iresfdoes lubuntu 16.04 support fglrx  ?00:59
plshelphey is there a major difference between 14.04.5 and 14.0401:30
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xangua1:11 PM <xangua> Trying to set up an old Celeron xeon laptop with my 16.04, can't change the freq scaling (performance) to ondemand or conservative even when it says it's supported: pastebin.com/E3X7Wa0K19:13
LuMintxangua: tried asking on #ubuntu? there's more people to help you if nobody's able to do so here.19:31
LuMintit doesn't seem lxde related to me19:32
lynorian_xangua: I do not know that much abuot power management sorry19:54
xanguaYeah, it worked back in 200820:12
LuMintxangua: why don't you try #ubuntu guys20:13
LuMintor askubuntu and if even that fails - #debian20:13
LuMintwouldn't take much time, really20:14
EightBitJust saw something interesting.  A little flash drive with lubuntu installed called xtra pc23:59

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