andre_i was wondering how do i go from ip6 back to ip401:02
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l4zzarushallo ein deutscher da19:27
l4zzarusbrauche etwas hilfe wen möglich19:27
gebruikerhmm, after disabling compiz and using no compositor it still seems that ubuntu mate is using more memory than fedora mate21:01
gebruikerWhat is going on here?21:01
DarkPsydeLordXD what about system monitoring21:30
aew999I can't get PlayOnLinux to work, is there anything else i could use to play windows games?22:15
\9steam, for commercial cross-platform games22:22
\9you could also try wine but with games it's a toss-up as to whether it'll work22:23
\9and if it works it's another big toss-up on whether it works well22:23
aew999I have tried and steam doesn't work. so I guess I am left with wine. How do I get wine?22:25

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