ZiberiusI have an applet to set cpu speed but it doesn't apply changes01:57
bazhangZiberius, please dont crosspost01:58
bazhangstick to the one channel01:58
ZiberiusDifferent problems01:58
Ziberiusi'm talking about a applet here specific to xubuntu01:59
Ziberiusthe other problem is with cpufreq-info01:59
xanguaZiberius: that's because there's an Ubuntu specific setting that makes it always use ondemand02:29
Ziberiusxangua: yes but it should show max speed anyway right?02:36
xanguaZiberius: is this a laptop?02:37
Ziberiusxangua: yes it is02:39
xanguaZiberius: if what you want is to get more battery juice from it, I recommend using TLP tools02:41
Ziberiusxangua: not really, I want the opposite, full performance02:43
xanguaOooh well that's weird :-P02:44
xanguaFor what i use mine, it's 80-90% of the time always in the lowest frequency02:44
xanguaZiberius: did you install and configure cpufreq-utilities?02:45
Ziberiusxangua: yes I installed cpufreq-utils02:47
Ziberiusnot sure if it's configureg though but I think so02:48
xanguaMmmm sorry haven't used cpufreq since 201002:52
Ziberiusxangua: ok no problem thanx anyways03:12
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xubuntu95wHello! Can someone help me switch from one wifi connection to another?11:09
knomexubuntu95w, what's the problem?11:58
xubuntu95wI am sorry it is complicated. I had a new internet service insalled in my home. I usually get my internet from a wifi hotspot (which is working right now). The new device is a modem / router, and I cannot seem to get connected to it. Or to find anywhere to click on an icon or otherwise to connect / disconnect. I can do command line, but am very new to it. Used to windows. Thank you in advance!12:03
knomejust to be sure, are you sure the settings on the new device are correct, eg. supposed to show up?12:04
xubuntu95wMy girlfriend has a windows computer, and the settings seem to work fine for her, although I have not double checked to make sure they are the same as mine. I also may not have set up the new wifi connection correctly. When I first did a network manager tool, the new wifi (to which I want so switch my connection) showed up on the list of networks (top), but does not now.12:08
knomedoes it show up under "more networks" (if there is a menu item like that)?12:09
xubuntu95wYES, it shows up now (just re-did nm tool).12:14
knomecan you connect to it now?12:17
xubuntu95wThere is the rub. I cannot find a connect icon anywhere. I see places under "Network > Network Settings" to enter DNS and under "Network Connections" to enter other information, but no where, other than in Gigolo to press a "connect" icon.12:23
knomejust click on the network name12:24
knometo be clear, click on the network (manager) icon on the panel and then the network name12:24
xubuntu95wThe Network icon brings up a "Network Settings" dialog box. After unlock and authentication (password), the dialog box shows three tabs, "General", "DNS" and "Hosts. The network name is on a list within the command line network manager tool which is like the old DOS with white letter on a black background -- nothing on which to click.12:29
xubuntu76wSorry Home, I am back12:36
xubuntu45whi there! i'm loojing for a way to find back some lost .tex files13:02
xubuntu76wI am having problems connecting to a wifi network.13:04
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ballI'm going to try Xubuntu on my 64-bit test rig (it wouldn't boot on my 32-bit one)14:01
ball....well, the DVD activity light is still flashing. That's probably a good sign, right?14:05
ballYay! I got to the Try/Install screen!14:14
ballIt may have stopped working. I have a black screen with nothing on it.14:28
ballI'll fetch a SATA DVD drive from home and try that.14:30
ball"Sorry, Ubuntu 16.10 has experienced an internal error."14:38
xubuntu60inicely done link on that xubuntu installer page - gbye15:14
xubuntu43wI cannot connect to wifi. My ISP acts like there is something wrong with xubuntu, since I cannot simply click on the wifi icon to connect. Can someone help me?16:02
gr1dl0ckxubuntu43w: which wifi adapter do you have?16:03
xubuntu43wNot sure, Where do I find that? Thank you in advance.16:04
xubuntu43wWhere do I find the type of wifi adapter? / How can I find that out. Is dmesg/more a command line command?16:06
gr1dl0ckyes cmd line16:07
xubuntu43wI am a novice at command line. I have done it a bit. How do I start, with Terminal Emulator, or what?16:08
gr1dl0ckyes use  a terminal16:09
xubuntu43wSorry, I  cannot find the /\ line between dmesg and more.16:10
xubuntu43wI mean the vertical line between dmesg and more. Sorry.16:11
ballxubuntu43w: It's probably on the backslash key, if you're in North America16:13
xubuntu46wSorry, Gridlock. My connection failed and kicked me offline. Where do I find the vertical line between the dmesg and more ?16:14
ballxubuntu43w: It's probably on the backslash key, if you're in North America16:14
gr1dl0ckxubuntu46w: ^ as ball has mentioned it's the shift then backslash key. aka pipe key16:16
ballIf I had a working Linux machine I'd help you with what to look for.16:18
gr1dl0ckball: how did you go on the 32 bit machine?16:19
ballgr1dl0ck: Didn't work at all. Couldn't even boot the installer.16:20
ballgr1dl0ck: Apparently Xubuntu (or Ubuntu, underneath) depends on PAE.16:21
ball...perhaps Linux, underneath Ubuntu.16:21
gr1dl0ckball have you tried Linuxlite, it's a xubuntu freespin, designed for older machines https://www.linuxliteos.com/download.php16:21
gr1dl0ckmight have some luck with that???16:22
gr1dl0ckxubuntu46w: please no pms16:22
ballThanks for the suggestion gr1dl0ck16:22
gr1dl0ckI'm going to take a nap bbl guys16:23
xubuntu46wHi gridlock. Thanks for coming back. I got dmesg|more to work. No where do I find the wifi adapter?16:23
xubuntu46wI am having trouble connecting to a wifi modem / gateway router. My ISP acts as if there is something wrong with my xubuntu because I cannot merely click on the wifi icon to connect. Sorry to beg, but I am at wits end, and the person thankfully helping me has left.16:26
ballYour ISP may be right.  I don't use Linux but I'll try to help if I can.16:30
ballWhen you left click on the WiFi icon, are you offered a list of wireless networks?16:30
xubuntu46wThe only way I get a list of networks is with the nm-tool command. I do not know if I am 'supposed to see a list that is 'clickable'.16:31
xubuntu46wThank you, ball.16:31
ballxubuntu46w: Are you using a laptop?16:32
xubuntu46wYes, using a laptop. The only place there is a possibility to click "connect" is when I click the wifi icon and get a connect to server dialog box.16:32
ballOdd that it would say "connect to server"16:35
ball...when you're trying to connect to a wireless network.16:35
xubuntu46wI do not understand either. The ISP was guessing this is to connect a specialized device to the wireless router. I have used the dmseg|more command as Gridlock suggested, but I am not sure where the wireless adapter is found in the list below.16:37
ballxubuntu46w: try dmesg|grep 802.1116:39
ball^- that's a guess16:39
Artemis3xubuntu46w, you are supposed to click the icon (might show up and down arrows) then that shows list of networks, then you click the name of the thing you want to connect to.16:43
xubuntu46wHi Artemis3. Clicking the icon only brings up the Gigolo program, no up / down arrows. No list of networks. A list of networks might have been nice.16:45
Artemis3that is the wrong icon16:45
xubuntu46wThere is also the Network and Network Connections icons under / after Settings. They are very similar.16:46
Artemis3xubuntu46w, in this image, the icon is next to volume take a close look: https://xubuntu.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/72cf/1604_thunar.png16:46
Artemis3it might show something different depending16:47
Artemis3you should be able to left or right click16:48
Artemis3it might show "enable network" or such (for wireless)16:48
xubuntu46wThis brings up "Windows Network" only.16:48
Artemis3do not turn off network there or else you need to check your laptop has the wifi on (it does turn it off)16:48
Artemis3hmm can you take a pic of your desktop?16:49
Artemis3and upload to imgur or such?16:49
Artemis3with the menu it shows when you click the icon16:50
xubuntu46wSorry. No phone / photo available. I am familiar with wifi switches (which can be utterly confounding) on laptops. I will take a min to look at mine.16:50
Artemis3can you connect with patch cord (lan cable)?16:50
xubuntu46wIt just shoes a checkerboard within a square and says "Windows Network". And I CAN connect via an ethernet cable.16:51
Artemis3when things are normal connecting to wifi is simply click that icon and click the network (asks for password) and its done16:51
Artemis3you can connect using ethernet, press print screen and upload the capture to imgur xD16:52
Artemis3or simillar16:52
xubuntu46wNot happening for me. I searched, and found no physical wifi switch. Maybe there is a key board command on this old Dell.16:52
Artemis3yes that is very possible, also in bios16:52
Artemis3you should not use the icon to turn off the network, or it will physically turn off the wifi16:53
Artemis3it helps if your laptop has a light indicating wifi on16:53
xubuntu46wI will try as you suggest. I would need to create the imgur account. However, maddeningly, there is a little light above the keyboard which says wifi and it is on. I will try to take the print screen of the Network screen and get it to you. I fear it will not help, but let me go at it for a min.16:54
Artemis3many laptops have fn (something) to turn on/off wifi, or a slider or button16:54
Artemis3xubuntu46w, use another service16:55
Artemis3imgbox maybe?16:55
Artemis3since it worked once, im guessing something happened16:56
xubuntu46wNow where to I find print screen except with my browser?16:56
Artemis3lol in your keyboard, maybe its in blue print somewhere and you need to press fn16:56
* ball makes a point of not mentioning xwd16:56
Artemis3fn prnt scr or such16:56
Artemis3well there are other ways to launch the screen capture16:56
Artemis3but that seems simpler16:57
Artemis3which laptop model it is?16:58
xubuntu46wMaybe I can transfer the screen capture via USB stick. The laptop is a Dell Vostro 1000. Lemme go grab a USB stick.16:59
Artemis3oh if thats easier than connecting by wire16:59
Artemis3give the laptop model17:00
Artemis3lo and behold it is fn f217:04
Artemis3hope it has a led...17:04
Artemis3well connect using wire and issue this command in the terminal/console: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer17:06
Artemis3then restart and hope for the best, ill be away for half hour or so.17:07
xubuntu46wOK. NOw I am going to set up an imgur account and get back to you. The damn system did not like the unapproved characters in the time of screen shot which was in the file name. Now on to imgur.17:08
xubuntu46wScreen shot: http://imgur.com/a/gd2xh17:09
xubuntu46wFunction F2 does indeed make the wifi light go on and off. It was on. Sorry.17:09
xubuntu46wGonna restart now.17:11
ballSet fire to it.17:12
xubuntu46wThe literal interpret. of your slang reflects my current feelings about it.17:13
xubuntu46wI meant colloquialism / expression. Unfortunately, the restart brings up the same problem, Browse Network is greyed out and only the right click brings up anything, and tat this the windows network in the screenshot. I got a "not online" message when I restarted, asking me to us the network menu (?) to search networks.17:16
xubuntu46wTurning the wifi off via fn f2 turns it on again, but with the same results of no networks. Back to looking at the wifi adapter again? I assume you saw the screenshot.17:19
ballI didn't.17:20
xubuntu46wIt seems to be there http://imgur.com/a/gd2xh17:20
ballI see a WiFi icon that is blue, suggesting that it works.17:21
ballIf you're not seeing any wirless networks when you click on that, I don't know what to suggest.17:21
ballIs your wireless network on 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz?17:21
xubuntu46wHow would I determine that?17:22
xubuntu46wBTW, thanks for your help. I suspect the wifi is working at the modem, as its icon is on and the ISP reported it working and reset it twice.17:23
xubuntu46wI meant the icon at the modem itself.17:24
ballmodems don't do WiFi. You're probably talking about a wireless router with a modem built in.17:31
xubuntu43wI've been going round and round trying to troubleshoot why I cannot connect to my wireless router (I have a laptop). Several people have been very helpful and we have checked a lot of things. Is anyone else game to try?17:43
ballI shouldn't be trying to help anyone. I don't even have a Linux.17:49
ballI should go to lunch but I'm not sure I'm allowed to leave.17:50
Artemis3xubuntu43w, i see your icon in blue, what does it show when you click that?17:51
xubuntu43wHi ball. I should have eaten several hours ago. You were helping me before. I might have a lead. I have been through some xubuntu troubleshooting. When investigating if the drivers are working, it shows the device is not working.17:52
ballOdd that it would be blue if it wasn't working.17:53
xubuntu43wHi Artimis. It just brings up that pesky Windows Network icon. The screenshot is http://imgur.com/a/gd2xh. Back to that.17:53
ballxubuntu43w: Have you tried a USB WiFi adaptor?17:54
Artemis3xubuntu43w, you should show that window in your screencapture17:54
Artemis3oh that17:54
xubuntu43wDo not have one. Otherwise I would. I am connected to the interned via the modem / router on this computer, which I am using.17:54
Artemis3what does right click do?17:54
xubuntu43wRight click only opens in new tab or window, or opens.17:55
Artemis3what does it say if you put the cursor on top of the icon (without clicking)17:56
ballWrong icon perhaps?17:58
Artemis3that is not network-manager17:58
Artemis3gigolo is a samba browser and we want nothing with it17:59
xubuntu43wIt is the one under NETWORK in the File Manager17:59
Artemis3close it and never open that again17:59
Artemis3i dont see your network manager icon for some reason17:59
xubuntu43wLet me try to get you a screenshot of what the "additional drivers" tab of software and updates says. It indicated18:00
Artemis3which is not blue btw18:00
xubuntu43wSorry, It indicates that the device is not working.18:00
Artemis3did you do the command line?18:00
Artemis3but still there is a bigger issue18:00
ballI'd play along if Xubuntu worked on my hardware.18:01
Artemis3if you have the iso boot it up18:01
xubuntu43wThe Wifi icon under network is there. I am not familiar with a network manager icon. I am new to command line, but have been using it all morning with the online troubleshooting.18:01
xubuntu43wISO? I just bought the computer with xubuntu on it. No original boot disc or similar.18:02
flocculantxubuntu43w: seen this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/101632/dell-vostro-1000-broadcom-wireless-connection18:02
ballYou can buy computers with Xubuntu on?!18:02
flocculantlast comment says fixed issue 16.04.1 last month18:02
Artemis3so it should have worked out of the box18:03
Artemis3maybe he used the old 16.04 iso18:03
flocculantball: you'd buy a computer with xubuntu if I sold you one :D18:03
xubuntu43wYes, Artemis3, I use command line. The computer was bought new and refurbished from an outfit that recycles, provides networking solutions for non-profits, and provides training and and employment.18:03
ballflocculant: Doubt I could afford it.18:03
Artemis3do you have 16.04.1 iso xubuntu43w or the older 16.04 ?18:03
Artemis3flocculant, i bet its simply a kernel update18:04
flocculantArtemis3: no - comment says 'it fixed their problem' so I assume they had similar problems18:04
ballTempted to go home at lunch time and bring one of my own in.18:04
Artemis3flocculant, then a simple update-upgrade may fix it18:04
flocculantno - that's not what the page says at all :)18:05
xubuntu43wActually, 14.04   I got a message to 'upgrade' (sorry if my nomenclature is wrong) but it warned me parts of the distribution is were from untrusted sources.18:05
Artemis3oh i read it, b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer why i told him an hour ago xD18:05
Artemis3ok the solution is the same18:06
Artemis3do what that page says18:06
Artemis3you have to plug the ethernet18:06
xubuntu43wArtemis3, do I look for the software manager and update?18:06
Artemis3there is a series of commands in that page18:07
xubuntu43wI can do that via an ethernet cable, if that is recommended.18:07
Artemis3do them when you plug your ethernet cable18:07
Artemis3it is necesary18:07
xubuntu43wWhich page is that, again?18:07
Artemis3our broadcom friends strike again18:08
xubuntu43wI should plug into ethernet and go to that page, and follow the cmd lines? Yes/No18:08
Artemis3should be easier that way to copy/paste18:09
xubuntu43wI'm gonna get that page on a USB stick and then go do the cmd line you suggest.18:09
Artemis3oh my18:09
xubuntu43wOh my good? Or oh my bad?18:10
Artemis3sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer ; sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source ; sudo reboot18:11
Artemis3type that after you have internet working with the ethernet cable18:12
Artemis3or copy paste18:12
Artemis3hmm i should have used && ah well18:12
Artemis3have faith xD18:12
xubuntu43wActually just as easy to email myself. Faith is for the faint of heart. I am on it (firing it up). Will let you know in a few.18:12
Artemis3haha well if you want to be more correct in case of failure, replace all ; with &&18:13
Artemis3but i have faith there won't be any failures, because murphy is always wrong xD18:14
Artemis3sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer && sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source && sudo reboot18:14
Artemis3easy peasy18:15
Artemis3; is my bad habit18:15
xubuntu43wSorry, Atemis3, it asks for my sudo password, and then does not respond to keyboard (either pressing letters or past password command).18:23
xubuntu43wI meant paste password command.18:24
xubuntu43wI need a [sudo] password?18:24
xubuntu43wI was doing the command line to install the proper driver, as instructed, but it asks for a [sudo] password, and at the same time, does not respond to my keyboad. What gives?18:28
ballxubuntu43w: Perhaps it's listening to what you type but not echoing those characters to the screen. If you type your password correctly and press [Enter], what happens?18:29
Artemis3yes ball its not supposed to show anything when you input your password18:31
ballArtemis3: That was my guess.18:31
Artemis3you are ready for linux, what is your issue with it?18:32
ballArtemis3: Me?  I just need hardware that can run it.  I probably have a computer at home that I could fetch at lunch time or bring into the office tomorrow.18:32
Artemis3you said you couldn't run xubuntu18:33
* ball nods18:33
Artemis3what hardware you have?18:33
xubuntu43wWhat am I do to, it will not accept any password. It only allows me to press enter, and indicates I still need the password.18:33
ballArtemis3: The two test rigs in front of me are a VIA C3 at 1 GHz (no PAE = no Xubuntu) and an Atom 230 at 1.6 GHz (install failed)18:33
Artemis3press ctrl-c  xubuntu43w18:34
ballxubuntu43w: Sounds as though you're mistyping it.18:34
Artemis3yeah of course he needs to repeat the commant (arrow up) then type the password when prompted18:34
Artemis3ball, both have solutions18:35
xubuntu43wIt will not let me type anything except to press enter. I know how to type my password, but it will accept nothing. Arrow up? When?18:35
Artemis3first press ctrl c18:35
Artemis3then press arrow up so the commant is repeated18:35
Artemis3then press enter, it will ask your password18:35
Artemis3type it BLINDLY and press enter18:35
Artemis3ball, the c3 is more challenging, but can be done. you could also do the atom without much problem, the c3 is probably too slow xD18:37
Artemis3i played with someone's c3 last year but the thing suddendly died on me for no apparent reason xD18:38
ballI could try it on one of the Pentium 4 boxes in the store room. I forgot about those.18:38
Artemis3ball, ah thats much easier if you want.18:38
Artemis3the atom should have worked out of the box tho18:39
* ball nods18:39
Artemis332 bit ofc18:39
ballArtemis3: It's amd64-compatible.18:39
ballArtemis3: ...but I was trying the i386 ISO18:39
Artemis3not that model i don't think so18:39
Artemis3but you could always try18:39
ballIt really is.  I've run 64-bit operating systems on it before.18:39
Artemis3if you have the spare ram to make it worth18:40
xubuntu43wThis is starting to get very aggrevating. I press control + C, but that just repeats my username / computer name. I am marching from computer to computer. There is no way that it is letting me enter my password. What gives?18:40
ballxubuntu43w: Try hitting ^C twice.18:40
Artemis3close the terminal and start again18:40
ball^- or that18:40
Artemis3at least you get some exercise out of it :318:41
Artemis3ball, with the c3 i suppose you could just use another distro18:41
Artemis3you need the older kernel, one for i586 (not 686)18:42
ballArtemis3: I'm wondering whether it's more of a kernel issue than distro-specific.18:42
* ball nods18:42
Artemis3yes ubuntu ships with i68618:42
Artemis3so p4 is about the min18:42
Artemis3(and they want to remove that too)18:42
* ball waits patiently for a thing to finish.18:43
Artemis3a lite distro for older hardware would be better suited imo18:43
xubuntu43wNow I am really geting steamed. Where is ^ on my keyboard anyway? This is ridiculous. No way to enter password.18:44
flocculantxubuntu43w: ctrl+c18:44
geniiSounds like a pretty crappy keyboard18:44
Artemis3ball, if you perform a text install (debian-installer) in expert mode, there is a point where you can pick kernels, but haven't done one in ubuntu recently.18:44
ball^C just means hold Ctrl down while you press C.18:45
Artemis3funny i didnt type the caret18:45
xubuntu43wControl C just keeps repating my goddam computer name. I have tried it multiple times.18:45
Artemis3but yeah18:45
ballArtemis3: I did.18:45
Artemis3well stop doing it xD18:45
* ball grins18:45
Artemis3close the terminal open new terminal, and repeat the command18:45
xubuntu43wOnce again, there is no way to enter my password. I have tried a new terminal three times now.18:46
Artemis3when it asks the password18:46
Artemis3type it in your keybord without looking at the screen, then hit enter.18:46
xubuntu43wSurely you jest.18:46
Artemis3i said blindly for a reason18:47
xubuntu43wAre you playing with me?18:47
ballxubuntu43w: I'm starting to wonder whether you're winding us up.18:47
Artemis3sudo command asks for password, you will see nothing when you type the password18:47
flocculantxubuntu43w: no - I think by blindly - they mean don't look at the screen18:47
xubuntu43wPressing on any keys except for enter does nothing.18:48
flocculantxubuntu43w: you get absolutely nothing showing on screen when you type password18:48
flocculantxubuntu43w: also when you ctrl+c it WILL return to just show you your pc name18:49
Artemis3maybe we have to use gksudo :318:50
flocculantArtemis3: which would need installing ...18:50
Artemis3lol yeah i forgot if its included anymore xD18:50
ballxubuntu43w: It's doing what it is supposed to do.  You are not supposed to see anything when you type your password.  Please make sure you type it correctly.18:57
xubuntu43wOK. Now I get it. The password and all evidence thereof does not show on the screen. Sorry for my impatience. However, the problem still persists.19:05
xubuntu43wNo networks visible when clicking on the icon. However, my weather widget seems to be not only working, but updatine. Where is it getting its data from, I wonder?19:06
flocculantxubuntu43w: I thought you were connected to ethernet?19:07
xubuntu43wflocculant  I was. Then I disconnected, to try to use my wifi. Same reaction to clicking on the network icon both times.19:09
flocculantxubuntu43w: so while connected you ran through the web page I linked you?19:09
xubuntu43wI ran through the keyboard commands, and everything seemed to go well. The computer restart even took longer than usual, which I took to be a sign that I had indeed changed something. Or am I being a digital mystic there?19:10
flocculantok - and did you run the lspci command to check you had the same card?19:12
flocculantnot that I'll be of much help here - no wifi, not ever, so no need to ever troubleshoot it ...19:13
xubuntu43wNo. Is lspci the entire command? I only did the $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer $ sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source $ sudo reboot19:14
flocculantxubuntu43w: sudo lspci -nn19:15
flocculantit should say Broadcom something - let channel know the something you have19:16
xubuntu95whey guys19:19
xubuntu95whow do I submit bugs to xubuntu19:19
flocculantxubuntu43w: ubuntu-bug packagename19:20
xubuntu95wI have no idea what package is creating the bug19:20
xubuntu95wBasically when I suspend, and I come back, the mouse cursor disappears19:20
xubuntu43wI will go try that. Thanks!19:22
flocculantxubuntu43w: have you updated?19:23
xubuntu95wI tend to just update by version number19:23
xubuntu95wbut not by packages19:23
xubuntu43wFlocculant: I ran that command, and it looks like nothing has changed, but I could be wrong. Network and Ethernet controllers are both Broadcom. Should I be looking at something else?19:23
xubuntu95wUsually when I update by packages, something breaks19:23
flocculantxubuntu95w: bug 156860419:24
ubottubug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-xenial (Ubuntu) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156860419:24
xubuntu95wI just go by LTS and wait for the newer LTS release19:25
flocculantxubuntu43w: so what was did it say after Broadcom Corporation?19:25
flocculantxubuntu95w: well, what version are you running? - that bug should be fixed by updating packages for 16.04 iirc19:26
flocculantanyway - that bug should help19:26
xubuntu95wyep and reccomends updating a certain package19:27
xubuntu43wFor which, Network or Ethernet controller? Network controller is BCM4312 802.lib/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 22)19:27
flocculantxubuntu43w: that's what people will need19:29
* flocculant is off now19:29
xubuntu43wSorry, flocculant, what? Did it work? Cause I still cannot connect. Did it upgrade? I will leave you alone after this. THanks again for your help!19:30
Artemis3xubuntu43w, just to be clear, the blue thing is not the network icon, you should try to right click remove that. i need to go out soon you need to sort out why is network-manager icon not showing19:30
Artemis3gigolo is not network-manager and has nothing to do with it19:31
Artemis3sadly it uses an icon resembling network19:31
xubuntu43wThanks! I thought the icon at File System (or whatever) is the one. Anyway, it had not improved, it still says only the Microsoft Network. OK to leave, I have been at this for over 8 hours and am ready to eat and otherwise take care of myself. Thank you for all your help!19:32
Artemis3i bet its already fixed, you just need to fix networ-manager19:33
xubuntu43wBulwinkle only knows how I can fix the network manager. Thanks again!19:34
Artemis3well next person that comes to chat tell them you have lost the network-manager icon somehow and you need to restore it so you can pick wifi19:35
xubuntu43wThanks muchly!19:35
* ball thinks about going off in search of lunch.19:38
xubuntu43wBall go get lunch. I have had it. I am going to get lubreakfast.19:38
ballAt this point I might just get coffee.19:41
* genii slides one over to ball19:50
geniiball: BTW I yanked the drive out of that thing and now rediculously managed to boot it on another box with a Q6600 socket 77522:22
* ball grins22:25
gr1dl0ckball: how did you go22:25
ballgr1dl0ck: I might have a go tomorrow.22:26
gr1dl0ckdid you get anything installed on that 32bit machine22:26
ballgr1dl0ck: Yes but it's not Linux ;-)22:26
ballI put three PATA disks in it and it's currently running NetBSD.  I did download a Linux Lite ISO image though.22:27
ballI should burn that to a DVD22:27
ballWell that was nice: had a user with a question and I was able to spin up a desktop that he could use but I could watch, so I could talk him through the thing he needed to learn.22:42
ball...presumably that'll work the other way too, so that I can demonstrate things and users can watch.22:43

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