nzoueidiMorning channel08:35
elachecheMorning folks08:37
elachechenzoueidi: I told you I'll got a KPanic x) I totally forgot that my laptop have only a ATI/AMD GPU x) Didn't add that to the kernel x)08:38
nzoueidihahaha :D KPanic \o/ I am already reading how to fix it using Kdump08:39
nzoueidiI think elacheche I will cause a KPanic to my personal laptop and see how can I handle it08:42
nzoueidiIt is a bad idea, but it is the best chance to learn xD08:42
praisethemoongood day folks08:48
nzoueidigood day praisethemoon08:50
praisethemoonnzoueidi, good day son08:50
praisethemoonhow is it going?08:50
nzoueidio/ father I am pretty well, what about you08:50
elachechenzoueidi: a KPanic is not harmfull, there is a kernel script that can cause it to you I think, I read something about it on Gentoo's wiki, however, you can log a Kpanic using Kdump, only if the Kpanic start after the system boot.. If the Kpanic is during the boot, there is an other way called netconsole.. I didn't use it anyway.. I just reconfigured the kernel and suddenly I saw the GPU drivers and08:55
elachecherememebr that I have a ATI not an Intel one x)08:55
nzoueidiyep :D09:11
nzoueidia Kdump is a fork for the principal kernel, but it mission is to store every piece of log related to OOM and panic, right?09:12
elachecheYou know better nzoueidi x) I'm a n00b.. Really I have no idea, and I don't like to go and ddg that now x)09:12
nzoueidiwe are noobs willing to learn :D09:13
elachecheNow, I need to findout what I need to connect to my wifi, start my ubuntu, chroot to gentoo, install the needed software then go back to my gentoo ans install X, awesome and the cool stuff :D09:16
elachechenzoueidi: you know what really surprised me..09:16
nzoueidiwhat elacheche :D09:16
elachecheOn my new installation, Gentoo use 2.9GB of the HD, and 18MB or RAM.. On the VM I installed weeks ago, where I installed X, awesome & sLim.. I uses 58MB or RAM.. I can't wait to see how chromium RAM usage will behave on Gentoo..09:18
nzoueidiI am sure that chromium will swallow all the RAM and then crashes.. I hate it, I keep work on FF even when it laggs sometimes09:20
elachechenzoueidi: By time, I managed to getthe right extensions and settings to not have issues like that.. I already use it on Ubuntu, and I'm only (most the time) 50% of my swap.. So, with that in mind, I think that my gentoo experience will be good with it.. The only think that I'm afaraid of is how much time I'll need to compile and install it :D x)09:23
nzoueidiGood luck :D09:25
elachecheMorning nizarus :)10:09
elachechepraisethemoon: managed to install Ubuntu @work? x)10:09
praisethemoonelacheche, i haven't got time yet :/10:10
praisethemoonmy work does not need windows anyway, but just no time to do it (10:10
nizarushello elacheche & all :)10:40
elachecheça va nizarus ?10:42
nizarusbien Merci :) et toi ?10:48
elachecheBien :)10:54
elachecheAnyone have some CC licenced B&W Linux Poster to print! x)12:07
nizarusc'était quoi le site qui regroupe les poster ubuntu & cie ?12:15
elachechehttp://spreadubuntu.org/ ?12:16
nizarusyep :p12:17
praisethemoonWhat are you guys up to?12:17
elachecheI need to find some B&W ones to print x)12:17
praisethemoonare you hiding something from me? :P12:18
elachecheI just printed this http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-use-linux-53.png and put it in my office12:18
* praisethemoon downloads that12:18
praisethemoonthat would make a nice shirt printed from maryouli.tn12:19
elachecheI'm planning to print a shirt as well.. didn't decided yet what to print on it x)12:20
elachecheI really miss this Manga http://divajutta.com/doctormo/ubunchu/c.html :( I was good..12:28
praisethemoonmost links seems to be broken :X12:32
elachecheit was good***12:32
elachecheyeah, it was released back to 2009 or 2010..12:32
elachechepraisethemoon: I find this for you http://divajutta.com/doctormo/ubunchu/ubunchu-01-rtl.pdf :D12:50
elachecheEmm.. that's not the 1st one..12:51
praisethemoonlemme see it12:56
praisethemoonAcidNinjaFWHR, yo18:34
AcidNinjaFWHRyo praisethemoon19:18
praisethemoonAcidNinjaFWHR, how is it going my friend?19:23
AcidNinjaFWHRi'm okay and you praisethemoon ?19:26
praisethemoongrrr, struggling to add stickynotes to my server19:31
AcidNinjaFWHRstickynotes? xD19:46
AcidNinjaFWHRyou should put this one: https://github.com/PrivateBin/PrivateBin19:48
AcidNinjaFWHRit's a maintained fork from ZeroBin19:48
AcidNinjaFWHRje re19:50
praisethemoonoki ^^19:50
praisethemooni'll check that19:50

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