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rtgBenC, this is your daily nag about powerpc64-emb13:49
BenCrtg: ack14:46
rtgBenC, I would be less persistent except that disabling that flavour is preventing migration out of -proposed.14:47
BenCrtg: Am I supposed to be testing the ubuntu-zesty master build of powerpc64-emb?15:50
rtgBenC, master-next15:51
BenCI’m guessing not, because it built just fine.15:51
BenCubuntu/ubuntu-zesty repo or your ubuntu-zesty repo?15:51
BenCKicking off a build of ubuntu/ubuntu-zesty#master-next15:52
BenCLuckily, I remembered I have a 24-core ppc64 system to do builds on…speeding things up15:53
rtgBenC, git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/zesty master-next with the Zesty toolchain15:53
BenCUgh…now I gotta dist-upgrade15:54
BenCOr maybe just build a chroot15:54
rtgBenC, well, I'm assuming it is toolchain related 'cause this code used to assemble.15:54
BenCI’ll try it on my current setup and if it succeeds then I’ll build a chroot for zesty toolchain.15:55
rtgBenC, I can tell you which instruction it hates.15:55
BenCA file:line would be helpful, thanks.15:55
rtgBenC, arch/powerpc/kernel/head_64.S:  22415:56
rtgcmpwi   r3, 015:56
BenCBuild started from what repo. This will be a good test to see if it’s toolchain or not, at least.16:07
rtgBenC, cool, thanks.16:08
rtgBenC, here is a more complete error message: zesty/powerpc/master-next/ubuntu-zesty/arch/powerpc/kernel/head_64.S:217: Error: operand out of range (3 is not between 0 and 1)16:17
BenCrtg: CONFIG_FSL_FMAN, CONFIG_FSL_BMAN and CONFIG_FSL_QMAN all need to be =y16:17
BenCThey don’t work well as modules.16:17
rtgBenC, just for that flavor, or all powerpc flavors ?16:18
BenCfor powerpc64-emb and powerpc-e500mc16:18
BenCIt can be turned off for all other flavours, even ppc ones.16:18
rtgBenC, will do16:18
BenCARM may be able to use it as well, but I don’t know of anyone producing consumer grade QorIQ ARM systems.16:20
rtgBenC, FSL_BMAN/FSL_QMAN do not exist in v4.9 though there is FSL_BMAN_TEST/FSL_QMAN_TEST16:25
amitkBenC: who knows if it'll every happen (QorIQ consumer grade) after the Qualcomm acquisition16:33
BenCrtg: Right, those can stay as modules16:35
rtgBenC, I pushed 'UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_FSL_FMAN=y for powerpc' to Zesty16:36
BenCamitk: For ARM, you’re very right. But there is consumer grade (or at least servers) for PPC QorIQ16:36
BenCrtg: Build passed on trusty…time to build a zesty chroot and retry.16:36
BenCToolchain issues are a bit more time consuming.16:37
amitkBenC: right, I meant for ARM only16:37
rtgBenC, I was sure it would be :) I'd have tackled this sooner but I don't know PPC assembler16:37
BenCSeems like some new constraint that cropped up…starting the deeper dive now16:42
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BenCrtg: zesty toolchain based build started...19:06

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