daftykinswelcome back!00:12
daftykinsany dramas delaying you?00:12
Bashing-omnot drama, really .... Just got a late start on the day and catching up a bit on winterization . It is going to turn cold here this night !00:21
daftykinsah har00:22
daftykinsi was that way today, took a while to get goin', then i realised there was nothing to get goin' for!00:22
daftykinsfree assassin's creed 3 on ubisoft's uplay right now, for any gamers00:22
Bashing-omI get out of sorts when my IRC routine is disrupted :)00:23
daftykinsthe coldening!00:33
Ben64i don't understand00:33
daftykinsi suspect Bashing-om casts a spell of protection upon his abode :)00:33
Ben64i'm in southern california00:34
Ben64low of 42F tonight00:34
daftykinsi die at 24 deg C and up00:35
daftykinsgotta sleep, ta-ra \o00:35
Ben6475F ?00:36
daftykinssomething around there00:36
Ben64thats not hot00:36
Bashing-omLocation: Heber Springs, AR ~ Temp: 37°F (3°C) ~ Cond: Overcast ~ Humid: 65% ~ Wind: 5 mph (8 km/h) ~ Time: 18:1500:36
daftykins'tis for me00:36
Ben6475 is slightly warmer than room temp00:36
daftykinsmaybe for a room over there00:37
daftykinsbut yeah i visited a friend in Houston where it was 34 but 'feels like 41' uuuuugh00:37
daftykinsi barely survived00:37
Ben64houston is terrible00:42
lotuspsychjegood morning guys04:36
lotuspsychjequick jumpin before work04:36
Bashing-omcoffee ! 1st .. that cognitive fluid :)04:37
lotuspsychjeyeah and a pslice of bread n cheese04:39
Bashing-ommakes the coffee so much the better .04:40
lotuspsychjehave a nice one guys, working day here05:57
Bashing-omWelp . that time again :06:13
ducassemorning all07:12
lordievaderGood morning08:04
ducassehi lordievader, how are you today?08:06
lordievaderDoing okay here, got coffee at my side.08:08
lordievaderHow are you?08:08
ducassegood thanks. just drinking tea and waiting for activity :)08:09
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BluesKajHiyas all12:32
ducassewb BluesKaj, how's life?12:47
BluesKajdoing fine here, ducasse, and you?12:49
BluesKajwe have about 15cm snow on the ground...winter has definitely settled in12:50
ducassei'm fine thanks, it's very much winter here too. yesterday people were encouraged not to drive here, as the ice made it too risky.12:55
OerHeksplease, send us snow \0/13:00
ducassegive it a few weeks.13:02
OerHeksa.t.a. 27 december please13:03
OerHeksso the firecrackers get wet13:04
ducasseonly ground-level fireworks are allowed here now, that has reduced fires a lot13:07
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\9seasons are pretty screwed up over here13:53
\9we went from summer to winter to autumn13:53
\9by winter i mean we had first snow for like two weeks13:54
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Bashing-omHey, hey ,, Here I be - up and runnning on that SSD . Up for an hour and no freezes .. let's see what the haps be as I continue !19:36
daftykinsfingers crossed :)19:37
daftykinsstill running the new BIOS chip and graphics card?19:37
Bashing-omUh Huh .! so far so good . Logs say there are no problems . BUT BUT I have the spinners disconnected .. and with them disconnected I get NO ata errors from the system ... hummmm >.. there is going to be a story here someway .19:39
daftykinsso it could be one mechanical was flaky?19:41
Bashing-omdaftykins: Or the sata controller ??? .. have swapped out drives a couple of times and moved them around.. and what I should do is install these drives in another box .. see how those old drives then look; that I "suspect" as having issues .19:43
daftykinsthat's true19:45
Bashing-omIf when I am sure this system is stable as is ... I reconnect the spinners .. wekk I do think the next thing is to fire up another box and install the spinners in that alternate system and "see" then . That however is a long range forcast :)19:48
daftykinsor hook them up now one by one and do some file operations whilst watching the logs19:50
Bashing-omdaftykins: Yep ! ^ great thought ! .. I gonna run as is for a spell or so .. Make sure the system is no longer freezing . Last go araound took a few hours to freeze up - with no indications from the logs as to why .19:53
daftykinsoof that's annoying19:54
Bashing-omdaftykins: In systemd .. is there a better way to see what is current then tailing /var/log/syslog ?20:06
daftykinsi still don't have a clue with it i'm afraid, not running any 16.04's anywhere20:09
OerHeksjournalctl > journalctl --since=today > journalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot > journalctl -b -1 from the previous boot20:09
daftykinsthat must mean +1 is from your future boot ;)20:12
OerHeksno, journalctl -b 0 iirc20:13
OerHeksand tomorrow journalctl -b 0-20:13
Bashing-omOerHeks: K ! Leeme see what journalctl releates realtime. // what I am looking for is current events .. as generally when this system - in the past freezes - there is nothing in the logs .20:14
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