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MmikeHi, lads. What user/password combination do I use to connect to mongodb on the state servers, I've tried admin/machine-XX as user and oldpassword/sstatepassword from agent.conf files, but no dice.09:20
rick_hMmike: check out https://www.mail-archive.com/juju-dev@lists.ubuntu.com/msg04089.html09:23
Mmikerick_h, thnx, looking09:27
mgzfrobware: lp:juju-ci-tools assess_endpoint_bindings.py for the demonstration10:15
mgzsee the create_test_charms() function10:16
rediralexisb see also https://github.com/y0ssar1an/q11:06
voidspacejam: http://leftoversalad.com/c/015_programmingpeople/11:06
natefinchanastasiamac: can you re-review?  I updated a bunch of tests to pass.  Thanks! https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/666113:45
anastasiamacnatefinch: looking13:46
anastasiamacnatefinch: LTM13:51
mgzaxw: you approved already but got macgreagoir to make a few changes, https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/667413:52
mgzanastasiamac: I think bug 1600257 is the badger15:05
mupBug #1600257: Broken bash completion with old ppa packages present <bash-completion> <packaging> <verification-done> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <juju-core (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1600257>15:05
mupBug #1648130 opened: ERROR id not found error obscures cause <cdo-qa> <OpenStack Tempest Charm:Invalid> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1648130>15:40
babbageclunkmenn0: Sorry, thought you said you were waiting for it to start.16:04
babbageclunkaxw_: If you want to take a look - https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/667816:05
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mupBug #1648130 changed: ERROR id not found error obscures cause <cdo-qa> <usability> <OpenStack Tempest Charm:Invalid> <juju:Triaged> <juju-core:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1648130>16:40
axw_babbageclunk: sorry not going to be able to finish reviewing today17:03
babbageclunkaxw_: no worries - I'll bug menn0 to do it instead17:04
babbageclunkaxw_: (Although there's not a big rush)17:04
mupBug #1648600 opened: juju 1.x charm store channel support <uosci> <OpenStack Charm Test Infra:New> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1648600>19:56
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