pittiBuenos días!08:05
desrt'sup, pitti + hikiko?08:11
hikikohi desrt08:11
desrthappy thursday :)08:12
hikikohappy thursday :)08:13
* desrt medicates herself08:13
desrtmmm.  coffee.08:13
pittihey hey desrt!08:16
pittihello hikiko08:16
hikikohi pitti08:16
hikikohappy thursday08:16
desrtpitti: why are you in spain?08:17
seb128hey desrt hikiko pitti08:27
seb128good morning desktopers08:27
desrthey seb :)08:28
hikikohi seb12808:29
seb128Sweet5hark, hey, bdmurray pointed you https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/3f5546617f0b197529d734bee9ae770fb485b92d as being reported only against the yakkety SRU version, could you check if you think that might be a regression?09:01
seb128hey willcooke09:01
LaneyHO BOY09:03
Laneyit's dark today09:03
seb128hey Laney09:03
seb128you got confused, it's 3am, go back to bed :p09:03
Laneywhat up seb128 OG09:04
Laneyoh sounds good09:04
pittibonjour seb128, 'sup seb12809:04
pittierr, Laney09:04
seb128it's not sunny here either today09:04
seb128but less cold, which was nice for tennis yesterday09:04
Laneynot just not sunny09:04
* pitti appreciates the sun outside and puts on a smug face09:04
Laneythere must be a lot of cloud09:04
tjaaltonseb128: so the mesa/gtk+ thing, was there a way to trigger it?09:04
Laneybut indeed it's like 12°09:04
Laneyhey pitti!09:05
Laneyare you having fun at the sprint?09:05
davmor2Morning all09:05
seb128tjaalton, hey, xnox gets it building ubiquity apparently, he might be able to provide you a smaller testcase09:05
flexiondotorgMorning desktopers09:05
seb128hey davmor2 flexiondotorg09:05
flexiondotorgo/ seb128 davidcalle Laney09:05
seb128wrong d<tab> ;-)09:06
flexiondotorgOops, davmor2 I mean. But hello to David too :-)09:06
* Laney nods flexiondotorg 09:08
Laneyhow's life?09:08
Laneytjaalton: https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-zesty/zesty/amd64/g/gtk+3.0/20161201_093323_fa84e@/log.gz has a segfault, is that it?09:08
tjaaltonLaney: guess so09:08
Laneythen running gtk's autopkgtest with the -proposed mesa seems good09:09
xnoxtjaalton, rebuild ubiquity is good enough test, and is relatively quick.09:10
davidcalle@flexiondotorg o/09:10
meetingologydavidcalle: Error: "flexiondotorg" is not a valid command.09:10
* davidcalle blames telegram09:10
xnox./debian/rules tests09:10
xnoxtjaalton, ^ if you want to run it interactively.09:10
tjaaltonxnox, Laney: ok, I'll do that09:11
seb128tjaalton, just a guess but maybe simply try to start something gtkish under xfvb09:11
tjaaltonxvfb-run gnome-terminal fails09:15
tjaaltonso that's easy enough09:15
tjaaltonto repro09:15
willcookenight TheMuso09:21
willcookeand morning all09:21
flexiondotorgMorning willcooke09:21
Laney    * amd64: python-sfepy, python-tables, python-tables-dbg, python-tables-lib, python3-tables, python3-tables-dbg, python3-tables-lib, spykeviewer, vitables09:33
Laneyso close09:33
Laneyhi willcooke09:33
LaneySUCCESS (848/0)10:10
ricotzmorning desktopers10:12
seb128Laney, congrats!10:43
seb128hey ricotz10:43
Laneyseb128: that is ignoring tests, still need to look at those10:53
Sweet5harkseb128: whoops, missed that.10:55
Sweet5harkseb128: hmm, curious: from the stats it didnt happen before, so it might be a regression ... or the update changed the stacktrace enough to make it appear as a "different" issue.10:57
Sweet5harkeven more curious it has RecoveryUI::impl_doEmergencySave in the stacktrace, that is: this is during the "libreoffice crashed, do you want to recover you files" dialog.10:59
Laneythe crash dialog is on fire, do you want to put it out and try to crash again?11:04
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muktupavelslaney, pitti: is 1637758 really fixed? I have same bug again...12:20
LaneySame bug or same symptoms?12:31
Laneyloginctl shows a lightdm session staying open?12:32
muktupavelssession stays open12:32
* Laney shrugs12:32
Laneydon't know why it would have stopped working12:32
Laneywhat did you update?12:32
muktupavelsdon't know, but it is fully updated zesty without ppas. also i dont use proposed.12:33
muktupavelsrestarted at least 3 times12:33
Laneycheck the logs?12:33
muktupavelswhat logs?12:34
muktupavelsAlso I probably did not restart at least for week so there probably was many updates.12:35
muktupavelssystemd is 232-7, lightdm is 1.21.1-0ubuntu212:35
LaneyHave you tried a virtual machine to see if it happens in there?12:36
muktupavelsI think that vm works, but will check now.12:37
Laneydon't see it on my fully updated systems12:38
muktupavelsvm works fine12:43
Laneyno idea atm, sorry12:45
muktupavelsI reinstalled lightdm, will try to reboot12:46
muktupavelsstill same problem :(12:52
pittihm, WFM too, no immediate idea12:56
om26erpitti: Hi! Is there a way to read session environment variables like XDG_SESSION_TYPE in a autopkgtest ?13:47
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pittiom26er: I'm not sure what you mean?14:00
om26erpitti: autopilot relies on XDG_SESSION_TYPE to check which session its running under. So when I run an autopilot test through autopkgtest, it fails as apparently that env variable is not available.14:01
pittiom26er: right, it's set by lightdm, and nothing logs in via lightdm there14:02
pittiom26er: your test can of course make up some value14:02
pittiom26er: I suppose you run them through Xvfb, so "x11" sounds right14:02
om26erpitti: in this case its run directly on a touch device, so 'mir'14:03
muktupavelspitti, laney: lightdm.log show that login1_service_terminate_session was called only for my second seat - seat1. It is not called for seat0 in my case.14:17
muktupavelsActivating ConsoleKit session c1; Activating login1 session c2; what? why it thinks that seat0 is consolekit session?14:19
muktupavelsWARNING: Session pid=1529: Error reading from session: Interrupted system call14:31
muktupavelspitti,laney: any idea why lightdm fails to get login1_session_id?14:33
pittimuktupavels: sorry, not out of my head; I have zero experience/knowledge about multi-seat I'm afraid14:59
muktupavelspitti: it might not be related to multi-seat. it looks like first season c1 fails to get login1_session_id15:01
muktupavelsit is null and login1_service_terminate_session is not called15:02
muktupavelspitti, laney: for first session login1_session_id is null, but console_kit_cookie is set to c1. all other sessions created has login1_session_id set to c2, c3 and c4. console_kit_cookie for these sessions are null.15:27
Laneymuktupavels: if you're debugging, I suggest you move backwards until you find out why that happens15:31
muktupavelswhat do you think with moving backwards?15:38
Laneyif you found out that a variable is null when it shouldn't be, go and find out where that comes from15:38
muktupavelsmy problem is that for some reason lightdm fails to get session id and because of that I am affected with that bug again.15:38
Laneyand then find out why that bit doesn't work15:38
Laneyetc, until you find the bug15:38
muktupavelsn_read = read (session->priv->from_child_output, buf, count);15:39
muktupavelsthat fails no idea what to do next15:39
muktupavelswill reboot again15:41
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hikikoapparently I am not for lunch 5hrs16:16
hikikoI forgot to change my status again :/16:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1642966 in systemd (Ubuntu) "package cups-daemon 2.1.3-4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1" [High,Confirmed]16:34
* flexiondotorg just popping out for an hour of so. Back later...16:34
willcookepitti - can you advise on who a suitable systemd expert is who might be able to help tkamppeter get moving on that ^16:34
willcookethat = bug, not flexiondotorg popping out :)16:35
muktupavelspitti, laney: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/lightdm/retry-interrupted-read/+merge/31284516:49
Laneymuktupavels: lightdm turns off SA_RESTART?17:01
Laneyinteresting that it's so reproducible for you17:01
Laneywill let robert_ancell review17:01
muktupavelsI don't know, but with that patch now my session works17:02
muktupavelsfirst reboot that worked today.17:02
Laneyit's a difficult area17:04
Laneywell done for finding it17:04
muktupavelsany chance that this has something to do with my problem?17:04
LaneyI would guess that it's this bit17:06
xnoxtjaalton, so, from that mesa bug, are you gonna upload the patch that is proposed on that upstream bug tracker?17:06
Laneyif that had SA_RESTART too it would restart the read() instead of giving EINTR17:06
xnoximho it's worth uploading that botch into zesty17:06
Laneythat's my hunch --- just from reading the code / guessing17:06
Laneyretrying on EINTR in this case is valid17:06
Laneyassuming that putting the flag there is wrong17:07
Laneyyou've got something that can be reviewed now anyway17:07
tjaaltonxnox: libepoxy uploaded already17:07
xnoxtjaalton, cool!17:08
tjaalton3h ago, tests are slow it seems17:09
Laneyk, going to sing some christmas carols17:53
willcookesee ya Laney17:55
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willcookedinner time, night all18:30
muktupavelsrobert_ancell: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertsmuktupavels/lightdm/retry-interrupted-read/+merge/31284521:13
robert_ancellmuktupavels, did you think pittis suggestion was better?21:14
muktupavelsI don't know.21:14
robert_ancellmuktupavels, I don't know either. I was just going to trust pitti on this one :)21:15
muktupavelsis there any reason why SA_RESTART was not used when that code was written?21:15
robert_ancellmuktupavels, because I don't know exactly what it does21:15
robert_ancellmuktupavels, did you see this code breaking or is this just precautionary?21:16
muktupavelsFor some reason read is interruped for me every time i start pc. because of that login1_session_id is NULL.21:17
robert_ancellmuktupavels, is there a bug report to link it to?21:18
muktupavelsand because that lightdm session is not terminated fully21:18
muktupavelsI think no.21:18
muktupavelsbecause of that 1637758 bug still affects me.21:19
robert_ancellmuktupavels, if you could try the fix in process.c you suggested and that works, I'm happy to land it21:20
muktupavelsrobert_ancell: so you preffer to use SA_RESTART? do you need new/updated merge proposal or you will just push that yourself.21:20
muktupavelsok, will test that first21:21
robert_ancellmuktupavels, If you can make the MP that would be great. Since I haven't reproduced it here it would be better if you can say it works.21:21
* robert_ancell hates Unix signals...21:22
robert_ancellRAOF, are you familiar with xkbcomp at all?21:23
muktupavelsrobert_ancell: seems to work, branch updated.21:33
robert_ancellmuktupavels, thanks21:33
robert_ancellmuktupavels, can you link to that bug so we can SRU it?21:34
muktupavelswhat bug?21:34
muktupavelsor you want that I create new bug for this?21:35
robert_ancellmuktupavels, if there's not one please create one, yes21:36
muktupavelsrobert_ancell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/164863721:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1648637 in Light Display Manager "handle interruped read and write calls" [Undecided,New]21:47

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