xanguaMaybe you could start with A before B00:00
infinitephantasmwell, it needs me to build it using a kernel source build folder, which i can't find00:00
infinitephantasmthe one it defaults to doesn't exist00:00
xanguaMaybe you need to start with A before B and C00:00
Ben64what's the actual issue00:01
infinitephantasmbasically i have the conexant hsf usb modem i'm trying to install, but can't seem to find the proper drivers to without having it be required on a older version00:01
infinitephantasmthese drivers specifically00:02
geniiugh, Conexant00:02
infinitephantasmit's annoying to even find the proper solution and i've looked everywhere00:02
geniiinfinitephantasm: I can tell you already that the linuxant source tree contains 32bit binary blobs that no longer work on pretty much anything00:03
infinitephantasmgreat =_=00:04
geniiinfinitephantasm: I had the exact same problem with them before00:04
infinitephantasmit just says "Where is the linux source build directory that matches your running kernel?"00:05
infinitephantasmit defaults to [/lib/modules/4.4.0-53-generic/build]00:05
infinitephantasmand that doesn't work because it's missing version.h because it doesn't exist00:06
infinitephantasm(the whole path ((not /lib/modules/, the generic part) just doesn't occur)00:06
infinitephantasmthen it grants me the option of using /boot/config-4.4.0-53-generic in a temporary kernel tree00:06
infinitephantasmtry that, it waits a couple seconds, then basically fails because it's unable to prepare said temporary kernel tree00:07
infinitephantasmso basically if i can't get this installed i'm gonna have to buy one that actually works :l00:08
geniiinfinitephantasm: If you still want to persist on this, take a look at my extremely old posting on it, #49 at https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1015673&page=500:08
Ben64seems like buying a new one would be best00:08
infinitephantasmi'm running it on a VM, so if i break anything it won't be a total loss00:09
geniiinfinitephantasm: As you can see, I did manage to get things working back in 200600:09
infinitephantasmit's 10 years after that so i don't know if it'll work lmao00:09
infinitephantasmby the way, it seems someone's still trying to keep driver links alive00:13
geniiinfinitephantasm: Your Mileage May Vary00:13
infinitephantasm@ george-hopkins.github.io/hsfmodem/00:13
infinitephantasmnice on them00:13
geniiinfinitephantasm: But truthfully, you're just better off to go grab a modem that works under Linux instead, the amount of time that can be wasted on things like this, if you count up the hours, you're losing a lot of potentially useful time for some other thing00:14
infinitephantasmi'm a 16 year old in high school with no job. i have no such thing as useful time :P00:15
infinitephantasm+ i have no money to buy what i need (dell nw147 or whatever) anyways00:15
geniiThen tinker away :)00:15
iresfthe first error is : This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb".00:21
iresfhow to install qt platform plugin xcb on ubuntu 14.04 ?00:23
may68Apt-get install brain00:23
genii!info xcb | iresf00:23
ubottuiresf: xcb (source: xcb): Pigeon holes for your cut and paste selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-4.3 (yakkety), package size 22 kB, installed size 88 kB00:23
may68Ubuntu is kinda crap00:24
may68The user interface is terrible00:24
geniimay68: Good thing that there's also Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate and lots of other desktop environments for you to try then00:25
iresfubottu : i installed it but still it has same error00:25
ubottuiresf: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:25
ElinKattungeFew you let me talk! Goody good!00:26
cfhowlettmay68, you have at least 6 different desktop environments to choose from not to mention more themes than can be easily counted.  you are also free to use any of the other ubuntu flavors --- indeed you are free to use ANY linux.  "ubuntu is crap" suggests you would be happier elsewhere.  please explore your options but keep such sentiments OUT of the tech support channels.  thank you.00:26
infinitephantasmgenii: yeah, couldn't get it to work00:40
* genii shrugs00:40
infinitephantasmapparently gave '/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/GPL/oscompat.h:125:24: fatal error: asm/system.h: No such file or directory'00:40
infinitephantasmoh well00:40
* genii wanders off to watch Leafs00:41
black91sudo apt-get install libQt5XcbQpa.so00:48
cfhowlettblack91, now do that in your terminal00:49
may68How can I make Ubuntu look like windows 1000:56
cfhowlettmay68, please stop trolling this channel.00:57
kk4ewtmay68,  google exactly that in google00:58
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bazhanghttp://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/transform-your-ubuntu-into-windows-10-look-with-these-gtk-themes may6800:59
bazhangmay68, that was found with a two second web search00:59
iresfdoes lubuntu 16.04 or Kubuntu  support fglrx  ?01:02
Ben64i don't think fglrx is a thing anymore01:02
bazhang!info fglrx01:03
ubottuPackage fglrx does not exist in yakkety01:03
bazhangiresf, no, why would it01:03
bazhangwhat are you doing that you think you need iresf01:04
iresfi have Apu  Radeon R5   M240  and want main driver it on ubuntu supported by amd01:05
bazhanghow old is that card iresf01:06
iresfi saw in amd website that released some version but i could not see my model ( R5  M240 )     and i do not know what  do i do01:06
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iresfseller   lied me01:06
bazhangiresf, please tell us why you think you need fglrx01:06
cfhowlettiresf, more likely the seller did not actually know01:08
iresfcfhowlett :maybe01:09
iresfbazhang : i use android virtual device  on ubuntu  to test app and android programming     without fglrx  the performance of android VD is very bad01:11
iresfalso i need to  Opengl properties for that01:11
iresfi deleted ubuntu 16.04 only for fglrx and installed 14.04 but unfortuanely it   emulator64-x86 deos not work  on ubuntu 14.0401:12
may68I'll trade you. Debian for A Ubuntu01:13
bazhangmay68, stay on topic here01:15
may68Ok, what Ubuntu project needs volunteers the most01:16
bazhangmay68, check the mailing lists01:16
bazhangthis is ubuntu technical support, not chatter about ubuntu01:16
bazhang!lists | may6801:17
ubottumay68: Mail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com01:17
iresfwhat is Segmentation fault (core dumped)   when i  ./libqxcb ?01:20
GeoIf I installed a server iso, but want to use the gui desktop, what packages should I install?01:24
iresfon ldd  :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23596259/01:26
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors01:27
Geois GNOME the default on desktop edition?01:31
Geobut first, i have a larger problem- i just installed in a VM from the iso, and now when i apt update, it only looks to the CD as the source- how do I get it to look to the internet repos?01:32
cfhowlettGeo, plain vanilla ubuntu default is unity01:34
Geoso what package would I need to install to get that up and running?01:35
cfhowlett... "that" ?01:35
cfhowlettGeo, did you install ubuntu or ubuntu-gnome?01:35
Geoi guess the original question scrolled off- I installed from a server iso, not desktop01:35
Geoif i want to enable the default desktop environment ubuntu desktop ships with, which packages do I need to install?01:36
cfhowlettah.  right.  sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop will get the full meal deal.01:36
Geocool, thanks01:36
Geoand then for my harder question- any thoughts on that?01:36
cfhowlettGeo, restate the question01:36
Geowhy the source list only seems to be looking for the cdrom?01:36
Geoapt-get update tries searching the cdrom as the package source, not the internet repos01:37
cfhowlett... <forest gump voice says ...> because you told it to.01:37
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
GeoI just popped it in and let it ride... i thought it would install a sources list that would point to the internet when it was done installing01:37
cfhowlettGeo, in other words, go into your software settings and disable the cdrom01:37
Geoits not mounted... and I don't recall ever seeing a source list on my other isntalls have cdrom:// as a source in it01:38
cfhowlettGeo, more /etc/apt/sources.list will show you01:38
Georight - do i need to delete those cdrom refereces?01:39
Geoits just different from what I'm used to seeig, thats what I'm a little thrown01:39
cfhowlettGeo, or just comment them out01:39
Geoyeah. I just don't think I've ever had to do that before, I'm not sure why it changed for this install01:39
Braunscheisseanybody here looking to suck the hot salty cum from my hairy uncircumcized cock?01:40
cfhowlett!ops | Braunscheisse ban requested01:40
ubottuBraunscheisse ban requested: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu01:40
BraunscheisseI am a big fan of salty cum01:40
Braunscheissethen chasing it with either a coke01:41
Braunscheisseor a shot of mezcal01:41
KYTechGuySorry, Braunscheisse - your appalling lack of punctuation turns me off.01:41
cfhowlettKYTechGuy, let's not engage with obvious trolls please01:41
Geook, *last* question, promise :)01:42
justPielets try this again: Does anyone have any experience installing wifi drivers that don't play nice with ubuntu 16.04? The card in question is asus PCE-n53. The card shows up in lspci but doesn't show up in iwconfig. I compiled the drivers using make and make install. I then ran modprobe right after with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?01:42
GeoI'm installing this b/c my upgrade from 14 to 16 (in a vm) has started freezing the VM on a near daily basis and, in some cases, even the host01:42
Geohave you seen anyone else with an issue like this?01:43
justPielspci -v returns : http://pastebin.com/hCRZPJH001:43
cfhowlettGeo, freezing the HOST?  unusual!01:43
Geothe reigning hypothesis is that the vmtools have borked something01:43
GeoI normally wouldn't associate that with the VM, but it was started immediately after the upgrade, along with the VM freezes01:43
tsimonq2Hey guys, I want to do something complicated and am not finding much documentation on it.01:53
Mahjongghi, how can i modify network connections in terminal? I removed ubuntu-desktop as this instance is running on a remote machine with restricted hardware01:53
SchrodingersScat!ask | tsimonq201:53
ubottutsimonq2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:53
SchrodingersScatgoes for you too Mahjongg, what are you actually trying to do?01:53
tsimonq2Let's say I have 4 different partitions I want to set a RAID 5 array up on. I want to install Ubuntu on them via debootstrap, or appendix 4 in the installation guide.01:53
tsimonq2SchrodingersScat: I was typing. ;)01:54
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:54
MahjonggSchrodingersScat, I'd like to disable wifi and use the ethernet port to connect that box to the LAN01:54
SchrodingersScatMahjongg: did your ethernet require special drivers?01:54
tsimonq2So back to my question. How do I set this up and mount them so that I can run debootstrap, and how do I configure that system to boot from the RAID array?01:55
MahjonggSchrodingersScat, it does not, and it is actually now connected, without me doing anything, I guess all I need to do is to make sure if that connection will be persistent if I reboot and disable wifi connection afterwards01:55
tsimonq2I need a separate /boot partition, right?01:55
tsimonq2Basically I want to do this but not with the alternate installer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID01:55
MahjonggHow can I disable the wifi connection, ideally temporarily?01:56
tsimonq2tl;dr I want to set up a bootable RAID 5 array install using https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/apds04.html01:57
SchrodingersScatMahjongg: ifconfig can be handy. ifconfig nameofwifidevice down  #should kill it01:57
MahjonggSchrodingersScat, would that be persistent?01:57
SchrodingersScatacross reboots? i actually have no idea D:01:58
MahjonggSchrodingersScat, correct01:58
Mahjonggwhat console tool does the wifi connection? it has to store ssid and password somewhere01:58
* tsimonq2 patiently waits for someone to stumble onto my question, a rather complicated one...01:59
SchrodingersScatMahjongg: http://askubuntu.com/questions/461825/connect-to-wifi-from-command-line01:59
BlackDalekHow do I upgrade from 16.04 LTS to 16.04.1 LTS? the update manager thing only gives me the option for 16.10?02:01
cfhowlettBlackDalek, sudo apt udpate && sudo apt full-upgrade02:02
tsimonq2BlackDalek: 16.04.1 = fully updated 16.04. :)02:02
vachosorry for asking a non-ubuntu related question.. where can I get free email hosting for my domain? Any ideas?02:02
BlackDalektsimonq2, my 16.04 lts is fully updated, so is it 16.04.1 lts already, but it just does not say so anywhere?02:03
tsimonq2vacho: I'm not sure about "free" hosting, but Gandi has awesome email hosting. :)02:03
tsimonq2vacho: Either way, the people in #ubuntu-offtopic would be able to give you loads of advice on it. I would try there. :)02:04
cfhowlettBlackDalek, cat /etc/issue    will tell you02:04
BlackDalekcfhowlett, ahhh.. ok. Yes, it does say 16.04.1 ;)02:05
BlackDalekmystery solved ;)02:05
tsimonq2BlackDalek: or lsb_release -a ;)02:06
tsimonq2No problem BlackDalek, have a nice rest of your day. :)02:06
tsimonq2Hmm, let's take a peek at the d-i source and see if I can answer my own question...02:08
tsimonq2Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to do a test install in a VM and take a peek at it afterwards02:13
tsimonq2Or boot the Ubuntu Server image in a VM mounting all my discs and do the install from the VM...02:13
tsimonq2Argh, if only someone had a RAID array already set up as their root partition, so I could just look at how it's mounted in /etc/fstab02:14
tsimonq2Hm, I'm gonna experiment and see if I can set this up properly on my own...02:16
Geowhats the issue?02:18
Geomount it like a normal drive02:18
Geo/dev/md0   /   bla......02:18
tsimonq2Geo: I want to do a debootstrap install on a RAID 5 setup, so I need a separate /boot then right?02:20
GeoI have a mirror as my /02:20
tsimonq2How's that work?02:20
Geojust fine?02:21
GeoI dont recall specifics02:21
Geobut I do remember fretting about it02:21
tsimonq2But you boot off of mdadm?02:21
Geobut it worked first time, whatever I did02:21
GeoI think you just mark it as bootable in grub02:21
tsimonq2Can you get me a pastebin of your /etc/fstab pretty please?02:21
Geounfortunately no02:21
Geocant get out to the internet02:21
Geobut its what i just told you02:22
Geo/dev/md0  /   ext3 .....02:22
Geoyou treat the md0 disk the same as any other disk02:22
Geoso dont stress over it02:22
tsimonq2But is your /\boot separate?02:24
GeoI don't have a /boot listed02:25
tsimonq2So then how is GRUB set up?02:26
Led_Zeppelintrying to setup my sound amp with ubuntu. I know it used to work before. Its being deteched. Just no sound coming out of it.02:28
iresfemulator: ERROR: Could not load OpenGLES emulation library [lib64OpenglRender]: lib64OpenglRender.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory?02:30
Geotsimonq2: I used grub to set md0 as the bootable drive, I think?02:34
GeoIdont recall02:34
Geobut thats what mine looks like02:35
tsimonq2iresf: When are you getting that?02:39
tsimonq2After doing what?02:39
tsimonq2Executing what command?02:39
Ben64iresf: you should find the support option for that program02:39
iresfafter    ./emulator64-x86 -avd   avdname02:39
blackflowis /etc/default/lxd-bridge no longer existing for LXD bridge setups on 16.10?02:40
=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
blackflowall the documentation points to that file, but it's gone. is this yet another in the series of RandomUbuntuBreakages(tm) that is occuring every 6 months?02:42
tsimonq2Hey now, not everything breaks if you stay on the development release... :P02:43
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donjuancan help me http://dpaste.com/0ZVGQAB02:54
kk4ewtdonjuan,  then #centos for you02:56
Bashing-omdonjuan: "right in CentOS " We here in this channel do not support Centos .02:57
donjuankk4ewt, Bashing-om sorry no problems os, just want to know the command bash02:57
donjuanno i change centos with ubuntu :D02:58
John[Lisbeth]On many of my ubuntu machines I seem to have trouble installing gforth and emacs at the same time. I am told these conflict, but on my freebsd system I can install them both just fine03:04
MahjonggSchrodingersScat, thank you03:09
MDTechI am trying to install ubuntu on an ext4 system with a separate /boot partition03:10
MDTechbut it says the bootloader could not be installed03:11
Blue1MDTech:  where device are you trying to install the bootloader onto?03:11
xanguaMDTech: you mean grub?03:11
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MDTechI'm installing grub on /dev/sde103:12
Blue1MDTech:  you install grub onto a device, NOT a partition.03:12
Blue1The MBR is located at the beginning of the hard drive -- not a partition.03:13
MDTechI selected it from the dropdown box in the installer03:13
Blue1MDTech:  This may/may not help:  http://www.pkill-9.com/recovering-ubuntudebian-linux-after-a-windows-installhiccup/03:14
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=== Trump is now known as Kirito
Mahjonggnmcli connection show displays two connections. wired and wireless. wireless seems to connect automatically on boot. wired gets connected after a long while. wireless gets disconnected after a long while. not necessarily at the same time. Can you provide some insight by any chance?03:32
tsimonq2Mahjongg: Hello, could you please PM me your complete /etc/network/interfaces ?03:38
tsimonq2Mahjongg: At least in mine, I have my WiFi password...03:38
tsimonq2Mahjongg: Just playing it safe. :)03:39
Mahjonggtsimonq2, not much in it, auto lo and iface lo inet loopback, two lines that's all03:39
tsimonq2Mahjongg: Oh, ok.03:40
tsimonq2Mahjongg: Hmm, I don't use Ubuntu Unity, so I can't help you on that, sorry.03:40
Mahjonggtsimonq2, me neither... ubuntu-desktop is removed here03:41
tsimonq2Mahjongg: Oh ok, what desktop then?03:41
Mahjonggtsimonq2, no desktop03:42
Mahjonggthis is a remote machine only terminal access03:42
tsimonq2How do you connect to the Internet on that machine then?03:42
Bashing-omMahjongg: Who controls networking ? ' dpkg -l network-manager ' .03:44
tsimonq2Good idea Bashing-om03:44
Mahjonggthis is a ubuntu-desktop iso installation, set ssid and pass during installation. remodev ubuntu-desktop later and also autoremoved packages required by ubuntu-desktop03:45
Mahjonggii  network-manager03:45
Mahjonggnmcli works03:45
Mahjonggjust not sure how to set wired as default connection. appears like wired connection doesn't get connected on boot03:46
Mahjonggonly after a while, sporadically03:46
Bashing-omMahjongg: working toward having  "you" control networking . Does /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf exist ?03:48
MahjonggBashing-om, it exists03:48
Mahjonggmanaged=false is this why, sporadic behaviour03:49
Mahjonggalso, this was working before reboot sudo nmcli d connect enp1s003:50
Mahjonggnow I get this: Error: Failed to add/activate new connection: Connection 'enp1s0' is not available on the device enp1s0 at this time.03:50
Bashing-omMahjongg: That is a good possibility .. set it to true and insure you have both WIFI and the wired connections defined similar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23596701/ for the config file /etc/network/interfaces .03:56
Bashing-omMahjongg: your file should have your interface name ( enp1s0 ??) in place of my eth1 .and also I fo not have WTFI listed in mine ,04:03
MahjonggBashing-om, yeah, noticed that and corrected in mine but I after reboot I cannot ssh for some reason, ping works04:03
Bashing-omMahjongg: ' ip route show ' to see the name .04:04
MahjonggBashing-om, I guess it was fs checking or something, ssh works now04:05
Mahjonggchecking which conenctions are on04:06
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
MahjonggBashing-om, yeah, appears like both wired and wireless are on now after config file changes you suggested04:07
MahjonggI'll use nmcli radio to turn wireless radio off and reboot to see if wired will be the only one04:07
Bashing-omMahjongg: Check ' ping -c3 ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' .04:08
Mahjonggpinging out from the box works, normally.04:09
Mahjonggpinging to box also works04:09
Mahjonggifconfig -a shows that only the wireless one got an IP04:09
MahjonggI shouldn;t turn the radio off yet.04:09
Bashing-omMahjongg: What I am concerned with is if we must also define DNS .. I not too sure 'bout that .04:10
Mahjongg64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=55 time=15.9 ms04:10
Mahjongg64 bytes from ovinnik.canonical.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=52 time=86.8 ms04:10
Bashing-omnarinder`: :) should then be golden ^ .04:11
Bashing-omMahjongg: ^^ sorry narinder`04:12
MahjonggBashing-om, the reason why enp1s0 didn't get an IP on boot is beacuse I did not tell nmcli to connect?04:12
Mahjonggnmcli connection show --active lists both, but only the wireless nic got IP04:13
Bashing-omMahjongg: Above my skill set to have both active at the same time . I am not too skilled with WIFI :(04:14
MahjonggBashing-om, thank you for all your help04:18
MahjonggI'll try reading the fm :)04:18
MDTech-us_MANI managed to install ubuntu on a btrfs volume04:22
MDTech-us_MANbut when I start it I see a blank purple screen for a few seconds and then the screen turns off04:23
MDTech-us_MANand thats it.04:24
MDTech-us_MANany ideas?04:24
MahjonggI suspect this may be a jme module issue04:27
Mahjonggdmesg | grep enp1s0 has some output such as IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enp1s0: link is not ready04:28
Mahjongglsmod shows jme loaded04:28
Mahjonggfor my JMicron Technology Corp. JMC250 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller [197b:0250] (rev 11)04:28
BlackDalekI have a disk pulled from a Windows 10 laptop. I want to access files from it by plugging it externally into my Ubuntu 16.04 USB port. It doesn't want to mount. It says "windows is hibernated, refused to mount"04:31
BlackDalekany way to get around that?04:32
BlackDalekDo I need to set some kind of mount options?04:32
Bashing-omBlackDalek: plig it back into the Windows box and shut the machine down .. such that fast start " - hibernation -04:34
Bashing-omis not a factor .04:34
RedKorvoHey guys. I'm having an issue where modprobe -r NameOfWifiDriver hangs the whole computer, forcing a restart. Any ideas? Ubuntu 16.04.04:42
RedKorvoanyone still up, or is this place usually this dead at midnight EST?04:53
Sean_McGI'm still up, even though it's midnight here04:53
RedKorvoah, i was just wondering because no one responded. If no one has an answer I get it though.04:55
Sean_McGI joined after you asked whatever it was04:55
RedKorvooh lol. here it is:04:56
RedKorvoHey guys. I'm having an issue where modprobe -r NameOfWifiDriver hangs the whole computer, forcing a restart. Any ideas? Ubun04:56
Sean_McGoh, ugh.04:56
RedKorvoyeah. I thought Linux was supposed to be really hard to lock up. Guess not =P04:58
Sean_McGdrivers are always another story04:58
glitchd_if i copied my linux partition to a usb, is it possible to boot it in a virtualbox machine?05:01
RedKorvoyup. it's weird though, this wifi adapter is supposedly super famous among the networking crowd for white hat hacking etc. I'm trying to use it with Hak5's Wireshark tutorials, but it won't go into monitor mode. No fix so far.05:01
Sean_McGglitchd_: not sure, it might have to be specially prepared for that. I have a bootable USB key from work that I want to do the same thing with (rather than having to reboot the machine).05:03
RedKorvobrb, gonna try somthing that will kill my connection.05:04
ablestglitchd_, they sell live cd ubuntu on usb drive i think so yes05:06
=== glitchd_ is now known as glitchd
glitchdthats not quite my situation..05:17
glitchdi bought a new hard drive. i copied my entire linux partition to my external hard drive for backup. installed the new hard drive. installed everything i need to install. but i realized i forgot to export my bookmarks from chromium. so i would like to boot the old hard drive in a virtualmachine to access chromium and get the bookmarks.05:19
kk4ewtdid you copy your /home05:20
glitchdkk4ewt, i copied the entire partition with dd05:20
glitchdso yes.05:20
cfhowletteh, hold up there05:21
kk4ewtdo your bookmarks should still be there05:21
cfhowlettif you had /home in a dedicated, separate partition ...05:21
Sean_McGsomewhere under ~/.local I would think05:21
glitchdive looked and cannot seem to find a bookmark.html file05:21
glitchdill have another look right now then05:21
kk4ewtdid you look in chromium05:21
glitchdlol yes05:22
glitchdhmm i wonder if i can just launch chromium from the usb drive then..?05:24
Sean_McGoooh I was wrong... it's in ~/.config/google-chrome/ on my machine05:25
glitchdSean_McG, i assume youre using chrome, im using chromium, slightly different i believe..05:26
glitchdeh i figure it out another day, thx guys, much appreciated05:28
freechoiceubuntu halted on reached target shutdown, any idea05:31
TikityTikCan I get some people to test this project and do a survey? https://github.com/Davidj361/OverseerDemo https://goo.gl/forms/WKNan6MoYrFLF3hz105:32
freechoiceubuntu 16.04.1/4.4.0-53-generic #74-Ubuntu05:32
ra21viI installed latest 16.04, got lots of issues in it. Most annoying, suspend/resume does not work on laptop. Tried other kernels, but one morning (maybe after an update), it started working.. and then last night again updated, and that issue came back.. Back to day one..05:32
dangitmanhas anyone had any luck with virtualizing an ubuntu partition that was originally set up to dual boot? looking for some guidance.05:47
TikityTikCan anyone test my project and do a survey? I need data for a document.05:49
cfhowlettTikityTik, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic as that is off-topic in this channel05:50
Sean_McGOK, sleeptime05:54
NikeshI'm trying to set up a new machine with my GPG and ssh keys.. I've done `scp -rp .gnupg/ user@host:~/.gnupg` and also `.ssh/` -- I use `pass` and it works to unlock my GPG, but when I try to `git clone` using ssh, it prompts me to unlock with my passphrase but it doesn't work.. What did I miss to set up?06:10
BenguitarAm I missing something with Ubuntu, I've been having a difficult time nailing down the random audio popping bug. I have found a few different forum posts addressing it however nothing has seemed to resolve the issue. Anyone here have any advice or input for this?06:15
ra21viBenguitar: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting#Glitches.2C_skips_or_crackling06:19
ra21viBenguitar: i never got sound on linux comparable to win.. and there is reason for it06:20
Benguitarra21vi, Reason for it?06:20
RahulANHi Aal06:23
kode54is that canonical live updates thing $150/y per server, or per account?06:23
RahulANI am getting [  598.750962] hub 5-4:1.0: hub_ext_port_status failed (err = -32)06:23
kode54live patch06:23
RahulANand my usb mouse and keyboard is not working06:24
xanguakode54: you can use it in your personal computers, up to three I believe06:24
kode54I was considering what I'd do if I ended up activating it on all my VPS accounts06:24
kode54I've got like four of those06:24
RahulANWhat does it mean ?06:25
xanguaI remember there was also a red hat tool to patch the kernel live06:26
ra21viBenguitar: because hardware manufacturers develops best driver, and sadly for windows only.. linux has evolution on generic solution, to work on most compatible.06:26
Benguitarra21vi, Hmm. :(06:26
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tacomasterI have having an issue getting samba set up correctly but the samba channel is dead. Basically i see see the share but i cant connect to it even though i have already said a user i want for the share and made a password for that new account06:33
hateballtacomaster: whats the smb host and guest OS? maybe the guest is trying to use smb3 and the host only supports smb206:37
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
tacomasterhateball: I am using windows 7 as the one to access and raspbian as the server06:37
hateballWell Raspbian is not supported here to start with, so06:38
NikeshCan anyone guide me on transfering my GPG and SSH keys to a new machine? I've tried various ways of copying over the `.ssh/` and `.gnupg` directories with `scp` to the new machine and it somewhat works in that I can unlock my passwords with `pass`, but doing e.g. `git clone` with ssh it asks me to unlock with my passphrase and it keeps failing when I input the passphrase. I'm not sure which step I might have missed06:52
wafflejockNikesh, are you sure git is using the correct ssh key?06:54
TragicM3LONanyone familiar with RAID?06:54
wafflejockNikesh, looks like you can specify a particular key to use in a couple ways depending on git version http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4565700/specify-private-ssh-key-to-use-when-executing-shell-command-with-or-without-ruby06:55
Nikeshwafflejock: I don't know.. but it seems to be, it as it matches the email I have set up for GPG06:55
wafflejockNikesh, if you have the original public key can check if that is on the server06:56
Nikeshwafflejock: Yes I have the original on this machine and it works06:57
Nikeshmaybe `ssh-add` - from the StackOverthrow thread you linked06:57
TragicM3LONis there a command to check the status of a /dev/sda even if it doesn't show up with fdisk?07:00
Nikeshwafflejock: I may have found the issue.. I run `ssh-add` and it error message that the permissions for `id_rsa` are too open and it will be ignored07:01
inerkickHi. Need a help. I got ubuntu 14.04 running. But my arrows keys when pressed for longer duration using any editing or scrolling, doesn't work. It just moves one character or once07:03
NikeshThat gets closer as it now asks me for the passphrase for `id_rsa` but it keeps failing when I input the passphrase - and I don't think it's a typo because it works with `pass`07:03
inerkickI need to keep pressing multiple times those keys to move up or down or horizontal07:03
inerkickKindly help07:05
NikeshI was getting confused about the difference between the ssh-passphrase and the GPG passphrase07:06
wafflejockNikesh, ah okay cool07:07
wafflejockNikesh, for the permissions mine are all just read write for the owner and nothing for anyone else07:07
NikeshWell I guess not all the way there07:07
NikeshI was able to run `ssh-add` but my gpg passphrase won't unlock07:08
Nikeshit shows `gpg: decryption failed: No secret key`07:08
NikeshI thought that copying `.gnupg/` to the new machine would work for that07:08
wafflejockNikesh, hmm sorry not familiar enough with gpg to help you debug that really07:09
Nikeshmaybe there is something similar for gpg as `ssh-add`07:09
Nikeshwafflejock: OK but thanks!07:09
wafflejockNikesh, no prob good luck07:13
apinsvcan anyone help in configuring a usb scanner as a network scanner in ubuntu 16.0407:28
apinsvcan anyone help in configuring a usb scanner as a network scanner in ubuntu 16.0407:31
hateball!patience | apinsv07:31
ubottuapinsv: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:31
Nikeshwafflejock: Most of my problems I think originated from misunderstanding when it was asking me for the ssh passphrase or the GPG passphrase - complicated by the fact that on my old machine I had let gnome-keyring pass these in when I am logged in so I never really had to input them but just a few times in the past07:33
NikeshI've got it all sorted now luckily07:33
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nikolamhi I have strange problem, after update from some week ago08:15
nikolamI use qemu/kvm, with virtual machines made with libvirt08:16
nikolamand I have 2 bridged interfaces with dhcp, that are connected to 2 VMs08:24
nikolambut now after update, just one interface with it's VM is alive08:24
nikolamthere arfe 2 network cards, and every bridged interface is connected to it's own hardware bridge08:25
nikolamwill be back08:28
TragicM3LONanyone familiar with zfs pools in ubuntu server?08:36
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
ducasseTragicM3LON: just ask your question, please08:38
TragicM3LONmy server is configured in RAIDZ, and after rebooting the RAIDZ isn't mounting. After checking it, it looks like one of the drives isn't showing up? i need help on how to figure out if the HDD is really dead or what?08:39
TragicM3LONfdisk shows all my /dev minus one08:40
ducasseTragicM3LON: so the device node is not visible at all?08:40
TragicM3LONso /dev/sda doesn't show, but the others do yes08:41
ducasseTragicM3LON: anything in the logs?08:41
TragicM3LONthe only thing i got was when i did zpool import, it shows the pool as DEGRADED08:42
TragicM3LONso i guess, sda - sde show, but sdf says UNAVAIL08:42
SachiruThat appears to be a dead disk08:43
ducassehave you checked cable etc?08:43
TragicM3LONya i checked the cable on all the drives08:43
wedgieif it's raidznit should still be able to mount with one disk gone...08:44
TragicM3LONbut i would still need to get that drive replaced right?08:44
wedgieof course08:45
TomyWorkI'm using "xrandr --output DP-0 --auto --pos 1920x0 --output eDP-1 --auto --pos 0x120 --primary" (auto being 1920x1080 on eDP-1 and 1920x1200 on DP-0) to set up my display parameters.08:45
TomyWorkeDP-1's background black (it should be my wallpaper with some icons on it) and it's not possible to maximize windows there by dragging them to the top of the screen. What I do notice is this line in "xrandr" output: "Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 3840 x 1200, maximum 16384  x 16384"08:45
ducasseTragicM3LON: fast, before another one fails08:45
TragicM3LONso my other question, is there a way to find out which one of the HDD's is the one that failed? it's in a fractal node 304 case, so i literally have no clue which one it would be08:46
TomyWorkthe problem persists if i set the same resolution on both devices via the kde display configuration control08:46
ducasseTragicM3LON: /dev/disk/by-id/...08:47
TragicM3LONis the Disk Identifier written on the actual HDD label?08:47
TragicM3LONis that how i would figure that out?08:47
ducasseTragicM3LON: it usually includes the serial no08:48
TomyWorkout of curiosity, is "fractal node 304 case" a brand name or a movie reference?08:48
TragicM3LONdon't think so TomyWork08:48
TragicM3LONFractal makes the case08:48
TomyWorkwell it could have been a fractal of a problem :)08:49
TomyWorkso intractable that it's hard to figure out08:49
wedgieTragicM3LON: smartctl should be abke to show you the serials for sll the disks that are still there... so orocess of elimination08:49
TomyWorkcan't you power down the defective disk?08:50
TomyWorkand see which one stopped vibrating?08:50
=== Kirito is now known as Trump
wedgieand while you're rummaging around you may want to make note of all of the serials and their physical locations for next time08:50
=== Trump is now known as Kirito
TragicM3LONwedgie ok08:50
TragicM3LONducasse thank you as well08:50
TragicM3LONwhat would be the command for smartctl to show the serials?08:51
wedgiesmartctl -a /dev/xxx08:51
TragicM3LONcool thanks08:52
wedgieTragicM3LON: also look into setting up regular smart tests... every few weeks should be fine. can help flag problems before it fails outright08:53
TragicM3LONhow do i go about setting that up? when the new drive comes in, what do i do to set that up?08:54
TragicM3LONwedgie also, when i get the replacement drive, it's not a hard process to rebuild the database is it?08:54
wedgienah: ''zpool replace <poolname> /dev/xxx'' where xxx is the new device name. This assumes that the dead disk is already gone08:57
wedgieTragicM3LON: is your pool configured with device names or UUID's?08:58
TragicM3LONtbh, i really don't know anymore08:58
TragicM3LONi set it up like 10 months ago08:58
wedgiecheck ''zpool status''   If it showx sda sdb etc then it is not08:58
wedgienot set up for UUID's that is08:59
TragicM3LONwhen i do zpool status it says no pools available08:59
wedgieoh. ... you said you did zfs import... was this a pool that you were moing from somewhere else or was it working on this system before?09:00
TragicM3LONit was working before09:02
TragicM3LONyesterday, i rebooted the server, and then i couldn't ssh remotely into it. Got home and checked it, and i guess that's when that hdd crashed09:03
wedgieTragicM3LON: hmm. Starting to approach the limits of my experience with this. You might head over to #zfsonlinux for more expert help with this09:08
TragicM3LONalright, i got the Serials for the 5 that are working, here's to hoping the one that died is still covered by the warranty09:08
TragicM3LONwedgie i appreciate the help, I'm just gonna pull this one out, and send it back09:08
TragicM3LONthanks again09:09
codepoetnhey, i need a little help09:09
wedgieit may be worth ploping it in another computer just to make sure the disk is really bad and it wasn't just a bad cable or something09:09
ikevincodepoetn, ask your question09:11
codepoetni'm on x-chat gnome and i've joined 3 channels : ubuntu, joomla and ubuntu-unregged. now if i type QUIT command , it signs-me-off  from all the channels. Is there a way to quit fro particular channel?09:11
ikevincodepoetn, type /part09:11
TomyWorkcodepoetn ctrl-w closes the current window09:12
TomyWorkworks in your browser, too :)09:12
ikevincodepoetn, or you can shift+click on the channel name09:12
evenflowshi, ubuntu 14.04, is there a way to disable all usb devices alltogether without rebooting the machine?09:12
codepoetnlike [/channelName Quit] ?09:12
ikevincodepoetn, no, /part09:13
TomyWorkcodepoetn go to the channel and press ctrl-w09:13
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codepoetnThanks everyone! It worked. Also X-chat Gnome provde interactive X button on top-right-corner to directly close any discussion :)09:14
TomyWorkI'm on a dell laptop with nvidia/intel graphics. i think it's called optimus or prime or something. there's the nvidia control panel, that only lists my dvi-attached screen, but neither the integrated screen nor a VGA-attached screen.09:15
TomyWorki could say "screw it" and only use the kde control panel (or xrandr) to set up my screens, but then i get weird problems09:15
TomyWorkthe integrated screen is black and i can09:16
TomyWorkthe integrated screen is black and i can't maximize things on it09:16
TomyWorki can move windows to it and interact with them, but something is clearly broken there09:16
Triffid_HunterTomyWork: see what xrandr says09:22
TomyWorkTriffid_Hunter what should i look out for?09:24
TomyWorkTriffid_Hunter http://paste.ubuntu.com/23597557/ here's what xrandr says09:29
evenflowshi, ubuntu 14, i have a usb connected on bus 5 device 5 and would like to unbind it from the bus, how can i do this?09:29
TomyWorkevenflows simply pulling the plug is not an option?09:30
evenflowssome tests need this feature09:30
TomyWork"tests"? "feature"?09:30
evenflowsnvm, i just need to unload it so i wont even see the device09:31
evenflowsis that possible in ubuntu?09:31
hateballevenflows: you can power down the usb port if you like09:31
hateballevenflows: is it a disk device? if so you could just unmount it09:31
evenflowsno, its an android board09:31
evenflowszynq board sorry09:32
evenflowshow do i power off the usb port?09:32
TomyWorkevenflows you're mentioning new context in every single line. maybe step back and describe what you're trying to achieve? i assume you want to write automated tests for a certain piece of software?09:33
hateballevenflows: see this post http://stackoverflow.com/a/1267574909:33
evenflowstomywork, tbh i dont know the full request, i was just asked to have an option from cli to enable/disable usb09:35
evenflowsthanks hateball09:35
TomyWorkTriffid_Hunter http://paste.ubuntu.com/23597557/ here's what xrandr says in nvidia mode and here it is in intel mode: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23597586/09:40
TomyWorksame connected devices, as you can see, the hdmi-connected screen is gone09:41
TomyWorkbut i need my hdmi connector for our ceiling-mounted projectors09:42
TomyWorkso right now i can choose between power-saving mode (intel), where my integrated display and vga-connected screen works and performance mode (nvidia), where the hdmi port (and the display port too, i guess) works09:44
hateballTomyWork: it's not a hardware issue either? such as hdmi only being available to the nvidia chip?09:47
hateballI dont really know much about hybrid gpus so09:47
TomyWorkhateball that could be the case... i dont really think that dell would make a laptop where i cant use my power-hungry games err i mean CAD software on my laptop's internal display09:49
Triffid_HunterTomyWork: looks fine to me, both say HDMI disconnected09:50
TomyWorkso one would think that at last the integrated display would work properly when using performance mode09:50
hateballTomyWork: oh so that doesnt work either? That's... weird09:50
TomyWorkTriffid_Hunter well i have a monitor connected to HDMI though :)09:51
TomyWorkhateball well it displays things, but it's weird09:51
hateballTomyWork: which version of ubuntu + chipset/driver are you using?09:51
TomyWorkthe desktop background and icons are missing and while i can move windows there, i cant maximize them on that screen09:51
hateballTomyWork: might be you have such new hardware that an updated driver from the PPA is needed for proper operation09:51
TomyWorkhateball 14.04, almost patches from last week or something09:52
TomyWorknvidia-367 driver from trusty-updates09:52
TomyWorkhateball how do i get the chipset version?09:53
TomyWork01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK106GLM [Quadro K2100M] (rev ff) (prog-if ff)         !!! Unknown header type 7f09:53
TomyWorki think i need to switch to performance mode first :)09:54
TomyWorkhateball http://paste.ubuntu.com/23597631/ here's what lspci -vvv says about the nvidia chip09:57
hateballTomyWork: well, you could always try the 370 or even 375 (beta) driver from nvidia PPA10:00
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:00
hateballTomyWork: A oneliner for that: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37010:01
hateballTomyWork: should things go all borked you can always "sudo apt install nvidia-367" again10:01
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TomyWorkhateball you mean they finally fixed it?10:06
hateballTomyWork: fixed what?10:07
TomyWorkthe problem i described10:07
hateballTomyWork: Like I said I dont really know about hybrid gpus. Release notes for 370 and 375 seem to have fixes for such things, but I dont know personally10:08
TomyWorksounds promising :)10:09
hateballTomyWork: anyhow, it doesnt cost anything to try, can always revert to the supported 36710:09
TomyWorklet me test their claim :)10:09
hateballI use 370, but that is on an nvidia only desktop, and it's fine10:09
TomyWorkhateball btw, "apt install"? what happened to "apt-get install"?10:11
hateballTomyWork: apt is the new kid on the block10:14
hateballshiny progress bars and what not10:14
TomyWorkso it's more than an alias10:15
NikeshWhere do I permanently add something like `acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=native` to my GRUB config? So far I hit `e` each time at the GRUB menu to edit the entry and add this :S10:15
ducasseNikesh: /etc/default/grub - the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line10:16
ducasseNikesh: (then run update-grub)10:18
realies16.04 split my screen in 2 and xrandr shows DP-2.9 and DP-28 connected10:18
realiesany clues how to restore to default single monitor config?10:19
iresfhello everyone10:19
iresfanyone know why android-studio   ( java)   take 100% cpu to build project ?10:19
TomyWorkhateball for some reason it didnt select the recommended packages libcuda1-370 and nvidia-opencl-icd-370 on its own, even though it removed the -367 variants of those. i added them to the install line10:21
TomyWorkalso, shiny10:21
OerHeksiresf, is that bad? or should your system just use 90% to give you a feeling that it will be responsive?10:22
OerHeksit would be bad when your system was idle..10:22
iresfOerHeks : it is very bad10:22
hateballiresf: renice the process then10:23
OerHeksiresf, and 100% is for 1 cpu, how many cores do you have and what is their load?10:23
iresf4 core cpus10:24
Nikeshducasse: Thanks! Can I have more than one 'command' on the line?10:29
ducasseNikesh: yes10:29
Nikeshducasse: I'd like to add two things, `acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=native` and `i915.enable_execlists=0`10:29
pandapanHello everyone, Whats the best way to have a restricted SSH user (with no SFTP access) to usa a command on a file and that file only?10:29
TomyWorkbrb rebooting with new driver10:29
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Nikeshducasse: Thank you!10:33
TomyWorkhateball 370 didnt work :/10:33
xsuperanyone here ?10:39
ducasse!ask | xsuper10:39
ubottuxsuper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:39
xsuperpackage 'linux-headers-4.4.0-40-generic' is not installed and no information is available10:40
Ben64xsuper: ok?10:42
xsuperBen64 what ?10:43
Ben64xsuper: you gave a statement instead of asking something10:47
xsupermy question is why im having this statement? and how can i fix it?10:49
Ben64what is the actual issue10:49
yocs0000hi everybody! Anyone with experince in tethered shooting with caeras on ubuntu or kubuntu?10:50
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/linux-headers-4.4.0-40-generic >> Removed from disk on 2016-10-03.10:52
Ben64yocs0000: find out by asking a question10:53
OerHeksxsuper, i guess you run an old kernel , i am @ 4.4.0-53-generic #74-Ubuntu10:53
OerHekssudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade # should give you the latest packages10:54
xsuperi did  sudo apt dist-upgrade but still showing me (The package linux-headers-4.4.0-40 needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.)10:57
Ben64xsuper: again, what is the actual issue11:03
xsuperi don't get updates, why?11:04
Ben64gotta know the actual issue in order to solve it11:05
OerHekspastebin the upgrade output on paste.ubuntu.com11:06
OerHeksand why do you need those headers, installed a videodriver?11:06
tumulteI know firewire is pretty outdated. But maybe someone knows how to grant realtime permission to a FW soundcard… maybe (16.04)11:07
yocs0000Ben64: sorry?11:07
Ben64yocs0000: you can't get an answer without a question, at least as far as we understand causality11:08
OerHekstethered shooting with caeras?11:09
meta-coderOerHeks: It is so lame that paste.ubuntu.com asks to sign in to download the raw paste.11:10
xsuperi have been telling you that im missing linux-headers-4.4.0-40 and without it i cant get updates. did you get what is my issue?11:10
OerHekswhy raw? standard is fine11:10
Ben64xsuper: so when you turn on the computer, a black screen comes up, only with the text "missing linux-headers-4.4.0-40" ?11:10
OerHeksraw txt files can be exploited, see debian or fedora paste sites11:11
Ben64xsuper: we can't see what you see, we only know what you tell us, which is not enough to diagnose your problem11:11
yocs0000Ben64: I asked a question!11:12
Ben64yocs0000: and the answer to your actual question is either yes or no, which isn't helpful at all11:12
xsuperi can run the OS but i cant lunch software updater, and it give me a crash report saying (linux-headers-4.4.0-40 needs to be reinstalled)11:13
meta-coderOerHeks: You mean  curl | sh  ?11:13
yocs0000Ben64: so what do you use?11:13
Ben64xsuper: pastebin it all11:13
OerHeksmeta-coder, something like that, pasting is free, but limited to avoid abuse and claims11:18
hateballTomyWork: "didnt work" as in at all, or same issue?11:19
iresfwhy android studio and gradle  on ubuntu 16.04 to build is faster than ubuntu 14.04  ?11:19
HounddogGood Morning. I need to set Path environments without needing to relog. where should i place this then? /etc/environment or /etc/profile or such?11:20
HounddogFor all users also11:21
=== arquebus is now known as Guest24328
TomyWorkhateball same issue11:24
ducasseHounddog: you need to change PATH for every user without requiring them to relogin? then you need to manually do so in every individual shell.11:37
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Hounddogducasse: Why i am doing this is that i have a docker image based on ubuntu and an entry script which exports the path. in the dockerfile i have a healthcheck but that gets executed with root11:38
geirhaHow is that related to /etc/environment and /etc/profile?11:41
yocs0000sorry, network problems ....11:41
yocs0000Is there anyone who does tethered shooting with digital cameras on ubuntu (or kubuntu)? What do you use for tethered shooting?11:42
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iresfanyone has used intel x86 Atom and intel X86 Atom _64 system    ?11:45
bazhangwhats the actual question iresf11:46
bazhangif thats about hardware and polling iresf then use ##hardware11:47
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iresfi have deleted ubuntu 16.04 only for emulatorx86_64 but now it is very   slow than  emulator11:48
bazhangwhat is the current version of ubuntu you are on iresf11:49
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Hounddoggeirha: cause i think you can use environment to put the paths in there directly12:04
ducasseHounddog: you can set the path in /etc/profile, but you need to relogin (or source the file) for it to take effect12:12
blackflowanyone using LXD on 16.10? there's no /etc/defaults/lxd-bridge. Is that file used but just missing, or is something else used? It's referred to by LXD guides, for setting up the bridge12:16
blackflowOr maybe I'm on the wrong path. What I want to do is figure out how to use IPv6 in that some containers use one ipv4, some another, and each with their own ipv6.12:17
Hounddogducasse: how about an executable in profile.d?12:18
ducasseHounddog: a shell script, you mean?12:19
Hounddogducasse: yes as i understand it would be executed for every user12:19
ducasseHounddog: just as /etc/profile12:20
akikblackflow: try to recreate the file with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -p medium lxd"12:20
akikblackflow: this comes from 16.04's lxd file12:21
pr0markSo, I'm root on an ubuntu 16.04.1 install and running the find utility generates nothing but Permission Denied - what should I be looking for12:21
pr0markrunning it from /tmp and desginating the recursive start point at /12:21
blackflowakik: did so, didn't help12:21
pr0markso find / -name12:21
yocs0000Is there anyone who does tethered shooting with digital cameras on ubuntu (or kubuntu)? What do you use for tethered shooting?12:22
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ychaoucheHello #ubuntu12:29
ychaoucheanyone knows if there's a package for libreoffice with dbus support ?12:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
ychaouchegreetings to you BluesKaj12:32
BluesKajhi ychaouche12:33
blackflowychaouche: the default is built with dbus support12:33
blackflowI don't know if any package that can support dbus, isn't built with it12:33
ychaoucheI searched for libreoffice in qdbusviewer but found nothing12:34
ychaouchenothing for office neither12:34
ychaouchenor libre12:34
blackflowychaouche: well, ldding the binary shows dependency on libdbus12:34
blackflowychaouche: what's the actual problem you're having12:35
ychaoucheI would like to get to know its dbus interface and play with it12:35
ychaouchein particular, find a way to do a "findall" in calc with a shortcut12:35
blackflowychaouche: you're assuming libreoffice is a provider of dbus services, and not just a consumer. did you check the libreoffice documentation?12:36
lkeijserhi, I wanted to know if the recommended way is to do a release upgrade from 12.04 -> 14.04 or a clean install. This is very opinion based, but that's what I'm looking for :)12:37
ychaoucheblackflow: yep I thought libreoffice was a provider. No I didn't.12:37
blackflowychaouche: also, keyboard shortcuts don't sound like something done over dbus12:37
ychaoucheblackflow: no but you can bind them to qdbus commands if you wish through your DE.12:38
blackflowlkeijser: my opinion: backup data, try upgrade, if it breaks, reinstall :)12:38
ychaoucheblackflow: I already defined some good shortcuts for vlc12:38
blackflowychaouche: assuming libreoffice provides such dbus services :) so, better check the docs. a bit offtopic for this chan12:38
ychaouchesure, but since you asked.12:39
im-soany good fps, mmorpg games for ubuntu? I dont play much, 1-3 times a week only, but would be nice to play some game on free time.12:43
pdo_fn14im-so, I think steam would be suitable for you.12:44
im-sopdo_fn14: nything without steam maby>12:45
ychaoucheim-so: assaultcube can be fun. If you're looking for something original in FPS try tremulous.12:46
im-soychaouche: thanks12:46
pdo_fn14im-so, http://www.penguspy.com/#/mmorpg/free_and_commercial/open_closed/sort=1/view=1/limit=012:47
tsgloveAnybody here using the Ubuntu Touch?    I just read the news for the OTA 1412:52
ducasse!touch | tsglove12:56
ubottutsglove: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:56
tsgloveducasse, nice! Didn't know about that channel.  Checking it out now!12:56
blackflowthe saga of Unusablebuntu continues... lxd init.... error: the network already exsits, when running init with defaults. there's no lxdbr0, so I don't get it what network already exists?13:07
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morfhi guys13:25
morfi was stupid and let my hdd get full and corrupted ecryptfs / home13:26
morfand i can't find what should i do on the internets ... is there something like fsck for the ecryptfs?13:26
blackflowhow does a full disk corrupt ecryptfs?  o.O13:27
morfblackflow: http://pastebin.com/5DX15YyQ the result is something like this ...13:28
morfwell ecryptfs is not corrupted i guess ... but the data inside are bonkers : (13:29
blackflowmorf: but can you mount it? read from it? it's understandable you can't write if the disk is full. I don't think there's any corruption going on, to existing data13:29
morfhm :/13:29
morfbasically some data after "crash" can't be decrypted... (the page read error from the log)13:33
wdonkeygood morning ! on typical installation, how much space would you allow for a fresh installation if the /home folder is on a remote partition ?14:02
Tachyon_I am trying to make a shell script to check if a folder exists(or not). this is what I've done so far: http://pastebin.com/UqphbEVV . however, it outputs a negative result in both cases if folder exists or not. what am I doing wrong ? thank you14:09
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mrtAkdenizGuys how can I set "default" permission for a folder?14:37
mrtAkdenizI mean if a new file created on that folder, it should have same permissions14:37
BlackDexTachyon_: What does ls -l in the /boost_1_62_0 output?14:40
Tachyon_andrei@andrei-desktop:~/libs$ ls boost_1_62_0/14:41
Tachyon_b2               boost.css      index.htm        more                  stage14:41
Tachyon_bin.v2           boost.png      index.html       project-config.jam    status14:41
Tachyon_bjam             bootstrap.bat  INSTALL          project-config.jam.1  tools14:41
Tachyon_boost            bootstrap.log  Jamroot          project-config.jam.214:41
Tachyon_boost-build.jam  bootstrap.sh   libs             project-config.jam.314:41
Tachyon_boostcpp.jam     doc            LICENSE_1_0.txt  rst.css14:41
ikevinmrtAkdeniz, see acl14:41
SonikkuAmerica!paste | Tachyon_14:41
ubottuTachyon_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:41
Tachyon_BlackDex: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23598637/14:42
Tachyon_sorry for that14:42
zeroushi everyone, I know that this isn't the right place to ask but I am planning to join DeMont Fort University UK and I would like to know if there is anyone over here doing any course in DMU at all ...?14:45
BlackDexTachyon_: i need with -l14:45
Tachyon_BlackDex: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23598651/14:46
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Tachyon_BlackDex: I think I did it when I removed the first / like in : "boost_1_62_0/bin.v2/"14:47
BlackDexstrange, you shoudl be able to give a full path14:47
Tachyon_BlackDex: new question14:47
BlackDexi thought that maybe the access rights were wrong, because that causes en error also14:48
BlackDexBut those seem fin14:48
Tachyon_BlackDex: if I have this sh: https://github.com/xTachyon/TravisLibTest/blob/master/travisbuild.sh , how can I set it to output what the commands in there.. output14:48
Tachyon_BlackDex: hmm.. I think I put something too much in that if.. oops14:49
Ajxa_I know its a wrong channel but is there anyone here that could lend me a hand with unrooting my phone i just have a couple of small questions :D14:50
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xanguaYou know the answer14:51
BlackDexAjxa_: Just use the correct root-app to unroot your phone14:52
Ajxa_yeah ill find a way somehow, my question was (since the googled results are mixed) do i have to wipe the phone?14:53
Ajxa_i used the su app to unroot, it finished rebooted, but my applications still say that im rooted (the ones that refuse to run when i am)14:54
BlackDexset -x should depends on what the goal is why you want to unroot it14:55
BlackDexcheck with a su checker app if it still has su access14:55
BlackDexAjxa_: Else check http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=90087514:56
Ajxa_su checker says "Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device"14:56
BlackDexTachyon_: Sometimes starting the file with "#!/bin/bash -x" works14:57
Ajxa_is "superoneclick" legit? i could try that :D14:59
BlackDexAny rooting isn't legit unless the manufactor of the phone provides it15:00
BlackDexmost of the time it voids your warrenty15:01
Tachyon_BlackDex: thank you15:01
mikeymopAjxa_: jump onto #android we can help you out15:03
Ajxa_BlackDex: i know that, by legit i meant the app thats called "superoneclick"15:04
Ajxa_not legal15:04
BlackDexah ;)15:04
BlackDexThat i don't know15:04
mikeymopAjxa_: the unroot procedure might not have removed su from /system/sbin/15:04
mikeymopor they stored a value from when you were rooted15:05
BlackDexAjxa_: Also sometimes a firmware upgrade from the manufactor via the desktop software unroots it totally15:05
BlackDexIt also could be that if you have any app installed which requires root rights, it could complain15:06
BlackDexsomething like greenify for instance15:06
Ajxa_i have several :/15:06
BlackDexSome apps check for those apps and then just say your phone is rooted15:07
Ajxa_i mean i want to unroot just so i can do a systemless root15:07
mikeymopAjxa_: do you have a file explorer on your phone with root capabilities?15:07
Ajxa_mikeymop: im on android if you want to switch there, and yes i have esexplorer although i dont know if the root rights still work since i did the "Unroot" with SuperSU15:08
mikeymopit's one way to know for sure, i'll msg you on there15:08
OerHeksAjxa_, is this a ubuntu-touch support issue?15:09
codepoetnhey is there a way so that i'm not logged out even if i close my irc client window?15:19
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mikeymopcodepoetn: you can use tmux15:22
mikeymopthis will make a virtual terminal session inside your terminal, and instead of exiting you can 'detach'15:23
mikeymopthen later when you arrive you can 'reattach' to your previous tmux session15:23
codepoetnis that a command?15:23
codepoetni mean how am i supposed to use it?15:23
some0nehi. i'm trying to use a 3g modem with an ubuntu, but seems like driver are not installed (i read that i need qcserial and some others, but can't figure what to install) (http://pastebin.com/n1Q87aEd). does anyone know what i should install ?15:29
codepoetnhey, i see freenode on top-left corner of my "x-chat Gnome" application. can anyone tell how to switch to gitter? or am i supposed to download gitter separately?15:30
mikeymopsome0ne: ^^15:31
Picicodepoetn: They seem to have an IRC bridge, see https://irc.gitter.im/15:32
mikeymopdrivers available here https://mycusthelp.net/SIERRAWIRELESS/_cs/AnswerDetail.aspx?aid=4415:33
some0neok thanks. i already read that topic, but couldn't find drivers. ;)15:33
codepoetn<someone>  i think you should enable auto update option. on my ubuntu 16.04 when i connected my router for the first time to my system it asked for auto installation of required drivers and packages. i clicked on yes, it asked for password i entered it . it was done within minutes15:33
some0nei have a 14.04 ubuntu and didn't see the auto update option when connecting my modem15:35
codepoetnokay! i've not used 14.04 but yes is there a settings option on top right corner of your ubuntu?15:36
codepoetnif it is there then go to system setting15:36
some0nei have a text-only ubuntu15:36
Picisome0ne: so how are you checking for this 'auto update option'?15:38
codepoetnin that under system you will find software and updates, click on it you will find additional drivers options, inside it it displays all the drivers that needs to be installed for plugged hardwares, if it is not already installed.15:38
mikeymopsome0ne: can you vnc into it or startx and do it temporarily?15:38
boxrick1Do the following two commands differ in any way in a preseed?15:38
boxrick1"partman-lvm partman-lvm/confirm boolean true" & "d-i partman-lvm/confirm boolean true"15:38
boxrick1Or infact any d-i based commands15:38
Southern_Gentlemi think he really needs to expand and explain his question more15:39
some0neit just crashed, i need to reflash. i'll try to install vnc then15:39
codepoetntext-only :| sorry then, others might better help15:39
some0neisn't the program used to find needed drivers available from commande line ? codepoetn ?15:40
EriC^^some0ne: sudo ubuntu-drivers list , might help15:43
nrml1hey guys, do you know off-hand if CVE-2016-8655 affects only HWE enabled machines?15:43
haxabjaSo, Ubuntu has a slightly older version of VirtualBox in its repos, but I downloaded and installed it with the latest .deb from VirtualBox's site.15:44
haxabjaWill I get updates from their repo or do I need to add it manually?15:44
codepoetnUsing ubuntu-drivers, the available commands are described below: usage: ubuntu-drivers [-h] [--package-list PATH] <command>List/install driver packages for Ubuntu.positional arguments: <command>            See below optional arguments: -h, --help           show this help message and exit  --package-list PATH  Create file with list of installed packages (in                      autoinstall mode) Available commands:  debug: Pri15:45
codepoetnnt all available information and debug data about drivers.   autoinstall: Install drivers that are appropriate for automatic installation.  devices: Show all devices which need drivers, and which packages apply to them.  list: Show all driver packages which apply to the current system.15:45
EriC^^haxabja: it depends if they added their repo, try grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* and look for their repo15:45
some0nethanks to both of you when i'll try it ;)15:46
nrml1also, isn't HWE for machines that run X environments?15:46
nrml1really trying to figure out the extent of that vulnerability in my environment =\15:46
tgm4883nrml1: no, HWE adds new kernel too, which would be for servers too15:48
codepoetnsomeone when you find a solution that works, please do share :)15:48
haxabjaI don't see anything in there for VirtualBox, EriC^^.15:48
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nrml1so whether you have HWE or not, you're affected by the USN and require a reboot15:49
tgm4883haxabja: no, you need to add their repo manually15:49
EriC^^haxabja: it didn't add it i guess, you'll have to update from their site15:49
Picinrml1: Yes, looks like there were HWE and non HWE kernels updated for the CVE: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-8655.html15:49
haxabjaOn their site, they have the following:15:49
haxabjadeb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian xenial contrib     According to your distribution, replace 'xenial' by 'vivid', 'utopic', 'trusty', 'raring', 'quantal', 'precise', 'lucid', 'jessie', 'wheezy', or 'squeeze'.15:49
haxabjaShould I use xenial? I have Ubuntu 16.10.15:50
Picihaxabja: It looks like they actually support yakkety, despite whatever page you're looking at15:51
EriC^^haxabja: aha, type echo "deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian yakkety contrib" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list15:51
EriC^^haxabja: use yakkety ^15:51
nrml1thanks Pici15:51
tgm4883nrml1: that seems like the incorrect way to think about it. IMO you shouldn't be checking HWE or not, you should be checking if the particular package you have is of a high enough version15:51
haxabjaPici: I'm looking at: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads15:51
Picihaxabja: I'm looking at http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/dists/yakkety/ :)15:51
nrml1tgm4883: which way? my way or Pici's? and we're running 14.04.5 systems with unattended upgrades running15:52
tgm4883nrml1: check the kernel version you are running, then check the link that Pici provided. See if your version is affected (it probably was) and then update to a fixed version15:53
nrml1got it ok, makes sense tgm488315:53
tgm4883nrml1: saying "i'm running 14.04.5, does this affect me" seems like not enough/not the right information15:53
nrml1tgm4883: you're right, I just checked the kernel versions15:54
nrml1looks like they're applied, just need a reboot of ~200 systems lol15:54
tgm4883nrml1: sounds like a good reason to use the live kernel patching15:54
nrml1tgm4883: yeah =/15:55
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deadghostso I want to install gogs on my server15:56
nrml1looks like an upgrade to 16.04 may be in order15:56
deadghostbasically a self-hosted github clone15:57
deadghostshould I make a new user for it?15:57
baldpopeon ubuntu 16.04, it lists apt-cacher 1.7.11 as the latest available, but 1.7.12 appears to be available for 14.04 - and I need to install 1.7.12 to resolve a bug with file extensions - how do I add 1.7.12 ?15:58
baldpopei'd prefer to install the package, not compile from source15:58
nicomachus!info apt-cacher15:59
ubottuapt-cacher (source: apt-cacher): Caching proxy server for Debian/Ubuntu software repositories. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.13 (yakkety), package size 81 kB, installed size 287 kB15:59
nicomachuslooks like it's 1.7.13 in yakkety15:59
nicomachus!info apt-cacher xenial15:59
ubottuapt-cacher (source: apt-cacher): Caching proxy server for Debian/Ubuntu software repositories. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.11 (xenial), package size 82 kB, installed size 327 kB15:59
nicomachus!info apt-cacher trusty16:00
ubottuapt-cacher (source: apt-cacher): Caching proxy for Debian package and source files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.8 (trusty), package size 88 kB, installed size 316 kB16:00
baldpopehm, my mistake about being in 14.0416:00
baldpopeat any rate, would like to get to at least 1.7.1216:00
nicomachusbaldpope: would 1.7.13 work for your purposes?16:00
baldpopeit would16:00
nicomachusand you're on xenial?16:00
baldpopefresh instll yesterday16:00
nicomachuscan you upgrade to yakkety? that would be the easiest way.16:01
haxabjaThanks EriC^^, that worked (after adding the key, ofc).16:01
baldpopei believe so, just do a release upgrade or ?16:01
baldpopeor re-install?16:02
nicomachussudo do-release-upgrade16:03
baldpope# do-release-upgrade Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found16:04
NoImNotNineVoltyou're on an LTS release.16:05
NoImNotNineVoltto upgrade from an LTS to a non-LTS release, there's an additional hoop to jump through.16:05
NoImNotNineVolti don't remember what it is.16:05
baldpopemy mistake - firewall/proxy issue - 1sec16:06
nicomachusbaldpope: you need to go to System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Updates and then select Notify me of a new Ubuntu version: For any new version16:06
baldpopethis is headless16:07
baldpopeno gui16:07
baldpopefixed proxy issue, but same results16:08
SonikkuAmericaNoImNotNineVolt , baldpope - I do, pick me! Software and Updates, change "Notify me of a new Ubuntu release" to "For every new version"16:10
SonikkuAmerica(also hi NoImNotNineVolt , long time no see)16:10
NoImNotNineVoltindeed, hi :)16:10
some0necodepoetn: ubuntu-drivers return nothing and don't install nothing. and lsmod outpout is empty. is there a quick way to see if my kernel support adding drivers ?16:11
baldpopeSonikkuAmerica: I have no gui to select anything from16:11
baldpopei'm on cli - just running do-release-upgrade and no updates available16:11
baldpopeNoImNotNineVolt: funny you mention that site, I'm already there16:12
SonikkuAmericabaldpope - oh, without a GUI? Try [ sudo python3-software-properties ]16:12
NoImNotNineVoltgreat minds google alike :P16:12
SonikkuAmerica!info python3-software-properties16:12
ubottupython3-software-properties (source: software-properties): manage the repositories that you install software from. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 19 kB, installed size 116 kB16:12
baldpopesudo: python3-software-properties: command not found16:13
codepoetnsome0ne I don't know exactly. Look for the answer on ask-ubuntu. I'm a newbie to linux os. but i find almost all my answers on askubuntu.com16:14
SonikkuAmericabaldpope - [ sudo apt install software-properties ]16:14
some0neok ;)16:14
baldpopeePackage software-properties is not available, but is referred to by another package.16:15
SonikkuAmericaHmmm... is this a server, by any chance?16:15
SonikkuAmericabaldpope ^16:15
baldpopeif it's an issue with 16.04, i can just download and re-install 16.10 - i've only lost a day16:20
baldpopenot the end of the world16:20
ioriabaldpope, what issue ?16:20
morfbaldpope: there is no such package16:21
morfthere is this: software-properties-common and software-properties-gtk (or whatever ui you have)16:21
baldpopetrying to (at the very least) install apt-cacher 1.7.12+ or do a release-upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10 - but no updates are listed as being available16:21
nicomachusbaldpope: install update-manager-core16:21
tgm4883baldpope: you need to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades16:21
tgm4883geez people16:21
nicomachusthen edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set the variable prompt to Prompt=normal16:22
nicomachusthen sudo do-release-upgrade16:22
baldpopethat did it16:22
nicomachuserr... may need a -d on there16:22
yenclgj5nlwHi all. Why systemd-swap is not shipped for 16.10?16:22
tgm4883nicomachus: no -d, that's bad16:22
ioriabaldpope, grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades16:22
baldpopeprompt was lts, i changed to normal16:23
NoImNotNineVoltthat should do it.16:23
baldpopeyea, appears to be going now16:23
ioriabaldpope,  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade, first16:24
ioriabaldpope,  ah, too late16:24
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baecedarhey guy.. can someone help me with an installation16:26
baecedartrying to install miro on ubuntu 16.04 but sudo apt-get install miro returns some depends that are not installable16:27
baldpopeioria: there was a prompt asking to confirm upgraed, i stopped, did the full command you referenced, and then ran upgrade again - appears to be working16:29
ioriabaldpope,  ok16:29
ioria!info miro trusty16:30
ubottumiro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4-1.1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 595 kB, installed size 3737 kB16:30
ioria!info miro xenial16:30
ubottuPackage miro does not exist in xenial16:30
ioriabaldpope, no iro on xenial16:31
baecedari use http://ppa.launchpad.net/pcf/miro-releases/ubuntu precise main repository16:31
ioriaho, sorry... baecedar that was for you16:32
baecedary i thought so16:32
ioriabaecedar, using a 12.04 ppa ? not a good idea16:32
baecedarihm, well i am newbie on ubuntu16:33
_arktos75_theres no 16.XX repo0 for miro beacedar#16:33
ioriabaecedar, precise is 12.0416:33
baecedarvlc has lag on hd videos so i found out about miro16:34
ioriabaecedar, yes, here they suggest to use that ppa http://news.tecmint.com/miro-a-free-and-open-source-converter-media-and-internet-television-player-for-linux/16:35
Picifwiw: miro depends on an old version of gstreamer that no longer exists in Ubuntu... also its developers have not done any work to update it to support that. see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=81291916:36
ubottuDebian bug 812919 in ftp.debian.org "RM: miro -- RoQA; dead upstream, depends on gstreamer 0.10" [Normal,Open]16:36
baecedary thats where i read about it16:36
baecedari see16:36
baecedarthanks a lot16:36
ioriabaecedar, last update in that ppa is 201216:37
baecedary that bugged me a bit, but i thought mb it was compatible and i was the one doing something wrong16:38
baecedarstill do you have any suggestions about the lag on hd videos?16:40
baldpopehere's an odd one I just stumbled on - i set my shell to bash just now; sudo usermod -s bash baldpoe16:40
_arktos75_baecedar whats wrong with "video" on 16.04 ?16:40
baldpopeprior to the change, I could log in via ssh using psk16:40
baldpopeafter change, it prompts for password and does not accept my password or my psk16:40
ioriabaecedar,  take a look https://launchpad.net/~mc3man/+archive/ubuntu/mpv-tests16:41
baecedararktos75_, full screen hd video has some lag although i have installed restricted-extras16:41
evgeniyI tried installing kubuntu in an arch linux enviroment and got this: https://imgur.com/a/uZaNP16:42
baecedarty ioria, i'm having a look now16:42
evgeniyWhat might be the cause?16:42
evgeniyOhh nevermind. I increased video memory size and enabled 3D acceleration and it now works.16:42
evgeniyI saw some graphics.16:42
nicomachusevgeniy: is it a vm?16:47
nicomachusok yea vbox. make sure you have guest additions installed16:47
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yenclgj5nlwhi all, how to make a swap file on kubuntu 16.10 using systemd?16:50
baecedarioria, mpv is really great. Thank you very much, now videos are smoothless16:51
baecedarmuch appreciated16:51
ioriabaecedar,  good jo16:52
Southern_Gentlemyenclgj5nlw,  no idea what systemd has to do with making a swap file16:52
Southern_Gentlemyenclgj5nlw, http://askubuntu.com/questions/33697/how-do-i-add-a-swap-partition-after-system-installation16:53
OerHeksyenclgj5nlw, nothing to do with systemd, just make free space, open gparted, choose new, type linux-swap and you can name the partition "swap" if you like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq16:53
OerHeksand read futher to activate it16:53
HeXiLeDhi guys. i am not a ubuntu user but am trying to help a friend with a remote computer that keeps suspending and then losing internet connectivity which will then cuts ssh access until the next hard boot. I tried to edit some confs to prevent this to happen but was not successful. What should i be looking into (without have to mess with grub boot parameters) ?17:22
ikoniaHeXiLeD: what configs have you edited ?17:22
HeXiLeDwas a while ago but had something to do with kde17:23
HeXiLeDcant remember for sure17:23
ikoniait sounds like the network card is just not waking up after suspend17:23
ikoniathe easy answer is to disable suspend17:23
HeXiLeDthat is what i want. but where17:25
HeXiLeDacpi ?17:25
ikonianormally in the desktop's power management settings17:25
HeXiLeDssh=cmd only17:27
ikoniawhat ?17:27
HeXiLeDi have no access to GUI to go play with desktop's power management settings17:28
EriC^^HeXiLeD: it should be somewhere in gsettings17:28
ikoniaHeXiLeD: ok ? so ask him to do it17:28
ikoniaEriC^^: think he's on kde17:28
HeXiLeDhe is remote too.17:28
ikoniaHeXiLeD: wait until he gets home then17:28
HeXiLeDcomputer is on one county and we in another17:28
EriC^^kde doesn't use gsettings?17:28
ikoniaEriC^^: I didn't think it did, could be wrong though17:29
HeXiLeDplease. no help form GUI users only17:29
ikoniaHeXiLeD: use someone local to the computer17:29
HeXiLeDcmd line can solve this.17:29
ikoniaHeXiLeD: how do you know17:29
ikoniaHeXiLeD: you don't know the problem or how to fix it, yet your saying the command line can solve it17:29
ikoniaHeXiLeD: disable the X11 auto start up then17:29
HeXiLeDX is needed for later17:30
ikoniaHeXiLeD: why ?17:30
ikoniayou just said it's remote and you can't use it17:30
HeXiLeDlisten on the other side people are not computer literate. we have to set up the gui so be remote admin with vnc/teamviewer and so on. If you do not know how to use linux in the cmd line DO NOT waste my time17:31
ikoniaHeXiLeD: pretty sure I do now how to use the command line17:31
ikoniaHeXiLeD: if you're are skilled as you suggest you are, why do you not know how to fix it17:32
HeXiLeDffs... get an OS move to gentoo.17:32
ioriaHeXiLeD, but it goes to sleep because ssh dies, or suspend suddenly without any reason ?17:32
OerHeks!find flatpack17:34
ubottuPackage/file flatpack does not exist in yakkety17:34
wedgieHeXiLeD: maybe this will be helpful https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11864617:34
ioria!info flatpak17:36
ubottuflatpak (source: flatpak): Application deployment framework for desktop apps. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.11-1 (yakkety), package size 432 kB, installed size 2344 kB17:36
OerHekso thank you, -c17:36
wedgieikonia: not condoning his attitude, but i would have been frustrated by your answers if i had asked that question, too.17:37
ikoniawedgie: you'd complain that you knew it could be fixed how you wanted it to be fixed but you didn't know the problem or how to fix it, I doubt that17:37
ikoniawedgie: there was nothing unreasonable said, if he had restrictions, it's not unreasonable to expect to have them explained17:38
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wedgiebut instead of addressing the question you just suggested that the constraint that he mentioned should just be overcome rather than try to find a solution. And id be surorised if  what he was asking for was not possible. Anyway, not here to argue so thats all i'll say about it.17:41
OerHeks"..cuts ssh access until the next hard boot" .. in an other country ?17:41
ikoniawedgie: his constraint wasn't real though17:41
ikoniathere was info being held back17:41
ikoniahe had no gui access, but had gui access to change settings and needed to keep the gui up so he could use vnc17:42
OerHeksi hope he has a control-admin access point, to reboot then.17:43
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xpistosHey guys. I am trying to replicate AutoHotKey functionality. I want to write a script that will select all the text on the open webpage and copy the text. I can't use curl because the page has internal navigation so whatever page I am looking at within the Salesforce app, the webpage url is always the same.18:00
EriC^^try xdotool xpistos18:01
centaur5Anybody have some insight as to why firefox is incredibly slow lately? Not sure if it's isolated to 16.04 and 16.10 as I no longer have 14.04 machines but it consumes CPU and takes various seconds to do anything on 3 of my machines.18:02
EriC^^xpistos: mit has an insanely powerful version of what you're talking about, i forgot the name though18:02
EriC^^had to do with "eye"18:02
Lorne2016need some help - after recent reboot 14.04 LTS - when I login, monitor turns blank (off)...then it loops me back to login screen...?18:03
Lorne2016..sorry 16.04...18:04
EriC^^xpistos: sikuli18:05
geniiLorne2016: Check that permissions in /home/yourusername all belong to yourusername18:05
xpistosEriC^^: It is only mac and windoes18:06
Lorne2016genii thanks... can you walk me thru that?  (also note - it was working fine for months...)18:06
EriC^^xpistos: no it's linux too18:07
ioriaLorne2016, open a console (ctrl+alt+f1)  when you get the login screen and run     find ~/ -not -user $USER18:07
EriC^^xpistos: https://github.com/sikuli/sikuli18:07
EriC^^xpistos: i'd try xdotool first, if it does the job then great18:08
EriC^^the sikuli one supposedly has image identification, like you can feed it a picture and it will look for it on the screen itself18:08
Lorne2016ioria thx... CTL+Alt+F1 only gives me a blank screen - and monitor turns off...18:08
baecedarcentaur5, same feeling here18:09
ioriaLorne2016, try other Fx, i mean F2 ...18:09
ioriaLorne2016, if you can't get a console, you need Recovery18:09
centaur5baecedar, Have you found any solution? If it was 1 machine I'd consider that a problem but I have 3 machines same issue.18:09
Lorne2016ioria ok ctl-alt F2 does the same thing...monitor goes out (for about a minute...) the recycles to login screen18:10
Lorne2016ioria ok - you wanna walk me thru recovery?18:10
baecedarcentaur5, unfortunetly i am neewb on ubuntu, just starting, but i was little surprised about this delay, coming from windows18:11
ioriaLorne2016,  from Grub screen (press shift, if you don't see it) select Advanced Options then root shell18:11
centaur5baecedar, Are you running 16.04 as well?18:11
baecedarcentaur5, thought linux was faster than windows :p.. yes 16.0418:12
Lorne2016ioria - if it means anything - I have 2 video outs (only 1 monitor)... Nvidia and motherboard.... Nvidia port shows regular login screen...but motherboard port shows purple boot screen...(?)18:12
centaur5baecedar, I kind of wish I had time to waste going back to 14.04 to see if it's a problem. Honestly it only started months ago before it was fine. Chromium is still super fast.18:12
ioriaLorne2016,  in this cases, i'd disconnect one18:14
yenclgj5nlwPlease update htop to the one with support of showing sensors18:14
yenclgj5nlwthat one is in git18:14
ioriaLorne2016,  when you see the Recovery Menu , choose   Enable Networking and then Root Shell18:15
Lorne2016ioria  you mean physically disconnect one?  Like rip out the NVIDIA card? (cause I'm not going to rip the video output off the motherboard...)?18:15
baecedarcentaur5, yes probably. i haven t checked into chromium yet.18:15
ioriaLorne2016,  no, just the cable, if i get you18:16
Lorne2016ioria ok ... i only have 1 monitor... so only plugged into 118:16
ioriaLorne2016,  but the essential, is that you get to a shell ...18:17
nuentoterok I am currently trying to repair grub, which i've had to do before. started from livecd, mounted the ubuntu partition I needed and then the guide i'm following says to bind directories but the paths do not exist, do i create the folders?18:17
NoImNotNineVoltLorne2016: you can disable the onboard gpu in bios usually.18:18
nuentoterI seriously messed up and did a system wide upgrade and ended up breaking the server :(18:18
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EriC^^nuentoter: do you have internet connection on the server18:24
centaur5baecedar, Well I hope it didn't give you a bad taste of Ubuntu it really wasn't an issue until a few months ago. Either go to chromium or see if 14.04 is better.18:24
nuentoteryeah im online with a live cd right now18:26
nuentoterjust got that from the boot repair disc18:26
baecedarcentaur5, not at all. :) i have dual boot now, using ubuntu for certain softwares. mb later i will switch completly18:27
EriC^^nuentoter: ok did you mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ?18:27
baecedar..any ESA SNAP users here?18:28
J1syMy workstation aint good18:28
yenclgj5nlwhi all it's me again. When I wake system from suspend it hangs18:30
yenclgj5nlwmagic sysrq doesn't help18:30
EriC^^yenclgj5nlw: try a newer kernel18:30
nuentoterEriC^^:  no i havent18:30
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:30
yenclgj5nlwi use fully upgraded 16.1018:31
EriC^^nuentoter: ok, type sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /mnt18:31
EriC^^yenclgj5nlw: use something newer18:31
EriC^^!info linux-image-generic18:31
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB18:31
EriC^^yenclgj5nlw: try kernel 4.918:32
EriC^^yenclgj5nlw: did you try the acpi stuff?18:32
trirpii removed all my display managers, is that a problem?18:33
EriC^^nuentoter: i'll brb, rebooting to an older kernel18:33
nuentoterok ill b here18:33
nuentoterEriC^^:  ill brb I need a cigarette before i start pulling hair lol18:37
EriC^^nuentoter: done?18:37
EriC^^nuentoter: ok :D18:37
nuentoterok im back18:43
nuentoterand yes i was able to bind my directories18:43
nuentoterEriC^^:  and yes i was able to bind my directories18:45
nuentoterafter mounting what you said18:45
nuentoternow lets see if i can install grub i hope18:45
EriC^^try sudo chroot /mnt18:45
nuentoteryeah im in chroot18:46
nuentotershould i use grub or grub2? ubuntu is only system on pc18:47
nuentoterI've never had to mess with any of this stuff18:47
EriC^^use grub218:47
nuentoterdo i have to do grub-common first?18:48
EriC^^do them all together18:48
sanguisdexcan someone point me to a place where I can better understand libc control groups18:49
nuentoterI am only getting unmet dependencies as a reply, i try to apt-get those and I get the same, grub-common depends on grub2-common and vice versa18:51
nuentotereven with -f18:51
EriC^^nuentoter: what does grub-install --recheck /dev/sdX give?18:52
EriC^^replace sdX with your hdd18:52
MonkeyDustsanguisdex  #glibc18:52
sanguisdexMonkeyDust++ thanks for listing for me! you da moneydust!18:53
sanguisdexMonkeyDust++ thanks for listing for me! you da mokeydust!18:53
sanguisdexMonkeyDust++ thanks for listing for me! you da monkeydust!18:53
sanguisdexok I will stop now18:53
nuentoterThe program 'grub-install' can be found in the following packages   grub  grub2-common  lupic-support18:53
nuentoterthats the reply i get18:53
EriC^^nuentoter: what does apt-get install --reinstall grub2-common give?18:54
EriC^^nuentoter: try grub-common18:54
EriC^^it barely depends on anything18:54
nuentoternope :(18:56
EriC^^nuentoter: try apt-get remove grub-pc18:58
EriC^^what's actually installed right now, try dpkg -l | grep grub18:58
nuentoterpi  grub-pc                                               2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.1218:59
EriC^^just that?19:00
EriC^^try removing it19:00
nuentoteramd64        GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)19:00
EriC^^then try apt-get -f install19:00
EriC^^and dpkg --configure -a19:00
yocs0000hi everybody! what happens if you uninstall apport?19:02
nuentoterwhen I try remove grub-pc19:02
EriC^^yocs0000: the nsa will come after you19:02
EriC^^nuentoter: that's all kinds of weird19:02
EriC^^nuentoter: what exactly happened to this install?19:02
yocs0000EriC^^: such fantastic answer .... can you explain the chain of events? or shall I simply believe by faith?19:04
yocs0000connected to the previous questions .... the installer installed grub-efi-amd64 / disadvantage .... any substantial advantage compared to using grub-pc?19:05
Lorne2016Sorry - had a work thing distract me... I'm back now....19:05
yocs0000:D Lorne201619:05
yocs0000apologies for mistake: connected to the previous questions .... the installer installed grub-efi-amd64 .... any substantial advantage / disadvantage compared to using grub-pc?19:06
Lorne2016OK - I'm trying to figure out why (while logging into 16.04) my screen goes black/off...and then cycles back to login19:06
EriC^^Lorne2016: cause you might not have the vt_handoff set in grub19:08
EriC^^Lorne2016: what does grep CMDLINE /etc/default/grub give you?19:08
Lorne2016Eric thanks... ok I'm having trouble getting into cmd screen...19:08
EriC^^Lorne2016: i think i misunderstood what you meant19:09
EriC^^i thought you meant it doesn't transition smoothly to the gui login screen19:09
EriC^^nuentoter: still there?19:10
nuentoterEriC^^:  installed libleveldb-dev and then did update and upgrade19:10
nuentotersorry, boss came in and I was explaining the situation19:10
EriC^^nuentoter: ok19:10
nuentoterthings ran fine until reboot, then it just sat after bios19:10
EriC^^nuentoter: that's odd19:11
Lorne2016EriC - ok - its weirder than that.... I upgraded something...then rebooted...and my login screen comes up (as normal)...but when I type password...screen goes black, monitor turns off...stays off for about a minute - then comes back on back to login screen19:11
nuentoteri know19:11
xanguaTrying to set up an old Celeron xeon laptop with my 16.04, can't change the freq scaling (performance) to ondemand or conservative even when it says it's supported: pastebin.com/E3X7Wa0K19:11
EriC^^nuentoter: try dpkg -r --force-all grub-pc19:11
EriC^^Lorne2016: after that it works normally?19:12
Lorne2016Eric - nope.  the login screen looks normal - but I can't login!!19:12
Jordan_Uyocs0000: If you have a UEFI based machine then you should boot it via UEFI. grub-pc is for booting via BIOS, grub-efi-amd64 is for booting via (64 bit) UEFI. Both are grub2. Don't try to switch to grub-pc as there is more needed to change to booting via BIOS/CSM, and you shouldn't be booting via BIOS/CSM anyway. Stick with what you have :)19:14
nuentoteri was thinking could I simply install grub from like tahrpuppy disk I have laying around?19:14
nuentoterwouldnt that satisfy the dependencies?19:15
EriC^^nuentoter: try cat -n /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/{Question,Config}.pm19:16
EriC^^and pastebin them19:16
EriC^^i'll compare to mine19:16
yocs0000Jordan_U: it does not allow me to intall SELinux utilities if I do keep grub-efi-amd64 .... which sounds at least funny19:16
EriC^^nuentoter: mine http://paste.ubuntu.com/23599867/19:16
krzeei have an encrypted home dir which filled up, so i removed a bunch of stuff from it and rebooted, but i dont see the free space... could somebody tell me how to regain the lost space?19:17
yocs0000krzee: how did you remove the bunch of stuff?19:17
krzeerm -rf19:17
krzee(things like movies)19:18
yocs0000hi everybody! what happens if you purge apport?19:18
yocs0000krzee: sudo or not?19:18
krzeeas root yes19:18
krzeeand they are gone, and i see more space in my homedir until i reboot19:18
timwisHi folks, I'm trying to automate a server deployment, and the first thing my shell script does is apt-get update and upgrade. This usually works, but I'm getting a pink screen telling me the configuration file has changed for PHP, prompting me whether to keep the old one or use the new one. I'm trying to automate this, and I can't seem to bypass it without19:18
timwismanual intervention. We've done a lot of research, and the only way to get around it is to add "exit 0" to the end, which I assume is just bypassing the upgrade... https://github.com/CityOfPhiladelphia/phila.gov/blob/master/scripts/predeploy.sh Any ideas?19:18
nuentoterline 72 missing a \19:18
Lorne2016EriC^^ I'm wondering if I can upgrade to 16.10 with a thumbdrive?  (thru the boot process...)  I can't seem to break into a shell.... its crappy :(19:19
timwisI was even thinking of using Expect to automate pressing enter on the pink screen... just not sure how to "expect" a pink screen.19:19
Lorne2016EriC^^ is there an easy way to create a bootable thumb drive (on my working system) for use on the non-working system?19:19
Jordan_Uyocs0000: No such conflict for me on Ubuntu 16.04. What version of Ubuntu are you using? Please pastebin the full output from apt.19:20
EriC^^nuentoter: yup19:20
EriC^^nuentoter: modify both files so they look like mine19:20
EriC^^line 72 and line 30 in Config.pm19:20
OerHeksyocs0000,  you can remove apport, you just loose sending crash info to the ubuntu service.19:20
EriC^^Lorne2016: yeah, using dd19:20
EriC^^Lorne2016: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync19:21
egonsenhi! executing /usr/bin/qtchooser -run-tool=qmake results in: qtchooser: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qmake': No such file or directory. my question is: why does qtchooser select qt4? i want to learn about it, so please just tell me the steps it takes :)19:21
nuentoterEriC^^: and 32219:21
nuentoterill continue lookin through comparatively19:22
EriC^^nuentoter: it should be just both19:22
EriC^^cause the grub error says line 72 in Question.pm and line 30 in Config.pm19:22
nuentoterline 30 seems the same, am i missing something?19:22
Lorne2016eRIc^^ dd: failed to open '/path/to/iso': No such file or directory19:22
nuentoteroh nm19:22
Jordan_Utimwis: http://docs.openstack.org/icehouse/install-guide/install/apt-debian/content/debconf-preseeding.html has an example of preseeding debconf prompts. I would *not* use --force-yes if at all avoidable. You can see the current selections by running "debconf-show packagename".19:23
EriC^^Lorne2016: replace that with the path to the iso whereever that is19:23
EriC^^Lorne2016: when you say you can't login later, you mean no keyboard input?19:24
Arunangshuhi i am using elementary os after installing pia from "https://helpdesk.privateinternetaccess.com/hc/en-us/articles/219438217-Installing-the-PIA-App-on-Linux" nether i am seeing any icon beside the clock as said on web page nor i am able to connect what should i do19:24
enoch85hey guys, I can't change shortcuts in the standard ubuntu terminal. I've tried everything. Is it locked?19:24
Lorne2016EriC^^  no - it lets me type my password (the login screen looks normal) - I type my password...then the screen goes black, monitor turns off for 60 secs...then turns back on - back to loin screen19:25
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, go to ctrl+alt+f119:25
EriC^^then type "DISPLAY=:0 startx xterm"19:26
EriC^^and see what errors it gives19:26
Lorne2016EriC^^ tried that - it does the same thing... scren goes black...monitor turns off...60 secs later goes back to login screen19:26
EriC^^Lorne2016: actually, try with DISPLAY=:1 startx xterm19:26
timwisJordan_U: thanks, i'll check that out. One issue I'm having is it's hard to test fixes because once I upgrade, I can't reproduce the pink screen, and have to spin up a new server to test it. Is there a way to cancel the apt-get upgrade process when I encounter the pink screen, so I can try a different command instead? (ctrl-c and ctrl-d do nothing)19:26
EriC^^Lorne2016: try with DISPLAY=:119:26
nuentoterEriC^^:  ok fixed them to match19:27
EriC^^nuentoter: great, try apt-get remove grub-pc19:27
EriC^^nuentoter: which ubuntu version is this?19:27
Lorne2016EriC^^ actually alt-shft-F1 just kills the monitor...its not coming back...19:28
Lorne2016EriC^^  I may need to reboot it....19:28
EriC^^Lorne2016: did the install work before or it's a fresh install?19:28
Jordan_Utimwis: I'm not sure if sigkilling it is a good idea, though I assume you're testing on scratch instances/installs. Another option for solving this problem more generally would be to install a test system using btrfs and make snapshots, or install in a VM and do the same (again, just for testing).19:29
Arunangshuhi i am using elementary os after installing pia from "https://helpdesk.privateinternetaccess.com/hc/en-us/articles/219438217-Installing-the-PIA-App-on-Linux" nether i am seeing any icon beside the clock as said on web page nor i am able to connect what should i do19:30
timwisJordan_U: yeah i'm just spinning up instances on AWS from a snapshot, but it takes like 5-10 mins each time.. it adds up when troubleshooting19:30
Lorne2016EriC^^ its been working for a year... I *did* have a lot of trouble in the past with the NVIDIA driver... (after each upgrade and reboot - I'd have to ctrl-alt-f1, sudo stop lightdm...sudo sh NVIDIA...etc...and re-install the NVIDIA drivers...but that problem got fixed about 4 mths ago...haven't had to do that in ages)19:30
yocs0000Jordan_U: from apt?! I can paste the uname -ram .... or lsb_release -a .... I do not know how to identify  the version with apt ....19:31
yocs0000OerHeks: the issue I have is that .... well, apport crashes a lot!!!!19:31
EriC^^Lorne2016: try cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the link19:32
Lorne2016EriC^^ I can't perform any commands on the trouble machine - because I have no shell...no cmd19:32
yenclgj5nlwit's me again. I installed a kernel but it still hangs19:32
EriC^^Lorne2016: try booting with nomodeset or the recovery option in grub19:33
Jordan_Uyocs0000: Sorry, that was two different requests. 1: State what version of Ubuntu you're running. 2: Pastebin the output of "sudo apt install selinux-utils" that shows that it wants to remove grub-efi-amd64 .19:33
Lorne2016EriC^^   ...I'm working from a separate machine...19:33
yenclgj5nlwhmm, it dont19:33
EriC^^nuentoter: try dpkg -r --force-all grub-pc19:34
yenclgj5nlwit asks me to login in another virt term now19:34
EriC^^Lorne2016: ?19:34
EriC^^how is that possible?19:34
Arunangshuhi i am using elementary os after installing pia from "https://helpdesk.privateinternetaccess.com/hc/en-us/articles/219438217-Installing-the-PIA-App-on-Linux" nether i am seeing any icon beside the clock as said on web page nor i am able to connect what should i do19:34
Lorne2016EriC^^  sorry - just saying I have 2 computers...19:34
yenclgj5nlwhmmm, io error /dev/sda19:34
EriC^^Lorne2016: oh ok19:35
Jordan_U!elementary | Arunangshu19:35
ubottuArunangshu: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.19:35
nwilson5having issue in ubuntu 16.04 (when compared to 14.04) sorting file of international text. given file of 2M lines (< 40 chars per line), 14.04 can sort it in 20 seconds vs in 10 mins in 16.04. Using LC_COLLATE "en_US.UTF-8" in both.19:36
nwilson5ubuntu 14.04 has eglibc 2.19 vs 16.04 which has glibc 2.2319:36
crippaI'm ssh-ing to my machine but I receive this error: Write failed: Broken pipe19:36
crippawhat is it? Can I ever ssh again, or do I need physical access to the machine to fix it?19:36
pfifoIve followed many threads about turning off screensaver and screen blanking, and I still get screen savers activatin in the middle of games and movies. Why does ubuntu and lubuntu have so many levels of redundancy to try and save my LCD from a non-existant issue of screen burning?19:37
yenclgj5nlwEriC^^: I have installed the kernel. This time it haven't hanged completely, but I still expierence problems: it seems /dev/sda is unmounted and to mount it I need to login but to log in I need it mounted.19:37
yenclgj5nlwI use lvm for system19:38
EriC^^yenclgj5nlw: hmm no idea19:38
Lorne2016EriC^^  So.. its nuts I can't get into GRUB (by holding Shift - the screen goes black...) and can't ctrl-shft-F1...screen goes black...  If I make a thumbdrive with 16.10 - and install that - you think it will fix whatever got out of wack?19:39
EriC^^Lorne2016: probably, yeah19:39
Lorne2016EriC^^ ok - thats what I'm gonna do...19:39
Bashing-omLorne2016: EriC^^ Just joined but is this a graphic's driver issue - in getting a black screen ?19:41
Lorne2016Bashing-om  Wouldn't surprise me...this dang NVIDIA driver has been a hassel for ever19:41
Lorne2016Bashing-om ....about 6 mths ago - every major update, I had to reinstall the driver...but that got resolved....suddenly upon reboot, the login screen shows fine - but after typing pwd, it shuts the monitor off!19:42
nuentoterEriC^^:  could i simply comment out everything in /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub.prerm and apt-get it again?  would that work since its the pre-removal  scrpipt error19:43
EriC^^nuentoter: yeah19:44
yocs0000Jordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23599966/19:44
EriC^^nuentoter: that's a good idea19:44
EriC^^nuentoter: looking at the script it doesn't seem to do much19:45
Bashing-omLorne2016: Sounds like you installed the nNidia driver from OEM .. in that case the driver is built on the presently installed kernel and updates to the kernel then break the graphic's driver .19:46
yocs0000Jordan_U: 16.10 64bit19:46
Jordan_Uyocs0000: That is not the output of "sudo apt install selinux". What is it?19:47
Lorne2016Bashing-om yeah - that's probably right... (its not like it was my idea to do it that way...I just followed Nvidia's instructions on their website!)19:47
egonsenhow can i tell apt-get to not automaitcally assume "yes" when using the "install" command?19:49
tgm4883egonsen: I don't think it does assume yes unless it's just a single package19:49
yocs0000Jordan_U: yes it is .... run the "sudo apt-get install selinux", and then tail of file "/var/log/apt/history.log"19:49
MonkeyDustegonsen  add -y19:49
egonseni want to assume no even when installing a single package19:50
tgm4883MonkeyDust: that would do the opposite wouldn't it19:50
nuentoterit worked! i finally removed grub-pc19:50
EriC^^nuentoter: awesome19:50
Bashing-omlirimaery: OEM imstall on 'buntu is that "means of last resort" . We have a PPA that has tested and made available the latest drivers . Wanna see what happens when the graphic's driver is changed ?19:50
EriC^^nuentoter: try to install grub-common19:50
EriC^^nuentoter: first run a quick apt-get -f install19:50
EriC^^and dpkg --configure -a19:50
MonkeyDusttgm4883  how so? -y means yes19:51
tgm4883MonkeyDust: he want's to always be prompted, not have it assume yes19:51
MonkeyDustok, misread, missed to 'not'   ' to not automaitcally assume "yes"'19:52
pavlosegonsen, there is a --assume=no in the apt-get install man page19:52
Jordan_Uyocs0000: I didn't ask you to run "sudo apt install selinux" then provide the tail of /var/log/apt/history.log. Please provide what is asked or explain why you can't. I guess in this case the reason that you can't is because you've already run the command and allowed it to remove grub-efi-amd64. Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt install grub-efi-amd64" (don't respond yes or no to what apt tries to19:52
MonkeyDustmissed the*19:52
Jordan_Udo yet, just provide the output to the point where it says what it will try to do then asks).19:52
pavlosegonsen, err, --assume-no19:53
tgm4883egonsen: what's the reason for wanting that? I'm not sure of a way to do that, but there are some other options that you can use19:53
nuentoterno errors19:53
tgm4883pavlos: that wouldn't solve the issue either though right? It would just answer no, which isn't the desired result19:54
nuentoteris there supposed to be some output from the dpkg --configure?19:54
pavlostgm4883, he said he did not want to assume -y which is yes19:54
pavlostgm4883, maybe I misunderstood19:55
yocs0000Jordan_U: listen, as you perfectly know, the output is exactly the same .... with more info, so if you want to help identify the bug good, if you do not want to, just say it .... frankly I do not give a toss whether ubuntu ahs the bug or not, it is just to help19:55
Jordan_Upavlos: sudo apt install --assume-no hello #This command will still install hello without further prompting.19:55
EriC^^nuentoter: no19:55
egonsen_tgm4883, it feels better to me when i have a two-level agreement when installing software19:55
tgm4883pavlos: correct that is what he said. But saying "I don't want apt to assume yes" is not the same as "I wan't apt to assume no"..... Actually, his second comment is that he wants it to assume no, so I suppose you're right19:56
=== egonsen_ is now known as egonsen
tgm4883egonsen: the answer has been provided, --assume-no19:56
egonsenalright! there isn't any config file where i can put this line, is it?19:56
tgm4883egonsen: I can see why it auto-assumes yes when it's only a single package. It's assuming that if you are both using sudo and saying "apt install <package>" that you actually want to install that package19:57
EriC^^nuentoter: try installing grub-common and see what happens19:57
sebbohHello.  I'm using 16.04.1 LTS.  The command `sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24` fails due to unmet dependencies.  My /etc/apt/sources.list is stock except I uncommented all the deb-src lines.  I think this constitutes a bug...19:57
Jordan_Utgm4883: See my above response to pavlos, --assume-no does not do what egonsen seems to be asking for.19:57
yocs0000sebboh: what dependencies seem to be missing?19:58
MonkeyDust--assume-no simply aborts the installation, just tried19:58
nuentoterit installed with no complaints19:58
tgm4883Jordan_U: ah you're right. Because it assumes no to all prompts, but it's not prompting for a single package19:58
Jordan_UMonkeyDust: sudo apt install --assume-no hello19:58
sebbohyocs0000: http://paste.lisp.org/+75EZ19:59
yocs0000sebboh: what happens if you run "sudo apt-get -f install"?20:00
tgm4883egonsen: so --assume-no doesn't do what you want, and a quick search suggests that as of 2014 that there was no way to do that20:00
tgm4883*no way to force it to always ask20:01
sebbohyocs0000: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:02
Jordan_Uyocs0000: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SELinux suggests that selinux-basics and selinux-policy-default should be used instead of "selinux". Do you get the same conflict with only those pacakges installed? Does it provide everything that you need?20:02
yocs0000Jordan_U: I do not need it .... I had the impression there was a dependency bug and trying to understand to file a bug ....20:04
egonsenalright. thanks guys :)20:04
EriC^^nuentoter: ok, try installing grub2-common20:05
EriC^^the grub-pc-bin and grub-pc20:05
yocs0000sebboh: mmmm .... I am afraid there is not a solution that I can think of tht I would recommed ....20:05
yocs0000sebboh: what I would suggest, is tryig to install the single dependencies, andunderstand why they do not work20:06
nuentoterwas already waiting on em lol, they just finished no complaints20:06
yocs0000sebboh: before forcing anything .... is this a production machine?20:06
sebbohFYI The --just-print option doesn't do anything helpful when I'm trying to do apt-get build-dep and some packages have unmet dependencies...  (If it just gave me a list of what it wants to install, I could install most of it and handle the missing bits myself.)20:06
Jordan_Uyocs0000: There probably is a dependancy bug, and from a quick look it's possible that the resolution might simply be to remove the no longer maintained selinux metapackage. Please do file a bug report.20:06
sebbohyocs0000: it's not prod but if you think about it, any kind of force option doesn't really make sense with build-dep ...20:07
yocs0000Jordan_U: exactly where I was going.20:08
yocs0000sebboh: be careful if you force packages ....20:08
EriC^^nuentoter: cool20:09
nuentoteri wonder what happened to cause all this though, all because of 2 "\" that got skipped over20:09
enoch85how do I change shortcuts in the Ubuntu Terminal? Marking it and putting in the new combination doesn't work...20:10
nuentotershould i be able to reboot and see what happens now?20:10
yocs0000sebboh: so, I suggest you try to install seprately the two individual dev packages, and try to understand what is wrong individually with them .... it is only two.20:10
pavlosMonkeyDust, see what Jordan_U wrote ... it installed package hello eventhough the flag --assume-no is present20:10
EriC^^nuentoter: try installing grub-gfxpayload-lists too20:10
EriC^^nuentoter: yeah20:10
sebbohmeh, I built this machine a minute ago because I know 3D works under virtualbox on this machine.  I'm not that worried about breaking it.  yocs0000 I did that a minute ago, they installed fine.20:10
yocs0000Jordan_U: but I am sorry this time I will not be filing a bug, do not like being treated that way when I am just helping. Next time, maybe.20:10
xangua1:11 PM <xangua> Trying to set up an old Celeron xeon laptop with my 16.04, can't change the freq scaling so it's always running at the highest frequency even when it says it's supported: pastebin.com/E3X7Wa0K20:11
yocs0000sebboh: the dev?20:11
MonkeyDustpavlos  yes,  i first tried it with apt purge --assume-no... that *did* abort20:11
Jordan_Uyocs0000: Fair enough. We're both volunteers here.20:11
yocs0000sebboh: librsvg2-dev and libgtk-3-dev?20:11
sebbohthey both installed.20:12
sebbohApparently postfix is a builddep of emacs.20:12
yocs0000sebboh: good, now you should be able to run the prevous command without problems .... try again.20:12
sebbohyocs0000: yeah20:12
pavlosMonkeyDust, correct, the install does not consider the flag but the purge did abort. Interesting ....20:13
yocs0000woops! dinner time!20:14
tgm4883pavlos: MonkeyDust --assume-no only assumes no to any questions that are asked. Doing the install of a single package never asks a question, but IIRC a --purge will always ask the question20:14
mkquistDD question... I copied my 16.04 install to another partition, but when I boot into it it behaves differently.. like classic desktop and compiz arent installed and the networking doesnt work...20:14
ioriaxangua, what's the cpu   celeron 530 , 40, or 50 ?20:16
Jordan_Umkquist: Having two filesystems with the same Globally Unique IDentifier, UUID is a good way to have problems. These problems could be affecting *both* installs, even if you haven't noticed problems in the other yet.20:16
sebbohmkquist: I stare into my crystal ball and guess that you're not booting the same kernel you were before, or that you aren't booting the same initrd.20:17
user01for a laptop with a 256GB SSD and 8 GB RAM . . . should a swap partition still be created?20:17
mkquistsebboh: correct on kernel20:17
Jordan_Umkquist: tune2fs -U can change an extN filesystem's UUID, then you would need to modify your /etc/fstab, and re-run "update-grub", and fix any other areas where the UUID is used.20:18
FinalXuser01: for a laptop, yes, if you want to hibernate the entirety of RAM should fit inside the swap20:18
FinalXor well, nowadays there's a new way of hibernating.20:18
arlionMore depens issues, this time a handful of packages are reporting they are not configured...20:21
arlion"Package ca-certificates is not configured yet."20:21
mkquistJordan_U: thank you ill do that...20:22
mkquistJordan_U: I guess I dont understand..  I thought if I dd'd the partition it would be an exact image.  I guess not?20:22
sebboharlion: I wasn't here earlier.  Are you seeing that message scroll by while dpkg/apt-get are still working?20:23
arlionNope, about 10 boxes are stuck there.20:23
sebboh10 boxes.  Machines?20:23
arlionthat's correct20:24
arlionI have upgrading 100 from 14.04.4 to 14.04.520:24
arlionFailure rate is consistently ~20%20:24
sebbohok, well, my initial understanding of your situation was way off, so I'll politely wander away. :)20:24
arlionI am currently massaging the rest of apt's issues away... but these are unique20:25
egonsenwhen i run "strace qmake", there is not a single reference to a read() for /usr/share/qtchooser/qt4-x86_64-linux-gnu.conf. but when i change the contents of that file, i get an error when executing "qmake", which means that qmake (or qtchooser, which is symlinked to by qmake) reads the contents of that file. why doesn't strace display the read operation?20:26
sebbohdoes qmake start another process when it runs?20:28
sebbohDoes strace require fancy permissions in order to catch everything?20:29
sebbohIf you try it on some other program that does read files, does it show the read()s then?20:29
nuentoterok time to reboot and see what happens20:29
Lorne2016Eric^^   ok - some updates... I made a thumbdrive to install 16.10...but when I choose install new...the screen goes black...and turns off (!!)20:31
Lorne2016EriC^^ But - I can get to the GRUB screen using the stick20:31
EriC^^Lorne2016: does try ubuntu work?20:31
Lorne2016EriC^^ nope.   same blackness20:32
EriC^^try nomodeset20:32
Lorne2016EriC^^  (and now I have 2 monitors plugged in - since it seemed like I was getting two different outputs on the two ports)20:32
egonsensebboh, /usr/bin/qmake is a symlink to /usr/bin/qtchooser (which is a executable shared lib). i don't know if strace needs fancy permissions (but also starting with sudo does not show the read()s) and yes, other reads are displayed, even whenn straceing qmake20:33
Lorne2016EriC^^  Ok - how do I try nomodeset ...?20:33
Lorne2016EriC^^  I'm at grub>20:33
EriC^^Lorne2016: is it uefi?20:33
Lorne2016EriC^^   The grub I'm using is off the 16.10 install drive version 2.0220:34
sebbohegonsen: does that .conf file have any symlinks?  You know, I'm actually just thinking out loud.  I don't know what the problem is.  But I liked how you phrased the question.20:35
ioriaLorne2016, not grub, but your motherboard /machine ... does it support uefi ?20:37
egonsensebboh, are you asking whether that .conf file is a symlink to another file? if that's the question, the answer is no20:37
Lorne2016ioria yes.  Sorry20:37
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:38
ioriaLorne2016, are you booting the installation media in efi mode ? is ubuntu your only OS ?20:38
Lorne2016ioria Yes - Ubuntu is my only OS on this machine... and honestly, I'm not sure what mode i'm booting it into20:38
ioriaLorne2016, how did you do the stick ? and what video card doo you have ?20:39
sebbohegonsen: that wasn't my question. :)  But the obvious alternative question is pointless... Why would somebody symlink TO that file?20:39
Lorne2016ioria I created the 16.10 stick with Startup Creator in my other computer (this one running 16.4)... and I have a NVIDIA video card20:40
egonsensebboh, even if someone linked to that file, how would the information, where those symlinks reside, help us? do you think there is a read() with the symlink rather than the conf file?20:40
EriC^^Lorne2016: press e over try ubuntu20:40
EriC^^and add nomodeset in the line that say  linux /boot/vmlinuz ....20:40
EriC^^then press ctrl+x20:40
OerHeksor when choosing install, hit F6 nomodeset20:41
ioriaLorne2016, try what EriC^^ said,  but don't use that (Startup Creator) but dd     sudo dd if=ubuntu.iso  of=/dev/sdx20:42
egonsenha, you were right! i must have been blind. there is a read() to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt-default/qtchooser//default.conf, which points to /usr/share/qtchooser/qt4-x86_64-linux-gnu.conf. great! thank you20:42
ioriaLorne2016, Startup Creator may have some issues20:42
sebbohegonsen: no, no, I don't.  Anyway, I'm not sure how strace would display the read() on a symlink.  But I'm just pondering in an academic manner.  You've got a real problem to solve, ignore me. :)20:43
OerHeksstartup creator should just work fine20:43
sebbohwait, wat? lol20:44
Lorne2016EriC^^  ok - so I'm adding nomodeset after ...boot=casper qiet spalsh nomodeset---     right?20:44
EriC^^Lorne2016: right20:44
Lorne2016Eric^^   OK!!  It booted into the "Try Ubuntu" thingy!!20:45
EriC^^Lorne2016: great20:46
Lorne2016Eric^^... now what?!20:46
tumulteIf I can't connect a firewire device without being root. What file should I check asido from /dev/hw0 ?20:46
EriC^^Lorne2016: 16.10 is supported for just a few months, if you can get your 16.04 working properly it'd be better imho20:47
Lorne2016Eric^^   I'm cool with that... what ideas do you have?!20:49
EriC^^Lorne2016: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:49
Lorne2016Eric^^ http://termbin.com.9lj520:51
EriC^^Lorne2016: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt20:52
Lorne2016EriC^^  "Warning the driver descripter says the physical block size is 2048 byttes, but Linux says it is 51220:52
EriC^^for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done20:52
EriC^^Lorne2016: it's ok, it's just the usb20:52
Lorne2016Eric^^  mount point /mntdev does not exist20:55
EriC^^you might have missed the / before dev20:56
Lorne2016Eric^^  you're freakin psychic!20:57
Lorne2016Eric^^ ...done...20:57
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt20:57
Lorne2016Eric^^ ok20:57
EriC^^then cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log /home/*/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999920:57
jhutchinsEriC^^: Lookit you gettin' all fancy!20:58
jhutchinsEriC^^: Nice.20:58
EriC^^jhutchins: whatever gets the job done20:58
Lorne2016Eric^^ do i include the "then" ??21:00
EriC^^Lorne2016: no21:00
Lorne2016Eric^^  ok I got an error.... no such file or dir... so probably typed someting bad....21:01
sebbohnc: no such ... ?21:01
EriC^^Lorne2016: no, it's ok21:01
EriC^^try cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999921:01
Lorne2016Eric^^ it was : cat: '/home/*/.xsession-errors': No such....21:02
Lorne2016Eric^^   use netcat21:03
EriC^^give it another go21:04
Jordan_Umkquist: It is an exact image, and that is actually the problem.21:04
Lorne2016EriC^^   it gave me the same response "use netcat."21:06
EriC^Lorne2016: i got dc21:09
EriC^Lorne2016: try one last time21:10
Lorne2016Eric^ ok - glad you're back21:10
Lorne2016Eric^ still telling me Use netcat.21:10
EriC^Lorne2016: ok, do you have pastebinit installed?21:10
Jordan_Umkquist: To understand the problem, it can help to first look at how things used to work. It used to be that your /etc/fstab would contain a reference to a partition like "/dev/sda1", which would generally work pretty well until it didn't. If you added another drive, that new drive might end up being named "sda" and suddenly the same /etc/fstab is mounting a partition from an entirely different disk for21:10
Jordan_Uyour root filesystem. With some configurations, just by rebooting a drive that was "sda" last boot might show up as "sdb" the next.21:11
Lorne2016Eric^ don21:11
Lorne2016t think so...21:11
EriC^Lorne2016: ok, type apt-get install pastebinit21:11
EvilAngelI have been avoiding asking for help with this but I can't find a real solution anywhere. For months and now every day (to the point of being nearly unusable) I get the dreaded !caled_font-cache_frozen failed error when I launch any gtk apps. Is there a solution? I've deleted nearly everything in my .cache and .config dirs and ran fc-cache -r and manually deleted all font caches. Anything I'm missing?21:11
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
Lorne2016Eric^^ Ok done21:12
EvilAngel*cairo_font-cache* i meant21:12
Lorne2016Eric^^  (may have alreayd been there ;)  )21:12
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, try cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit21:13
Lorne2016Eric^^  "You are trying to send an empty doc , exiting"21:15
Jordan_Umkquist: So instead of using static device names, which are unreliable, someone had the idea to use a different method for identifying the correct device to use. Every time a new filesystem is created a random number is generated, like cb9c46a4-8c3c-402d-aca8-a94669a89e9c, and stored in the metadata of the filesystem. It never changes (unless you explicitly change it with tune2fs yourself) and so even if21:15
Jordan_Uyour have 100 drives and you don't know for sure which was called "sdh" at last boot, you can check every partition on every drive looking for that number (cb9c46a4-8c3c-402d-aca8-a94669a89e9c) and once you've found it, you can be sure that you have the right drive! Because that number is supposed to be Universally Unique. Unfortunately, if you copy a system usng dd you now have two partitions with the21:15
Jordan_Usame filesystem, and thus the same randomly generated UUID, and so whichever is found first is used and assumed to be the correct one for that system.21:15
EriC^^Lorne2016: aha21:16
Lorne2016Eric^^  ok...?21:16
EriC^^Lorne2016: try apt-get purge nvidia*21:16
sebbohIf I were typing that command completely blind, I'd do apt-get purge nvidia\*21:17
Lorne2016Eric^^   ok - that executed something...21:17
EriC^^sebboh: apt-get would warn you of purge *21:18
Ben64doing 'purge package*' can have some weird effects21:18
sebbohNot sure what you two are talking about, I was referring to the potential shell expansion of that glob.21:19
Ben64i'm talking about apt21:19
EriC^^sebboh: yeah, you're right21:19
Ben64it handles wildcards in a weird way21:20
Lorne2016Eric^^  so...next step?  Reboot and watch it magically start up?! :P21:20
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, open another terminal and type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA | nc termbin.com 999921:20
sebbohBen64: ah, I see.21:20
Lorne2016Eric^^  its not happy about opening a second terminal... is XTerm the same thing?21:21
Ben64for example, doing "apt-get purge filter*" on my system would remove cups, gimp, evince, ubuntu-desktop, and more21:21
EriC^^Lorne2016: yes21:22
Ben64even though none of those start with "filter"21:22
MonkeyDustLorne2016  try ctrl-shift-t for a new tab21:22
sebbohBen64, I think that's because of the Ubuntu dependency tree, not because of odd handling of wildcards.21:22
Ben64then what is filter matching?21:23
Lorne2016Eric^^ http://termbin.comspml21:23
Lorne2016Eric^^ http://termbin.com/spml21:23
sebbohBen64: apt-cache show filter*|grep ^Package21:24
Ben64only 3/112 start with filter21:24
Ben64it doesn't work how you would expect21:25
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, in the first terminal type apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau21:25
sebbohdo an apt-get purge filters filter filtergen21:25
EriC^^which package contains nvidiafb?21:25
EriC^^anyone know?21:25
sebbohBen64: it works how I would expect.  Aside from some of the strange dependencies in Ubuntu's package lists.21:26
Ben64why would you expect blah* to match something not starting with blah21:26
sebbohEricC^^ would apt-file(1) help you?21:26
Ben640 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:26
Ben64again, not dependencies21:26
Lorne2016Eric^^ ok done.21:27
sebbohBen64, I'll look into this.21:27
Ben64i've seen a number of people here that have borked their system from a command like that21:27
streulmaHello my screen rotation on my tablet is nearly perfect. But on startup it is rotated in the wrong way, also wen rotating screen. Is there an indicator which I can solve with?21:28
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, try rebooting21:28
Lorne2016Eric^^ take out the thumb drive??21:28
streulmaI mean this on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.121:28
EriC^^Lorne2016: yup, type exit in the chroot, then type sudo reboot and when it shuts off remove the thumb drive21:29
sebbohBen64, I did get similar results to what you describe when I do apt-get purge cups*21:29
sebbohBen64: but all the packages to be removed are printer related.  I think I already removed the ubuntu-desktop metapackage.21:30
sebbohBen64: I completely understand exactly what weirdness you are talking about, but I do not think it is caused by broken wild-card matching.  I think the problem is the very odd dependencies around package ubuntu-desktop and friends.21:31
Ben64it isn't21:31
Lorne2016Eric^^  nope.  sorry :(   Same story... login screen looked fine... then, "System Problem Detected"...then black screen21:32
Ben64sebboh: try purging fred*21:32
Lorne2016Eric^^   (sorry... meaning , login screen looked good...I typed my password...saw error message...black screen for 60 secs....now back on login screen)21:33
streulmaLorne2016 that seems to be a video driver problem21:33
EriC^^Lorne2016: can you get grub if you hold shift?21:34
sebbohBen64, ok, you win.  `apt-cache show fred*|grep ^Package` returns non-sense results.21:34
Ben64sebboh: :)21:34
Lorne2016Eric^^ during bootup right?   (I couldn't before...but I could get to it from the thumbdrive boot....)   I'll try again now21:35
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok21:35
Lorne2016streulma :  Yes - Nvidia... I actually have the driver file thingy on hard drive...21:35
Lorne2016Eric^^  ok - nothing happened holding shift... and ctrl-alt-F1 just sent the screen black also...21:38
jhutchinsLorne2016: Actually, if you're getting the GUI Greeter (login screen) your video is working.21:38
jhutchinsLorne2016: It sounds a lot like you might have run a GUI app as root and messed up some permissions in $HOME.21:38
jhutchinsLorne2016: You could test it by creating a different user (in a console) and logging in as that user.21:39
Lorne2016jhutchins - OK .... can you walk me thru that?21:39
jhutchinssudo useradd user && sudo passwd user21:39
SynfulAckIs there a general command to show graphics hardware for bug reports? Not sure if they wanted more info than a model.21:40
Lorne2016jhutchins ...I have a guest user...but that also gives me the same black screen...21:40
SynfulAckall i could think of was lspci21:40
sebbohBen64, oh, apt uses regular expressions!  Perhaps with some additional mangling...?  Or, hm, I guess I could have been feeding apt and friends invalid queries that just happened to also be valid enough to return what I was actually looking for... for all these years?  It boggles the mind.  See, I know regular expressions. :P21:40
pavlosSynfulAck, sudo lshw -C display21:41
Lorne2016jhutchins but how do I get to a cmd screen?   (before I booted from a thumbdrive into a "try ubuntu" environment.. you want me to do that?)21:41
Ben64sebboh: the moral of the story is.. "don't hit ok before you read"21:42
jhutchinsLorne2016: Ctrl-Alt-F121:42
EriC^^Lorne2016: try disabling fastboot in the bios, you might get grub when you hold shift21:42
SynfulAckpavlos, haha nice this is indepth, thx.21:42
Lorne2016Eric^^ ok - will do...21:43
pavlosSynfulAck, there is also an inxi command (you may have to install it) that gives hw info21:43
Lorne2016jhutchins atrl alt F1 just blacks the screen too21:43
jhutchinsLorne2016: Hit a key, see if it comes up.21:44
sebbohok apt-cache surely does some additional mangling...  Ben64, not just that... I have almost 20 years of experience at the command line and I'm looking at these results and them make little sense to me.  for i in bash bash* bas bas.* bash.* bash.+; do echo Now trying $i ...; apt-cache show $i|grep ^Package; done21:45
jhutchinsLorne2016: The gui is at the login screen, right?21:45
sebbohSee there's obviously some mode-switching going on...  apt-cache sees the * without a . and interprets it under different rules than if I use * with a .21:45
Lorne2016jhutchins yeah - the logins screen has a nice pic...and the mouse... yeah...21:45
Ben64sebboh: i knew the reason before, can't recall right now, at work21:46
sebbohBen64 ^^21:46
jhutchinsLorne2016: But no console 1?21:46
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode21:46
Ben64work makes my brain not work good21:46
jhutchinsLorne2016: You could try that.21:46
egonsenhow can i find out how a specific binary of my ubuntu installation was compiled? in my case i want to know this for /usr/bin/qtchooser because there must be a #define in the source code which is not included in the standard cpp file of this application21:48
sebbohegonsen: you may be interested in the command `apt-get source <package>` (N.B. this writes to the current directory!!) and the apt-get build-deb <package> command.21:51
Lorne2016jhutchins its still not working... I get no response with holding shit (it just goes onto regular login screen)21:53
Lorne2016EriC^^ apparently Fastboot was already disabled...21:53
Lorne2016EriC^^  I'm thinking I wanna go back to banging on 16.10 and seeing if that fixes it....?21:54
jasondockersis there an equivalent package of ia32-libs for ubuntu 14.04?21:54
jasondockersi need to run a 32 bit program on 64 bit ubuntu 14.0421:55
Lorne2016Eric^^   but if i do that - do I need to edit the command line to add nomodeset to it???21:56
jasondockersnever mind, I'll just add an old ubuntu release to sources.list.d with ia32-libs21:57
tgm4883jasondockers: wow that seems like a bad idea. Why not just install the libs you need?21:59
jasondockerstgm4883, too late21:59
jasondockersi'll just remove it from list when I'm done22:00
tgm4883jasondockers: ok, well make sure to preface any questions you have here with what you've done22:00
OverCoderHello everyone22:03
OverCoderI have two internet connections, both wireless ones, how do I go by load-balancing them?22:03
OverCoderRound Robin or something22:03
tgm4883OverCoder: you have 2 wireless NICs?22:04
EriC^^Lorne2016: yeah i guess so22:04
Lorne2016Eric^^   ...I'm going ahead with it....22:05
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok22:06
jasondockerstgm4883, that's what vm backups are for :)22:09
Lorne2016Eric^^   Ok the installer crashed because the GRUB bootloader wouldn't copy ....22:09
tgm4883jasondockers: I'd be surprised if you had good backups22:10
jasondockerstgm4883, gee, thanks.22:10
jasondockerstgm4883, why?22:10
tgm4883jasondockers: well TBH, most people that come in here looking for help don't have any backups22:11
LoshkiOverCoder: check out bonding. I don't know if it works with wifi, though. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding22:11
Exterminadorhello guys! just a noob question: can i install Xubuntu 64bits in dual boot with windows 10 32 bits? :x22:12
jasondockerstgm4883, last week I accidentally changed ownership of the entire filesystem to a non-root user. so, low expectations are reasonable.22:13
LoshkiExterminador: yes, as long as the processor itself supports 64 bit, you can run any 32-bit or 64-bit OS on it22:13
ExterminadorLoshki, grub wont mess up with windows? as i have windows 10 32 bits22:14
LoshkiExterminador: if you install windows first, then install *buntu, grub will recognize and allow you to boot into windows or linux.22:15
Exterminadoryes, windows is installed.. and xubuntu 32bits also. but stremio have support only for 64bits22:16
Exterminadorthat's why i wanna install Xubuntu 64bits22:16
LoshkiExterminador: you need to check if your cpu will handle 64 bits. "uname -a" should tell.22:18
OverCoderLoshki: no config provided for wifi22:18
OverCoderand I'm not a very geeky linuxer either :P22:18
ExterminadorLoshki, brb and will tell u22:19
jasondockerslscpu will get you even more relevant info?22:19
Ramonehey there... anyone know how to update chromium?  it always seems to update, but also always shows the same old version in chrome://help .  Can anyone throw me a clue?22:20
EriC^^Lorne2016: try with nomodeset + try ubuntu22:21
Lorne2016Eric^^  not sure what you mean22:21
EriC^^like you did before22:22
Lorne2016EriC^^   I (e)dited the install command to add nomodeset...and that got the installation going...but it failed halfway thru.... are you saying I should edit with "nomodeset + try ubuntu"...?22:23
Lorne2016Eric^^ or are you suggesting I try to fix the system by using the "try' option?22:23
Bashing-om!info chromium-browser xenial | Ramone22:25
ubottuRamone: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 53.0.2785.143-0ubuntu0. (xenial), package size 60333 kB, installed size 230375 kB22:25
LoshkiRamone: what happens when you do "sudo apt-get upgrade chromium-browser"?22:26
Ramoneoh maybe I do have the latest in the repo22:26
Ramonepretty sure it's on 55.x.x though22:27
EriC^^Lorne2016: oh22:32
ExterminadorLoshki, "uname -a" and lscpu output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23600557/22:33
EriC^^Lorne2016: try nomodeset with the try ubuntu option22:33
EriC^^then you can install grub manually, did it mention why it failed at all?22:33
Exterminadorso, i guess i can install Xubuntu 64bits.. as long as that dont mess up with booting 32bits Windows 10. :x22:34
Lorne2016Eric^^  something about failing to copy... I'm trying again...22:35
LoshkiExterminador: that's a T4300 pentium. It definitely supports 64-bit. You might consider upgrading your 32-bit distros. It should run Xubuntu easily, and grub should handle all 3 oses gracefully. And if not, that's why we have backups.22:36
Lorne2016Eric^^ just failed again... the 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install onto /target/22:36
ExterminadorLoshki, so the best is to format the laptop and install Windows 64bits and Xubuntu 64bits also. but i can also keep Windows 32bits and install Xubuntu 64bits. am i correct? :D22:40
EriC^^Lorne2016: can you press the left arrow? it expands a terminal below the installer22:40
Lorne2016Eric^^ lol...sorry...I'm WAY beyond that now!   Now I'm burking my system in ungodly ways....22:41
Lorne2016Eric^^  ...currently working on making a new installer drive...to go back to 16.04....22:42
LoshkiExterminador: correct. Also, there's nothing to stop you installing Xubuntu 64bit, and then deciding to upgrade the other distros to 64 bit at some later date, at your leisure.22:42
Lorne2016eric^^  my system looks fried...I think I lost everything22:42
JaBaZIs this right place to ask about Ubuntu Snappy Core for Rpi 2?22:42
EriC^^Lorne2016: no worries22:42
EriC^^Lorne2016: boot the live usb with nomodeset and try ubuntu22:42
Lorne2016EriC^^  I'm on the verge of tearing out the NVIDIA card altogether and dropkicking the whole box across the room22:43
EriC^^Lorne2016: it'll be ok22:43
ExterminadorLoshki, right then. any tool you recommend to create a bootable usb stick on Xubuntu? on Windows i use Rufus..22:43
Bashing-om!snappy | JaBaZ Maybe better response here :22:43
ubottuJaBaZ Maybe better response here :: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/22:43
EriC^^Lorne2016: i've borked mine as well while installing22:44
Lorne2016Eric^^  I only just learned the word 'bork' today...and I'm already using it firsthand... :(22:44
EriC^^Lorne2016: heh :D22:44
Exterminadorwhat's that?! :x22:45
JaBaZOkay, thanks!22:45
LoshkiExterminador: you can download the xubuntu iso from the website. the CD-image(iso) file can be use to create bootable USBs or boot-CDs. To make a bootable USB, use the "startup disk creator".22:46
Lorne2016Eric^^   while we're waiting ... wanted to let yo uknow I have the NVIDIA driver (installation exe thing) on my home dir somewhere...in the past, when it gave me isues, I could re-run it and that would fix it22:46
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok22:47
ExterminadorLoshki, thanks a lot! :D i'll try it later and i'll give some feedback22:47
Exterminadorbtw, how can i check if my hdd is fine or starting to die? any cmd?22:51
Lorne2016EriC^^  ok - so I made a startup disk for 14.01.1 - and it booted right into the original login (orange) screen...so I ctrl-alt-F1 - and its asking for login credentials22:52
Lorne2016Eric^^  and my regular ones aren't working22:52
pavlosExterminador, if you install smartmontools, there is command, smartctl /dev/hdd to give you info22:53
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, try logging into the gui with the user ubuntu22:53
EriC^^without a password22:53
Lorne2016Eric^^  ok... rebooting again....22:54
pavlosExterminador, sample output ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/23600635/22:56
Exterminadorand what are the main things i should look at? to see if it's working fine?22:59
Lorne2016Eric^^   Ok - for some reason it was having trouble booting with the boot disc in... so I took it out and tried again... then (for the first time) I saw the Grub screen!!! With Advanced Options an the other thing...22:59
Lorne2016Eric^^  ...I wanted to tell you about it...so I didn't choose any options and now the screen has turned off23:00
ModFatherHi There, does anyone know why i am getting: Authentication failure on syslog? its about cron23:01
ModFatherCRON[1529]: Authentication failure23:02
pavlosExterminador, line 57 read error rate, line 61 seek error, line 66 temp in Celsius, column TYPE Pre-Fail is time to change. Read on smartctl23:03
pavlosModFather, /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow are out of sync. Are there entries in /var/log/auth.log ?23:09
Exterminadorpavlos: thanks. but as long as SMART overall-health self-assessement test result says PASSED, i guess i dont need to worry much, right?23:10
ModFatherpavlos yes23:10
pavlosExterminador, I agree23:10
ModFatherpavlos i see many entries23:11
Exterminadormine on raw_read_error_rate gaved me raw_value 128 :x23:11
pavlosModFather, some help ... https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114056523:11
ModFatherpavlos se euxaristw man23:12
pavlosExterminador, if the RAW value is higher than the threshold ... could be an issue23:12
pavlosModFather, nasai kala23:12
Exterminadorpavlos: then i'm doomed.. lol23:13
ModFatherpavlos http://paste.ubuntu.com/23600772/ what do you think it can be?23:13
Exterminadorspin_up_time: 1733 :x23:14
pavlosExterminador, backup your system23:14
Exterminadori guess it's time to spend some money in a SSD or a new HDD23:15
pavlosModFather, root tried to login on tty7 ... hmmm23:15
Exterminadortemperature is at 53!! :x i really need to upgrade this laptop23:16
ModFatherdo you think its a hack?23:16
pavlosModFather, are you using LDAP?23:16
ModFatheri dont think so, i am using a rackspacec-cloud server for 1 simple website..23:17
ModFathermaybe its the console of rackspace which i used someday ?23:17
pavlosModFather, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-security-4/ssh-login-failed-pam_unix-authentication-failure-error-4175489975/23:17
pavlosModFather, might be just a hiccup23:18
ModFatherhuccup by mean?23:18
pavlosModFather, what the OS23:18
pavlosModFather, what is23:19
ModFatherUbuntu 14.04 LTS23:19
mkquistJordan_U: ok, so the goal was to copy the original to a new location and  delete the original, that way no reconfiguring a new install...23:20
mkquistJordan_U: thoughts?23:20
ModFatherpavlos  my issue is that, it stopped executing an sh command from the crontab23:20
ModFatherand i check on the syslog this error23:20
ModFatheri had usePAM set to no on sshd_config23:23
pavlosModFather, so when you tried to ssh, it complained23:26
ModFatheras i know cron use pam23:27
EriC^^Lorne2016: i got dc23:27
ModFathersshd_config had usePam set to no23:27
EriC^^Lorne2016: were you able to boot try ubuntu?23:27
pavlosExterminador, can you pastebin the output of smartctl <device>23:27
Exterminadorpavlos: not now. i've just shutted it down. :/23:28
pavlosExterminador, np23:29
Lorne2016Eric^^  nope... its completely fried now23:29
Exterminadorwell. time to sleep. laters folks23:29
EriC^^Lorne2016: why?23:30
Lorne2016Eric^^ its not booting at all now... not even with the bootstick I made23:30
Lorne2016Eric^^ screen goes black.... and now I have 3 screaming kids who want dinner....23:31
Lorne2016Eric^^ so I can't keep working on this23:31
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, after dinner then?23:33
ModFatherpavlos i still getting authentication failure everytime my cron runs. on authlog i see no entries when this happens23:33
ModFatherwhat can cause this?23:33
Lorne2016Eric^^ maybe tomorrow... I've been working 5 hrs+ on this...and I'm fried myself23:33
=== ilken- is now known as ilken
EriC^^Lorne2016: ok, have a good evening23:34
ModFathershadow is empty shadow- it has entries... really weird23:35
puffinzHow do I change ubuntu default run level so I don't get a GUI greater (GDM)?23:38
ModFatheri just copied shadow- to shadow and now it working phew...23:38
puffinzI tried gdm3.conf and the gdm.override but they are old methods.23:38
puffinzSome how gdm snaked it was into starting23:38
kk4ewtpuffinz,  edit in grub add 3 to the end of the kernelline23:39
kk4ewtand it will boot to terminal23:39
ModFatherpavlos thanks man!!!! have a great night23:39
pavlosModFather, ditto23:42
puffinzfound it, Thank you.23:44

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