Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:07
Kilosmorning everyone else06:07
KilosMaaz tell superfly Wke up sleepy head06:07
MaazKilos: Okay, I'll tell superfly on freenode06:07
Kiloshi Cryterion inetpro dude42 MaNL paddatrapper theblazehen Xethron 06:09
Kilosohi confluency welcome back06:09
paddatrapperMorning oom Kilos 06:10
paddatrapperKilos: superfly has been in Joburg for about an hour already06:10
Kilosoh my06:10
Kilosoh yes interview today06:11
Kiloshope  all goes well06:11
confluencyHi, everyone.06:18
inetproGuten Morgen06:23
theblazehenhi Kilos07:34
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LangjanHi Kilos als wel? Nuus van Oz?09:46
Kilosek is hier Langjan 10:43
Kilosek praat daagliks met hulle10:43
Kiloswarm weer hier10:44
Kilosweer as in again10:52
Kilosi think we gonna suffer in february10:52
paddatrapperKilos: if it's like this already Feb is going to kill us10:58
Kilosyip or try to anyway10:58
Kilosweatherman says 34°c here but feels warmer11:02
Kilosbarable though11:02
KilosMaaz spell bareable11:02
MaazKilos: That doesn't seem correct, but I can't find anything to suggest11:02
Kilosbot getting old like me11:03
MaazKilos: Huh?11:03
KilosMaaz botsnack11:03
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!11:03
paddatrapperOnly 23 here at the moment11:26
LangjanWhere are you located paddatrapper ?12:07
Kiloscapetown Langjan 12:08
LangjanOK makes sense, thats near the south pole12:08
Kilosand melbourne even closer12:08
Langjanwb Kilos? 12:09
Kilosty sir12:09
Kilosjust slep for a while12:10
Langjanme too lmga12:10
Kilosbut i answered you long ago before sleeping12:10
LangjanI saw that, suppose you were chasin sheep12:10
Kilosno man working on ians car on and off in the hot sun and also killing ants all around the house here12:11
Langjan16.04 running very well12:11
Langjanok gotta go for lunch chat later12:12
Kilossome vrek easy with dyant others just get fewer12:12
Kilosim glad 16.04 going good there12:12
Kilosseems they sorted all the bugs12:12
Kilosor most that make it functional anyway12:12
LangjanLooks like 12:32
Langjanok gotta go try config gmail on somebody's win xp12:32
Langjanmooi bly12:33
Langjanon win? Lmga12:33
Langjanbut thks12:33
Kilosconvert them12:33
Langjanwife is converted man is hardegat as usual12:34
Langjanbut he will come around as he sees she is not battling12:34
superflyKilos: I got my visa! 12:41
Maazsuperfly: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell superfly Wke up sleepy head" 6 hours, 33 minutes and 13 seconds ago12:41
Kiloswonderful superfly well done12:41
superflyKilos: I was awake at 5:30 12:41
Kilosim happy for you12:41
Kiloswhen do you fly12:41
Kiloslotsa hugging to catch up on12:41
superflyWill be booking tickets this evening 12:41
Kilosgreat news my friend12:42
KilosGod bless12:42
paddatrapperMaaz: Tell Langjan I'm in Cape Town12:45
Maazpaddatrapper: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode12:45
paddatrappersuperfly: Great news!!12:45
* Kilos happy for the fly but sad to lose him amongst us12:50
Kiloswe just have to stay up later12:56
Kilosor let maaz spam him12:56
Kiloshmm... topic not updated as usual15:01
paddatrapperKilos: Which part is out of date?16:34
* paddatrapper can't see all of it16:34
paddatrapperand is too lazy to check...16:34
Kilossorry paddatrapper busy in another room. installing 16.04 onto ssd17:05
Kilosthe next meeting part the pro hasnt done yet17:06
Kilosinternet dicey here17:06
paddatrapperKilos: No worries17:06
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Kilosbut leave messages and ill get them because desktop runninmg 17:07
Kilosmight just take a while17:07
superflyBye bye Jozi, I probably won't see you again. 18:00
MaNIdon't be so sure, once trump becomes dicatator for life he might deport you :p18:15
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