JanCdownload of OTA-14 works now01:13
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cc__Is there any good input for ubuntu phone ?03:07
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ccany good input method for ubuntu phone?i cant bear the systerm input method03:11
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luxpirhey, still can't get the updater to run. by any means. can't find any precedent either.08:52
luxpirhave tried: system-image-cli, deleting wizard-has-run* and rebooting, powering off08:53
luxpirand provided logs from .cache/upstart/app-legacy-ubu-sys-settings.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2359540908:54
luxpirthe update screen basically doesn't appear when clicked, taking the system settings window away with it08:57
luxpirupdate: security and privacy settings on the settings screen won't open either. everything else seems to work.09:16
luxpirthanks for your help last night dobey kenvandine pmcg1 - if you have any more ideas...09:17
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luxpirupdate: oh, now the About screen won't open from settings either, when it did last night09:17
luxpirI had also done this in recent weeks: https://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/recommended-way-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-ubuntu-phone#623311 > the bind parts might have messed with things?09:24
luxpirupgrading my chroot now, just the ubuntu-system-settings bit09:24
luxpiroh i wonder if upgrades to my vivid chroot affected the root system because of the bind mounts?09:43
luxpiryou can see in the paste logs that qml errors out at times... should i upgrade the chroot's qml packages?09:44
luxpirI'll check back in this afternoon - thanks for any tips you can think of09:47
jamesstanleyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-14 this page says OTA-14 is not yet released10:18
jamesstanleyI just noticed the topic of this channel says "phased updated in progress"10:19
jamesstanleyI currently have OTA-13 on my Nexus 4, if I have an update to install is that ok because of the "phased updates" even though OTA-14 is not yet releaed?10:19
sil2100jamesstanley: phased updates mean that it's good to install10:25
sil2100jamesstanley: I'll update the OTA-14 release page to include the image numbers in a moment10:25
sil2100jamesstanley: phased updates generally means: 'the image is released but it's made available to users in phases'10:25
jamesstanleythanks mate :)10:26
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | https://store.bq.com/en/ubuntu-edition-aquaris-m10 | http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet | OTA-14 released
jamesstanleyinstalling it now10:27
sil2100Actually the phased percentage reached 100%, so the update is released now ;)10:27
jamesstanleyI like that the animated transitions are faster now10:30
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AlanBellhi, anyone know how to trigger an OTA update from the command line? network indicator isn't working on my phone at the moment and the update list thinks it is offline, but it isn't11:34
AlanBellI think an OTA update has a decent chance of fixing whatever is broken, but I can't trigger it11:34
jgdxluxpir, hey, around?12:01
jgdxAlanBell, $ system-image-cli12:03
luxpirjgdx: here and afk all day!12:03
jgdxluxpir, I wonder what's in your /var/log/system-image/client.log ?12:31
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jgdxluxpir, and what are you using your chroot for? :)12:31
jgdxreason I ask is, if you build uss in your chroot and install it on the phone…12:33
jgdx(uss = Ubuntu System Settings)12:33
tsgloveGood morning all12:56
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jamesstanleythe new update is great actually13:18
jamesstanleyI used to have a lockup of ~2s when switching to a different app, that is gone now13:18
jamesstanleyI could tell it was locked up because everything was slightly blurry, as if it's showing a slightly-scaled-up screenshot of the app instead13:19
zzarrHello! What have happened to my phone?13:23
zzarrI installed OTA-14 and everything is moving atleast twice as fast :D13:24
jamesstanleyzzarr: me too :) much better imo13:26
zzarryes :D13:27
zzarrI love it13:27
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AlanBellthanks jgdx, trying that now13:35
AlanBellthanks jgdx, it worked! indicator-network is still broken though13:42
jgdxAlanBell, great. Any idea why?13:42
jgdxor is it just not running?13:43
jgdxstart indicator-network13:43
AlanBellno idea at the moment13:43
AlanBelljob is already running13:43
AlanBellso, in the status bar it just says "indicator-network" with a cog icon13:43
AlanBellnothing below it13:44
AlanBelland the update manager thinks I am offline (I am not, it connected to wifi just fine)13:44
jgdxAlanBell, hm, maybe check ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log13:44
jgdxyes, the indicator provides the API we use in System Updates13:44
AlanBellindicator-rotation-lock is the same, a placeholder13:45
jgdxthat's not good13:45
AlanBellI have no file ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log but I have ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log.1.gz13:46
AlanBellcontains 8 lines like this: Debug: Device Added: "/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/8" ((null):0, (null))13:47
AlanBellwell 9 lines, starting at zero13:47
jgdxAlanBell, could you stop indicator-network, and re-start it?13:48
jgdxhopefully there's some hints in the log after13:48
AlanBellok, that created indicator-network.log with the same 9 lines in it13:49
davmor2AlanBell: what did you do?13:51
AlanBelldavmor2: breaking things is your job really isn't it!13:53
davmor2AlanBell: that's right and don't you forget it ;) Have you been tinkering with it in rw mode over leaving it in ro mode?13:54
AlanBelldavmor2: nope, ro all the way14:04
jgdxAlanBell, anything else acting weirdly?14:05
* AlanBell looks around at 2016 in general14:06
AlanBellnope, other than the broken indicators, the phone is the least wierd thing going on at the moment14:06
AlanBellok, after a hard reboot the rotation indicator is now working, but network indicator is still not there14:10
jgdxAlanBell, anything in /var/crash? ignore _usr_bin_election.crash14:10
AlanBellnothing at all14:10
jgdxmaybe pete-woods has a theory14:15
pete-woodsjgdx, AlanBell : this is on a vivid based phone, right?14:17
pete-woodsJust want to check, as there was an i-n landing to xenial recently14:18
AlanBellpete-woods: just updated to OTA14, it was broken on OTA13 since last week, no idea of a cause14:18
AlanBellfigured I would update to OTA14 to see if it would sort itself out14:19
pmcgowanthat sounds like the stale lock file problem14:21
pmcgowanAlanBell, do you have this file .config/connectivity-service/config.ini.lock14:22
AlanBellI do indeed14:22
pmcgowanplease to delete it14:22
pmcgowanand restart14:22
AlanBell-rw-r--r-- 1 phablet phablet   0 Nov 29 18:59 config.ini.lock14:22
AlanBellyay, thanks pmcgowan \o/14:23
pmcgowangreat, I hate that bug14:23
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mterrydobey: does this MP make sense these days? (now that UAL does everything, and the click scope really does all apps, not just clicks): https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity-scope-click/allow-legacy/+merge/31238314:29
mterryOr are we planning to handle apps a different way?14:30
dobeymterry: i don't think so; on classic systems it will show a whole lot of stuff that won't work14:30
mterrydobey: I thought UAL was supposed to be able to launch those?  (not very sure on that)14:31
mterrydobey: if UAL gives you the app info, it should be able to launch it, right?14:31
dobeymterry: no, legacy apps have to specify in the .desktop file that they work under unity814:31
dobeymterry: it doesn't magically run everything under xmir or anything there. the .desktop has to say whether it should14:31
mterrydobey: I think it does have some magic there...  but regardless.  I think if it is feeding your scope an app it doesn't know how to handle, that's a UAL-side bug, right?  The scope shouldn't try to second guess UAL (in an ideal world)14:32
mterryIt seems that UAL is becoming the one-stop shop for launching14:33
mterryRather than merely an information broker14:33
dobeymterry: well if that's also the case, then the patch is also still irrelevant, because it doesn't change anything14:33
mterrydobey: it changes filtering some apps that don't report an ubuntu lifecycle14:34
dobeymterry: but we still have to filter anyway, because we have bits in the scope to be able to hide apps like dialer on tablets without modems and such14:34
dobeymterry: what new apps show up with that change?14:35
mterrydobey: ok fine, I'm not saying never do intelligent filtering.  But this filtering (lifecycle) is a UAL-side decision is my point14:35
dobeywhich don't support ubuntu lifecycle?14:35
mterrydobey: I wrote it to try to get firefox to show up (but a separate UAL bug is stopping it there)14:35
mterryUAL apparently knows enough now to try to launch such legacy apps in xmir I believe14:36
mterrydobey: also note the pre-req I filed earlier -- the scope is ftbfs right now due to typical gmock stuff14:37
dobeymterry: but gtk+ has a mir back-end, so most gtk+ apps don't technically need xmir, but they don't say they don't have X-Ubuntu-Touch=true in their .desktop files, so there is a lot of weirdness there14:38
dobeyas for firefox, the launching of snaps from the snap is supposed to be fixed i think, so not sure why we wouldn't just stick firefox in its own snap at this point really14:39
mterrydobey: this is more of a tedg question I guess, whether UAL proposes to hide that weirdness from upper layers, but I thought that that was a promise it is trying to make14:39
mterrydobey: (A) I don't think that snap launching is fixed yet and (B) we want firefox to be a snap, but we want upstream to be controlling that, not us14:39
luxpirjgdx: thanks, I'll check there. chroot is so I can run taskwarrior, lynx and potentially mutt (although I have no space for the mailboxes at present) - not following your USS built in chroot + installed on phone point. To do with the mount --bind options I mentioned?14:42
jgdxluxpir, I don't think the mounts matter for this issue. Could you remove the QML cache for system settings and try again? rm -r .cache/QML/Apps/ubuntu-system-settings/14:44
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tedgdobey: It depends on which interfaces their snap asks for nothing about their desktop file there. If the firefox snap asks for unity8, it gets Mir, if it asks for Unity7 it gets X11.14:48
tedgmterry: I think that snap launching works now, there are a couple of apps that don't work for me, but I think it's their fault now.14:49
dobeytedg: mterry is talking about having firefox as a legacy app, not a snap14:49
luxpirjgdx: I do have the client.log you requested earlier if it helps - will try the qml cache14:49
tedgmterry: If you know of one, I'd like to know about it.14:49
tedgdobey: Oh14:49
tedgdobey: We don't need to filter on supporting the lifecycle anymore I think.14:50
tedgdobey: I think we can just show all the legacy apps, but that won't be for the U8 snap.14:50
tedgdobey: It would only be for a deb based U8.14:50
luxpirjgdx: what's that, rm -rf * ?14:50
jgdxluxpir, yeah, could you pastebin it?14:50
dobeytedg: well it would show whatever legacy apps are included in the u8 snap14:50
dobeynot sure what's there or not there14:51
jgdxluxpir, rm -r is recursive remove, note I did not ask you to do rm -rf * :)14:51
dobeybut mterry is suggesting we would ship firefox in there until mozilla build their own snaps14:51
luxpirjgdx: I kid, thanks :) - oOOOOh that's fixed it14:51
luxpirjgdx: OK, what TF was that all about then... cache files for sys settings?14:52
jgdxokay, sounds like you updated your system or something---such that uss was installed as a deb?14:52
jgdxif uss is installed as a deb, the cache won't be deleted and you'll see random failures14:52
luxpirnot to my knowledge, unless the mount --binding did something when updating the chroot14:52
luxpir(will post a followup to my request to the launchpad list) - whoever you are, jgdx, you deserve a large golden medal14:54
jgdxluxpir, i work for canonical and on the system settings app, so no medal needed14:55
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luxpirthat might explain things. still think a medal would be nice. much appreciated. when installing the chroot, I also set up tweakgeek and ut tweak tool... didn't do anything drastic there tho afaik. no idea why that occurred. hopefully this update will 'take back control' of the OTAs/updates?14:57
tedgdobey: Nothing is there currently except system settings.15:00
jgdxluxpir, yeah, it should. But just make sure your changes to the phone os are minor. I.e. install chroot, but don't do upgrade outside the chroot15:00
tedgI'd not like to ship Firefox in the snap. That just seems silly. Use the webbrowser-app, it's already snapped.15:00
tedgSomeone should get mterry to write  deb2snap tool to make this quick and easy so we'd have a firefox snap.15:01
luxpirjgdx: roger that. thx again.15:02
dobeyor use chromium ;)15:02
mterrytedg: I do intend to switch to webbrowser-app now, there was a miscommunication and it was left off the list of snaps we wanted to install15:02
dobeyoh i guess it's not snapped either15:02
mterrydobey: chrome is I believe15:02
dobeysnap find chrom returns "champ"15:03
dobeyso if it is, snap find is awful :)15:03
mterrydobey: it's edge only, I think it's called chrome-test or something silly15:03
mterrydobey: snap find is awful yes15:03
sil2100Yeah, it's completely useless most of the time I noticed15:07
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matv1hi all i am trying to  determine if there is any way in which I can force a user-agent with a browser session it the ut browser15:30
matv1i am trying to connect to my companies office365 online(arghh the horror) website15:31
matv1but it defaults to some really basic non-touch page15:32
matv1it seems to be related to the user agent, which needs x11 as displayserver on linux apparently15:33
matv1is this correct and if so, how do I do this in our ut browser?15:33
mterrytedg: ugh right snapd 2.17 isn't in xenial-updates yet, so the apps don't auto-connect to ubuntu-platform.  That explains some of my app launch failing...15:33
mterryLet me try the proposed snap15:34
pmcgowanalex-abreu, may know ^15:35
mterrymatv1: I don't think there's an in-browser way to update the user agent15:39
mterrymatv1: but webapps can do so15:39
alex-abreupmcgowan, matv1 there are no settings for this afaik, you can only do it by updating the list of system installed overrides15:39
alex-abreumatv1, you have to ssh to the device and update the list in /usr/lib/armhf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Web/ua-overrides-mobile.js15:40
pmcgowanwhich I recall is just a javascript file on the device15:40
matv1alex-abreu tha is indeed usefull info. I will try that15:41
matv1alex-abreu  could you  possibly point to the basics of changing the user-agent when building a webapp?15:43
matv1i have built qml apps but never webapps15:44
matv1or is that just inline js ?15:44
alex-abreumatv1, sure this is just a command line option for those ... very simple --user-agent-string=''15:44
matv1alex-abreu awsum that sounds foolproof :)15:45
alex-abreumatv1, yes easy enough :)15:46
* matv1 cant believe he is contemplating a webapp for ms office 36515:47
dobeymterry: looks like your gmock branch has a consistent test failure on all archs and on zesty and xenial16:25
pareidoliaCan anyone tell me where updates are downloaded to? My download of OTA 14 is completely stuck16:51
pareidoliaI've got SSH, want to kick it loose16:51
dobeypareidolia: you can run "sudo system-image-cli -vvvv" to run the update from ssh, and the -vvvv should give fairly verbose output16:52
pareidoliadobey: Awesome! Apparently it was done already16:53
pareidoliadobey: It just booted straight into recovery16:53
pareidoliaThis is like christmas already :)16:54
pareidoliaI hope I can switch off screen wakeup notification now16:54
pareidoliaTask switcher with icons is great16:57
pareidoliaI always look at icons, been missing that since android took it away16:58
pareidoliaStill no setting to get a non-mobile user agent in the browser tho17:02
dobeywhat device?17:06
pareidoliaMeizu Pro 5 / Turbo17:07
dobeythough i've noticed lots of sites also have turned into sites designed primarily for mobile, regardless of what your user agent is17:07
pareidoliaI have no problem with responsive scaling17:08
dobeyno i don't mean they are scaling17:08
pareidoliaBut I use a couple which force a redirect to a wap-era style m.domain.com17:08
pareidoliaAnd having the WAP experience on a premium device like this sucks17:08
dobeyi mean on my 24" 4K monitor in chromium i get a huge site that looks like a phone app17:08
dobeyeh, it's not a WAP experience, it's just that some sites do m.foo instead of responsive layout17:09
dobeylike twitter17:09
dobeythe m site isn't WAP-ish (or at least, it shouldn't be)17:10
dobeyi thought that was supposed to be fixed now in the ubuntu browser anyway17:10
pareidoliaI meant that as rhetorical hyperbole17:11
pareidoliaTwitter is the worst17:11
pareidoliaWhy can't I have the normal twitter on this powerhouse of a phone17:11
dobeymaybe it's not though :-/17:11
dobeyyeah i don't know what that means17:11
pareidoliaexaggeration for humorous effect17:11
pareidoliaDamn. Turning music volume down still kills my ringtone17:12
pareidoliaI've been missing a whole lot of calls llately lol17:12
pareidoliaIs there a way to scale the gui elements up when I am running a desktop app with libertine?17:23
pareidoliaXTerm looks absolutely tiny17:23
mterrytedg: you might want to look at running latest silo snap with connected snaps (or snapd 2.17).  I get *some* successful launches (like gallery) but even then, there are two windows -- one just black and one real17:34
tedgmterry: Yes, that's because they're unity7 apps, so we're starting Xmir for them.17:35
tedgmterry: We should probably filter the MIR envvars to try to get them to be full X.17:35
mterryOh, you put snapd 2.18 in silo, cool17:35
tedgYeah, snapd 2.18+unity8 interface.17:35
mterrylet me try with snapd 2.1817:36
tedgmterry: Okay, heading out for lunch right now, will be delayed in responding :-)17:36
mterrytedg: you make it sound like the black window is expected and desired -- surely that's a bug right?17:36
mterrytedg: k17:36
dobeymterry: i thik it's expected, but obviously not desired (as xmir shouldn't be started for unity8 apps)17:40
dobeymterry: ie, xmir is being started, but then the app is being run on mir itself; xmir shouldn't be started there, but that's what the "unity8" plug is for, is my understanding17:41
mterrydobey: well they are also unity7 apps and can be launched either way17:41
mterrypresumably in unity7 mode, we should avoid the dual window17:42
dobeymterry: yes, the "dual window" issue is a bug17:43
dobeyreally i don't think we should be using the interface as the means to determine what display backend should be used17:44
dobeythere is just no good reason for those apps to be running under xmir under unity817:44
mterrypmcgowan: should we be using ubuntucoredev or canonical as the owning account for our snaps?  We currently have a mix (calculator and clock are ubuntucoredev, others are now canonical)17:54
pmcgowanmterry, oy no idea17:54
pmcgowanprobably canonical17:54
pmcgowanoh wait17:54
pmcgowanmterry, no thats right since calculator and clock are community writtten17:55
mterrypmcgowan: right but so are lots of the other apps that are currently canonical (like file manager, terminal -- right?)17:55
pmcgowanmterry, we have sortof taken those over17:55
* mterry can't keep track17:56
mterrywell then we got the snaps right!  :)17:56
dobeyreally they should be "ubuntu"17:56
dobeythe whole "ubuntucoredev" thing is weird17:57
dobeybecause they weren't written by ~ubuntu-core-dev either17:57
mterryoy ubuntu-app-platform isn't automatically installed when you install a snap that needs it17:57
* mterry adds that to unity8-snap-install17:58
dobeyseems like to me that "canonical" should really be for something like partner repo versus "ubuntu" which is the open archive.17:59
dobeybut alas17:59
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mterryPartner repo doesn't make sense in snap world, but I get ya18:17
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dobeyright, wasn't trying to suggest it does; just using it as an example of separate "maybe proprietary stuff here" archive18:18
mterrytedg: snapd 2.18 didn't autoconnect platform to apps for me...  But after manually connecting them, I get an error like this for calculator: Dec 08 13:10:31 drumbo audit[12459]: AVC apparmor="DENIED" operation="connect" profile="snap.ubuntu-calculator-app.ubuntu-calculator-app" name="/run/user/1002/snap.unity8-session/mir_socket" pid=12459 comm="qmlscene"18:19
mterryrequested_mask="wr" denied_mask="wr" fsuid=1002 ouid=100218:19
mterrytedg: so looks like our unity8 interface is not complete maybe (or calculator isn't setting it up right)18:20
dobeymterry: but on the other hand, some of it does make sense. do we expect adobe will ship a snap of the flash plug-in for firefox/chromium/whatever to use?18:20
dobey(also begs the question of how we will handle general plug-in type stuff in a snaps world)18:20
tsgloveHey guys, n00b question on Ubuntu Touch... I want to flash one of my phones to run the latest version (Nexus 6P).    Can I run sms via Signal?  What about Telegram and Whatsapp?   Those are the main apps I would miss18:24
dobeymterry: hmm, after installing and connecting the platform snap, i still get the "you need to connect the platform package with your app" error in the log18:24
dobeytsglove: telegram is available, whatsapp is not. there's currently no way to change how SMS are handled on the application level; also there isn't a port for the 6P i don't think18:25
tsglovedobey, ok... thank you!   Is there a non-Signal app for SMS?18:26
dobeytsglove: there is the system provided messaging app that does SMS18:27
tsglovedobey, awesome.  Thank you.  I think I'm going to give it a go!  =)18:27
mterrydobey: I dunno, I didn't get that anymore after connecting, and graduated to the apparmor error18:27
mterrydobey: filed https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8-desktop-session/connect-platform/+merge/312855 to do the connecting for us using our script18:27
dobeymterry: ah, no idea. this is on a classic vm18:28
mterryI'm on classic too18:28
dobeymterry: but you're running the unity8 snap right?18:28
dobeyyeah, this is just xenial+overlay in a vm18:28
dobeynot sure if there is a difference there that matters for the platform bit, but eh. just sharing what i'm seeing :)18:29
HendriXXXAnyone experiencing mobile connection drops with nexus4? After updating ota14 it just got worse. :(18:45
tedgmterry: So I consider the XMir window a bug, but a bug in the app. Basically they're asking for it and then not using it. I think we can make it easier for them to detect that case, but fundamentally, if they lie to use we can't defend against that.19:54
tedgmterry: Is the calculator in devmode?19:54
tedgmterry: I don't know about 2.18 autoconnecting, I was really just focusing on getting it so that unity8 gets listed in "snap intefaces"19:55
mterrytedg: no19:55
mterry(calc not in devmode)19:55
dobeymterry: for your gmock branch you changed the ordering of arguments in an ASSERT_GT; either need to change the ordering back or change it to ASSERT_LT19:55
tedgmterry: Hmm, yeah, that must be a bug in the interface :-(19:56
mterrydobey: guh!  that explains the failure, thanks.  I had tried to do some ordering cleanup as I went, but guess I wasn't very careful.  Will fix19:56
dobeytedg: i don't think the app is lying. it's not19:56
mterrytedg: does that mean we have to fix snapd again?  :(19:59
tedgmterry: Well, I mean I need to fix my branch, I'm not sure that's "fixing snapd" but I'll work on it.20:03
mterrytedg: I was just curious if that meant that we need like snapd 2.20 for it to work right or if it's a fix in a project that's more nimble20:09
mterryI didn't know if unity8 interface definition lives in snapd or not -- I'm guessing it could live elsewhere since we want those to be user-generatable20:14
dobeyi think interfaces have to be defined in snapd20:18
mterryChrisTownsend: can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8-desktop-session/connect-platform/+merge/312855 sometime?  I'd like to land that to make running snaps in u8 easier20:47
ChrisTownsendmterry: ok, sure20:48
ChrisTownsendmterry: I trust you've tested this?  I don't have a machine available at the moment to test this out.20:49
mterryChrisTownsend: I did yeah20:49
ChrisTownsendmterry: Ok, thought so:)  Next question, why is the webbrowser snap treated differently?20:50
mterryChrisTownsend: because it doesn't yet use the ubuntu-app-platform snap20:50
mterryChrisTownsend: so don't want to try to connect it yet20:51
ChrisTownsendmterry: Ok, makes sense.20:51
ChrisTownsendmterry: I'll approve since I trust you:)20:51
mterryI'll test again once silo builds it20:51
mterryfor double sanity20:52
ChrisTownsendmterry: ack20:52
mterryChrisTownsend: any objections to a silo with just this or do you know of anything else that should get thrown in?20:52
ChrisTownsendmterry: That one should be fine.  We release unity8-desktop-session like most other packages.20:53
ChrisTownsendmterry: There are only two other MP's, one of which is yours.20:53
ChrisTownsendmterry: https://code.launchpad.net/unity8-desktop-session/+activereviews20:53
ChrisTownsendmterry: And I don't know what nick is doing with that other one.20:54
mterryMy other branch shouldn't land yet.  OK, just this one20:54
tedgmterry: So the interface is in snapd, but my package is not upstream yet. Just a branch. So we can be more agile before it lands.20:56
mterrytedg: maybe the unity8/mir_socket interface issue is related to the fact that "snap interfaces" doesn't list unity8 on the left side of the list for me21:44
mterryI have 2129's version of snapd21:44
dobeymterry: did it restart after installing it?21:50
mterryI had rebooted yeah21:50
tedgmterry: Yeah, we need to add it to the unity8 snap, but considering it is in devmode it should be fine.21:50
dobeyah yeah21:50
tedgmterry: I guess perhaps we need to connect it to get the apparmor profile loaded though.21:50
mterrytedg: ah yeah in our snapcraft.yaml, we need to expose the unity8 slot at a minimum I guess.  And then connect it to each app.  :-/21:55
tedgmterry: I think I set it to autoconnect21:56
mterryBut still needs to have a slot, which we haven't exposed yet21:56
tedgYeah, trying to get a recent snap in the store now.21:56
tedgCan work on improving it next :-)21:56
tedgThis is harder than it should be :-/21:57
mterryNew frontier!21:57
mterryNo cowpaths yet21:57
dobeybut lots of dysentery21:59
dobeymterry: i hope jibel won't hate me, but i'm going to land that gmock fix without QA, since it's a tests-only build time change and fixes the FTBFS in zesty.22:03
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