petevgcory_fu: do you save off the dir that you found the bundle in anywhere in the code that you wrote related to finding bundles?00:00
cory_fupetevg: What?00:01
cory_fuI didn't write any code related to finding bundles00:01
petevgcory_fu: I mean, when you fall back to running in the bundle in the current dir ...00:01
petevgcory_fu: I can just read the code.00:02
cory_fupetevg: I'm not sure what you mean.  That's just the default value of the argparse option00:02
petevgcory_fu: by which you mean, you do save it into the path config value. It's just late, and I'm not typing clearly :-)00:03
petevg... or thinking clearly, obv00:04
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kjackalGood morning Juju world!07:58
jaceknis it possible to run xenial services on xenial machines but with trusty bootstrap node?10:44
rick_hjacekn: completely10:53
rick_hjacekn: just deploy those using the trusty series and you'll be peachy10:53
rick_hjacekn: we even do where the controller is ubuntu but then you run applications on machines in centos/windows10:53
jaceknrick_h: ack, thanks10:56
jaceknrick_h: I'm assuming that series within one service need to match correct? (so it's impossible to upgrade units one by one)?10:57
rick_hjacekn: so upgrading a charm isn't upgrading the series10:57
rick_hjacekn: so that's a bit different10:57
rick_hjacekn: but yes, each application needs to match10:57
rick_hjacekn: so you can deploy a charm twice, with a different application name, and they can be of different series10:58
jaceknok thanks, that's what I thought10:58
jaceknrick_h: it's not possible to rename servcies right?11:01
rick_hjacekn: no, cannot currently11:01
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jamespagehmm I put https://review.jujucharms.com/reviews/49 up - but then think I might have actually pushed that to edge instead12:21
stubIs it still supported to change the advertised IP address on a relation to some other IP address? IIRC it was blessed as a way of implementing proxies.12:33
stubI'll test soon, but even if it works I'm not sure if it is something I should be doing.12:34
petevgbcsaller, cory_fu: would either of you mind if I just merged https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/34  Having my work on other stuff depend on that branch is making my life complicated :-/14:16
magicaltrouti mind14:16
cory_fupetevg: :)  I was just now giving it a last look and was going to merge it before sync14:16
petevgcory_fu: cool. Thx.14:17
petevgI guess I don't need to encourage magicaltrout to rebel against the tyranny of his own mind by dropping a +1 on my PR ...14:17
magicaltrouti do like this matrix stuff I piss the guys off at JPL buy just randomly shutting down docker containers on some of our stuff occasionally14:18
petevg... and my PR allows you do to that on services that you couldn't do that to before :-14:19
cory_fupetevg: Merged.  Sorry that took so long.  Thanks for putting up with my nit picking, but I am quite happy with the result.  :)14:22
petevgcory_fu: thx for merging. Nit picking is okay -- we want this to be code that we're all proud of :-)14:22
petevgat least you're entertained :-p14:23
magicaltroutokay enough trolling petevg for now, I should probably do some.... work14:24
magicaltroutas such, i'll delay that by fetching coffee14:24
skay_mthaddon: how long until this hits? https://code.launchpad.net/~mthaddon/mojo/additional-ready-states/+merge/31279114:33
mthaddonskay_: hard to say - depends on the review14:35
skay_mthaddon: my new charm is in review, and I have feedback to change blocked to maintenance or waiting due to how mojo handles things currently. but, this looks like it will go in soon14:37
mthaddonskay_: I would imagine this would be merged/released within a week or so if that helps14:38
skay_mthaddon: ok14:38
skay_I'll mention it. we're not close to ready for production, so I am pretty sure the mojo change will be out first14:39
skay_(though, I think I could change it to waiting. if a human is around, they'll see the message about what it is waiting for. (the bug mentions it is debatable))14:40
bladernrQuestion about service/application config.  I have a charm and I have defined some config options and can set and change them.  What I haven't been able to find an example of, or understandable documentation on, is how to write a config-changed hook that will take the contents of each option and turn them into an environmnet variable on the machine.15:16
bladernrso example, if I do juju set servicename target-ip="", I want the config-changed hook to recognize that and do something like "export TARGET_IP=$target-ip"15:17
mgzbladernr: I responded on your bug15:28
mgz(unrelated to anything)15:28
mgzbladernr: to your question here, just export probably doesn't do what you want, you'd need to restart any services in the new context, or set globally in an rc file or something15:32
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: i understand you're having trouble with sshuttle?  there are a few of us here that have used sshuttle to tunnel traffic to a remote network.  what's the issue?16:30
Ankammarao_i tried to login s390x machine on x86_64 machine (firefox working fine)16:33
Ankammarao_could you tell me how to exactly use the sshuttle16:33
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kwmonroeAnkammarao_:  sshuttle -r <user>@<remote-machine>  <juju-subnet>16:37
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: sshuttle -r root@z10lnx04
kwmonroe^ as an example16:37
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, Z10LNX06.in.ibm.com this is the machine we are using16:39
Ankammarao_here i have instaled the sshuttle16:39
kwmonroeok, you need to install sshuttle on your local machine.  is z10lnx06 local, or is that the remote server?16:39
Ankammarao_local machine only16:40
kwmonroeok, what's the name of your remote machine?16:41
Ankammarao_we have deployed the charm here only16:42
Ankammarao_so we are using the this server to run firefox16:42
Ankammarao_how we can now the juju-lxd-subnet16:43
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: if you're local on the machine, you don't probably don't need sshuttle.  just browse to the ip address of the lxd machine.16:44
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: you can test that you have access to the lxd subnet from you local machine by trying to ping one of the lxd machines.  if that works, then try 'curl <url>', if that works, then any browser should work too.16:49
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, is there any other browsers which supports the ubuntu16:54
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, i am able to accessing the lxd machine and pinging but unable to browsing16:55
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: let's back up a minute.  are you typing on a laptop or desktop right now?16:55
Ankammarao_typing on laptop16:56
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: what OS is your laptop running?16:56
Ankammarao_windows 716:56
kwmonroeok.. so.  Ankammarao_.  here's where the confusion started.  your *local* machine is your windows7 laptop.  your remote machine is Z10LNX06.16:57
kwmonroeand when you attempt to run a browser like firefox on your remote machine, it will likely fail because there is no window manager to handle firefox's gui from within a terminal.16:58
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, i am running the firefox on vnc server16:59
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, its working fine for x86_64 machine16:59
Ankammarao_but we are facing issue with s390x machine17:00
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: so you're running vnc on your laptop and connecting to the destop of Z10LNX06.  running firefox from there is what is crashing.  is that right?17:02
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, yes exactly17:02
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: ok.  sshuttle won't work for you because i do not believe there is a windows client available.  Ankammarao_ what version of ubuntu is running on Z10LNX06?17:04
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS17:05
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: you should be able to 'sudo apt-get install chromium-browser' on Z10LNX06 and try that browser.  if that crashes as well, you'll need to follow up on #ubuntu or perhaps #ubuntu-server.  we're way outside of juju's world at this point..17:08
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, we have tried with chromium-browser too its not getting installed17:09
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, can you suggest me the steps to try with sshuttle17:10
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: sshuttle is not an option for you.  there is no sshuttle for windows 7.17:10
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, okay17:11
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, so what could be the solution for browser issue on s390x ubuntu, can you redirect to some conatcts or channels17:14
kwmonroeAnkammarao_: join #ubuntu-s390x and tell them you're having trouble launching firefox on your s390x machine when connecting through vnc.17:16
Ankammarao_kwmonroe, thanks17:16
kwmonroenp - good luck Ankammarao_!17:17
bdxgetting this error after creating a new vpc http://paste.ubuntu.com/23599855/19:15
bdxI've ensured it has been provisioned identically to the other vpc's I'm using19:15
bdxmy controller never seems to finish bootstraping ....19:15
bdxgoing to let the bootstrap timeout and see what gives there19:16
bdxahhh, had to add a route to my igw in my routing table19:31
vagarwali deployed openstack novalxd using conjure-up. it sets lxdbr0 as and conjureup0 as, where the new instance on ext-net interface is assigned
vagarwali cannot ping to this ip or ssh to it. it gives a destination unreachable error.20:06
vagarwalis this expected behaviour and what am i missing?20:09
hmlvargarwal: did you assign a floating-ip to the instance?20:36
derekcatHey, does anyone know if there's a problem with running a maas-region-controller and a maas-rack-controller each in LXDs on the same host?21:01
zeestratderekcat: You might want to check in #maas21:13
derekcatOk, wasn't sure where to ask first since I'm deploying maas to the LXDs with juju21:20
petevgcory_fu: thinking aloud about matrix issue#39 ... I think that the problem is that glitch can run a select after a remove_unit command has been issued, but before that unit has been removed from the model. Glitch can then go and try to run an action on that unit as it is disappearing, or after it has disappeared. I guess the question is, is it glitch's21:41
petevgresponsibility to make sure that I don't try to reboot a nonexistent unit? Or is it the api's responsibility to fail sensibly when I act on outdated info that I've gotten from the model?21:41
petevgcory_fu: on the one hand, I kind of want to reign in glitch. On the other hand, we agreed earlier that I probably shouldn't -- that we were trying to unearth exactly these sorts of broken situations, and make sure that our APIs and tools dealt with them appropriately.21:42
petevgcory_fu: did you happen to keep any of the glitch_plan files that caused your crash?21:43
cory_fupetevg: I didn't keep any, no, sorry.  I don't feel like this is a problem with the API, though.  I think it is reasonable for glitch to block until the unit is actually gone when it removes the unit, and I think it's also reasonable to ensure the plan doesn't include more remove_units than can possibly succeed.21:48
cory_fuThe API can't do anything other than throw an error if you attempt to remove a non-existant unit.21:49
cholcombeis something going on with amazon?  all my units i deploy are in the down state and never seem to boot21:52
petevgcory_fu: right. The API should throw an error. And then glitch should catch it and decide to either fail the test or ignore it and continue. The behavior that you saw, where it stalls out and gets stuck, isn't correct.22:16
cory_fupetevg: Yep, fair enough22:18
petevgcory_fu: I thought that I had thrown a try: except around the glitch actions, though. It looks like I haven't. That's maybe the best thing to do (if I add in the sleep, then glitch will never test things like attempting to reboot a unit as you're removing it, which is the sort of edge case that we want to test.)22:18
cory_fupetevg: Fair enough.  As long as it doesn't get in to an unstable state, I'm happy.  Though I do think that at some point we're going to have *some* smarts to the plan generation.  Having a plan with a bunch of steps that are essentially no-ops seems counter-productive22:21
cory_fuBut one or two, which would be the most common case, should be fine for now, as long as it doesn't go unstable because of it22:21
petevgcory_fu: maybe we do something like make it less likely that glitch will act on a single unit more than twice. (Just thinking aloud.)22:23
petevgcory_fu, bcsaller: PR to help fix some of cory_fu's headaches: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/4223:03
petevgcory_fu, bcsaller: the weird thing is that I distinctly remember adding something like this earlier. Maybe I backed off of it because I didn't like the generic catch. I think that it's something we actually want to do here, though.23:04
cory_fupetevg: I still don't like the generic catch.  What's wrong with catching JujuAPIError?23:05
petevgcory_fu: I believe the error that we're seeing for the reboot is not a JujuAPIError. (Running against to double check.)23:08
petevgcory_fu: I mean AttributeError. Regardless, it's not a neat JujuAPIError.23:09
cory_fupetevg: Regardless, we should definitely be specific about which exceptions we're catching.  Otherwise, you'll catch the control-flow exceptions that are used to shut down the UI23:10
cory_fuAmong other things23:10
petevgcory_fu: except Exception doesn't catch control flow exceptions. That's why I used it rather than just "except:"23:11
petevgcory_fu: "except Exception" only catches stuff that inherits from the Exception class. Unless I missed a change between Python 2 and 3, the control flow commands don't inherit from that class.23:13
petevgIt's the "safe" way of catching a generic exception.23:13
cory_fupetevg: Yes, I'm aware.  But we might have application-defined control-flow exceptions which do inherit from Exception raised, since we're async.23:13
cory_fupetevg: Specifically, bcsaller's branch adds some23:14
petevgcory_fu: that's bad. That probably isn't the solution, then.23:14
cory_fuMaybe I'm being paranoid and asyncio wouldn't cause the exception to come up through that code path.23:15
cory_fupetevg: ^23:16
petevgcory_fu: I don't know. For now, I'm on deck to make dinner (I'm solo parenting for the next few days), and I'll be out tomorrow. I'm not attached to that code, and won't be offended if anyone rewrites it.23:16
cory_fuI'm not familiar enough with async to say for sure23:16
petevgcory_fu: but I have to sign off for now.23:16
cory_fupetevg: Have a good evening!23:16
petevgcory_fu: you, too :-)23:16
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petevg_afkhave a good weekend, too :-)23:17
magicaltroutnooo petevg_afk don't leave!23:17
petevg_afkmagicaltrout: but I must. If I don't, then we will have burned shrimp tempura for dinner, and the kidlet and the cats may join in revolt.23:17
magicaltroutargh not burned shrimp!23:18
magicaltroutbe at one with the fish23:18
* petevg_afk nom nom noms23:19

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