alkisgI'm trying to write a script that sets the preferred mode to 1024x768 for a number of computers, i.e. it puts something like this in xorg.conf:06:59
alkisgSection "Monitor"     Identifier  "VGA-1"       Option      "PreferredMode"  "1280x720" EndSection06:59
alkisgMy problem is that it won't always be "VGA-1", and my question is, does it accept wildcards there? If not, how can I detect the monitor name before xorg has started?06:59
tjaaltonprobably can't, and no idea07:56
alkisgThank you tjaalton.... hacks it is then :D08:26
alkisgMaybe I'll put an early xsession script that just runs xrandr -s 1024x768 before the DM greeter gets launched08:27
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