bazhang<may68> Ubuntu is kinda crap00:25
wxlwell, it isn't scottish00:25
bazhang@random crap HURD emacs00:25
wxlwell, ubuntu certainly isn't hurd or emacs00:26
* valorie gets the poo bags ready00:26
bazhangI think chu has emacs on highlight00:26
wxlor at least i hope it's not00:26
bazhangmy bacon is chu 's emacs00:26
bazhangwe totally need a factoid for spacemacs00:28
bazhangspacemacs is chu 's favorite OS!00:28
chuOh God, please don't :(00:29
chuI think the whole fanboi'ing over spacemacs has died down, or at least, I hope it has.00:29
bazhangstill superstrong here00:32
daxchu: have you tried vi i hear it is good00:32
bazhangif there is arch on windows, spacemacs deserves a spot there too00:33
daxemacs, for when you want a text editor that's so slow it has to hook into glibc and do crazy stuff to load in a reasonable amount of time00:34
wxlthe problem is calling it a text editor00:35
wxlit's great for lisp for sure.00:35
daxi mean, my gentoo starts quicker than some people on LWN recently said emacs starts00:35
bazhangit has an irc client00:35
daxwhich is hilarious00:35
wxli have entirely poo-pooed emacs up until editing lisp.00:35
wxli still wouldn't consider using it as an everyday editor00:36
wxland certainly wouldn't use emacs bindings00:36
wxlin that sense, spacemacs is kind of sane.00:36
bazhangs/kind of sane/ chu 's fave00:37
wxlbazhang: >00:37
wxlbazhang: and even if you fixed that, unterminated `s' command. bummer.00:38
bazhangI want to highlight monsier de la chu00:42
bazhangdoes iresf want an actual step by step walkthrough realtime on irc on getting flgrx working for an android emulator?01:28
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (Braunscheisse ban requested)01:40
chudax: I DO have vim.tiny installed, because, I had to give vim a chance (forget about the fact it comes installed by default)02:03
chudax: Oh wow, have you been following Daniel's new fancy loader for emacs? :o02:04
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daxchu: only insomuch as lwn did02:04
chuI see. The dude is a wizard :(02:05
chuAlso, my emacs starts almost instantly - and that is using emacsclient - it depends entirely on the configuration, and most people's configurations just start by loading everything straight into emacs - which is why the load times can be so brutal. There's been a lot of work, say over the last decade (but it certainly goes back further), about loading emacs' internals only when it is needed, but as with02:07
chumost things emacs, it'll take a while before this has caught on.02:07
chuwxl: Yes, the default bindings are TERRIBLE :(02:07
bazhangwelcome back nhandler !11:37
bazhangtethered shooting with digital camera11:42
bazhangI know tethered internet11:42
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Picido we need +r still set?17:10
ikoniaI'd leave it set, but I do appreciate it is blocking the auto connect from the livecd/fresh installs17:21
Piciof course you do :)18:24

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