tsimonq2wxl: Your next packaging mission: find out why libqtxdg is stuck in zesty-proposed02:01
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acheronukb_b: hi14:05
b_bha, nice to see someone alive here :)14:05
* b_b will get back in 5 mins14:05
acheronukb_b probably the wrong time of day for lubuntu devs. in the USA it will be early morning, and they may going to work or even school now14:07
acheronukI'm kubuntu, so probably can't help you14:07
b_b i'm still searching a way to submit patch to box8 theme14:59
b_banyone can point me ?14:59
lynorian_b_b Well did you before say you have an account on launchpad15:56
lynorian_do you have bzr installed?15:56
b_byes, i have an account15:56
b_bno i haven't bzr, but i can install it15:56
lynorian_That is the first step15:56
b_bi already know svn, git & mercurial15:57
lynorian_Do you have an ssh key on launchpad?15:57
b_bdoes bzr on launchpad allow to make patch proposal (like a pull request) ?15:57
lynorian_well it is called  a merge proposal but is similar15:57
b_b'k, nice15:58
b_bgoing to put my ssh key on https://launchpad.net/~brunobergot15:58
b_bkey added16:01
lynorian_Then you can do bzr branch lp:lubuntu-artwork to get the code on your system in bzr16:02
lynorian_and then you need bzr lp-login to your launchpad login16:02
* b_b is installing bzr16:03
b_bshould i do :16:05
b_bbzr whoami 'Your Name email@example.com' / ref https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaunchpadStepByStepInstructions16:06
b_bbzr launchpad-login your-id16:06
lynorian_both I think16:06
lynorian_Once you get this setup done it gets more familiar to git users of you can edit the files, then you use bzr add for the edited files16:07
lynorian_Then bzr commit and write a commit message16:07
b_bthe checkout is running16:08
b_bit seems that history is huge since it's taking a long time16:09
lynorian_yeah and has pictures more than just text16:09
lynorian_The part where you push to your own branch is the part I struggle with the most is next after you commit16:11
b_bso bzr is more like git than svn ?16:11
b_byou commit locally and push online after16:12
lynorian_yes it is a distributed version like git but git basically came out and became more popular16:12
b_bi've seen that launchpad proide git repos too16:12
b_bi've played a bit with mercurial, this was nice16:12
lynorian_Yeah that was added a bit later16:13
b_bbut my every day repos are more on svn + git16:13
b_bok, i got a local copy now16:13
b_bi've done bzr whoami 'b_b brunobergot@gmail.com' + bzr launchpad-login brunobergot16:14
lynorian_Then once your local changes are commited run the command    bzr push sftp://brunobergot@bazaar.launchpad.net/~brunobergot/lubuntu-artwork/branchname16:16
lynorian_Then go to your launchpad page for your account click on code and on your branch click make a merge proposal on the launchpad website is how I do it16:18
b_bbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "sftp:/16:23
b_bi should install somthing more16:23
b_bpython-paramiko should do the trick16:28
b_bok, it's pushing now16:31
b_bnice :)16:34
b_bthx a lot lynorian16:34
b_boops, lynorian_16:34

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