ychaoucheHello #bzr13:55
ychaoucheI am confused with this problem : bzr add DIRECTORY seems to be failing silently because when I try to commit it tells me there are no changes to commit : : https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ychaouche/fff5b16c70286a5b1e75f8e32c8e4fab/raw/f9f29db1f06a8baf92d088fc587a8dc6a552d6e9/gistfile1.txt13:56
ychaouchebut when I try to commit from inside DIRECTORY it happily accepts to.13:56
fullermdI'd say it's a separate branch.14:17
fullermdThat is, ~/SCRIPTS is a branch, and ~/SCRIPTS/DOTFILES is also a branch, and you've got changes in DOTFILES, but there aren't any in SCRIPTS ('cuz DOTFILES isn't part of scripts)14:19
ychaouchewhen branch root is "." then DOTFILES is itself a branch, right ?15:42

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