" step do?16:58
=== Popzi1 is now known as Popzi
naccTomyWork: iirc, that installs a modules.dep file and maybe a System.map file17:04
naccTomyWork: for the modules for that build17:04
naccTomyWork: those are used for modules dependencies and to help ensure all symbols are resovled17:04
Nuentoterquestion, is there ANY way to still get software for ubuntu gutsy? it is the only ubuntu distro that wants to work with this old laptop17:05
ducasse!eolupgrade | Nuentoter use the old-releases repo as detailed here17:07
ubottuNuentoter use the old-releases repo as detailed here: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:07
NuentoterI do not wish to upgrade though, upgrading breaks the laptop, I just need to get a couple programs up and running then it will never see the internet again17:09
zx2c4Hey -- any ubuntu devs here that could point me to some documentation describing exactly the process and criteria for how packages flow from debian into ubuntu, and how and when updates of those work?17:10
ducasseNuentoter: read what i wrote.17:10
Nuentoteri did, will the old-release repo's contain things outside of the upgrade software though? or have they been trimmed?17:12
ducasseNuentoter: should contain everything afaik.17:13
Nuentoteroh ok cool17:13
NuentoterI just need something like chrome or opera to run in kiosk mode17:13
Nuentoteralthough i'll b surprised if chrome works17:14
ducassechrome won't be there, that's not in the repos.17:14
naccneither is opera17:14
naccafaik; and that's not a gutsy statement17:14
OerHeksNuentoter, i hope 64 bit, else you might fail with chrome17:15
Nuentoternope, its 32 :(17:15
nicomachusNuentoter: Chrome doesn't support 32 bit anymore.17:15
nicomachusChromium may.17:16
OerHeksno flash ..17:16
NuentoterI dont care if its supported anymore, if I can install an old one, it wont be going online, just needs to load one simple webpage from our internal server17:16
nicomachusOerHeks: Chromium can do flash.17:16
ducasseiirc, opera 12 used to be in the repos17:16
nicomachus11:16 <+Torne> we don't actively maintain 32-bit support, but we haven't17:17
nicomachus               explicitly removed it either; it's mostly up to downstream linux17:17
nicomachus               distros who package binaries to maintain17:17
nicomachusfrom #chromium dudes.17:17
Nuentoteri thought opera was in repo but not sure about how far back though17:17
ducasseNuentoter: change your sources and find out :)17:19
BluesKajHi all17:19
Nuentoterthats what i'm doing right now, urrgg havent used vim in forever, can't remember keyboard shortcuts for everything lol17:19
nicomachusman vim17:20
Nuentoteri think its the only editor on gutsy server edition17:20
nicomachusnano should be default17:20
Nuentoteryay nano exists17:21
TomyWorknacc it works \o/17:22
TomyWorknacc i did only the steps before the sudo steps, then did sudo rmmod btusb && sudo insmod drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko17:24
TomyWork(inside the kernel source tree)17:24
TomyWorki'll test it a bit to see if i can actually connect something17:25
TomyWorkthen i'll download a current kernel source and rebuild that with the inserted line :)17:26
Nuentoterseems to be working ok so far, getting link2 on it so I can surf around from it a bit, i hope17:30
TomyWorkyou said i should use changelog to distinguish it from the stock kernel. what do i need to do? "dch -v 4.4.0-53.74~14.04.1-tomy1" or something?17:31
TomyWorknacc you said i should use changelog to distinguish it from the stock kernel. what do i need to do? "dch -v 4.4.0-53.74~14.04.1-tomy1" or something?17:31
coredumpPeople, I know that someone must ask this here like every month but I am thinkoing on a T460s for my work laptop (going back to Linux from a MBP that is literally hell). How does this config looks https://i.gyazo.com/b81bc87c641d2ad1263fedbc68c16ff2.png17:34
dymHey people! I migrated my openvpn server from a 14.04 to 16.04 machine by copying the config dirs. Now the "server openvpn start" command wont start the server.conf configuration. It does, if i manually call the dameon with --config server.conf though. any thoughts?17:34
coredumpI am avoiding WQHD because apparently that doesn’t work well enough for me to be comfortable with it.17:34
TomyWorkdym <Captain Obvious> the default config file location must have changed17:35
dymTomyWork: Like /etc/openvpn/? :D17:35
dymIt hasnt.17:35
TomyWorkdym the name, maybe?17:39
dymi though the upstart script recognizes the configurations in /etc/openvpn/ anyways?17:39
nicomachusdym: 14.04 was upstart, but 16.04 uses systemd instead17:41
c_nickHi, I am using robocopy to copy the files from one folder to another, but if the folder is missing robocopy outputs the error message (0x02) but the batch script ERRORLEVEL has error code 1617:41
dymnicomachus: sorry, yes - i meant "service ..."17:42
dymisnt this systemd?17:42
Random832c_nick, errorlevel from robocopy is explained here http://ss64.com/nt/robocopy-exit.html - it's not related to system error codes (where 2 is ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)17:43
nicomachusdym: make sure you're using the full path. systemd needs it, but upstart didn't. upstart could use $PATH but systemd needs an absolute path17:44
c_nickRandom832, isnt the ERRORLEVEL variable in the batch job supposed to store the output of Robocopy ? How can i get the ouput of Robocopy in a batch job?17:45
Random832errorlevel stores the exit status which is the value described in that page. Why do you want the output?17:45
dymnicomachus: http://script.quakenet.org/paste/283700817:45
TomyWorknacc hmm it doesn't *quite* work. it kinda does seem to work for a while, then it goes into a state where bt-adapter -l just waits for a while then says "bt-adapter: bluez service is not found Did you forget to run bluetoothd?"17:47
TomyWorkeven though that service is running17:47
dymnicomachus: whereas "openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/server.conf" does work, but not daemonized.17:47
c_nickRandom832, I want the return code of Rococopy17:48
c_nickso i shoud use ERRORLEVEL right ?17:48
nicomachusdym: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/626771/migrate-basic-upstart-script-to-systemd17:48
nicomachusand this is always worth the read when making the switch: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers17:48
dymNoImNotNineVolt: sorry, maybe i misphrased. I did not migrate the ubuntu upstart scripts.17:49
dymnicomachus: *17:49
dymi only migrated the openvpn configuration17:49
c_nickRandom832, why is the batch file generating system error codes ? All i am doing is Robocopy src dest17:49
dymwhich makes it more odd17:49
TomyWorknacc in that state, bluetoothd seems to be churning in place, according to strace.17:50
dymSorry NoImNotNineVolt :)17:51
dymDidnt mean to wake you17:51
NoImNotNineVoltindeed. i was like ".... is my memory that bad?"17:52
=== littlebunnyfufu is now known as SonikkuAmerica
dymokay "dpkg-reconfigure openvpn" did the trick.17:54
dymThanks guys!17:54
coxnI'm wondering if another livepatch user can explain what I see here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/200a408682701fbc5a761bf15844253717:55
coxnlivepatch reports "fully-patched: true" at -51, but I see a -53 installed via apt17:56
c_nickRandom832, anyways thanks a lot your information really helped .. ciaos17:56
Random832c_nick, the system error code tells you as the user what the specific failure was - i.e. that a file was not found. errorlevel just tells you *that* it failed, which is all a batch file really needs to decide not to continue.18:00
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
Random832c_nick, it's like if you used cp to copy some file, it prints "filename: No such file or directory", but $? is just 1 vs 0 for success. robocopy reports slightly more information for "success but something odd happened", which is why its failure status is 16.18:02
coxnoh I think I get it18:02
coxn$ sudo canonical-livepatch status --verbose |grep last-check18:02
coxnlast-check: 2016-12-07T12:29:03.276012-05:0018:02
coxnits update stream is completely independent (and behind)18:03
Random832like how grep will return 1 for no matches but 2 for a real error.18:03
coxnis there a place where I can see the timing/scheduling/history of livepatch releases?18:03
coxnand/or is there a way to cause livepatch to do a check?18:03
* coxn discovers the mailing list & subject line: [LSN-0014-1] Linux kernel vulnerability18:05
esetStrange thing happend. My desktop icons are bigger that they were. How to resize all of them? Using ubuntu 16.1018:06
wabbitscan the distro version of chromium use alsa?18:06
sencerHi. I have a problem. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS on my desktop pc right now. I've tried to install it on my Laptop also but Some few problems occured. I was having some problems with booting the live usb disk, but eventually I figured it out. Here is the problem, My Laptop does not shutdown when I click on shutdown icons, I pressed F8 while shutting down, is says [Will now halt/restart]. How can I solve this.(Unfortunately none of the internet suggestion18:08
sencers worked. It doesn't work when I change GRUB files quiet splash bla bla bla.. Please Help!))18:08
=== fguillot_ is now known as fguillot
mquhello! i met a strange problem could you help me to figure out?18:12
wabbitswhat is the problem?18:12
mqueverything started when i tried to run some jar applet which should draw some UI: https://s3.amazonaws.com/java_101/m0/e2/m0e2HW.jar18:12
mquX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation); 154 (GLX)18:13
mqu24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)18:13
mquand I get the following weird problem, I blame java at first18:13
mqubut then I realized that it most likely system problem. "glxinfo" gets me the same problem18:14
sencerCan anyone help me with my problem?18:14
Nuentoter@sencer in terminal will it shutdown sith command?18:14
mquwhat can I check to figure out the problem?18:14
sencerSometimes it does, but after some config at grub files it does not somehow18:14
mqui think there's some problem with nvidia driver problem in ubuntu18:15
mqutried reinstalling but didn't help18:15
le_pigIn the way that Debian has "suites", like stable, unstable, etc., does Ubuntu have an analogue?  This would be different than codenames, like Trusty, Utopic, etc.18:15
sencer@mqu Nvidia? are you talking to me? sorry I didn't understand18:16
mqusencer: no, i tried to describe my own problem xd18:16
sencer@Nuentoter But I was able to shutdown via terminal why wouldn't the button don't work ?18:17
sencer@mqu Ah xD sorry, but I'm thinking that my problem is about nvidia too ?..18:17
Nuentoterim assuming your using unity?18:17
* uxfi +++_18:18
sencer@Nuentoter Exactly!18:18
sencer@Nuentoter I can send you more details about the problem ?18:18
Nuentoterusing the cairo dock?18:18
sencer@Nuentoter Well to be honest I don't know what that is but Unity I mean the standard desktop and the icons on the top right corner18:20
Nuentoterif you logout first can you shutdown then?18:21
ducassele_pig: stable would correspond to the latest lts, while unstable would be upcoming release. sort of.18:22
gnusergnome-session[20496]: (gnome-shell:12425): St-WARNING **: Ignoring length property that isn't a number at line 888, col 2018:23
gnuserHey guys, anyone aware of this error that keeps poping up on my journalctl logs?? I'm running ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS up to date18:23
ducassegnuser: not an error, just a warning. just ignore it.18:24
sencer@Neuntoter I tried but when I logged out (clicked) black screen appeared and nothing happened18:25
=== kingplusplus_ is now known as kingplusplus
sencer@Nuentoter It works with the "sudo shutdown -h now" with terminal (when grub file is set to default)18:29
Nuentoter@sencer what does /etc/pam.d/common-session look like?   it should include a line  " session    optional    pam_systemd.so "18:31
ducassesencer: fyi, you don't need the @ on irc18:32
lakituwhat's a very compatible graphics card for ubuntu (preferably also linux mint, too) - ?18:33
lakituor where should i find a list18:33
lakitui've heard nvidiia18:34
lakitubut the one i bought doesn't seem fully comptaible18:34
Nuentoterwhatcha got lakitu18:34
sencerYes is does include that line18:34
lakitui have to reinstall an old graphics card just to install the os, then re put in my new one18:34
sencer@Nuentoter What else do I search for ?18:35
lakitu& it's hard to see the pci slot, & all this18:35
lakituNuentoter: i'd have to look. a 70$ but highly rated nvidia card18:35
lakitui'm not gaming, so don't need much more than videos & desktop effects18:35
ducasselakitu: older amd cards that use the radeon driver are often rock solid, but it depends on the use case18:36
lakitui have a sapphire 5770, but it wasn't compatible enough18:36
lakitubummer, cause i spent like 275$ on it18:36
lakitui've been struggling to reseat this old gpu for like 15-20 minutes. really frustrating18:37
ducasselakitu: best approach is to find a model you like, then ask for experiences with that exact card18:37
black91750 ti does the trick for all games18:37
lakituwell, anyone know of a very compatible linux card for say kubuntu, that can play videos too, besides desktop effects18:37
black91750 ti and gtx 1070 work well with ubuntu/18:38
lakituwhat price range, black9118:38
sencerI got 780Ti by the way works just fine don't even know why they need 1000 series for :)18:38
black91750 is like 120*18:38
lakituwho makes that18:39
lakitugtx - amd?18:39
sencerNuentoter: Any help?18:39
Nuentotersencer: try adding line  " X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=20 "   to    ~/.config/autostart18:39
BluesKajheh, I have an entry level nvidia 840GS that cost 40 bucks , works great , as long as you're not a gamer it's fine fore HTPC/media/videos etc18:40
lakituerr yeah, that's what i meant18:40
Nuentotersometimes cairo i guess can cause problems and the delay can help order things out18:40
black911070 total waste of money, not much difference then 950 imo18:40
lakitui will have like 4 monitors at least, with desktop effects tho18:40
BluesKajif you don't gane you probly don't need anything over 100bucks18:41
lakitudo you think a 750/780 ti can handle it?18:41
lakitumaybe a tv stream or w/e18:41
sencerNuentoter: There is not a directory "/.config/autostart" ? when I call the directory with "gedit" it just opens a blank document ?18:41
black91id like to pump the 750 its a decent card18:41
black91could do it no problem18:41
ducasselakitu: 4 screens or more might be a problem, you need to check that.18:43
lakituhow/where do i check that18:43
lakitui guess for one, i'd need enough video heads (on the gpus)18:44
mikeymopquick question. 16.04 systemd, do we still use modprobe to (un)load kmods?18:44
ducasselakitu: number of outputs, and how many separate outputs it supports over dp for example.18:44
lakitui get tired of newer oses not having normal hardware compatibility.   my big problem with mint was it didn't support half my hardware18:44
BluesKajdon't beleive all the hype, most pcie gpus are overkill for most users18:44
mikeymopand now you're selecting your h/w based on the OS you want?18:45
lakituapple requires i buy all apple hardware, including replacements & upgrades18:45
lakituthis is a small price compared to that18:45
lakitufor kde/kubuntu18:45
mikeymopiirc apple h/w works okay on linux except for the models w/ broadcomm wireless, in which case you need to use their binaries18:46
black91linux can run pretty much everything anyway18:46
black91only had a few issues with proprietary chips18:46
lakitui have basic newer hardware, & a lot of the times i had compatibility issues18:46
black91but even those18:46
lakitumakes me think i didn't do enough research; hence this, now18:46
lakituasking questions.18:46
black91i go for basic/popular too18:46
lakituit's probably a good idea, for compatibility reasons18:47
lakitunow i think i shoudl just look up each piece of hardware, & if it's not, see what is recommended for my os18:47
huffnerare there any yrsobs here/18:47
huffneri 'd like a yrsobs18:47
ducasselakitu: nvidia makes special models for multihead, but they are expensive. tend to be well-supported by linux, though.18:48
lakitumaybe better to just buy 218:48
IonutVan_TomyWork, so, did you see the issue? or you still can not believe :)18:49
lakituback under the desk to struggle with reseating this =/18:52
lakitumaybe. maybe i'll just buy a new card.18:52
lakituanyway, thanks18:52
IonutVan_TomyWork, it seems that xenial vagrant image was just updated 20161207.0.0/providers/virtualbox.box. but it still has the "ubuntu" user instead of "vagrant"18:52
TomyWorkIonutVan_ well i was going to say that some commenters say the issue doesnt exist, but i misread it earlier18:52
TomyWorkthose updates are probably automatic18:53
TomyWorkwith the latest patches and all18:53
TomyWorkmy suggestion is to find someone with access who can set bugs to "confirmed". that'll be the way forward18:54
TomyWorkand be civil18:55
TomyWork"you suck" and "why arent you doing your job" isnt going to encourage anyone to help you... just saying, in case you thought about saying that :)18:55
IonutVan_but I was thinking that the person in charge is here :)18:57
ilhamiLol @ caps lock18:58
IonutVan_TomyWork, as you can see this issue was reported since 2016-04-12 and nobody cares about it. So, I don't expect any update on it :)19:04
TomyWorkIonutVan_ or maybe you have just always been cursing about this instead of presenting the issue in a civil manner.19:05
=== or4n_ is now known as or4n
TomyWorkjust my thoughts. i'm off, see ya19:05
IonutVan_TomyWork, is the first time I tried the xenial vagrant image19:05
IonutVan_and will be the last one as well :)19:06
mikeymopquick question. 16.04 systemd, do we still use modprobe to (un)load kmods?19:09
mikeymopUbuntu documentation just has a general article covering as far back as 12.04 so i cant be sure19:10
EriC^^mikeymop: by kmods you mean kernel modules?19:10
EriC^^mikeymop: yeah,19:10
mikeymopawesome, thanks19:10
EriC^^no problem19:10
=== mikey is now known as Guest14025
=== Guest14025 is now known as mikeymop
gnuserso the gnome-session WARNING should just be ignored ?19:14
gnusergnome-session[20496]: (gnome-shell:12425): St-WARNING **: Ignoring length property that isn't a number at line 153, col 2719:14
ducassegnuser: yes.19:15
ducassegnuser: you _could_ file a bug, but you will just be asked to provide a patch.19:17
Sleakerhi. I'm working on trying to create a systemd socket similar to an old inetd socket with upstart and having a bit of trouble getting it all enabled. I'm wanting x11vnc to run on port 5903 whenever a connection comes through on that port.19:19
Sleakerthis is my socket file. I put it in /lib/systemd/system and it enables properly.19:20
Sleakerbut when I try to have an @.service file associated with it it doesn't seem like systemctl recognizes it at all.19:20
Sleakerhere's the @.service file: http://pastebin.com/C3VAt66h19:21
cvendeHello all, I need some linux knowledge: I have a netbook which I go to class with, and a workstation at home, I would like to sync my class folder (mainly odt and pdf) on both linux, what should I use, nfs or rsync?19:26
ahi2 in 16.04 the ethernet connection is no longer eth0. it is enp2s0. anyone know why?19:26
Sleakerahi2: kernel naming changed19:26
ahi2anyway to fix it19:27
Sleakerit's to prevent swapped cards from getting the same hardware names19:27
Sleakeryou can pass in a kernel parameter to switch to the old-style names if you really want to do that.19:27
ahi2what is the parameter19:28
Sleakerthere's also a file you can adjust for this: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/19:29
ducasseahi2: it is strongly recommended to just get used to it, as this is the way it will be from now on19:30
Sleakerthat has information on what and why, and how to switch off.19:30
mikeymopths makes me sad, if I use nvidia I will have to have both big drivers on my machine19:30
Sleakermikeymop: aye19:30
ahi2thansk sleaker19:30
Sleakerany comments on my question above?19:30
MonkeyDustSleaker  better repeat the question, instea of referring to it19:31
Nuentoterok having trouble with xorg and stuff, originally had slim, just installed kdm, used apt-get remove to remove slim and now it still wants to start it. using reconfigure it still shows slim and gdm and kdm, how do I remove these?19:33
troophello. when i activate chroot sftp jail for a user it can't uses ssh anymore. is there any tutorial about creating ssh&sftp jail together?19:33
troopthank you19:33
SleakerI'm trying to convert a inetd socket to systemd, I have a unit file for the socket it activates properly. I have an *@.service file, but systemd doesn't seem to recognize it. to enable it do I just symlink it into the /etc/systemd/system folder?19:33
SleakerI can't really find any docs on the associated @service for a socket.19:33
Sleakerand systemctl doesn't recognize them19:34
Sleakereven the builtins.19:34
jhutchinsSleaker: What about if you set it up exactly as you would for init and let the compatibility feature handle it?19:35
Sleakerjhutchins: that requires running inetd commands which don't exist?19:36
Sleakeror is that still in there19:37
jhutchinsSleaker: I only have a vague idea of what you're talking about, but if commands no longer exist, systemd should have some method of dealing with them.19:38
Sleakeryah, no inetd command on the system. also this is for a deployable ltsp5 image, so installing more packages just for a compat layer is.. iffy.19:38
Sleakerjhutchins: the replacement for inetd sockets is systemd unit file sockets though?19:38
SleakerI don't think there's any sort of compat layer for that19:38
mustmodifyIf I'm ssh'd into a machine and I get disconnected somehow, what happens to that session / whatever is running? I thought I remembered that running processes would be killed. But I just had an experience where it looked like everything finished normally.19:39
MonkeyDustmustmodify  consider using 'screen'19:39
jhutchinsmustmodify: Some processes will complete, some will die.19:39
jhutchinsmustmodify: Yes, screen ensures that the session will stay open and processes complete.19:40
MonkeyDust!screen | mustmodify19:40
ubottumustmodify: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen19:40
mikeymopSleaker: dont you need a wantedby= *19:43
Sleakernone of the examples for @services indicate that19:43
Sleakerthe sockets include that19:43
mikeymoplet me do some more reading19:44
mikeymopI've only wrote a few simple units so19:44
Sleakermaybe the @ unit just gets instanced and put in there only when it gets run?19:44
mikeymopon a support call 1s19:44
Sleakerah man I got it working :-/19:45
SleakerI just didn't run systemctl start socketname.socket after enableing the socket. lol19:45
Sleakerso yah, I was correct. @ services don't show up in systemctl they just need the @.service file in the lib dir and then the socket automatically finds them and such. as long as the unit file for the socket is enabled and then started everything 'just works'19:47
mustmodifyif I ssh in to a machine then `ps aux | {{my_username}}` I get two ssh-relevant entries... why two? Why is one of them owned by root? https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/ac195b5caf08063d71a260e9b848de6819:47
mikeymopSleaker: gotcha, thanks for the resolutino19:47
mikeymopglad you got it19:48
mikeymopmustmodify: last time you ssh'd did you use 'exit'19:48
mustmodifymikeymop: I typically do but there was an instance recently where I was disconnected during a deploy, which uses SSH.19:48
mikeymopthen the session will remain open19:49
mikeymopi usually pkill them19:49
mikeymophad like 15 once because an android app i used didn't use exit19:49
mikeymopswitched to juicessh19:49
mustmodifyI see... both of these were started recently, and at the same time...19:49
mustmodifyso I assumed they were related?19:49
Sleakerssh spawns 2 processes normally doesn't it?19:50
Sleakermine does.19:50
Sleakerthis is sshd NOT ssh btw.19:50
mustmodifyso why is one of them owned by root?19:50
mustmodifyI don't have sudo privileges or anything...19:50
Sleakerthat's the actual server process.19:51
mustmodifythe one owned by root is the actual server process...19:51
mustmodifywell what's the other one?19:51
Sleakeryour interactive shell19:51
Sleakerthat's why it has a pts/*19:51
mikeymopmustmodify: missed your gist, sorry19:52
mikeymopSleaker: so what does this unit do? spawn a vnc process for the host or one per host19:55
mikeymopauto starts the deamon right?19:55
Sleakermikeymop: ah yah this is for an ltsp5 environment to spawn a x11vnc process automatically when a connection comes through on 590320:02
Sleakerour old ltsp4 env you could screen-share by just connecting to the host and probing the different displays since everything was run on the server. but ltsp5 runs X on the actual thin clients.20:03
Sleakerso to do screen sharing I'm having to setup x11vnc stuff over tunneled ssh and just trying to get it all scripted so our support guys don't have to manually type in a bucnh of commands everytime they need to screenshare to see what the end user is trying to do20:04
Sleakerusing a socket with inetd/systemd gets rid of the need to have them sudo/su as root etc.20:05
Sleakerand yah it's a per-connection thing, but then I've limited it to a single connection.20:06
Sleakerthe main server system is still running trusty with upstart, so it was using the inetd method for this.20:06
Sleakeris that enough info mikeymop ? haha20:07
mikeymopthats very interesting20:09
mikeymopso you'd ssh in and a vnc connection would be established under the user that ssh'd and then they can just open thier vnc client and connect?20:09
mikeymopi'm surprised such a simple unit can do all that20:09
Sleakerbetter than that.20:10
Sleakerthe tunnel doesn't cause the service to run. it wont run the x11vnc server script until you actually try to open a vnc client on the port.20:10
Sleakerand the x11vnc script is just this: /usr/bin/x11vnc -inetd -q -once -display :7 -auth guess -timeout 3020:11
Sleakeralthough I think I left off the -rfbport 5903 thing on there20:12
Sleakeror it might not need it since it's launched with -inetd option20:12
Sleakerand it's smart enough to see which socket to link with20:12
Sleakerkernel stuff makes it 'just work' or somesuch.20:13
mikeymoptotally stealing this20:13
JamesBHello. I started using the most recent Ubuntu, and my auth.log and syslog are entirely full of systemd related spam. Is there any way to remove this entirely?20:13
Jordan_UJamesB: Please pastebin examples of such log entries.20:14
JamesBSure. It's all junk: http://pastebin.com/gYdH6cas20:15
=== toshy1 is now known as toshy
Jordan_UJamesB: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"?20:16
Sleakerhahaha mikeymop :D20:17
mikeymophaha :) i gotta stay fresh, desperate to break into a linux job20:18
mikeymopjust got funding for a homelab so I can do cool things20:18
Sleakerwell g/l - it's half of what I'm doing right now :D20:18
JamesBJordan: root=... ro biosdevname=0 biosdevname=0 debug xencons=tty root=/dev/xvda120:23
ioriaJamesB, better if you paste it20:24
JamesBI just did. It's one line.20:25
ioriaJamesB, k, let's try this   dmesg | grep Kernel20:27
mikeymopSleaker: thanks! and volunteer work?20:29
Sleakermikeymop: nope, day job.20:29
MDTech-us_MANI am trying to install ubuntu on a custom computer with a asus Z97 gamer pro board20:31
MDTech-us_MANI created a dvd and put it in20:31
MDTech-us_MANi start up and... nothing happens20:31
MDTech-us_MANI see a blinking cursor for a few seconds and then windows boots20:31
MDTech-us_MANI am sure the boot priorities are correct20:32
MDTech-us_MANwhen I manually boot into bios, see a UEFI FAT option for the DVD and just the dvd20:32
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  dual boot ?20:33
MDTech-us_MANI want to wipe windows out and put ubuntu only20:33
MDTech-us_MANand windows in a vm20:33
mikeymopMDTech-us_MAN: mash f12 at the bios and boot the disk?20:34
Nuentoteri would recommend using a usb stick as well20:34
MDTech-us_MANwhen I use the bios boot menu and specifically boot UEFI it locks up for a few seconds and goes back to the menu20:34
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MDTech-us_MANwhen I use the non-UEFI option I get a blinking cursor that moves to the next line, dissapears and I am back at the boot menu20:35
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  i think you installed win in efi mode, so make a usb with rufus, and boot in efi mode from it (optionally disable secure boot)20:35
MDTech-us_MANsame exact result if I make a usb drive20:35
MDTech-us_MANI disabled secure boot at the beggining btw20:35
Nuentoterdid you boot in efi though?20:35
MDTech-us_MANI tried both20:36
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  how did you do it ?20:36
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,   the stick, i mean20:36
Nuentoterwin32diskimager works for some iso files when rufus doesnt as well20:36
MDTech-us_MANI tried different drives using both undebootin and the ubuntu create a restore disk option20:36
NuentoterI've had a couple issues with rufus and certain distro's20:37
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,   try rufus20:37
MDTech-us_MANevery timeI get exactly the same result20:37
Nuentoteryeah rufus is the goto, second choice (for me) is win32diskimager20:37
MDTech-us_MANoh, I already wiped windows20:37
MDTech-us_MANI'm on mu ubuntu laptop atm20:38
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  on linux , use dd20:39
Nuentoteruse dd in terminal20:39
MDTech-us_MANso just dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX120:39
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  /dev/sdX20:40
MDTech-us_MANor dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX ?20:40
EriC^^MDTech-us_MAN: dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync20:40
EriC^^or dd status=progress if=ubuntu....20:41
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  you can also boot the iso from grub with grub-imageboot20:41
MDTech-us_MANdd is working20:42
WizardGedhey is there a way to reset software stuck partially downloaded on ubuntu touch20:43
MDTech-us_MANi got 2 questions about grub: how would I get to grub if I got nothing and how do I get the iso there too?20:43
justPieDoes anyone have any experience installing wifi drivers that don't play nice with ubuntu 16.04? The card in question is asus PCE-n5320:43
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/193319/missing-driver-asus-pce-n53-11n-n600-pci-e-adapter20:44
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: Thanks. But I actually already tried this. When i get to modprobe no wifi card shows up when i do ifconig20:45
linelevelHi, where is the right place to configure a service to start with Ubuntu (upon log in, after the desktop loads)?20:45
justPieor even after i reboot20:45
linelevel^ Running Ubuntu 16.0420:45
justPielinelevel: I think you're looking for init.d20:46
Sleakerlinelevel: it depends on what DM you're using but most DMs have a place to setup stuff like that.20:46
Sleakerif you want it user-specific.20:46
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: https://github.com/mareksuscak/asus-pce-n53-linux ?20:46
linelevelSleaker: Unity20:46
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: Did that too, lol.20:46
justPieI'll try it again real quick to make myself feel better20:46
lineleveljustPie: Wouldn't that run upon system boot, not when the desktop GUI finishes loading?20:46
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: wait for someone else then20:47
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: sorry20:47
Sleakerlinelevel: generally init.d/systemd scripts will run at boot yes, depends on what their dependencies are.20:47
MDTech-us_MANEriC^^: dd is still doing it's stuff20:47
Sleakerif you want to set it up as a user-level run only when you login I believe Unity has a place to configure that but I'm not familiar with unity.20:47
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: No need to be sorry! This issue is been a headache for awhile. Been using a usb wifi stick in the meantime. Thanks!20:48
MDTech-us_MANEriC^^: its done20:48
iorialinelevel,  you can use a service unit with graphical.target or simply go in Autostart20:48
linelevelSleaker: What if I just want to run a script (not a service) upon boot, but the script will add something to the Unity toolbar, so that needs to be loaded before this runs.20:49
Sleaker'service unit' == systemd way. 'Autostart' == Unity way.20:49
Sleakerservices are scripts..20:49
linelevelSleaker: yes, but not all scripts are services.20:49
nicomachussleaker: you mean upstart, not unity20:49
iorialinelevel,  if you need a gui, you don't have much of a choice20:50
mirakcan i plug a pci express 1x card in a pci express 16x slot ?20:50
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: Just tried doing the make/make install again. I run modprobe and nothing happens. I do ifconfig and no wifi driver20:51
Sleakermirak: 1x and 16x generally have different form-factor plugs20:51
miraknot really20:51
mirakSleaker, not really,20:51
nicomachusalso, more of a question for ##hardware than here.20:51
mirakok thanks20:51
GFXDudemirak, PCI-X and standard PCI are cross compatible, BUT if you put a standard PCI card in a PCI-X slot then the whole PCI-X BUS will slow down (not just the one slot)20:51
mirakdidn't know that channel20:52
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: check dmesg20:52
GFXDudePCI-e is entirely different and not compatible with either PCI or PCI-X20:52
Sleakeroh I'm thinking the smaller x4 slot maybe.20:52
linelevelloria: Sleaker: Okay, so here is my actual use case. There is a service called `foo` which is already configured. It starts on boot and I can control it with `service foo start/stop/restart/etc`. I want to run *additional instances* of this service with different configurations, and I've already confirmed that I can do this by running something like `HOME=$HOME/.foo/conf2 service foo start`. Now I want to run that upon boot. When started, that 20:52
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: Ive never used dmsg before. What am i looking for?20:52
linelevel^ Let me know if that cut off due to length.20:52
nicomachusioria ^20:52
linelevelnicomachus: Thanks..20:53
mirakit's PCIe 1x, not PCI-X20:53
iorialinelevel,  what your service/script does exactly ?20:54
linelevelioria: The service is from a third-party.20:54
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: check lspci20:54
MDTech-us_MANyou should see if it sees it20:54
iorialinelevel,  ok.... and ?20:54
MDTech-us_MANand what it thinks it is20:54
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: lspci sees it 04:00.0 Network controller: Ralink corp. RT5592 PCIe Wireless Network Adapter20:54
linelevelioria: It's dropbox. I want to run multiple instances of the dropbox service, and as stated above, this is possible by giving each additional instance a false HOME directory.20:55
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: by the way, do you do ifconfig -a?20:55
Sleakerlinelevel: so copy the service file into a new one with the new options20:55
Sleakerand name it something slightly different?20:56
iorialinelevel,  oh, sorry... don't know much about dropbox20:56
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: http://pastebin.com/wvsP7VJD20:56
justPiewlx60a44cec637e is my usb wifi20:56
linelevelioria: Right, but this question doesn't really depend on the specifics of dropbox, which is why I stated it in generic terms initially.20:56
linelevelSleaker: Wouldn't it be easier to just run a script that itself runs `HOME=<whatever> service dropbox start` rather than copying the service file?20:57
Sleakerlinelevel: that's not how services work20:57
Sleakeryou need a file for each instance.20:57
iorialinelevel,  have you tried Autostart ?20:57
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: eno0 is it20:57
Sleakeror make a new script that does exactly what you're stating.20:57
MDTech-us_MANi checked the mac address20:57
linelevelSleaker: This does work. If I type `HOME=$HOME/.dropbox/conf2 service dropbox start`, then everything works fine. It starts a second instance of the service that runs along-side the first.20:57
Sleakerinstead of including the full other script.20:57
linelevelSleaker: Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get this to run on startup.20:58
Sleakerah that's something you need at login20:58
Sleakerthat wont work in a service file.20:58
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: I think thats my builtin ethernet. When i pull my usb wifi out it no wifi channels show up20:58
linelevelSleaker: Right, so where is the best place to put it?20:59
MDTech-us_MANnow why NetworkManager doesnt pick it up is a different problem20:59
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: try connect to wifi without gui21:00
iorialinelevel,  just type Startup in dash21:00
iorialinelevel,  then Add21:00
MDTech-us_MANEriC^^: It booted. I selected try ubuntu without installing and got the ubuntu logo21:00
stan_man_canIs there any way to disable the super key in full screen apps?21:01
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: i just ran iwconfig and it says eno1 has no wireless extensions21:01
MDTech-us_MANEriC^^: now for the past 10-15 min the ubuntu logo is gone and I got a black screen.21:01
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: no idea then... :S21:01
linelevelioria: Okay, that works. Thank you.21:01
EriC^^MDTech-us_MAN: try pressing esc21:01
iorialinelevel,  no prob21:02
MDTech-us_MANEriC^^: same black screen21:02
EriC^^MDTech-us_MAN: try booting with nomodeset21:02
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  you may need nomodeset21:02
EriC^^is it uefi? black/white grub screen?21:02
MDTech-us_MANhow do I do that?21:02
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,   nvidia gtx something ?21:02
MDTech-us_MANyea 780 I think21:02
carlyhey guys i really need some help - can someone tell me how to install .targz files on ubuntu21:03
MDTech-us_MANits an oldie21:03
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,   F621:03
MDTech-us_MANi already had the ubuntu logo for a few min21:03
MDTech-us_MANthis is using uefi btw21:04
EriC^^MDTech-us_MAN: press "e" over try ubuntu and add nomodeset in the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz ... somewhere in the middle21:05
EriC^^then press ctrl+x21:05
MDTech-us_MANi'll remove quiet and splash ok?21:06
MDTech-us_MANand replace with nomodeset21:06
MDTech-us_MANbunch of text scrolling21:07
MDTech-us_MANits starting a bunck of stuff21:08
MDTech-us_MANand its gone21:08
MDTech-us_MANblack screen...21:08
MDTech-us_MANat the home screen!21:08
MDTech-us_MANbut its only on one monitor21:09
MDTech-us_MANand low res21:09
MDTech-us_MANI assume it will be fine after install?21:09
MonkeyDustMDTech-us_MAN  spare the enter key21:09
Jordan_UIf JamesB comes back, tell them to remove "debug" from their kernel parameters.21:09
MDTech-us_MANMonkeyDust: But... why?21:09
justPieDoes anyone have any experience installing wifi drivers that don't play nice with ubuntu 16.04? The card in question is asus PCE-n53. The card shows up in lspci but doesn't show up in iwconfig. I compiled the drivers using make and make install. I then ran modprobe right after with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?21:09
NoImNotNineVoltwhat driver does lspci -v show it's using?21:11
NoImNotNineVoltdoes lsmod show the correct driver?21:11
justPieNoImNotNineVolt: http://pastebin.com/hCRZPJH021:12
justPieI did a grep on lsmod and this what it returns. "rt5592sta            1146880  0"21:13
justPiedon't know what it means though21:13
NoImNotNineVoltthe first field is the module name, the second is the size, and the third is what it's used by.21:14
NoImNotNineVoltloaded but not used. are you sure it's the right driver?21:14
NoImNotNineVolthave you rebooted since?21:14
justPiei haven't rebooted21:15
NoImNotNineVoltif that's not too much of an issue, it's worth a shot.21:15
justPieYa ill give it a shot. But the driver im using is a patched driver. The one under the product website doesn't compile correctly.21:16
petersaintshi guys. I've noticed that when you enable virtual workspaces in Ubuntu 16.10 nothing happens. Is that a known issue?21:17
MDTech-us_MANjustPie: the guy on the askubuntu aswer said he could ignore the error...21:17
justPieThe error is "error: macro "__DATE__" might prevent reproducible builds [-Werror=date-time]"21:18
MonkeyDustpetersaints  ctrl-alt-arrow to switch workspace21:18
justPieMDTech-us_MAN: but it doesn't finish the make process, it just exits?21:19
MDTech-us_MANcheck if it created the so21:19
justPiewhen i run make install it fails21:19
NoImNotNineVoltjustPie: is this wifi adapter a rt2860 or an rt5592sta?21:19
NoImNotNineVoltbecause it's using the rt2860 driver.21:20
justPieinteresting... Maybe it was one of my failed attempts21:20
NoImNotNineVoltif that's not the correct driver, you may need to blacklist it in modprobe or something.21:20
justPiehow would i uninstall it?21:20
NoImNotNineVoltmodprobe -R or rmmod or something like that.21:20
NoImNotNineVoltthat'll remove it, but i have no idea how to uninstall it.21:20
NoImNotNineVoltif you didn't install it from a package, then you're on your own there :P21:20
NoImNotNineVolt(if you did a make install, you can take a look at the makefile and reverse whatever the install target does)21:21
justPieinteresting... i try to do rmmod rt2860 and modprobe -r rt2860 and it gives me module not loaded / module not found21:26
petersaintsMonkeyDust: That's not it. AFAIK the virtual workspaces get enabled but the grid is define as 1x1. Therefore, Ctrl+Arrows don't work and there's no icon to switch workspaces on the left bar/dock. If change the grid size to 2x2 on the CCSM it starts to work as expected. This is just something I noticed as strange behavior on 16.10 and that I thing that has passed unnoticed for a long time since I couldn't find any reports about this iss21:27
petersaints…an easy fix but it's still a bug. Unless Canonical is doing it on purpose since Unity's 7 virtual workspaces are currently the WORST virtual workspaces implementation across all modern desktops (GNOME Dhr21:27
ikoniajustPie: did you check it was actually loaded21:27
justPieikonia: no. it just says its in use here : http://pastebin.com/hCRZPJH021:27
petersaints*(GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma, Cinnamon and even Windows 10 and macOS)21:28
justPiedid lsmod | grep 2860 as well and doesn't return anything21:28
ikoniajustPie: thats a different module21:28
ikoniait's the rt5592 thats in use21:28
justPiebut it says Kernel driver in use: rt2860?21:29
ikoniakernel driver is not the module21:29
petersaintsAlso, on Unity 8 virtual workspaces are nowhere to be seen. It seems that they will just drop them in the future. It may seem a conspiracy theory but that's how it things seem to be heading.21:29
justPieah. Yeah, im not a power user. Still suck at this stuff21:29
nicomachusjustPie: everyone starts somewhere.21:30
justPielol, but i started 4 years ago X)21:30
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justPieso, i guess that leaves me confused. Whats rt2860 then?21:38
justPieand if the device is infact using the correct driver then why don't it work21:38
marrygrimwhat is a good 1gb x4 port server grade nic?21:46
nicomachusmarrygrim: try asking in ##hardware or ##networking21:47
marrygrimi am asking here because of the drivers for ubuntu server and desktop-openstack-ubuntu snappy core- virtual box/vm nicomachus21:49
nicomachusmarrygrim: most drivers will work just fine. The only one's I've seen issues with are a few select realtek chipsets, but even those are generally fixed pretty quickly (or at least have a workaround). But as a rule, this channel has never done buying recommendations.21:50
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iresfhey  everyone23:17
iresfhow to install    libQt5XcbQpa.so.5  on ubuntu  14.04.123:17
puffinzAndroid app deps on google play services is lammmme.23:21
\9iresf: doesn't look like it exists in the qt packages provided by trusty23:23
\9iresf: you'll need a ppa, if there is one available. or update to 16.04.1, which is the current LTS, for a Qt version that provides the library23:25
\9iresf: you can of course compile it yourself but you'll be on your own then23:25
iresf\9 : is it possible to install ?   i need to that for  android emulator23:25
\9i just explained...23:26
\9possibly you could try an older android emulator version that doesn't require it23:26
\9since you use older stuff in 14.04 anyway23:27
\9if you need the latest android emulator then you need the latest LTS23:27
iresfi want to run emulator64-x86     by amd cpu    on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit     that it has that problem23:28
iresf\9   :   yes  but  on   ubuntu 16.04    fglrx does not work   anymore  and i need to fglrx  for performance23:28
iresfi think i have to go to the  fedora23:29
\9can't you just install the emulator from the repos?23:29
\9it seems to be available there23:29
\9you should be able to get a supported version that way23:29
iresf\9 : installing   newest  QT library is possible on ubuntu 14.04 ?23:36
ikoniaI'd ask yourself why you want to do this23:36
ikoniaas if the distribution is not "shipping it" how would you expect others to use any work you do on it23:36
iresfikonia : i want to use android emulator64-x86 but it says a bad error23:38
ikoniaok - so why do you want to update the QT version beyond what ubuntu ships ?23:38
iresfbecoz   the error is about   version of qt lib23:39
ikoniaissyl0: what's the actual error ?23:40
ikoniaops, sorry issyl023:40
ikoniairesf: what's the actual error23:40
iresflibQt5XcbQpa.so.5 => not found23:40
ikoniaso it can't find a libray23:40
ikoniawhy do you think an upgrade will fix that ?23:40
iresfi just thought it should be upgrade23:41
ikoniawhy ?23:41
iresfto fix23:41
ikoniayou have an error about a missing library - and your answer is to upgrade ?23:41
ikoniais that what you're actually saying ?23:41
iresfyh i think23:42
ikoniaso thats not going to help you23:42
ikoniaas upgrading a package that isn't installed/doesn't exist won't help,23:42
ikoniayou need to understand what package provides that file and just install it23:42
iresfikonia : how to solve it  ?23:42
ikoniainstall the package that contains the file23:42
xanguaNo qt5 for Ubuntu 14.04 ;-)23:43
ikoniahe's on 14.04....?23:43
ikoniathe package looks to be libqt5gui523:43
koffeinfriedhoflibqt5gui5-gles http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/libqt5gui5-gles/filelist23:44
ikoniathe Kubuntu project would probably have a maintained PPA for QT5 for 14.04, I'd be surprised if they don't23:44
iresfthank u very much23:44
ikoniawhy are you giving him xenial packages ?23:44
ikoniahe's on 14.04 ?23:44
koffeinfriedhofSorry, I thought he would do an upgrade.23:45
ikonialooks like there is QT5 for 14.0423:45
xanguaOh nice23:45
iresfikonia  :  but libqt5gui5  have already installed23:47
clarkkI need to get the default /etc/apache2 directory from the deb package, or using a package manager. What is the best way to do this?23:48
ikoniairesf: ok - so search for that missing file, see if it's actually on the file system23:48
ikoniaclarkk: when you install the package, it will create the directory for you23:48
clarkkikonia: I've borked the default directory.23:48
ikoniare-install the package then23:48
iresfthe only missing file is libQt5XcbQpa.so.5  that there is in http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/libqt5gui5-gles/filelist  that is for 16.04.123:51
iresfbut i want to upgrade whole system to 16.04  because i have installed fglrx on it    and then my system will break23:53
issyl0ikonia: No problem. :-)23:55
infinitephantasmhello, can someone help me with a bit of a problem trying to run linux 2.6.38-10-generic on 16.04?23:59
Ben64infinitephantasm: yes. don't23:59
infinitephantasmwell, i kinda need to in order to get a driver installed23:59
infinitephantasmand so far that's the only working solution i've seen so far23:59
Ben64no you don't23:59

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