OvenWerkseylul: no worries I took as long answering. I think most of your concerns are minor. I am not sure what you mean by profile and how it is different from preset. I am not attached to one word or the other.00:34
eylulprofile and preset are same thing00:34
OvenWerkseylul: by minor, I mean in general I don't care onbe way or the other00:34
OvenWerksso changes are welcome.00:35
eylulusability is something I care about :D00:35
OvenWerksBasically if a widget remains the same name and uses the same callback name they cam be changed quite easily00:35
OvenWerksmy own sw is always easy to use ;)00:36
eylulI.. might need to shuffle it around a bit more than that00:36
eylul*sheepish smile* but I'll try to stick to what you have sent. (You did send a .glade file over email right? I wasn't dreaming that part)00:37
* eylul has had interesting few days00:37
OvenWerkseylul: right now I am most interested on getting the behind the scenes how do I do this figgured out. for example I can change governor by opening the file in w and dropping the governor in, but with boost I have to pipe the value through tee to get it to work ??!!??00:38
OvenWerksI seem to be getting email from the list hours later and out of order.00:39
eylulis it possible your email is filtering them?00:39
eylulalthough this time I did have a small hiccup as well00:40
OvenWerksI don't filter anything. Maybe up stream, but they do eventually show up00:40
eylulI mean on server side. 00:40
eylulbut ok00:40
eylulOvenWerks: I am off to sleep tonight but I will read this more carefully tomorrow, and send you the UI sketch. (it should be easier, now that I am not struggling with glade anymore)00:42
OvenWerksOk, I think tabs are easier to do than popups00:43
OvenWerksI think a dropdown like you have could control the tabs if it would be better... and not show the tab labels00:43
eylulyou mean control of the tabs?00:45
OvenWerksHaving everything on one page will be too much.00:45
OvenWerksArdour uses buttons to control the tab with tabs turned off.00:45
OvenWerksI personally like the tabs00:45
eylulso what it looks like to the user is that the content of the box changes from say: showing the status to editing it00:46
eylulalthough behind the scenes it is a secret tab switch?00:46
OvenWerkssomething like that. for switching from editor to perferences to mixer00:46
eylulI am not against the tabs, but I still think for editing and adding new presets pop-up might be less confusing, but let me see - wait00:47
OvenWerksArdour has a mixer yes.00:47
OvenWerksIt seems the question is what is in the tabs.00:47
eyluloh you are talking about ardour00:47
eylulI agree with having different settings on different tabs and not having a giant wall of of setups and drop downs. 00:48
eylulI am a bit less sure in terms of if we can fit the editing of presets into chosing a preset to use00:49
eylulI'll really say preset editing should be its own window00:49
OvenWerkseylul: I originally had governor set right together with use this setting for boot indented.00:49
eylulOvenwerks, I need you rephrase that last bit :)00:50
OvenWerksI just figure save what is there as a preset00:50
OvenWerks everything is editing... any change is an edit.00:50
eylulthen how does the user know if their change saved. and to which preset did it save to00:51
OvenWerks some of them are boot time only, but many of them may be right now settings.00:51
OvenWerksthey hit the save button and a dialog asks for a name00:51
eylulI know a lot of programs uses that paradigm (and especially if pop-ups are hard to do that makes sense) but it is important that we make a UI that clarifies when is something edited, when is something saved, and what is differing from the current saved state of a preset00:51
eylulok hang on let me sketch some of this stuff, so that I remember it in the morning00:52
OvenWerksthere could be a load preset button too. I have already put a current preset label in and the preset drop down might have something else in it till the user hits load, then it becomes current00:53
eylulok I think I understand what you are saying. 00:53
OvenWerksBut normally when the user selects from the drop down that becomes cureent without a load button.00:54
eylulthat MIGHT not be a problem00:54
eylulits more the issue of: they load a preset and modify it..00:54
eylulthen it becomes visually confusing00:54
OvenWerksHowever, the tings have been setup so far, boot preferences are set on exit, on the fly setting happen at button click.00:55
OvenWerksas soon as one thing is changed the current preset becomes "USER"00:55
eylulthat works00:56
eylulOR 00:56
eylul<Preset Name>(modified)00:56
OvenWerksMaybe the text space that shows the current preset should be editable so the name can be changed there... but if the user hits save they are asked for a name.00:56
eylulwe do want them able to modify an existing preset too through00:57
OvenWerksSure (modified) works better00:57
eylulok so what I have so far is00:57
OvenWerksyes then they save as the same name.00:57
OvenWerksso we read system profiles first, then user profiles and use the last read of any two with the same name00:58
eylulmain tab, with boot options and current presets, then tabs where you can edit each preset00:58
eylulwell ideally 2 profiles shouldn't have same name, program shouldn't allow00:58
OvenWerksSo you are taking the top part and making it a tab too?00:58
eylulI am thinking tabs should be on top00:59
eyluloh goodness, hang on00:59
OvenWerkseylul: if there are any preshipped presets the only way for a user to over write them is if there is two with the same name.00:59
eylulahh I see01:00
OvenWerksthis is the way system menu editing is done BTW01:00
eylulthat's not encouraging :D01:01
eylul(I am jesting, that makes sense actually01:01
OvenWerksSO you are thinking the tabs should be at the top and file stuff at the bottom?01:03
eylullet me just draw this 01:03
eyluland I crashed inkscape :D01:09
OvenWerksIn many ways it would be nice (from my POV) to get things working first. That is to be able to control all the things we need to. I am adding just basic separation so far. After it is working then shuffle things around. I am going to at least finish the boost stuff at this point... Setting it at boot. Then if style is more organized I can switch looks before continuing.01:12
OvenWerksI am thinking that you may be saying that the user expects things to be where they left them on reboot. So it would not be needed to have two buttons for each thing.01:16
OvenWerksfor example cpu governor might show:01:16
OvenWerksCPU Governor |dropdown showing current governor|[X] keep this setting01:17
OvenWerksAll in one line01:18
OvenWerkseylul: so after some thinking... I think one tab should be "Basic UbuntuStudio setup" This should include things that we normally set up as default but which someone installing our metas will not have. This basically includes the two original items, in audio group and able to use RT.01:30
OvenWerksThen system tweaks (or settings) would have things like CPU governor and Boost that may not only be useful to audio but other things as well.01:31
OvenWerksthen an Audio tab, a graphics tab and a video tab? or does it need to be more specific01:32
eylulI think what I have is similar01:33
eylulbut not quitte same01:33
eylulI am still not sure 100% tablet stuff should be even in same controls, but yeah.. sorry01:33
eylulthis takes forever to draw. 01:33
OvenWerksThe tablet shouod have an applet in the settings menu.... on the other hand I would prefer to see this one in settings rather than system too.01:37
eylulOvenWerks: http://ubuntustudio.azbulutlu.org/wp-content/uploads/controlUI.png01:48
eylulon one hand wacom tablet tray applet is a sorely needed feature, and on one hand having it as part of ubuntustudio controls: it is a control, and integral one (its more than just settings because having presets again is useful in this case) on other hand its complicated01:50
eylulanyhow it is 5am here01:50
eylulI should go to sleep01:50
eylulyeah I was heading to sleep when you caught me01:51
eylulbut this was a useful discussion!01:51
OvenWerksping whenever. I will change some things and get boost to work on boot01:51
OvenWerkslater...  o/01:52
eylulwill ping you tomorrow and mail this image etc to ML too so that people can follow. gnight!!! o/01:52

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