mchl_nixHey. I was wondering where I can find the package name / source of the battery indicator. Specifically in 16.0413:43
mchl_nixIs that something up stream or specific to xubuntu?13:44
bluesabremchl_nix, that's xfce4-power-manager's panel plugin22:44
mchl_nixI see.22:44
mchl_nixIs the code for it on launchpad?22:45
bluesabremchl_nix, https://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-power-manager22:46
mchl_nixOh. Thanks :)22:48
mchl_nixAre you familiar with this particular project?22:49
bluesabremchl_nix, very vaguely, you'll want to join #xfce-dev and reach out there to find the devs22:58
mchl_nixI see. Will see tomorrow. Thanks for your time :)22:58
bluesabreno problemo22:59

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